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Order of comment in website (1=oldest).MonikerComment (w/very light edit).Comment derogates people with epilepsy.Comment derogates politicians.Comment derogates law enforcement.Believes epilepsy plausibly explains the situation.Believes Bryson was probably intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.Shows knowledge of absence seizures or post - seizure confusion.
1LyleI'm sure "this will be the fault of somebody else".000111001000010010
2KipWe can all write the fake compassion speech from the WH to follow. This dude is going to get kicked to the curb faster than Jerimiah Wright and hispanic voters000111000000000000
3ProAmJohn Bryson has a fatal preexisting illness commonly known as radical liberalism. And how do we know this, Obama chose him to be Secretary of Commerce000111000000000000
4AllianceIt tells you what kind of judgement we have running the country, and advising the President000111000000000000
5NickDrunk much?000000000000101000
6CobraLet's see...passed out behind the wheel. What could that be?011000001000110000
7Legal citizenThis will be a major cover up of course. Standard operating procedure for low life dem's000111010000000000
8RBNo cause to release him since Obama cabinet is full of crooks like little Timmy Geightner000111000000000000
9ShopaholicGuy was just doing his job, creating jobs for collision centers.000101000000000000
10MattI'm guessing diabetes000100000000000000
11KenIt is telling of the kind of judgement being fostered on the people of the US by a President who picks someone like this for a cabinet position. The entire US governing institution is a shambles of disoriented bungling.001111000000000000
12Sunny BoyCoward000011010000000000
13Not UsGet out of jail free card. This is the level of government people and Congressmen that we have in power.000111000000000000
14JohnI'm waiting for the first announcement on FOX that says Obama was actually driving the car.000111000000000000
15ThiefIf you were drunk out of your mind, slammed into some cars, TWICE, drove off and hit some more cars and police find you passed out, they'd just let you go right? Sweet justice bro000101111000100000
16RealitycheckObie proclaims:" It's Bush's fault"000111000000000000
17FoJC"He has sustained no injuries and the investigation is ongoing," Friedman said." But he was found unconscious at the wheel of his car? Did he drive away so someone else in the car could get out of the spotlight?000101000000000010
18DrexJust because you kill someone in a hit-and-run doesn't mean you're not a nice person.001011000010000000
19HotzmonsterThis is the only idea he has left for trying to create jobs; auto body jobs, police jobs, and legal jobs when the victim sues him..000111001000000000
20UBanIdiotshould we wait until all the facts are in before we condemn the man?000000010001000000
21Pinko BrewsterAt least he's not a conservative prime minister who abandoned his daughter in the pub000111000000000000
22RobertIt didn't take long for this to disappear from Yahoos' home page.000101000000010010
23SkiHuh, Wha? What do you mean (hic) you don't take credit cards OSSIFER, (hic) I didn't hit anyone, I swerved past both of em. (hic)".......000000101000110000
24JoelPHopefully they took a blood sample000000110001100000
25JonI assume he knows the law in California. If he doesn't common sense should dictate000000110001000000
26CharPHe was DRUNK! He should be in the Pokey for DUI, felony hit and run and helping Obama screw up this economy. Book 'em, Dano!000101101000110000
27DancingDogofDeathCited for a felony hit and run? I suppose he has diplomatic immunity? Otherwise put some shiny bracelets on this guy and haul him off to jail! Did they at least give him a sobriety test?...I doubt it!...Blood alcohol or drug test?...I doubt it! Are we to believe that he is above the law? Sure looks like he is!000101110000100000
28Gene BurnettIf Obama had a son, that son would be just like John Bryson.000111000000000000
29JT01MAy be he settled the first hit with the person(s) in other vehicle and may be he did not feel well. So waite the police report and don't judge so fast. "Judge not ye shall not be judged"000100110011100001
30Michael WPrivileged politician. So what is everyone complaining about.000111000000000000
31KoTYet ... ANOTHER example of the failed ineptocracy called the Obama administration! Will Holder look the other way like the New Black Panthers, Fast and Furious, voting irregularities in WI, and a string of other socialist-liberal-progressive tactics used to assault the constitution?000111000000000000
32RonJust another bad personnel choice by Obama (Biden! Napolitano! Tax cheats - too many to list here!)000111000000000000
33RobertWell, there's the problem with the economy, The liberal idea of Drink and Spend your way to prosperity000111000000100000
34GregThis is OK because the "private sector is doing fine."000111000000000000
35C LoydWould you or I have been arrested? Would you or I been tested for driving while intoxicated? He was found passed out. Had no injuries but was being treated at the hospital? I suppose the people that he hit will now have a career advancement. With a government agency or contractor000101110000100000
36ToecutterWhy is it that I'm sure that his possible alchoholism was inherited from the Bush administration. He promises to get it cleared up in four more years000111000000110000
37BaldfatguyI think the outcome on this will depend on whether the sheriff is a Republican or Democrat000111000000000000
38TonyLet's hope he quietly resigns and takes freedom grabbing-job killing Mr. Obama with him!000111000000000000
39BobAnother Obama scandal. Do not worry Obama the media will cover for you. Look for this story to disappear soon or the guy will be thrown under the bus and gone in the next few days.001111000000000000
40D'SwedeHe's above the law.000101000000000000
41MikeAfter reading his Bio in the article, one can positively state, he has not performed his duties as outlined....Are we better off after he was put into office that before...think not...just another Barry unqualified appointment to payback whatever he owes....this POS Commerce Secretary should be booted to the curb...NOW!!!000111000000000000
42CommonSenseToo EZ, Commerce Secretary, US economy.....But a big Ship always has a few loose cannons on board.....ANDby the way, when did a hospital become santuary?000101010000000000
43Alastar"Bryson was not arrested because he was being he was being treated at the hospital, police said." When did that stop an arrest? There is no equal justice in the USA000101111000000000
44Free EnterpriseTypical Obama staffer. What's new.000111010000000000
45Amillionto1This is why AARP teaches the older American's driver safety program000010000000001000
46Rolling my eyesBig govt. official who creates jobs--by buying foreign cars????000011000000000000
47Tompainintheask...Certainly sounds like he was drunk. Hit the car stopped at a railroad crossing a *second* time. Then found "unconscious" but unharmed behind the wheel? Not good!000000100000110001
48RayThe drunken sot should get jail == he get a slap on wrist 000001110000100000
49StevenThis has nothing to do with Bryson being in the Obama administration. ALL high ranking government officials, regardless of party affiliation, are above the law. The police only haul off common citizens who lack wealth and/or title to jail.000111101000000000
50Just usIf it were anyone else the first thing that would have been done would be blood tests for alcohol or/and drugs. You know that isn't going to happen here. Totally white-washed and made to dissappear just like all the other screw ups for the Obama administration.000101111000100000
51Moderate RepublicanHe has reasons to drink, we all do.000100000000111000
52Mr. ObviousFelony Hit & Run: GUILTY000000111000000000
53no monikerNews Flash: Obama administration creates auto body shop jobs000111000000000000
54Soldier295Give us a break! He wasn't arrested because he's a big time government official! DOUBLE STANDARD!! Yet another example of the massive corruption in our government!000111100000000000
55DudeBirds of a feather000111100000000000
56MichaelHey if we are goiing to be PC isn't he a U.S. commerce AA001100010000110000
57BIf bryson is not fired and tried for this crime,American citizens should load their guns and take to the streets after politicans and crooked judges. It is time we took back America. Go to Hulu and watch America,s war on drugs000101110000000000
58Bearish 2.0No problem, The Messiah will absolve him of all guilt001100010000000000
59Tpscoversheetwhy should we expect anything else. we as people have lost our Sovereignty. we serve our government who skate free000111000000000000
60Harveylatest news from FOX, he suffered a medical seizure, discovered while at the hospital!!110100000011000000
61Cin Jin SmiteBryson was not arrested because he was being he was being treated at the hospital, police said.000110110101000000
62Nycapitalist" I see the liberal comment police are out in force on this one. You should at least replace the original comment with ""comment removed by Obama administration apologists"". In this case, saying no drugs or alcohol were involved is a bad thing. At least it's a reason. Is he just that much of a jerk? Does he have a mental ailment? People just don't do things like that."010101001010100010
63IsaacStrengthen the economic recovery? Does he own a body shop?000111000000000000
64ChristopherI would have locked him up,regardless of who he thinks he is..001100110000000010
65JamesIf he had been a brotha from Compton he'd be sitting in jail now.000101110000000000
66BorderwarUnconscious behind the wheel, why? Drunk probably , wanna bet they say he wasnt drinking000011101000110000
67N4uriHe will never be charged for DUI Or Show up in a court room.He Is Above Us average Joe's000111100000100010
68NitaNo indication of alcohol or drug use...A Cabinet official obviously intelligent and accomplished to be in his position. He rams into a car initially (two crashes total) that was stopped and you don't have probable cause to give him a blood test? I have not heard of Lexus cars being recalled lately for mechanical or brake failure....hmmm...seems like D.C. made a phone call to California and made back alley deal to me...let's see if Calif all of a sudden gets sudden influx of grant funds from the federal govt...sick of govt. graft and corruption!000111111000100000
69Texas TomLooks like another one of our special buddies showed his true colors. Don't worry, it's Calif, we can cover it up. Just be glad it was not Nevada. We got the fix in and kept him out of jail. We may have to cut back on this jobs for friends program, it's gonna hurt you in Nov.000111110000100000
70SchmeThe emperor of the USA has decreed the following: nothing to see here, move along000111010000000000
71Jon (SC)The man had a seizure while driving. That's why he ended up unconscious behind the wheel. Geez... it's not like he did this on purpose or intoxicated.000000000111000110
72Norman"John Bryson has been cited for felony hit-and-run " Ahh, yes, VERY VERY slight slap on the wrist ( if any). I guess it is WONDERFUL being OBAMA's crony, all it takes just a little phone call to the DA or the Chief of Police office to smooth things000111111000100000
73Level headedSounds like a corrupt politician and a cover up by a delinquent system000111110000000000
74Rik GSupposedly had brain seizures.010100000111000010
75Karen VJust ONE MORE FELON in the White House. That makes a FULL HOUSE. Send them ALL to prison. GET RID of OBAMA 2012!!!000111000000000000
76Joe Probably a medical condition, probably too old to be driving and looks too old to be working in government.010100000111000010
77CarolynHe's just doing his job! He's trying to help the auto industry by personally crashing into every car he sees so they will have to be replaced. I think this plan is GENIUS!000101000000000000
78Happy FunballDrive drunkie, drive. Good bye to career, drunkie, good bye001100000000111000
79RBBryson to be released on Friday after unemployment numbers come out to be readjusted next week. The dead carcass called the Obama regime is really stinking up this country000111000000000000
80Liars Thieveshe will walk just look at roy assburn look it up.000100111000000000
81JerryJust another useless pick from the chief clown Hope this doesn't interfere with his campaigning job for air force one is warmed up and ready to fly000111000000000000
82I Love UsaHe couldn't had amedical problem. Rush to judgment with no facts001010000101000000
83KcladdermanAfter 24 years of fire service I have seen many many people arrested before they went to the hospital. In fact one just yesterday morning. Of course I do not believe she was a high ranking official just a regular drunk000111101000100000
84J BeaconYou won't see this on the main stream news. It happened Saturday, and not a peep!000111000000000000
85Sporky McCrackinHis conduct pretty much matches up with the morals and ethics of the rest of the Obama administration. They all think they are above the law, they don't care what the average Joe thinks and just like Fast and Furious Holder, they think they can get away with anything000111101000100000
86AlphonseA slap on the wrist and a $100 fine. No charges will be brought, he's too powerful.000101111000100000
87Alaneautomatic jail for anyone else, the laws for rich and poor differ so much, let me do the exact same thing and id be still sittin in the slamme000101110000110000
88CharlesReally bad judgement. And he had to have been faking the unconsciousness001100100010100010
89Recovering AlcoholicThe United States is HIS PLAYGROUND. Us little people don't matter...000111100000000000
90A concerned US Born CitAnd we have such honest and trustworthy people running our country. When are we going to wake up and realize we have a bunch of crooks running this country?000111000000000000
91DavidWhen I was a big city cop, if I got a big wig DUI, he went to jail for sure. I didn't want anything coming back on me that I didn't do my job. It is reported that there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs so no probable cause to give a breath/blood test. I would look at diabetes. I have seen many folks with diabetes act this way. Not taking up for the dude...just sayin000000000001000011
92Iandrunk sobered up long enough to hit 2 cars, like Kennedy the murderer he gets off until Karma comes a knocking at his door...Dead head Ted on a beach000101110000100000
93AaronSounds like code for he was drunk as hell when we stopped him to me.000000101000110010
94JaneResign, Mr. Secretary, and take your boss with you.000111010000000000
95Sniveling liberalAbove the law: Men like this can't be bothered will silly things like traffic rules - that's for the rest of us (unless he's a conservative). Now that we've seen the story, we'll never hear about it again.000111100000000000
96Mr. NoYeah Right..He has a "Medical Condition" Its called STUPID!! What a Jackasss011100000010000000
97Auburn CaHe just got back from dinner with Obama.000111000000000000