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5/26/23 13:08LaSalle University PennsylvaniaVirology, Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics, Genomics, Anatomy & Physiology6/1/2023 Non-TT5/28/23 6:151) unclear if this is permanent or fixed term. No term limit stated in job post. 2) Search committee : This is a non TT position with a yearly renewable contract, not limited to a fixed term, we are intrested in someone to stay long term.
5/26/23 13:06LaSalle UniversityPennsylvaniaEcology and Environmental Science6/1/2023 ProfTenure Track5/28/23 6:421) Catholic liberal arts University; open until filled. 2) We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about undergraduate teaching and research.
5/25/23 11:44St Mary's College of MarylandMarylandMarine Science10/1/2023 ProfTenure Track5/27/23 15:20This department has had many (3+?) searches the last few years that are in a similar vein. Are these different searches for a growing program, a hiring cluster, or failed searches? 2) The marine sciences program is new. There was also an earlier cluster higher this year to increase diversity in the department. OP) Great @2, thank you!
5/24/23 9:57Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaMultiomics8/1/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/25/23 11:19Animal science; typically livestock
5/24/23 9:55LSU AgCenterLouisianaAgronomy6/16/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
5/24/23 9:54LSU AgCenterLouisianaWeed Science6/17/2023 OpenTenure Track
5/24/23 9:51LSU AgCenterLouisianaEntomology7/31/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
5/23/23 18:56Washington State UniversityWashingtonInvasive Species Ecology (insects)6/23/2023 Asst ProfPermanent Non-TT5/26/23 17:18The add says nonpermanent? 2) No? It says career track which seems permanent but non-tenure track 3) From the ad: "This is a temporary, non-tenure track position expected to end in 1 year. Renewal is dependent on the need for extension and/or if additional funding is secured to extend employment."
5/23/23 12:59University of KansasKansasGenomics6/5/2023 Researcher SeniorFixed Term5/23/23 13:00Note that this position is both a service for others but also allows for your own research program (dry lab or with collaborators). The quick review date isn't binding.
5/23/23 12:43University of St AndrewsUnited KingdomEcological Statistics5/23/ Track5/26/23 8:13the date is wrong, it lists "closing Date: 3 August 2023"
5/23/23 12:10University of MaineMaineSustainable Agriculture and Ornamental Horticulture Educator6/5/2023 ProfTenure Track5/23/23 12:10Extension position.
5/23/23 12:07University of MaineMaineSustainable Agriculture & Farm Business Management Educator6/12/2023 Extension ProfTenure Track5/26/23 9:45Extension position.
5/23/23 5:09Bangor UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Population Ecology6/16/2023 Track5/24/23 7:40Expected to start Aug. 2023?
5/23/23 5:09Bangor UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Ecosystem Services6/16/2023 Track
5/22/23 11:00University of California Santa BarbaraCaliforniaFreshwater Ecology8/28/2023 ProfTenure Track5/26/23 14:51 2024 Here we come!! Good Luck everyone! (Again) 2) UCSB had a similar position 3.5 years ago but it looks like no freshwater person in the department. Was that never filled or did that hire leave? x2 3) letters must be requested by the due date 4) I would've thought there'd be better salary support in such a high COL area 5) Based on other recent hires in UC system I know, I expect its in the mid to high end of that range for EEB hires. See the line about "off-scale salaries" 5) dept member here, @2 that search failed, an offer was made but the person went elsewhere, so we are re-running the search. @5, I can confirm that salaries for those recently hired are very much on the upper end of the quoted range.
5/22/23 6:21USGS Eastern Ecological Science CenterWest VirginiaEcology5/26/2023 Non-Academic5/22/23 6:21Duties include "Build and lead a research program focused on landscape-scale studies with fisheries, aquatic ecosystems and global climate change. Develop novel aspects of aquatic community life histories, functional traits, phenology to use in studies."2
5/19/23 11:00Conservation Science PartnersCaliforniaConservation Biology6/5/2023 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic5/23/23 12:12
5/19/23 4:56Johannes Gutenberg University MainzGermanyEvolutionary Biology6/28/2023 ProfTenure Track5/23/23 12:121) can you apply if you are a postdoc? 2) W3 = Full Prof, so I think it'd be a waste of time 3) agree with #2. Very unlikely to get w3 as a postdoc. But you can always apply. 4) I have informally heard they would like someone 'established' 5) Is the human biology research focus a big requirement? Would folks working on invertebrate models be at a disadvantage? 6) This is a repost of a previous ad with a Feb deadline. They cancelled that search, and the rumor is that most of the candidates were aDNA people, and they decided they didn't want an aDNA person. If you compare the old ad and the new one, they e.g. used to say "evolutionary anthropology" and now they say "evolutionary biology". I think they want someone w/ a theory component.
5/18/23 6:55WA State Fish & WildlifeWashingtonConservation Genetics6/28/2023 ScientistPermanent Non-TT1
5/18/23 6:14Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeKentuckyBiology6/30/2023 ProfTenure Track5/22/23 14:2553k salary, Microbiology, start FA23
5/17/23 10:41University of ExeterUnited KingdomEcology or Conservation Science6/29/2023 / Sr LecturerTenure Track5/17/23 12:29Education & Research1
5/17/23 10:39University of ExeterUnited KingdomEcology or Conservation Science6/29/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track
5/17/23 8:48University of the PacificCaliforniaPhysiology Term
5/16/23 5:43University of GeorgiaGeorgiaEcology6/15/2023 CoordinatorPermanent Non-TT5/16/23 5:44
5/15/23 11:48Auburn UniversityAlabamaNative Bee Ecology3/20/2023 / Assoc ProfPermanent Non-TT5/16/23 7:251) After emailing the contact person, this role is effectively closed - a verbal offer has been made, but it's auburn's policy to keep the job live until hiring is finished
5/15/23 7:32Wageningen University ResearchNetherlandsForest Biodiversity and Resilient Landscapes6/12/2023 ProfTenure Track5/15/23 7:35"In addition to these first-rate employee benefits, you will be offered a fixed-term, 7 year contract which, upon positive evaluation based on criteria elaborated in the University's Tenure Track policy, can lead to a permanent employment contract as professor."
5/12/23 14:16St. Mary's College of MarylandMarylandBiology5/15/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term5/22/23 6:32Q: Visiting assistant professor is the equivalent of teaching stream? 2) No not really, it means that the position is temporary (usually 1-3 years). Usually when people say teaching stream they mean permanent teaching only positions.
5/10/23 5:22University of LincolnUnited KingdomEvolution or Ecology5/30/2023 ProfTenure Track
5/10/23 4:47University of Stirling United KingdomAnimal Evolutionary Biology 5/25/2023 ProfTenure Track5/10/23 4:48Level 7/8
5/10/23 2:22University College LondonUnited KingdomEcology and Innovative Technologies6/5/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/15/23 7:16Grade 8/9. 1) Link is fixed -AFP
5/10/23 2:21University College LondonUnited KingdomUrban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health6/5/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/17/23 1:15Grade 8/9 2) is 48k pounds enough for london? 05/14: link says that this job expired.. 3) I can see the ad on nature 4). Link is fixed - AFP 5) To 2) It depends on what you're looking for. If you're happy living in a one bedroom apartment, this would be enough. If you need family home, you'll likely need to live in another community outside of London and use the tube to get into the city. This isn't a problem just in London, academic salaries are very low in the UK.
5/10/23 0:40University of CambridgeUnited KingdomEcology5/31/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/11/23 2:251) Faculty member here: this is a broad hire in the fields of ecology, biogeochemistry, and global change. Although this is a 'Plant Sciences' Department, this does not mean the department only studies Arabadopsis! Cambridge is highly collaborative with multiple faculty often applying for grants together, co-mentoring students, and sharing lab equipment. There is close affliation w/the Crop Sciences Center and Cambridge Conservation Institute. 2) could you perhaps explain this "Once an offer of employment has been accepted, the successful candidate will be required to undergo a health assessment." 3) #1 again, similar to the USA, there is no discrimination against people w/disabilities and/or health issues (e.g., I have a disability and disclosed it (although you do not have to at all) and it did not affect anything throughout the process). If you have specific concerns, please reach out to the contact in the job posting.
5/9/23 13:46Neumann UniversityPennsylvaniaGeneral Biology and Genetics5/22/2023 ProfPermanent Non-TT5/9/23 13:501) Faculty member here: This is a catholic university but there is truly only emphasis on good citizenship which the university categorizes as respect, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship. There is a strong emphasis on science, health science, and the environment. The position functions as a tenured position but is not titled as such. If there are any other questions, I would be happy to answer them!
5/8/23 14:11Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaMinnesotaEcology6/1/2023 ProfFixed Term1
5/5/23 12:52South Dakota State UniversitySouth DakotaBison5/5/2023 ProfTenure Track5/13/23 19:39Failed search. Reopening for another 2 weeks. Focus on bison, but can be broad. Seems to be a production focus, but any area of expertise welcome. Look into SDState's Center of Excellence for Bison Studies for potential research areas. 2) From SDSU - Doesn't have to be production focused. The three potential home departments include Natural Resource Management, Animal Sciences, or Veterinary Medicine. Research programs could fit into one of these three departments in the College of Ag., Food, and Environmental Sciences. Position involves developing bison management focused curriculum for undergrads. 3) no one's got any good bison jokes huh? 4) I haven't herd any.1
5/5/23 12:18Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesMaineMarine Environmental Chemistry6/1/2023 TechnicianPermanent Non-Academic
5/5/23 11:49NatureServeVirginiaBotany5/26/2023 Permanent Non-Academic5/7/23 18:08Any idea why is the pay for the Botanist position 10K lower than the Invert Zoologist position?! 2) That one prefers PhD vs MS for this and seems to want more data analysis and primary research experience
5/5/23 11:44NatureServeVirginiaZoology5/26/2023 ZoologistPermanent Non-Academic5/15/23 6:03Looks like an awesome, location flexible, rare opportunity for a tech savy taxonomist! Nice to see this. 2) where are you seeing flexible location? jk, its in the title, sorry all I can't delete this inane comment2
5/4/23 11:14Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaClimate, Wildfire, and Disturbance Modeling5/30/2023 ProfTenure Track5/11/23 9:01
5/4/23 10:25Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaForestry5/15/2023 Asst Teaching Prof / Visiting LecturerFixed Term
5/1/23 9:04Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesMaineMarine Education6/1/2023 Non-TT
4/30/23 7:59Scripps Institution of Oceanography / UCSDCaliforniaMarine Eco-Physiology5/19/2023 ResearcherPermanent Non-TT5/4/23 3:1775% soft-money 1) Requires pre-existing external salary support when appointed.1
4/28/23 10:31Wageningen UniversityNetherlandsCrop Ecology5/1/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/15/23 12:40Invited for interview 5/10. First round interviews done and decision made for in-person interviews. So quick-like this one1
4/28/23 10:14Georgetown UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaEnvironmental Science Professor and Lab ManagerPermanent Non-Academic5/20/23 5:18The start date for this position is August 1, 2023, ideally with summer support for onboarding. 1) "summer for onboarding" aka work for free 2) SC here, not correct #1, onboarding is paid time. Annual salary range $90-110k, commensurate with experience. 3) Exciting opportunity with a quickly growing group at Earth Commons Institute 1
4/28/23 1:19Edge Hill UniversityUnited KingdomInvertebrate Ecology, Ornithology or Fungal Ecology5/25/2023 / Sr LecturerTenure Track5/9/23 7:45From the post "Ecology and Conservation and Biology undergraduate degrees plus the Plant Science and Genetics programmes subject to relevant expertise.". I do not see any reference to "Invertebrate Ecology, Ornithology or Fungal Ecology" in the post. Is it 'hidden' info? 2) It's further down in the post, in Job Description & Person Specification: "We welcome applicants from any area of ecology, but we are particularly interested in individuals working in the following fields: ornithology, fungal ecology, and invertebrate ecology, who would contribute to our course content on ecology and conservation." 3) do universities in the UK offer spousal hires like the US? 4) Re: 3), very unlikely.
4/25/23 10:34National Park ServiceMontanaNatural Resources Program Manager (Amphibian-Wetland Monitoring)4/26/2023 / Physical ScientistPermanent Non-TT5/4/23 7:22Missed that. I would have applied!
4/24/23 18:04University of Prince Edward IslandCanadaComparative Animal Physiology6/16/2023 ProfTenure Track5/13/23 5:54Deadline June 16th and start date July 1st? Insider candidate?
4/24/23 18:02University of Prince Edward IslandCanadaConservation Ecology / Climate Change6/30/2023 ProfTenure Track1
4/24/23 13:11Simon Fraser UniversityCanadaQuantitative Fisheries Science6/3/2023 ProfTenure Track5/12/23 11:21The start date for this position is August 1, 2023, ideally with summer support for onboarding. 1) "summer for onboarding" aka work for free 2) SC here, not correct #1, onboarding is paid time. Annual salary range $90-110k, commensurate with experience. 3) Exciting opportunity with a quickly growing group at Earth Commons Institute 4) #3 I think you posted this on the wrong listing, Earth Commons is not at SFU.
4/19/23 9:22California Dept of Fish & WildlifeCaliforniaEndangered Species Act Coordinator4/28/2023 Environmental ScientistPermanent Non-Academic4/25/23 3:50Some info on applying here:
4/19/23 9:21California Dept of Fish & WildlifeCaliforniaQuantitative Ecology (Big Game)5/8/2023 Scientist IIIPermanent Non-Academic5/3/23 8:21 Redirecting you to 1
4/19/23 9:20California Dept of Fish & WildlifeCaliforniaSalmonid Ecologist4/28/2023 Environmental ScientistPermanent Non-Academic4/22/23 16:18Can not open the link
4/18/23 15:08Lees-McRae CollegeNorth CarolinaWildlife Ecology ProfTenure Track5/28/23 14:16Yet 2 more (3 if you count the bio one below on the site) from this college. There's been a lot from this school for how small it is in the past few years 2) This seems to be the same ad that was posted in October just with the specialization in ornithology removed and some wording added about genetics and microbial ecology. Anyone have any insight about what might be going on here? Is this really two new positions? 3) date posted say 4/18 so either new or a readvertisment 4] Committee Memeber here...we are growing very rapidly [~ 1/3 of the student body is wildlife/biology (w/ pre-vet specializtion)], we did fill one postion in the fall [ornithology] but failed to fill the other opening in terrestrial/spatial ecology...the re-posting was done incorrectly by HR...a new posting will be put up late this week/early next, I apologize for the confusion 5) Is this position tenure track? ad does not say and online suggests maybe this place does not have tenure..#4 here [Committee memeber] have a have a series of three one-year contracts than two three-year contracts that become five-year contracts [a bit unusual for sure]'s certainly not traditional tenure but it works--our department have never released a faculty member who secured a three-year contract 6) Would absolutely love to have an opportunity here, unfortunately I'm an aquatic ecologist and invert systematist and LMC doesn't seem to be interested in these areas even though they translate to prepping students for jobs with state and federal agencies.7) If you are absolutely fine with having no support for research, having an unreasonably high teaching load (and administrative since everyone is constantly leaving this place), being asked to make your courses easier, and on top of that being underpaid (or have no other choice), go for this. 8) @7 are you speaking from experience? Any other red flags, details like pay range, etc.? Can't find anything reliable. 9) If they want a terrestrial/spatial ecologist why don't they just say so? Don't waste applicants' time applying for something they have no shot at being selected for. 7) Yes. My biggest complain is that there is a culture of exploitation of faculy and staff (incl. to be expected to participate in all sorts of recruitment events) with administrators not doing everything in their power to improve the criminally low salaries (40-46K range in my case) in a really expensive area of NC (From Zillow: the average Banner Elk home value is $461,586). It is a shame, because the college would otherwise have an amazing potential, but it is run like a pyramid scheme and I doubt degrees from the college mean anything but that the student could afford to go there. 10) @ 7 Thank you for your input. That place sounds like a hot mess. 7) You are welcome! I would recommend anyone to check all of the details of the teaching load (how course load is calculated) in this department, and see other pretty negative glassdoor reviews. 11) I applied last cycle for this position, I knew the salary was potentially going to be low but I didn't realize how low until a heard the offer. I was offered a position, in addition to my wife getting an offer, a day after hearing from this college. I currently make double the offered salary. It is tough for a small college to offer a significant salary, but it would have been tough to leave my well funded post-doc position to take a position that only offered 45K. I would recommend to all considering applying to understand the salary limiations for a smaller college and accept this as a given. If you are committed to teaching with limited research, it seems like a nice place with tons of potential. 12) @7 Regarding recruitment events: I work at Appalachian State, a Comprehensive University of 20K that is just down the road from LMC, and all faculty at my university take turns participating in recruitment/open house. Students want to meet with the faculty they will be working with, and service is part of our contract. I am confused why anyone thinks that they wouldn't be asked to do this at a small liberal arts college? "High" teaching loads of 4:4 are the norm at a small liberal arts college, as well. You would have this at LMC or even at a prestigious institution like Elon (I have two grad school friends that teach there.) Anything above 12 contact hours (4 courses), you would have to be compensated for an overload. The only way you would have less than a 4:4 is by having release for research, which only happens at larger institutions. At App State, we teach a 3:3 load because we have a one course research release, but that comes with expectations of scholarly products (peer reviewed publications and NSF grant applications). Liberal Arts colleges are focused on teaching, not research. Re: salaries at LMC, most small colleges have low salaries for sure, and all of the schools in the region (App State included) are dealing with increased cost of living (albeit responding slowly). The price of homes has doubled in the last three years, as with many areas around the country. I doubt this situation will last forever. If offered a job, perhaps ask for temporary housing as part of negotiation? Most faculty have never lived right in Banner Elk (for LMC) or Boone (for App State). More reasonable homes are 15-20 minutes away from either campus. As an ecologist, I also consider that I have my field sites right in my back yard! I used to do my work in Colorado, but I save thousands by not having to travel every summer. 13) @12 A 4:4 load is not the "norm" at a liberal arts college. To be fair, the range is from 2:2 to 4:4, and I'd guess that a 3:3 is fairly common as well (I have a 2:2 load prior to research releases at a school of <3000 students). 14) [Search Chair]: I hope that I can clear up some the confusion and derisive statements provided by @ 7. This individual started at LMC at the same time I did, however I experienced my time here very differently than they did and a lot of progress has occurred in the year since they left. Salaries hare still low relative to the cost of housing, but the administration has acknowledged this real problem and made steps to address this. For example, we are transitioning to a higher pay scale across the college and I just received a significant raise. The college has also pledged to develop faculty housing, but we could really use it right now. @7’s comment “the college would otherwise have an amazing potential, but it is run like a pyramid scheme and I doubt degrees from the college mean anything but that the student could afford to go there”. Well they got the first part right, but the last part of this statement undermines their credibility and makes clear their level of personal animosity and desire to damage our ongoing search. The Wildlife program does have tremendous potential and in my time here I have seen so much growth and progress toward this end. This year the campus expanded to include an additional 500 acres, two thirds of which is designated for conservation protection of forest, fields, wetlands, and riparian habitats. We just need more dedicated faculty that are passionate about teaching and mentoring students to become wildlife professionals. We recently hired a wonderful new avian ecologist and a second outstanding wildlife veterinarian. This current ecologist position represents a new line given to us in recognition of our continued growth in student enrollment in wildlife. The administration recognizes the importance of the Wildlife Program and they are investing in us. I am fully transparent about the limitations here and potential of this program and I will gladdly discuss this position with any interested candidates. You can reach me at 15) Wow, Search Chair, good on you! You're doing a tremendous service in being so forthcoming on this board. Seems like there is an axe to grind from others. Best of luck with this search (from a NC native without any real connection to LMC). 16) If the administration has made steps to address the salary issue, what was the adjustment? What's the salary for this position? I'm not piling on this university, but administrators love to talk about progress when they're falling further and further behind on issues like salary. 17] @16, this is #4 [a comittee member] we don't consider it piling on...the salary range discussed by #7 is ~ 133% higher at the present time--the individual is just disgruntled...the sub-optimal salary situation is widespread problem at liberal arts institutions--it's certainly frustrating but not unique to Lees-McRae. You are certainly correct that administrators often fail to reognize that money is a massively importmant consideration (that is not unique to LMC) however that being said, we encourage you and any other ecologist to give us a look. Thanks. Our resources include:] and
4/18/23 11:07University of Hawaii HiloHawaiiBiology3/24/2023 ProfTenure Track5/13/23 14:33Genomics focus. 2) I went to school at UHH. It's a very small campus. Faculty are super friendly. The labs are a bit run down (holes in ceilings, but hoping things have changed a bit since I was there). Lots of research opportunities on island and collaborations. The MS program is growing, but relatively small-ish but mighty. Class sizes range from 20 to max ~100 for intro classes. Grad classes would be small (5-20 at most). I miss UHH a lot. Good luck! 3) Received a rejection email two days ago.3
4/18/23 11:07University of Hawaii HiloHawaiiMarine Science / Marine Biology4/2/2023 ProfTenure Track5/18/23 18:45Had zoom call with search committee on 4/20 1) by zoom call, do you mean interview? Wondering if they've moved on to interviewing candidates (I applied but have not heard back). 2) yes, zoom interview. haven't heard back since 1) Good luck! 2) thank you! 3) Also had zoom interview but haven't heard back nor have my references been contacted, anyone had references contacted or been invited for in person interviews yet? 4) @3 I'm in same boat - haven't had references contacted or heard anything since zoom interview 5/17 5) in-person research talks for candidates have started6
4/17/23 16:53University of Alaska MuseumAlaskaCollections -- Entomology5/22/2023 ManagerPermanent Non-Academic4/24/23 10:25Under the direction of the Curator of Insects, the Collections Manager is responsible for caring for and providing access to the entomology collections. 1) this is one of the best-paid collections manager positions I have seen - 64k. 2) @1 That's because it is in Alaska1
4/14/23 9:37University of TennesseeTennesseeForestry, Wildlife and Fisheries4/27/2023 / Sr LecturerPermanent Non-TT4/28/23 7:17Review of applications begins April 27, 2023, and will continue until the position is filled.
4/13/23 5:11NOAAColoradoDrought & Climate Change4/20/2023 Permanent Non-TT4/19/23 16:32
4/12/23 7:57Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsSpatial Ecosystem Resilience5/31/2023 ProfTenure Track
4/11/23 7:27Florida Southern CollegeFloridaMicrobiology & General Biology / Botany5/25/2023 Non-TT4/17/23 19:052 positions
4/10/23 14:45University of FloridaFloridaCoastal / Estuarine Ecology4/21/2023 Asst ProfPermanent Non-TT4/28/23 8:22Visited a collaborator here, it’s over an hour to main campus and civilization (grocery, decent schools, daycares) squarely in trump/desantis-land, office building with no lab or instrumentation capacities but high 80% research expectations. Small work environment that did not seem collaborative. Appeared to be an internal candidate. 2) Why would they advertise on ecolog-L if there was truly an internal candidate? 3) Does anyone know if this is a soft money position or if it is actually a university funded position? The description does not say it's soft money, but I wasn't sure if that's implied and I just didn't catch it. 4) reached out to listed contact and was told that position is state-funded and permanent, so hard money for a 9-month appointment with opportunity for additional (summer) salary via grants 5) @4 Thank you!!! 6) to anyone that applies to this or other state school in Florida, all salaries are public record - make sure you look up similar positions and get an equitable salary!1
4/10/23 11:54University of RichmondVirginiaOrganismal Biology4/17/2023 Non-TT4/12/23 11:45"Director of Biological Instruction"
4/10/23 10:46Florida Southern CollegeFloridaEcology5/25/2023 ProfTenure Track5/2/23 21:07The position was retained for an administrator who was supposed to be brought on as a faculty member in the department next academic year, but left the college (hence the delay in posting this cycle). FSC is a private PUI with in-house funds for undergraduate student research. 1) Does anyone why the person left the school? Seems strange that they create the job for the person and they leave?! Does that wave a red flag on the department and the community? (OP) They were hired in an administrative role years ago and had biology background. They "wanted to step down" from the administrative role and land a TT position in the bio dept., but before they did they took another administrative position elsewhere. Department & community are great!2
4/8/23 1:26ICTP Trieste - UNESCOItalyTheoretical Ecology and/or Evolution4/21/2023 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic4/20/23 6:45AP) To summarize discussion: knowledge of Italian and another UNESCO language is *desired* not required, the position requires supervising postdocs etc., close to a professorship elsewhere, position open to applicants from any country, and all jobs at UN related agencies are two-year contracts, these specific contracts are indeed indefinitely renewable 2) I dont know who wrote the application material but.. University degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) in Physics, Mathematics or a related field AND A minimum of four (4) years of relevant professional research experience in Ecology, Evolution or a related field. Do they even know which degree ecologists have? 5) I know a bunch of physicists and mathematicians that pivoted to ecology after their PhD -- it's not that uncommon, and definitely very on-brand for ICTP Trieste. 1
4/7/23 11:09Delta State UniversityMississippiScience Education3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track4/7/23 11:10You should still apply if interested- candidate pools are small, position will be open until filled.
4/7/23 11:08Delta State UniversityMississippiGenetics3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track4/7/23 11:10You should still apply if interested- candidate pools are small, position will be open until filled.
4/7/23 11:08Delta State UniversityMississippiBiomedical Sciences3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track4/7/23 11:10You should still apply if interested- candidate pools are small, position will be open until filled.
4/7/23 11:06Delta State UniversityMississippiVertebrate Biology3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track5/7/23 14:43You should still apply if interested- candidate pools are small, position will be open until filled. 2) Transcripts and letters of recommendation up front? 1) sadly yes.
4/7/23 8:05Rocky Mountain Research Station (USFS)MontanaConservation Genetics4/17/2023 GS-12Permanent Non-Academic4/7/23 8:06This is a permanent research position with the USFS listed on USA Jobs (Announcement Number 23-RES-11918738-DDHA-CC, see also URL). This is distinct from the Orise postdoc position (also in conservation genetics at RMRS) that is currently listed in the postdoc tab.2
4/5/23 18:33Albion CollegeMichiganOrganismal Biology Asst ProfFixed Term4/5/23 18:35Open until filled - apps to be reviewed on a rolling basis. Looking for two positions.
4/5/23 11:26Macalester CollegeMinnesotaInterdisciplinary Environmental Scientist4/3/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term4/5/23 11:30
4/4/23 8:51University of California, RiversideCaliforniaBiology5/3/2023 Coordinator IIPermanent Non-TT4/21/23 9:34This is a permanent position desiging and implementing lab curriculum for general biology courses. 1
4/4/23 6:09US Forest ServiceMissouriLandscape Ecology4/11/2023 Non-Academic
4/3/23 13:06University of Colorado, BoulderColoradoBroad: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computational Biology or Bioengineering4/3/2023 ProfTenure Track4/5/23 8:16This ad was posted on 3/28 with a deadline of 4/3... not sure what's up with that (I only just saw it this morning). They seem most interested in people whose work has implications for human health, but some EEB-type folks might reasonably apply, since the ad is so broad and at least some of the BioFrontiers Institute faculty have their tenure home in EEB. 2) Maybe internal candidate with such a short turn-around time? 3) Link does not appear to work 4) The link worked yesterday (4/3) - maybe they took the page down the moment the deadline passed1
4/3/23 11:32University of CologneGermanyExperimental Freshwater Ecology of Animals5/7/2023 ProfTenure Track4/5/23 0:07strong focus on the level of ecological communities to investigate how freshwater animals respond to anthropogenic environ-mental changes. Your research integrates experimental studies of non-model organisms by focusing on ecological traits and molecular approaches.
4/3/23 9:01Nottingham Trent University United KingdomConservation Biology / Species Recovery4/20/2023 LecturerPermanent Non-TT4/5/23 8:18high grade Asst Prof, 2) expertise in the conservation of animal species.
4/3/23 7:00University of the West of EnglandUnited KingdomConservation Science4/17/2023 LecturerPermanent Non-TT
3/31/23 7:02Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyMarine Microbial Biogeochemistry ProfTenure Track4/7/23 13:29No review date listed. anybody know if this is an internal hire? [...] 2) Did someone change the subject area on thsi one or am I crazy? AP) The text of the other no-deadline Rutgers job (Coral Reefs) got pasted here1
3/31/23 7:01Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyCoral Reef Biology ProfTenure Track5/3/23 8:13No review date listed. anybody know if this is an internal hire? 2) Does it seem odd that there is no research statement asked for? 3) Very strange listing. 4) no contact info either, or am I missing something? 5) Likely to be a teaching-related position since they asked for three teaching-releated docs, but no closing date seems odd. 6) the description says nothing about teaching, and actually mentions how coral reef biology is a hole in Rutgers' research portfolio. Odd job ad, but reads nothing like a teaching position, IMO. 7) Lol, instructions to attach everything as one pdf, then require separate pdfs in portal. 8.) I reached out for clarity on this position (is it teaching focused, etc?). Will report back if I hear anything! 8) intel would be appreciated! I couldn't even figure out who to contact. 9) I did hear it was an "accelerated hire", but not really sure what that means. 10) Well the rejection emails are certainly accelerated; applied 2.5 days ago and just got a rejection. Smells like a pre-selected hire. 11) Wow. I did contact the Chair, but was unable to get any clear answers. He did say it was a "search" but "accelerated hire". He also mentioned it was research focused and not requesting a research statement was accidental. 10again) WTF? So did I get rejected because I didn't include a research statement that wasn't included in multiple lists of required materials? 11again) @10, I doubt it - I'm betting it's an internal hire. But it sucks to be unsure. 8.) me again- got ghosted by chair ... 11again) @8, I also got ghosted by the Chair. We were supposed to have a phone meeting and he missed it. 10again) I emailed the chair for clarification, no response. Clownshoes. 11again) Just got a rejection email stating they are pursuing candidates with skills and experience more closely matching the position. For context, I am an R1 TT coral reef biologist with over $2.8M in funding, 35 pubs, and I teach coral reef ecology, both undergrad and grad. Betting it's an internal or spousal hire. 10again) Also an (unemployed) coral reef biologist with 35 pubs, millions in funding and experience teaching coral reef ecology. Same email. 12) Did get some intel that this was, indeed, an arranged hire.2
3/31/23 1:53Museum für Naturkunde BerlinGermanyIntegrative Taxonomy4/30/2023 Track4/12/23 6:50Rank is "Researcher" which is equivalent to Assistant Professor, but no teaching responsibilities: the position is 100% research 2) According to the payscale this is a staff scientist (TVL E13) not an assist prof (W1). You need to have publications on arthropods and insects taxonomy
3/30/23 20:39Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaHorticulture and Landscape Architecture5/1/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/30/23 20:39Small Farms and Urban Horticultural Food Crop Production Systems
3/30/23 12:09University of IdahoIdahoControlled Environmental Agriculture4/30/2023 ProfTenure Track3/30/23 20:39
3/30/23 11:30State University of New York at GeneseoNew YorkBiology & Psychology4/2/2023 ProfTenure Track3/31/23 6:58neuroscience focus
3/30/23 9:44University of Florida- WFRECFloridaForest Management5/20/2023 ProfTenure Track3/31/23 8:51"This is a 9-month tenure accruing position that will be 60% Research (Florida Agricultural Experiment Station) and 40% Teaching (College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, CALS) , available in the West Florida Research and Education Center (WFREC). This position will focus on diverse forestry and natural resource management issues. The individual is expected to assume teaching duties in a dynamic, on-going academic program in natural resource conservation. The successful candidate will teach an undergraduate course in Silviculture, and additional courses that could include Forest Mensuration, Foundations in Natural Resources and Conservation, Professional Development, Global Forests, or Society and Natural Resources, depending on candidate’s experience and interests."
3/29/23 18:41USDAMarylandSoil Science4/27/2023 Non-Academic3/31/23 3:38"responsible for evaluating crop responses to climate change, developing adaptation and mitigation strategies, applying systems theory to the solution of complex, agricultural problems and developing support systems and assessment tools for environmental study and analysis.". 1) Please note all the USDA or other federal related positions are only open for US citizens, not for green card holders or visa holders.
3/29/23 12:32Northeastern State UniversityOklahomaFreshwater Science4/24/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/29/23 2:58Colgate UniversityNew YorkSociology [open]4/10/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/29/23 8:49possible courses include "environmental sociology"
3/28/23 8:28Fort Worth Botanic GardenTexasBotany (Conservation & Seed Banking)4/15/2023 ResearcherPermanent Non-Academic3/28/23 8:34The application says the deadline is March 31, 2023, but the position is open until filled and application review will only begin on April 30, 2023. Start date is flexible. AP) Ad says review starts April 15, so I updated the sheet to encourage people to get their apps in.
3/27/23 17:14Case Western Reserve UniversityOhioBiology (including Ecology & Evolution)5/8/2023 Non-TT3/31/23 6:17Three positions, to teach introductory and advanced lecture courses on topics including genetics, physiology, anatomy, developmental biology, cell biology, neurobiology, ecology and evolution, and to teach and supervise innovative introductory laboratory classes using a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience format.
3/27/23 13:16Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileChileMathematical or Computational Biology5/7/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/27/23 13:172 positions
3/27/23 13:14Arcadia ScienceCaliforniaPhylogenetics Non-Academic
3/27/23 2:37Queen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomComputational Physiology / Biomedicine4/17/2023 (Teaching & Research)Permanent Non-TT4/5/23 6:29Research focused group leader position. UK system: 3 years probation then its permanent. Then you get promoted to higher "ranks" (i.e. Senior Lecturer/Reader/Prof) - Wikipedia can explain equivalences to US professor statuses. AP) So can the "International Comparisons" tab here ;) - deadline is April 17th for both computational positions at QMUL1
3/27/23 2:36Queen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomComputational Ecology / Evolutionary Genetics4/17/2023 (Teaching & Research)Permanent Non-TT4/27/23 11:07Research focused group leader position. UK system: 3 years probation then its permanent. Then you get promoted to higher "ranks" (i.e. Senior Lecturer/Reader/Prof) - Wikipedia can explain equivalences to US professor statuses. 1) I'm a lecturer at this department (didn't post this ad) but just want to say that I really like the atmosphere - very collegial and interactive. 2) Interview invite received x22
3/24/23 14:13Southern Oregon UniversityOregonHuman Anatomy & Physiology4/16/2023 Term5/5/23 15:241) This isn't ecoevo, though as someone mainly looking for teaching-focused positions I'll say it's depressingly common, especially at community colleges and smaller public universities - a good 60-70% of the job openings are all about whether you know how to cut up bodies. 2) I do think that a lot of vertebrate biologists are well trained for A&P type positions--many whose primary research is in ecoevo! (No offense intended @1, just want to make a case that this job is appropriate for this board.) The vertebrate community has known for a long, long time that being trained in cadaver-based anatomy is a pathway to getting a permanent job...I agree that it is unfortunate that many of those positions no longer include being able to have a research lab. 3) Deadline extended until May 16th; initial appointment is for a year, but potential for renewal.
3/24/23 14:05University of GuelphCanadaEcological Pest Management4/19/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/31/23 3:39Applicants should have expertise in forest and/or crop pest management with a focus on ecologically based pest management strategies and tactics in forest or agricultural systems.1
3/24/23 5:48University of GeorgiaGeorgiaEcology4/22/2023 LecturerFixed Term3/27/23 6:371) two positions
3/23/23 10:05Jackson State UniversityMIssissippiEnvironmental Science: Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems / Assoc ProfPermanent Non-TT3/24/23 8:18"Preferred areas of research include but are not limited to coastal and marine ecology, wetland ecology, environmental restoration, environmental systems, natural resources management, and environmental impact assessment and management." 1) reposted to Ecolog on 3/23 [old listing removed -AP]
3/23/23 8:02University of EdinburghUnited KingdomEcology4/17/2023 OpenTenure Track5/23/23 15:14any info about this position? Link takes you toa generaic posting where you need to create an account to log in and apply.2) I think this is a link with info 3) Can't find the link to create a profile! 4) worth noting that this is in a geosciences department 5) if invited to interview (in May) applicants will have to 'evidence their right to work in the UK''. Does this essentially negate non UK applicants? 6) Not sure about this school, but as an American I interviewed at a few UK schools. All said an offer would be contingent on visa approval. Visas for professors in STEM looked very straightforward. Don't let it stop you from applying to the UK. 7) "We welcome candidates with expertise in ecological applications of remote sensing/airborne platforms and data-driven innovation in ecology." 8) Got email clarification about the right to work thing- "If the successful candidate needed to apply for right to work in the UK, the University of Edinburgh would provide visa sponsorship" 9) email rejection6