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8/15/22 23:21University of MemphisTennessee(Eco-)toxicology9/5/2022 ProfTenure Track8/15/22 23:22"... in any area of toxicology, including ecotoxicology, that asks mechanistic questions at one or more of these levels: molecular, cellular, organismal and/or ecosystem"
8/15/22 8:45University of GuelphCanadaChair, Department of Integrative Biology9/1/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track
8/15/22 6:50Rockefeller UniversityNew YorkBroad9/30/2022 OpenTenure Track8/16/22 2:07Includes Organismal Biology and Evolution. (2). Application requires a video. Srsly.
8/12/22 20:01Pomona CollegeCaliforniaAnimal Physiology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
8/12/22 19:43Ursinus CollegePennsylvaniaVertebrate Biology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
8/12/22 19:42Ursinus CollegePennsylvaniaAquatic Biologist10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
8/12/22 19:35Columbia University New YorkQuantitative Biology9/15/2022 RankTenure Track8/15/22 11:54Is this still open? 2) I think so? It was just reposted to higheredjobs a couple days ago with the 9/15 due date:
8/12/22 15:12Binghamton UniversityNew YorkConservation Ecology12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
8/12/22 7:25Tufts UnviersityMassachusettsNeuroscience10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track
8/12/22 0:17University of the PacificCaliforniaBiology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/14/22 11:52Two (!!) positions, "Teaching responsibilities for these positions could include various combinations of courses depending on the candidate's background and areas of interest, such as General Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Microbiology, Neurobiology, or more specialized upper division courses."
8/11/22 18:51Redeemer UniversityCanadaBiology / Ecology10/7/2022 ProfTenure Track8/16/22 1:47"Candidates must be aligned with and passionate about Redeemer’s Christian mission of integrating faith in teaching and research...seeking an applicant with an academic and research background in ecology, field biology, and plant science." 2) boo. x9 3) boo. x14 4) x18 boos for a private christian university posting because it is advertising a position that aligns with its (private, christian) university values? 5) absolutely, asking people to submit statements of faith for a scientific position is totally booable. They have the right to do it, we have the right to boo them, so booooo. X6. 6) If private christian universities want to attract good scientific faculty they need to be OPEN to those without faith. Most here aren't saying "boo christian scientists" let us teach science and let the bloated uni admin worry about the christian stuff. x4 7) freedom of speech and belief works two ways, they can believe what they want and we can believe their beliefs are booable x2 8) Oh no! Christians?! People who believe differently from me?! What monsters! 9) Monster seems like a fitting descriptor considering the faith is used (by some) to say groups of people don't deserve to exist.
8/11/22 6:58Berry CollegeGeorgiaNatural Resources9/15/2022;jsessionid=9ABE06D276B60BC6DE83F855017B9AD5;jsessionid=6BB411695FCA1C975A8F87C78BA7BB49?JOBID=151507Asst ProfTenure Track
8/11/22 5:53University of MarburgGermanyAnimal Ecology (Entomology) ProfTenure Track
8/10/22 23:40Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityNew JerseyAnimal Comparative Biology ProfTenure Track8/12/22 18:11"Familiarity with bioinformatics is a plus." Also, no review date, "Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled." 2) Letters up front
8/10/22 23:37Gonzaga UniversityWashingtonBiology9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 23:37"We are looking for a molecular biologist whose research includes a significant wet-lab component, but may also use computational, data science, or systems biology approaches. Area of specialization is open. "
8/10/22 11:16Hawaii Pacific UniversityHawaiiPhysical Oceanography (broadly defined)10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 11:19Area of expertise is Physical Oceanography, broadly defined. The candidate would need to be able to teach a graduate-level Physical Oceanography course, but may teach other classes and conduct research in any subdiscipline of marine science.
8/9/22 5:32University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaComputational Genomics & Evolutionary Genomics9/30/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/12/22 8:07same as below? Different ad. 2) clearly different. 3) when was this posted, materials seem to be due so soon! 4) Just announc ed couple of days ago 5) @3 ~8 weeks doesnt seem so short to me 6) 2 positions 7) Reference letters due up front... 8) @7 see discussion on this in the other job posting at this uni below. Not that a good explanation is given...1
8/8/22 17:29Occidental CollegeCaliforniaGlobal Change Biology9/26/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 12:06PUI
8/8/22 4:55University of CambridgeUnited KingdomZoology9/5/2022 ProfTenure Track8/13/22 3:17Looks like a big hiring push this year. 2) Cambridge Zoology member here - this and other permanent positions are replacing recent retirements which accumulated during COVID. No special hiring program / push, and nothing on the cards for a while after this professorship. (2 again) I should also point out that this is a nice place to work, and a lovely area to live, and the Prof salary will be more than sufficient to have a decent quality of life in Cambridge (unlike, say, a postdoc salary, or even Lecturer/Assistant Prof, who increasing need to commute to Cambridge from a few miles out). 3) does "full prof" mean that postdocs shouldn't apply? 4) The list of priors looks like Fellows of the Royal Society. (equivalent to US National Acad members). I wouldn't expect to get it as a postdoc, though I generally favor applying first asking questions later. (2 again) The priors indeed went on to become FRS, though they might not have been when they started. Even so (and I say this as a postdoc myself), postdocs will have no chance here. The hire will be someone who already has tenure and an international reputation, and probably a large, active grant with people. 4) Thanks for the scoop #2! x3
8/6/22 21:47Baylor UniversityTexasMicrobial Ecology10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/13/22 17:25Copying my comment from the other advert from this department. I'm a former employee of this department, and my experience working here was negative. I experienced harassment and bullying from my supervisor, and observed graduate students being treated similarly. A professor in this department is under investigation for research misconduct, and the department has covered up and ignored problematic behavior in the past. I regret working here; there are good people in this department, but my time here exemplified academic toxicity. As for the faith aspect, faculty are expected to maintain a religious affiliation, but it does not have to be Baptist. Faculty candidates are expected to make a verbal expression of faith at some point during the interview process, and then demonstrate that (e.g., log worship attendance) if hired. 2) I applied to this position last year and can confirm they will "Faculty candidates are expected to make a verbal expression of faith at some point during the interview process, and then demonstrate that (e.g., log worship attendance) if hired". I was asked to confirm what parish or church I attend, how often, etc. To be transparent, I was told they would ask but I was also told that it wouldn't be a big deal. Just a few questions that would never matter. I was also told that being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community would be welcomed. However, prior to in-person I was sent an email stating this : "Frankly, we are still challenged with these issues within our faculty. For example, would you be comfortable in an environment where BU-PP-031 states: “Baylor will be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity. Thus, it is expected that Baylor students, faculty and staff will engage in behaviors consistent with this understanding of human sexuality.” This policy (which dates back to 1963) can impose a barrier for some prospective faculty since it still holds for faculty members. The second area concerns tenure. I want to make sure that you would be comfortable with Baylor’s current expectation that all faculty being considered for tenure have a personal involvement with a local faith community.". So to be clear, if you are a LGBTQIA+, alley, or non-religous please beware of this AD and university/department 3) Yikes x17 4) Sounds like a nightmare 5) I honestly hope they get few applications X3. 6) Really appreciate sharing your experience #2. x3 5) The only faith community I am personally involved with is this job board. x6
8/6/22 21:21UNC PembrokeNorth CarolinaEcology8/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/11/22 11:36Required docs list CV and cover letter and two "Other Documents" under optional documents. Anyone know if the "Other Documents" are supposed to be a teaching and research statement? 2) Great question. I wish I thought to ask before submitting. I just figured cover letter/CV was the first screening and that they would contact me if they wanted more information. You should email the chair of the search committee for an answer.3
8/6/22 14:54University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaEcology and/or Evolutionary Biology9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track8/15/22 16:003 ref letters required upfront 2) Anyone know why the computational search was cancelled last cycle? 3) SC member last year (and this year), unfortunately it was circumstances outside our control last year, but see few rows above for refocused computational search this year 4) Any reason as to why you are asking for references up front for such a generic search? It is a waste of all the letter writers' time if you get 200+ applications x10 5) SC - we've looked into this repeatedly, with all upstream steps and relatively early interviews we only have ~1 week where they could be requested in between long and short list, which seems unreasonable to candidates and writer 6) @SC so your answer instead is to demand for maybe 500 PIs to write letters, many for applications you will dismiss out of hand? Your solution should have been to alter YOUR review schedule to have more than a week between lists, not to burden applicants and their support. x10 7) I'd love to be in the department, but I have a strict no upfront letter of rec policy - I already have a tenured job, so I'm just not going to apply.x5
8/6/22 12:00University of GuelphCanadaAnimal Physiology10/5/2022 ProfTenure Track8/15/22 7:44"The successful candidate may employ field and/or lab-based experiments to study the cellular and physiological mechanisms responsible for enabling animals (marine, freshwater, terrestrial) to adapt to, or survive in, changing or challenging environmental conditions."
8/5/22 20:42NIHMarylandNIH Intramural Research Program (broad)9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track8/15/22 15:50This is very biomedical, I can't imagine anybody here applying, much less being competitive. 2) Why not? For instance I'm a microbial ecologist 3) These positions are very human disease focused, and unless the center of your research focus is a human disease you are unlikely to be considered. Microbial ecologist is great, but whats your direct human relevance to a condition/disease? If you have one, great, but 99% of the people cruising eco/evo job boards aren't going to be relevant to this ad. There have been far less human health focused ads on here that get removed, and while I disagree with that, thats just how its been on here. A quick look at the Stadtman Investigators list will demonstrate this point. 4) my phd and postdoc is eeb dept, most of my apps will be too. I plan to apply, and think I'm a reasonably good fit. no reason to tell other people what their work does or doesn't do. I collaborator in my field got an interview last year 5) I plan to apply too, honestly would be my dream job: no grant writing!! Yes, connection to human disease seems a bit constraining but it's just one stage where my research can be applied
8/5/22 13:40The Ohio State UniversityOhioDevelopmental Biology, Cell Biology, and/or Molecular Epigenetics10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/8/22 7:15Very broad search, more interested in good people than a particular field. Not an internal hire :) 2) Don't forget to put "THE" in your cover letter. x2 3) AN Ohio University x2
8/5/22 11:30University of KentuckyKentuckySoil Microbiology11/18/2022 ProfTenure Track8/7/22 9:29"soil microbiology/microbial ecology".
8/5/22 5:52Tufts UniversityMassachusettsViral Ecology / Evolution10/3/2022 ProfTenure Track8/5/22 5:54"ecology and/or evolution of microbial (bacteriophages, mycoviruses), plant, or animal viruses in natural or managed ecosystems, including terrestrial ecosystems, marine/aquatic systems, natural plant/animal populations/communities, or agroecosystems. Research programs that focus on the ecology or evolution of viruses in lab model systems (e.g. model bacteriophages) are also welcome. Applicants proposing to research viruses of humans or domesticated animals will not be considered"
8/4/22 20:25Rutgers University-NewarkNew JerseyEarth and Environmental Sciences9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/5/22 0:11"Applications with research interests in areas including – but not limited to – environmental and public health, environmental justice, epidemiology and climate change, and who incorporate big data approaches to address these topics..."1
8/4/22 20:09Ohio State UniversityOhioIndigenous Environmental Studies9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track
8/4/22 20:05Northwestern State UniversityLouisianaBiology ProfTenure Track8/4/22 20:04The successful candidate must teach some combination of undergraduate lecture and laboratory courses in the areas of general biology, molecular biology, genetics, or anatomy and physiology.
8/4/22 19:22Ohio State UniversityOhioMicrobial Physiology and/or Synthetic Biology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 7:31Multiple openings in the same department one in microbiome sciences (/22075) and this one in microbial physiology and/or synthetic biology (/22176). AP) The other job is listed 4 rows below.
8/4/22 13:05Baker UniversityKansasBiology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 13:06"Candidates with expertise in Cell, Molecular, or Microbiology will be given priority consideration"1
8/4/22 12:27Saint Mary's College IndianaOrganismal Biology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 14:11Research expertise in organismal biology (taxon of interest is open) 1) Duplicate? 7/5/22 timestamp 2) No, one is in Maryland and this is in Indiana. 3) Does anyone know how heavy the Catholic connection is? Does the religious affiliation impact course content? 4) Member of the Department here. In response to #3, religious affiliation does not limit course content at all! We have lower and upper level courses in evolution for majors, and even a non-majors course in evolution. We welcome all viewpoints and backgrounds at the college- but our curriculum is science driven. We are a Catholic institution, so there is an opening Mass each academic year, and opportunities to participate in that aspect of the college if you wish. But there is no requirement to do so, and you do not have to be Catholic to work here. #3 again, @4, thank you for your response!
8/4/22 9:48Baylor UniversityTexasEvolutionary Medicine10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/13/22 4:06Have to have some sort of Christian faith, but that's very broadly defined. 2) Would like to hear from someone at Baylor about the degree to which the Baptist affiliation might impact this (or other) bio/eco/evo positions. 3) Not firsthand Baylor, but heard from 4) I'm a former employee of this department, and my experience working here was negative. I experienced harassment and bullying from my supervisor, and observed graduate students being treated similarly. A professor in this department is under investigation for research misconduct, and the department has covered up and ignored problematic behavior in the past. I regret working here; there are good people in this department, but my time here exemplified academic toxicity. As for the faith aspect, faculty are expected to maintain a religious affiliation, but it does not have to be Baptist. Faculty candidates are expected to make a verbal expression of faith at some point during the interview process, and then demonstrate that (e.g., log worship attendance) if hired. 5) Is any sort of belief in magic acceptable? x2
8/4/22 8:44Ohio State UniversityOhioMicrobiome Science9/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 15:05"...emphasis on understanding microbial community metabolism in the context of nutrition, disease, ecosystem function, and/or small molecule signaling", 2) letters upfront to complete the application? ugh.
8/4/22 7:36Bryn Mawr CollegePennsylvaniaNeuroscience9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 7:48"Specific responsibilities include an upper-level course in neurobiology and additional courses in the candidate’s area of expertise to support the Neuroscience major, as well as participation in our introductory biology sequence. In addition, the successful candidate will also be expected to maintain an externally funded research program that involves undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds."
8/4/22 7:33Bryn Mawr CollegePennsylvaniaPhysiology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 7:47"Specific teaching responsibilities include courses in animal or human physiology and in the candidate’s area of expertise, as well as participation in the team-taught introductory biology sequence. The successful candidate will also be expected to maintain an externally funded research program that involves undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds."
8/4/22 2:03Lake Forest CollegeIllinoisBiology9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 11:20"We are seeking a highly qualified biologist to teach an upper-level plant biology course and our introductory organismal biology course, both with laboratories, with the opportunity to develop further courses in the applicant’s area of expertise." 1) 3 letters of recommendation are required up-front. I have confirmed with search chair. Also, review date is September 19th.
8/3/22 10:00Colorado CollegeColoradoEcology / Organismal Biology9/21/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 9:561) Does anyone know the name of the search chair? 2) It's at the end of the job ad-Dr. Shane Heschel 3) Did anyone see the post about CC being toxic for female STEM faculty ( I am interested in this job but a little worried about the reputation that the university turns a blind eye to this stuff . . .4) I have heard from >1 person that CC is toxic. :-/ 5) Thanks 3 I had seen that post but couldn't find it or remember the details. 6) wow...six women who were in a STEM tenure-track position left since 2014. I was really excited about the block schedule idea and the college in general, but this is something to think about 7) How realistic is the expectation of an active research program here, when they also have a six course-per-year teaching load? 8) It does not look like any of the faculty currently in this department have very active publishing records. I imagine it would be hard with 6 classes a year all in intense blocks, but maybe there is some different way of accounting for what 'counts' as a class here?
8/2/22 11:59Mississippi State UniversityMississippiPlant Pathology8/12/2022 ProfTenure Track8/3/22 18:10"with a focus on fungal pathogens and diseases of Mississippi’s economically important agricultural and specialty crops, including turfgrass, sweet potato and vegetable crops" 1) Sweet, potato job! 2) Earlier harvest than usual on potato jobs. Must have been a breakthrough in the greenhouse. 3) I've got my eyes on this one! 4) Better starch my interview shirt 5) Take this one seriously - no half-baked apps. 6) If you get an on-campus interview, do they pick you up from the airport or is it better to Tuber? 7) I wouldn't take this opportunity fau gratin
8/1/22 13:31Senckenberg Society for Nature Research FrankfurtGermanyEntomology8/31/2022 Track8/2/22 9:57We are looking for two internationally recognized entomologists with excellent track records in integrative taxonomy, systematics, and evolutionary or ecological research of Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera or Lepidoptera1
8/1/22 13:05Vrije UniversiteitNetherlandsLand Use Contributions to Implementing the New Global Biodiversity Framework9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/1/22 13:06"The Faculty of Science of the Vrije Universiteit is creating 16 assistant/associate professor positions to strengthen its research and teaching in the fields of natural hazards and risks, climate change, water cycle, evolutionary adaptation, biodiversity, health and environment, carbon cycle and ecosystem services. These positions will support the expansion of the faculty’s capacity to intensify its research and teaching on sustainability. As part of this expansion, this position is advertised at the Institute for Environmental Studies."1
8/1/22 12:24New York UniversityNew YorkUrban Ecology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 5:27"The position will be housed entirely within the Department of Environmental Studies, but is part of a broader cluster of recruitment efforts in Transforming Ecologies in Urban Environments that spans the departments of Environmental Studies and Biology in this year's searches and may expand to other departments." 2) didn't they fly this position last year? 3) yes, this hire will be in the same cluster as last year
8/1/22 11:24University of Chicago & MBLIllinoisEcology and Evolution, Organismal Biology and Anatomy, Neurobiology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/3/22 12:12Areas of interest are open and include (but are not limited to): biomechanics, developmental and regenerative biology, evolutionary developmental biology, neuroscience, ecosystem ecology, and microbial ecology and evolution. 1) Anyone have the contact for the search chair?
8/1/22 11:13Kenyon CollegeOhioPlant Organismal Biologist9/12/2022 ProfTenure Track8/10/22 6:48We seek a broadly trained biologist with expertise in plant biology at the organismal level. To complement current faculty expertise, we seek candidates whose research focuses on plants, including structure, physiology, systematics, biochemistry, plant disease, environmental biology, and related fields. 2.) Any idea how strict the plant part is? Would physiology of symbiotic organisms, algaes, etc be of interest?
8/1/22 8:20USGSNew MexicoFisheries Ecologist (Assistant Unit Leader)8/29/2022 Ecologist GS-12Permanent Non-Academic8/2/22 12:14The position is for a fisheries ecologist with a strong background in conservation genetics and a strong ability to conduct research on responses of fishes to future climate scenarios, disturbance events, & habitat restoration efforts. The individual will ultimately join the coop unit as Assistant Unit Leader and be a faculty member in NMSU's FWCE.
8/1/22 5:32Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyEnvironmental Science, Ecology, and Forestry ProfTenure Track8/15/22 14:36"...the Department seeks to hire a junior tenure-track faculty whose research and teaching addresses the response of species/communities/ecosystems to the effects of climate change." 1. When is this application due? x3 2. Required materials look odd to me - only CV. 3) No mention / requirement for posdoctoral exp either 4)"We expect the successful candidate to bring strong technical Earth Observations Science background along with strong disciplinary expertise related to the ecological, environmental, agricultural, and/or natural resources components of environmental change." What is meant by Earth Observations Science? Remote-sensing alone or does it cover things like environmental/ecological monitoring (EC towers, sensors networks)? 5) It looks like the job has been removed from the Rutger's system? x2 AP) We'll leave it for now, might delete later. 6) It looks like they deleted the original post and have re-posted the job 7) This is an entirely different job ad to a different Department and different campus than the one originally listed. 8) So is this first job going to be open or will it be cancelled? It hard enough to keep track of all the jobs without them flitting in and out of existence1
7/31/22 7:05Boston UniversityMassachusettsEnvironmental Data Science / Full ProfTenure Track8/5/22 14:24"Endowed chair in Environmental Data Science, with specific focus on the theory and applications of data science to Environmental Science and Sustainability" - specifies senior / tenured, but not rank, so it might be Full Prof only. 1) I reached out to the search chairs, and their response was that it was Assoc or Full rank.
7/30/22 19:33Mount Mary UniversityWisconsinBiology ProfTenure Track
7/30/22 19:19University of ManitobaCanadaBiology, Genetics or Biochemistry9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track7/30/22 19:19"animal/microbe interactions; animal cell and developmental biology; genomics; gene by environment interactions or developmental neuroscience"
7/30/22 10:08St. Olaf CollegeMinnesotaHuman Anatomy & Physiology9/16/2022 ProfTenure Track7/30/22 10:31"contribute to inclusive excellence, engage undergraduates in innovative research, and teach a variety of courses including those in our cadaver-based human anatomy and physiology sequence." Stellar research and teaching support for a SLAC.
7/29/22 7:49Florida Southern CollegeFloridaMarine Biology9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track8/15/22 12:49Likely a mistake in the system, but "Salary, $0.00 per year" 2) UCLA chemistry job all over again? 🤣 3) the application website is clunky and super frustrating
7/28/22 9:19University of Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaBiological Sciences Track8/2/22 12:15Full-time teaching-track Lecturer or Assistant Professor (Teaching) position starting Jan 2023. "We seek an instructor who has experience in undergraduate teaching in the following subject areas: General Biology, Evolutionary and Conservation Biology, Population Genetics and Ecology."1
7/28/22 8:10Loyola Marymount UniversityCaliforniaBiology9/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/11/22 10:17"We encourage applicants in the area of evolution, including evolutionary biology, conservation, and ecology." 2) should reference letters be submitted up front? 3) Yes, prior to 10/10
7/28/22 7:08US Forest ServiceWest VirginiaForest Ecology8/15/2022 / Research EcologistPermanent Non-Academic8/2/22 12:16Permanent federal research position with open-ended promotional potential. "...evaluates forest growth, structure, dynamics and ecosystem processes in response to invasive species and other disturbances across multiple management regimes, environments, changing climates, and/or timelines."
7/27/22 23:28Bangor UniversityUnited KingdomBiological or Conservation Science8/22/2022 Track8/15/22 1:28Two positions 1) the salary range is just £34,304 - £40,927 - is this normal for UK and can one comfortably live in Bangor, Wales on this salary? How much do you roughly get after tax/health care contributions? 2) this is the UK so....heath care costs are not really a thing. Your taxes are entirely dependent on your personal situation. 3) It looks like there's a 20% tax rate for that salary (, but I have no experience with that the UK tax system. 4) Historicallly the pound was 1.5-1.7 to the dollar. Salaries seem to still be estimated on that scale. Benefits are likely to be better, salary dollars worse. 5) Bangor is quite a small town and house prices are about 150-180 k if that helps. 6) The 20% number 3 calculated includes income tax ans national insurance (state pension and healhcare contributions), you would also probably pay into the USS pension scheme. You'd take home around 2,256 GBP a month on the bottom of the scale. Not a lot, but it's a cheap area. 7) Take note right at the bottom: "Please note that we are unable to employ anyone who does not have the right to live and work in the UK legally."; 8) I know other schools make the offer contingent on securing a visa. Visas for PhDs in STEM seem simpler than the US, based on my exploration as an American searching abroad. Apply for the job first, visas later. 9) Is this like in the Netherlands, where some jobs are advertised as having to be locally filled and will not support a visa application? 9) How are you getting 2650/month out of 34k/year at 20% tax? 10) Clarified that visa application for international applicants will be supported by department1
7/27/22 22:16New Mexico Highlands UniversityNew MexicoForestry / Forest Health / Watersheds / Wildlife Management9/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/27/22 22:02University of ArkansasArkansasForest Ecology / Pathology / Entomology9/23/2022 ProfTenure Track1
7/27/22 2:22Montana State UniversityMontanaRemote Sensing9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 8:23Is this position remote? 2) It's hard to get a sense if it is. 3) Nonsense! That option isn't remotely possible.x2 4) I don't think I've ever seen a remote assistant professor position. 5) I get the sense that sensing remotely is not remotely sensible. 6) Perhaps you can sense remotely but not remote sense remotely? 7) I study ESP - does this fit?. 8) Most consider Montana a remote location1
7/26/22 13:28New York UniversityNew YorkEarth and Environmental Science10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:171) "who are committed to educating both Environmental Studies undergraduate major and graduate students in the planned PhD graduate program and/or the existing MA in Animal Studies" Does this mean the PhD program is in Environmental Studies or Animal Studies? Should non-animal focused ecologists apply? 2) This sounds like part of a cluster hire, but is super vague on topics of interest to the department. Would love some insight if anyone is familiar with the search! 3) The PhD program will be in Environmental Studies. The department is looking for strong scholars in any field of environmental or earth science as stated in the advertisement.
7/26/22 12:36Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriBotany of Africa and Madagascar ScientistPermanent Non-Academic
7/26/22 11:40Washington University in St. LouisMissouriGenetics & Genomics10/1/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/12/22 9:01We are interested in candidates who employ innovative genetics/genomics approaches to investigate fundamental questions in plant biology and/or evolutionary biology. The closing date says 23 Oct but in the text it says "Deadline for full consideration of applications is 1 October 2022" AP) I changed the "Review Date" to October 1 since that seems the most-relevant deadline. Also: two positions! 1) This might be a silly distinction, but do they mean plant biology and/or plant evolutionary biology, OR plant biology and/or general evolutionary biology? 2) Wording like this is intentionally vague, but usually means that they prefer hiring in plant + evolutionary bio, but will settle for either alone should the right candidate come along. 3) anyone have a view on whether this is search is likely to just hire 2 associate profs? This trend has been increasing and I don't see a top program like WashU not getting several associate prof ads. x2 4) @3 I went to WUSTL for undergrad and can confirm that several of their faculty--though not all, were hires of existing professors. No read on the new ad and how likely it is, however. 5) @3 There are 4 new TT faculty starting in this dept this fall (hires from the past 2 years) - 2 were postdocs prior to starting, 1 was a non-TT Asst Prof equivalent, and 1 was an Assoc Prof. In last year's hire, only postdocs and grad students were interviewed for an Asst Prof position. So, I wouldn't assume you don't have a chance in this hire if you are a postdoc
7/26/22 5:39FungaTexasData Science, Microbiome, Carbon Cycle8/12/2022 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic
7/25/22 11:25Union CollegeNew YorkCell Biology9/9/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:17One of two tt openings in this Department. Advanced appointments for experienced candidates may be considered in exceptional cases.
7/25/22 10:46California State University, Sacramento CaliforniaBiology (All Areas)9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:18The job ad says "For full consideration, all application materials must be received by September 15, 2022", but the application is scheduled to close on July 26, 2022 (11:55 PM) Pacific Daylight Time. Is this significant? Does it mean there were a lot of applicants or that the search is closed? 2) Job gone? 3) Administrative error in HR, it should be reposted today (faculty not on search committee) 4) Job posting revived1
7/24/22 18:08USGSMichiganWildlife Biology8/19/2022 Ecologist GS-13/14Permanent Non-Academic8/3/22 10:02Open to current/former Federal employees and some other groups (not open to "public"). 1) Listed as Ecologist/Wildlife Biologist, anybody know if an ecosystem ecologist would be considered? 2) As this is a unit leader position, you almost have to be a previous assistant unit leader to qualify.3) Montana recently hired a unit leader who was NOT previously an assistant unit leader. 4) Arkansas hired a unit leader who was NOT previously an assistant unit leader.
7/23/22 4:47Carleton UniversityCanadaMolecular Microbiology9/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:18What is the teaching load for this position? 1) I don't know, but typical for a Canadian research university is 2-3 courses per year or up to 4 at those that emphasize teaching. Carleton is closer to the emphasizing teaching end out of the research universities, but is definitely still a research university.
7/22/22 8:00American Museum of Natural HistoryNew YorkScience Research Mentoring Non-Academic8/12/22 23:22Does anyone have a salary range for this position? 2) This is not equivalent to a faculty job. Do not know the exact salary range but it is probably similar to postdoc (unlivable in NYC), and note it is designated non-union. 3) I'm sure this is more than pd salary, that being said I did a postdoc at the AMNH and I'm still alive. 4) salary mid 70s2
7/22/22 7:59West Chester UniversityPennsylvaniaVertebrate Behavioral Biologist9/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:19List of three references with contact information (These referees will automatically be sent an email with instructions for uploading their letter of recommendation directly to the applicant tracking system.)
7/22/22 7:30USGSColoradoEnvironmental Change8/4/2022 Ecologist GS-12Permanent Non-Academic8/4/22 12:14Permanent federal research position with promotional potential up to GS-15. This is only open to people who have graduated within the past 2 years and the position closes 8/4 or at the end of the day the 50th application is received. 1) from the ad, "research relevant to climate and land cover change, urban ecosystems and sustainability, ecosystem services, and landscape ecology" and "expert in the fields of urban plant ecology, urban heat islands, human-environment interactions, land cover change, and ecosystem services". 2) Would love if folks who applied were willing to share any application status changes (I will too!) Good luck! 4
7/21/22 8:03Texas A&M UniversityTexasDept Head, Ecology & Conservation Biology8/22/2022 ProfTenure Track
7/20/22 19:23William Jewell CollegeMissouriBiology (animals) Term
7/18/22 17:48University of British ColumbiaCanadaArctic Science10/6/2022 ProfTenure Track
7/17/22 17:02Cal State, Long BeachCaliforniaMarine Biology9/19/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 9:28Preference for biological oceanography. 2) FWIW, CSU campuses don't cover grad students' health insurance. 3) More accurate to say that 'some' CSU campuses don't cover student health insurance. Some programs at CSU campuses do. 4) Any idea on teaching load?
7/17/22 16:58Jacksonville UniversityFloridaMarine Vertebrate Biology10/3/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:20letters upfront, preference for marine mammal specialists 1) ad changed, no longer requiring letters upfront and screening begins Oct 3rd, 2022
7/17/22 16:20Cornell UniversityNew YorkField Program Manager8/1/2022 Program ManagerPermanent Non-Academic8/2/22 12:20Field Program Manager (permanent staff scientist) to help manage a growing international field program on bat-virus dynamics and spillover at Cornell University and Bat One Health Research Consortium. Bangladesh, Ghana, and Australia. 2) Search committee member here. Happy to answer questions. 1) This link doesn't work, is there an email we can send inquiries to? 3) odd, link works on my side. did you try another browser? 2) questions can be directed to Jessica Divel HR officer or directly to Prof. Raina Plowright. if it is a general question that might help others here, feel free to ask.
7/15/22 16:47Johannes Gutenberg University MainzGermanyEvolutionary Biology8/22/2022 Term8/2/22 12:20"Evolutionary biology, behavioral ecology and/or genomics of social insects" 1) this seems to be a repost of a job that was advertised in spring. 2) Its not. This position opened up because one of the Asst Profs left for another job 3) German here. I don't think "Asst Prof" is a proper description of this position. As per the ad, it's a junior group within a larger group and clearly not independent; also the title and salary scale (not the W scale for professors, but the regular public service scale) indicate that this is more a staff scientist position. AP) Vielen Dank @3, I changed the rank to "Lecturer" (which is what they use in the ad). 4) These usually have a 6 year limit 5) There are three junior groups listed on their homepage (incl. the group leader that left?), highly recommended to contact them to check out the job conditions (e.g. level of independence, ...) and if the working environment is for you
7/14/22 13:56Hope CollegeMichiganPhysiology / Introductory Biology8/1/2022 Fixed Term7/14/22 13:58"Teach lecture and laboratory courses in physiology, including Introduction to Human Physiology, to both majors and non-majors. The individual should be able to teach an upper level course in physiology/organismal biology and/or able to teach in the introductory biology laboratory sequence." 1) Hello from Hope College! This is a wonderful position for someone that really wants to see a model for doing research well at a SLAC. Happy to help answer questions.
7/13/22 19:03Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaVertebrate Organismal Biology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track7/27/22 7:31"We will initially screen applicants for their potential to advance institutional goals in diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion" 2) in the full job description for the CV it says "Summarize your education and professional accomplishments, including mentorship experience and grants submitted." I've never seen that "grants submitted" wording before - does this mean they want one to include grant submissions for which the outcome is yet to be decided, or is it asking for a list of past grant submissions, including unsuccessful ones? I could see it either way, e.g. for the second option they want to know about the effort put into grants that would be hidden if only successful grants were listed..., 3) Hello from Davidson, we are interested in any efforts to obtain funding. Unsuccessful, pending, or successful; all are indicative of effort and potential! 4) Thank you for your response and the very detailed job ad! 4.) Any chance of interest in invert organismal bio? I imagine not, but never hurts to ask :) 5) What a well-written job ad! A welcome change. 6) Davidson here. Thank you. :o) And no, sorry, verts only (this time!) 7) I feel like postions like these are impossible to get. Publish lots. Show you get grants. And oh yeah, be an amazing tranformative teacher. But kuddos to the detailed add. This one should have an insane amount of apps. 8) I am concerned about it's Presbyterian association and associated Calvinist foundation. 9) I don't know much about Davidson, but many, many colleges/universities in the US were founded as religious institutions or with the goal of teaching clergy. It's a byproduct of the strong religious culture in early US history ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Many no longer have any affiliation, or if they do, it has little to no effect on students/classroom (especially older colleges). That said, there are still very religious colleges in the US. I'd encourage everyone considering a college with a religious founding to actually check out how religion impacts day-to-day life before judging a school for this. (x3) 10) Writing from Davidson here, re: our religious/Presbyterian association. I'd encourage anyone interested in the position to read the long job ad and note the things we do and don't emphasize in that document, which is designed to be a transparent and honest accounting of what life at Davidson would be like. It would not benefit candidates, our students, or our institution if we were hiding any reality about Davidson.
7/13/22 17:25University of Tennessee - KnoxvilleTennesseeFisheries & Aquatic Resources9/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
7/13/22 9:11University of ViennaAustriaEnvironmental Contaminants9/13/2022 ProfTenure Track
7/13/22 8:19Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamNetherlandsLife & Environmental Sciences (Molecular Microbiology)8/31/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 19:29They had a similar position last year, probably wasn't filled? 2) I know a candidate that was shortlisted but don't know if it was finally filled, surprisingly similar indeed
7/11/22 13:27University of MinnesotaMinnesotaIchthyology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 19:28Curator of Fishes at Bell Museum.
7/9/22 11:08Brock UniversityCanadaDevelopmental Biology9/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
7/8/22 15:17Michigan State UniversityMichiganHuman Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation10/3/2022 ProfTenure Track
7/8/22 13:21Auburn UniversityAlabamaTree Physiology / Ecophysiology7/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/8/22 13:21Auburn UniversityAlabamaSilviculture & Soils7/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/8/22 13:21Auburn UniversityAlabamaForest Genomics / Biotechnology8/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/8/22 13:21Auburn UniversityAlabamaForest Resilience to Disturbances8/15/2022 Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/13/22 19:31the link of this one and the one above should be swapped. 2) any idea how is this one going?
7/7/22 17:11Auburn UniversityAlabamaDisease Ecology8/31/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/4/22 19:28looks like search from earlier this year failed, 2) anybody thinking of applying again? I got interviewed in the first call... I am not sure if its worth applying again. 3) I also got first round interview, but never heard from them anymore. I also notice that there is no way to reapply or update application for this position if you previously applied it. SC) Only requires CV and cover letter for application! Previous search was failed because final candidates had already accepted positions elsewhere. Previous applicants will be considered again in the new applicant pool. Candidates can email updated CV and cover letter to the search committee if they would like to update materials.1
7/6/22 23:50Black Hills State UniversitySouth DakotaBiology7/18/2022 Term8/4/22 19:28Teach Anatomy and Physiology lectures/laboratory courses and introductory Biology lectures/laboratory courses as well as additional courses in the Biology discipline as needed
7/5/22 16:27St. Mary's College of MarylandMarylandOrganismal Biology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/4/22 19:27"this position [is] part of a two-year cluster hire initiative designed to increase the diversity of SMCM faculty." 2) is this different from the Integrative Biology position that was advertised last year? Anybody know the outcome of that search? 3) Can anyone involved in the search clarify this statement: "New faculty in this cluster hire cohort will be supported by research funds up to $5000 in the first two years"? Is this 5k in addition to any potential startup or is this support the startup? 4) $5000 is in addition to the department-negotiated start-up1
7/4/22 5:26Imperial College LondonUnited KingdomBioinformatics & Data-Intensive Biology8/5/2022 / Sr LecturerTenure Track8/1/22 3:46If you are a quantitative Ecologist/Evolutionary Biologist, note that this Department includes the Silwood Park Campus. 2) Is this a re-post of a similar bioinformatics position that was due in Jan? Or wholly different? (3) Re-post: people offered the position in the last round declined, so readvertised. 2) I submitted my app. Any insight about whether this position is for independent faculty vs bioinformatics service to other labs in the department? (4) Independent position; masters level bioinformatics teaching is a key requirement (5) Any insider note about the Silwood vs Kensington campus situation? Would most of the work be done at Silwood, or frequent trips to both campuses are needed?4
7/2/22 6:33Greenland Institute of Natural ResourcesEurope (Other)Arctic Ungulate Ecology ScientistPermanent Non-Academic7/2/22 6:42
7/1/22 20:09California State Polytechnic University, HumboldtCaliforniaMammalogy, Biology, Collections, Vertebrates7/21/2022 ManagerPermanent Non-Academic7/4/22 20:02
7/1/22 16:27Stanford UniversityCaliforniaIntegrative / Organismal Biology9/30/2022 ProfTenure Track8/8/22 13:51The 2023 cycle has begun! 2) 3 letters upfront 3) whut? 4) Stanford Bio Dept is split into EEB and Cell/Molecular sides. This appears to be solidly cell/mol but also cites "interactions between organisms and their environments" - so ecology welcome for this job, or no? (x3) 5) Does anyone understand how to submit the letters of recommendation? 6) As someone in the department, I'd be surprised if they hired an ecologist for this job, but of course you never know for sure what a search committee will do.
6/23/22 12:03Field Museum of Natural HistoryIllinoisMammaology9/1/2022 CuratorFixed Term7/17/22 23:22
6/22/22 21:46University of CambridgeUnited KingdomPlant Ecology8/1/2022 ProfTenure Track8/2/22 12:22Does anyone know why Cambridge is doing multiple hires off-cycle? It's nice to see jobs whenever they come, but I'm curious what it's related to. 2) I feel like the UK doesn't really have a 'cycle'... jobs just pop up when they pop up and you have like 2 days to accept them if offered. 3) All of the UK jobs I've applied to have been posted in late spring/early summer. They don't follow the NA job cycle, as far as I can tell. 4) The so-called "job cycle" is a U.S. thing. Universities from elesewhere hire whenever they have a vacancy or get a new position, 5) Cambridge prof here-- it's an open Chair position triggered by a faculty retirement. There is nothing to read into here in it being off-cycle. OP) Thanks prof!1