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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
2/6/23 14:07Iowa State UniversityIowaWildlife Ecology3/4/2023 ProfTenure Track
2/6/23 13:27Colorado State UniversityColoradoSustainability, watershed sciences2/28/2023 ProfTenure Track
2/5/23 12:12Newcastle UniversityUnited KingdomEcology and Evolution3/5/2023 ProfTenure Track2/6/23 14:44"We are seeking an individual with interests in either terrestrial and/or freshwater ecosystems, which are equally encouraged. Example areas including, but are not limited to: plant ecology, invasion biology, conservation and biodiversity, spatial and community ecology, above and below ground beneficial plant-microbe interactions, molecular ecology and quantitative ecological methods." 1) I'm a member of the school and posting here to encourage folks to apply! Teaching load is reasonable and very collegial atmosphere to work in. Although warning, likely to be the lower end of the salary range posted :(
2/5/23 9:43College of CharlestonSouth CarolinaPlant Biology2/8/2023 ProfPermanent Non-TT2/5/23 9:44This is a visiting position with the potential for renewal.
2/4/23 17:42Cornell UniversityNew YorkInsect Physiology & Toxicology4/30/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track2/6/23 11:091) Is this a targeted hire?
2/3/23 13:04Auburn University at MontgomeryAlabamaEnvironmental Science3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track
2/3/23 11:50Florida Atlantic UniversityFloridaWildlife Disease Ecology2/28/2023 ProfTenure Track2/3/23 12:36"The research can include observational, experimental, modeling, and/or molecular approaches, as well as a diversity of quantitative techniques. We particularly welcome applications from candidates with interests complementary to existing programmatic strengths in marine, coastal, or freshwater wetland ecology that can take advantage of local ecosystems, and candidates’ research may intersect with aspects of wildlife and/or public health."
2/3/23 10:13Stanford UniversityCaliforniaSustainability/Data3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track2/3/23 10:15"Taking the Pulse of the Planet” initiative, which is focused on the technology and data-science components of all areas of scholarship in the Doerr School of Sustainability.'
2/3/23 3:29University of MontevalloAlabamaBotany ProfTenure Track2/3/23 6:001) posted in september with no review date- is this job past initial review? Still meaningfully open? 2) yes, still meaningfully open, I think they haven't had a lot of bites yet. 3) all three references get an auto email when you submit your application, and all three refs have to submit their letters for application to be considered (annoying I know)1
2/2/23 18:27Oregon State University - CascadesOregonNatural Resources and Environmental Science2/19/2023 Term2/3/23 12:10Wonder if this is the product of a failed search - I remember a TT position similar to this that was posted, perhaps this fall? 2) Does anyone know if this is meant to lead into a TT position? "Reappointment is at discrection of the Dean"... 3) there was a tenure track search here last spring and that position was filled
2/2/23 6:12University of GroningenNetherlandsTheoretical Biology3/30/2023 ProfTenure Track2/2/23 6:14Tenure-track position with an education profile
2/1/23 14:20USDA-Agricultural Research ServiceIdahoResearch Rangeland Mgt Specialist2/27/2023 12-13Permanent Non-Academic2/2/23 13:07plz email with any questions.
2/1/23 10:27University of Louisiana at LafayetteLouisianaAnatomy & Physiology Prof of Practice / InstructorPermanent Non-TT
2/1/23 7:03Union CollegeNew YorkHuman Anatomy & Physiology2/28/2023 Non-TT
1/31/23 12:50Barnard CollegeNew YorkComputational Biology3/1/2023 Assistant ProfFixed Term2/6/23 15:313-year position. Areas of specialization are broad. 2) 78k/year to work in NYC - Are they joking? 3) It's essentially a teaching postdoc or lecturer position. How much do you think it's going to pay? That salary is not that much lower than what a starting asst prof at CUNY or a lesser private uni (Pace, St Francis, etc) would make x2 4) "it's alright because other places also pay below a living wage" 5) Academia is a higher calling for the rich 6) NYC requires salary posting now, so at least you know ahead of time if you don't want to apply. 7) Question remains - what should this position pay? I really don't know. $100K? 8) ONE MILLION DOLLARSSSSSS (9) FYI - This is covered by the Barnard Contingent Faculty Union contract ... salary posted is contract minimum for 2024-24, rises to $82K min year 2, $85.5 min year 3, full benefits all 12 months but a 9 month job - eligible for various bells-whistles like internal grants; add summer teaching $12K per course (or spend summer elsewhere) 10) I'm all for salary shaming but even considering this is in NYC it is far far from the most ridiculous salaries posted on this board for a visiting position x3.
1/31/23 9:55National Park Service / University of NebraskaNebraskaInterdisciplinary Research Coordinator (Biological, Cultural, Social)2/6/2023 Coordinator (GS 13/14)Permanent Non-TT2/1/23 9:12Major duties include development of research, educational and technical assistance programs based on interdisciplinary, multi-scale, systesm-oriented approaches that engage affected communities and stakeholders to directly benefit parks and park management decisions. Great position for someone interested in science/policy leadership, program development and administration.
1/31/23 9:54University of MIssouri ColumbiaMissouriNatural Resource Science and Management2/1/2023 Non-TT1
1/31/23 9:47Indiana University SoutheastIndianaBiology/Genetics3/30/2023 ProfTenure Track2/3/23 11:091) Review date informed by T A&M job board post 2) On the GSA job board it stated review starts 30 days after posting and open until filled. It was posted to GSA on Jan 9th
1/31/23 9:38Skidmore CollegeNew YorkEnvironmental Studies & Sciences2/24/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term1/31/23 13:131) 1 year only.
1/30/23 20:12Leiden UniversityNetherlandsBiodiversity & Society3/13/2023 ProfTenure Track2/1/23 1:101) Science communication focused
1/30/23 17:29University of OregonOregonScientific Programmer / Population Genetics2/13/2023 / Research Scientist Permanent Non-Academic1/30/23 21:41reach out to Andy Kern if you have questions about the position. open until filled. AP) Is this suitable for a PhD? OP-- yes it is
1/30/23 9:45USDA Forest ServiceMontanaGenomics, Wildlife, Databases1/30/2023 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic3
1/30/23 9:28Cal Poly HumboldtCaliforniaMammalogy2/20/2023 ProfTenure Track2/1/23 17:04man this search must be cursed 2) why? 3) @2 I believe it's the 3rd time it has been run in recent memory x2 4) I think this ad might be a mistake - they hired someone for this position last year and there has been no talk about another search (I work here) 4) It was broadcast on Higher Ed Jobs and there is an official posting on the institutes website. Can any CP-H employees please give an update here once they find out? The app due date is quickly approaching. 5) I emailed the search chair and they said the search is happening as of 01-31! 6) Hm I work on inverts but maybe at this point they won't care
1/30/23 9:00Texas A&M UniversityTexasEcology & Conservation Biology2/15/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term2/1/23 7:52Faculty are hired as ACES Assistant Professors with the expectation of transitioning to tenure track (pending departmental review) by the end of the fellowship period. 1) Applicants have to be within 4 years after getting PhD. 2) #1 true, especially with it working like passing tenure twice. it's a scam to draw out tenure process. if you take it, don't assume anything. x13 3) No start up package, no students... I agree with @2 x2 4) this program is already coming under a lot of scrutiny; 5) Very much sounds like a scam x2 6) Isn't this basically the same as UC's and Michigan's Postdoc-to-Faculty programs? 7) on paper it appears similar. But, remember that California is a state with unions. Texas is right to work. Hence, latter places you at a serious disadvantage. Notice, many schools advertising assistant teaching professors have option to switch to tenure track. So, always ask. But that would be similar too. You are in limbo for 8-10 years instead of 6. 6) Yeah, seems like a better-than-average postdoc and a worse-than-average tenure-track position. AP) Link now works, updated deadline from Nov 30 to Feb 15. 7) Working link was taken down for several months then when put back up, the deadline is in 2 weeks. Is this an internal hire? 8) Moderator: this is not a scam or an internal hire. I don't understand the unsubstantiated negative comments. It is like if they were trying to discourage people to apply. A collegue suggested me to use this page to advertise this job, but I didn't know that it was going to be the target of unsupported attacks. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community and strongly encourage candidates from underrepresented groups or who have experience working with a broadly diverse student population to apply. AP) @8, VAP-to-TT appointments are new to many, so people will have questions. Thanks for clearing them up with your comments.
1/29/23 17:25Hunter College, City University of New YorkNew YorkAnimal Behavior3/1/2023 Non-TT
1/29/23 15:01Old Dominion UniversityVirginiaCoastal Adaptation & Resilience2/1/2023 OpenPermanent Non-TT
1/29/23 10:23University of British ColumbiaCanada"Life Sciences" (cluster of 6) RankTenure Track1/30/23 8:49Diversity cluster hire: CRC Tier 1 x2, CRC Tier 2 x2, TT Asst Prof x2. 2) Seems biomedical focused. 3) it all seems to be on resiliance but I think you could make the case for quite a few ecological things to be resilance related 2) @3 if the title "Biological Resilience" was all we had yes, but it seems quite clear: "This initiative signals ... a chance to change the lens by which we view health and disease." Just don't want anyone to get their hopes up like I did when I saw the title. x3
1/29/23 9:39Humboldt UniversityGermanyBiodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Development3/8/2023 ProfTenure Track2/6/23 10:44I studied there and recommend the department
1/28/23 9:14Oregon State UniversityOregonPlant Disease Diagnostics3/15/2023 Prof of PracticeFixed Term2/5/23 15:50Director/Lead Plant Diagnostician at the OSU Plant Clinic. 12-month, 1.0 FTE, renewable yearly. The duties associated with this position are to provide plant disease diagnostic educational information statewide for all crops using appropriate diagnostic technologies. Educational efforts are provided to individual growers, field consultants, home gardeners, federal and state employees, Master Gardeners, and OSU faculty. Great location and collaborative department
1/27/23 12:42Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaChemical Oceanography / Marine Geochemistry2/15/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/27/23 12:22Indiana UniversityIndianaAnimal Behavior2/15/2023 Non-TT1
1/27/23 9:33Memorial University of NewfoundlandCanadaConservation Ecology2/19/2023 ProfTenure Track2/5/23 7:32Research involving field work desirable, position is at a primarily undergraduate satellite campus of Memorial University with teaching responsibility ranging from introductory through senior undergraduate courses 1) What's the typical teaching assignment, does anyone know? Presumably a few classes per semester... 2) "Applications should include... a research proposal in the style of an NSERC Discovery Grant (i.e., 5 pages maximum)". Seems like a lot to ask candidates to write a discovery grant before they even have an offer. Might also favour lateral moves. 3) That is an insane ask for a teaching-oriented position (or any position really)! What are they thinking? x3 4) This is absolutely absurd, and despite how desperate I am for a job in Canada I won't be submitting to this one. A primarily *teaching* position needing to write a discovery-style grant just for the job application? That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard in an application. I would be a LOT of money that this is a position designed for an internal hire, because what other possible function would this have except to literally discourage people from applying. Yeah, expecting overloaded post-docs to come up with a NSERC discovery grant proposal for a teaching position in less than a single month (ad was posted sometime in late January, deadline of the 23rd)? I think they have someone already in mind.
1/26/23 16:36Texas State UniversityTexas Evolutionary Ecology2/28/2023 ProfTenure Track2/3/23 7:09preferred qualifications include a track record of integrative research; from SC: "we are especially interested in applicants who share a commitment to equity, and the high-quality education of students from historically underserved and systematically marginalized communities. The Biology Department welcomes applicants who will help us achieve our goal to increase diversity (visible and invisible) of our faculty, staff, and students" (1) the fraction of searches that are DEI-focussed this year is out of control. Is there any other job like this outside of academia? [link fixed -AP] x4 2) woah. transcripts from all degree granting universities and 5 references? that's quite an application (2) what does this mean? All positions are subject to the availability of funds. (3) @1 lol. an "out of control" fraction! relax. x5 (4) Interesting that this search is DEI search when the state government is about to wipe out all publicly funded DEI initiative at state universities. 5) Not sure that welcoming applicants who may increase diversity is a "DEI search"...I would hope every search welcomes these types of applicants x3 6) in a normal world, yes, but Texas is not normal. Let's say, this position will be one to watch in the coming months once/if the legislature passes bills to prohibit considering diversity in hiring.2
1/26/23 14:15Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyMarine & Coastal Sciences ProfTenure Track1/27/23 8:50"the biodiversity, activity and evolution of ocean processes and their feedbacks on Earth systems" The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications in early February (as per email from colleague).5
1/25/23 19:51The University of Texas - ArlingtonTexasBiology - Ecology 2/15/2023 ProfTenure Track2/1/23 8:30Seems like an internal hire since there is an NTT faculty profile on the faculty page with a lab website that describes the what research may be particularly attractive under essential duties section of the ad. 1) I hear this all the time - internal hires into TT lines are pretty rare - it's not a conspiracy! Plus, the same people complaining about internal hires would complain if they were the internal candidate and the institution hired "some unknown" from outside. At most institutions, especially in tight budget years, if a professor leaves or retires, the department is given a NTT line for a year while they try to get approval for a full search. So, of course there is a NTT faculty member with the same expertise as the job ad. Unless it is a new program, who else do you think is currently teaching the classes / doing the job that the department is looking to fill on a long-term basis? On average, the person who takes a VAP/adjunct position in spring/summer (in searches that are not typically very competitive) is not going to magically be the most qualified candidate for an international search the following September (when most TT jobs advertise) - they often haven't even started the 1yr job yet when the TT ad gets posted, so the idea that the TT ads are often written around the expertise of an internal candidate who has barely even started working in the department is laughable. There are of course exceptions, but don't assume that its a sham search just because they have a NTT faculty member currently in that role. 2) If you'd like ot work there apply...3) Looking at the NTT faculty lab webpage, he is already advertising for PhD students in the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters, not something a NTT lecturer can do. 4) Definitely feels like an internal hire given @3's comment and the specificity of the posting x3
1/25/23 0:08Bristol UniversityUnited KingdomBiology2/2/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track2/3/23 6:12narrative CV, LOL x7 2) Yes, I would love to overhaul my app materials for yet another bespoke formatting request. 3) This dept recently did a cluster hire where they hired 3 white men. Not a reason not to apply, bt worth asking about dept values. 4) @3 their skin color is entirely irrelevant. stop trying to stoke nonsense 5) There are a *lot* of dudes in the department. FWIW, I know of (a) recent female presenting hire 6) I am hearing from a current long term fellow at the department that the department can be toxic if you are not a native English speaker or a dude... 7) Good to know, thanks 6!1
1/24/23 13:07University of British Columbia - OkanaganCanadaEarth Observation Science2/20/2023 ProfTenure Track1/25/23 8:21From ad: "Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Earth Science, Physical Geography, Geomatics or a closely related discipline"
1/24/23 10:31San Jose State University / Moss Landing Marine LabsCaliforniaDirector2/1/2023 IIITenure Track2/3/23 8:15Has MLML made any progress on improving financial support for graduate students or reducing the amount of time it takes many students to complete their degree? In recent history there was a track record of spotty stipend support and students regularly taking 3.5+ years for their MS. 1) I do not believe so. In the past few years, I know of students taking 5-7 years for Master's degrees and many not finishing. OP again) When I said 3.5+ I was being generous. Sorry to hear things have not improved (or even gotten worse).
1/24/23 9:35West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeWest VirginiaPlant Ecology 3/15/2023 ProfTenure Track1/31/23 7:14The department is filling a tenure-track position for a plant ecologist familiar with the 4DEE approach. Load is 12 credits per semester, lab and lecture. A PhD is required. 1) Applications will be considered immediately, but no end date...? Can somebody from the SC weigh in? Sure! We need someone for Fall semester 2023, and we did not want to limit those who won't have a PhD in-hand until May 2) I think the question was about the review date for applications - presumably at some point the search committee will start meeting to discuss whatever applications they have gotten, so when is that? If you don't want to limit people with no PhD until May, just say "ABD allowed, as long as you have degree by May" in the ad. 3) I asked for clarification as 1 above. Thanks for the update, SC member! And yep, I was wondering about review timelines because it's useful to know as I plan application materials, etc. Either way, thanks for your response!
1/24/23 8:37University of Indiana BloomingtonIndianaMetabolism2/15/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track
1/24/23 8:35University of Indiana BloomingtonIndianaMicrobiomes2/15/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track2/2/23 5:50Is this a re-ad for a failed search last year?
1/24/23 6:43U.S. Department of Energy, Office of ScienceMarylandBiological & Environmental Sciences2/23/2023 DirectorPermanent Non-Academic
1/23/23 15:39Jackson LabMaineComputational Biology OpenTenure Track1/28/23 14:09Am I reading it correctly that this is in Bar Harbor, ME not in CT? 2) Yes, beautiful place and awesome lab! 3) Is it only medical/mouse focused? Or could a computational biologist working in a different field fit well? 4) I don't have any inside scoop on this position, but from talking to folks in CT, apply if you have the skills but be prepared to collaborate on mouse/human samples if hired.
1/23/23 14:28Oberlin CollegeOhioField Ecology2/20/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term1/27/23 8:33The incumbent will teach a total of five courses in the general area of field ecology. The expected teaching duties include the following courses: two lecture sections and one lab section of Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology (BIOL 200, required of all Biology majors) and an upper level Biology majors course (BIOL 3XX, including lecture and lab components) in an area of ecology suitable to the candidate’s expertise. The upper-level lab is expected to contain a significant field component. 1) requires letter of rec upfront 2) Move to Ohio for one year.1
1/23/23 13:06Massachusetts College of Art & DesignMassachusettsIntegrative Life Sciences ProfTenure Track2/6/23 8:33These are two TT positions: Integrative Life Sciences and Physics in a newly formed department of Integrative Sciences and Biological Arts -- “...bring an interdisciplinary, hands-on, inclusive focus to teaching and research with a strong emphasis on integrating art and science in the curriculum and in public engagement and science communication.” -- focus on "community eco, urban eco, ecosystem ecology, marine biology/eco, ecological physiology, microbiology, neuroethology, entomology, botany, and/or genetics." 1) Review date is coming up soon. 2) Sounds like a really cool program! x3 3) I don't see a review date listed, does anyone know what it is? 4) "Massart does not provide reimbursement for travel" so if you get an on campus they don't pay for travel?? horrifying. 5) Review date is 2/20. 6) @4, this text is not in reference to interviews. It is in reference to costs associated with relocation to Boston if hired. 7) Can anyone find information on whether these positions would support graduate students? As in the faculty will have a research lab with graduate students? I just see the traditional MFAs etc programs listed on massart website. 8) Can anyone confirm faculty are eligible to apply for NSF funding here? 9) @6 Based on how the travel information is written (using the word travel and not moving and placing it in the job ad with the statement that no visa sponsorship is possible) it looks like they mean interview travel. No value judgment on Massart-- I commend them for being up front. 10) @9, confirmed from college that "MassArt does not provide: Reimbursement for travel" is in reference to moving, not interviews. Misleading wording indeed. No info on interview modality. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 11) Thanks @10. 12) Is there a search committee chair or contact information for this position? Interested in the position, but I have questions! Would like more information before completely rewriting application materials... 13) This seems like an extra-ordinary (in a good way!) job op and program. Planning on applying. What qs do you folks have? I'm wondering about grants.4
1/22/23 14:34University of Maryland Eastern ShoreMarylandEnvironmental Omics2/15/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/22/23 8:16North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaMolecular Genetics of Weeds and Invasive Species3/6/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/20/23 14:49Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMassachusettsApplied Ocean Physics1/22/2023 OpenTenure Track1/20/23 15:28The department is seeking candidates with potential to complement or diversify existing strengths in coastal and estuarine dynamics, physical-biological interactions at organism to oceanographic scales, polar processes, remote sensing, groundwater dynamics and air-sea interactions. 1) Review date is coming up soon, but my understanding is that it is not a hard deadline.
1/20/23 10:11Bates CollegeMaineMarine Science & Marine Biology2/15/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term1/23/23 12:16The department would be interested in a wide-range of candidates who specialize in marine science and marine biology at the system, ecosystem, or population-level. Teaching responsibilities (5 courses) will include contributions to the biology and general education curricula (e.g., 100-level marine science course, 200- and 300–level marine courses that might cross-list with environmental studies, and a short term marine science field course). 1) It's a great department and great school to work at! 2) would this be 5 courses plus their labs, or do labs count as 1/2 course, so it's 3 courses plus associated lab plus a little more? Or would the person not teach labs? Or would these be non-lab courses? Thanks! 3) Labs count as 1/2 course, and candidates are welcome and encouraged to teach lab courses. A typical year-long teaching load is 4 courses, two of which are 1.5 credit lab courses. 1
1/20/23 7:33Rowan UniversityNew JerseyBiological Sciences2/1/2023 Rank LecturerPermanent Non-TT2/2/23 15:24SC member here. This is a great Department with supportive folks. It's a good opportunity for someone who wants to focus on pedagogy and innovative instruction. 1) Job add says that the review date is Feb 15, was the add change or is this entry mistaken? @#1): we changed the ad and extended the first review date to Feb. 15. We will accept applications after that too.
1/19/23 10:41Oregon State UniversityOregonRangeland Ecology & Management3/5/2023 ProfTenure Track1/25/23 9:07Research that is directly relevant to addressing current and emerging natural resource challenges facing arid/semi-arid ecosystems are of particular interest. Areas of specialization could include sustainable grazing systems, multiple use natural resource management, ecological restoration, remote sensing/geospatial technologies, climate variability, and sustainable management and stewardship 2) note that this position is at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Union Experiment Station (Union, Oregon), not on the main campus in Corvallis
1/18/23 17:40Bradley UniversityIllinoisEcology and Evolution ProfTenure Track1/29/23 2:59no review date posted 1) I asked the chair about review date, who forwarded on to HR who is managing the process. HR said they will begin reviewing applications "after the posting has been up for about 30 days". 2) mental. 3) unprofessional of HR (4) "After the posting has been up for 30 days" is pretty standard for most types of jobs (at least in the US) 5) app requires graduate AND undergraduate transcripts 6) I applied for a similar position a couple of years ago but have never heard back. I wonder if I should try again. 2
1/17/23 15:13Oregon State UniversityOregonSoil Science - Pedology2/12/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/17/23 13:14University of WisconsinWisconsinNorth Temperate Lakes & Environmental Data Initiative Data Curator2/1/2023 IIPermanent Non-TT1/20/23 7:55
1/17/23 8:33Oregon State UniversityOregonDirector, Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research & Extension Center2/3/2023 Track1
1/17/23 8:05University of British ColumbiaCanadaAntimicrobial Resistance2/10/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/16/23 18:23Experimental Lakes AreaCanadaPlankton2/27/2023 Non-TT1/19/23 11:01"coordinate, manage, and operate the field and analytical components of the Plankton Ecology Group’s (PEG) research and monitoring programs at the IISD-ELA research station" only requires Masters degree but seems potentially appropriate for a PhD too (in my opinion) 2) Agreed, seems like lots of PhDs with the relevant experience would be keen on this role. I would be if I was a plankton person. IISD-ELA is really cool.
1/16/23 10:49Chapman UniversityCaliforniaEnvironmental Science & Policy2/13/2023 Asst ProfPermanent Non-TT
1/16/23 8:24University of Arkansas at Fort SmithArkansasMicrobiology2/28/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/16/23 8:22Ohio UniversityOhioPhysiology of the Microbiome2/13/2023 ProfTenure Track1/16/23 12:29Physiology of the interactions of the microbiome with their host. Would teach Human Physiology
1/16/23 8:22University of Georgia Marine InstituteGeorgiaMarine Sciences ProfessionalPermanent Non-TT1/28/23 7:30Happy to answer questions about this job! 1) For times when residence is required at Sapelo Island, are accomodations made for children or families? 2) Also, what even is this job? Teaching field courses at UGAMI? "administration"? The ad is not clear. 3) How is this different from the Assistant Director for Academics job that was accepted last year? It sounds similar. @1 - Yes children and families can live on Sapelo at the housing (a house is provided with very reduced rent). @2 This job is primarily administrative with teaching as well. The person works closely with the director of the marine institute, plans, advertises and executes a spring semester for UGA students , and teaches an intensive field course in the summer. @3 This is the same job that was advertised last year. (4) Wasn't that job accepted last year? 5) @4 yes but the person left for another position (6) Is there any potential to publish research in this position? 7) @6 from my understanding you will have lab space and some funds, but with only 10% of your time dedicated to research, its very much not the priority. However, you have the marsh and research facilities right there, so its very close/easy to get things done. 2
1/16/23 1:34Stockholm UniversitySwedenFunctional Genomics of Adaptations in Animals2/15/2023 ProfTenure Track1/30/23 6:50"The subject covers functional genomics research on the processes and mechanisms that generate and maintain adaptations and genetic diversity within and across vertebrate or invertebrate species." (1) Should note that this a sort of 'super postdoc to prof pipeline' job. 2) @1) Can you elaborate on 'super postdoc to prof'? Thanks! Are you expected to be a super postdoc or you become one once you get a position? 3) I think that 1 means that this is the European system in which you work as a junior group leader under a senior prof, and slowly build your lab and group up over time. 4) No, this is a tenure-track assistant prof position. First located at the SciLifeLab and then after tenure (associate prof) you'd move to the main campus in the Zoology Dept. While at the SciLifeLab the lab gets lots of funding from the program, however once you get to Zoology that's done. In that sense, you're a super-funded early career researcher. I hope this helps! 1) very helpful, thank you @3! 5) Yes, this kind of position in Sweden is analgous to a US tenure-track assistant prof. position (and not within another group). That said, note that "an applicant should be considered who has received such a degree no more than five years before the deadline for applications. However, an applicant who has received such a degree earlier may be considered under special circumstances." This 5 year limit is typical in Sweden. 2) "Truly enjoying" very custom format of documents, also many of them are not applicable to many places (eg. docent qualification, what?)(3) Recieved an invitation to apply for this by email saying I was a strong candidate +2 2) very curious how many strong candidates are there,9) they sent that invitation to several people..
1/13/23 11:31Drexel UniversityPennsylvaniaEcology, Evolution & Environmental Biology2/1/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track1/31/23 21:42Betz Endowed Chair, Dept of Biodiversity, Earth, and Environmental Science 1) This position was advertised last year. Thinking it was a failed search. [review date fixed -AP]. 2) Any red flags here? Why did the search fail last year? 3) Searches fail for all sorts of reasons, or maybe it was cancelled. I don't have the answer.5
1/13/23 7:11Ohio UniversityOhioEcology & Evolution3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track1/24/23 21:33"Review of applications will begin immediately." 1) LORs seem to be automatically requested at time of application. 2) From ad: " We are interested in candidates who use integrative approaches (experimental, comparative, or computational) to study organismal and ecosystem responses to habitat loss, urbanization, pollution, or climate change. Preference will be given to candidates whose research evaluates how organisms adapt to changing environments and applies integrative approaches to assess how eco-physiological processes, eco-evolutionary dynamics, population dynamics, or interspecific interactions (e.g., host-parasite, host-microbe, predator-prey, disease dynamics) are affected by environmental change." AP) Subject Area updated to reflect job title in ad. 3) This has been advertised by people in the dept. as "Global Change Biology" 4) fyi, letters are automatically requested and went to the junk box of at least one of my letter writers.4
1/12/23 13:10Harvard Chan School of Public HealthMassachusettsBioinformatics3/3/2023 AssociatePermanent Non-TT1/20/23 14:14[rude comment deleted -AP] 1) I worked in this team and am pretty happy here. Diverse team and fun atmosphere. Would recommend.
1/12/23 11:31University of Wisconsin - SuperiorWisconsinEnvironmental Science & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)2/1/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/12/23 11:28University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaCluster: Environmental studies, environmental science, GIS 1/15/2023 Asst ProfPermanent Non-TT1/29/23 13:01Cluster hires for teaching track faculty seems unusual. Anyone know what the push is here? 1) Generally seems like more and more institutions are realizing that maybe students want to be taught by professors (not TAs) and by professors who care about teaching and/or are held accountable for teaching. It would be nice if some of these were TT though. 2) insitutions realize they can teach more students for less money by hiring teaching track faculty. 3) Letters requested (gis position) 1/291
1/12/23 10:43Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaForest Management & Economics ProfPermanent Non-TT
1/12/23 7:56UCLACaliforniaPhysical Geography12/17/2022 ProfTenure Track1/23/23 7:24"Review of completed applications will commence December 17, 2022 and will continue until a suitable candidate is found. Applications submitted after this date may be considered but the application portal will close January 31, 2023." -- not sure if I missed the deadline but thought I'd post anyway! 1) any updates? 2) Not on my end!2
1/12/23 7:44University of Central OklahomaOklahomaMicrobiology / Immunology3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track1/16/23 11:44UCO faculty member here; applicants with ecoimmunology background are welcome to apply. 2) 1
1/12/23 7:43University of Central OklahomaOklahomaAnimal Physiology3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track
1/12/23 7:42University of Central OklahomaOklahomaEcology3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track1/31/23 7:381
1/11/23 14:54Cleveland Museum of Natural HistoryOhioOrnithology1/1/2023 to Asst CuratorPermanent Non-TT2/3/23 14:47Looking to hire an ABD doctoral student to support through the end of their PhD, a 1 year postdoc & then transition into the Endowed Assistant Curator of Ornithology (permanent academic position, same rank as Assistant Professor). Opportunity for cross appointment with Case Western Reserve University. Looking for a candidate motivated to conduct collections-based research within the context of a Natural History Museum. Study area open, but broadly interested in biodiversity, urban environments, evolution, migration, and/or enviromental change. Rolling deadline but applications are already being reviewed. 2) I'm not sure what to make of this. Have they had recruitment problems? It seems very strange to completely limit pool of applicants to only ABD, rather than just structure a hire such that candidates without postdoc exp will have 2 years at a prelim/temp/lower level or something. 3) It does seem like a weird point, maybe they want to train someone on the cheap? But this is probably perfect position for the right person. I did my undergraduate degree in Cleveland and it's a great city and CMNH is a really good musem with lots of research and conservation going on. x2
1/11/23 9:11University of New MexicoNew MexicoNeuroscience & Data Science3/1/2023 ProfTenure Track1/23/23 10:34Nine hires as part of a NIH FIRST grant, see more information at 2) Virtual Open House for hires on Feb 9 at 2:00pm MST register at
1/11/23 4:45Dalhousie UniversityCanadaFaculty of Science3/1/2023 RankTenure Track1/11/23 7:03Part of a Black cluster hire.
1/11/23 4:43Mount Allison UniversityCanadaBiology of Plants or Other Primary Producers2/17/2023 ProfTenure Track1/11/23 6:28Generally considered the top liberal arts college in Canada.
1/10/23 16:34Williams CollegeMassachusettsEcology1/31/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term2/1/23 20:31Only 1 year. Phone interview request 2/13
1/10/23 8:56SUNY ESFNew YorkIndigenous Environmental Science2/15/2023 ProfTenure Track1/13/23 14:28Cluster hire; 2) Same department advertised for one position last year. Looks like a cluster hire this year.
1/10/23 6:11Piedmont UniversityGeorgiaBiology2/1/2023 ProfPermanent Non-TT1/11/23 5:19Courses to teach will likely include Human Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology, and potentially higher level courses of personal interest to the candidate
1/10/23 1:51University of BathUnited KingdomBioinformatics1/17/2023 ProfTenure Track1/17/23 4:31Link leads to a different ad (I seem to remember this one having been advertised before though)
1/9/23 14:07Florida International UniversityFloridaTropical Vertebrate Conservation Biologist1/15/2023 OpenTenure Track2/1/23 8:31This seems very much like a modified ad from last year's search (which failed); 2) any idea why it failed?; 3) Not really -- the description of the position was vague last time, I think expectiations of the department and pool of applicants was not compatible. It seems the description is a bit more focused on a specific profile this time. The committee chair was changed too (not sure about the rest of committee). This is based on conversations with people @ FIU, but it IS a bit speculative, so take it with grain of salt 4) whoa, this could be my new job; 5) any updates here? 6) Tenured FL SUS faculty here urging applicants to read the news about the new policies for the SUS (including FIU) and prepare to ask targeted questions about support for inclusion, academic freedom and tenure protections.3
1/9/23 11:20Swarthmore CollegePennsylvaniaNeurobiology2/27/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term
1/9/23 9:28Salisbury UniversityMarylandSciences2/24/2023 to Asst ProfFixed Term2/6/23 15:15"10 months teaching and mentoring postdoctoral fellowship" 2) Looks like the path for transitioning to asst prof is only open to US citizens from underrepresented bavckgrounds 3) OP - the position is open to all, but to qualify for the Promise academy you must be US cit or perm res. 4) Recent-ish teaching postdoc in the department here (but not part of PROMISE Academy), happy to answer questions. 1
1/8/23 12:23University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandOceanography2/15/2023 ProfTenure Track1/30/23 11:49two positions "address changes occurring in coastal regions across the globe"
1/6/23 14:31Colorado State UniversityColoradoRemote Sensing & Data Science1/24/2023 ProfTenure Track2/1/23 5:50Just so others are also aware of this commentary about the position:
1/6/23 10:55Acadia UniversityCanadaBlack cluster hire2/17/2023 OpenTenure Track1/18/23 10:12This is awesome! Europe needs something like this. 2) lol what?? this is in Canada 3) omg @2 this cracked me up. After reading it again though, I think #1 was saying that they should implement something similar in Europe (1-again) yes, that is what I meant @3 2) again, lolololol 3) really not sure what is funny? x3 4) The misunderstanding is funny x3. 5) I mean... this is a BIT funny. its okay to laugh a bit ya know... 6) I thought it was hilarious too :) x3
1/6/23 9:40Acadia UniversityCanadaIndigenous cluster hire2/28/2023'kmaw%20Indigenous%20Scholars%20Ad%20-%20final%20Jan%205%202023.pdfRank OpenTenure Track1/29/23 14:07This is awesome! 1) In the US there is a requirement for tribal affiliation. Unless one has tribal citizenship or an official certificate of Native American Blood then we would not be eligible. I am not familiar with the definitions or regulations in Canada. If you think you have Native ancestry, check the criteria carefully so you don't inadvertently misrepresent the situation. [cleaned up discussion -AFP] 2) Thanks moderators for cleaning up inapropriate comments by vocal, yet anonymous posters. If you don't qualify, then don't apply. Simple as that. x5
1/6/23 3:06University of CopenhagenDenmarkFreshwater Ecology2/12/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/14/23 9:55"Applicants should have a scientific background within pelagic freshwater ecology with a solid knowledge of organismal biology, and expertise in one or more of the fields of biodiversity (genetic diversity), eDNA and trophic ecology. " 2) Denmark is an amazing place to live. 3) Pelagic = Lakes? Seems so specific. 4) This is at Assistant *or* Associate Prof level. 5) Fixed -AFP 6) Anyone have insight into whether it would be worth applying as a freshwater ecologist who works in other freshwater (streams/rivers)? General title for a seemingly much more specific search... Also... "The position is to be filled by July 1st 2023" and "Interviews will be held on 8 June 2023" wow.
1/5/23 14:20NatureServeVirginiaBiodiversity Informatics1/13/2023 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic1/15/23 6:11Dup of #147 -- what's the source of the new review date? 2) applications still open as of 1/15 according to website
1/5/23 11:18University of Wisconsin - Eau ClaireWisconsinImmunology2/9/2023 ProfTenure Track1/5/23 11:20Any research focus in immunology, including ecological/evolutionary perspectives and non-model organisms
1/5/23 11:01Nova Southeastern UniversityFloridaBioinformatics / Evolutionary / Molecular Biology1/17/2023 OpenPermanent Non-TT1/8/23 12:34NSU is primarily a teaching institution. The listing provides 0 information on the job or what type of candidate they are looking for. 2) NSU is looking for a candidate who can teach undergrad/grad level bio courses including genbio, micro, genetics, and bioinformatics. Looking for someone to design courses at the grad and undergrad level in accordance with their expertise. Subject area is open: Bioinformatics is ideal but molecular biology, organismal biology, microbiology, and genetics experts are welcome to apply. Research space, funds, teaching reductions can be negotiated. Research expectations are fairly low since the teaching load is higher. 2) Did the previous search fail? 3) Yes, the previous search was only for bioinformatics. NSU is expanding this search into other fields of bio.
1/5/23 6:59USDA Forest ServiceMinnesotaEnvironmental Social Science, Research Social ScientistPermanent Non-Academic1/5/23 7:06Currently conducting outreach. Position will be posted on at a later date. The position is focused on the connections among social, economic, and ecological systems across the urban to rural gradient. Scientists across a broad diversity of social science backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply, including psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, human dimensions of natural resources, geography, strategic foresight, and planning.
1/4/23 7:34University of BathUnited KingdomTheoretical or Empirical Studies in Evolution1/29/2023 Term2/3/23 5:35"strong expectation to transition to permanent Lectureship after two years" 1) What's the likelihood this will go to a non-Brit needing a visa? 2) @1 ad says "This role is sponsorable" so non-Brit possible; 3) Fellow international hire in the UK, our uni hires loads of non-Brits. They typically pay the visa fee but it's the applicant's responsibility to pay the NHS surcharge (~£3,000) 4) Is that charge mandatory? Seems like it would be a deal-breaker for almost anyone. How many ECRs have £3,000 laying around? 5) I just found that Bath offers interest-free loans to help with that and other fees 6) You can try to negotiate to have both the application fee and surcharge covered when you're offered the position. My uni ended up reimbursing the surcharge cost- it is a mandatory part of the visa application process (seems expensive but you do receive free healthcare and prescriptions in the UK). You also have to pay it a second time at the 5 year mark when you apply for indefinite leave to remain (permanent residency). The UK has the most expensive visa system in the world. Manageable if it's just you, but very unaffordable for a family. 6) So this means is a 6,000 cost when traveling with the spouse? 8) Keep in mind that Bath also isn't cheap. 9) "1 referee must be your present or previous employer". I have an independent position (no PI), so does that mean my dept chair? Kind of awkward to ask my chair to help me leave my current job 10) it sounds like you can ask your previous employer rather than your present one if you prefer 11) you likely will not be eligable for many of the fellowships they intend the fellow to apply for if you are already at a group leader level. I would suggest you speak with the chair to check. 12) Couldn't find info about research funds associated with the position. Does anyone know? 13) Re: 6), yes you'll need to pay the application fee and surcharge for your spouse, I don't know of any UK uni that covers this cost for spouse or dependents. It was about $7,000 for me all-in (luckily my spouse is a dual UK citizen so we didn't have to pay that for him, only me). 14) Received update on Feb. 3 that they "expect to send invitations to stage 2 of the process (submission of a two-page research proposal) by the end of next week. The deadline for proposals will be extended to Thursday 16 February, and we plan to hold interviews on Friday 3 March."5
1/3/23 13:50UC BerkeleyCaliforniaConservation Science2/2/2023 ProfTenure Track2/3/23 8:581) Huh, no cover letter necessary. That's neat. 2) I would email the seach chair or department head to confirm that 3) Yeah. Just kind of goes with any job app anywhere in any field. 4) I suggest you include a cover letter anyways -- maybe a shorter one, but do not send only the package without the cover letter even if not formally required.5) There appears to be no opportunity to submit an additional file for the cover letter or a contact. 6)FWIW, I submitted a cover letter & CV combo for another job that erroneously didn't have a space for a cover letter. It was an admin mistake. 7) Emailed the Department Manager and no cover letter is needed. 8) Oops, well I put a 1 page cover letter attached the the cv x3. 9) Do you think our applications will be scored down if we include a cover letter? 10) no, I'm sure they will just overlook the CL and see if the other stuff can speak for itself. strange though that they would not ask for a letter. why is that? x2 11) @10 they said that the can get all the information that is normally in the cover letter from the other documents. Also, agree that if you did include a cover letter is not likely to impact your application. Good luck all.21
1/3/23 13:48Montana State UniversityMontanaPaleontology1/30/2023 ProfTenure Track1/3/23 13:48"Specific areas of research could include but are not limited to vertebrate paleontology, invertebrate paleontology, paleobotany, Earth history and evolution, sedimentary geochemistry as applied to paleontology, deep-time environmental change, and macroevolution and the fossil record."2
1/3/23 11:10College of Coastal GeorgiaGeorgiaEnvironmental Science ProfTenure Track1/26/23 11:39"...with emphasis in Oceanography, Marine Biology, and/or Aquatic Ecology." No review date listed in posting; Also, posting doesn't say what docs are needed. After applying, it looks like all they want is: CV, Cover Letter, Teaching Statement, and Transcripts. They also have a spot to add in information for your references 2) Do references get automatically emailed after submission? 3) Not as far as I can tell and I haven't heard anything from my references that they were contacted. 4) Contacted 1/27 for Zoom interview2
12/30/22 17:29Umeå UniversitySwedenEcology2/1/2023 ProfTenure Track
12/30/22 2:01Vale Technology Institute - ITVBrazilBioinformatics & Genomics1/6/2023 ResearcherPermanent Non-TT12/31/22 10:551) This is a staff researcher position in a institute funded by the mining company Vale.2) the link takes you to a position for a medical doctor 3) #2 nevermind the link here is correct. It's an internal link in the app that seems to be wrong.1