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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
3/24/23 5:48University of GeorgiaGeorgiaEcology4/22/2023 Lecturer (Non-TT)Fixed Term
3/23/23 10:05Jackson State UniversityFloridaEnvironmental science: Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems / Assoc ProfPermanent Non-TT3/24/23 8:181) dup of #750 - but posted to Ecolog on 3/23? 2) is this not Jackson, MS?
3/23/23 8:02University of EdinburghUnited KingdomEcology4/17/2023 OpenTenure Track3/24/23 5:30any info about this position? Link takes you toa generaic posting where you need to create an account to log in and apply.2) I think this is a link with info 3) Can't find the link to create a profile! 4) worth noting that this is in a geosciences department 5) if invited to interview (in May) applicants will have to 'evidence their right to work in the UK''. Does this essentially negate non UK applicants? 6) Not sure about this school, but as an American I interviewed at a few UK schools. All said an offer would be contingent on visa approval. Visas for professors in STEM looked very straightforward. Don't let it stop you from applying to the UK.
3/23/23 3:42University of MünsterGermanyBiosciences4/23/2023 ProfTenure Track3/24/23 6:491) Enthusiastic young researcher in the biosciences, whose line of research shows extraordinary promise for the development of an internationally recognized research program at our faculty. (2) Is there a language requirement? (3) is this really a tenure track position or do you lose employment after the 3+3 years as is typical in Germany? (4) what constitutes young? Isn't this an agist statement? Yes! (5) As someone who was a somewhat non-traditional PhD student, I take great offense to statements of "young". I hope I am still considered a currently effective and promising future researcher regardless of my age! From ad: "Active time in academia will be considered in the evaluation process." Even if it is not explicitly age-related, I can't stand these types of restrictions. I guess it comes down to eligibility for grants? 5) As someone that didn't get a similar position because I was "too old", this is usually related to limits established by ERC grants. A "young" researcher is <6-7 years post-PhD. 6) Realize that in Germany and in much of Europe that ageism is ok. I had a grant proposal rejected once because even though they saw the merits and found nothing wrong with the proposal, for my age I didn't have enough papers, but this is something never put in the program description, you only find out after you apply and get the written reviews back. There is generally an expectation of a linear trajectory in one's career, one starts early, say in the first year of their university studies, and then move quickly on to a Phd, then a postdoc and then a junior prof. It's a system that maximizes performance of young people, who if by the time have not secured a permanent positoin after the junior prof position, often are legally banned from taking up a science position in Germany and have to leave the country. This has been discussed elsewhere, so I won't repeat it.
3/22/23 8:53University of Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaHuman and Evolutionary Biology4/1/2023 Track3/22/23 10:141) From job ad: Applicants must have a PhD or MS degree in Biological Sciences or a related field including anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, biomechanics, pathology, neurobiology, evolutionary biology and primatology. (2) Teaching position
3/21/23 14:11Max Planck Institute for BiogeochemistryGermanyEcosystem Ecology & Biogeochemical Cycles Track
3/21/23 10:13University of Nebraska-LincolnNebraskaMessy Data3/27/2023 OpenTenure Track3/23/23 7:511) amazing job title! messy data is the story of my life, didn't realize it could be a job! 2) Problem is I want someone to help me with my messy data, not to help everyone else with theirs. 3) Next posting better be, Wicked Problems
3/21/23 10:10Maryville CollegeTennesseeEnvironmental Biology3/19/2023 Term
3/21/23 10:08University of Wisconsin-Stevens PointWisconsinUrban & Community Forestry / Arboriculture4/9/2023 ProfTenure Track3/21/23 10:081) two positions
3/21/23 10:05Lake Superior State UniversityMichiganConservation Biology & GIS5/1/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/21/23 10:03Michigan Technological UniversityMichiganGIS & Remote sensing2/23/2023 Teaching ProfessorPermanent Non-TT
3/21/23 9:57 University of Cincinnati Blue Ash CollegeOhioBiology3/20/2023 Assistant ProfessorFixed Term
3/21/23 9:54University of IdahoIdahoSoil and Water Systems3/28/2023 HeadTenure Track
3/21/23 9:51University of VermontVermontTraditional Ecological Knowledge4/1/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/21/23 9:46Christian Brothers UniversityTennesseePlant Biology/Evolution;jsessionid=391AB0DBA90C52360986EC9E049B8EDE;jsessionid=9C077D0193B9C2355024CC42AC82E85A?JOBID=160204Asst ProfTenure Track3/21/23 9:471) open until filled.
3/21/23 9:44University of South FloridaFloridaAnatomy & physiology; animal science3/31/2023 Professor of InstructionPermanent Non-TT
3/21/23 9:41Arizona State UniversityArizonaEnvironmental Chemistry2/3/2023 Teaching ProfessorPermanent Non-TT3/21/23 9:421) review on a rolling basis, was re-posted on ECOLOG on 3/21, so I assume they are still looking for applicants
3/21/23 2:56Wageningen University & ResearchNetherlandsFreshwater Ecology4/10/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/23/23 6:511) Unclear what statements beyond a CV and cover letter are needed to apply. Any ideas? 2) Aparently, they have a "first round" of selections just based on your CV and cover letter. If they think you're suitable for the position, they will ask for more.
3/21/23 0:28Lingnan University Hong KongAsia (Other)Environmental Science, Biology3/31/2023 ProfTenure Track3/21/23 0:29build on the existing strengthens (Conservation Biology, Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology), as while diversifying research and teaching foci, taxonomic coverage, and research techniques of the unit
3/20/23 12:49University of Illinois at Chicago- Department of Biological SciencesIllinoisCellular Biology4/14/2023 Assistant Professor Permanent Non-TT3/20/23 12:51Faculty position coordinating Cell Biology Teaching lab. The successful candidate will be expected to coordinate BIOS 312 (Cell Biology Laboratory) in both Fall and Spring semesters. This includes overseeing approximately 12 sections of the course each semester. Duties include developing the laboratory curriculum, creating course syllabi and teaching materials, training and supervising graduate teaching assistants (TAs), and ordering supplies. The candidate would also teach an additional course each semester.
3/20/23 12:25University of Hawai‘i at Manoa (UHM)HawaiiExtension specialist, climate change3/31/2023 Extension SpecialistPermanent Non-TT3/22/23 13:45the description of this position says temporary
3/20/23 6:03New Mexico State UniversityNew MexicoSoil Microbiology & Soil Health4/15/2023 ProfTenure Track3/24/23 7:20Anyone wants to share some experience about working in this department or this university? 1) I work at NMSU but in a different college but collaborate closely with folks in this department. It's a good department and it's a good college. NMSU has overall low salary even though NM is a cheap state and that's my biggest complaint; other than that I would recommend this place. Not sure what the salary is for this position, but I know that assistant professors on a 12 month appointment are making around 85k which is much higher compared to what assistant professors on a 9 month appointment in other colleges are making. 2) Thanks for the update @1), but if it's 12-month appointment, does it mean the faculty will not get addtional summer funding support, compared to those in a 9-month appointment? In other words, the 12-month will have less motivation to get funding than those with 9-month term?
3/18/23 12:58Chicago State UniversityIllinoisEcology or Environmental Biology4/21/2023 ProfTenure Track3/24/23 7:35Starting salary for 9 mo appt ~80K, CSU is part of CROCUS, and has parterships with Field Museum, Argonne, and other local institutions.1
3/18/23 12:46Michigan State UniversityMichiganBiology (broadly)3/20/2023 / Asst ProfPermanent Non-TT3/20/23 14:05The actual ad says fixed-term but the appointment cell in this row says permanent? 2) "The initial appointment will be for one year (9 months) with expectation of continuing renewal based on satisfactory performance." 3) Member of the unit; contracts start as 1 year / time, but after 4 years, people can apply for a designation that turns it into a 5 year rolling contract. Some senior people have been in these roles for decades. You can still submit after the listed deadline, though we will be reviewing applications this week.1
3/18/23 12:45Michigan State UniversityMichiganEcology & Evolution3/20/2023 / Asst ProfPermanent Non-TT3/19/23 10:10[see discussion above -AP]1
3/17/23 11:24Stony Brook UniversityNew YorkMarine Sciences4/10/2023 Non-TT3/18/23 6:06The successful candidate must have a strong commitment to teaching, will be responsible for participating in outreach efforts, will serve on committees as appropriate, and will aid in student recruitment activities to grow SoMAS undergraduate enrollments in summer field-based courses and online winter courses. [discussion on hiring non-TT faculty moved to General Discussion -AP]
3/17/23 0:42Université Aix-Marseille / Université de LyonFranceMicrobiology of Extreme Environments and Climate Change4/14/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/17/23 0:40Université de StrasbourgFranceInsect-born Pathogens4/14/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/17/23 0:38Université de StrasbourgFranceEpigenetic Regulations in Sexual Reproduction (Plants)4/14/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/17/23 0:34Laboratoire du Biologie de Développement de Villefranche-sur-Mer / Sorbonne UniversityFranceEvo-Devo of Multicellular Marine Organisms (Animals)4/14/2023 ProfTenure Track1
3/16/23 3:58University of ConnecticutConnecticutOne Health10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track3/20/23 7:31Review of applications seems to have begun but is still open? 2) deadline passed - no longer accepting applications? 3) Any news? 4
3/16/23 0:56Aarhus UniversityDenmarkFreshwater Ecology / Limnology / Lake Modelling4/17/2023 ProfTenure Track3/16/23 1:01Note letter of references need to be uploaded by letter writers ahead of the deadline; they are sent an automatic email request once you complete the application, so you need to leave sufficient time ahead of the deadline for writers submit their letters. Note that you can submit your application and then edit your application until the deadline, which means you can trigger the reference letter emails and then update your application after.
3/15/23 11:25San Diego Natural History MuseumCaliforniaConservation & Science Dept Non-Academic3/16/23 10:05[review date removed, none listed -AP]
3/14/23 7:53Carthage CollegeWisconsinGenetics3/15/2023 ProfTenure Track1
3/13/23 8:44Cleveland Museum of Natural HistoryOhioBotany4/15/2023 CuratorPermanent Non-TT3/13/23 8:47Candidate will develop an independent research program and oversee the Museum’s herbarium, which holds more than 85,000 specimens. Eligible for cross-appointment with Case Western Reserve University
3/13/23 7:28University of CambridgeUnited KingdomComparative Mammalian Genetics3/31/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
3/13/23 6:42Hope CollegeMichiganBiology (Genetics & Evolution)3/15/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/21/23 12:01(1)This is a one-year position with a possible one-year renewal. Candidates must have a Ph.D., postdoctoral experience preferred, and be broadly trained in Biology. Primary teaching responsibilities will include teaching in Introductory Biology and/or our core courses of Genetics and Evolution. Hope is a wonderful place to work, especially for those interested in combining research with a liberal arts education. The instuition is a Christian instuition but there is not a strict expectation to have this influence our classroom teaching. The department supports (and necessitates) the teaching of evolution to its students. (2) That said, part of the application process is a written commitment to the faith mission of the college, which was a turnoff for me, and likely to others. Probably not something that the search committee can change, but be aware that this is a requirement. 3) also unofficial transcripts? Why?
3/11/23 13:53University of New BrunswickCanadaEcological Modelling5/28/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/13/23 12:51Canada Research Chair Tier 2 position. Read the CRC guidlines for eligibility. 1) "use of cutting-edge quantitative approaches to address research questions related to coastal ecosystems" (2) "...only applicants who self-identify as racialized individuals will be considered for this opportunity". (3) note that this is open to more junior folks with strong research records too! teaching load is only 1/yr (4) Only junior folks who self-identify as racialized (3) @4 that was already stated by @21
3/11/23 11:22Colorado State UniversityColoradoBiology / Biology Education3/19/2023 ProfPermanent Non-TT3/20/23 7:45Two Biologists at the rank of Assistant Professor (Continuing Faculty, non-tenure track). Undergraduate instruction in both face-to-face and online formats, including course development, (90%) and service (10%).2
3/10/23 16:10Oberlin CollegeOhioEcology, Evolution, and Molecular/Cell Biology3/31/2023 Non-TT3/10/23 16:11The successful candidate will plan and coordinate all laboratory sections of the 200-level Biology majors core courses. At present the department has two such courses: BIOL 200 (Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology) and BIOL 213 (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry). Both courses are required of all Biology majors. In addition, the successful candidate will teach a total of four laboratory sections per year among the 200-level core courses. The Oberlin Department of Biology has just embarked on a multi-year program to modify the labs for BIOL 200 and 213 to incorporate greater emphasis on investigative course projects. The person hired into this lab coordinator position will play a significant role in helping the department to plan and execute this shift, and will receive a one-course teaching reduction in the first year of their appointment to aid in course redesign and planning.
3/10/23 12:52Oregon State University-CascadesOregonBiochemistry and molecular biology3/26/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/16/23 13:26Not an ecoevojob x2 2) other people might be able to apply for it... 3) I know a fair number of molecular ecologists who'd say this is an ecoevojob... OP) It's biochemistry and molecular biology, not a word in the job ad about ecology or evolution. If the criterion for posting is "some interdisciplinary ecologist or evolutionary biologist might apply" then we should post every biochemistry, cell and molecular biology job here, which would make this board unusable by the target audience. Interdisciplinary people could frequent molbiojobs in addition to here.
3/9/23 19:01New College of FloridaFloridaPlant Biology3/20/2023 ProfTenure Track3/12/23 13:28People should perhaps note that there have been major new stories lately about the state government interfering heavily in the affairs of the college, in a way that looks politically motivated 2) Yes, entirely new board and president who have unabashadely endoresed the "war on wokeness" - the state is out to close this school. 3) I am an alum. New College -WAS- incredible, but seconding that Gov. Ron Desantis is completely re-working it into a "classical conservative" model. The new FL House Education bill would include "at will" review of all tenure by the BOT. Also, they're not intending to close the school but to model it after Hillsdale College. 3) Christopher Rufo is on the board of New College of Florida and is only interested in faculty that endorse his extremist and inflexible (lack of) vision for education. Anyone and everyone should research who Rufo is before applying to this position. 4) Hillsdale is private, non-secular, and recieves no government funding because they refuse to abide by Title IX. Claiming to remodel a state school after Hillsdale is a joke.
3/9/23 19:01New College of FloridaFloridaFish Biology3/20/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/23/23 10:21People should perhaps note that there have been major new stories lately about the state government interfering heavily in the affairs of the college, in a way that looks politically motivated 2) Yes, entirely new board and president who have unabashadely endoresed the "war on wokeness" - the state is out to close this school. 3) I am an alum. New College -WAS- incredible, but seconding that Gov. Ron Desantis is completely re-working it into a "classical conservative" school model. The new FL House Education bill would include "at will" review of all tenure by the BOT. Also, they're not intending to close the school but to model it after Hillsdale College. 3) Christopher Rufo is on the board of New College of Florida and is only interested in faculty that endorse his extremist and inflexible (lack of) vision for education. Anyone and everyone should research who Rufo is before applying to this position. 4) Hillsdale is private, non-secular, and recieves no government funding because they refuse to abide by Title IX. Claiming to remodel a state school after Hillsdale is a joke. 5) @4 And yet, not far off from the truth.
3/9/23 14:25CDC Center for Forecasting and Outbreak AnalyticsDistrict of ColumbiaInfectious Disease Outbreak Modeling3/15/2023 15Permanent Non-Academic3/9/23 14:26CDC leadership, analogous to assoc/full professor This is a fully remote position. Relocation is not required. Reach out to Katie Gostic ( with questions.
3/9/23 13:35iDiv / University of JenaGermanyBiodiversity in the Anthropocene4/30/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/9/23 11:47University of North AlabamaAlabamaVertebrate Biology3/20/2023 ProfTenure Track3/9/23 11:53Primary teaching duties will include Comparative Vertebrate Morphology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Intro Bio/upper level courses as needed (and based on research specialization). Teaching load is 12 contact hours per semester. Reference letters do not need to be submitted until applicants are invited for a campus visit.
3/9/23 4:30St. Mary's College of MarylandMarylandCell Biology3/27/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/9/23 4:31Teaching responsibilities include participating in biology core courses as needed (Contemporary Biosciences, Principles of Biology I, Principles of Biology II, Genetics, Ecology and Evolution) and upper division electives in their specialty.
3/8/23 16:28Indiana University Purdue University IndianapolisIndianaBiology4/1/2023 ProfTenure Track"Candidates able to teach courses in microbiology, biochemistry and neuroscience are particularly welcome."
3/8/23 13:18University of Missouri-ColumbiaMissouriBiology3/20/2023 Teaching ProfPermanent Non-TT3/8/23 13:19
3/8/23 9:28SUNY GeneseoNew YorkPlant Biology4/3/2023 ProfTenure Track
3/7/23 17:44University of New HampshireNew HampshireNeuroscience and Behavior5/1/2023 ProfTenure Track3/23/23 9:29Deparment Member Here: This is a lovely department to work in. Young and collegial. We have a brand new building which is shiny and with good facilities. Lots of new Assistant Prof's in the department (replacing COVID retirements). If you know anyone in neuro please encourage them to apply!
3/7/23 9:47Iowa State UniversityIowaPollinator Ecology & Conservation3/25/2023 ProfTenure Track1
3/7/23 3:34Queen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomComputational Biology / Evolutionary Genetics 3/27/2023 Non-TT3/19/23 3:25Research focused. UK system: 3 years probation then its permanent. Then you get promoted to higher "ranks". Expectation is to develop a research team, and also to do some MSc-level block teaching. 2) I'd be EXTREMELY careful about working for this employer - this is not a good opportunity IMO 3) Most of us at QM are happy and lucky that what goes on in the principal's corridor stays in the principal's corridor. So it doesn't really affect us. We do have a great and cohesive long-term eco/evo department and community, and the principal gets replaced every 6 years or so. [Many of us are frustrated about the UK's "marketisation of higher education" - somewhat following the footsteps of the US. That the aforementioned article exists and makes headlines highlights that UK higher education is strongly unionised, and that UK unions still do have power & a voice]. 4) I recommend contacting head of department as suggested in job advertisement. Evol Bio is strong and the department is very supportive. 5.) There seems to be VERY FEW women in this bio department--is there some sort of story here? 6) 7) 2)@3&4 I'm not sure how you can claim that an employer's attempts to undermine the legal and democratic rights of unionised staff doesn't not affect you? I wonder if more junior precarious staff at QMU would have the same attitude. Yes the UCU is doing well at the moment, but that doesn't hide the fact that QMU was/is doing it's best to intimidate its members. The point here is if you are a competitive candidate then go somewhere else because this university does not care about it's staff. Just as an aside point because I see this a lot on this sheet when the wider behaviour of the university is criticised "the department is supportive/good/strong..." sure but it's important to remember that you don't work for the 'department' you work for the university. Yes a strong dept head can shield you to some extent from bad management, but not always.X2 8) I agree with much of what you say. 7. In many universities, parts of "central management" is at odds with staff. However it is worth putting things into a general UK perspective. And in that view, QMUL and in particular QM biology is on good footing - with a great overall dynamic & cash flowing, an ability to expand, and good support for much of what matters from the central powers in the university. (You mention precarious staff - we have very few short-term contracts in QM Biology (unless you count postdocs & phd students who do some TA-ing) - and I'm not that old!).
3/6/23 13:32University of PotsdamGermanyQuantitative Conservation Biology3/31/2023 ProfTenure Track3/13/23 16:47Freshwater system experience and teaching required.
3/6/23 9:08University of South AlabamaAlabamaGeneral Biology3/19/2023 Non-TT3/6/23 9:15Primary role is to teach Bio 1 for majors (~intro to cell, genetics, molec bio) and coordinate the labs. Room to develop other courses of interest after you are comfortable in role. If interested, can also mentor UGs in research and serve on M.S. student committees.
3/6/23 8:22Boston CollegeMassachusettsMicrobiology / Microbial Systems Science11/30/2022 OpenTenure Track3/7/23 12:19Any news on this search? 2)My guess is they just haven't sent out rejections but I haven't heard anything. I gave up on it a lot time ago.
3/5/23 14:59University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaMachine Learning in Biology3/15/2023 ProfTenure Track3/5/23 15:00Areas of interest include "machine learning applied to ecosystem, community, behavioral, or microbial ecology."1
3/4/23 14:00University of the Virgin Islands, St. ThomasUS Virgin IslandsBiology4/30/2023 ProfPermanent Non-TT3/4/23 14:16The successful applicant will teach, mentor in research, and advise undergraduates, as well as graduate students in the Master of Marine and Environmental Science Program (MMES). Preferred expertise in one or more: anatomy & physiology, botany (especially marine plants), biostatistics (1) Note from member of UVI's Biology department: candidates must have demonstrated experience teaching underprepared students; familiarity and connections with Caribbean life and culture would be desirable; most common native languages of students are English, Spanish, Haitian kreyol, and Arabic.
3/3/23 7:32Université du Québec à RimouskiCanadaBiological Oceanography5/15/2023 ProfTenure Track3/4/23 14:09"The selected candidate must be specialized in ecology of the microbial loop, phytoplankton ecology, zooplankton ecology, or trophic ecology. The areas of expertise sought are microbiology, lower food webs, particulate matter flow, carbon export, and environment and climate change."
3/2/23 10:49Haverford CollegePennsylvaniaBiology3/8/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/6/23 10:11Candidates with expertise in biochemistry or environmental physiology, biostatistics, genomics and biomedical fields are particularly encouraged to apply; however, all disciplines of biology will be considered. This is a full time leave replacement position, with the potential to extend for another year. There is also a part-time job in the department:
3/2/23 9:25University of Puerto Rico MayagüezPuerto RicoMarine Microbiology4/15/2023 ProfTenure Track3/2/23 9:42We are open to a range of specialties, but are particularly interested in the areas of marine microbial ecology and biology, molecular analysis, natural products and industrial and economic applications, symbiotic interactions, microbial contamination, and marine microbial geochemistry. The job posting is in Spanish and UPRM is a fully bilingual institution. The Department of Marine Sciences is a graduate only department with no undergraduate teaching responsibilities.1
3/1/23 14:06University of GeorgiaGeorgiaWildlife Science4/5/2023 Non-TT
3/1/23 6:51Vesta, PBCUSAEnvironmental Impacts of CO2 Removal3/20/2023 of EcologyPermanent Non-Academic3/1/23 7:01Research marine ecotoxicity of trace metals to support CO2-removal by enhanced olilvine weathering. Also oversee environmental monitoring. Qualified candidates will have extensive project management and leadership experience including management of technical teams. This is a remote position in the USA.
2/28/23 10:57University of California RiversideCaliforniaCampus Associate Director UC Riverside Natural Reserve System3/1/2023 Coordinator IIPermanent Non-TT3/16/23 13:25"work to support personnel of the UCR NRS in a variety of ways to include grant writing to bolster research, teaching and outreach, fund raising, strategic planning in support of consensus related to long-range goals for UCR NRS and implementing programmatic initiatives, both directly and in a supporting role, to increase visibility of UCR NRS sites.": 1) very few applicants, review of applications will continue past posted date 2) Have interview requests gone out for this?1
2/26/23 13:09Canadian Museum of NatureCanadaZoology3/21/2023 AssistantPermanent Non-TT2/28/23 17:47Not a PhD-level position. (2) True, but pays more than some starting TT jobs in Canada... 3) Must be legally able to work in Canada 4) no idea why this pays so much more than the postdoc fellowship at the same museum 4) Because most research assistants in Canada are unionized
2/26/23 5:28University of New HampshireNew HampshireMarine Bioacoustics3/5/2023 ProfTenure Track3/18/23 5:581) Different posting from the one below that is focused on terrestrial bioacoustics. 2) correct, but this also has an internal candidate as well 3) I wonder if these internal candidates are "pre-selected" or just that someone from UNH has applied. 4) they are VAPs i think (x4) 5) the link says "internal candidate" and they have two VAPs that study acoustics (one marine one terrestrial), both with active labs and mid-career grad students. Seems tailored to them. Such a short posting time too, I'd be shocked if this wasn't an internal hire. 6) despite being an internal hire, they are requesting letters up front. 7) On-campus interview2
2/26/23 2:32University of ConnecticutConnecticutNational Estuarine Research Reserve Manager3/16/2023 / Assoc Res Prof / Extension InstructorPermanent Non-TT3/14/23 10:171) Interesting to see both this and the KBNERR Manager (below) listed here. These *can* be academic-adjacent positions, though many NERR Managers come from the policy or professional degree Env. Mgmt track. Don't count on doing any teaching. Some research is possible, depending on your interests and overlap with the focal areas of NERRS and NOAA's Office for Coastal Management. 2) Also heard through the grapevine that the reserve manager position at a Florida NERR was going to open soon... interesting to see so many opening around the same time 3) Believe that position has already posted; being FL, they are recruiting at the BS level.
2/25/23 2:28Senckenberg Society for Nature Research DresdenGermanyHistorical DNA / Entomology5/1/2023 Track
2/24/23 18:12Tarleton State UniversityTexasField Station Director / Associate Dean2/28/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track3/2/23 16:301
2/24/23 13:37Cal Poly HumboldtCaliforniaWildlife Management4/1/2023 Term
2/24/23 10:34University of New HampshireNew HampshireBioacoustics3/5/2023 ProfTenure Track3/21/23 8:311) Posting says an internal candidate exists. At least they disclosed it. 2) Tempts me to apply as a wholly underqualified candidate to make sure the search isn't a fail and the internal candidate gets it! I'm rooting for ya UNH person! x2 3) Hahaha I'm a microbiologist but I like sound! Maybe I'll submit! 4) @1, I guess that explains the crazy turnaround time (10 days) 5) Yup, they have two acoustics profs in the department now, both with active labs and grad students. Certainly seems like an inside hire. 5) It seems that 6) It is an internal hire 7) I'm not sure if this is the case, but based on time it sounds like the requirements for green card sponsorship by the university, where they need to have it posted for x amount of time, and have the search to show things for imigration 8) I'm 100% sure both of these (marine and terrestrial) are internal hires (I know someone in the department). This one is a done deal. x1 9) despite being an internal hire, they are requesting letters up front. That is a bit frustrating x2 10) On campus interview 11) Could you clarify whether you are an internal or external candidate? 12) I didn't apply for this, but in the department and I'm pretty sure they sent out all of the interview invitations 2
2/24/23 9:05Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (U Alaska)AlaskaMarine & Coastal Freshwater Ecology3/19/2023 ManagerPermanent Non-TT
2/23/23 11:01Colgate UniversityNew YorkPlant Biology3/9/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/20/23 12:261) zoom interview 3/161
2/23/23 5:40University of Nebraska at KearneyNebraskaEvolutionary Biologist / Evolutionary Ecologist3/22/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track3/23/23 7:24I wonder what the teaching load and salary might be for this position. They mention a lot of classes... 2) as a public university salaries should be listed for current faculty 3) UNK, '22-'23 BIOL salaries: Assistant profs: $56k-59k; Associate profs: most ~$63k, a couple ~$83k for some reason; Full profs: $80-90k. pp 1620-1621: 4) yeah, that would be a helluva pay cut from my current non-TT faculty job 5) agreed, and many of these places pitch lower cost of living, but with housing market and inflation that is not true anymore 6) FWIW, it's a very nice small town @6 can you elaborate on that? 7) Not quite clear from the posting; teaching Evolution is required, and teaching biostats and ecology is preferred, but not required? I can teach Evolution and Ecology, but probably not biostats. Is that a deal-breaker? 2
2/22/23 9:28University of Virginia's College at WiseVirginiaEnvironmental Science ProfTenure Track3/6/23 6:35Review of applicants already begun, but it was just reposted to the AAG job board and the ad says applications accepted until filled 1) anyone hear anything?1
2/22/23 7:32Reinhardt UniversityGeorgiaBiology4/30/2023 ProfTenure Track3/1/23 7:14from search member: Reinhardt is a typical small liberal arts school with small classroom sizes. If you want to make lasting relationships with students and help train them to be scientists, this may be a good place for you. I cannot lie, the teaching load is high and the pay is not stellar, but there is a lot of flexibility here. We are reconsidering our degree program (requirements, emphasis, etc.) and you could have an important influence. We are in an incredibly biologically-rich locale that is 1 hour from downtown ATL and 1 hour from the Cohutta Mountains. Consider giving us a chance.
2/22/23 7:19Miami UniversityOhioOrganismal Biology / Zoology3/15/2023 ProfTenure Track3/17/23 22:48From description: "a biologist who explores mechanisms that underlie animal diversity or behavior at any level of biological organization" 1) This is at the Hamilton campus 2) What is the relationship between campuses? I notice some faculty seem to have offices at both and they are only 20 minutes apart. Do Hamilton faculty take graduate students? 3) SC member here, all life sciences faculty on Miami's regional campuses have lab and office space on the Oxford campus and have the opportunity to mentor graduate students 4) Any info on what the teaching load for this position would be? 5) The base load is 24 contact hours a year. Pretenure faculty reveive a release to 21. A typical semester is 2 lectures and 2 labs. Faculty teach their own labs, but there is support staff for lab prep. 6) that seems like a high teaching load in biology, even for an R2 7) And especially if they really want an active research program. 7) Research expectations are scaled to account for the fact that regional faculty have a higher teaching load than main campus collegues. The expectations are more in line with a regional comprehensive than a R2. 8) @5 would this usually be 2 sections of the same lab/ lecture or 4 individual courses? 9) 5 again, there are a lot of possibilities and we try to be flexible. It could be 1 lecture (3 hours) and 2 lab sections (2 hours each) associated with that lecture and then another lecure course with no lab (3 hours). This would be a total of 10 contact hours for the semester. 10) sounds like an easy teaching schedule to me! sign me up! 4
2/22/23 7:15Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaOrganismal, Ecological or Evolutionary Biology and/or Biostatistics3/6/2023 VAPFixed Term3/9/23 6:14Anyone know if this is in addition to the TT ad in the fall or replacement? 2) it's in addition to it; candidates who made it past the DEI statement screening but did not advance to the interview stage recieved a targeted invitation to apply; 3) replacement for a current VAP who landed a TT position and unrelated to the recent TT search. Zoom interview request (3/8)6
2/22/23 6:47Skidmore CollegeNew YorkBiology VAPFixed Term2/23/23 10:32two poisitons open for this fall, they are different term lengths, review begins immediately 2) this is the third or fourth VAP at Skidmore in Env sci/Bio for fall 2023, any idea what is going on in this department? 3) member of dept here; Skidmore's Biology dept in the midst of two phased retirements and a faculty member becoming a Dean (read: change, not turmoil) 4) I mean this sincerely, with no judgement about Skidmore because I know nothing, but I laughed at the distinction between change and turmoil. Loss of three senior faculty in one year is a big change that usually causes turmoil, especially at small schools. I am projecting, but why can't departments plan ahead instead of hiring VAPs to fill last-minute positions? 5) 2 here, I was asking mostly to see if the new plan for the department is just a deluge of VAP, lecturers, and adjuncts, like I've seen happening more and more at SLACs. VAPs are cheap, and one way to crunch the budget at the expense of the most vulnerable. If that is the plan here, I won't bother applying.3
2/22/23 6:46Skidmore CollegeNew YorkBiology VAPFixed Term3/10/23 11:00Zoom interview invite5
2/21/23 15:52University of Michigan / CIGLRMichiganLake Biophysical Modeling3/14/2023 Scientist (Rank Open)Permanent Non-TT
2/21/23 10:25Butler UniversityIndianaBiology, Genetics & Cell Biology3/24/2023 Term2/21/23 10:251) 2 year instructor position
2/21/23 10:21Colorado State UniversityColoradoNatural Resource Management4/30/2023 Term2/21/23 10:221) Temporary Instructor positions to teach at our summer field course, NR220 – Introduction to Natural Resource Management.
2/21/23 10:20Auburn UniversityAlabamaEcosystems Modeling & Observation3/6/2023 ProfTenure Track2/21/23 12:01"develop/apply cutting edge research tools and techniques, including but not limited to remote sensing, network observations, and artificial intelligence/machine learning in one or more of the following fields: carbon and climate modeling, nutrient cycling, climate mitigation, and global change. Research and teaching experience in geospatial and environmental informatics is desirable... integrating climate, ecological, hydrological, and biological sciences with social science and policy making."2
2/21/23 10:17Southwestern Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaBiology, Human anatomy ProfTenure Track
2/21/23 10:02University of Northern IowaIowaData Science & Data Analysis3/17/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track
2/21/23 7:41Delaware Museum of Nature and ScienceDelawareCollections - Ornithology5/31/2023 ManagerPermanent Non-Academic2/21/23 7:44Under the direction of the Assistant Curator of Birds, the Collections Manager is responsible for caring for, and providing access to, the bird and mammal collections.
2/20/23 19:48The University of MelbourneAustraliaMarine Ecology3/8/2023 ProfTenure Track2/22/23 8:37Assuming U Melbourne would sponsor an American candidate for work visa? 2) They sponsor all sorts of non-Australians, including folks from the US. 1
2/20/23 18:24Dalhousie UniversityCanadaPlant Ecophysiology3/17/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track2/20/23 18:25This position is in Truro NS not Halifax in their Faculty of Agriculture.1
2/20/23 13:01University of Wisconsin, MadisonWisconsinSocial Genomics3/21/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
2/20/23 12:39University of Texas at AustinTexasManaging Director, UT Field Station Network3/6/2023 StaffPermanent Non-Academic2/23/23 16:57Develop and plan the operations and research activities across a growing network of field stations administered by the Biodiversity Center. The Managing Director will consult with faculty user groups and College administration to optimize use for research, education and outreach. 2) Any idea what the salary is likely to be and what the expectations are (e.g., will the director also do some of their own research?). 3) base salary is in ad and doesn't seem to be something with any research expectation 4) The management effort involved in overseeing operations of several field stations does not seem like it would leave time for independent research. 5) it's also a 12 month appointment.1
2/20/23 8:25Michigan State UniversityMichiganWetland Ecology3/20/2023 ProfTenure Track3/1/23 6:081) Gotta love a weird additional doc, "a vision statement for the position," guessing it would be frowned upon to just copy and paste the position description? Also, no research statement required1
2/20/23 8:19University of Northern British ColumbiaCanadaSoil Science3/30/2023 ProfTenure Track2/21/23 14:51
2/20/23 8:17University of Northern British ColumbiaCanadaWildland Fire Science3/30/2023 ProfTenure Track
2/20/23 6:59Central Connecticut State UniversityConnecticutMicrobial Ecologist / Environmental Microbiologist3/30/2023 ProfTenure Track3/7/23 8:081) the search committee lead estimates teaching:research ratio on this is 80:20
2/20/23 4:39University of LiverpoolUnited KingdomEcology3/16/2023 / Sr LecturerTenure Track3/1/23 6:491.) Note this is cluster hire with 3 positions and a further position for full Prof in Ecology, I'm a recent hire in a different department and would encourage applicants. Liverpool is one of the most affordable cities in the UK and I think a great place to live, vibrant city, close to the beach, <2 hours to the mountains. 2) Is there much anti-foreigner sentiment in Liverpool? 3) no there isn't much anti foreigner sentiment in Liverpool, it's a vibrant diverse city, heavily left-leaning, little support for Brexit 4) These are permanent not fixed term positions equivilent to Assistant/Associate Prof. Tenure track doesn't exist in UK, just a light touch probationary period of 3 years. 5) Could someone familiar speak to the salary vs cost of living? The salary looks very low but maybe because I'm thinking in USD I don't know how far a pound goes.4
2/18/23 11:21Wheaton College (MA)MassachusettsAnatomy & Physiology2/28/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term3/15/23 10:561) is this a repeat of last year's VAP?
2/18/23 11:20Wheaton College (MA)MassachusettsGenetics & Microbiology2/28/2023 Asst ProfFixed Term