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11/24/22 17:01University of Hawaii at ManoaHawaiiQuantitative Biology1/1/2023 ProfTenure Track11/25/22 9:061) SC member: not limited to eco-evo, but definitely encouraged. 2) It seems like there's been some turnover in the department, can anyone speak to this? Thanks! x2 (3) Especially in light of "Our department and university have a strong commitment to recruit and retain diverse applicants." (4) I would ask all of the questions to SC but also to people who left
11/24/22 6:07Juniata CollegePennsylvaniaField Station Director Non-TT
11/23/22 15:32University of MiamiFloridaMarine Biology & Ecology / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/27/22 20:01"Marine Quantitative Ecology, Spatial Ecology, or Ecological Modeling" 2) no review date? 3) @2 "We anticipate conducting interviews for the position in February and March, 2023" but no review date I can see 4) I think this is the same ad as last year... 5) @4 it is the same position from last year. The position got delayed so they readvertised position1
11/23/22 14:41Santa Monica CollegeCaliforniaZoology1/17/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/23/22 14:39University of TorontoCanadaOrganismal Ecology and/or Evolution1/4/2023 ProfTenure Track11/25/22 9:471) While the job ad states "as well as sample course materials and teaching evaluations" that is HR imposed language. We know most PhD students or PDFs won't have these, esp. international applicants. In these cases a teaching statement is usually sufficient. -- From Full Prof in this dept, on many recent searches, but not this one. (2) Letter requests go out after applying. Not sure if automated or after preliminary screening. (3) Instructions say it is automatic.2
11/23/22 5:08The University of Southern MississippiMississippiFisheries Ecology12/31/2022 OpenTenure Track11/27/22 15:15"marine and coastal fisheries ecology. Potential areas of research include, but are not limited to: fisheries ecology, fisheries oceanography, population dynamics, human dimensions, and economics" 2) FYI they lost 3 professors (both pre- and post-tenure) recently and historically have had issues with recruitment and retention…you may want to think twice before applying. 3) Grand Bay National Esturaine Research Reserve nearby.
11/22/22 18:13University of Hawaii at ManoaHawaiiMarine Biology1/1/2023 ProfTenure Track11/23/22 15:551) "seeks candidates for the position of Assistant Professor who use integrative approaches to investigate the underlying mechanisms for responses of marine organisms to environmental change. Research should connect organismal biology to global change issues, and may integrate multiple biological, spatial, and/or temporal scales". Seems like a revival of a search that was cancelled during COVID. 2) The previous search was cancelled and swept due to COVID. This is a new position, but the goals of the hiring unit are still the same, hence the similar wording.
11/22/22 14:57Juniata CollegePennsylvaniaGenetics & Bioinformatics ProfTenure Track11/23/22 13:34The open date on the link is incorrect, but it was posted 11/14/2022 on 2) They want undergrad and grad transcripts?! 3) the instructions for references weren't clear to me. do we need to have our references email the letters to HR now? or will they be contacted by Juniata?2
11/22/22 9:55Purdue UniversityIndianaOrigins of Life1/3/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/23/22 2:57"Applications are welcomed from researchers in all areas with relevance to the Origins of Life, including but not limited to astrobiology, astrochemistry, prebiotic chemistry, processes related to abiogenesis and (exo)planetary habitability, (exo)planetary biogeochemistry, evolutionary biology, self-replicating and evolutionary systems, and/or synthetic biology relating to the minimum requirements for life. Experimental, computational, observational, and theoretical scientists are encouraged to apply." 2) Is this failed from last year? I applied to this exact ad. 3) I think someone announced on twitter, so maybe they are building a concentration. 4) These are new positions!
11/22/22 8:15 University of MichiganMichiganSustainable Systems12/12/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/22/22 8:54"Areas of interest include but are not limited to circular economy, corporate social responsibility, big data for sustainability, energy and climate economics, techno-economic analysis, food/water/energy nexus, green buildings, resilient and sustainable infrastructure, risk assessment, sustainable mobility, sustainable supply chains, system dynamics and complex systems." (1) Last year a search for a similar Rank hired two Profs. Good luck to my fellow post-docs!
11/22/22 7:37University of ArkansasArkansasPlant Evolutionary Biology12/18/2022 ProfTenure Track11/25/22 22:411) I hear Fayetteville is a surprisingly cool place to live. x4 (2) Am a potential international applicant, and am nervous about Arkansas for political reasons. Could anyone with experience comment on how this transition might be for applicants that reside in a more liberal country (or american state)? (3) @2 it sounds the indignity of intermingling with poor, ignorant Americans would be too much for you. (4) @3 that's not fair, it's a legit question. @2 I've lived on both coasts and the south, and there are good and bad in both places. Fayetteville and the NWA region as a whole is uniquely diverse. Also note that if granted an interview you'd be able to see the area and decide for yourself if it's worth relocating to. (5) #3 -- the poverty of the US south is not the problem to international applicants, I'd worry about the the racism and xenophobia, especially if they don't share their beliefs. x2 (6) i can't imagine southerners being as discriminatory as these potential international applicants (7) @2 Arkansas native-here, lots of family in the Fayetteville area. Relative to the rest of the state (and much of the southern US), Fayetteville is a progressive place IMO, like a watered-down Asheville, NC. I might guess you will be plesantly surprised by the atmosphere if you were to visit. I wouldn't let this concern prevent an application submission, as others have said you'll have an opportunity visit if you progress in the app process. I'm biased of course, but having lived and grown accustomed to larger cities in the US, I'd still happily consider Fayetteville as a landing place FWIW. 8) Fayttevile is a tiny liberal island in an ocean of Trump country. Not a bad place to live if you can stomach living in Arkansas (I cannot). UAr is ranked among the top 50 conservative colleges in the US, fwiw.
11/21/22 17:31University of California RiversideCaliforniaPlant Community Ecology1/18/2023 ProfTenure Track11/23/22 9:021) "Review of applications will begin January 18, 2023 and proceed until position is filled. For full consideration, applicants should submit their complete applications prior to the above date." <-does that mean there's any benefit to submitting very early (e.g. now), or just, you should submit before Jan 18, 2023 but late applications may be considered too? 2) Usually that means you need to submit by that date, and then the rest of it is just HR language for "we don't need to fail the search if we decide to move backwards" 3) Are reference letters auto-requested upon application submission, just mapping out timeline for letter writers etc. Thanks.
11/21/22 9:38San Diego Natural History MuseumCaliforniaEntomology1/15/2023 Non-Academic11/22/22 21:18Focal regions for SDNHM are Southern California and the Baja California Peninsula
11/21/22 9:30Yale University School of the EnvironmentConnecticutSociety & Forests1/16/2023 ProfTenure Track11/21/22 12:46doctoral degree in sociology, anthropology, political science, human geography, or a related field
11/21/22 9:29Yale University School of the EnvironmentConnecticutUrban Sustainability 1/16/2023 ProfTenure Track11/21/22 18:02
11/21/22 9:00Simon Fraser UniversityCanadaEnvironmental Data Analysis12/19/2022 ProfTenure Track11/21/22 12:39"Candidates using computational and statistical tools to help study and manage anthropogenic stresses on marine and biological systems are preferred."
11/20/22 17:10William & Mary / VIMS Eastern Shore LaboratoryVirginiaCoastal Marine Ecology11/28/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/20/22 19:29"Preference will be given to candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas (listed alphabetically): Aquaculture; Biodiversity; Genomics and molecular biology applications; Macro- and microalgae; Marine population and/or community ecology"4
11/19/22 14:20University of Central FloridaFloridaIntegrative Biologist1/5/2023 ProfTenure Track11/25/22 14:56"We seek an integrative biologist working in aquatic or terrestrial systems with preference for research in eco-immunology, eco-physiology, molecular ecology, or animal neurobiology / neuroethology." 2) I applied to this last year, what happened with this search? 3) @2 --> from lasts yars ecoevo job board on this search "20) Search cancelled/failed for 'procedural reasons' after zoom interviews. 21) what do we think "procedural reasons" means? 22) Totally unclear but perhaps some kind of bias issue/accusation in the interviewing process? 23) it sounds like admin (higherup) shut this position down " 4) Job candidates for any faculty positions in the state Uni system in FL should be aware that the Board of Governors for the SUS is currently considering, and about to implement, a "post tenure review" process that the faculty unions are calling the "end of tenure" for faculty. This is not approved yet, but it seems likely that it will happen before the new year. Make sure that you ask about this if you get to the finalist stage as the details are important and will indeed likely mean then end of tenure as it currently exists for faculty in Florida. 5) thanks for this info @4, do you have a source where we could read about this? I honestly would like some review of tenured faculty given that many of them are the reason academia sucks in many aspects, but if this post tenure review process involves some political bull that makes it easy for schools to pay people less, then I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. Ok, after googling it this is really concerning in my opinion. I also didn't know about this: "The survey, required in a bill approved last year, posed questions asking if students felt their professors used their platforms to inject their viewpoint and asked all about their political beliefs." 6) FYI, this program has hemorrhaged minority assistant professors in recent years, has one of the lowest stipends for students in any R1 grad program. But I am sure they will ask about your efforts to promote DEI. 7) Faculty here are actively working to improve stipends, unlike many R1 grad programs in the state. 8) I was in the department as a grad student about a decade ago. Ive since been a grad student or postdoc at several "elite" instutions. The education, training, and support I got here was the best I've had in my career. That being said, the stipend was a serious serious challenge. 9) I'd say losing tenure and being in an environment where climate change, evolution, gender and other topics are considered political beliefs rather than concepts with scientific basis, would be a really bad mix. Imagine doing a 5 year post doc over and over again until you retire. Nope. Let Florida wipe out its SUS. 9) @6 I find it very telling that a department at a hispanic-serving institution has maybe one Latinx faculty in the roster only. 10) I did my PhD there, can confirm only 1 non-white profs, very disappointed as a BIPOC member. 11) I wanted to comment on the survey mentioned above. The survey was responded by only 2% of faculty and students, not representative. Besides, they found NOTHING to support the stupid idea that professors are injecting their political viewpoints on students. Yet, FL is a scary state, I lived in South Florida a few years and, as a WOC, never found community. My neighbours never came to say hello despite we all had kids around the same age.
11/19/22 14:19University of Central FloridaFloridaEcological Modeler1/5/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/19/22 6:20Rhodes CollegeTennesseeConservation / Ecology / Environmental Science1/13/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/19/22 6:16USGSUtahAquatic Ecology12/16/2022 Ecologist / Fish Biologist (GS-12)Permanent Non-Academic11/19/22 6:17"fisheries focused restoration of lentic (including reservoirs), lotic (stream, river), and riparian habitat in the face of climate change, drought, and water overallocation, physiological and behavioral adaptations to environmental stressors, physiology of growth and reproduction, environmental stressors, fish disease and immunology, and/or the culture and propagation of aquatic organisms for management, conservation, and recovery purposes physiology, and/or disease"
11/19/22 5:06Dalhousie (Truro)CanadaMicrobiology12/18/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/19/22 5:06"will contribute to teaching, research, and service in areas related to plant, food, soil, or environmental microbiology"
11/18/22 14:54Stanford UniversityCaliforniaEcology & Evolutionary Biology12/15/2022 Non-TT11/19/22 8:15(1) Position is to teach upper-year Biology courses, including field-based instruction.
11/18/22 13:37UCSBCaliforniaEnvironmental Data Science1/16/2023 Teaching ProfTenure Track
11/18/22 11:46Cornell UniversityNew YorkApplied Systems Ecology1/20/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/18/22 12:051) Department of Entomology [...] working on problems within specialty crop agricultural systems.
11/18/22 7:20University of Calfornia, San DiegoCaliforniaDevelopmental Biology, Cell Biology, or Plant Biology10/25/2022 ProfTenure Track11/23/22 10:501) any updates on this one? 2) haven't heard anything yet; doesn't seem like anyone on FuturePI Slack has either 3) Why is this being listed again here with a deadline that is passed? (4) Also doesn't seem very Eco or Evo. 5) Seems like #1 was just asking if anyone else had news; also if 2 people applied, it's relevant to a couple people, at least. 6) @2) I am curious about how to join the FuturePI slack, how do you do it? I am new using Slack. 7) @6 to join you just need to email and ask for an invite; they have a website with more details (
11/17/22 18:13NatureServeVirginiaBiodiversity Informatics12/9/2022 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic1
11/17/22 12:13Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriRestoration Ecology Non-TT11/22/22 10:16Any idea who we should contact with questions re: due date and required documents? X3 2) Any idea what the salary range is for a position like this? 3) @2 see 5 rows down. Application link has uploads for a "cover letter", "resume", which probably is a C.V. for this position and "other documents" which should probably be a research statement. 4) @3 ouch
11/17/22 10:54Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriBotany (Africa & Madagascar) Non-TT
11/17/22 10:53Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriPlant Systematics Non-TT
11/17/22 10:51Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriConservation & Sustainable Development Non-TT11/18/22 14:051) Department member here: We're a small department (N=5 PIs), but high-achieving department, looking for someone similar. 2) You are looking for someone small? 3) Yes, very.
11/17/22 10:50Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriBotany (Latin America) Non-TT11/18/22 14:05
11/17/22 10:48Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriBotany (Latin America) Non-TT11/17/22 13:131) Any info on salary ranges for these? 2) Very roughly, ~$55-70K for curators/scientists... no idea for department/program heads
11/17/22 10:47Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriBotany (Asia) Non-TT11/21/22 19:451) What are the documents required to apply for this job? I couldn't find that info on the job post. 2) I was told to just send in a cover letter and CV @2 Thanks!
11/17/22 10:45Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriBiodiversity Data Non-TT
11/17/22 7:14University of Alabama in HuntsvilleAlabamaOrganismal Biology1/10/2023 ProfTenure Track11/17/22 10:24Emphasis on organism-level processes and working in any group of multicellular eukaryotes. [deadline updated to 1/10/23 as per department member -AP]
11/17/22 6:56University of Missouri, ColumbiaMissouriOrganism-Environment Interactions1/9/2023 to Asst ProfTenure Track11/27/22 13:51The goal of this fellowship program is to recruit exceptional postdoctoral scholars to transition to tenure-track positions and work to increase representation of historically marginalized groups. The fellowship period is for up to three years, during which time scholars will be provided with stipend, mentorship, research funds, and the opportunity to participate in faculty affairs. 1) This is a (nice) postdoc. 2) The department is happy to answer questions here! 3) Why not just directly hire a minority faculty member instead? @3) In the next row down you will find an active TT search with the same goals. Investing in scholars who would like an opportunity to develop their skills further through a postdoctoral fellowship ensures we have both a current and future investment in this area of scholarship.
11/16/22 17:57University of Missouri, ColumbiaMissouriOrganism-Environment Interactions12/20/2022 ProfTenure Track11/17/22 18:51Broadly defined across molecular, cellular, organismal, and ecological scales. We are particularly interested in candidates using quantitative approaches and who view themselves in an Integrative Biology context. We expect this hire to be part of a cluster of at least two hires in this research area within 3 years. 1) The department is happy to answer questions here!
11/16/22 14:55University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeWisconsinField Ecology12/14/2022 Station ManagerPermanent Non-Academic11/27/22 9:24Adjacent to a pristine 900 ha. natural area, the Station provides exceptional opportunities for teaching and research. Field site videos at 1) The pristine myth 🙃 2) The Cedarburg Bog was identified as one of the highest quality natural areas in WI by Aldo Leopold when the State Natural Areas program was established. 3) Faculty member here - we are really excited to recruit an amazing colleague to Direct this incredible Field Station. Happy to answer questions!v @3) Any information on compensation? Even just a ballpark # would help. x2 4) Search Chair here. This leadership position reports directly to the Associate Dean and salary will be negotiated with the Dean based on experience. The current Manager / Acting Director, who is retiring, has a salary of $85K (this is public record). 5) Is there any potential for this position to have a faculty affiliation (e.g. advising students)? @5 The new hire will not have a faculty affiliation, but may be able to mentor undergraduate projects.
11/16/22 14:10University of UtahUtahGenetics11/30/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/18/22 15:38Deadline extended to Nov 30. We encourage applicants whose research focuses on evolutionary and functional genetics and genomics; human and medical genetics; and research programs using established model or unconventional organisms 2) link still shows Nov 1, is the new date published somewhere? 3) Department member here: some ads have been updated, University system hopefully will be soon. Apps received by Nov. 30 will receive full consideration2
11/16/22 9:32York UniversityCanadaBiology - Indigenous Scholar1/6/2023 OpenTenure Track11/17/22 5:55Recognizing the underrepresentation of Indigenous faculty, this position is part of the University’s Affirmative Action program developed based on the special program provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code. Selection will be limited to individuals who self-identify as members of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. [discussion of non-openness of job moved to General Discussion -AP]
11/16/22 9:30York UniversityCanadaBiotechnology - Teaching Stream2/1/2023 ProfTenure Track11/16/22 9:34The successful candidate will be expected to provide creative educational leadership and a commitment to student success in the development and delivery of a new Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology and Professional Master's Degree in Biotechnology Management at the Markham Campus (expected in Fall 2024).
11/16/22 9:27York UniversityCanadaImmunology1/6/2023 ProfTenure Track11/16/22 9:28The successful candidate would develop an innovative research program in areas that may include, but not limited to, host-pathogen interactions, vaccines, developmental immunology, stem cell biology, adaptive-, innate- or auto-immunity.
11/16/22 9:19University of West AlabamaAlabamaZoology1/9/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/16/22 9:16East Tennessee State UniversityTennesseeGeosciences12/15/2022 ProfTenure Track
11/16/22 4:03UCLACaliforniaIntegrative Biology & Physiology / Society & Genetics12/16/2022 ProfTenure Track11/16/22 11:42Joint appointment in UCLA’s Institute for Society and Genetics (ISG) and Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology (IBP). "We are looking for a scholar 1) whose research addresses fundamental physiological, cellular, and/or molecular processes in a way that integrates (or plans to integrate) social or societal dimensions and 2) who can successfully mentor Latinx undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students and trainees." (3) Do folks with experience know if the Latinx mentorship criteria is viewed specifically as wanting to hire someone with that identity? (4) Just a warning that anyone from UCLA answering that question affirmatively could leave the position subject to lawsuits :/ Applies generally in the US, not UCLA-specific :/ IANAL2
11/15/22 16:57Wesleyan UniversityConnecticutEndowed Professorship in Earth & Environmental Science11/15/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track11/16/22 8:57I thought this was already on here. They may have asked for letters, or the system automatically requested letters. It is not clear which. FYI.
11/15/22 14:51University of Texas ArlingtonTexasGenomics12/16/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1
11/15/22 13:48United States Department of AgricultureTexasEntomology11/21/2022 12/13Permanent Non-Academic11/15/22 13:51Developing and implement control methods that can be used at all levels of fruit fly control using classical and new molecular approaches for sterile insect techniques.
11/15/22 7:43University of Toronto ScarboroughCanadaComputational Ecology1/5/2023 ProfTenure Track11/15/22 13:13(1) Seems like a targetted hire for BIPOC scholar. 2) Letters requested automatically & upfront :(
11/14/22 17:55Rutgers University New BrunswickNew JerseyUrban Forestry1/9/2023 ProfPermanent Non-TT
11/14/22 17:53Rutgers University New BrunswickNew JerseyUrban Ecology1/9/2023 ProfTenure Track11/15/22 13:47
11/14/22 9:55Pace UniversityNew YorkMath - Biological Statistics1/31/2023 ProfTenure Track11/15/22 8:58This job add doesn't mention env stats specifically, but the search committee is considering all fields of biological stats, including environmental / ecological / evolutionary, etc.
11/13/22 7:04University at BuffaloNew YorkEnvironment & Sustainability11/1/2022 Non-TT
11/13/22 7:02University at BuffaloNew YorkEnvironment & Sustainability11/15/2022 OpenTenure Track11/14/22 20:30Are they still accepting applications for this position? 2) @1, appears so.7
11/12/22 17:39Pace UniversityNew YorkEnvironmental Science1/5/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/12/22 5:55University of Massachusetts LowellMassachusettsMolecular/cell biology12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
11/11/22 12:27University of Tennessee Institute of AgricultureTennesseeInsect-Microbe Interactions1/9/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
11/11/22 6:48Western Colorado UniversityColoradoEcology or Environmental Science ProfTenure Track11/15/22 8:23"Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled." Three letters required upfront, and salary is "$54,000 - $59,000 depending on qualifications and experience." [discussion of salary & letters deleted -AP]
11/11/22 6:00SUNY OneontaNew YorkAnatomy and Physiology Non-TT11/17/22 5:38$44,700 base salary... [discussion of salary deleted -AP]
11/11/22 4:55Hartwick CollegeNew YorkOrganismal Biology / A&P1/17/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/10/22 21:24University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinBotany12/31/2022 ProfTenure Track11/24/22 7:50(1) very pleased that there is pronouns dropdown with a lot of options! it was somewhat undermined, however, by the next page having only a binary option for "Gender" -_-. (2) ad was unclear as to whether letters would be required up-front or later in the review process. i just submitted my app and it sent requests to my writers. However, it told writers the letters were due Dec. 6 even though the app itself is due Dec. 31??? I guess they're just due 3 weeks from submission? Any SC members here that can clarify? TYIA. (3) If you applied, can you put the number in the Number Applied column? (4) ok (5) @ (3), no. (6) @ 2, SC member here: the university system is in charge of requesting letters, so it's unclear to me when they are due. However, we will fully consider any letters (and the applications they are supporting) that are submitted before or within 3 days after the deadline (12/31/22). (7) I applied a few days ago and the system requested the letters almost immediately.3
11/10/22 17:24UCLACaliforniaEcology & Evolutionary Biology12/10/2022 ProfTenure Track11/21/22 17:05OMG being able to reuse documents/refs with a click changed this from hours to minutes. Thank you so much to the person who updated that submission system. 2) No postdoc is required according to call, but are most people applying with postdocs? Anyone not have one and applying? 3) the way I see it when an ad "requires" postdoctoral experience it's more of a suggestion/culling mechanism than an actual requirement, so it's kind of misleading. So maybe here they just decided to avoid that and leave it more open? I'd say if this or any other positions look like a good fit for you even if you don't have postdoc experience, go ahead and apply. (4) Agree with 3, but also @2 don't get discouraged if it doesn't work out. Some places will just discard grad students out of hand.8
11/10/22 14:20University of Massachusetts DartmouthMassachusettsIntegrative Biology12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track11/21/22 12:16Two in the same department - cluster hire? Or did 2+ people leave? 1) How many people are applying to both? 2) I plan to! 3) No diversity statement???3
11/10/22 13:53Miami UniversityOhioPlant Conservatory Director11/23/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/10/22 14:23"a plant biologist interested in teaching plant diversity and evolutionary biology for biology majors, while also teaching other courses within their area of expertise"
11/10/22 13:52Miami UniversityOhioCell and/or Environmental Physiology11/4/2022 ProfTenure Track11/15/22 14:39Department member here: evaluation hasn't started yet, please apply!
11/10/22 12:40University of VirginiaVirginiaLandscape Science1/3/2023 ProfTenure Track11/10/22 12:43Joint appointment between UVA Dept of Environmental Sciences and UVA School of Architecture. Position open to scientists in all areas of environmental sciences, especially those doing empirical work addressing problems of regions, landscapes, or land-use patterns.
11/10/22 12:34University of Massachusetts DartmouthMassachusettsMarine Ecology12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track11/15/22 8:041) Quick turnaround... 2) what does this mean? 3) @2 - no idea, but could indicate they've got someone in mind. What's really interesting about this position is that it is not in SMAST... not sure what to make of that. 4) Nov 10 - Dec 1 isn't that quick of a turnaround, and the position doesn't start until next fall.. doesn't seem like an internal candidate to me.5
11/9/22 15:45Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaWater and the Environment Cluster Hire11/27/2022 ProfPermanent Non-TT11/12/22 13:12Cluster hire for 9 positions: Conservation Ecology (R0003271), Climate Policy (R0003272), Environmental Education (R0003273), Environmental Justice (R0003288), Southwest Florida Habitat Restoration and Management (R0003269), Marine Conservation Biology (R0003291), Fisheries Ecology (R0003292), Carbonate Sedimentology (R0003293), BioChemistry (R0003220) [changed to non-TT as a commenter said this institution doesn't have tenure -AP]. 2) Any ideas how broad the conservation ecology search is? Does most of the work need to be done in SW FL?
11/9/22 15:43Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaOrnithology12/11/2022 ProfPermanent Non-TT
11/9/22 15:20SUNY ESFNew YorkWildlife Conservation11/27/2022;jsessionid=07D30C41D7E3C5860BB73423A278C359?JOBID=155132Assoc ProfTenure Track11/9/22 15:40"Camp Fire Conservation Fund Endowed Professorship in Wildlife Conservation"
11/9/22 15:16Montana State UniversityMontanaConservation Genetics1/2/2023 ProfTenure Track1
11/9/22 15:13Adams State UniversityColoradoVertebrate biology1/15/2023 ProfTenure Track11/11/22 12:102 positions. 62k for Assoc Prof. wow.
11/9/22 15:10University of California, BerkeleyCaliforniaPlant Biology1/3/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track11/9/22 18:29The successful candidate will serve as the Scientific Director of the Plant Gene Expression Center
11/9/22 15:02California State University - FresnoCaliforniaMicrobiology11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track11/10/22 14:06FYI, you will need 5 references (not due till final list) but still you will need to have five at the ready. 1
11/9/22 15:01California State - FresnoCaliforniaCell biology11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track
11/9/22 7:09Texas A&M University - Corpus ChristiTexasMarine Biology1/16/2023 ProfTenure Track11/9/22 7:42Particularly interested in areas of marine animal physiology, systems ecology and community ecology, global change biology, or plankton ecology. But any discipline in Marine Biology is welcomed. 2) Did last year's search fail? 3) Search committee member here: no, that search was successful. This is a new position.
11/8/22 13:47University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinForest Ecosystem Ecology12/7/2022 ProfTenure Track11/8/22 13:51Looking for candidate with a background in the field of forest ecosystem ecology, preferably with a focus on energy and material (e.g., water, carbon and nutrient) transformations and fluxes within and across biotic and abiotic ecosystem components2
11/8/22 9:21The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science InstituteTexasMarine Chemical Ecology / Toxicology1/1/2023 / Full ProfTenure Track11/8/22 9:24Different from the position posted at (28), linked to an Endowed Chair. Full professors will hold the Chair position, while Assoc Profs will have the opportunity to be appointed as a Fellow and hold the Chair once promoted to full professor.
11/8/22 7:47Florida Atlantic UniversityFloridaEcology1/15/2023 ProfTenure Track11/26/22 18:24"Successful candidates will have research focusing on, but not limited to, population, community, or landscape ecology, food-web dynamics, genetics, invasive species, conservation biology and/or climate change." 1) what is the teaching load expectation here? 2) It is a 1-1. 3)
11/7/22 8:09Northeastern UniversityMassachusettsMultiple (across College of Science)12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track11/19/22 8:41INVEST Junior Faculty Program, positions across departments in the College of Science. (1) Does anyone have experience with this program? 2) I applied last year and made it to on campus interview stage but was told by the dean in my interview I was too far along in my career for the program (I was in my second year as Asst. Prof at a small school, for reference). They are really focused on still PhD/just out of PhD 3) the application requirements are really specific in terms of statement content. Basically had to rewrite all of my materials. While I appreciate that this is a unique program, do they realize how much work this is?! I hope the program coordinators/search committee see this and understand it is going to be a barrier for some applicants. 4) Thanks #2! Was going to apply for this but will forget about it and save the time. 5) If you're interested in applying I highly recommend contacting someone in the department you'd want to be placed in (i.e. the chair, who may refer you to the chair of the INVEST search for that department), they will have a lot more info about what each department is looking to prioritize. FWIW, someone I talked to wasn't even aware that the application asked for all of those specific requirements for statement content; they were not looking for them as the departmental search committee and only expected standard research, teaching, and DEI statements, so if you submit your normal materials it may be fine. (Completely agree that it's a barrier for the college-wide search to ask for very specific statements, particularly if the departments don't care). (6) Thanks @5. Also just want to chime in to say that if you're looking to recruit diverse faculty, prefacing what you're looking for with terms like "brilliance" is going to cause many such people (incl. myself) to feel like we're not qualified...5
11/7/22 7:34Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesMaineAdministration1/1/2023 President for ResearchPermanent Non-Academic11/8/22 5:58
11/7/22 7:24University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandFisheries Management and Policy12/15/2022 ProfTenure Track11/8/22 5:41
11/7/22 7:19Otterbein UniversityOhioZoo / Conservation Science12/5/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/12/22 8:43I know the person that previously held this position, and I assume this is a 1-to1 replacement for them. They said it was a difficult place to work, they had an increasingly disproportionate amount of work pushed on them, and there were significant issues with sexism within their immediate workplace. Apparently, the person before them in the same position also left early and for similar issues. Take from that what you will....
11/7/22 6:11Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaEcology / Computational Biology1/15/2023 ProfTenure Track
11/6/22 13:34James Madison UniversityVirginiaPlant Biotechnology12/5/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/19/22 13:191) non sc member of the department here, happy to answer any questions about working here. come join us! 2) previous faculty member here, JMU is a great place to work!
11/6/22 12:55Coastal Carolina UniversitySouth CarolinaAnimal Biology11/30/2022 ProfTenure Track11/7/22 7:18Two positions5
11/6/22 10:40Purdue UniversityIndianaBiological Sciences11/27/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/22/22 19:13Multiple tenure-track or tenured faculty positions. Applications are welcome from researchers in any area of life sciences, including but not limited to neurobiology, microbiology, immunology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and chemical biology. 1) Another one with references up front? It states both "names of three references" and "request three letters of reference to be sent to..." 2) Is it a bad sign for eco-evo folks that they don't mention ecology and evolution explicitly? Trying to decide whether it is worth applying since they are requesting letters up front x2 3) that's weird. They just mention opportunities for life sciences research (human) 4) Purdue Biology alumni here. They have EEB major so it is odd that they don't mention ecoevo. Should we take 'but is not limited to" as a face value, or is it a bad vibe for ecoevo job applicants? 5) I heard from a Purdue EEB faculty member that it is unlikely they will get a hire from this search (though obviously there's a chance). 6) Does anyone have any insights into whether references are needed up front? x2 (7) yeah, i really don't know about the letters.. are folks having their references send them now? 3
11/6/22 4:48California State - FresnoCaliforniaSoil Microbiology1/17/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
11/5/22 13:33University of California, MercedCaliforniaEarth Systems Science12/15/2022 Teaching ProfTenure Track11/5/22 13:35Mostly responsible for teaching courses in environmental systems.
11/5/22 11:50Cal Poly HumboldtCaliforniaApplied Fire Science & Management12/16/2022 ProfTenure Track11/5/22 11:51Department of Forestry, Fire, and Rangeland Management
11/5/22 9:39University of Louisiana MonroeLouisianaPlant Biology or Plant Biotechnology ProfTenure Track11/5/22 9:41No review date listed
11/4/22 15:45US Forest ServiceLouisianaInvasive Plant Biology11/14/2022 Non-TT11/4/22 15:46open-ended promotional potential
11/4/22 12:41New York UniversityNew YorkBiological Anthropology12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track11/16/22 4:13"We seek a multidisciplinary scholar who combines long-term fieldwork on nonhuman primate behavior, ecology, and evolution, with laboratory work, which may involve genetics, genomics, and/or other laboratory measures such as analyses of physiology, immunology, or stable isotopes" 1) Didn't this close on September 15th? 2) This is a different position
11/4/22 11:42University of FloridaFloridaPlant Evolutionary Biologist / Phylogenomics12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track11/27/22 18:09[see UFL discussion 26 lines down -AP] 1) Do they want a plant systematist or the opposite of a plant systematist? 2) @1 - search committee member here; short answer "yes", but feel free to get in touch with search chair listed on ad. 2) The ad now says "open until filled." Does the Dec. 1 deadline no longer apply?
11/4/22 11:05Queen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomPsychology / Behavioural Ecology11/17/2022 ProfTenure Track11/8/22 2:35In building with lots of others working on human psychology and animal behavior and genomics. 2) Can you actually have a decent quality of life in London with that salary?!! 3) Depends on your setup... Median fulltime salary is 40k. Keep in mind that you don't have to budget anything extra for healthcare or retirement. People don't have cars because bikes/public transport is good. etc
11/4/22 10:08University of WyomingWyomingComputational Evolutionary Biology (part of cluster hire in applications of AI/ML)11/30/2022 ProfTenure Track11/4/22 10:09This is a cluster hire in the new School of Computing with three positions available. Any of them could be appropriate for candidates in ecology and evolutionary biology, but sub-ads of particular interest are for a Computational Evolutionary Biologist (through partnership with the Botany Department) and wildlife/behavior/evolution/ecology positions (through partnership with the Department of Zoology and Physiology, or with the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources). Departments are competing internally for these positions (i.e. not every department will get a position). All positions need to demonstrate innovation in the application of AI/ML and Big Data to questions of interest. Tenure home will be in the School of Computing, but faculty will have strong affiliation with partnering departments.
11/4/22 8:22Bournemouth UniversityUnited KingdomChair, Life and Environmental Sciences11/24/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track