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10/1/22 12:32University of KonstanzGermanyEvolution of Behavior11/30/2022 Prof (W3)Tenure Track10/1/22 12:48Konstanz is an amazing place to live/work.
10/1/22 12:17Ball State UniversityIndianaPhysiology10/9/2022 Lecturer / Asst Teaching ProfPermanent Non-TT10/1/22 12:18"Primary responsibilities include teaching Introductory Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology courses."
10/1/22 12:12Ball State UniversityIndianaBotany10/10/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 12:14"The successful candidate will be able to teach students from diverse backgrounds in introductory botany, plant taxonomy, aquatic botany, and have an active role in managing the BSU herbarium."
10/1/22 10:46Michigan State UniversityMichiganQuantitative Ecology or Evolution11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 17:36What on earth is "quantitative ecol or evol"? Aren't we all quantitative scientists? What's would a non-quantitative scientist be? A vibes-based scientist?
9/30/22 17:08San Diego State UniversityCaliforniaUrban Evolutionary Biology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 8:28R2 (well en route to R1), with an active Department comprising ~50 faculty, 10 of whom are new PI's, 3 received NSF CAREER awards in 2021-2022, 2 NIH R35's, and several R01's and USDA NIFA awards. HSI & AANAPISI University, catering to some very diverse students in the San Diego-Tijuana urban agglomeration. Large Joint Doctoral Programs in Evolutionary Biology (with UC Riverside), Ecology (with UC Davis), and Cellular, Molecular Biology (with UC San Diego) = large extended network of collaborators and mentors.
9/30/22 13:12Utah Valley UniversityUtahPlant breeding / horticulture / plant biotech11/15/2022 OpenTenure Track10/1/22 4:22PUI with an active undergrad research emphasis, growing department (~2000 bio students), good work-life balance minutes from hiking and skiing. Teaching focused institution, but plentiful internal grants and support for research, professional grant writer on retainer, very low-drama department, bioinformatics experience helpful to help support new bioinfo degree
9/30/22 8:15University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaComputational Biology10/14/2022 OpenPermanent Non-TT
9/30/22 6:21Sweet Briar CollegeVirginiaAnimal Physiology or Entomology11/1/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/1/22 6:15Looking for someone who can teach animal physiology, microbiology, entomology, OR developmental biology plus share intro course responsibilities. College is rebuilding our research culture, but we are a small, teaching intensive PUI. Strong history of collaborations across disciplines. Beautiful campus with over 2000+ acres perfect outdoor laboratory! 2) Is Sweet Briar no longer planning to close? Is this off the table? 3) Yeah what does "rebuilding" mean? 4) It probably means its finances have withstood much closer scrutiny than most other small colleges. 5) i think the rebuilding was just in reference to faculty research- probably no one did any and now they want faculty to start doing some 6) When Sweet Briar almost closed before there were a bunch of stories about research animals needing to be re-housed and equipment moving, etc. It was saved from closing at the very last minute. So I assume this means 'rebuilding' to the research culture that existed before the near closing.
9/30/22 2:20Duke UniversityNorth CarolinaEvolutionary Anthropology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/30/22 6:01SC member here: broad department with people working on humans, other primates, dogs, cheetahs, etc. Dont let "anthro" deter you! Broad interest in ecology, evolution, genetics, behavior, anatomy...
9/30/22 0:14University of ConnecticutConnecticutIntegrative Organismal Biology of Invertebrates11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/30/22 11:28Examples of possible areas: biodiversity discovery at genomic & organismal levels; evolutionary processes shaping diversity within & across lineages; organismal morphology, function, physiology, & behavior in a comparative context; & species interactions, including parasitism. SC member here: If you have any questions, please let me know! I will monitor the "Notes". 2.) Just want to say thank you for including this level of detail in the ad! Nice to know what you are actually looking for :) 3) Any interest in candidates who study marine inverts or is the focus terrestrial? Thanks!2
9/29/22 13:11University of ConnecticutConnecticutPopulation Genetics or Genomics10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track1
9/29/22 12:26University of Tennessee - KnoxvilleTennesseeMathematical Biology10/21/2022 ProfTenure Track9/30/22 8:31In the math dept; says PhD in math, applied math, or stats required? 2) Yeah, I wonder if they'd accept a theoretical biologist with a PhD in biology. They do have some joint apointments with folks in EEB. 3) Maybe, math departments can sometimes be strict on the exact PhD degree 4) I think UT is more open minded than most math departments in terms of what backgrounds and research are acceptable, but make sure you can get a letter addressing your teaching qualifications as that is expected for almost every job at a math department. Math postdocs teach more often than in other fields and most math departments have a system to make sure someone observes the postdocs teaching to facilitate letter writing 5) Not sure many of us theoreticians had a teaching postdoc, so I'm guessing its not worth applying...(?) 6) @5 you could contact the chair and ask, or just apply and see what happens.
9/29/22 11:04University of IdahoIdahoFire Ecology & Management10/24/2022 ProfTenure Track9/30/22 15:58Open until filled. 2) I'd only consider appling once they start covering birthcontrol again. 3) This is a re-run of a failed search earlier this year 4) Hi, I am a student rep on the search committee. happy to answer any questions or chat. 5) @2: University of Idaho health insurance doesn't cover birth control?! 6) the ad says the starting pay rate is $65,000 -- can anyone comment on whether that is likely to be the pay rate? I make more than that as a postdoc...7) 8) Why they only ask for cover letter and resume? Is that normal?
9/29/22 10:12Ohio Wesleyan UniversityOhioMicrobiology (Broad)10/17/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 4:03Website says review begins Sept. 19; "This job is part of a cluster of positions with which Ohio Wesleyan seeks to further diversify its curriculum and faculty." -- including position in Neuroscience
9/29/22 8:36Emory UniversityGeorgiaApplied Socio-Environmental Sciences10/28/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
9/29/22 8:34Southwestern UniversityTexasGeographic Information Science (GIS)10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track9/29/22 8:57Have heard very positive things about this department in terms of salary, scholarly support, and teaching load relative to other PUIs
9/29/22 8:33University of Alabama at BirminghamAlabamaBiology (Teaching Faculty) ProfPermanent Non-TT
9/29/22 7:52Southern Methodist UniversityTexasEarth Sciences11/15/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track9/29/22 7:53fully endowed professorship named in honor of C.W. Matthews to be filled at the associate or full professor rank; geochemistry, biogeochemistry or geology; environmental studies, climate related systems, water cycle and aqueous systems, life and its history, atmospheric acoustics, remote sensing, seismology, and natural and anthropogenic hazard and risk
9/29/22 7:29University of California, Santa CruzCaliforniaEnvironmental Health Sciences11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 5:01"broad area of environmental health, including exposome/exposure biology, mechanisms of contaminant action and defense, gene-environment interactions, or microbiome-contaminant interactions that influence host susceptibility" 1) The job title is Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology, it should be corrected in the the subject area @1 the job title is Position title: Assistant Professor - Environmental Health Sciences, the department name is Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology. From reading the ad and looking at the dept, it looks like they are hiring on the Environmental Toxicology side.
9/28/22 15:23Southern Utah UniversityUtahBiology10/8/2022 ProfTenure Track9/28/22 15:25posted below, but there are TWO TT position open 2) not posted below, "Successful candidates will teach a variety of lecture and lab courses such as Cadaveric Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cellular Biology, and Organismal Physiology."
9/28/22 15:19Villanova UniversityPennsylvaniaEnvironmental Science10/1/2022 Asst Teaching Professor Fixed Term
9/28/22 15:16Thompson Rivers UniversityCanadaIndigenous Natural Resource Science10/14/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/28/22 10:47Ben Gurion University of the NegevIsraelPlant Biology LecturerTenure Track9/29/22 11:17"Priority will be given to candidates with demonstrated expertise in the topic of Molecular stress Biology including but not limited to Biochemistry, Genomics, Genetics, Epigenomics, Synthetic Biology, Developmental Biology and Systems Biology with respect to plant-environment interaction." 2) BGU is a great place with an awesome group of ecologists!
9/28/22 10:47Ben Gurion University of the NegevIsraelPlant Ecophysiology LecturerTenure Track9/29/22 11:17BGU is a great place with an awesome group of ecologists!
9/28/22 10:06Butler UniversityIndianaPlant Biology11/1/2022 Non-TT
9/28/22 8:32Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)MassachusettsCell & Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Neuroscience & Behavior, Regenerative Biology or Tissue Engineering10/1/2022 Scientist / Research ScientistPermanent Non-TT9/30/22 14:27This is different from the UChicago & MBL job below. 1) MBL jobs are soft money I think. Anyone know what percentage? 2) They are soft money. UChicago/MBL is definitely a better deal. 3) Am I right that this was posted today and is due... tomorrow?1
9/28/22 7:12West Virginia UniversityWest VirginiaForest Biogeochemistry10/24/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/28/22 6:39University of Colorado BoulderColoradoIntegrative Physiology10/27/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 10:18"who do research which focuses on the physiology of health and disease while incorporating data science and quantitative approaches" 2) I'm trying to figure out if this is more human health and biomed focused. I see there are people studying other organisms, but it seems their aims are medical 3) @2 it does look to be quite human-oriented, but some aspects of animal physiology or comparative biology could be relevant? 4) No separate research statement? 5) Former CU grad student here; can confirm that there is a separate department of EBIO that focuses on ecological and evolutionary research, while IPHY (Int. Physiology) tends to be more human (or at least animal) centered... not to limit anyone, just FYI. @5 thanks for the info! 6) Anyone know why the job ad says review will start late September but the deadline at the top says October 27th? Which is right?2
9/28/22 4:41Binghamton University SUNYNew YorkIntegrative Plant Biology12/1/2022;jsessionid=3C21D3632EC161411FCF5440731FE412?JOBID=152572Asst ProfTenure Track
9/27/22 22:05Cal Poly HumboldtCaliforniaMarine Phycology11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track9/30/22 9:181) What's the word on quality of life in this area? Are faculty happy to settle down here and raise a family? 2) If you like a semi-remote, small town atmosphere in a beautiful location, it is great (the nearest city is 3+ hours away). Great place for kids to grow up. But access to healthcare and availability of housing are major issues. Cost of living is less than other areas of CA, but expensive relative to most incomes. x2
9/27/22 22:03Cal Poly HumboldtCaliforniaPlant Physiology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/29/22 14:09
9/27/22 17:04Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaBiology (broad)11/15/2022 OpenTenure Track9/30/22 13:59Hiring for 3 positions from this ad. 2) Wording suggests a DEI hire. 3) Says "asst prof" but also that higher ranks will be considered. 4) from search committee co-chair Dr. Kelly on Twitter, "Come be our colleague! We are excited to announce a Diversity Equity and Inclusion cluster hire search, with candidates recruited from all areas of Biology." 5) does a DEI cluster hire mean people who are from underrepresented groups, or anyone who has a strong track record of engagement with DEI work? 6) Good questions for the chair @5. In my experience, it usually means the latter. I've been in plenty of DEI spaces where the diversity was a Midwesterner in a Southern state. Granted, they might have been disabled or from a low-income background. 7) From the list of qualifications in the ad: "Evidence of commitment to or strong potential for the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion for underrepresented minority students and groups (African-American/Black, Latino (a) Chicano (A)/Hispanic, and Native American), and how this commitment integrates with teaching, research and service." 8) If they're pushing for more DEI have they fixed the fee/stipend situation? A few years ago there was a lot coming out about students barely surviving on their stipends. Would be a substantial barrier to anyone they hire. 9) I'm faculty at LSU and in response to @8, we were able to get the grad student fees waived (thank goodness). I believe it goes into action sometime in 2024. 10) PhD alum of dept here. Despite budget woes and state-level issues, I cannot recommend this enough as a wonderful, collaborative, collegial, thriving dept for EEB x3 11) @9, do you know why it is taking so long to waive the fees? This issue was brought up a while ago, that seems like a long time to wait to change an issue that actively harms student wellbeing. 12) @11 this is happenning almost solely through grad student activism, including forming an Union, and it took AN ACT OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE, which has passed and been signed by the governor, so please hold your horses. It will happen when it happens, but IT WILL HAPPEN, which is the most important part. Chill out. x2 13) SC Member here - graduate student fee removal will be in place starting Fall 2024.
9/27/22 16:00Ohio Wesleyan UniversityOhioNeuroscience10/16/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 4:04"This job is part of a cluster of positions with which Ohio Wesleyan seeks to further diversify its curriculum and faculty." -- including position in Microbiology
9/27/22 15:24Texas A&M UniversityTexasMicrobiome Sciences10/31/2022 ProfTenure Track9/27/22 15:413 positions, in one of four departments: Ecology and Conservation Biology; Plant Pathology and Microbiology; Soil and Crop Sciences
9/27/22 14:10Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyEnvironmental Informatics ProfTenure Track
9/27/22 14:08University of New HampshireNew HampshireLarge Mammal Conservation Biology10/27/2022 ProfTenure Track9/27/22 16:44"field-based research on large mammals that includes a well-established international component. We are particularly interested in candidates whose research addresses human dimensions of wildlife conservation and who will develop a local or regional component to their research program" 2) letters required up front?
9/27/22 12:02University of MarylandMarylandTheoretical & Computational Ecology11/7/2022 Rank OpenTenure Track9/27/22 12:03"Research topics of particular interest include but are not limited to: 1) intersection of ecological and evolutionary dynamics, 2) environmental drivers of emerging infectious diseases, and 3) models of encounter-based processes and species interactions in response to environmental alterations. Preference will be given to applicants whose research programs complement an institutional emphasis in addressing the challenges of global change."
9/27/22 11:44The Ohio State UniversityOhioOne Health10/3/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/30/22 4:23"The successful candidate will be responsible for growing and enhancing One Health education through teaching, coordination and expansion of current programs, including but not limited to the Master of Public Health - Veterinary Public Health (MPH-VPH) and professional (DVM) programs. The successful applicant will also be engaged in complementary research activity related to interrelationships between animals, humans, plants, and the environment. Review begins Oct 3 but will continue until an acceptable candidate is identified. Split is 55% teaching, 35% research"1
9/27/22 11:02University of North TexasTexasMicrobial Genomics10/28/2022 ProfTenure Track9/29/22 11:57"Applicants with research interests in microbial processes that link genes to population, community, and ecosystem-level interactions are also encouraged to apply." (Department is also hiring a cell biologist:
9/27/22 10:21Arizona State UniversityArizonaEvolutionary Biology11/9/2022 OpenTenure Track9/27/22 11:40"Center for Mechanisms of Evolution ... the research focus of the Center is primarily on evolution at the molecular and cellular levels"
9/27/22 10:20University of GeorgiaGeorgiaPlant ecology and evolution (broadly defined), herbarium curation11/11/2022 ProfTenure TrackThe successful applicant will also serve as Curator of the UGA Herbarium [GA]. Collections-based research foci examples: plant conservation, plant responses to climate change, plant-fungal interactions, plant biogeography, the ecological impact of invasive plants, crop-wild relatives and plant domestication, plant-centered data science, ethnobotany, and systematics and evolution.
9/27/22 6:54Michigan State UniversityMichiganMicrobiology10/23/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/29/22 6:52molecular, genetic, computational, biochemical, ecological, or evolutionary approaches to address important questions in microbiology. 2) It seems this ad has been up since early this year?
9/26/22 18:28Cal Poly HumboldtCaliforniaData Science11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/26/22 18:29This is in the mathematics department so may not be appropriate for this list, but under the preferred quals is does state "Experience using data for actionable insights in one or more areas of application (e.g., Fire Science, Climate Change, Ecology, Social Justice, Clean Energy, etc.)." Some of those are new programs the campus is adding, so I know they are looking for links between departments.
9/26/22 14:48California Department of Fish and WildlifeCaliforniaAquatic Ecology10/6/2022 Environmental Scientist (Supervisor) Permanent Non-Academic9/26/22 16:34Environmental Health
9/26/22 14:12University of South CarolinaSouth CarolinaRegeneration Biology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/26/22 14:14"Developmental Biology in the area of regeneration"
9/26/22 14:05University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandPlant Sciences12/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/27/22 13:10"Teach undergraduate and graduate level courses relevant to controlled environment agriculture including an undergraduate course on Greenhouse Management and additional Plant Science courses as determined by the department. Develop an externally-funded integrated research and extension program in controlled environment agriculture of horticultural crops that is responsive to the needs of producers in New England." 2) How does the "(#5) Other Document" differ from the research statement?
9/26/22 13:05New York Botanical GardenNew YorkBiology, Plant Biology, Data Science11/7/2022 OpenPermanent Non-Academic9/27/22 19:52"NYBG is seeking Biologists and Data Scientists with interdisciplinary experience in biodiversity informatics, data science, systematics, evolutionary biology, genomics (including but not limited to functional, population or conservation), ecology (including agroecology or restoration ecology), remote sensing, machine learning, ethnobotany, forestry, conservation (including species, population or ecosystem), or biogeochemistry (including carbon studies)." 2) Any idea of what the salary for this position might be? 3) I emailed asking about salary ranges and haven't received a reply--bad sign? 3) NYC isn't cheap, so hopefully salary is better than similar positions elsewhere
9/26/22 10:25Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaApplied Systems Ecology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/26/22 11:09Department of Entomology 2) "...a research and extension focus on emphasizing precision pest ecology in vegetable systems. This position will develop predictive approaches to sustainable pest management integrating climate change, water quality, ecosystem services, pests and agronomic management."
9/26/22 10:07Truman State UniversityMissouriPlant Biology11/7/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/26/22 7:39l'Université de Montréal / University of MontrealCanadaAnimal Biology - Genomics12/2/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/26/22 2:47University of East AngliaUnited KingdomGenomics and Bioinformatics10/19/2022 Track1
9/24/22 2:46University of Stirling United KingdomEnvironmental Management10/19/2022 Track9/24/22 2:47Grade7 £35,333-£42,155 p.a.
9/24/22 2:45University of Stirling United KingdomGlobal Change Biology10/19/2022 Track9/29/22 15:04Grade7 £35,333-£42,155 p.a. 1) that salary seems very, very low 2) 35k would be but the salary is dependent on your experiences and this is in line with entry level lectureship salaries in the uk. This really is for a first position after a postdoc.; 2) don't forget to consider high taxes cutting this even lower, something US applicants often forget ...
9/23/22 18:01Dominican University of CaliforniaCaliforniaMathematics & Quantitative Science10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track9/24/22 20:37"We are defining quantitative science as physics and the more mathematical areas of biology (for example, bioinformatics or biostatistics) and chemistry (for example, physical chemistry)." 1) Committee member here, this is a fun department. Very small, but with high research potential. Our undergraduates have to sign up for three semesters of undergraduate research so there is inferastructure to support lots of involvement here (make sure you address this in your research statement! hint hint) 2) I can't seem to view the actual application requirements - in particular, letters or references? :) 3) Once you submit the application, the chair will contact you with instructions on how to submit your CV, statements (research, teaching and diversity), and reference contact information. 1
9/23/22 17:05Roger Williams UniversityRhode IslandShellfish Ecology & Aquaculture ProfTenure Track9/30/22 15:40Some happy malacologist is going to quahog wild for this one! 2) < underrated comment
9/23/22 14:25DePaul UniversityIllinoisDevelopmental Biology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/25/22 10:48"Applicants must hold a PhD and be broadly trained in Biology with a preference given to those focused on Developmental Biology with experience in one or more of the following: molecular biology, cellular biology, bioinformatics, or genomics. All fields of developmental biology and all systems will be considered." 1) letters required up front
9/23/22 13:39University of Western OntarioCanadaAnimal Cell Biology9/26/2022 ProfTenure Track9/26/22 10:112
9/23/22 11:31Vancouver Island UniversityCanadaInvertebrate Zoology11/30/2022 Non-TT9/29/22 2:11Where does it say non-TT on the job description? "Appointment Type: regular full-time" implies TT 2) VIU does not have a standard "tenure" process. This is a permanent, full-time position with a 2-year probation period. Likewise, all employees are titled "Professor" at time of hiring but this position is open to any level of "Assistant" or "Associate" candidates. Postdocs encouraged to apply. 3) it's not like tenure. 4) Is this a re-advertisement of a search from last year? 5) Yes, last year's search was unsuccesful because the prefered candidate wanted a spousal hire which is not possible. 6) Are staff at VIU encouraged to apply for NSERC grants, or others?
9/23/22 11:27University of TulsaOklahomaGenetics/Genomics10/24/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/23/22 11:29"working on fundamental problems that include a laboratory and/or field component."
9/23/22 8:56Colgate UniversityNew YorkCellular / Molecular Neuroscience10/8/2022 ProfTenure Track9/23/22 8:571) Colgate is a small liberal arts college with a strong focus on active research programs (read: good internal funding), as well as excellent teaching. It's a great place to work for (current faculty member)
9/23/22 7:07University of MississippiMississippiBiology10/10/2022 ProfTenure Track9/27/22 5:00any area of biology but heavy emphasis on pedagogy 2) ' All areas of biological specialization will be considered, but research must include an educational component that could include but is not limited to pedagogy, inclusive teaching practices, STEM outreach, assessment and other themes related to pedagogy in biology. '
9/23/22 6:50Imperial College LondonUnited KingdomClimate Change and Environmental Biology10/25/2022 / Sr LecturerTenure Track9/26/22 1:58(Equivalent to Assistant Prof without/with tenure in the USA) 2) do you mean Assistant / Associate professor = Lecturer / Sr Lecturer? Or that one is TT and the other isn't? 3) Both are tenure track and yes, Assistant / Junior Associate professor = Lecturer / Sr Lecturer approximately - It doesn't quite map on exactly ("Reader", the next level maps on to senior Associate Professor); also note that the tenure "clock" in the UK is shorter than in the US (2-3 years).
9/23/22 4:18Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaEnvironmental Studies / Leadership and Character (Teaching Track)10/28/2022 ProfPermanent Non-TT9/23/22 8:13"We welcome candidates with a PhD. in environmental studies or other fields where the candidate has pursued research and/or teaching on leadership, character, and/or ethics in the context of environmentalism, ecology, and/or sustainability."
9/23/22 4:12Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaEcology or Evoutionary Biology (Teaching Track)10/15/2022 ProfPermanent Non-TT9/23/22 10:45"We seek candidates with a strong commitment to engaging students in the classroom, and experience teaching either ecology or evolution at the undergraduate level." 1) "This is a permanent but non-tenurable, full-time position with an initial two-year contract." 1
9/23/22 4:08Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaEarth Sciences10/28/2022 ProfPermanent Non-TT9/23/22 4:09"Wake Forest University’s Environment and Sustainability Studies Program seeks an engaged, creative, and committed teacher-scholar to become an Assistant Teaching Professor in Earth Sciences. We welcome candidates with a PhD. in geology, earth sciences, physical geography, environmental geochemistry, environmental sciences, environmental studies, or other fields where the candidate has pursued research and/or teaching on geomorphology, climate change, geohazards, environmental change, or renewable energy, with connections to environmental justice, equity, communities, or sustainable development"
9/22/22 13:00EPAMinnesotaWatersheds & Water Resources10/3/2022 Chief GS 14-15Permanent Non-Academic9/22/22 13:12The Watersheds & Water Resource Branch (WWRB) conducts research that links the ecological sustainability of receiving waters to watershed integrity. WWRB integrates new technology with evolving ecological methods in a systems approach to understanding the impacts of anthropogenic stressors on diverse water body types and multiple spatial scales.
9/22/22 11:24Loyola University ChicagoIllinoisGenetics12/1/2022 Term
9/22/22 10:43Central State UniversityOhioBee Genomics9/29/2022 Asst ProfTenure Track9/27/22 12:55Sounds like a sweet gig, 1) oh, honey, you have so much to learn 2) Certainly a lot of buzz about this one. 3) don't laugh, you have a sig research budget funded by farm bill 4) ... but the salary is a-pollen 5) congrats to #4 LOL
9/22/22 5:46Jackson State UniversityMississippiBiology / Environmental Science ProfFixed Term
9/22/22 5:44Western Carolina UniversityNorth CarolinaPlant Ecology11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/21/22 13:46Indiana University, BloomingtonIndianaEvolutionary Biology11/1/2022 OpenTenure Track9/23/22 15:24newly endowed ‘Olsen Chair in Evolutionary Biology’. We welcome applicants who address fundamental evolutionary questions using integrative approaches and methods, in any system, including from organismal, genetic, and/or theoretical perspectives. 1) Does "Chair" mean the person is being hired to chair the department? Or is this just a fancy name for the appointment/endowment? I only ask because it seems weird to hire an Asst Prof as the chair of a department, right? 2) It is just an endowed/named professor position, it is not the department chair. 3) Realistically, is there any chance of this being appointed at the Asst Prof level? It seems very unlikely. 4) many other schools have "chairs" they award to Asst Profs in their 1-2 year at the institution, so maybe not unlikely if they end up going that route? 5) I got my PhD in this department, and I can say its a top-notch evolution destination. That said, this is a brand new endowed chair and I wouldn't be shocked if they hire an asst prof--the department values ECRs. I would encourage applications and see how it goes. 6) They are absolutely interested in the Asst Level. This chair comes with the title and a little money, and they are not necessarily looking for someone senior or fancy. 2
9/21/22 13:28Millsaps CollegeMississippiCell Biology (Broad)10/24/2022 ProfTenure Track9/21/22 13:32Seeking a broadly trained biologist that can offer an upper-level Cell Biology course with lab and should feel comfortable teaching at least two of the core courses: Introductory Cell Biology, General Zoology, General Botany, and Genetics.
9/21/22 6:04Mississippi State UniversityMississippiWildlife Disease Ecology11/1/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/21/22 6:08This is a re-ad for failed search. 70% research/ 30% teaching split. Review begins Nov 1 and is open until filled.
9/20/22 15:08Bennington CollegeVermontEcology / Evolution10/7/2022 ProfPermanent Non-TT9/29/22 11:11Particular areas of focus include, but are not limited to, plant biology, natural history, ecosystem or landscape ecology, conservation or global change ecology, geographic information systems, biogeography, and/or evo-devo biology. 1) Is this position tenure track? The job ad doesn't say explicitly 2) Search chair here. @1 Bennington is a unique place. No one at Bennington has tenure proper, but we do have a system by which faculty are reviewed by their peers (internally and externally) on a slightly different timeline. I just went through the process myself for the first time, and I will repeat it again in 6 years. In practice, it is not too different. [extended discussion on lack of tenure removed - please continue at "General Discussion" -AP] 3) So the teaching load is 20 credits/yr or 4-5 courses year? because these seem quite different. 2) @3 Both. 1 lecture course = 4 credits. 1 lecture + lab = 6 credits. 4) which department is this position in, Biology? 2) @4 The position is in the "Math and Science Discipline Group". Within, are two full-time bio faculty, integrated organismal and cell/molecular, our long-time eco/evo faculty member retired two years ago. 5) There are some upfront and helpful SC members on here, thank you! I am wondering if references be contacted for letters automatically after app submission, or after the first round of screening? 2) @5 Thank you and you're welcome. We will ask for letters from referees of only those that make it to the first round (Zoom, no more than 10) OR maybe just the final 3-4 who we plan to invite for campus visits (beautiful campus). 5) thanks @2, are there traditional US academic ranks in your system (Asst, Assoc, Prof) or is it simply "full time/permanent" or not? 6) Anyone have insight on whether the "split position" policy means they don't do real spousal hires or could it differ if spouse is in a different department? 2) @5, there is no traditional ranking, in fact, no offical or unoffical ranking or seniority at all. @6 Spousal hires have been done before, there are current openings in Chemistry, Sculpture, Photography, and soon to be advertised in Computer Science. It is possability (especially for spouses that can teach CS!), I would bring it up if you make it to the first round of interviews. 11) I noticed instead of a teaching statement, the job wants : c) descriptions of three potential course offerings -- I've never done something like this before, any guidance? For example, on how long and how much detail to go into for each course? 12) @11 The admin is fixing that clerical error. We DO want to hear about your teaching philosophy, which is paramount at a place like Bennington. Three class descriptions could easily fit on one page. I would check out course descriptions for current classes online. And I will just say that Bennington is a place that celebrates bold, unique, and niche curricula and pedagogy. 13) A heads up that the application form requires both a "CV" and a "Curriculum Vitae"—I had to upload mine twice in order to submit my application 14) There are so many keywords that align with my background for the curriculum and teaching you're looking for and I love innovative pedagogy. But I am really nervous about the long-term financial viability of a small, environmentally-focused school like this after the closure of Marlboro College and Green Mountain College. I was also laid off from a position I had at Unity College during the pandemic, and so were many of the long-term faculty with active research and teaching labs. Can the SC speak to the long-term financial viability of the college? I apologize for asking that in such a blunt way. 15) This university already instituted a very public and widely-derided series of budgetary layoffs of profs with "presumptive tenure" in the mid 1990s. 2) @13 thanks, HR has been notified, but it appears the problem persists. To get the system to accept an application you may have to upload the CV 2x @14 Understandable concern about many SLACs. This may not help, but let me point out a few things. I would not call Bennington an environmentally-focuses school, not in the STEM sense of environemtnally-focused. Bennington is most well known for their visual & performing arts and literature programs. The incoming class of 2021 and 2022 are the 2 largest in the school's history, early signs indicate that 2023 might be even bigger. Also, no Bennington faculty (permanent nor visiting) were let go or fired during the pandemic. 16) This is a basic questions, but is there a salary range for this hire? Also, during these reviews are there opportunities for raises? I am asking becuase I know that promotion between assistant, assocaite, and full professor are the only opportunity that most professors have for any kind of financial advancement through their career. 2) @16 I compared my starting salary from when I started to the SLAC salaries reported in the negotiation tab for that same season, and mine was at the 60th percentile, so competitive. I don’t actually know for sure what you should expect, but my ballpark estimate would be high 60’s to mid 70’s. Also, according to Google, Bennington, VT cost of living is 83.9 (US average=100), driven mostly by low cost of housing. Oppertunity for rasies that go beyond the yearly CofL increases happen one-on-one with the Provost office. Following reviews before new contracts are signed are an ideal time to do this at the faculty memeber's inititive. 17) 16 here again, thank you very much for the detailed information and being so open, I greatly appreciate it! 3
9/20/22 13:03Francis Marion UniversitySouth CarolinaWater Resource Management10/28/2022 ProfTenure Track9/21/22 11:36"background in water resource management, watershed management, hydrology, landscape ecology, and/or freshwater ecosystem ecology." 2) This requires the application to be physically mailed in.3) @2 It lists a mail, fax, and email option for submission
9/20/22 12:41Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaBotany / Plant Ecology10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track9/22/22 10:231) Compensation Range: $46,000-50,000, source: <$50k a year!?! is this a joke?
9/20/22 12:16The University of Texas at El PasoTexasEvolutionary Biology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/22/22 17:34Open until filled; anticipated start fall 2023; broad search but applicants with focus in ichthyology, mammalogy, or that could serve in a curatorial role especially encouraged to apply. 1) Search chair indicates review will likely start 1 Nov. 2) they are particularly interested in vertebrate paleontologists according to a recent message on the paleo list serv3
9/20/22 9:14University of KansasKansasEvolutionary Genomics11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/21/22 16:32Note this is not the same as th BBe two genomics search below. Thats the Molecular Bioscience department and this is for the EEB department. 2) link seems to be broken? x2. 3) link is working now
9/20/22 7:18Hendrix CollegeArkansasBotany and Environmental Studies10/17/2022 ProfTenure Track10/1/22 4:281) Requires 3 letters upfront 2) how is this still a thing!? such a waste of time
9/20/22 7:18McNeese State UniversityLouisianaBiology9/26/2022 ProfTenure Track9/22/22 10:25$55,000 (non-negotiable) is laughable 2) @1, seriously - that is an average postdoc salary 3) its less than the NIH minimum postdoc salary... 4) <insert 'cost of living is low and this is a great place to work' comment here> I make more than this as a postdoc. Academia, get serious
9/20/22 3:09New York UniversityNew YorkMolecular, Cellular, Developmental & Organismal Biology11/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/20/22 16:52Two positions 1) 3 letters upfront 2) animals, plants, taxon agnostic? 3) Would organismal include functional morphology/systematics? 4) why so many letters up front? What a waste of everyone's time. 5) is this the same position from last year?2
9/20/22 3:07University of California, DavisCaliforniaEvolutionary Anthropology 11/16/2022 ProfTenure Track9/29/22 7:08
9/19/22 22:14Duke UniversityNorth CarolinaBiology10/21/2022 ProfTenure Track9/25/22 7:12Two positions. 2) Ugh another one with 3 letters upfront 3) dear Duke search committee: literally nobody wants letters up front. Some other searches have already been roasted over the coals for this policy this year (and every year). If you are reading this and it is at all within your power to change this, you absolutely should. It's partially an equity issue and in general over-burdens mentors. 4) it's thru academic jobs online, you can reuse reference letters to apply to multiple positions 5) @4, depends if your mentors have shared your letters with you, right? Also, many mentors think it's important to tailor their letters. 6) @4 even if they've shared letters with you, often search committees are asking for reference emails and then letters are automatically requested from mentors, so it doesn't matter if they've shared with you -- they still have to be the ones to upload letters! 7) Maybe just submit the application without the letters. If the SC likes what they see, maybe they'll ask for the letters and things can move along as if this silly requirement never existed. 8) The application won't be complete without reference letters in the system. I'm not sure if it means they won't get it or not. 9) Some HR departments and even faculty collective agreements require reference letters up-front. That should absolutely change but not including them if asked will probably result in an incomplete - whether or not that matters will vary quite a bit. 10) You have better odds applying to jobs with letters up front, as you can see it weeds out a lot of applicants. 11) @10, are you serious??? x2 12) it sucks but we all know people are still going to be applying for this opportunity. At least the competitive applicants wlll no matter what.4
9/19/22 18:54University of California, RiversideCaliforniaBiological Control of Invasive Insects and/or Weeds12/2/2022 ProfTenure Track9/19/22 19:00Entomology Department
9/19/22 12:50Providence CollegeRhode IslandCell and Molecular Biology9/20/2022 ProfTenure Track9/19/22 12:51List a bunch of courses including molecular genetics, genetics, cell bio, developmental bio2
9/19/22 12:44The Nature ConservancyMichiganAssociate Director, Conservation Programs9/26/2022 DirectorPermanent Non-Academic9/23/22 5:231) BA/BS degree and 7 years’ experience in conservation practice or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience. No mention of graduate degree under 'desired qualifications' AP) Good point, but it seems that a PhD might have a good chance, and the salary is commensurate with asst profs, so let's leave it. 3) Make sure you have an employee referral for any TNC jobs
9/19/22 11:37Baruch College New YorkNatural Sciences (Environmental Studies)10/20/2022 ProfTenure Track9/22/22 6:561) letters upfront
9/19/22 11:29Denison University OhioBiology, “omics”-related field10/10/2022 ProfTenure Track9/21/22 10:26Oh come on now, you can 'omics' anything. Why not pick an actual discipline? 1) I specialize in potato-omics. 2) If any SC members are here, does the university have core facilities (mass spec or sequencing) to support this work or are there significant funds to invest in equipment? x2 3) @2, it's a liberal arts college with 2200 students, so I wouldn't expect a lot in terms of core facilities. 2again) @3 I agree, which is why I find it an odd posting 4) As someone who does "omics" at a SLAC, it's worth pointing out that many places, even R1s, use remote cores, especially in the case of sequencing.
9/19/22 10:51Bluffton UniversityOhioBotany and Environmental Science10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/19/22 10:40St. John Fisher CollegeNew YorkBiology10/1/2022 ProfTenure Track9/19/22 10:421) review date informed from posting on ECOLOG by Dr. Michael Louis Boller on Sept 14th 2
9/19/22 10:37University of North Carolina AshevilleNorth CarolinaDevelopmental Biology10/27/2022 ProfTenure Track9/21/22 14:211) A friend of mine worked at this school (different STEM department). Big issues with not getting raises, salary compression, cost of living, etc. Basically, unless you have another source of money, it's gonna be hard to live here. I think salaries should be posted online somewhere since it is a public university.
9/19/22 10:34Utah State UniversityUtahGeospatial Science of Environment & Society11/14/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/19/22 9:44University of Texas at ArlingtonTexasMicrobiology10/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/21/22 14:20"Research areas of interest include, but are not limited to, microbial pathogenesis and physiology, antibiotic resistance, microbial genetics, host-microbe interactions, and the impact of microbes on climate change. Candidates who utilize innovative approaches to investigate important questions at the molecular, cellular, organismal, and systems level, including microbiome research, are particularly attractive."1
9/19/22 7:57Stony Brook UniversityNew YorkAnatomical Sciences11/30/2022 ProfTenure Track
9/19/22 7:20Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaPlant Ecologist10/28/2022 OpenTenure Track9/19/22 7:21The ideal candidate will address fundamental questions in Plant Ecology; those who work at the population level or study physiology, population genetics, or interactions with other kinds of organisms (e.g., animals, fungi) are especially encouraged to apply.
9/18/22 23:08University of San FranciscoCaliforniaGenetics11/15/2022 ProfTenure Track9/20/22 15:52Interested in candidates with research programs utilizing experimental and/or molecular approaches to understand the genetics of model organisms (or emerging model organisms), including microbes, plants, or animals.
9/18/22 23:05Nazareth College of RochesterNew YorkPlant Biology / Ecology10/15/2022 ProfTenure Track9/18/22 23:06The successful candidate is expected to teach lecture and laboratory courses in Plant Biology, Ecology, introductory level biology courses, as well as other courses for biology majors as appropriate.
9/17/22 5:55University of California, BerkeleyCaliforniaGlobal Change Microbial Ecology11/7/2022 ProfTenure Track9/27/22 18:18In the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM), which has biologistis and ecologists. The posting below is in the Department of Integrative Biology and is not specifically microbes.