Classic Gaming Expo 2012 * Aug 11-12
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DayStart TimeEnd TimeEventDetails
Saturday9:00 AMShow Floor & Museum Opens

9:00 AM10:00 AMIntellivision PanelKeith Robinson, Bob Newstadt, Michelle Mock, Karen Nugent, John Sohl, and Dave Warhol will talk about everything Intellivision both then and now!

10:00 AM11:00 AMDavid Crane AnnouncementA major announcement from David Crane regarding his newest game product—A CGE exclusive launch announcement!

11:15 AM12:00 PMSteve Wright
Game On!
Your Next DFX Job Just Might be a Game!
In stark contrast to the early days of videogames, Steve will be discussing the new trend of turning games into movies.

12:15 PM1:00 PMRoger Pedersen
So you want to be a game designer
Where will our future game designers, game programmers, artists and audio specialists come from? Roger will discuss colleges where game-minded students can fulfill their dreams of working in the gaming industry.

1:15 PM2:00 PMDavid Thiel
Console and Home Computer Game Audio
1983-1988 Chicago Style
David will talk about the games, the hardware, the designers and the companies involved in ten different games over a five year period of the golden days of games with some amusing anecdotes.

2:15 PM3:00 PMHoward Phillips
The Original Gamemaster Q&A
Following a brief synopsis of life and times at Nintendo from Donkey Kong arcade games through Super Mario Bros 3 on NES there will be no-holds-barred Q&A where no legitimate 8-bit fan question will go unanswered!

3:15 PM4:30 PMActivision PanelDavid Crane, Garry Kitchen, Steve Cartwright, Jim Charne, and Brad Fregger will talk about their days working at the early Activision.

4:45 PM6:00 PMAtari PanelSteve Woita, Franz Lanzinger, Roger Hector, Bob Smith, Keithen Hayenga, Bob Polaro, Chris “Nik” Omarzu, and John Seghers will look at Atari from different perspectives as employees in different divisions in the company.

6:00 PMShow Floor & Museum Closes

6:00 PM7:00 PMAuction RegistrationLocated in the Showroom on the Casino Level.

7:00 PM10:00 PMCGE 2012 Live Auction!

TBDCGE After-party!Located in a Plaza suite (see booth for details)
$5 admission at the DigitalPress booth, $15 at the door.


Sunday10:00 AMShow Floor & Museum Opens

10:15 AM11:00 AMBrad Fregger
Personal Stories from the Early Days
Brad will share stories from his book, "Lucky That Way: Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Game Millions Play."

11:15 AM12:00 PMWarren Davis
From Q*Bert to Us. Vs. Them:
My Career at Gottlieb
Warren recounts his behind the scenes experiences at Gottlieb / Mylstar from his hiring in 1982 to the shutting of its doors in 1984. He plans to show some rare and never-before-seen photos, videos and memorabilia.

12:15 PM1:15 PMDavid Fox
Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts
The Early Years 1982-1990
David, one of the founding members of Lucasfilm Games, will describe how the “Games Group” came to be, their transformation from research group within the Computer Division to a production oriented game company, while focusing on several of their games, including Rescue on Fractalus!, Labyrinth, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure.

1:30 PM2:15 PMTommy Tallarico
Creating Classic Game Music
The Good Ol' Days!
Tommy will explain the trials, tribulations and technological barriers of creating music during the 8-bit & 16-bit era of gaming.

2:30 PM3:30 PMSteve Golson
History of Atari 7800 ProSystem Development
at General Computer
A brief history of General Computer and its leading role in the development of the Atari 7800 ProSystem. Also a review of GCC's other products for Atari home game consoles and computers.

3:45 PM4:30 PMRetroware TV
Promoting Classic Gaming and Collecting
with Retroware TV
The founders of one of the oldest and largest retro gaming sites on the net, will discuss the spread of retro gaming via the internet, conduct a Q&A with the audience, show clips from their breakout show: The Video Game Years, and talk about the ins & outs of video game collecting! There may even be a surprise or two!

5:00 PMShow Floor & Museum Closes
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