BNG Limited Resources C/U Set Review
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C#NameMarshallBrianNotesby msten19
1Acolyte's RewardBB-/BReally powerful effect in combat. Prevents the damage to a creature, not you. Does trigger Heroic. Requires enough white permanents to be effective, but doesn't take much to get a 2-for-1 with this - even 1 damage can be a blowout.
2Akroan PhalanxBB-Already a fine card without the activated ability. This is a reason to go into W/R. Makes combat very difficult for your opponent. Lets your bad cards trade for their good cards. A = Bomb
3Akroan SkyguardC+C+Awesome aggressive (and evasive !!) two drop for the Heroic deck.B = Solid
4Archetype of CourageC+B-Giving your entire team first strike makes attacking into you nearly impossible. Losing this midcombat could potentially be devastating. C = Filler
6Dawn to DuskCCBrian doesn't like either half, but likes the flexibility that either half is castable. The both mode is going to be a blowout. Sorcery speed and clunky though.D = Play if you have to
8Elite SkirmisherCCFunctions very similarly to Arena Athlete. White is a little more Heroic-friendly. The body is a fine beater. More of an aggressive deck card, mostly for the body.F = Unplayable
9Ephara's RadianceFFDoesn't affect the board. Opens you up for 2-for-1's. Pure lifegain (everything Marshall hates).
10ExcoriateC-CHave to let your opponent attack you in order to kill it. Doesn't remove blockers. But removal that kills large creatures is necessary.** Most of your deck
12Ghostblade EidolonB-B-Base body nearly the same as Two-Headed Cerberus, which was fine. White has lots of good pump effects. Bestow is a devastating amount of damage.will be C's **
13Glimpse the Sun GodC-CAn aggressive deck finisher. Can cast after attacks are declared and tap their team and also target your own Heroic creatures. Can also end step tap their guys and trigger Heroic and Inspired creatures. Conditional, but only want 1.
14God-Favored GeneralD+DGetting this guy tapped is hard, and even it does work, it isn't that great. Is bested by literally anything.Good luck at
15Great HartAD+Marshall says "A for creature type." High toughness, low power creatures weren't that great because attackers keep getting bigger.prerelease, everyone!
16Griffin DreamfinderC/C-C-Feels far too expensive and small. Bestow creatures don't frequently actually get into the graveyard.
18Hold at BayD/D-D-Can be "gain 7 life" or saves a trade from happening. Not awful, but would rather not play this. Doesn't gain power, doesn't help you punch through.
19Loyal PegasusC-CAggressive decks are going to want this. Need 2 drops to help it attack. Doesn't stack block well.
20Mortal's ArdorDD+Mediocre trick. Good cost, enables Heroic, but there are better options. Lifelink is not insignificant.
21Nyxborn ShieldmateC+C/C+Very cheap Bestow cost, but not getting the second point of power hurts it. Would play in Heroic deck, not overly exciting in non-Heroic decks.
22Oreskos Sun GuideCCSolid 2 drop. A little bit of upside, mostly playing for the bear.
23OrnitharchA-A-The gap between the two modes is very narrow, getting 5 power in the air regardless. Your opponent gets to pick what type they need to deal with, but it's still great. Bomb range, best non-rare.
25Revoke ExistenceD+D+Just fine for your sideboard, not being instant speed hurts it.
28SunbondFFDoesn't do anything on its own, 4 mana Aura. Also requires lifegain to do ANYTHING.
29Vanguard of BrimazBB-Great body to build up on. Heroic trigger is also good, would rather have +1/+1 counter. Does everything you want in the early game.
30Aerie WorshippersC+B-A 2/2 flier is a real card. You want something to hold down the ground in blue, and if your opponent doesn't leave enough back to block this, you get a lot of incidental value.
32Archetype of ImaginationC+C+Denying your opponent's creatures having flying makes your team mostly unblockable (save for reach). Seems pretty sweet in U/G. 2 toughness on a 6 mana creature means it dies to pretty much all removal. Does not block well. Important to note it dies to enchantment removal as well.
33Chorus of the TidesB-B-Pretty minimal Heroic effect, but also a Snapping Drake, which is a pretty solid card.
34CrypsisDD+Is a trick that turns a trade into not one. Untapping allows you to ambush your opponent when they attack. Doesn't pump power, doesn't protect from removal.
35Deepwater HypnotistCC-Sort of helps itself to keep attacking. Mostly a Coral Merfolk. Doesn't really help you race as it works on your turn.
36DivinationCCTheros did slant towards aggressive so not as good as in M14, but still definition of solid.
37Eternity SnareB-C+Needs the creature to be tapped, which generally means taking a hit first. However, it can lock down a monster with multiple Bestow/Auras on it. Very clunky and inefficient, but does cantrip and can get a lot of value. Worth noting there are several cards that untap creatures.
38Evanescent IntellectD-D-Either you are all in on mill or you are all out. And you should be all out. Also very slow.
40Flitterstep EidolonCC-Can get most of this effect for 1 mana in Aqueous Form. Brian has a hard time seeing this being much better than that. Does nothing on defense.
41Floodtide SerpentCCDoes a fine job of just blocking in your blue deck. Has potential to be acceptable (e.g. returning Nylea's Presence to draw a card every turn). Ability will be a drawback a reasonable portion of the time.
42Kraken of the StraitsD+D+Going to be mostly unblockable and can't be chump-blocked effectively. An acceptable finisher, not great.
43Meletis AstronomerC-D+Poor Man's Triton Fortune Hunter. Not going to hit reliably, sometimes you just need a Maritime Guard.
45NullifyCC+Going to counter most things you want to counter (i.e. Creatures, Bestow, other Auras), not that many great Instants or Sorceries. Restrictive casting cost. Pretty good.
46Nyxborn TritonBBHuge Bestow. Just value, best of the common Bestow creatures in BNG. Also just fine as a 2/3 blocker.
47Oracle's InsightC+/B-BBest friends with Wavecrash Triton (and Aerie Worshippers !!). Has the potential to dig 2 cards deep. Carries risk. No mana cost to activate.
49Retraction HelixCB-Heroic/Inspired enabler. Foils your opponent's Monstrous/Heroic. Need a creature, must be untapped, and can't be summoning sick. Can return an Aura to eat a creature in combat.
50Siren of the Fanged CoastA-B+The gap on this card is enormous. Air Elemental mode is great, and your opponent is NEVER giving you Mind Control when that's what you need.
51Sphinx's DiscipleCC-Evasive Inspired creature is great. It is both super sweet and super terrible. Sometimes it just dies to 2-toughess removal, and other times you get in uncontested or back it up with combat tricks. Barely plays defense.
52Stratus WalkC+C+Can put on your opponent's creature to get past it with multiple ground creatures. Fine on big green creatures. Only 2 mana, hard to complain about a cantripping Aura.
53Sudden StormCCA late game card to tap down blockers to attack them twice to win the game. Creatures tend to build up (bigger monster) rather than out (more creatures) which makes this slightly more effective. Also the worst Heroic enabler ever.
54Thassa's RebuffD-D-Counterspells are already conditional. Not even a hard counter, and sometimes you don't have any devotion. Not enough upside for the significant downsides.
56Vortex ElementalD+CSort of a blue Sedge Scorpion. Sits there and keeps your opponent's creatures at bay. Need to leave up blue mana. Once you get up to 3UUU, you can force a "trade." Can be a little proactive.
58Archetype of FinalityCCVery small for its mana cost. Giving your creatures deathtouch is powerful and makes combat hard for your opponent. Removing your opponent's deathtouch is a fairly marginal effect. Pretty good in black because of giving random utility creatures deathtouch (e.g. Disciple of Phenax). Deathtouch is a trump to build-your-own monster.
59Ashiok's AdeptD+D+Unexciting body on offense or defense. This is not a body you usually want to stick pump spells or bestow on. Note you can use this ability at instant speed (i.e. in their draw step).
60AsphyxiateB-B-Obvious downside, cannot kill something that is beating you down, as this is a sorcery. Pretty efficient removal. Excellent at killing blockers.
61Bile BlightB+/A-B+Most likely will only ever hit one target, but can hit tokens. Will end up just using just like Lightning Strike. But, you can also use this in combat as a trick to shrink your opponent's creature.
62Black Oak of OdunosD+C-An Inspired enabler. The pump ability is not that great for purposes of blocking - need untapped mana AND untapped creatures. But, has 5 toughness for blocking. Want this only in a control deck if just for blocking. Could potentially dominate a stalled board state in the late game.
64Claim of ErebosDDA reasonable clock could put pressure on your opponent in a stalled board state. Would rather boost the stats of your creature. Don't think this is good enough to just enable Inspired. Doesn't help on defense (doesn't help deter attacks).
65Drown in SorrowC+B-Only gets rid of things with 2 or less toughness. Might not kill things you want to kill (swarm strategies not overly prevalent). But, any time this gets you a 3+-for-1, this will win you the game. You can attack small things into big things and then cast this post-combat. Would rather maindeck this as the blowout potential is high, but you can side this out.
67Eye GougeD+C-Combat trick or very situational removal spell. There are relevant 1-toughness creatures, but not every deck will have good targets. There are not that many Cyclops in the set. You can maindeck but you'd rather not, compares reasonably with Viper's Kiss.
70Felhide BrawlerDDMinotaur decks generally don't care about blocking, but non-Minotaur decks generally do, which makes this awkward. Would rather have Fleshmad Steed.
71Forlorn PseudammaCC-A little inefficient for its mana cost. Having Inspired on an evasive creature is nice. Getting a Gray Ogre without spending a card takes until turn 6 on curve. Extremely slow and grindy.
72Forsaken DriftersCCMilling yourself is generally considered a small upside. A 4/2 can rumble very well. There weren't many big black creatures in Theros.
74Grisly TransformationC-C-Cantripping on an Aura mitigates a lot of the downside of it being an Aura. Being able to put this on any of your creatures will have a high potential to making it unblockable. 3 mana is a lot, will generally take a whole turn. Really want to put this on a Heroic creature to maximize its value.
76Marshmist TitanCCYou will not be casting this super early (like turn 4 - e.g. no BB two drops). With reasonable devotion, you can probably cast this on turn 5. The key is can you do something with the mana you save. Reasonable stats if you are paying ~5 mana for it.
77NecrobiteDCCan help topple a large creature. You will not always have enough removal to deal with those types of creatures and this can help. Does leave you vulnerable to be 2-for-1'd.
78Nyxborn EidolonC+C+Acceptable body, not great. The Bestow mechanics has proved to be very powerful because of its versatility. A 2-drop when you need it, an Aura in the late game.
79Odunos River TrawlerC+C+Another acceptable body. Very specific trigger - enchantment creature. Not enchantment OR creature. Off-color activation is a nice upside. A low risk card with upside. Best friends with Baleful Eidolon.
81SanguimancyD-D-This is tough to control. Hard to find a scenario where this is better than Thassa's Bounty. Need time to cast it, losing life is a significant downside. Would never maindeck.
82Servant of TymaretCCNo mana payment for the Inspired trigger. The regeneration ability is expensive (editor's note: see Asphodel Wanderer). Pretty decent target to beef up with Auras, which provides value from both his abilities. Does block big green creatures and its ilk.
83Shrike HarpyB-BYou will always get the worse half of this card (the one you don't want) provided a competent opponent. In a stalled board state you will just get a 2/2 flier for 5 and they will sacrifice an irrelevant ground creature. However, this will never be truly bad. If they don't want to sacrifice a creature, a 4/4 flier is difficult to punch through.
84Spiteful ReturnedBBCheap Bestow cost. Very good Heroic enabler (imagine putting this on a Wingsteed Rider !!). Not trivial to get this off the board when backed up by tricks and removal, kills your opponent dead.
85Warchanter of MogisC-C-Overpaying for the body. Hard to continue to give something else Intimidate because then your opponent will just block this.
86Weight of the UnderworldB-B-Spending 4 mana to just kill a 2-toughness creature is overcosted, but can essentially neutralize most threats. Will not trade up in mana.
87Akroan ConscriptorB+B+An awesome way to top off your curve in an aggressive deck. A very scary card. Turns all your combat tricks into a fuse card + Threaten. If you target a tapped Inspired creature, you get the Inspired trigger. This also works at INSTANT speed, allowing you to steal one of their creatures when they attack and then block with it.
88Archetype of AggressionC+C+Trample is very good in red, lots of high power (e.g. Dragon Mantle, Two-Headed Cerberus). Interacts well with Deathtouch. Good vanilla stats.
89Bolt of KeranosBBSorcery-speed so you can't blow your opponent out, but efficient removal. Significant step-up from Rage of Purphoros.
90Cyclops of One-Eyed PassCC-5 is a lot of power for 4 mana, but very fragile. Will trade with mostly anything. Does block and trade with a lot of things. Much better if you can give it evasion or clear the way with blue or push it through with pump spells.
91Epiphany StormFFTriggering Heroic and Inspired doesn't save this card. Doesn't help in the grindy matchups usually because in those matchups there's lots of removal.
92Everflame EidolonBBExtremely cheap Bestow. Really helps you force your opponent to trade or pushes through damage (twice !!). Threat of activation is real here. Put this on a bad creature.
93Fall of the HammerBBKind of like Fight without the other creature fighting back. Also an INSTANT. Does enable Heroic, works well with Deathtouch, as the creature deals the damage. Very cheap for its utility. Does open you up to being 2-for-1'd.
95Fearsome TemperC-CPlaying this for mostly the +2/+2 effect. Will usually let you get through the turn you play it, and then on the following turns lets you spend mana to not let them block it. Would not play in a midrange/control deck.
99Impetuous SunchaserD-D-Having to attack every turn is a real downside. Doesn't ever block except if you cast it on your 2nd Main Phase. 1-power attacking creatures just don't do enough damage.
100Kragma ButcherC+C2/3's can usually attack right away, and then a 4/3 attacker makes them block or take quite a bit of damage. Being a Minotaur is relevant.
101Lightning VolleyCCHas a wide range from ceiling to floor. There will be games where this does stone nothing, and then there will be games where you burn your opponent out or wipe their best creatures. Works well with Deathtouch. Do need a lot of creatures or token generators.
102Nyxborn RollickerCD+As cheap as possible for Bestow. Really pushing the limit of how mediocre Bestow can be and still be playable. Rebuilding on the leftover vanilla 1/1 is not interesting at all.
104Pharagax GiantCC-A very swingy card. A lot of the time it will be correct to take the 5 damage and just deal with the 3/3. In the situations where you have to give a 5/5, it does not have trample (no evasion). Both agree this will be overrated. Does cost 5 mana.
105Pinnacle of RageB-B+Does hit players. This affects the board in a huge way. 6 mana is a lot but can swing a game. Marshall would rather have Bolt of Keranos for consistency purposes.
106Reckless RevelerCC-There aren't that many artifacts that you care about. Pretty reasonable sideboard card against God Weapons. Reasonable creature.
107Rise to the ChallengeD+D+The cheaper the trick the better, and 2 mana is a lot. Will usually get a 1-for-1, easy to play around, but playable.
109Satyr Nyx-SmithBBHaving haste AND the tokens having haste is excellent for purposes of making more tokens. Very scary to let continue get card advantage. Can take the game over on its own.
110Scouring SandsD+D+Can be fine to use as a post-combat trick. Only hits your opponent's creatures. Scry 1 really helps. There will be times when you sideboard this in and it will be a complete blowout.
111Searing BloodBBBasically a reverse Pharika's Cure. If you need to kill your opponent with this, it won't be hard to set up a scenario where this triggers. Restrictive casting cost, does only do 2.
112Stormcaller of KeranosC+C+Allows you to be aggressive as well as gain late game advantage. The scry ability is repeatable. Pretty bad if you can't activate its ability.
113Thunder BruteB+B+This card is a beating. Good in all decks, brutal efficiency, puts a lot of pressure on your opponent. Has evasion.
114Thunderous MightDDFeel like you are getting a better deal from all the other Auras. Does rely on evasion or something like Two-Headed Cerberus.
116Archetype of EnduranceD-D-Hard to maindeck a creature that costs 8. Hexproof doesn't seem the most relevant once you get to 8 mana. This card will be rarely better than Vulpine Goliath. Doesn't win you the game for your 8 mana.
117Aspect of HydraCCRequires green permanents to do anything. If you are mostly green permanents, this has a lot of upside to go over the top of your opponent. Very cheap combat trick.
118Charging BadgerFFBoth say they will never start this. Could see sideboarding this in with a bad curve against X/1's.
120Culling MarkFFThey can block whatever they want. If you attack with just one big thing, this will probably kill it, but too many downsides.
122Graverobber SpiderC+B-Giant Spider with upside. Helps stall the game. Has major potential to have a huge creature for little cost.
125Karametra's FavorDD+Can use as a heroic trigger, mana fixing or acceleration (which is sketchy because they can just kill it). Would rather have Nylea's Presence. Doesn't accomplish a whole lot.
126Mischief and MayhemCC+Sorcery-speed pump effects usually suck unless they grant trample. Grants you two massive creatures which could force chump blocks. Brian likes this because it targets two creatures, at least playable.
127Mortal's ResolveC-C-Nice that it saves your creature from anything except -X/-X effects (e.g. Lash of the Whip). Inefficient trick though.
128Nessian DemolokC+B-Casting this on turn 5 presents a real decision between a 6/6 or losing a land. Late game your opponent could usually have a non-land permanent. Much better if you can ramp into it.
130Noble QuarryB-BLure on a stick. Lets you sneak through damage. Bestow lets you put it on a big thing and eat a bunch of creatures. Can also cast this early and pump it up and eat their creatures. Bad on defense.
131Nyxborn WolfB-B-Pretty reasonable creature on its own. Bestowing this makes any creature into a sizeable threat. Fair costed on both ends, efficient overall. Brian says it is similar in power level to Leafcrown Dryad.