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We know that moving off-campus can be challenging and we would like to help! This is a space for you to find your potential new roommate. If you have a space and are looking for a roommate, please briefly describe the type of roommate that you are looking for and leave your contact information. If you are looking to rent a room, review the info provided and reach out if you are interested. Please continue the conversation through email and indicate on the sheet if you have found a roommate.
Please note: this space is simply provided by the Berkeley International Office to assist in connecting
incoming and current students. BIO is in no way responsibile for this spreadsheet or any of the information contained within.
NameCountry of OriginLevel/Year (Ex: Grad, Freshman, Exchange) Semester(s) you are looking to share housingContact emailPrice rangePreferred apt locationApartment type/ sizePreferred roommate characteristicsOther notes:I found a roommate!
Madeline KlingerUSAgrad2018-2019 school year or<$1300anywhereanyeasygoing, mildly introvertedHi, I'll be starting my PhD in neuroscience this fall! I am generally quiet & not really a partier, but I enjoy getting drinks/smaller gatherings. I'm generally neat but ok with some messiness; I'm a night person but don't mind if you have a different schedule; I like animals; prefer non-smoking. I like music & exploring new activities, and I eat a lot of peanut butter.
Nugent LewCanadaGradFall<$1200Berkeley (except South area)Private room/shared aptSociable, respectfulHi, I'll be spending my first ever year in Berkeley starting in the fall. I'll usually be on campus during the day, and home in the evening, or later at night. I'm generally quiet in the house and don't host tend to host parties. In my free time I enjoy eating, cooking, bouldering, memes, and making bad puns.
Joakim Helleboe KnutsenNorwayGrad Spring<1200BerkeleyAny, but prefer private room Social, friendlyHi, my name is Joakim. I'm studying history, and I'm going to take graduate courses to complete my master's degree during the spring 2018. I am friendly and laid back, and I enjoy hanging out with people form other cultures. I hope to experience life in the Bay Area outside of campus while there, so I hope to find a roommate who is up for some roadtrips and other activities.
Iasi Moreno PonceMexicoExchangeSpring<$800Berkeley or nearby areasAny (furnished)Kind and responsibleHi, I'm Iasi, a mexican student of the environment. I'll be studying as an exchange student during spring 2018 semester. I would love to share a room with anybody willing to conversate and hang out :)
Ana María Valencia LópezColombia
Visiting Student Researcher
Spring 2018,
<$1100BerkeleyFurnished room, hopefully a single roomClean, responsible, friendlyHi, my name is Ana María. I am Visiting Student Researcher and I will be here in Berkeley until the end of June. I am looking for a cozy and quiet place to rest and for respectful and kind roommates. I am an easygoing person and have already experience sharing flats in different countries.
Jose Tomas DiazChileGrad StudentYear<1200BerkeleyAnyKind, clean and responsibleHi, I am from Chile, I will start my graduate studies in August and I am looking for housing. I am clean, respectful, responsible and kind. I like outdoor sports such as hiking and climbing.
Yunjie YaoChinaGrad StudentYear<1200BerkeleyFurnished, with kitchenKindHi, I'm Yvette from China. I will start my graduate studies in August and I'm looking for housing. I'm kind, quiet, clean and respectful. I like go to dance studios and reading books.
David ChangChinaundergraduateFall<1400BerkeleyAnyquietHi, my name is David. I'm physics major
Ruiqi GuoChinaGrad StudentFall 201813521891557@163.comAnyNorth Berkeley; within 5 min to schoolFurnished;bedrooms>2;bathrooms>2;No smoking; kind; quiet when I am working or sleeping.Personal infomation: Male(straight). Master of Mechanical Engineering. Native in Chinese & Japanese. Anime lover. Maybe good at cooking? I am looking for a place to live near the campus. Feel free to contact me, my friends.found
Haina DuChinaGrad StudentFall 2018,
<1500North Berkeleyanyclean, responsibleHi, Im Haina from China. I'm a girl and i'm preferrablly looking for female roomates. I study chemical engineering.I'm a friendly person who wouldn't mind to have some in house party.
Anushka ThakkarIndiaGrad StudentFall<1000Within 5-10 minutes biking radius! Any, prefer a single roomClean & FriendlyHi, I am Anushka. I will be starting my Masters in Public Health. I love cooking & I am an animal lover. I am quite organized and expect the same from my roommate. Feel free to contact me!
Megha AcharyaIndiaGrad StudentAcademic year<=100015 to 20 minutes walk from Hearst Memorial BuildingSingle room preferred in an Apt. or houseClean, quiet, friendly, organisedHi I am Megha. I am a PhD student in Mat Sci dept. I need a roommate who is responsible and quiet. I am learning how to cook but would be fun to cook together :) Let me know if we can share a room or an appartment together!
Melrose HuangUSAGrad StudentAcademic year<=1000Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville (within ~15-20 minutes driving distance although walking distance is preferable)Single roomKind and friendly; laid-back; responsible to a reasonable extent (e.g., pays rent on time)Hi, I'm Melrose. I'll be starting the MIMS program in late August but am hoping to secure housing by the month of July. I'm laid-back, quiet, clean (at least in the common areas--my room goes through cycles :) ), and an ambivert. I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling, and live music. Bonus points if you watch RPDR or Parks & Rec.
Yufei (Albert) WangChinaGrad StudentFall<=100015-20 min driving, or 30 min bussingle roomclean, easy-goingPhD in NE. Been here for 5 years.
Vikramank SinghIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year <=1000Within 10-15 mins walking radiusFine with sharing a room with 1Preferably no pets
No smoking
Rest everything is fine!
Hi I am Vikramank. I'll be starting my Masters program (MIMS) around mid August. I am willing to shift to Berkeley in the first week of August. I'm quiet, clean and punctual. I know how to cook :P I enjoy learning new things and sharing. Feel free to contact me!
Vishesh Vikram SinghIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1000In and around Berkeley, 10-15 minutes away from campus on cycle.Preferably- Single room (furnished) in shared appartment/house.Preferably a person who is organised, responsible and keeps the house clean.Hi, my name is Vishesh and I'm joining MS in Civil Engineering. I'll be there at Berkeley by July last week or August first week. I'm myself very organised and responsible and would prefer a similar flatmate. I love to travel and explore and plan to do so in and around California. Would love to share movies, music, books and most of all my apartment with some like that. I also like to party from time to time.
Aneesa ChishtiIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1000BerkeleySingle furnished room in an apartment/houseKind, clean, quiet, friendly, organisedHi, I'm Aneesa! I'll be starting the MIMS program in August.
Vishakha GuptaIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year 2018-19/<=100010-15 minutes walking radius; preferebly near North Gate HallPrefer a single room but open to a doubleClean, friendlyHey, I am Vishakha and I'll be joining the Master of Journalism program this fall. I can cook decent food and am generally a quite person. Feel free to get in touch with me! Thanks
Moritz FlechsenharGermanyGrad StudentAcademic Year 2018 -<1300BerkeleySingleClean, social, laid-back
Hi! I'm Moritz, a 23 year old law student from Germany and I'll be starting an LL.M. degree in August. I would love to get together with 1 or more other students and go house hunting for the perfect apartment in the UCB area! I would consider myself easy-going, athletic, social and fun, and you could expect me to join you on surfing trips down the coast or on a Friday night on the town if we end up living together! Get in touch ;)
Aditi GhoshIndiaGrad StudentFall 2018-Spring<=1000BerkeleyPreferably a single room in a furnished (shared) apt/houseSocial, easy-going and cleanHi! I'm Aditi. I'll be 21 by the time I join the MEng in EECS at Cal in the first week of August. I'm pretty social and love meeting new people. I'm also decently clean and organised, but not obsessively so. I enjoy reading, travelling (I'm always up for exploring places), and LOVE food. I like going out, but also enjoy a night in with friends. I'm an okay-ish cook but am getting better! Let me know if you have something available. Thanks :)
Roy AbdollahiItalyGrad Student Academic Year 2018 -<=1300BerkeleyPreferably a single room in a furnished (shared) apt/houseClean, responsible, sociable and easy-goingHi everyone! My name is Roy Abdollahi, I'm almost 24 years old and I'm from Italy. I will be doing an MS in Engineering and Project Management. I've studied my Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Israel, at the Technion Instutute. I've lived with roomates for 4 years and I never had problems with anyone. I'm veeery clean, sociable, respectful and fun. I love to go out at night, and I'm crazy about soccer (I'm an F.C International Football Club fan).
Yulika YoshidaCanadaGrad Student Academic Year 2018-19
<=1000Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville (within ~15-20 minutes driving distance although walking distance is preferable)Furnished room, hopefully a single roomFriendly, easy-going, cleanHey everyone my name's Yulika! I'm 23 and will be doing a Master of Public Health starting in the Fall. I'm super excited to study in California. I'm social and like meeting new people. Also excited to learn how to surf and check out the food scene. I also like going out BUT make sure to get my studying in beforehand :) Feel free to contact me!
Franklin Olaya Peru Grad Student Academic Year <=1200Berkeley or nearby areasPreferably a single room in a furnished (shared) apt/houseFriendly; respectful; cleanHello, I'm Franklin and will be at Berkeley by late July. I am organised and responsible. Don't mind to share responsibilities in the apartment. Feel free to contact me (y). Good luck everyone!
Kashfia Nehrin Bangladesh Grad Student Academic Year<=1000Berkeley or AlbanyFurnished single
in shared
Friendly, clean, responsible and easy going
I am Kashfia and I am a grad student in
master of development practice program.
I love pretty organized and I LOVE cooking.
feel free to contact!
Summer Zuber USA Grad StudentAcademic Year<=1100
Berkeley as cloase as possible to campus
Single roomStudious, clean, quiet
I am a 22 year old Physics PhD student. I am a California native and I like going to Breweires and eating good food. I also like sailing and sometimes yoga. Hoping to live with 1-2 other grad students.
Tirth PatelIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1200As close to campus as possible.Single room in an apt or house but open to sharing tooOrganised, chilled about life, fun lovingHi. My name is Tirth Patel. I am from India. I completed my undergrad in 2016 and have been working since then. I will be joining UCB as graduate student in chemical engineering. I am super excited to be in california. I am decent at cooking and will improve in next 2-3 months. I love trekking and hikking. I am a foodie and love to party now and then. I am pretty organised, but at the same time pretty chilled about things. Having a great roomate would be very important to enjoy the life at university.
Please feel free to contact me on email or watsapp on +91 9619307170.
Arianna AvellanEcuadorGrad StudentAcademic Year<= 1200 As close to Berkeley as possible single room; in an apt or housefriendly, clean, studious but funHi my name is Ari and I will be a first year PhD student in MatSci&Engr. I am pretty easy to be friends with. I like to keep to myself but at the same time love to talk/hang with roommates. I am pretty clean and if I get messy it is within my private space. feel free to contact me if you think we are a good match :-)
Darren Scioneaux Jr.
USA, New Orleans LA
Grad StudentAcademic Year<=800-1200Close to Berkeley/ Oakland AreaPrefer a single, open to a double or apartment in the areaFriendly, clean, studious, fun, and respectful
Greetings, my name is Darren Scioneaux Jr., i am
a 23 year old first year graduate student pursuing my
master in journalism through the J-School. I will be
moving from New Orleans, Louisiana I am pretty cool/dope
person to be friends with. I am a very rigorous and
hard-working when it comes to school, but always love
to relax and take it easy for a bit or break. Most definetely
love to stay clean, which is a priority of mines. Having an
awesome roommate/ best friend is important to me!
Let me know or please feel free to contact me if we
can be a good match!
Samuel ChanHong KongGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1500Close to Berkeley (okay with an 1-hr distance)Prefer a single room, but do not mind a double roomClean, friendly, and most imporantly somebody who prefer to resolve everything over communicationHi all, I am Samuel from Hong Kong. I will be pursuing my PhD in Political Science starting from the coming academic year. My interests are quite versatile. I love discussions related to social sciences and philosophy, but I also enjoy anime, poems, novels, classical music, and TV series (esp. Westworld). Also, love food, especially Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. I am pretty clean especially when it comes to shared spaces. I don't mind if each of us are slightly messy in our respective personal spaces (as long as that does not cause hygiene problems). It would be great if I could get friendly and fun roommates, but I won't mind if you want to be quiet and study on your own every day either. I do want a roommate who would voice out every relevant concern out and resolve them over communication. Do contact me if you think we can work this out!
Karan JainIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1200Less than 30 mins walk to UCBPrefer a single room (furnished), but open to shared optionsOrganized, chill about lifeMy name is Karan and I am from Mumbai, India. I am 21 years old. I have just completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering (ME) from IIT Bombay, and will be joining UCB as a Master's student in ME department itself. I have a great passion for engineering and maths and love to have discussions about the same. Aside from academics, I love watching movies, TV series and anime. I am decent at cooking and hope to improve over 2-3 months that I have at my home. I also love travelling and sight-seeing. My roommate preferences are quite minimal. As long as we respect each other's personal space, we are cool.

If this can work, do contact me via email. If you would like to call me or message on WhatsApp, here's my phone no. (India): +91-9930198119
Aviral KumarIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1200Preferably at a 5-10 minute walk from SDH and Soda HallsSingle room in an apt or house but open to sharing tooFriendly, clean, easy-going, chillHey, I am Aviral from Mumbai, India. I have just completed my undergrad in CS from IIT Bombay, India and will be joining UCB as a PhD student in CS. I can cook decently well. I enjoy travelling and biking. While I would love to discuss math and computer science, I am happy talking about politics and history too. I am a foodie and you can expect trying out new cuisines with me. I am hoping to live with 1 or 2 grad students. Please contact me via email. If you would like to message me, you can use Skype, my handle is aviralkumar2907.
Reehan ShahIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<=1000Less than 30 mins walk to UCBSingle/shared room in an apartmentClean, respects private spaceHello! I am Reehan from Ahmedabad, India. I have completed my undergrad fro BITS Pilani, India and am joining Berkeley for the MEng in IEOR program. I am learning how to cook and am really enthusiastic about experimenting while cooking. I enjoy reading, dancing, music and am an avid follower of football (I support Arsenal FC). I'm hoping to find accomodation close to campus with a maximum of 4-5 people in an apartment. I am clean, motivated and enjoy socializing. I promise you, I'll make an excellent roommate! Feel free to reach out to me at
Samdisha PunjaniIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<1000Less than 20 minute walk to campus/ 5-10 mins bike ride to campusSingle/shared room in an apartmentClean and SocialHi! I am Samdisha and I am from India. I will be pursuing Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering at UCB. I did my undergrad from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois so I have been living in US for the last 4 years. I like to cook occasionally and I love to dance and swim. I am looking into finding accommodation as close to campus at a reasonable price. Let me know if you're willing to share an apartment with me! Feel free to email me at
Junwen XiongChinaGrad<1500less than 20 min bus from campussingle room in aptclean, talkative, chillHi! My name is Junwen Xiong. Go by Robin if Chinese names are hard to pronounce for you. Incoming Physics graduate student. I am from China. Undergrad in UCLA. Right now in Japan, and going to Berkeley end of July. I also apply for dorms, but highly likely not going to get it. Hope to find roommates here, and we can secure an apartment together.
Ahmed AliEgypt LLM student<1000Less than 30 mins walk to UCBPrefer a single room but open to a doubleClean and Social
Hi. My name is Ahmed I'm from Egypt; I'm living in the USA since 2014, I have a master degree from Brandeis University. I will be pursuing my second masters (LLM) from Berkeley law school. I'm a global citizen and very friendly; I love to meet new people and discover new cultures, I have lived and worked in 6 countries so far. In general, d I have long experience living with a different roommate from many countries. I'm a clean person, and I'm usually studying in the library. I'm living in Washington DC and Iwill move to Berkeley on the end of July. If you like my profile, please let me know. This is my American number:+1- 617-8708126
Utkarsha AgwanIndia Grad$As close to campus as possible.Single roomClean, chill, socialHi! My name is Utkarsha, and I'm an incoming grad student in EECS. I'm neat, like cooking, and am generally up for socialising. I'd prefer a roommate who is female, respects shared spaces and resources, and is chill
Sneha SasiIndia Grad StudentAcademic Year<=1500Less than 15 min walk to UCB Preferably a Single room in a shared furnished apartmentClean, friendly, midly introverted Hey! My name is Sneha and I will be joining UC Berkeley for MS program in Civil Engineering in August. I am quite organised and neat and would prefer a similar roommate. I enjoy listening to music, TV Series and food and like to cook occasionally.I am looking for an affordable accomodation closer to the university. Feel free to contact me !
Mariagrazia De LucaItalyPhD StudentFrom August mariagrazia.deluca@berkeley.edu1000 to 2000close to campus Single room, double to share w/ husbandClean, friendlyMy name is Mariagrazia, and I am Italian. After having lived for about six years in NYC, I've been accepted in a Ph.D. program in Italian in Berkeley and will move to the West Coast in August. I'm looking for a room for me and my husband, Mario, close to the campus. We are clean, discreet, and friendly. We like to ride bike, read and go to the movies. Feel free to contact me on my email if interested.
Shaun MoncadaUSAGrad<=110015-30 min. drive from BerkeleySingle/shared room in an apartmentClean, Friendly, RespectfulMy name is Shaun Moncada, and I will be attending Berkeley's MPH Program this upcoming Fall. I try to be as clean and tidy as much as possible, and would greatly prefer a roommate with those same characteristics. I enjoy the outdoors, and am always willing to try new things. Please feel free to reach out!
Bhaskar ChaturvediIndiaGrad<=1000Walk to campusSingle room preferred but willing to share room; no limit on total number of housematesClean, FriendlyHi, my name is Bhaskar and I will be joining Berkeley this fall to pursue my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I love my field of study (automotives), football, music, movies, reading and video games. I am friendly and like to hang out and relax. I also love good food so I am always up for a good meal outside as long as I have the money for it. I tend not to stress too much about my studies but I do take them very seriously. As a roommate I am clean and respectful; as an undergrad I have lived in shared rooms among six and four people, on seperate occasions, and formed a real strong bond with all of them. I am looking for like minded roommates who I can connect with, have fun but also hold serious discussions. Please reach out to me if you are looking for the same.
Zeng Rong WongSingaporeGrad<=1300Berkeley, close to campussingle room in aptClean, friendlyHi, my name is Zeng Rong. I'm starting a PhD in chemistry this fall, having done my undergrad in Singapore
Runkang ChenChina Grad StudentAcademic Year<=1800$
North or Northeast of Berkeley, close to
preferrably a single room in a furnished apt/houseClean, Friendy and extroverted
Hi, I'm Runkang (male) whio is gonna join BioE master
program in UCB in early August and go house hunting right
now. I'm an anime lover and a foodie who can cook some
Chinese (SIchuan) cuisine.Though a touch introverted I am,
I'm looking forward to extroverted and fun roommates.
Do feel free to contact me!
Itamar KarbiIsraelundergraduateFall 2018karbitamar@berkeley<1000$Anywhere is goodSingle room
I'm coming to berkeley for a semester to stuy physics and climate. I'm super keen to explore the area and the nature around it. Hit me up if you want me as a roomate :)
Yiyang Zhou ChinaGrad Student Fall<1300North of campus, on a bus route preferrably a single room in a furnished apt/house, need a parking lot clean your own dishes lol, tidy, friendly Yiyang Zhou, incoming ME PhD student from China. I finished my undergraduat in Atlanta Georgia, so I carired some red neckness lol. Love to work on cars and machines, used to work for GT Off-road team and Porsche Cars North America as a Quality Engineer. I would love to make some friends at Berkeley! Yeah!!Not Yet!!
Sara Fridovich-KeilUSAGrad StudentAcademic Year<$1200
prefer north/northeast side of Berkeley, close to EECS buildings
prefer single room in a house (furnished or unfurnished is ok)clean, friendly, not a partier
I'll be starting as a PhD student in EECS in August. I'd love to cook together if roommates are interested. I like board games, hiking, and biking.
Nate WegerUSAGrad StudentAcademic Year<$1300
North, within 2 miles preferred, but open to anywhere
Anything is fine if I have my own roomClean and friendlyFirst year PhD in Mechanical Engineering, from Iowa, let me know if you're interested!
Vikrant SinghIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<$1000
Northside or southside, close to campus
Looking for a DoubleNeat and respectfulHey! I'm an incoming Civil & Environmental Engineering grad student student and I'm looking for a place close enough to campus to walk or bike from. I'm a foodie and have been learning how to cook recently as well. Hope to be good at it by the time I join! I would like a roommate who will share apartment responsibilities equally and keep the place peaceful and tidy
Juan<1000Neraby to campusprefer single room in a house (furnished or unfurnished is ok)FriendlyI need a place to stay for a month from August 4th, after that I'll leave the country. I will spend my time outside going only for sleeping
Alexander N AlvaraUSAGrad2018-2019 academic year or<13005-10mins biking radius from Berkeley
private room/shared apt (furnished preferred)
human or other
Hello, my name is Alexander and I am a Mechanical Engineering PhD in Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering. I like to cook, work out, play card/board games, drink, and relax. I am very involved with my work and likely won't be home often. When I am, I tend to go with the flow of the house and stay in or try to keep myself entertained with hobbies. I am not very loud except when I'm laughing. I am relatively friendly but straight forward and I also enjoy animals. If you have any animals, that's great, I might offer to walk them for you. I'm looking for a bike as well (large adult mountain type bike).
Rozhan RabbaniIranGrad2018-2019 academic<1300$
Less than 20 minute walk to the campus or near AC-transit stops
private room/shared apt.Clean, female
Hi all, I am Rozhan and I will start my phd in EECS dep. in Fall 2018. I will be there after August 13th. In my own country, I live in dormitory during my B.Sc studies and I have learnt have to deal with my roommates. I will respect my roommates' privicies ,at the same time I try to develop friendly relationships with them. lOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU:))
Maria-Christina PantelidesCyprusExchangeFall 2018<2000$southside, close to campusSingle room, shared aptfemale, clean, friendly
Hi, my name is Maria-Christina and i'm an exchange student from my university in London. I will be studying Media Studies for the Fall 2018. I am very friendly and clean I would like to have a flatmate like that. I love working out and going out. I am looking for a female similar to me. Please feel free to reach out to me!
Max TenenbaumUSAGrad2018-2019 Academic<$1300
Within a 20 min walking distance preferred; 10-15 min drive is acceptable
single room, shared aptClean, Friendly, easy going, respectful, communicative
Hi, my name is Max and i'm an incoming grad student into the Product Development Program at Berkeley. Im looking to find affordable accomodation closer to campus. Im organized and keep my room clean so I would also like a roommate(s) to keep the apartment clean. Im easy going, sociable and typically get along with people real well; i make friends easily. Im respectful of peoples' privacy, space, and needs. I enjoy cooking, watching sports, being outdoors but I also work very hard. Please feel free to contact me at any time!
Within a 20 min walking distance preferred; 10-15 min drive is acceptable
single room, shared aptSocial, respectful,easy going,
Hi my name is Zamin Ali and I will be pursuing my Master's in Chemical Engineering from Berkeley. I am looking to find affordable accomodation near Berkeley. I would prefer roomates who don't smoke inside the house. I can cook and will be reaching Berkeley on 8th of August.
Ilyas ManakkadavanIndia GradAugust 15,2018- May-<$800within 20 minutes walking distance. looking for doubleEasy going, friendly, respectful
Hello, i am joining as a visiting student researcher, from India, at CSTMS for 9 months satrting from August 15, 2018. i am PhD candidate in Medical Anthropology at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. i am easy going, frindly, don't drink, don't smok (but, don't mind if you do). Please feel free to contact me if you have a spot to offer:
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