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Wish List5/7/2018 12:58:22
Price Estimate (include installation & labor chgs)
Item DescriptionQuantity DesiredUnit PriceTotal PriceDate of EstimateSourceRequestorDate NeededDate Added to ListCouncil Priority (H,M,L)Status (not started, in progress, complete, removal)Funding (Gen, Mem, PE, Fund Drive)Status NotesStatus DateFinal Cost
FLC Wall Leakage Issue- men's bathroom and other on N wall has developed moisture problems and is deteriorating. Trustees9/17/16MNot StartedPEdiscussed by council- to find estimates, and then can go forward (Stumpf was highly recommended for such work by Sue)7/18/2017
Repair Spotlight in Sanctuary?$490 - lift rental, $590 - lights, $100 misc items$1,180.00from 10/17 council meeting Al HulseWorship team8/18/16Min progress - bulb guy(Wren) came to look into PE 10/17 meeting - trustees now have an estimate for work and a weekly lift rental, will wait to complete when signage electric work is decided upon and can do all at once9/19/17
Photocell Spotlight for quilters window-150W Rectangle Bulb1$810 (revised from $200) $910 with wiring4-15-18Stitlers, Washington, iaTrustees/Verleeany time not started4/15 received updated info, determined round bulb would not look good, rectangular better for shape of window
Acoustify FLC Gym - hang material on gym walls to improve accoustics so could use the gym for special services, etc. Worship teamnot starteddiscussion of how much the space will be used for worship if accoustics are fixed? also proposed signage placement in gym needs to be considered if conflicting with this 7/18/17
Reroof Church Steeple1Trustees07/19/2017not startedPEcouncil asked for estimates, and more detail before further discussion 7/18/17
Video projection in sanctuary and fellowship hall3$3,266.00$9,800.0011/2017
Pastor Scott
2/201811/2017not startedPhil Kakacek is researching this and will come up with estimates and lay out the various options
Below are Tentative Future Wish List Items
Use visual boards of what is happening in the church and what is being worked towardAl Harrington from Str. planning ideasPhil suggested that video projection might be a solution for this as well, an electronic visual version of these boards in order to view various projects or volunteer opportunities going on within the church
wireless mics, misc audio equipment for sanctuary
Pastor Lisa
Phil Kakacek is researching the options for the audio equipment, Lisa will also talk to the new pastor Ken when he is here May 7 about his thoughts. Phil or Lisa are finding out costs for replacing wireless mics because the current bandwidth will no longer be available at some pt.
printer lease is up - consider replacement1see separate sheet with printer lease comparison info, canon offer is only thru Sept.deblease ends in December, but must notify Ricoh 30 days prior 4/20/2018 Researched addition companies, and brought 3 to council in Aug 21, with prices/info to consider. Tabled decision to Sept. Since then Canon revised prices to be more competitive.
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