Health Equity Scorecard 2019
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1This tool only tracks the bills Center for Health Progress supported during the 2019 legislative session. It is meant to illustrate which legislators championed health equity, which ones have potential to become champions, and which ones vote in opposition.
2Future tools based off this year's version may look different and may not be suited for direct comparison. This tool also cannot be compared to other scorecards.
3This tool illustrates how legislators voted on specific health equity issues, in order to identify trends within each chamber and legislative champions for health equity. We consider legislators "Supporters" if they voted in favor of all highlighted bills; legislators are considered "Opponents" if they voted against all highlighted bills; legislators that voted for at least one but not all highlighted bills are considered "Growth" opportunities, in the sense that their support for health equity has potential to grow. All "Y" votes in this sheet mean votes for health equity; and all "N" votes in this sheet mean votes against health equity.
4The data is limited, so please keep in mind: 1) not every bill on the list made it all the way through the legislative process, so some of the bills only list committee votes or have votes from one chamber; 2) only bills we supported were included and bills we monitored were not included; 3) not every health equity-related bill heard in the 2019 session has been included, so the "score" at the end should be looked at as one piece of helpful data about legislative champions and trends and not a comprehensive health equity score on all their votes in 2019; and 4) the votes tracked here are only the last action that legislators took on the bill (meaning 3rd readings for bills that made it through the entire process) so this scorecard does not take into account any legislators who may have changed their votes throughout the process.
5This tool is in view-only mode to avoid accidental changes to formulas. If you see any errors, have questions, or would like access to the raw data, please contact Aubrey Hill at