TimestampEmail AddressInstitution
HubDelivery restart date requested?Changes to delivery instructionsComments or Questions for ELDDays per week to startHours delivery can be madeConfirmed Start DateRoute / Notes
7/2/2020 18:04:49abyrne@bklynlibrary.orgBrooklyn Public LibraryBKLNew York CityTBDWould I be able to request a delivery for once a week as we work to clear out a backlog?waiting on confirmation
5/29/2020 9:30:15mainill@binghamton.eduBinghamton University LibrariesBNGBinghamton6/8/20206/15/20BIN
7/31/2020 11:00:01parker2@buffalo.eduSUNY University at BuffaloBUFBuffalo8/3/2020Can restart at a later date, but need to know what date. Ideally it should be during the 8/3-8/7 week.8/3/20Added 7/31.
8/17/2020 14:38:33apersico@albany.eduUniversity at AlbanyNAMAlbany8/18/2020If we resume service this week we cannot accept deliveries after 12 PM. On 8/24 we will be back to normal hours and can accept deliveries after noon, if necessary.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
8 AM - 12 PM8/24/20
6/15/2020 12:44:01ill@nysed.govNew York State LibraryNYGAlbany6/16/2020No changes. Bin will be in same location.6/22/20ALB
9/3/2020 15:33:37interlibraryloan@nypl.orgNew York Public LibraryNYPNew York City11/2/2020If there is no answer at the loading dock/mailroom, please see security guard.Tuesday, Thursday9AM - 4PM11/3/20
7/30/2020 15:24:29
University of RochesterRRRRochester9/1/2020JetX Stop8/31/20Jetx 8/31 start
43987.89859pwills@ncls.orgNorth Country Library SystemRTNSyracuse7/13/2020No changes/ still twice a week/ Tues. and Thurs.Tuesday, Thursday7/13/20
7/30/2020 13:19:41
Roberts Wesleyan CollegeRVARochester9/2/2020No changes to delivery instructions.JetX Stop8/31/20Jetx 8/31 start
7/10/2020 14:56:29rfiguero@syr.eduSyracuse UniversitySYBSyracuse7/15/2020At this point the mail room is working between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.7/20/20
8/30/2020 15:33:17paul_lajoie@fitnyc.eduFashion Institute of TechnologyUVVNew York City9/8/2020
courier would need to deliver and pick up in the lobby of Goodman building.
We have a curbside table inside Goodman lobby. The courier would need to deliver and pick up there within the 12-3 window.
Tuesday, Thursday12pm-3pmpending NYC
Columbia-Greene Community College
VDHAlbany9/16/2020Driver will pull up to the curb for the 2nd Emergency Exit LOCKED Door OUTSIDE the Library. We have a sign on the door "ELD Drop off and Pickup". We only require service on Wednesdays. The driver can knock on door OR call the library at 518-828-4181, ext. 3288.Wednesday9am - 3pm9/14/20Wednesday only
7/22/2020 10:24:00stevenwa@lemoyne.eduLe Moyne CollegeVFLSyracuse7/27/2020Drop off and pick up will be between the 2 sets of doors at the front entrance to the library. Outside set of doors will be unlocked for access to that area.7/27/20SYR
6/12/2020 15:33:58tfinnigan@midhudson.orgMid-Hudson Library SystemVFONewburgh6/22/2020Knock on door. Driver must wear face covering during exchange. Please inform me via email when are first delivery is scheduled.Mon, Wed7/15/20
8/21/2020 12:51:12theresa.davis@msmc.eduMSMCVFQNewburgh8/31/2020Monday, Wednesday, Friday8-79/14/20
6/16/2020 16:36:12amy.hillick@sunyorange.eduOrange County Community CollegeVGA
7/6/2020Please call or text Nadina at (845) 544-4859 at least 15 minutes prior to arrival. The service entrance of the library is located at the corner of South Street and East Conkling Avenue. Please ring the bell to the left of the back door of the library. Staff will come to the door to let you in. Items are to be left in LIB 105. If needed, alternative phone numbers are Nadina's desk (845) 341-4254 and the circulation desk (845) 341-4855.Delivery Wednesday's only at this time. See updated instructions.Wednesday7/22/20
8/18/2020 15:20:55griario@rcls.orgRamapo Catskill Library SystemVGENewburgh8/19/2020Come through the back door of the building and ring the bell. Please wear a mask when entering the building and engaging with RCLS staff. Monday, Wednesday8 am to 3pm9/14/20
8/31/2020 14:50:22hartmant@sunyulster.eduUlster County Community CollegeVGNNewburgh9/9/2020The library remains closed to the public. Before drop off and pick up, driver will need to go through health check in Hasbrouck Hall. Once cleared, call 845-687-5213 to let staff know you are on campus and come to front of the library.
The bin will be outside for pick up and drop off of bags.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday8:30am-3:30pm9/14/20
2/17/2021 13:34:55hartmant@sunyulster.eduUlster County Community CollegeVGNNewburgh2/22/2021
all deliveries and picks ups should be made to Hasbrouck Hall - the main building where security and health check in is located. The bin will be left in area designated for our curbside library materials in the main hall.
please call 845-687-5213 with any questions.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
VHBBuffalo6/1/20206/15/20BUF - route
8/3/2020 15:44:26jbyrd@adelphi.eduAdelphi UniversityVJANew York City8/10/2020Deliveries will now have to be made through the mail room vestibule on the west side of the building. Please contact Stephan Berger Jr. at 516-851-5736 to locate this entrance. (NOTE: I will update with campus access, including required COVID screenings, when I have the protocol from Public Safety.)Drivers will need to wear a mask while on campus. If a driver needs to come inside the building, they will first need to complete a COVID-19 screening form at the Public Safety Information Booth, located at Entrance C. The form is not required for contactless pickup.Monday, Wednesday, Friday10am-4pm10/5/20Move to two days 11/30-1/22
10/17/2020 10:45:52mcaleese@adelphi.eduAdelphi UniversityVJANew York City10/19/2020
Security has access to library at all times- Library will close from 11/22 to Jan ??
Tuesday, Thursday8AM-3PM10/27/2020
8/5/2020 9:54:16
SUNY AdirondackVJKAlbany8/6/2020Please let the courier know that the Scoville Building (where the library is located) is locked at the moment. Please advise the courier to call the library at 518-743-2260 when he/sher arrives and we will come let them in.Right now one can get on campus via Bay Road. I believe as we approach the start of the Fall Semester that the entrance will be off Haviland Road and exit via Bay Road. There also might be a security check-point, and one must have a mask with them. The college is still working out its reopening details -- but I think that should cover it, for now.Thursday, Friday8 AM - 4 PM8/7/20Confirmed Tues/Wed. good.
7/27/2020 15:32:50ill@strose.eduCollege of St RoseVJNAlbany8/3/2020Library is closed to non-staff, please call 518-454-5183 (library circulation) for bin exchange at the main entrance doorsMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday10 am - 3 pm 8/3/20Call 518-650-3852 when arriving. New number.
8/3/2020 15:26:52kochanm@canisius.eduCanisius CollegeVKCBuffalo8/10/2020Please call 888-8411 or 888-8413 when you arrive. Our campus will be on lockdown.Monday, Wednesday, Thursday11:00 am - 4:00 pm8/10/20
6/26/2020 8:01:19lebert@siena.eduSiena CollegeVKMAlbany8/3/2020Enter campus through the main gate and stop at the security booth. Mask required.
Delivery, same as before: at the loading dock in rear of the library.
44014.59298relliott@sunyjefferson.eduJefferson Community CollegeVNDSyracuse7/13/2020Deliver to front desk.Rose (Hare) Bowers has retired and Renee Elliott is handling ILL for now. MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY ONLY.8/24-Mon-Thurs., 8/31-Mon-Fri7/13/20Week of 8/24 - Mon-Thurs, 8/31 on - Mon-Friday. Change to deliver to front steps.
6/3/2020 10:05:38bauerc@sunyocc.eduOnondaga Community CollegeVOCSyracuse6/3/2020Driver must enter campus from RT 175 and be screened. Driver must enter building from the Quad entrance.Just Mondays now as low volume.Monday6/15/20On hold starting 11/24.
8/28/2020 10:36:02warcher@monroecc.eduMonroe Community CollegeVQTRochester9/1/2020Pickup and delivery will now be made at the Brighton Campus Building 21 loading dock. There will be a bin labelled ELD on a table for the courier to drop off and pick up from. Any questions, please email or call me at 585-292-2312.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
5/28/2020 18:40:05
Cuny College of staten islandVSINew York CityTBDwe don't have a firm restart date so i just put it as 10/31/2020 for wishful thinking as of now we are still not back on campus and do not know when we will be backpending contract renewal
5/27/2020 13:34:04illbb@baruch.cuny.eduBaruch CollegeVVBNew York CityTBDNo restart date yet.No restart date yet.pending contract renewal
8/13/2020 13:58:03dvirgil@colgate.eduColgate UniversityVVCSyracuse8/17/2020Please have delivery driver leave/pick up deliveries in the 3rd floor vestbule at Case Geyer Library Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M8/17/20Monday-Friday starting 8/31.
8/4/2020 13:45:04
SUNY-Downstate Health Sciences University
VVDNew York City8/5/2020The dropoff location has changed for deliveries. The new location is:
450 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11203
Screening is required upon entering the building. To make dropoff and pickup easier, the courier can call the front desk at 718-270-7401 when they are nearby and a staff member can meet them at the 450 Clarkson Avenue entrance.Monday, Wednesday, Friday8am - 5pm10/5/20
5/27/2020 10:28:30kmcguire@daemen.eduDaemen CollegeVVHBuffalo6/1/20207/13/20BUF BK
7/31/2020 13:26:32swert@bard.eduBard CollegeVVPNewburgh8/10/2020Hi there. We will need to have contact-less delivery. There are two sets of doors, the outer door will remain unlocked and there will be a cart inside the vestibule for ELD. Delivery will have to happen between the hours of 9:30 - 4:30 as our hours have changed. We are requesting that deliveries only happen three days a week to begin with. Mon, Wed, Fri. But if you need it to be a different three days please just let me know. Appreciate your flexibility in making deliveries happen in a safe way! Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Monday, Wednesday9:30 am - 4:30 pm8/12/20Would like to add Friday at some point.
Rockland Community College Library
VVRNewburgh9/1/2020I am waiting for public service to give any special pandemic related instructions for delivery persons
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
between 9am and 5pm9/14/20
7/22/2020 15:48:20gdanishe@slc.eduSarah Lawrence College LibraryVVSNew York City7/28/2020Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday pickup/delivery schedule resuming on Tuesday, July 28th. We will be available to accept delivery/pickup ONLY between 1-4:30 PM. Upon arrival, driver should call Chris at 914-395-2432 on Tuesdays, Geoff at 914-395-2479 Wednesday-Thursday, to be admitted to building. Materials for pickup will be located to right of front door on table explicitly marked ELD; delivered materials should be left on same table. DRIVER MUST WEAR MASK AT ALL TIMES!!Monday, Wednesday8/3/20
8/14/2020 14:42:00mldelafl@utica.eduUtica CollegeVVVSyracuse8/18/2020Pull into the traffic circle in front of Strebel Student Center (to the left of the library from the road). Call the library (315 792 3041) for someone to come exchange the bags with you.Tuesday, Thursday8 - 88/24/20
10/29/2020 15:44:37mldelafl@utica.eduUtica CollegeVVVSyracuse11/2/2020
Same delivery instructions apply: Come to the main entrance of the library (facing the quad) and call for someone to come meet driver outside. Number is (315)792-3041.
We're already open, just ready to go back to delivery five days a week. Thank you for working with all of us!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9am - 6pm11/2/2020
5/26/2020 16:47:36robc@wlsmail.orgWestchester Library SystemVVW
7/6/2020Dropped off materials are to be left on the marked table in the lobby by the main entrance. Materials to be picked up will be marked and left on a neighboring table in the same area.Thank you for your excellent management of the constantly changing variables. You are leading the group well and we appreciate you! We are going to need more of the blue bags, due to our high volume of incoming and outgoing requests. Please send as many as possible. Thank you.7/15/20
(Wednesday only)
9/3/2020 10:46:39david.crugnola@ncc.eduNassau Community College LibraryVVXNew York City9/9/2020No changes.I was recently informed that ELD service for the NYC Hub may not start for some time yet and that libraries may initially only get one delivery date. I will take whatever day of the week is available just to get things started again, although I would ultimately like to have service two days a week whenever that is possibleMonday, Wednesday8 AM - 8 PM pending NYC
44014.51406rmowens@esf.eduSUNY ESFVXFSyracuse7/13/20The library's doors remain locked so we request a phone call to 315-470-6711 when the driver arrives so we can open the door to accept and pick up deliveries. If there is no answer books/bags can be placed in the book drop to the right of the library entrance. Going forward deliveries will no longer be taken to the basement, but to Room 101 directly to the left as you enter the library. 7/13/20
9/4/2020 11:32:11conleysa@herkimer.eduHerkimer CollegeVXHSyracuse9/14/2020Per campus policies masks are required. The driver will have to enter through the Library Building bookstore door and go through the health screening (questionnaire and temp check). Proceed up the stairs and there will be a box next to the library entrance labeled "ELD Drop off & Pickup". Those doors are locked so bags are to be placed in the box and any outgoing bags will be in there. We will only need service on Monday and Wednesday for the time being. The driver can call the library with any questions 315-866-0300 x8272.Monday, Wednesday8am-4pm9/14/20
8/21/2020 13:33:34perez@sunyopt.eduSUNY College of OptometryVXPNew York City9/8/2020No changes as of yetWe will let you know as soon soon as our Library reopens. pending NYC
5/29/2020 12:13:33
Tompkins Cortland Community College
VXTSyracuse6/1/2020Pick Ups/Deliveries will be located out back at Campus Police. Please use the phone to call 6511 if no one is present.Closed Friday's per driver.Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs.6/15/20SYR
8/13/2020 9:06:44a.hathaway@hvcc.eduHudson Valley Community CollegeVXVAlbany9/1/2020Enter on Holliday Drive to the clock tower loop. Upon arrival, please call Jennifer Acker at (518) 629-7387, or the service desk at (518) 629-7336 if Jennifer does not answer. She will meet the courier outside at the picnic table in the back driveway of the library. The courier should place the books/bin on the picnic table. Courier and Jennifer will remain outside 6 feet apart and wear masks!
Due to limited staff in building, we are requesting Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY until further notice.
Tuesday, Thursday8am-4:30pm9/1/20
7/27/2020 14:54:58
Vassar College LibrariesVXWNewburgh8/4/2020We'd like to get deliveries only on Wednesdays to start. Preferable time is between 10 AM-3 PM. Please have the driver call 845-437-7764 when they arrive and if there is no answer at that number call 845- 242-2386.Please let us know by the afternoon of the day before if the delivery/pickup will be happening and if possible the approximate time.Monday, Wednesday10 am - 3 pm8/3/20Westchester route. Start Mon/Wed. 8/24.
6/2/2020 9:05:24mdegaetano@cdlc.orgCapital District Library CouncilVYDAlbany7/17/2020We would like delivery 1 day per week (Wednesday only) for now. Bin will be left outside door, incoming items should be swapped out and left. Driver can ring doorbell to let us know he has left them.Wednesday7/20/20
(1 day per week)
8/5/2020 18:33:27majdaks@mville.eduManhattanville College LibraryVYENewburgh8/12/2020Library open. Go to front door and knock for someone to come.Monday, Wednesday9:30a - 3p9/14/20New delivery instructions. Library open, go to front door. Change to just Tuesday for Dec and Jan.
6/8/2020 16:26:37
Lehman College Library/ CUNYVYLNew York CityTBDNoneNo date as yet for re-opening. We will let you know as soon as we know.pending contract renewal
44011.48098helshers@upstate.eduUpstate MedicalVYQSyracuse7/13/2020Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only, please. We will still be using the same drop-box on the back stoop of the library. The box will be out by 8am. Our delivery driver prior to the shut-down (Hazir) had a key to the box; please let us know if Hazir is no longer doing this route and/or if he no longer has the key. If this is the case we'll leave it unlocked. The driver can feel free to call or text Stephanie at 315-491-6920.I appreciate all the well-thought out organization for the re-start-- thank you!
Thank you for the kind words. The driver does have the key and will start on /13.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday7/13/20SYR
6/9/2020 11:44:44bosgood@clarkson.eduClarkson University LibrariesVYTSyracuse6/15/2020Delivery location: Clarkson Shipping and Receiving Department (Scott Frary & Jacob LaGarry, (315-268-6543 ) - On Maple street past Kinney's Drug store(next building), turn right into the parking lot, go around back to the 1st overhead door,(they will see you and open the door) if the door doesn't open, there is a man door beside the overhead door, the staff is inside to the right. If you see no one call (315)268-6543 I am going to start sending out with Empire Delivery material, I am only in the office on Tuesdays. I had asked that our material be delivered to our shipping and receiving department. It seems that the new driver didn't get those instructions. Please instruct the driver to drop off and pick-up our blue bags from our shipping and receiving department.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
7:00 am - 3:00 pm6/15/20SYR - (Updated instructions 9/16)
Clinton Essex Franklin Library System
VZCAlbany7/7/2020Tuesday and Thursday only, No changes.Tuesday, Thursday7/13/20ALB N
6/15/2020 14:04:59kblackburn@sjfc.eduSt. John Fisher CollegeVZJ Rochester9/1/2020JetX Stop8/31/20Jetx 8/31 start
8/20/2020 9:43:06acarney@law.pace.eduPace Law LibraryVZLNewburgh9/1/2020We're trying to have contactless delivery/drop off so all deliveries should be put in the book drop located outside of the library's front doors. Any pickups will be put in a bin labeled ELD located by the book drop. If the driver will be coming around the same time each day, we'll put the bin out right before they come. If they will be coming at different times, we request that they call 914-422-4273 before they arrive. They will have to stop at the security booth. Security has been told and they will be able to drop off deliveries as long as they are wearing a mask. Monday, Wednesday, Friday9AM-8PM9/14/20
9/3/2020 15:59:31nmacdonald@pace.eduPace University.Birnbaum LibraryVZPNew York City9/14/2020Monday, Wednesday, Friday8:00am - 4:00pm10/5/20
9/4/2020 14:30:05cwolff2@pratt.eduPratt InstituteVZQNew York City9/9/2020Please deliver to our 255 Ryerson St. mailroom campus address. Pratt mailroom staff can receive ELD deliveries at our DeKalb Avenue entrance. There will be a ramp to the side of the receiving entrance on DeKalb. I'm attaching a pin: restart service for our Manhattan campus as well, but deliver all of their material to the Brooklyn campus. Pratt requires vendors who deliver to our campus to complete a COVID-19 Vendor Acknowledgement form, which I will send in a separate email.Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayOur preference is between 8am and 12pm, if this is not possible, please let us know.pending NYC
Pratt Institute Libraries Manhattan Campus
VZQNew York City11/2/2020
Please leave delivery items in the marked mail bins at the Security Desk.
We will in turn leave items for you to pick up in the same bins.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday10am to 3pm11/10/20
Pratt Institute Libraries- Brooklyn campus
VZQNew York City11/2/2020
Please add one more day to Brooklyn, making it Monday-Thursday deliveries.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7/15/2020 13:03:15sbrown@skidmore.eduSkidmore CollegeVZSAlbany7/20/2020No changes, lower level entrance w/ keyOffice officially open Tue/Wed for July, can resume normal 5 day ELD service. Please email for questions.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday7/20/20
8/28/2020 10:47:38nmacdonald@pace.eduMortola Library/Pace UniversityVZUNewburgh9/2/2020Mask must be worn inside buildingMonday, Wednesday, Friday8:00am - 5:00pm9/14/20
10/6/2020 16:16:05
Westchester Community CollegeWCCNew York City10/13/2020Please deliver to the reproduction center where the mailroom is located.Tuesday10-210/13/20Tuesday only
7/9/2020 13:53:57brentke@cobleskill.eduSUNY CobleskillWKMAlbany8/10/2020If the door is locked when the courier arrives during the week of 8/10, they can call 518-255-5841. We will have staff in the building, but the doors may not be unlocked before 8/17.
Updating our previous restart request with delivery instructions update
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8 am-5 pm8/10/20
5/29/2020 7:54:46dlaird@brockport.eduSUNY BrockportXBMRochester6/1/2020Thank you!6/15/20ROC
8/20/2020 13:45:45holcomdm@delhi.eduSUNY DelhiXDMBinghamton8/24/2020Masks are required in buildingOnly come if you have deliveries, or I will email if I need a pickup.9am-3pm8/24/20
6/15/2020Library.Loan@fredonia.eduFredonia, SUNYXFMBuffalo6/22/2020The campus is restricting visitors. The delivery person will come in the exterior door from the parking lot just like before. Then, he will use his swipe card access to come in the back (interior) door as he used to, but he will no longer come all the way in through the building into the library. Just past the door where he swipes in, on the right-hand side, there are shelves. There are signs indicating that this is the Reed Library ELD Pickup area. We will leave packages for him here and he can leave our deliveries there as well. If he ever has any questions, he can contact the Circulation Desk at (716) 673-3184.7/6/20
5/29/2020 9:07:02kelehejs@sunysccc.eduSUNY SchenectadyXJMAlbany6/16/2020The driver will need to show ID and sign in at security. Also, we are open from 9am - 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so we would only need service on those days onlyTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday9 am - 2 pm.6/22/20ALB
6/29/2020 12:49:15jcourtney@stlawu.eduSt. Lawrence UniversityXLMSyracuse7/1/20207/10/20
7/28/2020 9:15:58
Marist CollegexmaNewburgh8/17/2020Driver should still come to library back door. Driver should call 845-575-3106 to let staff know they have arrived. If there is no answer, then call 845-575-3191. Prefer delivery between 10:30 am - 12:30 pm. No deliveries should be made after 2 pm. Fewer deliveries per week is fine if driver schedule does not permit 5 days per week.Wednesday only. Start Monday 8/31.10:30 am - 2:45 pm8/19/20Start Monday on 8/31.
6/15/2020 15:15:14cookml@morrisville.eduSUNY Morrisville, Butcher LibraryXMMSyracuse6/22/2020 Monday & Wednesday deliveries, to the library, with the contactless delivery set-up – that is entry through the dock door, cart for pickups and drop-offs along the wall across from the custodian’s office. Would this work for ELD as a two day delivery, until we reopen? We will not be doing any loan lending.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8/17 - M/WChange to Mon-Friday starting 8/31.
Nazareth College (through the RRLC hub)
XNCRochester9/1/2020Our delivery flows through the Rochester Public Library System (Monroe Country Public Library) HUB. They are starting service back up on September 1st - so, any time after the 1st is good for us.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Our delivery flows through the Rochester Public Library HUB - not sure how to answer this
8/31/2020 - Deliver to JetX.
JetX 8/31 start
5/28/2020 14:08:47kathy.williams@law.cuny.eduCUNY School of LawXQLNew York CityTBDDeliveries/Pickups are to be left at front entrance desk with Public Safety as usual.This is a potential restart date- updated information will be provided if required.pending contract renewal
5/29/2020 9:06:56
CUNY, Queens CollegeXQMNew York CityTBDCity still on lock downpending contract renewal
8/31/2020 8:04:00bahr@alfred.eduHerrick Library, Alfred UniversityYAHRochester9/7/2020Deliveries must be made via the library's front entrance
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
8 am - 5 pm9/8/20
8/31/2020 8:04:00riggiejw@buffalostate.eduBuffalo State CollegeYBMBuffalo9/8/2020Access to the building for vendors is through the main (West lobby) entrance. The other doors are restricted to campus card swipe only.

It may be helpful if the driver let us know when they are onsite so that we can guide them in. The campus assumes that all vendors are doing their own health screenings. They may have to sign into the visitor's log when entering the building (I am trying to confirm if that is required for vendors). Phone: 716-878-6320

Outgoing material will be placed in the circulation area by the ILL hold shelf, incoming can then be placed on the same cart. All items will be quarantined for 3 days.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8 am - 6 pm (prefer 8am - 10 am)9/8/20Change to 3 days per week 11/30-1/11.
7/17/2020 13:06:41richard.powell@cortland.eduSUNY CortlandYCMSyracuse7/20/2020Beginning the week of 8/17/2020, we will be around for deliveries Monday through Friday. Monday-Thursday (NOT Friday), preferably 9-11:30 at rear of Library (loading dock); Buzz at door for entrance, if no immediate answer, call 607-753-2928; drop off & pick up bins just to the left of the entrance. If delivery will be later than 11:30, please call 607-753-2928If delivery will be later than 11:30, please call 607-753-2928Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday7/27/20Add Friday's as of 8/17.
9/23/2020 12:57:56liebers@sunysuffolk.eduSuffolk County Community CollegeYDDNew York City9/28/2020Will fit in with neighboring SUNYsMonday, Wednesday, Thursday9-510/5/20
8/31/2020 8:02:49bahr@alfred.eduScholes Library, Alfred UniversityYDMRochester9/9/2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
8 am - 5 pm9/10/20
6/3/2020 16:43:12
Farmingdale State CollegeYFMNew York City9/1/202010/5/20
5/29/2020 12:13:05rossd@geneseo.eduSUNY GeneseoYGMRochester6/3/2020We will resume delivery to the SUNY Geneseo loading dock area near our central stores office, as we are still not permitted back in our library due to the asbestos issues. While we would like delivery to resume, we will likely only have outgoing materials prepared once or twice per week until June 15th at the earliest.How would you like us to coordinate with the courier given we will likely only have outgoing materials ready once or twice per week? We don't want the courier our our staff to need to make unnecessary trips.7/13/20ROC
6/17/2020 9:55:00mdaprix@hamilton.eduHamilton CollegeYHMSyracuse6/23/2020We would like delivery only on Tuesday and Friday - afternoon if possibleTuesday, Friday6/29/20
8/16/2020 9:42:45mdaprix@hamilton.eduHamilton CollegeYHMSyracuse8/24/2020Continue to deliver to the loading dock behind the library. Much easier for the driver.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayAnytime from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm8/24/20Increase in days. M-F 8/24
6/12/2020 12:23:03mfgrimes@genesee.eduGenesee Community CollegeYJABuffalo6/23/2020We will be able to accept drop offs on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Due to the campus being closed deliveries are to be placed in the book drop bin in the front vestibule. This is the only access point to campus at this time. It is visible from the location they previously used to access the building.any questions please let me know.7/6/20
8/20/2020 16:12:02churchj@dyc.eduD'Youville CollegeYJJBuffalo9/2/2020
Please call 829-8107 first, then 829-8116 (if no answer at 8107) to be met at door. Building is locked, swipe card access only.
If the driver comes at about the same time every day, I'll do my best to always be at my phone during that hour.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday8am - 4pm9/2/20
2/10/2021 11:50:47grimmerr@ecc.eduSUNY Erie Community CollegeYJLBuffalo2/22/2021No changes at this time.Only 1 day a week to begin. Either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday would work based on courier's availablity. We would want this day to be consistent each week though.9am-3pm2/24/21
Fulton-Montgomery Community College
YJMAlbany9/2/2020Driver can bring deliveries to the front door of the LibraryMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.9/2/20
8/12/2020 18:15:17ayeager@medaille.eduMedaille collegeyjtBuffalo8/17/2020noneMonday, Wednesday9am - 5pm8/17/20
5/31/2020 2:20:42,
Kingsborough Community College YKCNew York CityTBDDrop books in drop box or containers providedPlease be advised our start date is tentative at this timepending contract renewal
Jamestown Community College (Hultquist Library)
YKJBuffalo9/8/2020Delivery person will have to complete the JCC visitor screening questionnaire daily. The questionnaire can be found here:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Staff are in the building starting at 8am. Library is currently open at M-Th 9am-5pm; F 9am-noon9/8/20
8/24/2020 14:46:34
Use main Learning Commons entrance near bus stop. There is a security/COVID screening desk at the entrance. We will leave a bin at that desk. Courier will not need to enter library. Call 716-614-6796 when arrived.
Niagara County Community CollegeYKUBuffalo8/31/2020Use main Learning Commons entrance near bus stop. There is a security/COVID screening desk at the entrance. We will leave a bin at that desk. Courier will not need to enter library. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8am-4pm8/31/20Call 716-614-6796.
5/27/2020 OswegoYOMSyracuse6/2/2020Please leave bins on the green book truck outside the ILL office.Thank you!6/15/20Move to two days per week for Dec. 7th-18th, and Jan 11th - 29th.
8/21/2020 11:53:34facteaem@plattsburgh.eduFeinberg Library-SUNY PlattsburghYPMAlbany8/25/2020No admittance to the building. All deliveries and pick ups will be at our loading dock.Please confirm. Thanks!Tuesday, Thursday, Friday8:30am-9:30am8/27/20
8/12/2020 16:58:11prendm@rpi.eduRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteyrmAlbany8/17/2020Monday (add Tues-Friday 9/8)9-38/17/20Update to Mon-Friday, 9-3
8/18/2020 9:37:55
Stony Brook University-Melville Library
YSMNew York City8/20/2020Main Stacks & circulation desk remain closed. Please pick-up & deliver to the Central Reading Room (CRR) on the first floor of the library...right across from the main entrance to the library...big double doors. There will be a cart labeled LAND at the front desk. Leave bins in the cart. There may not be a staff member available for signature. Is this still required? If so, whoever is at the desk can call upstairs to find a staff member.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday9:00 am - 5:00 pm pending NYC
6/25/2020 11:29:46illmail@sunybroome.eduBroome Community CollegeYSYBinghamton6/24/2020Wednesdays only for now, 10 am-6pm hoursWednesday6/29/20
8/13/2020 10:55:20fiegla@sunypoly.eduSUNY PolytechnicYTMSyracuse8/24/2020Delivery driver will only have access to the lobby in the Cayan Library. Blue bags will be set out for pick up each morning. Blue bags being dropped off should be left in a bin in the lobby. Please advise we cannot allow building access to drivers, as they have not been pre-screened to be on campus. Unfortunately, rest rooms are included in this. Requests to enter the building will be denied.Monday, Wednesday, Friday8 am to 1 pm8/24/20
6/16/2020 13:23:55sshoemaker@onlib.orgOnondaga County Public LibraryYVOSyracuse6/19/2020The boxes with the ELD bags will be on a bench on the loading dock. The driver does not need to enter the library basement. Update 6/23: ONLY NEEDED ONE DAY PER WEEK. We only need one pickup at this time (about 14 bags). We won't have more material again for at least a couple of weeks.One day per week6/22/20One day per week.
8/12/2020 16:19:42
U.S. Military AcademyYWMNewburgh8/17/2020Drivers will need a local area access pass, obtainable from the West Point Visitors Center in Highland Falls. The south door to Jefferson Hall is accessible, however delivery personnel may need to reach that door by walking around the building on the north side due to security changes. They should carry their ID and indicate they have a delivery for the Library.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
7:00a-4:30p8/14/20Monday / Wednesday route