SemesterInstructor Course Prefix and TitleProgramberklee.eduReorganization and adaptation of the course activities - please describe shifts in the student learning activities which occurred when switching to the remote learning modality.Adaptation of the system of evaluation - please describe the adaptation of the system of the student evaluation which occur when switching to the remote learning modality.Upload Modified Course Syllabus
2020FALucio GodoyFS-510 Advanced Scoring 1: Narrative AnalysisSFTV This course is taugh in-person on campusNoneNo addendum necessary
2020FALucio GodoyFS-530 Directed Study 1SFTV addendum necessary
2020FASergio Jimenez LacimaFS-615 Video Game Scoring TechniquesSFTV addendum necessary
2020FAVicente Ortiz GimenoFS-616 Technology in Media ScoringSFTV Delivery: In-person classes are also streamed, allowing for students that cannot be on campus to attend the class.Assessment: The evaluation system remains the same, with some additional flexibility, on a case-by-case basis - in particular, for students facing difficulties to arrive on campus due to travel restrictions.No addendum necessary
2020FAAlfons CondeFS-620 Advanced Dramatic Orchestration 1SFTV This course is taugh in-person on campusNone.No addendum necessary
2020FAPablo SchullerFS-631 Recording, Editing, and Mixing Techniques for Film Composers 1SFTV addendum necessary
2020FASergio Jimenez LacimaFS-533 Conducting for Scoring SessionsSFTV to excepcional circumstances, this course will be offered in the Spring 2021, instead of the fall.NoneNo addendum necessary
2020SPLucio GodoyFS-520 Advanced Scoring 2: Genre and FormSFTV Delivery: Some study material was sent to students prior to class, so that they could immerse themselves into the subject.None.No addendum necessary
2020SPVicente Ortiz GimenoFS-617 Dramatic Electronic CompositionSFTV Activities: No major changes, with the exception of the Sampling Project. This project was originaly designed to take place in the campus recording studio, where students would record a chosen acoustic instrument, and use their audio files to create a custom made Kontakt instrument. Upon the shift to remote learning, students were unable to access the campus facilities and resources, having to record their projects at home with the tools they available - which also limited the options of instruments to sample. Nevertheless, the original learning outcomes of the project were maintained.Assessment: Grading of class participation takes into account 1) remote sessions' attendance, and 2) active participation of the student, with their camera on, answering questions and discussing topics when required.No addendum necessary
2020SPLucio GodoyFS-531 Directed Study 2SFTV addendum necessary
2020SPAlfons CondeFS-621 Advanced Dramatic Orchestration 2SFTV addendum necessary
2020SPSergio Jimenz LacimaFS-623 Advanced Video Game ScoringSFTV addendum necessary
2020SPPablo SchullerFS-632 Recording and Mixing Techniques (2 sections)SFTV Content: The topic "Surround Mixing" could not be delivered as it requires a 5.1 surround speaker system - only available on campus. In exchange, additional mixing projects and topics on advanced mixing techniques were introduced. This change did not have an impact on assessments.NoneNo addendum necessary
2020SPSergio Jimenez LacimaFS-633 Advanced Conducting for Scoring SessionsSFTV Content: This is a very practical class, where students conduct their arrangements and adaptations from given pieces to a live ensemble. Due to the switch to the remote learning modality, conducting sessions needed to be canceled and substituted with activities that could be offered and taught remotely, such as: score analysis, transcriptions, arrangements and adaptations of given pieces, orchestration, and music preparation.Assessment: The evaluation system of this class changed, since the practical conducting lectures could no longer be delivered. These were replaced by other remote activities and assignments, which were graded and used to composed the student's final grade.Syllabus Addendum
2020SULucio GodoyFS-695 Culminating Experience in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video GamesSFTV addendum necessary