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1.0- Character Creaton1.1- ability score chartscorebonus1.25- RacesRaceBase BodBase SptBase MndElemental AffinityFavored WeaponsAbility1.3-exp to level uplevelexp to lv upexp required to reach1.6-shieldsShieldBod Def BonusCost1.8-RingsRingAbilitiesDescriptionWhere Found1.9-PotionsPotionEffectIngredientsPotion LvTRcost (IZ)1.10-PoisonsPoisonEffectIngredientsPoison LvTRcost (IZ)1.11-equipmentEquipmentEffectCost (IZ)1.12- special itemsItemEffectCost (IZ)
1-10Human101010NoneAny one Melee and any one RangedFavored Weapon bonus is +4. Start with 5 extra Skill Points11,0000Buckler0200EthariteGust Cantrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Air damage. Cost 0 MPForests, High altitudesClean WaterPotion ingredientWater15100Alchohite.-2 to all actions except moving for one hourEthanol, Water110500CandleLight Radius 2 squares100Insta-ShieldOne weapon attack deals 0 damage500000
2-8Elf81210Air, EarthLongsword, Longbow.+2 to See and Hear checks22,0001,000Light Shield3600(1500IZ/lv)High Jump (lv 4)gain +4 to Jump checksHealing IHeals 10 HPHealing Herb x5, Clean Water2151500Venomite1d6 Poison damage per round for 5 rounds or until antipoison is administeredVenom, Water3152000TorchLight Radius 10 squares500Magi-ShieldOne magic attack deals 0 damage500000
3-6Gnome81012Air, Earth, LightCrossbow.+2 to all Craft checks33,0003,000Targe4800Lightness (lv 8)immune to falling damage and you can use a run action while flyingRestore IHeals 25% of max MPMagic Herb x5, Clean Water3212000Cyanite2d10 Poison damage per round for 10 rounds or until antipoison is administeredCyanide, Water5206000LanternLight Radius 20 squares1000Auto-HitOne weapon attack automatically hits for half damage50000
4--5-5Goblin10128Earth, DarkCleaver, Slingshot.+2 to Hide and Sneak checks44,0006,000Heavy Shield51000Wind Mastery (lv 10)When pushing, pulling, or sliding a target, increase the number of squares moved by 3. You gain a fly speed equal to your swim speedHealing IIHeals 20 HPHealing Herb x10, Clean Water4172500Darkite7d8 Dark damagelv 3 Necronite, Water72520000PermaflashLight Radius 50 squares2500Auto-CastOne magic attack automatically hits for half damage50000
6--7-3Grindylow10812Water, DarkStaff, SlingSwim speed equal to 3/4 land speed and can breathe underwater55,00010,000AqualiteSplash Cantrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Water damage. Cost 0 MPRivers, Streams, OceansMind IBoosts Mnd score by 1Mental Herb x5, Clean Water4146000Firite7d8 Fire damagelv 3 Pyrocite, Water72510000Rope50 Ft of Rope200Auto-AreaOne area attack automatically hits all in area for half damage50000
8--9-1Dwarf12810Earth, FireBattleaxe, Sturdy CrossbowWhen being pushed, pulled, or slid, reduce the number of squares by 166,00015,000armorArmorBod Def BonusCostsneak penalty(1500IZ/lv)Swim (lv4)Base swim speed is 3/4 basic speed instead of 1/2Body IBoosts Bod score by 1Strong Herb x5, Clean Water4146000Lumite7d8 Light damagelv 3 Lumitite, Water72520000Theif MultitoolNeeded to Pick Locks/Disarm Traps500Full-HitOne weapon attack automatically hits100000
10--110Oni12108DarkGreatsword, Double Axe, Triple FlailWhen a creature attacking an Oni scores a critical miss, they cannot act next round77,00021,000Ceremonial31400-5Torrent (lv 8)You can use a Run action while SwimmingSpirit IBoosts Spt score by 1Spirit Herb x5, Clean Water4146000Aquite7d8 Water damagelv 3 Aqualite, Water7255000FoodParty gains an extra 2+Bod Mod HP during a 5min rest500Full-CastOne magic attack automatically hits100000
12--131Djinn71310Air, Water, Earth, FireNoneMay cast spells using HP instead of MP when out of MP88,00028,000Leather02000Water Mastery (lv 10)You can breathe underwater. Your base swim speed equals your basic speedRestore IIHeals 50% of max MPMagic Herb x9, Clean Water5233000Geite7d8 Earth damagelv 3 Geomite, Water72510000DrinkParty gains an extra 2+Spt Mod MP during a 5min rest500Full-AreaOne area attack automatically hits all in area100000
14--152Changeling71013Air, Water, EarthAny one.+4 to Disguise checks99,00036,000Chainmail3600-1GeomiteStone Cantrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Earth damage. Cost 0 MPCores of large mountains, CavesHealing IIIHeals 30 HPHealing Herb x14, Clean Water6193500Airite7d8 Air damagelv 3 Etharite, Water7255000Healing HerbPotion ingredient200Max-StrikeOne weapon attack deals max damage if it hits100000
16--173Sprite10137Air, LightHand Spear, SlingGain a fly speed equal to your land speed1010,00045,000Scale51000-3(3000IZ/lv)Tunnel (lv 4)You can use a run action while BurrowingMind IIBoosts Mnd score by 2Mental Herb x8, Clean Water6149000Glacite7d8 Cold damagelv 3 Glacikite, Water7254000Magic HerbPotion ingredient300Max-CastOne magic attack deals max damage if it hits100000
18--194Dryad10713EarthSpear, JavelinFavored Weapon bonus is +3. +1 to all Bod skill checks1111,00055,000Plate71400-5Digger (lv 8)Gain a burrow speed equal to your swim speedBody IIBoosts Bod score by 2Strong Herb x8, Clean Water6169000Lodite3d6 each of Air, Water, Earth, and Light damage (12d6 total dmg)Lodeherb Heart, Water930160000Mental HerbPotion ingredient1000Max-AreaOne area attack deals max damage to all targets it hits100000
20--215Redcap13107Fire, DarkBattlehammer, SlingResist 5 Fire and Dark1212,00066,000Earth Mastery (lv 10)Gain +5 to all defenses and you can burrow through solid rockSpirit IIBoosts Spt score by 2Spirit Herb x8, Clean Water6169000Trollite3d12 Poison Damage per round for 20 rounds or until antipoison is administered13-point Astral Eye, Water1135260000Strong HerbPotion ingredient1000Auto-SkillAutomatically succeed on one skill check50000
22--2361313,00078,000PyrociteSpark Cantrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Fire damage. Cost 0 MPVolcanoes, DesertsRestore IIIHeals 75% of max MPMagic Herb x12, Clean Water7254000Euqite32d8 Poison Damage per round for 15 rounds until antipoison is administeredEthanol, Euqarat Blood12402000000Spirit HerbPotion ingredient1000Re-RollReroll one die. Only one Re-Roll can be used per turn1000000
24--2571414,00091,000(3000IZ/lv)Heatproof (lv 4)Immune to damage from natural heatHealing IVHeals 50 HPHealing Herb x21, Clean Water8214500Venom HerbPotion ingredient1000Crit-RemoveOne critical hit becomes a normal hit250000
26--2781515,000105,000Fireproof (lv 8)Immune to Fire damageAntipoisonCures poisonsVenom Herb, Clean Water8191500Virgin BloodPotion ingredient2000Crit-MakeOne hit becomes a critical hit500000
28--2991616,000120,000Fire Mastery (lv 10)When an adjacent enemy attacks you, the enemy takes 10 Fire damage. You can go through lava as if it was waterMind IIIBoosts Mnd score by 4Mental Herb x15, Clean Water81616000WaterPotion/Poison ingredient50
30--31101717,000136,000NecroniteShadow Cantrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Dark damage. Cost 0 MPUnknown; some creatures haveBody IIIBoosts Bod score by 4Strong Herb x15, Clean Water81816000Lodeherb HeartPotion/Poison ingredient150000
32--33111818,000153,000(6000IZ/lv)Lumibane (lv 4)Deal double damage against a target with LumititeSpirit IIIBoosts Spt score by 4Spirit Herb x15, Clean Water8181600013-point Astral EyePotion/Poison ingredient250000
34--35121919,000171,000Unholy (lv 8)When casting Desecrate, double the number of squares affected, and all attacks within desecrated area deal an extra 10 damage per levelHealing VHeals 75 HPHealing Herb x30, Virgin Blood9288500Euqarat BloodPotion/Poison ingredient1000000
36--37132020,000190,0001N:2G:4E:6GDark Mastery (lv 10)Immune to Dark damageRestore IVHeals 100% of max MPMagic Herb x15, Virgin Blood9277000EthanolPoison ingredient200
38--39142121,000210,000LumititeShimmer Cantrrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Light damage. Cost 0 MPUnknown; some creatures haveHealing VIHeals 100 HPHealing Herb x37, Virgin Blood10359600VenomPoison ingredient1500
40--41152222,000231,000(6000IZ/lv)Necrobane (lv 4)Deal double damage against a target with NecroniteMind IVBoost Mnd score by 6Mental Herb x20, Virgin Blood103525000CyanidePoison ingredient5000
42--43162323,000253,000Holy (lv 8)When casting Consecrate, double the number of squares affected, and no attacks may go into or out of a consecrated areaBody IVBoosts Bod score by 6Strong Herb x20, Virgin Blood103525000Disguise KitNeeded to Disguise1000
44--45172424,000276,000Light Mastery (lv 10)Reduce Light damage taken by 50% and Revive also restores 10% of the target's MP per Revive levelSpirit IVBoost Spt score by 6Spirit Herb x20, Virgin Blood103525000Grappling HookCan hook onto certain objects. Requires Rope750
46--47182525,000300,000GlacikiteIce Cantrip (lv 1)Range 3. Spt atk vs Spt def. 2 Cold damage. Cost 0 MPElixerHeals 50% of max HP13-point Astral Eye, Virgin Blood1035160000ArrowAmmo for Bows1
48--4919etc.etc.etc.(1000IZ/lv)Coldproof (lv 4)Immune to damage from natural coldIcy Areas, Snowy MountaintopsHoly WaterCounts as a Thrown weapon. Reduces an undead's HP by 50% of its max HPlv 4 Lumitite, Virgin Blood102530000Orb of RecallAll touching orb return to set Recall point2000
50--5120Iceproof (lv 8)Immune to Cold damageUnholy WaterHeals 50% of an undead's HPlv 4 Necronite, Virgin Blood102530000
etc.etc.Cold Mastery (lv 10)Able to turn water into one foot thick ice for ten minutes by walking on it. Walking on ice takes only one moveMega ElixerHeals 100% of max HPLodeherb heart, Virgin Blood1135260000
RenewHeals 100% of max HP and MPlv 9 Lumitite, Euqarat Blood12402000000