jermbug’s SolForge Info workbook — Volume 1 (main)
Welcome! This Google Drive spreadsheet is a collection of information on SolForge — card database, collection tracker, and so on — that I built for myself originally. As it has been useful for me, I am sharing this with the SolForge community. I hope you find it of utility.

The SolForge Info workbook has been growing quite big, so I’ve now split it into three parts:
• Volume 1 (main) — card database, card stats, in-game store price list, COTD and AA archivesVolume 1
• Volume 2 (collection) — card collection tracker, card collection report, daily rewards tracker, tournament results trackerVolume 2
• Volume 3 (data) — collected data on rarity distribution in Booster Packs, Prize Packs, etc.Volume 3
Link to discussion thread on SolForge forums
General introduction to this workbook (what each worksheet does) is below. Scroll down to see!
Version history
2015-11-25• Rebalance card changes are released. A large number of existing cards see changes to basic stats, special abilities, or both. I have archived the card db in case you want to see the old versions.
2015-09-26• Card DB updated with the new Set 6.2 cards. The newest set or mini-set is at the bottom of the list and highlighted in blue.
2015-07-01• Card DB fully updated with all Set 6 cards.
2015-06-30• Set 6.0 cards are being entered into card DB. I’ve got names and card types done so far and will fill out the stats and descriptions in the next day or so.
• Draft pool updated to reflect changes.
2015-06-23• Set 6.0 coming soon — spoiler season is here. Go to “card db” worksheet to see latest cards (scroll to bottom).
• I’ve been authorised to reveal the rarity distribution of Set 6.0, which you can also see on the “card db” worksheet.
2015-03-26• Set 5.2 release — 4 new Legendary cards
2015-04-03• Workbook now split into three volumes (see above).
• Set 5.1 mini-expansion cards added — 4 new Heroic and 4 new Legendary cards
2015-03-02Updates for Set 5:
• Card database includes 48 new cards and revisions to old cards, plus updated draft pool. All token cards are now classified with the main card that generates them. Since there are multiple ways to produce a Seedling, for example, you will now see multiple listings for Seedlings.
• Updated card stats.
• Daily rewards tracker updated for Set 5 (worksheet “dailies5”).
• Updates to COTD/AA.
• Updates to store items (worksheet “prices”).
2015-01-12• Set 4.2 previews have begun. Check out Bron, the Dinosaur rider!
• Finally corrected formulas for “card stats” worksheet. Now showing proper counts by card set, faction, rarity, etc.
2014-12-15• Set 4.1 is released tomorrow. Card database updated to show 4.1 cards at bottom.
2014-11-19• SolForge Info workbook now split into two parts. I have moved the collected data on rarity distribution in Booster Packs, Prize Packs, etc. into Volume 2.
2014-11-11• Set 4.0 is released! Card DB updated with new cards and patches to old cards.
2014-11-10• About 24 of the 60 cards in Set 4 have been spoiled and are listed in the card DB, which has been re-structured a bit to accommodate the new types of cards. #HYPE for tomorrow is release date.
2014-11-06• Set 4 spoiler season has begun! Card DB is being re-structured to be able to handle cards that change names and types (spell/creature) as they level up. I am also working on a way to group token creatures with their associated main cards (e.g., BinBen and his Lightning Elementals).
2014-09-23• Set 3.1 Uterra Legendary is Roaming Warclawsource
2014-09-22• Set 3.1 Nekrium Legendary is Suruzal, Emissary of Varnasource
2014-09-20• The one and only expansion for Secrets of Solice, here called Set 3.1, is coming soon, potentially early next week. Six of the eight cards have been previewed and their info is now in the “card db” worksheet; look for blue-highlighted rows at the bottom.source
2014-09-17• A new patch for SOS has been announced. There will be 8 new cards (1 Heroic + 1 Legendary for each Faction) and they will be available via four new pre-constructed decks in the store.
• Changes to several of the existing cards were also announced. They will be shown in the “card db” worksheet; look for the blue highlights.
2014-08-24• Collection report worksheet updated with new section for Set 3.x cards. I have revised the formulas a little throughout the workbook, with the aim of removing the need for the placeholder row at the bottom of the card DB and collection worksheets.
2014-08-20• Set 3.0 (Secrets of Solis) is released! Card DB is updated with all Set 3 cards (last few rows), along with changes to old cards (highlighted in blue).
• I’ve added a new column to card DB that indicates whether or not a card is part of the Draft pool. Essentially, almost all Common, Rare, and Heroic cards from Set 1.x have been removed.
2014-08-18• New feature — See “card stats” worksheet for a summary of card counts by faction/type/rarity, broken down by card set.
• Spoilers for Set 3.0 are ongoing, with the info added to the “card db” worksheet (bottom rows) as it becomes available.
2014-08-14• Set 3.0 preview season is in full swing. Info added to card DB (bottom rows) as it comes in.
• I’ve decided to go with four-character card codes (five, including the faction prefix) for Set 3.0 cards, as it makes them easier to distinguish and because of the increasing overlap in card initials.
2014-08-12• You might want to check the bottom few rows of the card DB worksheet
2014-08-11• Set 3.0 previews are here! #hype!!!!! Stay tuned for an exclusive spoiler coming soon to the SolForge Info Workbook.
2014-08-01• Collection report worksheet updated. A new section at the top shows completion % of your collection, broken down by rarity. I added a calculation on whether Forging Legendaries or buying Booster Packs is more cost-effective.
2014-07-31• Remaining Set 2.3 cards were released yesterday with the second set of community-designed decks now up for sale in the in-game store.
2014-07-27• First spoiler from the second half of Set 2.3 was revealed yesterday: Nethershriek (Nekrium Legendary). See “card db” worksheet (bottom rows).
2014-07-15• First set (8 of 16 total) Set 2.3 cards will be available starting today in a couple of new pre-constructed decks in the in-game store.
2014-07-11• Here come the Set 2.3 cards... a few spoilers have been released and will be slowly worked into the “card db” worksheet.
2014-06-14• Erratum — I missed that War Merchant III gives +8 health in addition to the +8 attack buff.
2014-06-13• Set 2.2 is released. No client patch was needed (just re-start your client). Sneaky SBE had the cards in there all along. 20 new cards in card db. (See bottom of list.) Worksheet collection is also updated.
2014-06-08• Errata (thanks, Ronim) — info for Charnel Titan II and III was missing; creature type and stats for Spitesower Acolyte II and III were missing; stats for Vengeful Spirit III were incorrect
• The first 8 spoilers from Set 2.2 have been added to the card DB.
2014-05-27• Minor patch: Corrected spelling for Oreian Fieldmarshal and Scatterspore Eidolon; bug fix for Dissolve III and Ironbeard IV.
• Legendary Sale — 50% off Legendary Chests until 2014-05-31.
2014-05-13• Patch day! Set 2.1 is released.
• Card db updated to include all cards from Set 2.1. For now, I have the card db worksheet sorted by Set. The new cards are at the bottom.
• New items and prices in the store (see “prices” worksheet). It appears that Set 2.0 COTD are now cheaper. Monthly discount chest added. Super Chrogias alt-art (level I is kinda cute).
• Collection tracker updated. See discussion thread on SolForge forums (link above) for detailed instructions on how to update if you’ve made a copy of this workbook for yourself.
2014-05-11• Data entry for Set 2.1, based on patch notes.
• Note to self: need to check exact, revised wording on FG Gamma.
2014-05-10• Should be caught up on Set 2.1 previews. The folks at have a comprehensive list.
• Corrected: spelling of “Delpha, Chronosculptor”, “Ghastly Rewewal”, and Level II Overwhelming Force gives +6 attack.
2014-05-07• More Set 2.1 previews — Oreian Fieldmarshall and Vyric Ebonskull; plus new surge cycle.
2014-05-06• More Set 2.1 previews — Borean Mystic and Aetherforge Oracle
2014-05-04• The first two preview cards from the upcoming ROTF mini-expansion (Set 2.1), Everflame Mystic and Aegis Knight, added to card db.
• Prices updated — Gold price of deck slots decreased with the Spring Break sale.
2014-03-30• Prices worksheet updated again — It appears all ROTF COTDs are higher priced than Set 1.x COTDs. Prices for Forgeborn cards are the same as other Legendary cards in Set 2.
• New worksheet — tix & tourneys — This worksheet keeps track of your tournament records and lets you keep count of Silver vs. Gold tickets. The data shown is from my F2P account and is provided as an example of how this worksheet can be used
2014-03-28Prices worksheet updated to reflect different COTD price for Forgeborn cards than other Legendary cards.
2014-03-26• Errata — Corrected stats for Grimgaunt Spectre III; description for Flameshaper Savant III; Cinder Colossus was missing Defender
2014-03-25I’ve started keeping track of Booster Pack stats. (Note that these are from my main account, jermbug, while the collection tracked in this workbook is for my F2P account, jermbugF2P.) I’ve only opened < 150 packs since I started tracking these stats, so any conclusions drawn might be premature.
• Brighttusk Sower was missing level II/III stats.
• Creature type for Bramblewood Guardian, Grove Matriarch, Heart Tree, Mossbeard Patriarch, Runegrove Guardian, Treefolk changed to Plant.
• Adjusted descriptions for creatures that spawn seedlings to include the term “Plant”: Brighttusk Sower, Grove Matriarch, Wildwood Sower
2014-03-23Card info data entry completed. Changes of note:
• Changes to Set 1.x cards as per patch notes. Look for blue highlight.
• Corrected spelling of Skyknight Glider. Card code changed to aSKG.
• Card db is sorted into alphabetical order by card name.
• Corrected spelling of Onyxium Marauder. Card code changed to aOnM.
2014-03-22Card db update in progress. So far, I have all the names, rarities, and factions entered.
The collection being tracked in this workbook is my new F2P account that I created the day that Rise of the Forgeborn was released.
Prices page updated with Rise of the Forgeborn information.
2014-03-21With the release of the Rise of the Forgeborn patch notes, it seems that release is imminent. Changes to Set 1.x cards will be highlighted in blue. Set 2.0 cards will continue to be listed at the bottom, for now, but this will eventually be changed to full alphabetical.
2014-03-20Correction to formula that calculates total Silver you can obtain by forging away all excess cards. More preview cards’ data entered. (Up to 30 cards now.) Corrected Mobility stat for Steelscale Dragon.
2014-03-18Contagion Surge I description corrected (typo fixed).
2014-03-17card DB updated with latest spoilers from Set 2.0; deck storage/viewer in preliminary working state
2014-03-14card DB now supports cards with Level IV (Forgeborn Korok added)
2014-03-11collection tracker and collection report added
2014-03-10initial release
infoThis help and information page.
card dbcard database
card viewerview all three levels of a card
card statscard statistics report
pricesList in-game items for sale and their Gold and Silver prices. Forging values will go here.
COTDarchive of Card of the Day
AAarchive of Alternate Art cards
collectioncard collection tracking
collection rptcard collection report
decks(in beta) deck storage and deck viewer
• Decks are stored in columns starting from H.
• To view a deck, select rows 24 to 58 from the appropriate column. In menu, choose Edit/Copy. Move to cell B24. In menu, choose, Edit/Paste Special/Paste values only. The cards’ detailed info in columns C–G is updated automatically, as is the deck summary data in rows 6–22.
dailiesdaily rewards tracker
tix and tourneys
tickets and tournaments tracker — keep track of Silver vs. Gold tickets
tourney rpt(coming soon) summarises results from tournaments
BoostersStatistical tracking of card rarities in Booster Packs
Cells are colour-coded according to whether they are meant for data entry or are outputs from formulas/lookups.
Colour codeDescription
blueThe cell is calculated from a formula automatically and should not be edited.
greenThe cell is looked up from elsewhere (e.g., card DB) automatically and should not be edited.
light green bkgdEnter in such a cell the four-character card code. The card details will be looked up automatically.
light yellow bkgdEnter data in such a cell.