blankLevelAxisMission TitleDescriptionRequired ItemsConsumed ItemsLootLoot %Energy CostXPCash LowCash HighMastery Level 1Mastery Level 2Mastery Level 3Success MessageSuccess ImageRankpayout per energyXP per energyloot per tierMission CostItem 1 NameItem 1 QuantityItem 1 CostItem 2 NameItem 2 QuantityItem 2 CostItem 3 NameItem 3 QuantityItem 3 CostItem 4 NameItem 4 QuantityItem 4 Cost
Warlord1Proclaim a State of EmergencyInsurgents threaten peace and stability. Any citizens outside after dark will be arrested.11$180$28019%18%17%proclaimed a state of emergencybaton.pngLevel 1-4$2301.00
Level 1-41Intimidate a RivalThis free thinker had the audacity to question your leadership. Push him around in public!Baton33$750$1,10012%11%10%intimidated a rival in publicbaton.pngMission Count:$3081.00#VALUE!Baton1$300
Mission Count:2Rough Up University ProfessorsTake a few thugs to explain freedom of thought to some bespectacled whiners.Baton, Loyalist Thugs55$1,200$2,20018%17%16%roughed up university professorsloyalist-thugs.png7$3401.00$1,800Baton1$300Loyalist Thugs1$1,500
72Incarcerate a Dissident BloggerA citizen has written hateful falsehoods about you on the internet. They must be incarcerated.Loyalist Thugs, Corrupt Police Chief78$2,000$4,00020%19%18%incarcerated a dissident bloggercorrupt-police-chief.pngPatsy required$4291.14$4,500Loyalist Thugs1$1,500Corrupt Police Chief1$3,000
3Hold a Demonstration of Your SupportersLeagues of your fervent supporters will gather in the largest square in the capital to celebrate their Great Leader.SpeechwriterParamilitary Volunteers80%22$500$7809%8%7%held a demonstration of their supportersparamilitary-volunteer.pngForeign Affair required$3201.008.89$4,000Speechwriter1$4,000
4Arrest Hundreds of PeopleThese unruly citizens shall no longer pose a threat to your regime.Deputy Minister of JusticeTear GasKnife45%33$1,000$1,30010%9%8%arrested hundreds of peoplehandcuffs.png$3831.004.50$8,050Deputy Minister of Justice1$8,000Tear Gas1$50
4Speak Out Against Powerful NationsYour great success as leader is a threat to the people who supposedly run the world. They will know your genius and fear your speechmaking!Speechwriter34$1,330$2,1507%6%5%spoke out against powerful nationsspeechwriter.png$5801.330.00$4,000Speechwriter1$4,000
Ruler5Promote Your Family Into Important PositionsHow can you trust qualified government officials? Replace them with family members and loyal friends!Bulletproof LimoSUV Convoy60%22$910$1,40016%15%14%promoted their family into important positionssuv-convoy.pngLevel 5-8$5781.003.75$6,000Bulletproof Limo1$6,000
Level 5-85Drive Tanks Through the CapitalThe citizens will surely be impressed, as piercing alarms drive them out of their homes to witness your rolling thunder.9mm Semi-Auto, 2x Tank22 Pistol20%33$1,250$1,85012%11%10%drove tanks through the capitaltank.pngMission Count:$5171.001.67$27,0009mm Semi-Auto1$1,000Tank2$13,000
Mission Count:6Host Global Fugitives from JusticeAnnounce yourself as a player on the world stage by hosting the learned minds of global crime.2x Bulletproof Limo, 2x Deputy Minister of JusticeIED85%33$1,710$2,41010%9%8%hosted global fugitives from justiceied.png7$6871.008.50$28,000Bulletproof Limo2$6,000Deputy Minister of Justice2$8,000
76Suspend the ConstitutionWe shall be violating basic human rights for an indefinite period of national emergency.4x Loyalist Thugs, 2x Paramilitary VolunteersTear GasSawed-off Shotgun15%33$1,650$2,5607%6%5%suspended the constitutiontear-gas.png$7021.002.14$6,000Loyalist Thugs4$1,500Paramilitary Volunteers2$0
7Establish a University in Your NameStudents at your new national university will study your values, your thoughts and your great deeds. Mandatory study groups will debate principles of absolute obedience to your admirable leadership.2x SpeechwriterStudents100%68$3,380$5,19011%10%9%established a university in their namestudents.png$7141.339.09$8,000Speechwriter2$4,000
7Ban Trade Unions and Political PartiesIndependently organized groups of citizens pose a threat to stability. In the interest of civil harmony, you will disband them all.2x Loyalist Thugs, 2x Paramilitary Volunteers2x Tear GasBlank Ballots70%1014$4,200$8,09014%13%12%banned trade unions and political partiestear-gas.png$6151.405.00$3,000Loyalist Thugs2$1,500Paramilitary Volunteers2$0
8Nationalize the BanksForeign financiers have been manipulating your economy for profit for too long. Time to seize their property!Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Central Banker1420$5,220$15,07018%17%16%nationalized the banksgold-brick.png$7251.430.00$18,000Deputy Minister of Justice1$8,000Deputy Central Banker1$10,000
Tyrant9Draft University Students into a New ArmyStudents in your country can best serve by enforcing civil order. Put down those books, pick up those batons!2x Electric Cattle Prod, 4x Paramilitary VolunteersStudentsYouth Brigade90%45$6,970$11,01012%11%10%drafted university students into a new armyyouth-brigade.pngLevel 9-12$2,2481.257.50$4,000Electric Cattle Prod2$2,000Paramilitary Volunteers4$0
Level 9-129Confiscate & Destroy Satellite DishesForeign media interferes with a citizen's clean mind.Battering RamSatellite Truck45%68$7,400$12,1207%6%5%confiscated & destroyed satellite dishessatellite-truck.pngMission Count:$1,6271.336.43$10,000Battering Ram1$10,000
Mission Count:9Bar Foreign Media from Your CountryJournalists are sick people who spread mental illness across borders. Time they stop providing another point of view about your country.2x PR Person, 6x Loyalist ThugsNetbook70%55$8,280$14,11011%10%9%barred foreign media from their countrynetbook.png8$2,2391.006.36$81,000PR Person2$36,000Loyalist Thugs6$1,500
810Print MoneyYou run the country, it's time to print some more money! Your face looks so good on those bills.6x Deputy Central Banker1622$46,080$82,22021%20%19%printed money with their face on itdeputy-central-banker.png$4,0091.380.00$60,000Deputy Central Banker6$10,000
10Augment an Uppity VillageA small town recently called for an election. Build a giant monument to the Continuous War where the center of town was.Architect, BulldozerMolotov Cocktail15%56$9,070$16,7709%8%7%augmented an uppity villagemolotov-cocktail.png$2,5841.201.67$80,000Architect1$50,000Bulldozer1$30,000
11 Take Over an Organized Crime RingSmall time criminals in a Mafia family think they're running a big operation. Show them what a big operation looks like - absorb their criminal enterprise into your national criminal empire.1x Corrupt Police Chief, 6x Paramilitary Volunteers, 10x Loyalist Thugs1x IEDSevered Horse Head90%79$12,090$17,5007%6%5%took over an organized crime ringsevered-horse-head.png$2,1141.2912.86$18,000Corrupt Police Chief1$3,000Paramilitary Volunteers8$0Loyalist Thugs10$1,500
11Send the Supreme Court on a Shameful VacationJudges that question your laws are getting a wonderful trip to a distant luxury resort. Footage of the judges dancing with foreigners and criminals will be useful.2x Corrupt Police Chief, 3x Deputy Minister of Justice, 2x PR Person, PatsyJustice Gone Wild Videotape70%911$19,510$23,06013%12%11%sent the supreme court on a shameful vacationdeputy-minister-of-justice.png$2,3651.225.38$102,000Corrupt Police Chief2$3,000Deputy Minister of Justice3$8,000PR Person2$36,000Patsy1$0
12Punish an Insubordinate Minister's FamilyA senior minister believes in healthy public debate. Their family will learn to disagree with them on that.8x Paramilitary Volunteers2x IEDGold-plated 45 Handgun40%810$29,530$48,01010%9%8%punished an insubordinate minister's familygold-plated-45-handgun.png$4,8461.254.00$0Paramilitary Volunteers6$0
Autocrat13Strip Mine a Holy HillsideSome peasants worship a nearby hill. You see its greater potential: a pile of coal to burn for fuel.2x Bulldozer, 2x TechnocratCoal Pile100%1826$110,000$510,08012%11%10%strip mined a holy hillsidecoal-pile.pngLevel 13-17$17,2241.448.33$260,000Bulldozer2$30,000Technocrat2$100,000
Level 13-1713Nationalize the Brewing CompanyDecades ago, a foreign brewer established a large alcohol producing operation. Time to nationalize liquor production, to better serve patriots.6x Lawyer, 2x Tank TruckBooze Load100%1522$70,440$390,7409%8%7%nationalized the brewing companybooze-load.pngMission Count:$15,3731.4711.11$560,000Lawyer6$80,000Tank Truck2$40,000
Mission Count:14Relocate the National Treasury into Your HomeThe people will be reassured to have the nation's money printed and stored in your home.10x Deputy Central Banker, 2x Semi Truck3544$1,050,660$1,441,03022%21%20%relocated the national treasury into their homegold-brick.png8$35,5961.260.00$220,000Deputy Central Banker10$10,000Semi Truck2$60,000
815Welcome Unethical Tech CompaniesInnovative software sweatshops and illicit web hosts can find a safe haven in your country, in exchange for a cut of the action.4x Netbook, 3x PR Person, 2x TechnocratFirewall90%1726$80,140$450,24014%13%12%welcomed unethical tech companies to their nationfirewall.png$15,5991.536.43$308,000Netbook4$0PR Person3$36,000Technocrat2$100,000
15Seize a ForestAnother nation isn't making adequate use of the natural resources of a nearby forest. Considering its importance to the history of your people, the immediate liberation of that forest is your solemn duty.10x Lawyer, 3x PR Person, 4x Armored YachtWood Pile100%2230$140,690$363,09013%12%11%seized a forestwood-pile.png$11,4501.367.69$1,228,000Lawyer10$80,000PR Person3$36,000Armored Yacht4$80,000
16Drill, Baby, DrillBeneath the precious forests of your country lies even more precious black gold.6x Tank Truck, 6x TechnocratOil Barrel100%2128$210,050$420,77011%10%9%drilled, baby, drilledoil-barrel.png$15,0201.339.09$840,000Tank Truck6$40,000Technocrat6$100,000
17Import Heavy MachineryYour loyal subjects can only work seven days a week, sixteen hours a day. Accelerate their industriousness by importing construction equipment.1x Trafficker, 2x Satellite TruckOil BarrelMobile Crane55%2329$180,410$399,92019%18%17%imported heavy machinerymobile-crane.png$12,6161.262.89$150,000Trafficker1$150,000Satellite Truck2$0
17Develop Domestic Drug ProductionTurns out your nation's soil is good for something - fire up the local production of intoxicants to boost agricultural exports.3x Trafficker, 2x Lawyer, 4x Semi Truck, 2x PatsyKilo100%1623$307,010$507,02012%11%10%developed domestic drug productionkilo.png$25,4381.448.33$850,000Trafficker3$150,000Lawyer2$80,000Semi Truck4$60,000Patsy2$0
Despot18Subsidize the Price of OilOil promotes happiness. Cheap oil promotes citizen acceptance of great leadership.6x Technocrat, 6x PR PersonOil BarrelBehavior Police60%1318$204,040$380,6609%8%7%subsidized the price of oilbehavior-police.pngLevel 18-24$22,4881.386.67$816,000Technocrat6$100,000PR Person6$36,000
Level 18-2418Remove a Leading JudgeExploit your connection to the sensibilities of your people to have a disagreeable Judge shamed, fired and disbarred.3x Deputy Minister of Justice, 2x Youth BrigadeJustice Gone Wild VideotapeSecret Pistol45%1520$220,010$420,0907%6%5%removed a leading judgesecret-pistol.pngMission Count:$21,3371.336.43$24,000Deputy Minister of Justice3$8,000Youth Brigade2$0
Mission Count:18Host an Enticing Conference for PhysicistsScience has never been treated so well. Let's host a sumptuous conference for physicists so some can be convinced to stay.15x PR Person, 3x SUV ConvoyKilo, Booze LoadPhysicist55%2530$420,700$840,7009%8%7%hosted a enticing conference for physicistsphysicist.png8$25,2281.206.11$540,000PR Person15$36,000SUV Convoy3$0
819Expand the SuperhighwayThe road between the capital and your home town shall be widened to better accommodate you and your entourage on holiday trips.4x Technocrat, 4x ArchitectCoal Pile, Wood PileBody Double80%2835$808,800$1,806,04020%19%18%expanded the superhighway to their home townbody-double.png$46,6941.254.00$600,000Technocrat4$100,000Architect4$50,000
20Import Luxury GoodsThe morale of the nation shall be improved by increasing the leader's supply of lovely things.16x PR Person, 4x TraffickerGold Chains65%3445$1,005,020$2,540,05015%14%13%imported luxury goodsgold-chains.png$52,1331.324.33$1,176,000PR Person16$36,000Trafficker4$150,000
22Acquire UraniumAcquire uranium for your nation. Just don't say where you got it.2x Trafficker, Bureaucrat, 6x Lawyer, 3x PatsyKiloYellowcake55%3650$1,076,020$2,660,40014%13%12%acquired uraniumyellowcake.png$51,8951.393.93$780,000Trafficker2$150,000Bureaucrat1$0Lawyer6$80,000Patsy3$0
23Pave Wetlands for a Multinational Factory ComplexYou need hardware more than you need a swamp. Let foreigners terraform and set up some factories.6x Bulldozer, 8x TechnocratCoal Pile, Wood PileCentrifuge50%3239$1,672,300$2,200,18016%15%14%paved wetlands for a multinational factory complexcentrifuge.png$60,5081.223.13$980,000Bulldozer6$30,000Technocrat8$100,000
24Create Mobile Labs for Shady ScienceMysterious trailers provide an excellent place for your nation's top scientists to pursue your more dangerous dreams.Humvee, 6x Semi Truck, 8x Bulldozer, 8x TechnocratMysterious Trailer15%2835$760,500$2,010,5009%8%7%created mobile labs for shady sciencemysterious-trailer.png$49,4821.251.67$1,000,000Humvee1$0Architect8$50,000Bulldozer8$30,000Semi Truck6$60,000
Generalissimo25Ban a Threatening ReligionCitizens are being inappropriately inspired by a new organized religion. Arrest their messengers!6x Youth Brigade, 3x Behavior PoliceGold Chains, FirewallPsychic50%3236$1,201,880$2,329,08024%23%22%banned a threatening religionpsychic.pngLevel 25-34$55,1711.132.08$0Youth Brigade6$0Behavior Police3$0
Level 25-3426Pass a Law Protecting Your Dignity and HonorAll citizens obviously worship their Great Leader. Now it shall be the law.4x Youth Brigade, 10x Deputy Minister of Justice, 4x Behavior Police3540$1,601,880$2,502,55010%9%8%passed a law protecting their dignity and honorbehavior-police.pngMission Count:$58,6351.140.00$80,000Youth Brigade4$0Deputy Minister of Justice10$8,000Behavior Police4$0
Mission Count:28Start a CommitteeThe Revolutionary Committee to Cleanse Counter Revolution has been over-run with counter-revolutionaries. Time for a new committee!4x Behavior Police, 10x Lawyer, BureaucratBureaucrat15%2230$909,900$1,600,1109%8%7%started a committeebureaucrat.png8$57,0461.361.67$800,000Behavior Police4$0Lawyer10$80,000Bureaucrat1$0
830Seize a Small SpyboatA small, attractive boat has been patrolling too close to your maritime border. At least that's the story from the Great Leader, as you justify seizing the craft and ransoming the crew.6x Sniper Rifle, 4x Armored Yacht, 12x Paramilitary VolunteerPatrol Boat35%3642$1,306,070$2,040,09012%11%10%seized a small spyboatpatrol-boat.png$46,4741.172.92$800,000Sniper Rifle6$80,000Armored Yacht4$80,000Paramilitary Volunteer12$0
31Establish a Tourist ResortThe nation's natural beauty and charming craft village are matched only in splendor by the smiles on each of our citizens. Come, enjoy!10x Architect, 6x PR PersonBooze Load, Oil BarrelTourists100%4252$1,754,920$2,901,24016%15%14%established a tourist resorttourists.png$55,4301.246.25$716,000Architect10$50,000PR Person6$36,000
32Avoid a Staged Assassination AttemptArrange to take a bullet in the chest, and live - live to kick that would-be killer in the teeth and give a four hour speech on your vitality.Secret Pistol, 6x SUV Convoy, 4x Speechwriter, 4x PatsyBody DoubleBodyguard70%3039$1,699,840$2,104,23019%18%17%avoided a staged assassination attemptbodyguard.png$63,4011.303.68$16,000Secret Pistol1$0SUV Convoy6$0Speechwriter4$4,000Patsy4$0
33Enrich UraniumThe culmination of a childhood dream - the power of large explosions is increasingly within your grasp.6x Physicist, 4x Mysterious Trailer, 6x CentrifugeYellowcakeEnriched Uranium90%2028$0$022%21%20%enriched uraniumenriched-uranium.png$01.404.09$0Physicist6$0Mysterious Trailer4$0Centrifuge6$0
34Kidnap a Famous Film DirectorYou have enjoyed the work of this great film director from a distance - time that you two were able to collaborate on a very special movie project. Severed Horse HeadDocumentary on the Great Leader80%2838$1,506,890$2,402,21026%25%24%kidnapped a famous film directordocumentary-on-the-great-leader.png$69,8051.363.08$0
Commander in Chief
Commander in Chief35Share Your Great Wisdom in a BookYou will now present the next required reading for your nation, on a subject of your currency curiosity.8x Speechwriter, Sponsored Reporter2935$3,803,880$4,204,2203%2%1%shared their great wisdom in a booksponsored-reporter.pngLevel 35-59$138,0711.210.00$32,000Speechwriter8$4,000Sponsored Reporter1$0
Level 35-5937Host an International Sports TournamentYour nation shall host a glamorous tournament with the world's best athletes competing for a trophy bearing your name.10x PR PersonBooze Load, KiloAthlete60%3652$3,206,400$4,704,77018%17%16%hosted an international sports tournamentathlete.pngMission Count:$109,8771.443.33$360,000PR Person10$36,000
Mission Count:39Recruit and Train a Private ArmyYou already run the Armed Forces of your nation; this army is separate and personal to serve the Great Leader.2x Bodyguard, 2x Body Double, 2x Deputy GeneralElite Guard26%4860$3,104,090$4,800,3209%8%7%recruited and trained a private armyelite-guard.png8$82,3381.252.89$800,000Bodyguard2$0Body Double2$0Deputy General2$400,000
842Send a Surprise Gift to an ExpatriateAn outspoken critic of your regime has moved to a foreign country before you could convince them to stay. Show them your displeasure has global reach.SpyChampagne Bottle Bomb3854$3,430,600$5,500,08021%20%19%sent a surprise gift to a disloyal expatriatechampagne-bottle-bomb.png$117,5091.420.00$0Spy1$0Champagne Bottle Bomb1$0
45Ransom Tourists to their CountriesThese foreign pleasure-seekers have overstayed their welcome. Let's see if these Tourists are worth something as pawns in geopolitics.8x TraffickerTouristsAmbassador70%4254$3,550,330$5,067,02022%21%20%ransomed tourists to their countriestourists.png$102,5881.293.18$1,200,000Trafficker8$150,000
48Accept Bribes from Foreign CorporationsLarge multinational conglomerates have business development funds for the improvement of Our Great Leader's Morale in the constant struggle against anti-nationalists.15x PR Person, 5x PatsyBooze Load5066$5,035,030$7,910,63010%9%8%accepted bribes from foreign multinationalsbooze-load.png$129,4571.320.00$540,000PR Person15$36,000Patsy5$0
50Build Up Your Air PowerNothing says "sovereign nation" like expensive fighter jets.5x Ambassador, 10x Trafficker, 6x Physicist, 4x Deputy GeneralFighter Plane35%5063$4,400,730$6,250,2208%7%6%built up an air forcefighter-plane.png$106,5101.264.38$3,100,000Ambassador5$0Trafficker10$150,000Physicist6$0Deputy General4$400,000
55Acquire a Proper NavyA country like yours should have access to boats carrying weapons.10x Ambassador, 16x Trafficker, 6x Deputy GeneralDestroyer35%4562$3,410,080$5,806,0409%8%7%acquired a proper navydestroyer.png$102,4011.383.89$4,800,000Ambassador10$0Trafficker16$150,000Deputy General6$400,000
Dictator60Award Yourself a Lifetime Hero Power AwardMiraculously there is an award so lofty that it encompasses all your unsurpassed glory. You will be given that award today.2x Psychic, 2x Athlete, 2x Physicist, 20x PR PersonAward Statue60%4971$4,708,900$6,801,0905%4%3%awarded themself a Lifetime Hero Power Awardaward-statue.pngLevel 60-99$117,4491.4512.00$720,000Psychic2$0Athlete2$0Physicist2$0PR Person20$36,000
Level 60-9960Deliver an Eight Hour SpeechThe updated wisdom of the Great Leader shall be delivered in the Capital Square and broadcast across all channels on State TV.16x Speechwriter, 10x Satellite TruckSponsored Reporter15%3038$3,303,320$3,900,8805%4%3%delivered an eight hour speechspeechwriter.pngMission Count:$120,0701.273.00$64,000Speechwriter16$4,000Satellite Truck10$0
Mission Count:68Declare Yourself Parent of the NationAll good things are born somewhere. The pride of this nation is to be born from you; this speech should remind everyone.16x Speechwriter, 5x Psychic, 15x PR Person5068$3,710,010$6,408,3005%4%3%declared themself the parent of the nationpr-person.png8$101,1831.360.00$604,000Speechwriter16$4,000Psychic5$0PR Person15$36,000
875Fashion an Atomic BombLet's celebrate the will of the Great Leader by assembling an atomic weapon.12x Physicist, 6x Mysterious TrailerEnriched UraniumA-Bomb50%4966$3,074,170$4,240,22024%23%22%fashioned an atomic bomba-bomb.png$74,6371.352.08$0Physicist12$0Mysterious Trailer6$0
78Produce the National News NetworkFinally your country's auspicious history and bold future can be shared with a global audience. You shall oversee accuracy for the documentertainment.20x Satellite Truck, 20x PR Person, 4x Sponsored ReporterDocumentary on the Great Leader4161$4,404,160$6,107,7005%4%3%produced a national news networksatellite-truck.png$128,1931.490.00$720,000Satellite Truck20$0PR Person20$36,000Sponsored Reporter6$0
82Expel all ForeignersOutsiders have meddled with our affairs for too long. Let's embrace our unique humanity and celebrate our borders.10x Ambassador, 20x Behavior Police, 6x PatsyTouristsNationalist80%5176$3,080,110$4,100,44012%11%10%expelled all foreignersnationalist.png$70,3981.496.67$0Ambassador10$0Behavior Police20$0Patsy6$0
88Create Your Own ReligionIn the beginning was you, and the nation. Like one, soul and body, nation and leader. Now citizens can ascend through metaphyiscal obedience.13x Psychic, 20x PR Person, 10x Elite Guard, 2x Food TasterGold Chains5669$7,154,450$10,111,0103%2%1%created their own religionpsychic.png$154,1561.230.00$720,000Psychic13$0PR Person20$36,000Elite Guard10$0Food Taster2$0
92Export ArmsWe shall sell weapons to unsavory nations, in order to fuel the dreams of the Great Leader.5x Destroyer, 5x Fighter Plane, 20x Trafficker, 20x Tank TruckSubmarine40%5770$5,280,670$11,055,0403%2%1%exported armssubmarine.png$143,2961.2313.33$3,000,000Destroyer5$0Fighter Plane5$0Trafficker20$150,000Tank Truck20
Great LeaderGreat Leader
Level 99+99Sponsor Rebels in a Nearby CountryFomenting unrest and promoting destabilization in a neighboring country will both support your aims and amuse you.12x Ambassador, 12x Trafficker, 6x Patrol Boat, 6x Mysterious TrailerDrone30%4067$5,300,000$11,660,0003%2%1%Level 99+$212,0001.6810.00
Mission Count:99Ban Something You HateFoodstuffs, a genre of music, your least favorite movie - you woke up on the wrong side of your emperor-sized bed today and something will be banned.20x Behavior Police, 10x Elite Guard, 10x Nationalist3552$4,452,000$5,724,0003%2%1%Mission Count:$145,3711.490.00
8102Change the Name of the NationThis last weekend you realized the true character of your nation and you will now provide your nation with a new name.10x Ambassador, 20x PR Person4161$8,800,000$13,750,0003%2%1%8$275,0001.490.00
106Export WMDNow that you have acquired a nuclear device, it's time to leverage that for fame and profit.A-Bomb, 16x Ambassador, 20x TraffickerEM-502%4973$11,500,000$17,250,0003%2%1%$293,3671.490.67
110Test Fire a Long Range MissileThe diligent work of your national scientists has yielded a Missile capable of reaching halfway around the globe. Let's show everyone!10x Physicists, 12x Satellite TrucksMissile20%79131$20,700,000$27,600,0004%3%2%$184,3511.005.00
112Export National Resources into Private Offshore Bank AccountMuch of the nation's wealth is lying idle in the National Treasury and the hands of the citizens. The Great Leader shall preserve these monies for special purposes in secret offshore accounts.22x Trafficker, 22x Satellite Truck, 16x Patsy5563$57,500,000$97,750,0003%2%1%$1,411,3641.150.00
120National Celebration of the Great Leader"Honor the Great Leader Day" is swiftly approaching. The citizens will be warned, so they can prepare!10x Nationalists, 20x PR People, 2x Trafficker76113$18,400,000$25,875,0004%3%2%$291,2831.490.00
130Annex the Country Next DoorA truly Great Leader can not be contained by borders! Your ambition and the aspirations of your people can be best served by expanding your reach.5x Destroyer, 5x Fighter Plane, 10x Deputy General6986$14,260,000$23,230,0003%2%1%$271,6671.250.00
8Order your Portrait Hung in All Homes and BusinessesLoyalty is how this country will improve itself, and seeing your face everywhere greatly improves loyalty.4x Loyalist Thugs, 3x Paramilitary Volunteers69$3,600$4,90018%17%16%$7081.500.00