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TimestampJob TitleRegionCityGross SalaryCurrency USD Gross SalaryHourly RateStudio SizeYears of XPGenderQueer?EthnicityDisabledBenefits Additional CommentsJob Category
24/02/2019 12:05:17Animator West CoastSeattle115,000.00USD$115,00011-5016+MaleWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Full time working remotely from home. Health/Dental/Vision, unlimited PTO, 401k with no match, unofficial bonus plan, christmas bonusesAnimator
08/06/2020 13:01:14Animator, 3DMontréalMontréal46,000.00CAD$33,52522,25$11-502-5MasculineNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Assurances (Médicale/Dentaire) et 3 semaines de vacances (1 sem. Noël, 2 personnelles) Animator
24/02/2019 12:07:08Animator West CoastSeattle62,400.00USD$62,400$301-106-10FemaleWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )None Animator
08/06/2020 15:08:56Animator, GameplayCanadaMontreal54,000.00CAD$39,3551000+2-5AFABYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )RRSP match, full insurance, gym, 4 weeks paid vacationAnimator
08/06/2020 18:27:26AnimatorGeorgiaAtlanta70,000.00USD$70,000251-10006-10FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)401k, healthcare, PTOAnimator
09/06/2020 05:05:33AnimatorWest CoastOrange County98,000.00USD$98,00051-2506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k (2% match, vested over 3 years), health/dental/vision, 4 weeks PTO, stock units vest over 4 years, snacksNo crunch, 40 hours/week. Average raise of 1% per year. Almost zero challengesAnimator
10/06/2020 16:56:39Animator, Mid LevelEast Coast54,000.00USD$54,000251-10002-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k matching, Medical, dental, vision, unlimited PTO, profit sharingAnimator
10/06/2020 17:13:42Animator, Mid LevelSoutheastAtlanta57,650.00USD$57,650251-100016+FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe ) 401k matching; good health, dental, and vision insurance; 160 hours PTO; profit sharing and individual bonuses (taxed about half in GA); no crunch-very little overtimeAnimator
10/06/2020 18:49:24Animator, Associate CanadaEdmonton63,954.00CAD$46,609251-10002-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Stock purchase plan, 401k matching, medical and dental, vision, gym cost reimbursement, free games, work from home allowanceAnimator
10/06/2020 18:50:30Animator, Associate CanadaEdmonton63,954.00CAD$46,609251-10002-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Stock purchase plan, 401k matching, medical and dental, vision, gym cost reimbursement, free games, work from home allowance, PTO, sick/mental health daysAnimator
10/06/2020 19:05:44Animator, Tech-Gameplay CanadaQuebec52,000.00CAD$37,8972551-2502-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )1000 $ worth of sport/gym membership paid by the companyAnimator
11/06/2020 15:22:37AnimatorEast CoastAtlanta57,000.00USD$57,000251-10002-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k matching, Medical, Dental, Vision, 160 hours of PTO, Profit Sharing, Individual bonuses (taxed half in GA), Free Snacks and drinks (up to $200 per month), Meals twice a week, Gym Memberships, In game currency, $1500 max per year training reimbursement, Maternity/Paternity Leave (12 weeks/ 2 weeks respectively), Dog Daycare discounts, Daycare discounts, Paid volunteer timeWe have very little crunch. I feel that should not be a benefit... It should be the norm, but unfortunately in our industry, it is not. Animator
28/06/2020 06:36:19Animator, VFX (mobile)United StatesLos Angeles94,000.00USD$94,0005051-2502-5FemaleYesAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)NoYesAnimator
08/07/2020 02:49:11AnimatorOntarioToronto61,000.00CAD$44,456251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoHealth, dental, 10% RRSP ContributionAnimator
07/10/2020 09:43:01AnimatorBelgium35,000.00EUR$37,57251-2502-5MaleNoPrefer to Not DiscloseNo20 Days off, Near free healthcare. State Pension.Animator
07/10/2020 16:04:39AnimatorEast CoastNew York85,000.00USD$85,00051-2502-5MaleNoBlack (Original Peoples of Africa and the Caribbean)NoMedical, Vision,Dentak, Paid Time Off, Animator
07/01/2021 16:11:25Animator, Technical CanadaEdmonton95,000.00CAD$69,236251-10002-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoHealthcare, Stocks, Free GamesAnimator
20/01/2021 21:13:41Animator, 3DQCQuébec City46,841.00CAD$34,13722.52251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe ), Prefer to Not DiscloseNoDental, Travel, medicine insurance; Company give 4% max in RRSP; Overtime banked and paidm 1.5Animator
2/16/2019AnimatorEast Coast85,000.00USD$85,000251-10006-10Female
White (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k, Health/Dental/Vision/Life, 15+ days PTO, 90 days Maternity, Stock Options, Annual BonusAnimator
2/18/2019Animator, 3DMidwest70,000.00USD$70,00051-2506-10FemaleWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k 25% match, 80% health insurance premium, life insurance, dental, 10 days PTO, 5 sick days, annual bonus, flexible hours
Privately-held company. Very supportive/ flexible. Virtually nonexistent crunch. Genuinely-healthy environment.Animator
2/21/2019AnimatorWest Coast Seattle105,000.00USD$105,00011-5011-15MaleWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k w/ match, health/dental, vision, unlimited PTO, profit sharing, flex hoursAnimator
23/04/2021 18:26:50Animator East CoastAtlanta58,000.00USD$58,00030251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoyesAnimator
04/05/2021 16:51:42Animatorcanadatoronto55,000.00CAD$40,0841000+0-1femaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)NoyesAnimator
04/05/2021 20:32:18Animator, GameplayCanadaToronto50,000.00CAD$36,440251-10000-1MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoBasic health and dental, unlimited sick days, and a flexible work culture, virtually no crunch(Ubisoft Toronto)Animator
08/06/2020 03:58:06Art LeadCanadaMontreal73,000.00CAD$53,202NA2-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Usual basic health benefits. Art Director
08/06/2020 17:09:07Art DirectorItalyPordenone20,000.00EUR$21,4709.171-1011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )noArt Director
08/06/2020 21:27:04Art DirectorCanadaMontreal92,000.00CAD$67,04911-5011-15MaleWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Basic insurance (medical, dental, travel, life)Art Director
09/06/2020 03:17:32Art Director CanadaMontreal210,000.00CAD$153,04751-25011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Unlimited vacation time, 100% RRSP match up to 6% of salary, Project BonusesArt Director
13/06/2020 14:30:08Art DirectorCanada, OntarioToronto167,000.00CAD$121,709251-10006-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health insuranceArt Director
13/06/2020 14:31:38Art DirectorCanada, QuebecMontreal167,000.00CAD$121,709251-100011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health insuranceArt Director
13/06/2020 14:38:01Art DirectorCanada BCVancouver210,000.00CAD$153,04751-25011-15MaleWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health, bonus, RRSPArt Director
16/06/2020 15:12:15Art DirectorEast Coast Pittsburgh72,000.00USD$72,00051-25011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Medical, Eyes, Teeth, life insurance.Art Director
21/07/2020 21:00:39Art DirectorCanada, OntarioToronto85,000.00CAD$61,9481-106-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoHealth Insurance, 3 weeks vacationMobile Studio, Started as Senior 2D ArtistArt Director
06/01/2021 16:56:57Art DirectorEuropeBordeaux40,000.00EUR$42,93911-506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoHealthcare / 25 days PTO / Profit sharingStarted in the studio as a Concept ArtistArt Director
07/01/2021 16:58:28Art DirectorCanada, OntarioToronto76,775.00CAD$55,953salary based11-5011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoHealth and DentalThough a founding member and core game designer: as an artist was informed I hit a salary ceiling at 2/3rds what our senior programmers make.Art Director
08/04/2021 06:05:39Art Director, UICASan Francisco220,000.00USD$220,0001000+16+MaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)No401k, stock purchasing, usual health and dental and family coverage. Art Director
02/03/2019 07:47:33Artist, Technical West Coast122,000.00USD$122,00051-2502-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )PTO, WFH, Health/Dental/Vision, 401k Artist
05/03/2019 14:49:16Artist, 3DMidwest42,000.00USD$42,00011-502-5FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent), White (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health InsuranceStarting Pay was 32,500Artist
18/02/2020 20:56:35Artist, Technical CanadaMontreal82,000.00CAD$59,76151-2506-10MaleYesMiddle Eastern (Original Peoples of Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and other transcontinental regions)15 Days Vacation, Health, Vision, Dental, Gym & Public Transit ReimbursementArtist
19/02/2020 19:44:19Artist, Concept West CoastMarina del Rey60,000.00USD$60,00051-2502-5FemaleYesAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)401K, Health, Dental, Vision, Life (100% company-paid), Costco food/snacks, crunch dinners, 10 days PTO, winter break, sick days, WFH if needed, occasional bonusPay isn't very competitive, but we follow a corporate calendar, so our insurance is great, we get most holidays PTO, long winter break, and lax sick days. Artist
07/06/2020 20:13:05Artist, 3DWest CoastSeattle70,000.00USD$70,00011-506-10MaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health Insurance, DentalArtist
07/06/2020 20:20:05Artist, Background and Character North America/ USAN/A (remote)USD25 USD11-506-10FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoneThanks for doing this. (Spotty contract work, see hourly answer)Artist
07/06/2020 20:21:09Artist, UI CanadaMontreal60,000.00CAD$43,728251-10002-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health insurance, PTO, personal days, public transportation discount, bonuses, free language classesArtist
07/06/2020 20:23:02Artist, Lighting GAAtlanta86,200.00USD$86,2004151-25011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Profit shareArtist
07/06/2020 20:30:37Artist, Environment Southern CaliforniaSan Diego62,400.00USD$62,4003051-2500-1MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Elected to reject benefitsArtist
07/06/2020 20:43:39Artist, Technical FreelanceEast CoastNYCUSD251-100-1MaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)N/AArtist
07/06/2020 21:10:00Artist, 3D Character CanadaMontreal57,000.00CAD$41,541251-10002-5FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent), White (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health, dental, life insurance, 4 weeks paid vacation + 1 week winter break, sick and personal days, annual bonus, fee free rrsp, flexible hours, training, various discountsArtist
07/06/2020 21:54:53Artist, VFX SouthTexas64,000.00USD$64,000251-10006-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k, Medical, Dental, Vision, Royalties, Self Improvement Bonus, Comp Time, 15 days PTOArtist
07/06/2020 22:32:45Artist, 3DEast CoastCharleston79,000.00USD$79,00011-506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k w/ match, health/dental, vision, unlimited PTO, flex hours Starting pay was $45,000Artist
07/06/2020 23:05:50Artist, Lighting CaliforniaSan Francisco96,000.00USD$96,00046251-10002-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health, 401k with matchArtist
07/06/2020 23:35:46Artist, Visual Effects British ColumbiaVancouver101,046.40CAD$73,64248.5851-2506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )5k relocation reimbursement, medicalArtist
07/06/2020 23:49:06Artist, Character Junior South EastGainesville17,000.00USD$17,00081-100-1MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )NoneExpected unpaid overtimeArtist
08/06/2020 00:19:17Artist, Cinematic USASeattle , WA124,000.00USD$124,000$60 USD51-25011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Full time employee - Full Medical/Dental/401k/Profit-Sharing/Annual Bonus.Artist
08/06/2020 00:50:21Artist, 2D Ontario 58,000.00CAD$42,27051-2502-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )RRSP Matching, Yearly Bonus, Dental+Vision+Pharmaceutical+More Coverage, Personal & Vacation days, free coffee and snacks, stock planArtist
08/06/2020 01:13:07Artist, Technical Canada48,000.00CAD$34,98211-500-1FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)N/AArtist
08/06/2020 03:45:18Artist/Integrator, UI QuébecMontréal68,000.00CAD$49,5581000+2-5FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)REER, basic insuranceArtist
08/06/2020 04:13:55Artist, LeadCanadaMontréal85,000.00CAD$61,94851-25011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Ok Assurances ans various thingsArtist
08/06/2020 04:21:37Artist, 2D QuebecMontreal50,000.00CAD$36,44051-2502-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Collective insurance and REER, 2 weeks vacation, free snacksArtist
08/06/2020 04:23:55Artist, 3DWest CoastVancouver52,000.00CAD$37,89751-2502-5FemaleAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)80% Health/DentalArtist
08/06/2020 05:15:36Artist, Technical Washington78,000.00USD$78,000251-10002-5MaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )15 vacation days, public transitArtist
08/06/2020 06:54:12Artist, Lighting CompCanadaMontreal60,000.00CAD$43,7283051-2502-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )InsuranceArtist
08/06/2020 12:29:32Artist, 3D Character CanadaMontreal55,000.00CAD$40,08411-502-5MaleYesBlack (Original Peoples of Africa and the Caribbean)Health InsuranceArtist
08/06/2020 12:37:20Artiste, 3D GénéralisteQuébecMontréal65,000.00CAD$47,3723051-2502-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Assurance Dentaire, REERArtist
08/06/2020 13:42:12Artist, Technical QuébecMontréal100,000.00CAD$72,880NA6-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Yearly bonus, collective insuranceArtist
08/06/2020 14:22:24Artist, Rigging QuebecMontreal45,000.00CAD$32,79651-2502-5MaleYesLatinx (Original Peoples of Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, South or Central America, or other Spanish Culture)NoArtist
08/06/2020 14:38:34Artist, 3DQuebecMontreal45,000.00CAD$32,79611-500-1MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health, dental, life insurance, REER, 5 semaines vacances, unlimited sick days, Artist
08/06/2020 14:44:51Artist, Lighting CanadaMontreal41,200.00CAD$30,026251-10002-5MaleNoBlack (Original Peoples of Africa and the Caribbean)Health, Dental, Life Insurance, 2 weeks vacationArtist
08/06/2020 14:56:40Artist, 3D Character CanadaHalifax63,000.00CAD$45,91451-2506-10MaleNoLatinx (Original Peoples of Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, South or Central America, or other Spanish Culture)RRSP, Health/Dental/Vision, 7 flex days, 15 vacation days,Artist
08/06/2020 15:04:11Artist, 2D+Concept CanadaMontreal62,000.00CAD$45,18528251-10006-10FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Coffee + Snacks + Breakfast + Monthly Lunch, Gym, Full Inusrance, REER with match, Bonus, 3 weeks vacation + 1week Winter Holiday, 10 Sick days, Mobile Company, wonderful HR dep, very humanArtist
08/06/2020 15:05:48Artist, 3DQuebecMontreal50,000.00CAD$36,440251-10002-5MaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)RRSP matching (to a maximum) Artist
08/06/2020 16:22:29Artist, Character USALA area110,000.00USD$110,000$35251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Overtime, 401k, health care, stock benefitsArtist
08/06/2020 16:56:24Artist, Lighting QuebecComntreal90,000.00CAD$65,59243+51-25016+MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Yearly bonus, 4 weeks vacation + 1 or more at Christmas, 3 days off offer by the company, group insuranceArtist
08/06/2020 17:02:42Artist, Level CanadaMontreal60,000.00CAD$43,72851-2506-10FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Collective Assurance (healt/vision/dental), REER, 3 weeks vacation + 3 days + 2 weeks off in christmas, annual bonus, flexible hours, reimboursed sport activities up to an amount depending your seniority, free coffee/snacks, unlimited sick daysArtist
08/06/2020 19:29:34Artist, 3D Environment Lead/Senior West CoastAtlanta82,000.00USD$82,000N/A251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401K Matching, Medical, Dental, Vision, Education, PTO (5 weeks per year)Previously (at same company) 5 raises/promotions over 5ish years, Associate 35k/42k, Mid 48k/50k, Lead/Senior 60k/82K only two raises had to be directly asked for/negotiated (the first and the most recent)Artist
08/06/2020 19:34:19Artist, Technical / VFXquebecMontreal95,000.00CAD$69,236251-100016+MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Social Security, Health insurance, BonusesArtist
08/06/2020 22:00:05Artist, 3DWest CoastLos Angeles70,000.00USD$70,000$35.5011-502-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health insurance plans are offered but almost all are only half covered. Holidays are unpaid. PTO accumulates at a rate of 5% (~2 hrs for every 40 worked). Was promised an additional retention bonus of 5% of 2020 salary (~$3500) upon project launch.This is an indie VR studio. Artist
08/06/2020 22:30:42Artist, Lighting Associate GAAlpharetta 48,880.00USD$48,88023.5251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health, 401k, Life, Legal. Profit Sharing when applicable. Artist
08/06/2020 23:09:15Artist, Technical QuébecMontreal75,000.00CAD$54,660251-10006-10FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health/Dental/Vision, RRSP, flex hours, 4 weeks vacation, 10 sick days, gymArtist
08/06/2020 23:23:17Artist, Environment Bay Area85,000.00USD$85,00011-502-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k, health, dentalArtist
09/06/2020 00:22:00Artist, IllustratorEast Coast62,000.00USD$62,00011-502-5FemaleYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401k matching, Unlimited PTOHired out of school during portfolio reviews in 2017, starting pay ~$42,000Artist
09/06/2020 01:45:13Artist, Environment Central USAustin65,000.00USD$65,00051-2502-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Healthcare, paid time off, 401k matchingArtist
09/06/2020 04:23:15Artist, 3DQuebecMontreal60,000.00CAD$43,72851-2506-10FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)Dental, 4 weeks vacation, Health InsuranceArtist
09/06/2020 04:29:52Artist, 2D MidwestChicago45,000.00USD$45,00051-2502-5FemaleYesAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)401k match, health, dental, vision, commuter, unofficial wfoArtist
09/06/2020 04:38:55Artist, 3DMidwestChicago57,600.00USD$57,60051-2502-5MaleNoLatinx (Original Peoples of Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, South or Central America, or other Spanish Culture)Multiple health insurance plans with 100% company-paid premiums, 401(k) with company-paid match, Dental and Vision insurance, Pre-tax flex spending and commuter accounts, Paid vacation, Sick days and Holidays, Team after-hours eventsArtist
09/06/2020 04:56:31Artist, Lighting QCMontréal45,000.00CAD$32,796251-10002-5MalePrefer to Not Disclosehealth care and moreArtist
09/06/2020 05:11:52Artist, Technical North America Los Angeles 93,000.00USD$93,00051-2502-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Full health, part dental, paid travel, remote work on request, Artist
09/06/2020 14:51:44Artist, 3DTexasDallas75,000.00USD$75,00011-506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health Insurance discountedArtist
09/06/2020 16:01:22Artist, Environment East Coast North Carolina57,500.00USD$57,50051-2502-5Female/Non-BinaryYesWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k, Dental, Vision, Health, etcArtist
09/06/2020 16:13:04ArtistEuropePoland24,300.00USD$24,30011$1-1011-15MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )noArtist
09/06/2020 18:00:14Artist, Technical CanadaMontreal98,500.00CAD$71,78651-2506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Stock plan, RRSP, Gym fees, etc.Artist
09/06/2020 18:10:54Artist, UI CASan Jose85,000.00USD$85,00042251-10002-5MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )10k bonus, food provided, gym, 100$ write off, etc.I asked way under what they gave me ~60kArtist
09/06/2020 18:14:33Artist, UI CASan Jose105,000.00USD$105,0005251-2506-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Dental, Health etc.Artist
09/06/2020 18:22:27Artist, UI West Coast, USASan Jose85,000.00USD$85,00051-2502-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Health Benefits, small stipend, workout classes, fully stocked kitchen, etcArtist
09/06/2020 20:27:51Artist, Concept AssociateWest CoastSan Francisco85,000.00USD$85,000401000+0-1FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401K, Health|Dental|Vision|Life, 110hr PTO, Stock OptionsNo Crunch, 40hr week, Healthy Environment, No College DegreeArtist
10/06/2020 00:29:09Artist, Environment Southern CaliforniaIrvine93,000.00USD$93,000431000+6-10MaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )Healthcare, Profitshare7-12k profitshare yearlyArtist
10/06/2020 02:12:05Artist, Visual Development/ConceptCaliforniaCarlsbad59,000.00USD$59,00030251-10000-1FemaleNoAsian (Original Peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent)Partial Medical/Dental, 401k matching, bonuses Artist
10/06/2020 05:43:22Artist, VFX West CoastLos Angeles85,000.00USD$85,000251-10002-5FemaleNoWhite (Original Peoples of Eastern Europe )401k with partial match, medical dental, PTO, bonuses + royalty bonusesNever accept an offer without negotiating. Artist