The Amp Hour Educational Cost Survey (Responses)
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Which country did you attend school in?What was the name of your university/college/institution?What year did you start attending this school?What was the name of your degree?How long did you attend this school?What was the cost PER YEAR of this school?Did you have any assistance from the school in paying this tuition?How much debt (if any) did you have when you left school?How much remaining educational debt do you have today?How old are you today?Anything else we should know?
United KingdomUniversity of Sheffield1968B.Sc.3 years£340Grant from local authorityNoneNone67
USUniversity of Washington1971Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering5 yearsI don't remember but it was not much, the state paid a lot.Parents0064Public education is for society's good not just for individuals.
USAUC Berkeley1978BSFour years$900USDNo$0N/A57No
USTexas A&M University1979BS Electrical Engineering5 yearsDon't remember, but it seams like tuition & books was ~$1500/semester.NoNoneNone56Parents paid for all my education and bought a house for me to live in. But profits from selling the house after 7 years more than paid for my education.
ItalyUniversity of Bologna 1980Electronics Engineering6 years2000 eurNo0055
AustraliaUTS1981Bachelor of Engineering5 yrs$0NoNoneNone53Thanks Mr Whitlam
germanyUniversity of Göttingen1982PhD10 years$60yes$0.00$0.0054Education is free in Germany. I love it.
USATennessee Technological University1986BS Electrical Engineering5 years$4,000 USDgrants, financial aid, work study$6,000$049
U.S.A.NYIT1987BS in CS, Minor in EE3 Years (Transfer from a 2 years school with an AS in ES$ 9000 USDNO$0old 51The two of you keep up the good work!
UKUniversity of Cambridge 1988Electrical and Information Science3 yearsUnknownFull grant = all fees + living expenses paid by governmentNoneNone46
GermanyTechnical University Darmstadt1988Phd (Dr.-Ing.)5 Years for Diploma, 5 Years for Phd (with salary)None (only a few money (approx. 200 DM (100€) for a half year, includes regional ticket for puplic transport system)Since my parents don't have so much money, the government support me for my living expenses (called Bafög)Normally I must pay back the half of the money of the "Bafög" but since I made one of the best exams on the university I don't need any to pay back anything.None49The US method of paying for education is unjustified. Since my parents are poor, I were be not able to study in the US. Today I'm a very successful engineer.
United StatesCooper Union1988Master of Engineering6 yrs0 USDNo0 USD0 USD47Cooper Union has free tuition if you can get in. You have to be good.
AustraliaUniversity of South Australia1990Batchelor of Engineering, Electronic5 years $2000AUDNo. But I had an Austudy loan as my parents are very poor. $15,000$044I cleared my Uni debt in 5 years. Then I got married, a mortgage three kids and have been poor ever since ;)
UKUniversity of Portsmouth1990BEng3£0£1,000 per year£4,000None44Same course today costs £9,000 per year. With accommodation and food, total cost is nearly £50,000 for 3 years' study now.
I lived at home, worked part-time during term and full-time outside, otherwise debt would have been £10,000 or more.
usapasadena city college1990I did some accounting courses1 yearnot muchnononenone52Auto mechanic, electronics is a hobby
swedenchalmers university of technology1991master of science4.5 yearsfree. only cost was books and papernot from the school. gov gave aid for living costs.none (i took no loans, which was common)none46taking evening classes today at university. still free.
UKLeicester Polytechnic1993Software Engineering4 Years12000 GBP100% state funded0042Means-testing in the UK.
SwedenCharmers1993MSc EE5 years0N/A$15,000$4,00042University was free, student loan to cover living expenses.
UKUniversity of the West of England1994Digital Systems Engineering4 Years£0No£0£040
PortugalIST - Instituto Superior Técnico1994Engenharia de Informatica e Computadores5 years€500 EurNoNoneNone40
AustraliaAMTC1994Assoc Diploma Electronic Engineering and Assoc Dip Computer Science8 yearsInitially $100AUD and Finally $1000AUDNo$3000AUDNil~45Initial Semester enrollments cost about $15 then increased because students failed to treat the courses with respect. i.e. They would drop out at the drop of a hat as there was minimal monetary investment. Ironically, the quality of this very cheap and accessible education was exceptionally good. Quality lecturers and equipment etc. All changed now sadly.
EnglandUniversity of Surrey 1994BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering 4 years, incl sandwich/placement year£ 9300Norwegian government grant (£8000, rest in loans)£30000042I'm Norwegian
UKNewcastle Univertisy1994Microelectronics & Software Engineering / Software Engineering4 yearsunknownGrant paid for tuition, Loans for living expenses.7000041The loan interest rate was linked to inflation so I ended up with negative interest for a while and money came off the loan every month - see ( )
AustraliaTafe1995Information Technology2yrs$0Yes$0$036No
USANDSU1995Computer Engineering5 years$3,300USDUnsubsidized loan$22,000USD$039US college tuition today is an out of control feedback loop
United StatesPurdue University1995Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering416000USDYes30000USD040
United States of AmericaSacramento State Ubiversity1996BA in Philosophy3$2100 USDNo0040When I was growing up California schools where cheap enough that a blue collar family that was smart with their money could save and send their kid to school. I'm no so sure that is the case today.
United KingdomUniversity of Cambridge1996Natural Sciences4 years0Yes. Loans (1600), grants (1700), bursaries (500) GBP6500 GBP039Last year in England to receive a grant. Tuition fees introduced two years later. Lucky!
UsWsu1996EE4$35K USDYesNoneNone39Nope
UKHer IoT-watt1996Physics4 years0Grants and a small student loan£4k038This is not how the U.K. is today. Kids are paying £9k tuition/year plus living costs. Leave with £50k debt
GermanyRheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn1998Dipbiologist, diploma, eqiuv. to master deg.6 years400 €, includes free public transport no0037I wonder why so few people from the US consider studying in germany or the nordic countries where education is virtually free. Is it the language that puts them off?
USADeVry1998Electronic Engineering Technology3 Years$66,000USDFederal Financial Aid, Staford Loan$75,000USD$0USD38Does the lack of spending accountability artificially increase what students pay? In the USA, students don't typically consider costs, just if they can get the loans or get accepted. In countries where the state pays the bill, cost is constantly considered and regulated.
United KingdomSalford University1998BEng Electronic Computer Systems3 years£1,500 tuition fees p.a. (~£9k p.a. for non-UK residents) + subsistenceStudent Loan for fees and subsistence ~£8k£038Only my final year was subject to tuition fees, my roll was amongst the last to be able to attend without paying fees
United StatesMontana State university1998Masters in electrical engineering or something7 years8000Scholarships NoneNone38I'm a believer of the education system and it gives you a basis of knowledge. That is not to say that one cannot be more productive not going to school but it's good to have the basis. Whoever that is willing to learning​ on their own and experiment and has the basis will be a real power house. He degree alone is nothing without the drive and curiosity.
SpainUniversity of Zaragoza1999Industrial Engineering7 yearsAround 3000 EUR, they charge more if you have lower grades. Now probably is much moreFull Grant on 5 Of The 7 Years (the degree was 5 years)nonenone35Public university with full grants are quite common in Spain for medium/lower incomes. Private universities usually have much lower reputation, you pay more and they reduce their standards.
United StatesCollins College1999Associate of Arts in Visual Communication2 years$12,000 USDNo$24,000 USD$0 USD36
USUniversity of South Florida2000BS & MS Electrical Engineering7 yearsUnsure. For me it was mostly free.Several scholarships in undergrad (technically, I actually turned a profit here), Teaching Assistant as a grad (free tuition + $10/hr for 10hrs per week)0034There were eggs before there were chickens.
GreeceUniversity of Thessaly2000Computer and Communications Engineering500035
FinlandLahti University of Applied Sciences2000Bachelor of Engineering5 years0€nonenonenone37In Finland there are no tuition fees and also students get some monetary support for living and housing costs from the government. So I was able to live sparingly from these benefits, summer job savings and some support from parents without taking loans at all.
HungaryDE2000Pharmacist50yes0035strange, I know...
United StatesUniversity of Minnesota2000BsEE3 years$3400usdNo$14000usd037No
ItalyUniversity Of Pisa2001Degree in Physics4 years3,000€NoNoneNone34Make the Amp Hour longer :D, keep up with the good work!
Sweden Luleå technical university 2001M.Sc.E.E 5 years0no160000sek80000sek36My dept is from living expenses
FranceESIAL2001Ingénieur Informatique3 years200€nonenonenone36
USACase Western2001BSEE4 years$24,000USDSome scholarships0033probably lots...
AustraliaMonash University2001Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering5 YearsAround 6,000AUDYes. Full loan.Around $30,000AUD034
USUniversity of Missouri - Rolla2001BS Aerospace Engineering4 years$16,000USDYes<$10,000USD034
CanadaSAIT2001AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY 3 years3000cadYes20000cad0423 year diploma
South AfricaUniversity of Pretoria2002B.Eng Electronic Engineering6 yearsZAR13000 = $2100USD back then. But currency fluctuates heavily. Textbooks and accomodation excluded.Small grant0033Lots of destructive politics. Many who are able, are considering studying abroad because of so-called "Fees-must-fall" protests, getting more disruptive and violent every year.
USAUC Santa Barbara2002Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering5 years$5000USDLoans$10000USD$2000USD33
BrazilUniversidade Federal do Paraná2003Electrical engineer5 years$0BRLThere was no cost0 BRL0 BRL31Federal universities are free in Brazil, but there are tests to get in - they are usually hard and some courses have a high candidate / seats ratios. "Traditional" engineering courses (electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc.) tend to be around 10-20 candidates / seat, but others like medicine tend to be very hard to get in.
There is typically 1-3 federal universities per state, plus some other state universities that are also free and also require a test to get in.
GermanyUniversity of Muenster2003Diplom Physik6 years500€Nononenone34
USANorth Dakota State University2003Electrical and Computer Engineering58,300 USDLoans, a few thousand in scholarships, a few thousand from parents.28,000 USD500033My Tuition went up every year from ranging from 3-12%. My cost per year estimate was an average over 5 years including Tuition, Books, and Fees, but not Room and Board.
germanyLeibniz Universität Hannover2004Diplo-Ingenieur Elektrotechnik ( equivalent to a Master of Electrical Engineering)10years700€(2004) to 2400€(2012)BaFög (it's a non-interest loan from the state, payback starts 5years after graduation)3,000€035Most of the higher education in Germany is provider by the state. There are some private institutions but mostly for (secondary) niche markets.
So most of the education is funded by the taxpayer.
germanykarlsruhe institute of technology2004Diploma6 years500euronononenone34education is basically free in germany as it should be anywhere in the world
NetherlandsHogeschool Avans2004Bachelor of Science41,500euro130 euro every month, free public transport 0034
United StatesArizona State2004Electrical Engineering5 years$16,000USDYes$26000USD$10000USD32I averaged tuition. It went up 1,500 to 2,000 a yead
USASt Cloud State2004Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering5 years$2,500USD30 credits a year waived$0.00USD$0.00USD31Family member worked in the state system which gave me 30 credits free a year
GermanyRWTH Aachen University2004Bachelor and Master of Science700€No32
South Africa North-West university2004B. Eng. Computer and Electronic Engineering4R30000Discount due to academic achievement. (also bursary from external company for last 3 years) 0031(bursary required 3 years to work back)
AustraliaTAFE SA2004Diploma in Network Engineering2 Years$2,500AUDLow Income assistanceNoneNone31
RomaniaUniversitatea 'Politehnica' Timisoara2005Applied Electronics6 years (bachelor and master studies)1200 RON or about $400 USD at the time (included only dormitory tax, studies were free and I received a scolarship that fully covered the food and sleeping costs)Scolarship for being top student.NoneNone30Content of classes is great (same as I've seen from MIT or Tehnion for similar degrees), exams were not serious, pretty easy and from what I saw around me, easy to cheat. Half the students that graduate are not ready to be engineers.
GermanyAachen University2005M.Sc.5 years450EURno0031
AustraliaUniversity of Adelaide2005Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems)4 years$8000AUD$24000AUD$030
USAWPI2005B.S. - Mechanical Engineering; M.S. - Materials Science6 years~42,000 USD~10,000 USD/year$145,000 USD$85,000 USD29
United States Georgia Institute of Technology 2005Doctor of Philosophy 4 years20000Yes0033
United kingdomReading University2005Electronic engineering with cybernetics3 years£3000Student loan£15000£600030
SwedenMälardalens University2006bachelor of computer science3 years0 SEKGoverment loans & grants for the cost of living300000 SEK25000 SEK31Sorry, not AUS or US, long live free education! :)
CanadaEcole Polytechnique de Montreal 2006Electrical engineering 4$2,500CADNo0030
IsraelRuppin academy2006Electric engineer4 years9800 ilsNoNoneNone36In Israel, most of the tuition is paid by the government. The remaining ~$2.5k usd per year​ is on the students, which get many grants to cover the rest and allow decent living. For me it was not a big deal as I was working full time, professionaly, the whole 4 years.
SwitzerlandETH EE2 years1600 chfNo0034
BelgiumVrije Universiteit Brussel2007Master of Science in engineering: Electronics and Information technology5 years750 Eurono0028
UKUniversity of tyre West of England2007Computer Systems Engineering4 years~7000 GBP including accommodationUK Student Loan15k GBP0283rd year was an industrial placement with salary
usaChabot college20074$1,500.00no037
USAUniversity of Pittsburgh2007BS of Electrical Engineering5 years$16,000 USDNo$50,000$35,00027
United StatesRochester Institute of Technology2007Electrical Engineering6 Years$40,000USDFinancial Aid, Grants, Loans$107,000027Took a risk and my job stock paid off well. Otherwise I'd be paying student loans for > decade
ParaguayUniversidad Nacional de Asuncion2007Electronic Engineering with Emphasis in Mechatronics6 years200USDYes0028
ScotlandUniversity of Strathclyde2007MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering5 years£0Student loan and grant from government for living expenses.£14,000 GBP£14,00028Higher education in Scotland is free to Scottish students. Student loans are repaid at about 10% of any salary above £15k. I also got about £12.5k in non-repayable government grants because I was from a low-income family.
NetherlandsDelft University of technology2007Applied physics8 years$2,000USDYes$20, 000USD$20,000USD27For eu citizens the tuition fee is set throughout the country to 2,000 usd per year independent of degree or university . As a non-eu citizen however it is dependent on degree and university and can run op to 80,000 per annum. In the case of Delft University of technology it is 15,000 USD pet year for non-eu citizens.
AustraliaMelbourne Univeristy2008Engineering - Electronic4$8,000AUDHECS-HELP$32,000AUD$32,000AUD27All paid for on government loan HECS-HELP which only requires you to pay back 4%+ per year once earning over $54,000. If you aren't an Australian citizen I think the university fees are slightly more than double and you can't get a government loan.
United StatesPurdue College of Technology2008Electrical Computer Engineering Technology4$14,000usdfull state financial aid$0$027I was extremely lucky to receive an education scholarship from the state.
LatviaRiga Technical University2008Bsc in Automation and computer control, masters in information systems51200EURStudies were paid by government for 90% of students in my course0027In Latvia there were (and still are) a lot of engineering study programmes where tuition fee is paid by the government if your grades are good enough and you study full time. Among my CS and EE friends I know nobody who has paid for his/her tuition. Construction engineering is the only engineering field where this was not true.
NetherlandsNHL University of applied sciences2008Bachelor of Science4 years1600EURStudent grant from government, accounting to 3600EUR per year + free public transport0026My info could be dated. Few years ago student grants are turned into loans.
BoliviaUniversidad Mayor de San Simón2008Graduate in Electromechanical engineering 5 years14 USD No0028
University of Bergen2008Masters in microelectronics50031k USD 30
United StatesFlorida State University2008Electrical Engineering5 years$15000USDYes$30000USD$18000USD27Love the show! I'd be interested in hearing you guys discuss electronic design topics.
USANew Mexico State University2008Electronic and computer engineering technology66730Scholarships, Grants0026In state standard scholarship covered first 4 years of college for me. It's known as the lottery scholarship because it's funded by taxing lottery tickets sold in the state.
GermanyDresden University Of Technology2008Diploma in Electrical Engineering (German: Diplomingenieur)6 years0€nononenone28Studying itself was free, but we had to pay a fee for the organization that runs the dorms and cafeterias every semester. Also there was a fee for the ticket for public transportation. These fees were about 400-500 € per year.
There is another side to free education: In Germany there is no such thing as a self-taught engineer (you sometimes talk about that on the show). If you want to work as an engineer, you have to have a degree. By law you are not allowed to call yourself "Ingenieur" unless you have a university degree (but it's okay to use the English word).
United StatesWalla Walla University2008Electrical Engineering5 years$30,000USDGrants and loans$130,000USD$120,000USD32I made a huge mistake going to a private university and taking the first job out of school. My first job only paid $50k/yr and 3.5 years later I'm still only making $64k/yr. Over half of every months salary goes to paying the minimum student loan payments and the rest goes for living expenses without much left to put into savings.
USAUniverstiy of Florida2009Bachelor of science Electrical and computer engineering4 years16000USDGrants, scholarships, federal loans30000USD2000025in state tuition. also including total cost of living in addition to tuition, books and school fees
USACWRU2009Electrical Engineering4 years$36000USDFull scholarship when starting, but scholarship was for fixed amount and did not adjust as tuition increased by several thousand dollars by graduation; also did not cover expensive mandatory room/board for freshman year~$30000USD030A number of friends with similar scholarships lost them freshman year due to strict 3.5 GPA cutoff and had to drop out or transfer
FinlandTurku University of Applied Sciences2009bachelor degree of electrical engineering6 years0€No0€0€28Goverment gives monthly study grant to all students. I got around 470 € per month.
The NetherlandsHAN University of Applied Sciences2009Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering6 years (normal time would be 4 years for this degree)€2,000Governmental student finance€18000 (government loan, mostly due to costs for living, traveling etc.)€18,00032In the Netherlands you get governmental student financing, which should cover tuition and a bit for your daily living. In addition you can get a student public transport pass for trains buses etc. You can also get a loan from the government against relatively low interest rates. As of 2012 all student financing is now considered a loan, where it used time be a gift as soon as you graduated.
Most students live in the city where their University is. But we're a small country and some stay at home and commute, mostly by train.
United StatesWorcester Polytechnic Institute 2009BSME4 years$46,000USDFinancial aid, scholarship, loans$65,000USD$30,000USD26Should have gone to a state school! Totally not worth the debt just for the good name private school.
greeceDemocritus university of Thrace2009Diploma of Electronic, Electical Engineer and Computer Science6.5 years. The course was originally 5 years0nop50.000 eurofamily debt. Still the whole part25In Greece, university are public and free. In the last year in high school, there are pan-hellenic exams and based on the number of positions in each university, the preferences of each student and the results, each student enters one of their choices.
The books and the tuition are covered by the taxes. So everyone end up going in the university degrading sometimes the quality of the studies, as there may be students that will be studying for like 10 years.
There is no system to control the lecturers so also they do whatever they want.
Usually the cost of living for the studies are covered by family or also by small jobs usually irrelevant to the subject of studies.
Germany University of applied science Bielefeld 2009B. Sc. Product Design mechatronics 6700€No 0030Great podcast
CanadaUniversity of Regina 2009Electronic Systems engineering5 years10000 CAD all includedNoNoneNone26
AustraliaUniversity of Tasmania2010Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Mechatronics)5$8000AUDHECSUnsureUnsure26
EstoniaUniversity of Tartu2010Computer Engineeringn50€I got scholarship to pay my rent and buy food.0€0€26Education is free in Estonia and in most Northern European countries.
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