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Running for Mayor
Commitment to 3% vacancy target and how to get there:
Running for Council
Commitment to 3% vacancy target and how to get there:
Trish MandewoYesA vacancy rae of less than 5% is good for the landlords. The city needs to look at innovative ways to reduce the high cost of rental housing by providing zoning for purpose-built rentals like the one under way at the corner of Charland Avenue and Blue Mountain Street. If the supply is more than the demand, the prices will come down. If Coquitlam is to become the best place to live, work & play then we have to make livability a top priority.
Dennis MarsdenYesWe have introduced a planning team to focus on expediting the approval process in transit areas, I would propose that we expand this to further accentuate those projects that include purpose built rental. We saw a building with 50 rental units as part of a tower approved in 10 months, approximately twice as fast as previous. I'd like to ensure that low rise purpose built rental gets this same treatment to help on the demand side. We also have a large land owner that I've met with that is seeking to build PB rental, I would propose to again expedite the process to see these brought to market. Lastly we have an affordable housing project that will see the replacement of a Co-Op plus an additional 600 rental units that I would put at the top of the list to move forward and ensure that we create spaces for people along the full spectrum of housing need.
Chris WilsonYesWe've implemented some great incentives to develop purpose-built rentals which will lead to over 4,000 (about 800 of those will be below-market) being built in the next 5 years. We also need to enthusiastically partner with BC Housing, CMHC, the non-profit sector, faith based organizations, developers, etc to make sure that we get back to building a regular supply of subsidized housing units too.
Robert MazzaroloYesEncouraging more below market rentals and purpose built senior homes. Extracting more from big developers when they seek to have their large residential real estate developments approved in our city so that we may use these extra resources to provide more of what our city needs (ie. purpose built rental housing).
Teri TownerYesAchieving a 3% vacancy rate is in my re-election platform material and has been from the very beginning. I believe we need to keep incentivizing the building of purpose-built and below-market rental housing in Coquitlam. Through our Housing Affordability Strategy adopted in December 2015 we are seeing much success in this area with thousands of rental units now in-stream in our city. By increasing supply, rates will stabilized (I know of landlords who increase the rent significantly after receiving interest from hundreds of potential tenants – because they can), it will be less challenging for many to find homes (those with pets, disabilities, multiple children) and the quality of the units will improve. I am very well aware of landlords who don't keep the unit in good condition because the demand is out there and they don't feel they need to – it will get rented anyway. Increasing the supply will help address all of these issues. A 3% vacancy rate isn’t terrific but it’s a start. Some ways we can incentivize the development of more rental units is by allowing parking variances, amenity space variances and getting creative where we can with the various fees. We can also look at density bonuses – and allowing more density if a project offers more family-sized rental units, units for the disabled etc. Partnerships with non-profits, other levels of government etc. are also another way to encourage the building of more rental housing. We NEED to get the supply of rental up and work together to achieve it. Another barrier we have to acknowledge are the people in our community who are “anti-renters” who don’t want “renters” in their neighbourhoods and who speak out very loudly against these types of projects. These citizens deserve to be listened to and understood but we can’t build more rental if we leave all neighbourhoods the way they currently are.
Rob BottosYesCreating rental only zones. Cracking down on secondary suites and homes placed on sites such as Air B&B. Require all developers to have specific percentages of affordable and below market rentals in their projects and that they find not for profit organizations to work with.
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