Corbin Covered Bridge Festival
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NEXT MEETING: Saturday February 16th 9:00 AM. At the Newport Historical Society Museum. ITEMS ON THE NEXT AGENDA:
• Review of Teams/List report of activities and any Reports,
• Fundraising - Placemat Qty, Price, and sponsors discussion
• Media Schedule Review , including articles for print
• Flyer Status, Calendar Status - Distribution Schedule
• Buttons

Jan 13 - Publicity List updated.
Dec-31-2018 uploaded "Event Status" Spreadsheet - to be updated frequently....
Dec 27-2018 composed and delivered request to agent for use of Ruger Field for staging parade.
Dec 27-2018 Delivered letter to BOS, Town Manager and Chief of Police requesting use of the bridge on event day for parade and dinner in the bridge.
Dec- 18 Sent LAC proposal for use of Main St. Location.
Dec. 17 - 2018 - The Town Planner calndars have been distributed.
Nov 29 - Quotation from RC Brayshaw : 5000 will cost $1572.00 and 7 to 10 days turn around. $0.31/ unit.
Nov 27 - Dean will be contacting the LAC to utilize the main St. storefront to hellp with the CCBF. Thank you Mary for contacting them.
Nov 20- Soliciting Quotations for flyer from RC Brayshaw and Doolittle Print serve. 11-21-2018 Doolittle Quote and turn-around: 5000 will cost $1809.56 and I would like no less than 10 days, but 15 would be best. $0.36/ unit.
Oct. 22-Bruce Koslik has volunteered to be the transportation exhibit coordinator for the event.
Oct. 22 email to Festival@corbincoveredbridge to be forwarded Dean's email address.
Oct 20- and Set up By Stacey Hammerlind. Links on Documents and Links tab.
Oct. 12 - Shannon Mac Michael of Noise R Us is willing to donate Fireworks or match funds - Licensed Shooter needed that will cost $. Shannon is also excited to assist the CCB festival with Face Book publicity.
Oct 11- Spoke to Chris Smith on 10-5 who has agreed to help coordinate the parade. Chris has been put on the email distribution list. "VOLUNTEER" Tab now available to add name and contact information.
Oct 7 - All ad space on brochure has been sold, just shy of $7,000.
Oct 5 - Pete Lovely stopped at NHS Market booth to tell us that Andover Lions has a Concord Coach w/horses and will bring to Festival, cost $400, which Newport Lions will sponsor.
Oct 5 - Hard copy of Bridge Maintenance Procedure submitted to Town Manager plus request to approve meeting notes.
Oct 2 - uploaded Maintenance-NSPCB, Bill Caswell, 2018- covered bridge-maintenance-schedule - document to address the care and cleaning of a covered bridge.
Oct 2 - uploaded Oct 1 meeting minutes - TIME TO SECURE PARTICIPANTS. emails sent to coordinators.
Sept 26 - Met with Hunter for Q&A - Once approved by both parties, meeting notes will be distributed.
Sept 25 - Met with Airport Advisory Board requesting "Field Rules".TitleBailiwick
Sept 19- Deb Stevens to provide quote for targeted donation for event displays for photo ops and ambiance - mums (for sale after event) haybales, cornstocks, pumpkins..ect.TreasurerJackie Cote
Sept 18 - New Participant form added to "Documents and Links" tab. use this form to secure event participants.Sponsor/Partner CoordinatorCathryn Baird
Sept 18 - per Paul Brown, last No-Char on Corbin bridge was 2016 when portal damage repaired
Souvenirs/NHS Table/NHS activitiesJackie Cote, Stan Sweeney, Tobin and Annette Menard, Rita James
Sept 17 - Heath - dimensions of turf runway are 80' x 1,980' between and the length of coned area JC
Activities Coordinator- Entertainment StageCathryn Baird, Rita James, Tim Kelly
Sept 17 - "Event List" tab added to distribute communications and get event/participant forms filled out.
Activities Coordinator- Entertainment FieldTBD
Sept 17- Michael Dixon is trying to make the Oct 1st meeting and will bring the hard copy of the treenail numbering map.Activities Coordinator- Living History
Paula Johnson, Tobin Menard
Sept 15 - Teams updated - list at right.
Transportation Coordinator -Exhibitions
Bruce Kozlik
Sept 13 - Brian Patten and Oxen (chianinas breed) are now aware of the event and are planning to be at the Corbin Covered Bridge Festival!Activities Coordinator - Bridge Area
Larry Cote, Dr. Arthur Walsh
Sept 13 - sent email to Chronicle with information/dates about the event with hopes they will cover it. If I have not heard back from them in a few weeks, I will follow up. JCPublicity Coordinator-FlyerJackie Cote, Cathryn Baird, Dean Stetson
Sept 5 - spoke to Christopher Turgeon at NH DOT Sistrict 2 office in Enfield (conincidentl, he is the son of Bridge builder Bob Turgeon. I gave him the info on the CCB event and sent email inquiring to Scenic road and byway status for Corbin Road.Publicity Coordinator - Print Media
Dean Stetson, Ann Stout
Sept 8 - Sharon Callum at the Sullivan County Manager's office would like to help with the Festival. She said that she would be willing to restock brochure locations next year. Her contact information is (cell) 843-5845 and she can also be reached at the office 863-2560. She will likely be answering the phone. Email is Publicity Coordinator - WEB MediaStacey Hammerlind / Shannon MacMichael
Sept 4 - uploaded Ann Stout's Soo-Nipi Article in Documents and links.Parade CoordinatorChris Smith
Sept-1 Submitted Photos for Town Planner CalendarsBridge Dinner CoordinatorsMargo Estabrook, Mary Schissell
Aug-28- added Cynthia Buehler to the committee list
Aug- 28 - added event contacts and information in "Contacts" Tab.
Aug - 27 Flyer Fundraising very successful - see updated information in the "Ad Flyer Sales tab"
Aug 23- added Flyer Sales Spreadsheet tab - Jackie is managing the Master - contact her with any updates.Dean Stetson
Publicity Coordinator - Print Media, Activities Coordinator- Entertainment Field
Aug 21 - added CCB Participant Form - Rev 8-20-2018 to Documents and Links TabJackie Cote
Souvenirs/NHS Table/NHS activities, Treasurer
Aug- 15th - Added-CCB Flyer AD Sponsorship Contract 8-15-2018 to Documents and Links Tab
Larry Cote
Activities Coordinator - Bridge Area
Aug 15- updated Festival Letterhead and Envelope Templates are available in the Documents and Links Tab.
Dr. Arthur Walsh
Activities Coordinator - Bridge Area
(603) 863-2509
Aug- 14 - Added List of possible event contacts from Newbury OH day to the "Ideas" tab.Cathryn Baird
Activities Coordinator- Entertainment Stage, Sponsor/Partner Coordinator
(603) 863-5089
(603) 398-9089
Aig 13th - Received a copy and permission to use Tim Kelly's music for promotion.Stan Sweeney
Souvenirs/NHS Table/NHS activities
Aug - 3rd Festival Letterhead and Envelope Templates are available in the Documents and Links Tab.
Rita James
Activities Coordinator- Entertainment Stage, Souvenirs/NHS Table/NHS activities
Aug 3rd- Dale Flewelling from Art Attack has offered to donate Bridge Signs for the Corbin Covered Bridge. He is reviewing various examples and will provide a a sketch for approval. if/when approved, it is suggested to keep the sign design under wraps and unveiling as a major event at the Festival.Chris SmithParade Coordinatorcjs47@hotmail.com603-558-1884
Aug 1st - "Staff" Tee Shirts and Mugs are available.Tobin and Annette Menard
Activities Coordinator- Living History, Souvenirs/NHS Table/NHS activities
Aug 1st - Have articles by Ann Stout in Soo-Nipi Magazine for both 2018 and 2019.Margot EstabrookBridge Dinner Coordinatormargot.estabrook@gmail.com863-7832252-0360
July 31st - The event will be October’s 2019 Town Planner Calendar highlight in the Newport, Sunapee, New London, and Claremont communities reaching 40,000 people.Mary SchisselBridge Dinner Coordinatorschissell@comcast.net863-7323
July 30th - Cathryn Received word of a $500 donation from Bar Harbor Bank and Trust.Ann StoutPublicity Coordinator - Print
July 20th- Power supply potential at bridge for dinner/music/vendors? Generator possible as additional power source? (Larry checked yesterday and there are eight 120 volt and three 240 volt receptacles.)Stacey HammerlindPublicity Coordinator - WEB
July 13th - Allysa Stevens, Dick Creterola's daughter and he has given permission for us to do a repo of the VHS tape in DVD format of the Corbin Bridge replication.Tim Kelly
Activities Coordinator- Entertainment Stage
July 6 - Tim Kelly who wrote original music ifor the original event is excited to participate He is going to try to make the breakfast meeting at Arthur's. What he wants to do is play off and on throughout the day being sure to play that bridge song that he wrote back in 1994 along with other songs written about Newport and New Hampshire.Paula Johnson
Activities Coordinator- Living History
June 18 - We are all set for an article to come out in the Kearsarge Magazine for August, 2019 by Natasha Osborne. The article is required to be complete by April 10, 2019 and will be printed and available in August 2019. That still gives it 2 months before event. I have recommended that the article be an interview /story about Arnold Graton and the Corbin Coverd Bridge. Arnold has accepted the interview.Bruce Koslik
Transportation Coordinator -Exhibitions
June 10th - Bridge Beam Remnants were picked up in Parlin Field area and are under cover and drying at Dr. Walsh’s barn. Ideas are welcome as to how best to utilize these remnants.Shannon MacMichaelPublicity Coordinator - WEB Mediashannnon.obey@comcast.net603-491-8379
June 4 - added meeting minutes to documents tab.
MAy 28 - added Distribution rates for brocure to the Money Tab.
May 22 - Updated Venue Map found in Documents and Links
May 10- Presented information at the CTE Expo on May 3rd. Presented information at Rotary on May 9th. Trying to spread the word....WE have a commitment by the Old Courthouse Resturant to provide wagon rides.
May1 - Added Publicity List (Tab) to spreadsheet.
April 25 uploaded meeting notes from April 21st meeting
April 11th (appx) Jackie contacted members of the email distribution to invite to the meeting.
Apr 7 Sent email to CCB Group with Sales Sheet - List of targeted sponsors and Press Release. uploaded " Sales Package" press release and color sales sheet.
Apr 5 - Nice article in Eagel Times - Copy uploaded in Documents and Links Tab.
Mar 20 - uploaded CCB-Parlin Field Event Layout at the top of Documents and Links tab
Mar 17 - Updated Meeting date and agenda items. "Three legs" (sales sheet, Press release, and List ready)....Seeking 10-20 flyers for brochure examples from WFFF for examples.
Mar 16 - Working on a meeting by the end of March to distribute sales sheet, press release and sponsor list. We will also discuss the purchase of advertising and promotional products.
Feb 25- Have access to Facebook Page for modifications. Received a Sales Brochure example from Kearsarge Magazine. Emailed minutes to group.. Added CCB Video to fb.
Feb 22- Posted meeting minutes from Feb 21 meeting. Focusing on a transportation theme considering proximity to the Airport.
Feb 19- Dean met with Laura Jean Whitcomb at the Museum this past week for the Kearsarge Magazine event. Made some positive contacts regarding the CCB event. Its possible Kearsarge Magazine could be a major sponsor. I do have login permissions now to the NHS Face Book Acount and will try to promote the CCB Event through that outlet. Please contact me if you plan to attend the meeting scheduled for this Wednesday February 21st at 6:30. (location may change). The agenda will be primarily focused on networking with community partners and finances. Future meetings can be held at different cays and times and suggestions are welcome-let me know. ALSO, with better weather, we can have a meeting or two at the CCB Site. Contact me please if you plan to attend the meeting this Wednesday.
Feb 12- Trying to contact Laura for FB logins. Generated Program of Events sheet, generated Event Team outline - need to fill lead roles. Preparing email/postal distribution to municipal and community partners (see tab) seeking Leaders. Costing out brochure. More historical documents added...see tab.
Feb 2-Uploaded Pricing estimates on "Money" tab for brochures from Doolittles and am waiting for estimates from RC Brayshaw. Tent estimates also uploaded. Spoke to Josh at RC Brayshaw who produced 12,000 copies for WFFF this past year.Their stock wt was 70#.
Jan 29 Meeting Notes uploaded. Go to Documents and Links tab "CCB Meeting 24 Jan2018"
Jan 21 - Public Notice and invitation to be on the planning committee or volunteer is being made. Spread the word! We have a very “rough sketch” of what we want to achieve through this event and we need to start solidifying the plan by identifying and accomplishing specific tasks and most importantly define the financial framework – Admin stuff….The planning and event will be gauged by available resources and I intend to have the Jan 24th meeting more of a general welcome and crowd-source for specific activities, ideas and most important, contacts. At a subsequent meeting (for those that wish to participate) we then have to define the financial structure and get some cost/ revenue decisions solidified, I’d like to think by mid- February.
Dec 18 - Dean will make a presentation at the new “Town Times” group on January 2nd 2018 to solicit members to be on the Corbin Covered Bridge Festival Committee.
Dec 14 - Minutes of the December 13 meeting updated on the Documents and Links Tab.
Nov-29 The CCBFestival Presentation to Heritage Commission and Report Nov 27-2017 link is now posted in the Documents Tab. Brian Kelly and Mike Dixon have agreed to be on the Committee and have been sent invites.
Nov- 16 Minutes of the 15 Nov meeting updated on Documents and Links Tab.
November 14, Julie is setting up a meeting of the Heritage Commission for November 27th to Discuss "The Corbin Covered Bridge 25th Anniversary Celebration. Dean is to pitch to the Heritage Commission to delegate the NHS "Committee" to manage this Community Event. John Hooper as BOS Rep will be made aware and seek his advice as how to present it further.
November 13, 2017 - uploaded numerous Historical articles to the Documents and Links Tab.
November 4, 2017 - Dean requested event name suggestions from Mary, Margo and Gerri. Suggestions Include: SILVER CELEBRATION SPANNING GENERATIONS
November 3, 2017 - Larry and Dean met with Town Manager Hunter Rieseberg to discuss indemnifying the NHS as an organization during this event. He was very supportive and is "on Board" with the concept. Hunter provided suggestions that Dean will follow regarding initial rolling out of public information. As of today, the BOS will be informed through a diary entry and the associated document titled "CCB25 Meeting with Hunter 03-11-2017" (Nov. 3, 2017). Hunter suggested that Dean make a presentation to the BOS (and Public) at a regular meeting to be scheduled for either Dec 4, or 18.
November 1, 2017 - Sent email to the group with instructions how to access the spreadsheet. Please note the different sheets - anyone can modify any of the information. If you have any questions, please contact me.
11/7 Athletic Department. Margot spoke with Jeff Miller. He will get the schedule in the winter and understands that Columbus Day Weekend 2019 would not be good. He said he tries to schedule homecoming in late September. We will speak again in late February.
11/7 Rec Center. Margot spoke with Beth at Rec Center and she indicated that a 5k railroad bridge run would be good. Details to be worked out later.
11/7 Senior Center. Margot spoke with Brenda at Sr. center. She will bring the breakfast idea before the board. Their next meeting is the first Tuesday in December. She understands that the proceeds will be theirs. Larry from Senior Center called. They had their board meeting and are "on board" with having a breakfast during our festival meeting.
11/14 Library. Margot gave Andrea the dates and asked that the Ballroom be available. She wondered if we needed her to arrange a speaker. I told her that the Historical Society would take care of speakers. She will arrange displays appropriately at that time. She also wondered if the LAC would be a better venue for a speaker as it holds more people.
LAC-Mary spoke with Kate and she will coordinate dates for exhibits to accommodate the needs for the festival.
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