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About this directory:
The UEL Coaching Directory lists coaches who have or are currently being professionally trained by the University of East London. The directory is available to anyone with the link with the purpose of connecting potential clients with UEL coaches.

If you are looking for a coach, please note that coaches in this directory may currently be in training (see column E). Some may charge while some offer their services pro bono for training or assessment purposes (see column M).
Current UEL trainees are listed first. More experienced coaches are listed further below.
Please also note that UEL cannot accept any responsibility for any results of the coaching relationship and merely links coaches and potential clients.
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e.g. John Doee.g. MSc Coaching Psychology01/09/20152017email@address.com
+44(0)7999 99 99 99
Pro BonoLondon, UKYese.g. skype onlyGerman
e.g. ICF Professional Certified Coache.g. Diploma in Transformational Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching (2010)
e.g. 1 weekend training in NLP
e.g. Humanistic e.g. Areas I work with: work-life balance, procrastination, wellbeing, meaning, relationshipse.g. author of BookXYZ, father of 2, 20 years experience in finance.
e.g. I particularly look for clients in organisations who want to optimize work-live balance
e.g. I only coach clients who commit to 3 1hr-sessions or more
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Tayyeba HussainMSc Career Coaching01/09/20172018
FreeLondon, UKYesyesUrdu
English Punjabi
Career Development InstituteLevel 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development, BA (HONS) Graphic and Media Design for Information Design
Tamar Brosh
Sandie ReedMsc Career Coaching,
Qualified Life Coach
01/09/2017sandiejreed@gmail.com3 free sessions,
then we can review
London & South EastYesYesEnglishCertificate in Life CoachingMy approach is holistic and will focus on any areas you wish to change, personal or professional to help you achive positive life change.I'm a qualified life coach with a background in coaching, mentoring and team leadership. In a 30-year career, I've worked in larger corporates, education, local authorities and with small start-ups, providing me with an all-round experience to bring to life and career coaching.
Tara KillenMSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Facilitator2018tarakillen@me.com
3x30min Laser Focus Coaching Sessions FOC, thereafter by arrangement
Dublin, Ireland & London, UKyesyesEnglishICHP, IPPA, IPEN, ACCPHICF certification in progress, 10yrs experience training & working with a successful peak performance life and business coach based in Bahamas, LA & Miami. Areas I provide value: start-ups, entrepreneurs, women in business, high performance, leadership, meaning, purpose, resilience & wellbeing. Approaches and tools I employ are all evidence-based including CBT, ACT, mindfulness, humanistic, positive psychology, visualisation, hypnotherapy, self-compassion.
If you choose to work with me, you'll find our sessions are relaxed, solution-focused, always uplifting, and filled with a sense of spaciousness.

Together, we create a space for you to explore your best vision of your goal. Then we look at where you are right now in terms of achieving your goal and we follow a proven process to get you there.

The tools used are at times fun, challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring.

To get a real sense of how coaching can work for you, schedule a quick chat. There really is no obligation, I only work with people who are ready to bring their vision to life - even if they're a bit shaky about how to get there.

If procrastination is an issue for you, I do facilitate single session coaching where we can see about moving you forward in getting to the point of hiring a coach or mentor.

Absolutely no hard sell, and if you are ready to jump in with both feet - come on in, the waters just right!!
Book a free initial consult by clicking here https://tarakillen.satoriapp.com/book
Imani Douglas-Walker MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology|Diploma in Life Coaching | Certificate in Life Coaching 06/02/2017August 2018coachmylife7@gmail.com
Free for 3 sessions
London, UK YES YESEnglish Association of Coaching Diploma in Life Coaching | Certificate in Life CoachingCoaching individuals to become 'MORE' of themselves to have more impact in all areas of their lives.A conversation is what it takes to reflect and connect with YOU. Living in a fast paced times we often don't take the time to simply check in with ourselves to acknowledge and explore what really matters. Coaching is the tool to do just that!
Dmitry GourovMSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology)|International Coach Academy coach|MSc Economics01/09/2017March 2019dmitry.gourov@gmail.com
free for 3 sessions
London/the HagueYesYesEnglish |RussianInternational Coach Academy, in certification processfocus on the WHY, on strengths, on values and authenticity. But above all helping the client move forward I coach people to understand themselves better and have a more authentic life. I love to help my clients get unstuck and move forward. I study and practice evidence based positive psychology to bring long lasting change. I have a strategy and banking (trading and research) background, where I made a successful career across Europe for a decade. I am Belarus born, but grew up in the Netherlands, and now London based. In my free time I meditate and do yoga. I love classical music.Hi, my name is Dmitry. I would love to support you on your journey, helping bring about clarity and understanding, and helping you move FASTER to where you want to be. Would love to discover together your strengths, and how you can be more of yourself, more present and authentic. Having started my journey as a coach (and still studying), I would be happy to work with you and help you discover your inner diamond, and make it SHINE!
Katherine BaerMSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology | Coaches Training Institute co-active coach | BA Marketing01/09/2017Aug 2018katherine.e.baer@gmail.com
First session free then let's chat! Flexible.LondonYes. Option to coach while walking too!YesEnglishCoaches Training Institute co-active coach, in their certification process nowI am interested in fear, and how people can choose to move forward and design a full life, with fear in hand. It's not about being fearless, it's about recognizing it and making choices. I'm 27, and love working with people who are in a "quarter life crisis", who maybe are realizing their life isn't what they wanted, and working to empower them to design the next chapter. I love working with people who would say "they don't need coaching" because I think with a partner, everyone has room to live their life a bit larger, and that is incredibly exciting to unearth. I would love to chat! (I'm living in London, and just moved here from California).
Fionnuala TennysonMsc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20172018fionnualatennyson@gmail.com
free for 3 sessions
Yes but remote also possible
englishBuilding on strengths, enabling clients to solve problems, generate ideas and move forward Hi I'm Fionnuala (pronounced finoola) and I've worked in a corproate business environment and in smaller creative companies for over 20 years. H
Charlotte FriedrichMSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (enrolled) | BA Business Psychology | Yoga and Meditation Teacher 01/09/2017Mid 2019forcharlotte@web.de | +4915146332677
free for 3 sessions
London and MunichYes, where possibleSkype, facetime, telephoneGerman | EnglishOne semester of Systemic Coaching during my BA in business psychology,In the last years, I've been working on bringing more health awareness into companies: in my role as an HR coordinator and by developing and organising employee trainings. Teaching yoga on the side, I've been combining the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation with scientific approaches from psychology, looking for ways to make use of them in an organisational context as well as in one-on-one sessions with clients.Hi, my name is Charlotte. I would like to work with you to discover your innate talents and potential, bringing you closer to authentic solution that feel right for you. While I'm still in training, I can already offer you my full attention, my genuine interest in your story, and my deep believe, that what you need to know is already inside of you. Along with a few tools and tricks I've already learned ;) Let's explore together!
Kasey LloydMSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (enrolled) | BPsych (Hons) 200501/09/2017Aug 2018u1721088@uel.ac.uk | 07946227933 | skype kasey.lloydFirst 3 sessions free, negotiable thereafterLondonYesSkype, facetime, telephoneEnglishAssoc Member Australian Psychological SocietyAccredited Coach with Growth Coaching International | Registered Psychologist (Australia)Utilising the GROWTH model, I can work in all facets of life, including work, relationships, personal growth
Kirsti Bauer | PositiveEQUEL MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/2017
info@positiveEQ.com | +44 7532 602711
Maida Vale, London
Where possible
Skype or voice callEnglishBHons Counselling Psychology | various certificates in positive psychology, coaching and counselling listed on websitePositive Psychology, Strengths-based, Emotional Intelligence, Person-centred, Cognitive Behavioural, Mindfulness,Hi! I'm Kirsti, and I I help people like you receive more happiness, presence, passion and respect everyday. I have always believed that it is the positive skills (such as how to set helpful habits, boost our own motivation, build resilience and inspire other people to treat us better) that make all the difference to our happiness. You can take the coaching journey wherever you want to go - we'll explore your idea of your best life, and unlock your potential to get there.Client testimonials listed on my website www.positiveEQ.com
Sharon SylvanMSc Career Coaching01/09/2017Sept 2019shazz641@gmail.comFreeLondonYesEnglishI've have just started this course and am looking for two clients to coach for my first module. I am available Fridays and Saturdays.I work in Higher education and have recently completed three years of volunteering long term unemployed adult job seekers. My current role involves delivering employability and student led workshops, reviewing CVs, covering letters, mock interview practice and applications for 2nd year Undergraduate students. I am passionate about helping students and the unemployed uncover their skills to get in to employment. I am also hoping to become a Mentor.
Lucy SiddallMsc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology16/02/2017Sept-19lucycsiddall@gmail.com
Details coming soon.
Free sessions.Stockholm, Sweden.
GMT + 1
If location is workableYes - skypeEnglishPositive mindsets, confidence. Working with women to improve their self-belief. Challenging negative thought patterns so that future goals can be acheived and wellbeing improved.
Abra MurrayUEL BSc in Psychology(1st). MaCPP(ongoing) 04/02/2017U1329129@uel.ac.ukFirst three sessions free while completing module.Harlow essex, easy reach of LondonyesIn person SkypeEnglishPeer Mentoring UEL 2015As a coach in training I practice various goal related and humanistic techniques that can be used in most areas of life and change. I have coachec people in areas of change and motivation in their personal life and employment/career. My back ground is in education . I coach because I am passionate about peoples( of all ages) well being and helping them to reach their potential.Hi, My name is Abra, I am a coach in training and I am tudying for a masters in positive psychology. My aim is to set up in practise as a Coach and Positive Pyschologist. I have thirty years experince of working with children , young people and parents in various educational setting. In my personal I am a parent to three children and soon to be Grandparent, I returned to study later in life to follow my dreams and have benifitted from the coaching experince first hand. I have coached people in areas of change and motivation in their personal life and employment/career. I coach because I am passionate about people's( of all ages) well being and helping them to reach their potential.I don't want want to pigeonhole myself into one area of expertise as I believe that coaching interventions can be transfered and adapted for any situation and a varied experince will add to the depth and quality of my coaching practice. At the moment my sessons are free so why not get in contact and see if we can establish a coaching relationship that works for you.
Cornelia Lucey; The People ProjectUEL MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/02/20172019cornelia@the-people-project.com
Various - dependent on time commitmentLondonYesYes - bothEnglishAssociation for Coaching; Fellow of the RSAAll types of coaching with a specific expertise in leadership and managing change; promoting wellbeing and resillience; managing stress and identifying values and strengthsIf you're stuck in a situation that you'd like to move forward from please get in touch. Myself and my collegaues at the People Project help individuals to feel and perform better in personal and professional contexts. We're all about people and would love to work with you.
Katie JonesMSc Occupational & Organisational Psychology01/02/20172018katipj@gmail.com
Krumma JonsdottirUEL MAPPCP

Leadership Facilitator in Hospitality and Luxury Retail
First session free, then 30€ per session of 2 hourParisYESYESGroup Training,
Executive Training
Coach certification in progress

Extended DisC practitionner
Coaching Certificate internal to my previous companyPerformance, Career, Life Coaching approach
After 20 years of Hotel operations, sales, revenue management and marketing (there of 8 at management level and 10 at an executive committee level) I'm now dedicating my time to training, teaching and coaching.

I believe I owe my passionate approach to work in general and my stamina to over 15 years of intens practice of gymnastic in my childhood. During these years I learned the importance of respect, discipline, hard work and fun. These are still among my core values, adding professionalism and innovation.
Performance, Career and Life Coaching!

The client centered approach I use will enable you to accelerate your performance in the area you have chosen to focus on.
1:1 or in small groups, the sessions are composed of conversations and exercises aimed to explore the path you need to take to reach your ideal.
My thourough experience of small to hyper matrix organisations enable me to adapt to any taken professional and personal environment.
Belinda Jane Batt (was Whitehead)MSc Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (coach in training - offering reduced price sessions)01/01/2017June 2019Please drop me a mail at: belindajanebatt@outlook.com
Brussels, BelgiumYes, in Brussels area onlyYes, Skype
A.J.S FouracresGrad Cert Psychology
BSc Psychology
MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
01/01/2017Sept. 2019info@pcc.lifewww.pcc.lifeSee websiteDenmark
(British Citizen)
YesYesI am happy to coach in English and English/Danish mix. German speakers can use words from their language with me too, I just have lost my speaking fluency in German to Danish!I have a BPS accredited BSc in PsychologyAny topic is welcome.
I have 17 years high level international business experience (investment funds) and experience teaching
My approach is flexible but leans to solutions-focused and appreciative coaching approaches.
I am comfortable to coach in non-directive and directive and with topics involving emotion.
I see myself as a "motivator" and inspiration, simplification, determination and strength are key words for me.
I believe anything is possible and I believe that we can all create a new idea, thing, moment, happening and I do not believe that everything has already been done in one way or another.

I see time as a construct and a gift - coaching can unlock what we want to do with it.

See my website for more information.
I coach over any topic and area. I become your sounding board or your challenger - you decide.
I have also experience undertaking a mix of coaching and mentoring/training. Examples are: financial coaching with budget setting and fitness coaching with accountability targets - where we blend coaching and goal setting with practical planning where for part of the session I may take on a "mentor" role.
Tia MoinMSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (in progress), PG Diploma Psychology, BSc Psychology01/01/20172019u1637352@uel.ac.uk,
+44(0)7803 464 150
First Session Free, £25 per hour thereafterSouth London, UKYesSkype, Phone
Whatsapp - any media you like :)
EnglishPrincipal Practitioner
Member of ABP
(Association of Business
Graduate Member BPS
Associate Member CIPD
Registered Psychologist
in Australia
Accredited in the use of a wide range of personality and aptitude assessment
tools including Saville WAVE, Hogan, SHL and Genos
Emotional Intelligence.
While the GROW strucure will offer structure to the sessions, I believe in adapting the approach to suit the client. I am currently applying a range of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Solution Focused, Humanistic and Positive Psychology interventions.
- Registered psychologist from Australia with 15 years experience in Business Psychology Consulting (Occupational, Organisational)
- Broad life experience; have lived and worked abroad, went from being a career-woman, to a working wife and mother, to a sole parent.
- I have a knack for turning a crisis into an opportunity; my story was included in a book titled 'Leading Ladies' by Rohini Rathour

With approx 15 years experience working in HR Consulting / Business Psychology, I have extensive experience in career coaching, assessment and development centres, graduate recruitment, team building and leadership development. My expertise lies in helping individuals to develop insight into their professional work styles, values and motivations and relating this to their career goals and objectives. I have experience developing professional skills and competencies as well as helping individuals with the practical aspects of their career search, interview skills, preparing for psychometric assessments, networking and salary negotiations.

Moving forward, I have a particular passion and interest in supporting individuals to 'find their flow' at work and pursue their passions. I also seek to support individuals in balancing career with personal wellbeing, family and life goals. I am very keen to support women seeking to re-engage at work following periods of parental leave. I strongly believe in the use of Positive Psychology interventions to help individuals flourish and find that perfect sense of balance and satisfaction in both their personal life and work.
"Two years ago in my capacity as a team leader in Regeneus Ltd., I had the good fortune to be referred to Tia Moin for coaching in communication and leadership skills when she was employed by Chandler McLeod. I was initially doubtful that I could gain any benefit from such coaching but was pleasantly surprised by Tia’s disarming style, insight and professional approach. She initially provided me reassurance that I wasn’t on corporate death row and over several sessions made me aware of my leadership potential and how I could improve the way I was interacting with other people in order to bring the best out of them and develop their potential. Some water has gone under the bridge since then but I can honestly say my personal confidence and ability to contribute to the organisations I work for has been greatly and enduringly enhanced. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tia as a personal coach, psychologist and counselor to any prospective client or organisation."
Yours sincerely,
Bevan Allchurch
(Previously Clinical Development Manager at Regeneus Ltd.)
Gemma ReidMSc Career Coaching01/01/201721/05/2019gemmareid06@gmail.comLondon yescurrently in training
Mira KhatibMsc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, UEL. (In progress)01/01/20172019mira@mira-coaching.com
http://www.mira-coaching.com/Pro BonoDubai, UAE
Yes, if possible
English & ArabicNot yetCertified Life Coach, & Solutuion Coach from Universal Coach Institute, USA.
Life Coaching, Behavioural, Solutuion Focused, GROW Process, Positive Psycology, & HumanisticBefore venturing into coaching I Co-founded Arab Woman Platform an initiative for women empowerment. My work allowed me to meet many wonderful people and get involved in their lives and see their ups and downs, and being always sought out to help people in troubled times, my interest for life coaching grew and as I am very passionate about making a difference and having positive impact especially in helping others I wanted to make it official by earning my coaching certifications.

I am also a published author (Ripples of the Heart - Novel), award winning poet, and activist for women rights with extensive publishing experience for over 17 years. My work has been published in some of the most elite magazines and newspapers in the Middle East.

My expertise spans in various areas when coaching clients and guiding them to reach their true potential, I use and teach various tools to help empower my clients.
I am excited that you will join me in what will be a successful coaching relationship. I know that in a matter of weeks you will begin to see your life and relationships transform, based on the goals and action plans that we will create together and you will achieve. My commitment to you is:
To develop a positive process, tailor-made to suit the agenda and your specific needs
To establish an interactive relationship between you and I, based on the full commitment of all parties
To endeavour to motivate and facilitate you to achieve true potential and bring positive change through the setting and achieving of self-defined goals
To operate on the premise that all parties are creative and resourceful with the ability and the potential to express and define their own solutions
To establish a partnership which challenges you to recognize and build on strengths, explore current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forward
To be an instrument in helping you to develop a fresh perspective on each situation you are facing, supporting you to explore a range of options
To maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion on regardless of gender, ethnic, social or religious background
To maintain absolute and total confidentiality
Shurma Miah Begum BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies Msc Careers Coaching 26/09/20162018Email: shurmamiah@hotmail.co.uk Phone: 07939434028Free sessions available until February 2017.
London YesTelephone English, Bengali BA (Hons) Psychosocial StudiesN/ACareer Coach in Training BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies graduate who is confident and very goal orientated. As well as being an enthusiastic and motivated individual who strives to help people achieve their goals, is also able to work under major pressure to make it happen. Finding satisfaction in doing the job well is highly important. A positive achiever who enjoys challenges and is comfortable in accepting high responsibilities, has the skills, ability and experience which have been gained from studies to employment, which has provided preparation for the Careers Coaching Environment. I have also previously worked as a Community Mentor for the National Citizen Service. I am currently studying MSc Careers Coaching and also currently working as a Student Support Advisor. I provide coaching sessions which run from 20-30 minutes. If you are interested please email me on shurmamiah@hotmail.co.uk
Charlotte WoodBSc in Psychology; MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching.16/09/2016Aug-18If you wish to contact me for an informal discussion, my email is charlottewood275@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can contact me via whatsapp or text 07713777325.Details coming soon.First four sessions completely free, a charge of £15 per hour will commence after the first four sessions.Leicester, UKYesSkypeEnglishGraduate Membership with BPSPositive mindfulness, well-being, academic coaching and life coaching.Welcome, and thank you for reading this. You may have reached a point, where you feel unfulfilled with daily life. You may feel overwhelmed, unsure and uncertain of which directon or path to take. Coaching can help you to unlock your potential, and to maximise your own performance in the context of your own life.Wellbeing is fundamental for our own development through life, by applying the principles of positive psychology we are moving away from a deficit-focused approach. Through our sessions, we will be utilising your own inner resources, which you may not be consciously aware of in the present moment. By learning to slow down, be accepting of ourselves, I can help you to create the life you imagine for yourself.
Nicole LangerUEL Master in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching01/09/2016Aug 2018nicole.langer@web.decoaching sessions are for freeGermany - BerlinNoYES, SkypeEnglish, GermanDiploma in Psychology, work experiences as clinical psychologist for 13 years
Frank GentlesUEL Master in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching01/09/2016Aug 2018frank.gentles@gmail.com
Tel: 0790 3315899 Call/Whatsapp or text
Pro bono for first session, thereafter to be agreedUK- FleetYesYES, SkypeEnglishBSc (Hons) Psychology with BPSN/AAn eclectic mix of coaching approaches including Solution-Focused, Behavioural, Cognitive Behavoural, and Humanistic.Coach-in-Training
BSc (Honours) in Psychology
Member of British Psychological Society (BPS)
Veteran Peer Mentor (VPM) with the probation office.
Qualified Hypnotherapist practitioner
Accomplished IT Project Manager
Many years as a memeber of the Royal Air Force (RAF)
My coaching style focuses on an individuals resources, enabling them to unlock the required strengths needed to meet selected goals. You'll find me passionate about creating the environment where good things happen whilst drawing on evidence-based skills and techniques that are guided by Coaching Psychology principals. This provides the perfect foundations for you to flourish.
Gulten AdiguzelMsc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018u0639498@uel.ac.uk
+44 (0) 7563394408
First session free LondonYesYesTurkish /English In training ,have lots of coaching experience due to previous and current job rolesLife and Career coaching
Kristiane Kronsbein01/09/20162019u1617598@uel.ac.uk
BrightonYesSkype, phone German
not yetTrained volunteer for the YMCA positive placement programme supporting young adults into meaningful work Life coaching with a special interest in positive aging I have worked and volunteered in many organisations acting as a coach for people with very different backgrounds. Whilst studying at UEL I am also working as a Project Manager in the software industry. I am passionate about helping people to reach fulfilment in later stages of their lives.
Samantha Uwadiae Msc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/201603/2018hello@potentialpath.co.uk
Under construction
First session free then £30 per session (Willing to negotiate bulk price - just email)
London, UKYesSkype and PhoneFaceTimeEnglish Pending Designed and implemented an Youth Coaching Scheme called The Aspiration Scheme aimed at raising career ambitions, confidence and employability in young people from an disadvantaged background Specialism Career and Confidence Coaching using CBC, Humanistic and Behavioural models. Additionally, use Potential Paths designed, tried and tested Career and Confidence Coaching Programmes. I managed an department in the Career Deveopment and Employability sector for three years. Coached hundreds of students in regards to building or enhancing their employability and confidence. designed and project managed an successful Youth Coaching Programme called The Aspiration Scheme. Currently, am a certified Career Coach for the organisation, YesFutures. I’m a Career and Confidence Accelerating Coach specialised in empowering women to gain the confidence to turbo blast themselves towards their dream career. If your ready to unleash your potential and release you are greatness in 2017? Email now for a free consultation.
Karolina TomaszewskaPG Career Coaching, 2 Days Coaching Academy Certificate01/09/20162017wakeyourselfupcoaching@gmail.com 0759 8533 686Pro Bono London, UKYESSkype
Polish & EnglishNot YetMasters Degree in Culture StudiesWhat do I do?
I am here to support my clients in achieving their goals and dreams.We will focus mainly on the potential, possible, motivational techniques and most of all on your inner strength and positive thinking, as well as an open-minded and hopeful approach to life.As an effect my clients feel excitement instead of fear, when thinking about life changes. They transform their negative thoughts into positive ones, learning how to deal with thinking errors and underestimating themselves.They learn how to make their own, beneficial decisions and how to achieve whatever they dream of in their private and work life.

Why am I doing it?
I believe we all have potential and no one has a bigger influence on our own thoughts and lives than yourself.I am a coach in academic training with private experience in life coaching, therapies and hardwork on my own positive and open approach to life.I have decided to free myself from strangling thoughts and suffocating assumptions, thereforeI believe I am the best example of positive life change.I also believe that change is possible for any of us if a certain amount of effort is put into onesactions.

What’s there for you?
Learn how to take action and take control over your own life. Learn how to appreciate everything you already have and use your own resources to get to wherever you want to be. Change and improve your life and career.Contact me to arrange a free telephone conversation to discuss your needs and answer your questions.
Claudia D'AgostiniMSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

BA Developmental and Educational Psychology
01/09/2016June 2018pinadagostini@gmail.com
FB: Claudia D'Agostini Life Coach
Linkedin: Claudia D'Agostini
skype: claudia-dagostini
Ready in 1 month
First session FREE
Venice, ItalyYesYes, better via SkypeEnglish
Studying for ICF (International Coaching Federation)I like to EXPLORE the wrong believes and limits about a person. My approach give the maximum importance to the individual and to LISTENING him/her thoughts. My ethics include honesty, clarity and RESPECT for your thoughts and values, even if distant from mine.I worked with a variety of different people: children, parents, adolescents, old people, homeless (children and adults). In my career I was often part of a team so I can understand the underlying dynamics and the difficulties relates to work group.
Being part of a big family I know which contribute (positive or negative) this contest can give to my client and I am open to work with family's components to obtain the best reaults with my client.
I am a students and I was rappresentative of my course for 2 years so I know how it works the relationship between teacher-professor/student. In this field I love to encourage child and adolescent to do his/her best and to fight the limits that usually are just mental constructs and not real limits.
I can LISTEN you and put order in your thoughts about your-yours goals.

I can ask QUESTION to you to understand better your thoughts. I learned how to ask precise and goal-directed questions. Sometimes these will be uncomfortable but is part of the game and of my goal to make you realise the uselessness of some limits and constructs that you impose to yourself.

I suggest you TOOLS with which act in everyday life to get closer to your goal. I study for that but, most important, I tried that tools on me.

My core values in my job?
- RESPECTFUL of your values, thoughts, behaviours, times, doubts and your past.
- OPTIMISTIC as I believe to your dream and I know without doubts that you can achieve it and that you have all the potentiality to do it.
- As human being I am EMPATHETIC so I appreciate the difficulties and the doubts and fears to change something in your life and to risk, asking me to help yu and so open yourself to me.
- HONESTY is my core value so I never lie to you expecially if I feel uncomfortable working with you I will tell you and suggest you an other professionist (for that reason the fisrt session is always free). I really appreciate be honest so you can feel free to be authentic ad honest too.

You find in front of you a calm and smiling person, full of joy of life and willingness to help you be even more sadisfacted of your life.
Pamela JeffreyMSc Occupational & Organisational Psychology01/09/2016Aug 2017pajeff82@gmail.comFree sessions until August 2017East London YesNoEnglishMCMIIn trainingIt has been said that I have a natural ability to coach and that my approach to life is inspirationa, which in turn has made a positive impact on those who approach me for an answer, which they eventually find themselves.I am a caring and respectful mature individual helping others to reach their full potential. This has been evident in both my family and professional life.
Laura ByrneMSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018byrnelaura1@hotmail.comFreeSutton Coldfield, West MidlandsYesSkype onlyEnglishNot YetI am a qualified teacher. University of Warwick 2007.Positive Psychology Coaching, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural, GROW model, Humanistic, Solution focussed, Wellbeing and meaning.Hi, my name is Laura and I am passionate about discovering how we can all create more wellbeing in our lives so we can all reach our full potential and be in a position to help others.  I would be very committed to helping you to reach your goals or work through any dilemmas you may have.
Penny ConlinMSc Career Coaching01/09/2016conlinpenny@gmail.com 07714736715London, UK.YesTelephone and SkypeEnglishCareer Development InstituteDiploma in Career Development, Level 4 Advice and GuidanceCoaching for clarity and well being in life and career
Emilie STERNUEL Master in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/2016
2018 08 ?
emilie.stern@numericable.com or +15148032503Pro BonoMontréal, Canada (QC)YESYES (Skype mostly)French ; EnglishI have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Concordia UniversityMeaning in life, Career, Personal Life, Life Change, RelationshipsI am from Paris, France. I live in Montréal, Canada since 2012. I have a deep interest for psychology overall but starting to specialise in positive psychology anf helping people's lives feel more complete and tend toward flourishing.I am only starting but I am extremely motivated and equipped to help anyone who might feel a little lost or don't know how to make decisions or feel complete. We could work on any particular goal but overall I would help you achieve a better sense of what it means to be alive, help you promote your happiness and sense of self worth, and try to teach you how to feel alive and satisfied
Ibrahim MangoUEL MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018ibrahim.mango@yahoo.com skype: adventurous_mango
Under construction
Pro BonoAmman, JordanNoskype onlywatsappEnglish/ ArabicNot yetNoneGROW, Behavioral, HumanisticI have suffered from depression, and worked really hard to beat it! But I have also learned that there is much nmore to life than just "not feeling bad". For the past ten years I have attended dozens of personal development training courses; and have trained in meditation in Japan, Taiwan and Jordan. I know that there is so much potential in you that you can utilse to reach your goals.I am very passionate about helping you to utilise your potential and reach your goals! I will be thrilled to work with you!
John BarclayUEL MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018johnbarclay@hotmail.com or 07900 064767Coaching is free of charge for the purpose of trainingAberdeen, UKYesSkypewhatsappEnglishNLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Life Coaching, Soultion Focused: Focusing on life coaching, positive behaviour, wellbeing.I have ran a hypnosis practice for several years and have helped people to resolve numerous issues which have enabled them to move theri lives forward in a positive and healthy mannerStuck and struggling to move forward in your life. In need of support and a space and someone to listen. Talk to me so we can work together to help move your life forward in a positive and long lasting way

Esther Marie DarkoUEL MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018eudemonia.life.coaching@gmail.com or 07572032803
£30.00 per 1 hour sessionLondon, UKYesSkype and PhoneEmail coaching available alongside face-to-face coachingEnglishBSs Hons PsychologyThe Coaching Academy, MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (in progress)My technique is more towards a humanistic approach. Due to me being in training, I am also interested in using different approaches depending on the client’s needs. Confidence and motivation, developing a growth mindset from fixed, wellbeing, meaning and purpose in life.I have an array of experience working within the field of psychology. More recently my career has takin me to the point of working with children and teenagers as a learning mentor. We are an alternative provision school so here I also get the chance to work closely with the parents and also coaching them through specific experiences and situations as appropriate.
For as long as I can remember I have always had the desire to help others. More recently this has focused more on the desire to help people become their best self in helping them to obtain their goals and flourish. I have faced some hard times myself and believe that it can sometimes be good to share this with my clients so that they have more hope that they can achieve whatever it is that they wish.
Claire HarrisonUEL MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018clairehoward@btinternet.com
Tutoring and Coaching specifically for young people www.skillsforsuccess.co.uk
Free of charge until April 2017London, UKYesSkypeface to faceEnglishLife coaching, positive behaviour, wellbeing.
Tanya HeasleyUEL MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162018tanya@tristonecoaching.co.uk or 07712727856
Coaching is free until April 2018Norwich, UKYesSkypeEnglishIAHTDipHE Playwork and Youth Studies, BA (Hons) Education and Communication Studeis, Diploma in Life Coaching, BAAM Anger ManagementI'm a specialist in Anger Management, Transformational and Life Coaching. I have an integrative approach to coaching as I believe not one approach fits all. My role as an anger coach is to enhance anger as a positive emotion and facilitate the use of anger as a tool to promote assertive communication within my clients. My aim is to promote anger as a positive energy. I do this by empowering people who are/have experienced adverse anger problems. As a student of Coaching Psychology I aim to further enhance my knowledge and skillset within this discipline and I welcome clients who would be willing use my sevices as part of this.
Gabriela PopMSc in Career Coaching; BSc in Psychology01/09/2016Sept 2017gabriela.gpop@gmail.com; 07729756856 (Whatsapp also)Pro bonoLondonYesSkype.EnglishThe Coaching Academy 2-day workshop coaching certificationBeing a coach in training I would like to try various scientific perspectives according to the client's needs but I do feel I have an inclination toward the Humanistic and CBC approach.I aim to be of assistance for people who feel stuck in their career development or who don't know where to start from, for people who feel overwhelmed by too many options and got sank into undecidedness. For people who are struggling to find the answer to "Should I stay or should I go?" in a job placement or want to free themselves from their own or others "shoulds".My naturally strongest desire is to help people who are fighting with career issues generated by their thoughts, fears or uncertainties. I want not to let them alone in their struggles but to get nearby, accompany them, encourage in expressing their inside dilemmas out loud in a safe context and find together the dash of light that brings more clarity into the mind and spreads the clouds away.

As part of my training I am practicing by offering free coaching sessions where I integrate an authentic and empathetic style, non-judgemental perspective within evidence-based coaching models and techniques. If you would like to experience the benefits of coaching, I am more than pleased to arrange a face-to-face, Skype or Whatsapp meeting.
Daniel MayhewMSc Career Coaching01/09/20162017E: hello@danielmayhew.co.uk
M: 07884006659
Free phone call to confirm your needs, £20 per hour thereafterLondonYesSkype or PhoneEnglishPendingSpecialities : Career change, helping to find your strengths and a career that you truly love. Having been through a number of career changes myself, feeling undervalued at work and unmotivated, I have followed a coaching process which has transformed my life.
Using proven processes, I seek to help you gain clarity in what you want from a career, and support you in the process of achieving happiness.
I help people who feel stuck, unhappy or unmotivated in their current role make profound improvements to their lives.

Having worked with a coach to successfully negotiate these thoughts myself, and having worked towards a Masters qualification in coaching, I am passionate about the value of coaching and the change process. I am uniquely qualified to support others through their journey.

I work with a number of clients from all sorts of backgrounds, who usually invest in a course of 5 sessions. The majority report feeling happier and more motivated by the end of the course, and recommend me to their friends and family.

If you would like to know my about the process, or discuss how I can help you, lets arrange a call.


Ryan Gordon MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, BSc Hons Sport & Exercise Science University of East London 01/09/20162017E:Throughthethirds@hotmail.com T: 07498174710
www.linkedin.com/in/RyanGordonThroughTheThirds www.Twitter.com/ryangordon11
January and February 2017 prices £25 for first 4 x 1hour sessions as Coach-in-training. From 1st March 2017 £250 per session 4 x 1 hour sessionsLondonYesSkype: @ryangordon71
English UEFA A Licence Prep Coach - Football and Sport - N.B coach-in-trainingHello, Thank you for reading my profile, My name is Ryan Gordon I am 45 years old, and I want to see you happy and successful in life and work. Professionally, I have 20 years previous experience in football coaching and talent identification roles in grassroots, semi-professional and professional football clubs e.g. Arsenal 7 years, Norwich 5 years, Barnet FC, AFC Wimbledon and I have represented TheFA working for England, alongside study visits to clubs abroad. One of my main goals (pardon the pun) on my list was to complete an academic degree to which I graduated with a BSc Hons Sport & Exercise Science in 2016, I am now completing a MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology degree at the University of East London (n.b. coach-in-training) I graduate in 2017. I will be seeking to work with you in a leadership and transformational coaching role. In a transformational coaching role the aim will be to increase your personal development, effectiveness and your growth in life and work. In a leadership role I will be seeking to apply the principles and facets of leadership whilst working with you to improve your leadership skills in sport and business or any other field you work in. Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.
Amanda Faye LimMSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/20162017E: amandafayely@gmail.com T: 07751489143 Whatsapp: +65 9800 2110
Free, minimum of three sessionsLondonYesSkype/telephone possibleEnglishBSc Psychology First-class HonoursThe Coaching Academy 2-day workshop coaching certificationLife coaching; mindfulness coaching; health & well-being coaching; academic coaching; energy managementI have 3.5 years experience with mindfulness, and personal and spiritual development. I am naturally oriented to creating conditions that promote health and well-being in life. I believe in living life to its fullest and maximising our potentialities and achieving milestones we might previously not have imagined we could attain. Through a series of thought-provoking questions, I enable individuals to dig deep into the roots of their issues in question. I create a safe, warm, and non-judgemental space for you to explore your thoughts and formulate plans for your best future. I am entirely committed to serving my clients and helping them to achieve their fullest potential. I have previously managed to motivate myself to persist at achieving challenging, long-term goals and have achieved a first class degree in Psychology from the University of Exeter, coming in amongst the top 10 of my cohort of 200 students. If you are interested in improving your academic achievement, daily well-being, mindfulness, or personal development, take this opportunity to get personalised support at no cost!
Sumedh ChatterjeeUEL MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/2016Sept 2017chatterjee.sumedh@gmail.com
TBDLondonYesSkypeEnglishPsychology degree and Life coach certification + Confidence coach certificationFairly Humanistic/Experimental Coaching approach- I'm still a coach and training and would like to try out a new coaching approach I invented called TPM. I specialize in transformation, social dynamics, creativity and flow. Background in theatre and personal growth, interested in things like binaural beats and other alternative therapies. I personalize and create mind movies, guided hypnosis and meditations too.I believe that we can evolve together if we have the correct mindset. We can be the best versions of ourselves if we take responsibility for our own happiness. I try and apply the principles of Positive Psychology to my work and life. Hopefully I can make that shift in you and be your catalyst for long-lasting change.
Enrico ChillemiMSc Career Coaching01/09/2016Sept 2017enricochillemi@gmail.comTBDLondonYesYesEnglishCoach in training. Would like to try different approaches depending on the clients needs.Psychology background. Strong interest, knowledge and understanding about music, cinema, literature and arts.
Amy CarpenterMSc in Career Coaching01/09/2016Sept 2019amycarpenter35@gmail.comPro bono for first two sessions, £10 per 1 hour session beyond this.Ipswich, UKYesYes - Skype/telephone etc.Can offer email support alongside sessions or instead of, as appropriate.EnglishN/AI specialise in Career Coaching, and helping individuals to think about their career goals and making decisions to achieve these. I have particular expertise in supporting university students, but can work individuals at any stage of their career (from age 18 onwards) with making these decisions, and particularly in relation to deciding between further study or pursuing employment/new opportunities. My sessions are flexible to fit the needs of my clients, although I recommend booking blocks to ensure that a structure is in place to see change and progression occur. I currrently work within a Careers team at a Higher Education instituion and offer guidance, coaching and workshops to support students in developing their employability, and want to expand my reach to help those that have not chosen the university route. I have experience of the full life cycle of recruitment and selection of school leavers and university graduates onto graduate, internship and apprenticeship programmes, as well as supporting employees in corporate settings with their professional qualification aspirations.
Carley SimeMSc In Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching01/09/2016Sept 2017Please Feel Free To Contact Me Via Email Or Text/Whatsapp/Phone:
Our first two sessions would be complimentry, £20 per 1 hour session thereafterLondonYes absolutelyYes to telephone/Skype coaching if it suits my client's needsEnglishGraduate Membership of The British Psychological Society & Pending membership to ICF (post graduation)Hello to any potential clients reading this, I'm Carley! I have a sincere and passionate interest in wellbeing and mental health which meant a career within psychology was a very natural choice. I've spent the last four years working towards a career within clinical psychology, however, my direction has now shifted. I realised the power psychology has to help everyone better understand themselves and through that process learn to strengthen their personal wellbeing and to live a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

As a coaching psychologist in training I work with genuineness, authenticity and without judgement. I am here to both encourage and challenge as well as listen and question. I will work with you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your behaviours and your challenges and support you in achieving personalised goals and enhanced wellbeing.

I will always work with you within a confidential, respectful and ethical environment from a place of compassion and empathy. Together I aim to work collaboratively with my clients in a solution focused way within a practice driven by theoretically grounded and scientifically validated techniques. If you have any questions or are interested please do get in contact and I will usually reply within 24 hours. Best wishes to you all, Carley.
Veronika MrkvicovaBSc Counselling Psychology; MSc Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology01/09/2016August 2017ver.mrkvicova@gmail.comFirst 30-minute session for free; £20 per hourCzech RepublicNoSkype / telephoneEnglish, CzechLife / Career / Performance Coaching; focused on improving well-being and supporting you with either a life change, following your dreams, or personal development. Person/client-centred approach. You are the expert in your life and I am here to help you facilitate the changes you want. I will help you overcome obstacles stopping you from achieving your dreams and living more fulfilling life. Most people have still some dreams left for achieving or ways they want to improve their lives and well-being. Whether it is a lack of courage, support or anything else that is stopping you, there are always steps to take and plans to make. I am a positive psychology coach with background in counselling and experience with coaching mostly oriented on performance improvement (so far). And I am here to help.
Nikki BaxterMsc Careers Coaching 01/09/2016currently in trainingnicolabaxter7@gmail.comUK/LondonYesSkype only N/AEnglish Diploma level 4 and 4 in Advice and Guidance Career coaching, I am a Master’s student in Careers Coaching at the University of East London (UEL) looking for volunteers, who may wish to have some free Careers Advice.
I have been working in Advice and Guidance in Higher and Further education for the last ten years. I have experience of working within the Information /Advice and Guidance setting assisting students /perspective students getting into study or into work through one on one appointments and group work. I have also organised and taken part in events/activities for students.
I am currently working at the University assisting UEL students with a wide range of student support queries.
I am passionate about helping students have a positive experience during time of study. I am looking to use my skills that I am learning on my course to help students in a competitive market place.
Prior to working in education I worked in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer/aerobics dance instructor/swimming teacher.
I would like to offer one to one coaching sessions for up to 45 minutes, please contact me if interested via e-mail on nicolabaxter7@gmail.com
Emma OrianaMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology01/09/20162017Mobile: +44 7572393477 & Email: emmaoriana546@gmail.comTBDLondon, UKYesYes - via skypeEnglishHolstic Health Coach (Graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) Working with women to further their sense of wellbeing and empowerment
Rayanna SchnarrMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology
BA. Psychology and Sociology
01/09/2016Sept. 2017Phone- 0793100626 Email- Rschnarr@live.comPro bono for first 3 sessions, £65/hour thereafterLondon, UKYesEnglishPending completion of MSc.Coaching Psychology Deciated, goal oriented profession with a solid commitment to social and mental development aimed at enhancing individuals potential. Using learned knowledge of psychology and sociology to clearify clients individual needs as well as ways to intergate those needs into their greater social surroundings. Previous work experience as a couselor, as well as training in becoming a cerified Prana Yoga instructor allows me to create a safe and genuine space for goals and passions to be realized, discussed and worked towards.
Sandra TeichertMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology01/09/2016Sept. 2017E: sandra.appc@gmail.com
M: +49 151 2536 1212
Skype: sandra.appc@gmail.com
http://appcgroup.com/why-appc-groupPro bono for first session, £30/hour thereafterLondon & GermanyYesYesEnglish & GermanIn Progress
Tomas WilkinsonMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology01/09/2016Sept. 2017E: tom.appc@gmail.com
M: 07546 094438
Skype: tomwilko
http://appcgroup.com/why-appc-groupPro bono for first session, £30/hour thereafterLondon YesYesEnglishIn Progress
Beril SimsekMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology01/09/20162017mobile: +447765136773 & email: simsekberil@gmail.comPro Bono for the first 3 sessionsLondon,UKYesTelephone&SkypeEnglish & Turkishworking with young adults and adults who wants to have a clear image on the future and who are in need of motivation to move forward
Paula ReidMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology02/01/20162017 09paula@paulareid.com - Skype paula.reid67 - MOB: 0770 5059605
To be agreed once we explore your coaching needsUKyes - my preferenceyesemailEnglishI am both a businesswoman and an adventurer. In business I am a leader, coach, speaker and trainer. As an adventurer, I push myself and explore my limits to live life to the full. I will both positively support and positively challenge you...I coach in a 1:1, face to face format, to unlock potential and optimise performance; getting people from where they are now to where they want to be. I believe coaching is a process of future focused, structured and useful dialogue based around setting and achieving goals.
Claire Le GriceMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology02/01/201609/ 2017clgcoaching@gmail.com
Complimentary 30 minute Chemistry session. Individual sessions starting from £30LondonYesTelepone and SkypeN/AEnglishWIPNAWellbeing & Coaching Psychology, working with individuals and organisations to create and facilitate positive change.Kia ora, I'm Claire, a kiwi living in London and so many other labels I won’t bore you with them here!

I work with individuals aged 25-35 (early career) to create and facilitate positive change.

How? Well it’s an awesome cycle that starts when you allow yourself the time and space to answer hard questions without judgement. Which is coaching in a nutshell. The outcomes you will most likely experience are:
increased CLARITY → increased ENERGY → increased ACTION.

Why? I love it when individuals gain clarity from coaching and the resulting changes this brings. I am in this age / stage bracket myself and bring an understanding of the myriad of challenges associated with this (limitless options / living in a foreign country / oh shit am I in the right career / will I ever find my passion / I really should… ).

My professional background is in both technology and creative industries where I have held roles in People and Communications - with a bit of Pilates teaching on the side for good measure. I’m currently completing my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I like to integrate positive interventions in coaching and training sessions.

Anything about wellbeing and how to cultivate it wakes me up more than coffee and I don't believe in a one size fits all approach (to anything).

If I’m not the right fit for you, I have network of fantastic coaches, all with different approaches and strengths to me. The relationship is a major element in coaching, so if I’m not your cup of tea, it’s not all over, there are other drinks on the menu.
I work with individuals aged 25-35 (early-mid career) to create and facilitate positive change.
Kaveh MirMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology02/01/20162017/07k.mir@PSIExecuiveCoaching.com
50% discount for UEL from WEB Price. See http://psiexecutivecoaching.com/execuive-coachingLondonYesTelepone and SkypeGroup CoachingEnglish, PersianPCC, CPD Approved8 YearsExecutive Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching SMEKaveh has a diverse, predominantly non-directive, approach to his coaching, using a wide range of tools and
techniques and, in every case, tailoring a highly flexible ‘programme’ to meet the specific needs of the client.
A sample coaching programme would include some of the following aspects:
• Creating well-formed outcomes for the coaching.
• Developing self-awareness.
• Working with the client to explore new ways of working
• Working with the client to embed the learning and take personal responsibility for ongoing development
Throughout the programme clients are provided with email and phone support. ‘Homework’ is agreed at
the end of each session.
Kaveh Mir Thamasebi is an MBA and MSc qualified
Executive/Business Coach (PCC) with the ability to
drive business performance through people,
underpinned by robust Coaching Psychology. Key
strengths include: a track record of developing
high-level HR strategies, leadership development,
change management, and conflict management;
extensive executive coaching experience (over
1,200 hours) and a deep knowledge of psychometric
profiling models (VIA strength finder, MBTI,
FIRO-B, 16-PF & EI indicators);
Rhiannon EvansPG Diploma Career Coaching01/01/20162017rhi.a.evans@gmail.comFree for students/unemployed
£15 per hour for employed

LondonYesPhone or Skype
EnglishStudent member of CDIInformal coaching and mentoring with colleagues and pro bono with young peopleCareer Coaching, career change I have fourteen years of experience in the non profit/charity sector so am well placed to help navigate careers in this sector.
I also have experience of supporting young people to start and progress their careers.
I work with individuals seeking to change or progress in their careers to find work that suits them.
Matthew AylenMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology01/01/2016ACC - 2012, PCC 2016admin@growforhumans.co.uk 07874756768www.growforhumans.co.ukFree sessions no longer available. Please contact for rates.
London, Bedford, Cambridge & NorthamptonYesskype onlyN/AEnglishPending6 month certificate in CoachingTransformational / Existential - Areas: Meaning & Purpose in Life, Self Knowledge, Authenticity, Self Confidence, Helping to define individual talent & calling in lifeI am a transformational coach and the founder of Grow, having successfully completed an internationally recognised coaching qualification in 2015 and now studying an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology. I consider my talent to be enabling others. I do this through existential coaching, and I am truly passionate about becoming a thinking partner for others and helping them to find increased levels of meaning and purpose in their lives. I have been working in career consultancy, recruitment and coaching since 2006. Most recently, I was Regional Director for a recruitment business, training and coaching teams.If you are finding it difficult to know which way to turn in your life, I can help you to find a way forward. Existential coaching focuses on acknowledging that life is short, and that finding out what you truly want, becoming an authentic version of yourself, and discovering your talent and calling are the most important tasks in any lifetime. It has been proven that increasing meaning and purpose in your life can increase levels of well-being, resiliance, fulfilment, and much more.Existential Coaching can quite often help to give you the tools you need in order to live a more satisfying life.
Dorota E FilipowiczMSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology | BSc PsychologySep 2015Aug 2018dorota@SpaceOfMind.eu
+44 (0) 7933077940
Pro Bono
£170 per session
East England
Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society
(Special Group in Coaching Psychology)
Student Member of the International Positive Psychology Association
My coaching style is strongly rooted in Person Centred Approach and in Positive Psychology.
Jalal AfhimPG Dip. Career Coaching01/09/2015
currently in training
jafhim@yahoo.co.uk£40/1hr sessionLondonYesSkype onlyN/AEnglish, MandarinN/AN/ACareer coaching, performance coaching.Jalal has over a decade of experience working in people development, including as a teacher, trainer, coach, and learning & development consultant.* Client-centred, non-directive approach
* I enjoy helping client move towards self-actualization through career and work
* Coaching methodology underpinned by current empirical research on careers theory and practice
* Extensive experience working with clients at different stages of the career (ages 18 - 45)
* Currently working in Higher Education context, with background in corporate Learning & Development
* Expertise in cross-cultural awareness, and 8 years experience working in Asia
Doreen ThomasMSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology01/09/2015currently in trainingMobile 07747798952 email switched@chandcoach.co.uk
Pro Bono for first 3 sessions as part of modules being studiedUKYesYes - via skypeEnglishExtensive business Experience, worked at senior level, strong Finance and Human resource knowledge, other qualifications include and MBA, post grad Accontancy and HR qualifications
Emma ReadMSc Career Coaching (Distinction)01/01/20151 Aug 2016You can contact me via email at emmalouiseread@gmail.com or phone / text / WhapsApp on 07590456772

(under construction)
Please get in touch to discuss fees. Discounts available for those on lower incomes. London and KentYesYesEnglishI am a member of AGCAS & SRHE. Currently applying to the Career Development Institute.I specialise in Career coaching, however am experienced coaching on general life issues such as confidence and motivation. In relation to career coaching, I am happy to help you whatever stage of your career you are at, however my areas of expertise are: career changers; mid-level professionals aiming to progress; and recent graduates. I am an experienced coach and confident using a wide range of appoaches, styles, techniques and tools, depending on your unique situation. My natural coaching stance is supportive, solutions-focused with a few friendly challenges and powerful questions. Regardless of which area of your life you come to me for coaching, my approach is holistic and I will seek to gain an understanding of the multiple layers that make up your current situation. We will explore your goals, motivations and values and work together to meet your aims. I strongly believe in providing a client-led service. Please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call to discuss your situation.I have worked in careers for 10 years. I also have personal experience of career changing, and the demands of juggling a family with work.

Additionally, I have experience working with Law students and therefore have an excellent understanding of legal recruitment and the industry.
Charlotte BrownMSc in Career Coaching (Distinction)01/09/2014Sept 2016
£75phLondonYesYesEnglishI gained a distinction in my MSc, have a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Certification in Counselling Skills. Let me help you find career happiness! Career coaching offers freedom to explore and discover your career dreams, goals and purpose. Working together we will increase your career clarity and confidence. This will inspire you to make changes that result in a more satisfying, meaningful and enjoyable working life.

I treat all clients as unique. The coaching you receive is tailored to your career needs. I work with a wide range of clients from a variety of industries, all of whom are at a career crossroads.

Through one-to-one coaching I can help you:
- Gain clarity in your career direction
- Obtain better work-life balance
- Heighten awareness of your career values, strengths and skills
- Work out how to change career
- Be better at your current role
- Feel confident about what you do and who you are at work
- Re-establish or change your career after a break
- Transition back to work after parental leave or redundancy
- Ensure your CV describes the best you, showing employers what they want to see
- Be successful at your next interview
I'd love to help you achieve the career you really want. Lets take the first step together. I have comfortable coaching spaces in Central and East London for us to work in. Contact me to book a free telephone consultation and we'll discuss your situation and explore how I can assist. Kaleidoscope Career Coaching Ltd hello@kaleidoscopecareers.uk www.kaleidoscopecareers.uk
Asha MangulMSc Career Coaching (Distinction)01/09/2014Oct 2016Please feel free to reach out by email: ashamangul@gmail.com, or WhatsApp/ Text on 07921 909 625Coming soonPlease contact me to discuss fees. I can offer discounts to those on lower incomes or unemployedLondon, UKYesYes (Skype, Google Hangouts, any web-based or Windows application)EnglishI also hold a BSc in PsychologyI specialise in the following: Career or life change; Quarterlife Crisis (an identity crisis sometimes experienced by the 20-30 age group); early-mid career issues; recent graduates, and those with barriers to finding work. My approach is naturally collaborative and I will be kind and friendly towards you and your experiences. Deeply listening to you and making you feel heard is important to me. Simply, I want to help you you to be your best/ happiest during our sessions, and ultimately within your life and career :) As a career changer, I can understand the pressures and uncertainty this can bring, and the often long and non-linear process of change. Friends and family mean well, but can sometimes be a source of pressure. There's not much support and guidance out there, and moving away from the a familiar job or life structure can feel like a minefield. This is where I can help you understand and harness your feelings, skills, motivations, natural strengths and help you recognise your patterns, and deep needs. I also bring a culturally sensitive/ respectful approach to my coaching, and have an understanding of what it is like to have different, sometimes conficting influences. I love other cultures and languages and have a few surprising cultural influences in my own life. I have explored different careers and have worked in organisations with wildly differing cultures, and can also relate to the rewards and challenges of temporary work.
Jill JonesUEL Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (Distinction)01/09/2010Aug 2012jilljonesaction@yahoo.com or 07833 938293 (Have whatsapp or viber)
First session to establish compatability / various options. Most common is 6 session solution £1000.UK - Cumbria and MerseysideYES - can consider various UK areasYES, Skype, Whatsapp etcEnglishBCS - QualifiedCoaching Modules within both degree in Psychology and Sociology and Diploma in ManagamentSpecialities: Career / life change, Business, Money / Abundance, Travel/Adventure, Parenting (I have raised a child to adulthood and young full independence!)My coaching tends to be time limited (usually 6 sessions) to enable a breakthrough and significant direction change. I can direct you to sources for testimonials and success stories.I am a high achiever, have held many senior roles in different sectors, travelled extensively and developed spiritually. I understand and can coach on areas that can enhance your overall life wellbeing and also help you turn around specific issues to reframe and move beyond towards a more flourishing world. I have a deep wisdom and intuition that flows through my coaching to assist in success and brealthroughs. I can be a catalyst to shine light and 'unstick' something you want to move beyond.
Grace HusseyMSc in Business Psychology01/09/20151/4/2018gracehusssey@virginmedia.com 07956 202069pro bono for the first 4 sessions LondonYesSkype, whatsapp English Skills of Effective Coaching module, Mentoring qualification and senior leadership/management experienceCoaching others to set and achieve outcomesAs part of my personal development as a coach I have decided to study an Institute in Leadership and Management coaching and mentoring course focused on the use of Clean Language questioning technique. If you are interested in working with me you will find our coaching sessions will focus purely on you, they will be relaxed yet challenging, outcome focussed and enlightening. By incorporating Clean Questions I work with you to create a landscape where you are able to explore your own thoughts and reasoning to find outcomes.
Kismet KaleMSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (Distinction)01/09/2016August 2017hello@kismetkale.com 07960 344 618
First session free - one hour. Subsequent sessions £30 per hour (special offer for a limited period)LondonYes, although prefer SkypePhone or Skype/HangoutsEnglishLife coaching directory; ICF (work in progress)Cert. Ed; BA (Hons) Top Up Education (first class with course director's prize). I have 12 years' experience in education and training.
Together we can:
• Pinpoint your goals and begin to achieve your ambitions
• Understand your inner feelings and behaviour
• Manage inhibiting emotions and behaviour
• Identify and embody confidence boosting thoughts and behaviour
• Uncover and utilise your strengths
• Improve your performance
• Tailor strategies to manage stress and build resilience
• Facilitate effective transition and resumption of performance at work after maternity leave.
• And anything else you want to explore
I specialise in confidence coaching for women from all backgrounds, and particularly welcome those from ethnic minorities and faiths. I have 12 years' experience in education and training and have had the opportunity to support hundreds of clients from all over the world to develop their skills and confidence. My experience has given me a strong understanding of how self-belief, motivation and manageable steps towards ambitions contribute to facilitating and maintaining personal growth.I believe that the right support and effort can empower everyone to overcome self-restricting barriers and achieve far more than they expected. I have struggled with confidence myself so I know exactly what it's like to be your own worst enemy! The techniques that I have learnt have helped me to overcome my own barriers. With theoretically and experientially grounded techniques, I can support you in your challenges and big changes too.I am a confidence coach who's passionate about supporting women to get out of their own way so they can enjoy developing themselves, their dreams and go on to impact positively on the people around them.