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8/20/2014 12:06:4910/15/1986AZ - ArizonamaricopaPhoenixphoenix policeDavid Valenzuela24MaleKilledArmedHandgunMan in wheelchair threatened two officers with gun. they shot and killed him
8/20/2014 12:09:2910/15/1986TX - TexasGuadalupecibolocibolo police departmentKennen Marksbury41MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedHandgunshot in his own house
8/20/2014 12:11:5710/15/1986NJ - New JerseymorrisMountain lakesMountain Lakes PDLeonardo Parera39MaleWhiteKilledArmedHandgun
Man shot his coworker. Police responded. He exchanged fire with a handgun (he also had a rifle). Killed at the scene
8/20/2014 13:06:167/15/1995TX - TexasHarrisHouston
Bellaire Police Department
Travis O'Neill Allen15MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Travis Allen, 17, w/m, unarmed, shot twice in the back at close range and killed by Bellaire police Sgt. Michael Leal, 30, while pinned face down to the floor by officer Carle Upshaw’s foot on his back. Allen, high on drugs, had smashed through the patio door of a Bellaire home, whose owner called police. Police say Allen disobeyed them, had reached for something in his pocket and was attempting to roll over, causing Leal to “fear for his own life.” But marks on Allen’s hands indicate he had been handcuffed. Two grand jury members said they felt pressured to not indict by a politically connected fellow juror. Both officers were no-billed.

Not only did these cops get away with murder, but the shooter, Officer Leal, has since been promoted within his department. He now supervises everyone who investigated him. The Bellaire Police Dept. basically congratulated him for killing an unarmed teenager.
Michael Leal
8/20/2014 13:30:179/27/2003OH - OhioPrebleWest Alexandria
Preble County Emergency Services Unit
Clayton Helriggle23MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
They killed the dog too, of course. Clayton took shotgun round to the chest. Reports of the police high-fiving each other afterwords.
8/20/2014 13:19:438/5/2007OK - OklahomaClevelandNobel
Noble Police Department
Austin Haley5MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledUnarmedHandgun
A stray bullet fired by a police officer trying to shoot a snake hit and killed a 5-year-old boy fishing at a nearby pond, officials said.

Austin Haley was fishing with his grandfather, Jack Tracy, Friday evening when Tracy said he heard a shot and saw a bullet hit the water just a few feet in front of the boat dock where he was standing.

Moments later, a second shot was fired that hit Austin in the head.
8/20/2014 13:05:271/29/2010OR - OregonMultnomahPortlandPortland Police BureauAaron M. Campbell25MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Aaron was shot and killed after he emerged from a Northeast Portland apartment where officers had been called to perform a welfare check on a suicidal, armed man. He was distraught because his brother had just passed away from heart disease in the hospital. He was hit multiple times with bean bag rounds in quick succession, and as he instinctively reached down to where he was hit, the officer drilled him through the back with an AR-15. It was over in seconds. I witnessed it.
Ronald Frashour
8/20/2014 12:31:004/16/2010FL - FloridasarasotaVeniceSarasota Sheriff's OfficeTyler Spann20MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Officer Verdoni was off duty, did not have dash camera on. Did not bring the proper equipment with him or was wearing appropriate clothing. Chased suspect for blocks, accused suspect of "going for his gun." Eyewitnesses had sketchy descriptions and some changed their story later. Officer had angry confrontations later with protesters. Was exonerated the very next day by Sheriff's office. Kid was branded a "thug" by blog commenters simply because he was underage drunk and pulled a prank. This case has always stunk to high heaven. Venice is mostly a retirement community without many college age kids living here. This was just a stupid prank and the officer raged, hunted him down, and found an excuse to kill him. I really hope this gets opened up and investigated again.
Carlos Verdoni
8/20/2014 12:23:347/10/2010NV - NevadaLas VegasLas Vegas Police DeptErik Scott38MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Shopper at Costco LEGALLY possessing a concealed handgun is reported by store security who noticed his pistol under his shirt to police for having a handgun. Upon evacuating the store, he is shot seven times and killed by police.
8/20/2014 13:47:142/22/2011MA - MassachusettsMiddlesexAshby
Massachusetts State Police
Roger Reyes Padilla21MaleUnknownUnknown2KilledUnknownUnknown
Trooper Shawn McIntyre of the State Police gang unit, was in a life-threatening situation about 1 p.m. Feb. 22 when he fired two shots into a Nissan sedan that was being driven toward him, according to a four-page investigation report released yesterday.

One of those shots struck the suspect, Roger Reyes Padilla, 21, in the head, killing him.
Shawn McIntyre
8/20/2014 13:48:164/18/2011OH - OhioHamiltonCincinnatiCincinnati Police David "Bones" Hebert40MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
a knife was found 25' from victims body
Cincinnati Police Sergeant Andrew Mitchell
8/20/2014 12:59:427/16/2011CA - CaliforniaSan Francisco
San Francisco Police Department
Kenneth Wade Harding19MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Was being detained for fare evasion at Bayview train platform when he ran from officers and allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired at the police as he was being chased. Before the crime scene was locked down someone stole the victim's weapon, it was recovered shortly afterwards due to witnesses identifying the person who took the gun.

Two articles describe this incident:
Victim's name and background:
Incident description:
8/20/2014 12:52:307/18/2011CA - CaliforniaLos Angeles
Los Angeles Police Department
MaleWhiteHispanic or Latino originKilledArmedFirearm; not statedMan outside his home pointing gun at his family, killed by police.
8/20/2014 12:01:1810/15/2011GA - GeorgiafultonatlantaMARTA policeJoetavius Stafford19Male3KilledArmedHandgun
Suspect had a gun at one point but may have thrown it away. Was it in the back and chest. some witnesses claimed he was surrendering and had hands up. investigation cleared the officers
8/20/2014 12:04:1610/15/2011PA - PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaphiladelphia policeAdolphus Pinkney26MaleBlack or African AmericanKilledArmedHandgun
Man fired at 2 officers outside a club early in the morning and they returned fire with "several" shots.
8/20/2014 13:40:0811/25/2011MD - MarylandPrince GeorgeAquascoPG County PolicePhilip Charles Bolling49MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
On November 25, 2011, at approximately 6:15 p.m., patrol officers responded to the 21000 block of Aquasco Road for an armed individual who was threatening to commit suicide. After the subject discharged his handgun at the on-scene officers and refused all communication, a barricade situation was initiated.

A short time later, the armed subject exited the home, confronted the officers, and refused the officers’ commands to put his weapons down. Fearing for his safety and the safety of other officers on the scene, one Prince George’s County patrol officer discharged his County-issued weapon, striking the subject.
8/20/2014 13:45:1211/25/2011IL - IllinoisCookChicagoChicago PoliceDevon Ross27MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledUnarmedFirearm; not stated
A Chicago police officer shot and killed a man she had been chasing after he jumped her in an alley, punched her and tried to grab her gun Thursday morning in the Englewood neighborhood, officials said.

The chase began about 2 a.m. when the officer and her partner tried to stop a car with four men inside, police said. The driver took off with the officers in pursuit, said Pat Camden, a police spokesman.

The car slammed into a garage in the 7400 block of South Emerald Avenue, and the men jumped out and ran, Camden said.

An officer followed one of the men into a dark gangway, where the man jumped out, punched her in the face and grabbed for her gun, Camden said.

As the two struggled, the officer began to feel faint. Fearing she would lose her grip on her gun, the officer shot the man, Camden said.

"Any cop in fear of losing their weapon would be in fear of their life," he said.

Devon Ross, 27, of the 500 block of East 60th Street, was pronounced dead at the scene, said the Cook County medical examiner's office.
8/20/2014 13:30:472/14/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaScottsdaleScottsdale PDJohn Loxas50MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledUnarmedUnarmed
James Peters
8/20/2014 13:37:235/5/2012NC - North CarolinaCumberlandFayetteville
Fayetteville Police Department
Mark Salazar27MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Neighbors reported someone was outside shooting. Police responded to the scene and said Mark was in the driveway with his gun. The police told the press he pointed the gun at them. They shot him. His son's mother told journalists none of the police reports of the three officers who responded say anything about him pointing a gun at them.!bGM6ue
8/20/2014 13:14:135/10/2012CA - CaliforniaOrangeFullerton
Fullerton Police Department
8/20/2014 12:59:126/4/2012CA - CaliforniaSanta BarbaraLompoc
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
Lawrence Alan Kitchen MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
On June 4, 2012, at approximately 8:50 a.m., Lompoc Police Officers responded to 208 South I Street, in Lompoc on a "shots fired" call. The investigation revealed the occurrence of the following events. Lawrence Kitchen became involved in a dispute with a neighbor's visitor over parking in the multi-unit residential property. Kitchen armed himself with a shotgun and handgun. He confronted Michelle Velasquez and shot her with the shotgun, injuring her and killing a small dog she was holding. Kitchen then pointed his weapon at Eusebio Ruiz who was attempting to seek refuge in apartment #1. Kitchen shot Ruiz in the torso and leg. When confronted by officers and instructed to drop the weapon and get down, he pointed his weapon at Lompoc Police Officers Dan Sessions and Willie Francis. Both officers fired at Kitchen. They hit Kitchen twice. Kitchen died at the scene. The District Attorney's role in reviewing this homicide is to determine whether the shooting of Lawrence Alan Kitchen was lawful and to provide a detailed explanation to the public about the facts and the law in that regard. As stated in Graham v. Connor (1989) 490 U.S. 386, this process "requires careful attention to the facts and circumstances." Hence, this analysis will give careful attention to both the facts and the circumstances of the fatal shooting of Lawrence Alan Kitchen.
Officer Dan Sessions
8/20/2014 12:36:336/6/2012CA - CaliforniaOakland
Oakland Police Department
22MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedFirearm; not stated
The officers stopped their patrol vehicle behind the vehicle. As the officer began to approach, the driver of the vehicle quickly exited and brief struggle ensued. During the struggle, one of the officers noticed the
driver had armed himself with a gun. The officer perceived a threat to the officers’ lives and discharged their firearm, striking the subject. ... Weapon was recovered.
8/20/2014 12:45:096/6/2012CA - CaliforniaSan DiegoSan Diego PoliceVictor Ortega31MaleWhiteHispanic or Latino origin3KilledArmedHandgun
Police respond to domestic violence call. Officer struggles with suspect after flight. Officer's weapon falls on ground and is picked up by suspect. Officer shoots suspect dead.
Jonathan McCarthy
8/20/2014 12:28:358/18/2012AZ - ArizonaMericopaPhoenix
Surprise Police Department SWAT
Hector Lara24MaleUnknown5KilledArmedFirearm; not stated
Happened during a drug bust. During the search they suspects opened fire and 5 to 6 officers returned fire.
8/20/2014 12:41:298/18/2012OH - OhioCincinnatiCincinnati PoliceKevin Willingham51MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
4KilledArmedFirearm; not stated
Went to check on the well being of a 56 year old women. The officer said Kevin became upset and closed the door. He returned with a firearm and aimed it at the officer. After repeated requests to drop his weapon Schneider shot 4 times.!bGPyEf
Benjamin Schneider
8/20/2014 12:35:448/19/2012IL - IllinoisChicagoChicago PoliceMaleUnknownUnknown2HitArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
A Nissan Maxima rear ended a Chevy Malibu cauing the Chevy to spin out and the Nissan to hit a light pole. The driver of the Nissan got out with a knife and tried to attack the driver of the Chevy. He apperently stabbed a private security guard before the officer arrived. The officer told him to put the knife down, which he didn't and she shot him in the leg. He reached for the gun and she shot the suspect once more.
8/20/2014 12:58:5011/9/2012WI - WisconsinDaneMadisonMadison PolicePaul Heenan30MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Heenan was drunk (.2 BAC) when he accidentally entered a neighbors home thinking it was his own. The neighbor called the police. When police arrived, Heenan apparently was confrontational. The police officer claims that Heenan went for his gun, resulting in officer Heimsness firing three rounds into Heenan's upper torso. Heimsness was later cleared of any wrongdoing, but the situation wreaks of bullshit.
Stephen Heimsness
8/20/2014 13:16:5611/9/2012WI - WisconsinDaneMadison
Madison Police Department
Paul Heenan30MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Heenan entered a neighbor's home while intoxicated, neighbor called police, police responded after everyone realized the mistake, neighbor's attempted to get the officer's to back down, Officer Heimsness felt threatened by Heenan and murdered him.
Stephen Heimsness
8/20/2014 13:38:1912/17/2012MN - MinnesotaRamseySt. PaulSt. Paul PoliceMelvin D. Fletcher, Jr.20MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknown2KilledArmedFirearm; not statedShot in the back while fleeing from police after an attempted robbery on a grocery store
Theodore Mackintosh; Jeffrey Thissen
8/20/2014 13:48:131/1/2013CO - ColoradoPuebloPueblo
Pueblo Police Department
Christopher Tavares21MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedFirearm; not stated
Just after 3 a.m., officers were investigating in the area of 11th and Greenwood streets after hearing gunfire. They came across suspicious vehicle which took off. The officers were in pursuit when the suspect's vehicle crashed and the officers stated that Taveres aimed his gun at an officer and shot him in the shoulder. Taveres took off but officers found him. He was shot and killed after he refused to listen to a detective's commands and tried to flee. The two others in the car with Taveres were caught shortly after.
8/20/2014 13:16:081/28/2013MD - MarylandBaltimore Baltimore
Baltimore Police Department
MaleUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownDriving a Car
A man was shot after leaving a home near Edmonson Avenue with what appeared to be a concealed weapon. He got into a car, three officers opened fire on him and he was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Police failed to find a weapon on or near him. No further information found.
Chris Szakolczai, Charles Mewshaw, Kevin Saliba
8/20/2014 13:30:281/28/2013CA - CaliforniaFresno CountyFresno
Fresno County Sheriff's Office
Randall Lee Davis51MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
Suicide by cop. 2 officers fired, neither name disclosed.
8/20/2014 13:40:251/28/2013IL - Illinois Cook County Homewood Homewood PoliceBrandon Culpepper30MaleUnknownUnknownKilledUnarmedUnarmed
The incident happened at 6:46 a.m. after police were called to the 900 block of Olive Road for a disturbance at an apartment building there, according to a police spokeswoman.

When police arrived to the 3rd floor unit of the building, they were confronted by an occupant of the apartment, police said. The confrontation led police to fatally shoot the person, police said.
8/20/2014 13:18:342/5/2013WA - WashingtonSpokaneSpokane
Spokane Police Department
Jacob Dorfman52MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Witnesses reported Dorfrman was firing a gun in the air after disturbing online posts outlining plans for random killings. A car chase ended with Valdez shooting Dorfman to death.
Adam Valdez
8/20/2014 12:28:173/14/2013TX - TexasDallasDallas Police DepartmentTyrique Rashad Johnson21MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknown2KilledArmedFirearm; not stated and
8/20/2014 12:32:493/14/2013CA - CaliforniaVentura
City of Ventura Police Department
Clifford Park29MaleUnknownUnknownKilledUnknownVehicleMan fleeing a disturbance he caused at Motel 6; hit both officers with his truck
Nicole Gallion, Kendra Williams
8/20/2014 12:27:484/29/2013IN - IndianaKnoxVincennes Knox County DeputyRoss A. Darkis42MaleUnknownHitArmedHandgun
Darkis was intoxicated and was in possession of a handgun on his front porch. He had been arguing with his girlfriend earlier in the evening and was very upset according to his friends. Additional officers from Knox County Sheriff’s Office and Vincennes City Police arrived. Officers attempted to get Darkis to surrender his weapon, but he refused. Officers used a taser and a weapon that discharges a small bean-bag in attempt to diffuse the situation, but both non-lethal weapons were unsuccessful. At approximately 10:25 p.m., Darkis raised the handgun he was holding toward the officers. In order to protect themselves and other officers on scene, several of the officers fired their weapons. Darkis was struck multiple times and was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes where he was pronounced dead several minutes later. The identity of the Vincennes City Police Officers and Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy involved in the shooting are not being released at this time. No officers were injured.
8/20/2014 12:23:464/30/2013CA - CaliforniaSan Diego
San Diego Police Department
Maria Zarco33FemaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
The officer was called to the home by Zarco's boyfriend who said he had been stabbed and Zarco's children had been attacked.
Investigators say Zarco had stabbed her 9-year-old son with a knife and hit her 16-year-old son in the head with a vase.
Lt Jorge Duran with the San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit said the woman was in the parking lot when officers arrived.
“She was armed with a knife. The officer ordered the female to drop the knife several times according to witnesses who heard the officer calling out to her,” Duran said.
The woman raised the knife above her head and charged at the officer witnesses told officials.
8/20/2014 12:31:424/30/2013VA - VirginiaDickensonCaney Ridge community
Dickenson County sheriff'
Dean Carty60MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
The Dickenson County sheriff's office responded to an assault call on 100 Paul Stanley Rd in the Caney Ridge community.

60-year-old Gary Dean Carty pulled out a knife and charged at a deputy.

The deputy fired at the suspect.
8/20/2014 12:35:084/30/2013FL - FloridaJacksonvilleJacksonville PoliceUnknownUnknownUnknownKilledArmedOther Gun
acksonville police fatally shot a man seen running out of a Southside mobile home Tuesday evening firing a gun after a 90-minute standoff with officers.
The shooting occurred about 8:15 p.m. at South Golfwood and Lynnwood drives in the Countryside Villages mobile home park off Beach Boulevard.
Chief Tom Hackney said officers were originally called to the home about 6:45 p.m. after a man stabbed his stepfather in an “ambush attack.” Neighbors said they had seen the stepfather come out of the house bleeding and yelling for help
8/20/2014 13:23:225/16/2013WA - WashingtonSpokaneSpokane
Spokane Police Department
Justin Cairns21MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
Cairns allegedly shot and killed Cyrus C. Jones earlier in the day. When police arrived, Cairns was allegedly trying to run away and reached toward his waistband. A .380 pistol was recovered from the scene.
Adam Valdez, Danny Lesser, Jake Jensen
8/20/2014 12:50:275/17/2013NY - New YorkNassauHempstead
Nassau County Police Department
Andrea Rebello21FemaleWhiteUnknown8KilledUnarmedHandgun
Andrea Rebello was a 21-year old Hofstra University student who was gunned down in the crossfire of a home robbery.
Nikolas Budimlic
8/20/2014 12:52:455/17/2013NY - New YorkNassauHempstead
Nassau County Police Department
Dalton Smith30MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknown8KilledArmedHandgun
Career criminal Dalton Smith was gunned down during a robbery attempt that also saw the death of innocent bystander Andrea Rebello by hands of the NCPD.
Nikolas Budimlic
8/20/2014 13:17:447/16/2013PA - PennsylvaniaUSAOil City
Oil City Police Department
Marilyn Peterson68FemaleUnknown
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
Police unsuccessfully attempted to subdue using non-lethal methods. Ms. Peterson was subsequently shot and killed by an Oil City Police officer. The name of the officer has not been released.
8/20/2014 12:48:487/26/2013TX - TexasAustinAustin PDLarry Eugene Jackson Jr32MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Plainclothes Detective investigating a separate matter. Observed the suspect acting suspiciously in a bank. A pursuit ensued. Officer catches up to suspect under a bridge. A struggle ensues. Officer discharges his weapon hitting the suspect in the back of the neck, killing him.
Detective Charles Kleinert
8/20/2014 13:16:317/27/2013NC - North CarolinaDurhamDurham PDJose Adan Cruz Ocampo37MaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin4KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
The victim was waiting to talk to police on the steps of his apartment. Police approached and notice the victim had a knife in his back pocket. Police drew weapons and ordered the victim to drop the knife. The victim removed the knife and presented to police handle first. Police shot and killed the victim.
Officer R.S. Mbuthia
8/20/2014 12:39:187/31/2013TX - TexasConroe
Conroe Police Department
Russel Rios19MaleUnknownHispanic or Latino originKilledUnarmedUnarmed
Officer responded to a shoplifter detained by Walmart LP. Suspect fled the scene into a nearby wooded area. Officer pursued. Officer caught suspect and a struggle ensued. Officer discharged is firearm while being strangled by suspect. Suspect pronounced DOA at scene.
8/20/2014 12:58:268/2/2013OK - OklahomaWarr AcresWarr Acres PDJon M. Sides32MaleWhiteUnknownKilledUnknownUnknown
Traffic stop leads to car chase. Chase was ended. Suspect got into some kind of confrontation with police. Suspect was shot and killed.

Not much detail and follow up. Suspect had an extensive criminal record so no one seems to care about the details.
8/20/2014 13:03:138/2/2013GA - GeorgiaColumbiaEvansTerry Avery34MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedHandgun
Suspect raised his gun and investigators during a drug bust and was shot at and hit in the arm. Suspect appears to have survived shooting.
Marquis Hagans & John Bentley
8/20/2014 13:08:048/2/2013NY - New YorkSCHENECTADYSCHENECTADY PDMaleUnknownUnknown2UnknownArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Officer responded to a 911 call enters home and finds a stabbing in progress. Orders assailant to stop. Assailant does not. Officer fires on assailant twice.
8/20/2014 12:49:348/15/2013NH - New HampshireWeareWeare PDAlex Jose Cora deJesusMaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin1KilledUnknownVehicle
Nicholas Nadeau
8/20/2014 13:39:158/25/2013ID - IdahoKootenaiCoeur d'Alene
Coeur d'Alene Police Department
Eric B. Johnston35MaleUnknownUnknown5KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
officer responded to call of domestic disturbance - suspect had two knives and slowly approached officer, who warned suspect 8 times to drop weapons. Officer then fired 5 times, killing suspect. Incident captured on officer's body camera. DA ruled suspect was intent on "suicide by cop" and declined to press charges against officer.
Spencer Mortensen
8/20/2014 12:58:198/29/2013MA - MassachusettsHampdenSprinfield
Springfield Police Department
Heriberto Eddie Hernandez
49MaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin1HitArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
officer called in response to domestic dispute, suspect drew a knife and released a pit bull on officer, officer shot suspect in leg.
8/20/2014 13:14:258/29/2013VA - VirginiaFairfaxSpringfieldFairfax County PoliceJohn Geer46MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
police responding to domestic dispute, report indicated suspect was armed. Suspect answered door, was unarmed (weapon in house but not on person) was shot by officer after talking with police for several minutes. Suspect retreated into home, closing door - police waited approx. one hour before entering home and discovering suspect deceased.
8/20/2014 13:45:538/29/2013OR - OregonWascoThe DallesOregon State PatrolJohn Van Allen III34MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
suspect pulled over for speeding, exited car and exchanged fire with officer; "a number" of rounds were fired by each but exactly number unspecified. Both officer and suspect were wounded, suspect drove away from scene but was found dead of wound after car drove off the road.
Matthew Zistel
8/20/2014 13:03:559/18/2013FL - FloridaWinter Garden
Winter Garden Police Officer
Larry Nortonsen53MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledUnarmedUnarmed
Officer was responding to a 911 call about a stabbing. When he arrived to the third floor of the apartment complex where the caller lived, he saw Nortonsen, who was unarmed, running in his direction and shot him in the chest. There was no information about whether a warning was given. The victim's family members say the victim was hard of hearing.
8/20/2014 13:17:179/29/2013PA - PennsylvaniaDelawareSharon Hill
Sharon Hill Police Department
Officials say that a Sharon Hill police officer shot a man. The officer pulled a car over, but the driver allegedly jumped out and started running. Officials say that the man then reached for a weapon after the officer gave chase. That's when the officer fired. Police found 12 shell casings, and a gun nearby.
8/20/2014 12:34:2210/10/2013IA - IowaScottDavenport
Davenport Police Department
Ryan Adam Franklin21MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
4HitArmedOther Gun
Victim was prowling around neighborhood. Cops questioned him. Gun found during patdown and victim broke free and cops shot at him while he was running away. The gun was later found to be a BB gun
8/20/2014 12:49:2310/10/2013AR - ArkansasClarkArkadelphia
Arkadelphia Police Department
Car chase ended in crash. Victim got out of car and pointed rifle at cops. Was shot and hit. Flown to hospital with non life threatening injuries
8/20/2014 12:32:1110/22/2013CA - CaliforniaSonomaSanta RosaSanta Rosa Police Dept.Andy Lopez13MaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin7KilledUnarmedtoy gun
Erik Gelhaus
8/20/2014 12:59:2111/4/2013IA - IowaStoryAmesAmes PDTyler Comstock19MaleWhiteUnknownKilledUnarmedUnarmed!bGP7hx
Adam McPherson
8/20/2014 12:14:4311/23/2013AZ - ArizonaYavapaiPrescott
Prescott Police Department
Larry Clay44MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
"When the first officer arrived, he was confronted by a 44-year-old male holding a knife in each hand," the news release stated. "The officer gave him verbal commands which he ignored and then charged the officer. The officer then shot the suspect."
8/20/2014 12:36:0612/6/2013TX - TexasBexarSan Antonio
University of Incarnate Word
Robert Cameron Redus23MaleWhiteUnknown6KilledUnarmedUnarmed
Robert Cameron Redus, who went by his middle name, was a 23-year-old honors student out celebrating the end of finals and the semester with friends the night of the incident. An autopsy report would later show that he was drunk and had traces of marijuana in his system. He was driving home to his off-campus apartment from a bar when Carter said he noticed Redus weaving between lanes and decided to follow him, although he did not know the driver was a UIW student.

University officials have repeatedly claimed Carter had the right as a sworn police office to interrupt his late night food run to a nearby Whataburger and pursue Redus, even though he was off campus and did not know the driver was a UIW student. Carter has been on paid leave since the incident, and in its response to the civil lawsuit UIW officials defended his shooting of Redus as justified.

There are inconsistencies in Carter’s version of events from the point he began to follow Redus north on Broadway through Alamo Heights, but what is not in dispute is that Carter attempted to arrest Redus outside his apartment as he exited his vehicle and a scuffle ensued. Carter said Redus resisted arrest and fought with him before Carter finally fired six shots at close range, striking Redus five times.
Christopher Carter
8/20/2014 12:25:471/3/2014CO - ColoradoAdamsThornton
Thornton Police Department
Wesley Maldonado35MaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin1KilledArmedFirearm; not statedSuspect was involved in domestic violence.
8/20/2014 12:13:042/16/2014LA - LouisianaOrleans ParishNew Orleans
New Orleans Police Department
Keith Atkinson31MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
I want to point out that although a gun was found near him, many witnesses claim he was unarmed.
8/20/2014 12:38:433/10/2014NV - NevadaNoth Las VegasNoth Las Vegas PoliceHomeless ManUnknownUnknownUnknownKilledUnknownUnknownarticle was from the beginning of the investigation, very limited details.
8/20/2014 13:34:203/16/2014NM - New MexicoBernalillo Albuquerque
Albuquerque Police Dept.
James Boyd38MaleWhiteUnknown3KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
James Boyd was homeless living in the foothills of Albuquerque, NM and had be previously warned to violating property rights for trespassing. On March 16, 2014, he was confronted by police again for trespassing. Completely outnumbered by the police, Boyd was cooperating with police and was turning around to grab his bag/or walk away when a flash bang exploded and a police dog was unleashed. Boyd then took out two knives and was promptly shot. The entire incident is video taped by the officer with a shoulder camera as required by APD.
Keith Sandy
8/20/2014 12:15:415/8/2014CO - ColoradoGarfieldGlenwood SpringsColorado State PatrolThomas Albert Ornelas41MaleUnknownUnknown3KilledArmedHandgunOfficer was shot first by "victim" other officers returned fire and killed shooter.
8/20/2014 13:20:356/16/2014WA - WashingtonKingSeattleWashington State PatrolunknownMaleUnknownUnknown2KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Suspect had set fire to his truck on a bridge.
Tasers didn't work.
'incendiary device' found in truck
8/20/2014 12:41:127/3/2014GA - GeorgiaFultonAtlanta
Atlanta Police Department
Lewis L. Williams60MaleUnknown
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
Officer was informed victim allegedly suffered from dimentia
8/20/2014 12:49:327/18/2014CA - CaliforniaHawthorneHawthorne PoliceMaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedHandgun
Passenger in car being pulled over for speeding got out and tried to run away. Cops gave chase and the man pulled a handgun out of his waistband. Cops shot him and recovered the gun, also stopped the driver and another passenger.
8/20/2014 13:49:487/28/2014IL - IllinoisCookChicago
Chicago Police Department
Steven Isby53MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmed
Blunt object (clubs, hammers, etc.)
Off-duty, uniformed Chicago Police officer returning home from work at 3:30am. Saw a man breaking into a house under construction and holding a "dark object" (later identified as a screwdriver). Officer drew his gun and told suspect to drop the object. Suspect lunged at the officer and tried to grab the officer's gun. In the struggle, the gun discharged striking the officer in the left bicep. Officer gained control of the gun and shot the suspect multiple times. Suspect died on the scene.
8/20/2014 13:42:347/29/2014WA - WashingtonWAPasco
Pasco Police Department
Brad David Jensen34MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
Police say two officers shot and killed a 34-year-old man just after midnight, when he threatened them with knives and refused to cooperate.
Steve Thatsana
8/20/2014 13:30:457/30/2014PA - PennsylvaniaPhiladelphaPhiladelpha PoliceMaleUnknownUnknown1HitArmedFirearm; not statedCouldn't find a follow up story
8/20/2014 13:35:217/30/2014DC - District of ColumbiaWashington DCWashington DC PoliceAntwone Prince,35MaleUnknownUnknown1HitArmedFirearm; not stated
8/20/2014 13:43:337/30/2014WA - WashingtonKingSeattle
Seattle Police Department
Larry Andrew Flynn10MaleUnknownUnknown3KilledArmeda broken wine bottle.
Two officers fired "multiple times" man was armed with a broken wine bottle. Tasers didnt work.
8/20/2014 12:53:158/3/2014IA - IowaFort MadisonFort Madison Police DeptRyan Swearingen27MaleWhiteUnknownKilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
8/20/2014 13:23:468/3/2014CA - Californiaventuraventura
Ventura Police Department
withheld1MaleUnknownUnknown4HitUnarmed car
Multiple police officers were involved in a shooting Sunday afternoon that left one man wounded outside the Ventura County Fairgrounds, officials said.

One person was wounded after several Ventura police officers opened fire outside the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014. (Credit: Steve Rutkoskie)
The incident occurred just after 3:45 p.m. near the intersection of East Harbor Boulevard and Figueroa Boulevard (map), where an officer was struck by a GMC Sonoma pickup truck, a spokesman for the Ventura Police Department said.

The driver of the truck was stopped by traffic officers, and as they were talking to him, he allegedly put the vehicle in reverse gear and smashed into a truck behind him, Wilson said.

“He put the truck back in drive, drove forward, striking one of our officers,” Wilson said. “That officer landed up on the hood of the [Sonoma] and into the windshield.”

The driver was hit when several officers opened fire
8/20/2014 13:39:518/11/2014LA - LouisianaNew OrleansNOPDArmand Bennett26MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
The shooting occurred on a Monday and was not disclosed until Weds when the local paper published a story about it.
Lisa Lewis
8/20/2014 12:15:398/19/2014MO - MissouriSt LouisSt Louis
St Louis Metropolitan Police
Kajieme Powell 25MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknownKilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Number of shots fired is unknown/not reported.
8/20/2014 12:47:028/19/2014FL - FloridaOrangeOrlando
Orlando Police Department
Maria Godinez22FemaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin6KilledUnarmedUnarmed
A bullet from the gun of an Orlando police officer killed an innocent woman in a downtown bar
Eduardo Sanguino
8/20/2014 13:38:398/19/2014FL - FloridaOrangeOrlando
Orlando Police Department
Maria Godinez22FemaleUnknownHispanic or Latino origin6KilledUnarmedUnarmed
She wasn't the intended target, they missed and hit her, this jackoff named Kody Roach, who was drunk and armed with a pistol was the target, but I don't know if they hit him too, I'm assuming so since he's in ORMC in critical condition but you'd have to ask OPD or FDLE.
Ofc. Eduardo Sanguino
8/20/2014 12:10:57NM - New MexicoEddyCarlsbadCarlsbad Police DeptTroy Kirkpatrick24MaleUnknownUnknownKilledUnarmedUnarmed

Shot by two police officers while trying to flee custody. Taken to hospital, and died from multiple gunshot wounds in the back. Both officers cleared to go back to work.

Reporter Jessica Onsurz my be reached at (575) 491-4682.
8/20/2014 13:50:2211/24/2011GA - GeorgiaVidaliaVidalia PDTrey Mario Hunter19MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknownKilledUnknownFirearm; not stated
The Georgia Bureau of Investigations says there was a party inside the American Legion when a fight broke out. That fight carried out into the parking lot where shots were fired. That is when Vidalia Police Dept. showed up for the second time and the officer fired. Seconds later, Trey Mario Hunter was found dead.
8/20/2014 13:50:282/19/2012IL - IllinoisCookChicagoChicago PDMaleUnknownUnknown3HitArmedHandgun
Officers were in foot pursuit of teen suspected to have a gun, and a struggle ensued. Suspect alleged to have shot one officer in the hand, prompting another officer to shoot suspect. Suspect was taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition.
8/20/2014 13:51:137/30/2014VA - VirginiaBedford CountyBedford County sheriffMaleUnknownUnknown2KilledArmedHandgun
"When the vehicle approached a dead end, it struck the front of the deputy’s vehicle, and when the vehicle came to a stop, the driver exited and “shots were fired,”
8/20/2014 13:52:288/28/2013MD - MarylandBaltimoreBaltimoreBaltimore County PoliceTevon Smith25MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
tactical team looking to apprehend suspect in earlier shooting entered residence of suspect, suspect's nephew fired at officers, killing Officer Jason Schneider, Schneider and a fellow officer returned fire, killing suspect's nephew, Tevon Smith.
8/20/2014 13:53:545/10/2013MN - MinnesotaHennepinMinneapolis
Minneapolis Police Department
Terrence Franklin22MaleBlack or African AmericanUnknown10KilledArmedMP5 Machine Gun
A police investigation determined that Franklin, who had broken into the house at 2717 Bryant Av. S. after fleeing police, charged at officers when he was discovered hiding behind a water heater in the home’s cramped and darkened basement. A violent brawl at close quarters erupted in gunfire when Franklin grabbed an MP5 machine pistol hanging from the shoulder of one of the officers and pulled the trigger, hitting officers Michael Meath and Ricardo Muro in the legs. Both survived. DNA analysis later showed that Franklin had touched the trigger of the gun.
Fearing that he was about to be shot, officer Lucas Peterson shot Franklin four times. Meath told investigators that he also shot four times at Franklin. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s autopsy found 10 bullet wounds on Franklin’s body; a police spokesman said that’s possible if some of the eight bullets the police fired made more than one wound as they passed through Franklin’s body.
Lucas Peterson
8/20/2014 13:55:3111/23/2011MD - MarylandBaltimoreBaltimore Police52MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
The officer had been dispatched to Edmondson Avenue and Denison Street near Gwynns Falls Park for a report of a man armed with a knife. When she arrived minutes before 9 a.m., police said, she encountered a man holding two knives.

Detective Kevin Brown, a police spokesman, said the officer demanded that the man drop the weapons, and she shot him at least once with her .40-caliber Glock semiautomatic handgun when he refused. Police said he was hit in the abdomen.
8/20/2014 13:56:045/12/2014FL - FloridaLeonTallahassee
Tallahassee Police Department
Tommy Jackson40MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
A man involved in an armed robbery ran from police while shooting at them. Police shot and killed them. Six officers were placed on leave. They were cleared by a grand jury.

Ofc. Doug Clark
Ofc. Steven Britt
Ofc. Derek Kidd
Ofc. Ray Garcia
Ofc. Brian Perry
Ofc. Matthew Wagner
8/20/2014 13:57:015/22/2013CA - CaliforniaSan DiegoVista
San Diego Sheriff's Office
Anthony Garcia19MaleWhiteHispanic or Latino origin1HitUnarmedUnarmed
Full disclosure: I am an attorney for the victim. The information below is from the police reports and witness statements. I'd be happy to email the police reports, investigations and witness statements if Deadspin would like to review the evidence itself.

Police were called because a neighbor believed 4 teenagers were smoking pot in an apartment complex's laundry room. The sheriff's office responded to the call because it was in the unincorporated part of Vista, California. A 25 year old female, alone, approached the four people. There was no signs of pot. Nevertheless, Deputy Storms decided to do a warrant check. She handcuffed one of the individuals and sat him down on the curb outside the laundry room. She went to handcuff the victim, who asked why he was being arrested. She told him to shut up or she would tase him. He then looked over his shoulder at her and she told him to turn around or she was going to tase him. She then bear hugged him. The victim (5'7" 190lbs (arrest records indicate 5'8" 220lbs, of course)), then tried to get away believing he was about to be tased. He pushed the officer out of the laundry room. She still had him in the bear hug position as if she was about to suplex him. The two fell to the ground, Deputy Storms falling on her back. Witnesses state that the victim never once tried to strike Deputy Storms and was struggling to try to get away. Deputy Storms discharged her taser during the fracas on the ground and the probes missed the victim but nearly hit the bystanders. The victim got to his feet and began to run. While he was at least 30 feet away, Deputy Storms shot him in the back. The bullet entered about 4" to the right of the spine, severed the victim's lung, liver and spleen and ultimately came to rest immediately behind his right nipple. The victim spent weeks in the hospital recovering.

The following day, Deputy Storms said that she looked up from the sidewalk and saw the victim with her taser and believed he was about to shoot her. The taser was on the ground about 40 feet from the victim at the time he was shot IN THE BACK, something that the journalists and officers doing the investigation fail to address in their coverage.
Deputy M Storms (Badge 6757)
8/20/2014 13:57:5410/15/2012CA - CaliforniaVenturaOxnardOxnard PDJose Zepeda, Jr24MaleWhiteHispanic or Latino originKilledArmedFirearm; not statedKilled after "chase" and "shootout" following "routine traffic stop"
8/20/2014 13:58:595/29/2014FL - FloridaLeonTallahassee
Tallahassee Police Department
Duane Strong, Jr18MaleBlack or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Officers were investigation reports of shots fired when Strong drove toward them in his vehicle. Police opened fire and killed him. Three officers were placed on leave.

Officer Clay Fallis
Officer Derek Hawthorne
Officer Kirk Watson
8/20/2014 13:59:0011/3/2011NY - New YorkHarlemNew York
DEA, NYPD, NY State Police
ndercover narcotics officers shot at least one suspect who allegedly pointed a gun at them in Inwood Tuesday night.
Authorities say the gunfire erupted when the officers, part of a drug enforcement task force, pulled over a car on Cooper Street near West 204th Street just after 10 p.m.
8/20/2014 13:59:1010/15/2012CA - CaliforniaVenturaOxnardOxnard PDJustin Villa24MaleWhiteHispanic or Latino originHitArmedFirearm; not statedShot after "chase" and "shootout" following "routine traffic stop"
8/20/2014 14:00:392/18/2012IL - IllinoisDuPageBatavia
DuPage County Sheriff's Office
Off-duty officer fired multiple shots at vehicle involved in hit-and-run. A teen riding in backseat was struck. Officer stated he fired in self-defense, believing vehicle driver was attempting to run him over.
8/20/2014 14:01:0512/6/2011CA - CaliforniaMercedMercedMerced PoliceKong Xiong18MaleAsianUnknown3HitUnknownHandgun
Officers fired at Kong Xiong explaining that he pointed a gun at them. Kong was wounded but another man was killed, Vang Thao
8/20/2014 14:01:317/30/2014OH - OhioGreene CountyDayton
Dayton Police Department
Antwan T. Zachary, Jr22MaleUnknownUnknown1HitArmedHandgunJaywalker ran when police stopped him. Pulled a gun. Shot in leg
8/20/2014 14:02:0511/22/2011NV - NevadaLas VegasLas Vegas Metro policeMaleBlack or African AmericanUnknownKilledArmedUnknown
ccording to Metro, seven officers were patrolling the area when they encountered a black man in his 20s.

Officers tried to stop the man but he took off running. Officers chased after him with one officer firing a gun and hitting the suspect.