2011 Local Food Summit Feedback
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Timestamp1. What did you like best about the 2011 Local Food Summit?2. What did you like least about the Summit?3. What, if anything, was missing from the Summit?4. How many new people did you meet at the Summit?5. How many new organizations, businesses or institutions did you learn about at the Summit?6. Which new organization, business or institution are you most excited about?7. I gained new knowledge at the Summit.8. I gained new skills at the Summit.9. What new knowledge and/or skills are you most excited about?10. Overall, I think the 2011 Local Food Summit was a success.11. What word or phrase would you use to describe how you felt after the Summit?12. What do you think is the most important action priority for the Washtenaw County foodshed?13. What sector of the food system do you most identify with?14. What is your age?15. What is your zip code?Please add any additional comments in the space below.
3/9/2011 14:45:09keynotesmore than 104/6/2011mark's cartsStrongly agreeNeutralStrongly agreeinspiredNonprofit22-3548103
3/9/2011 14:45:52the food and the peoplenot enough non-coffee drinkspolitical folks; diversity; youth7/10/20111/3/2011Ed & his BikeAgreeAgreefree lunchStrongly agreeawesome!more institutions/restaurants using local food; more local niche food producersEater36-5048105
3/9/2011 14:54:092 keynote speakersEspresso bar...more than 107/10/2011Eastern MarketAgreeNeutralStrongly agreeMotivatedProducer36-5048104
3/9/2011 14:55:39the energy and enthusiasm. that it had to end!even more attendees. :)more than 107/10/2011Double up food bucksStrongly agreeAgreehaving a greater sense of what's going on in the community and how to connect with those peopleStrongly agreefortunateengaging more and more individuals and getting them tied in. Nonprofit22-3548104Thank you!! Awesome job!
3/9/2011 15:04:41the intro...eastern market directorlunchmore time for QA4-61/3/2011mark hodesh food cartsAgreeNeutralgeneral local food movementAgreerelievedwater safety-year round growing for local food soruces-organic gorwing-sustainable agri-urban growing-health and welness with nurtirtion and food.Producer36-5048103
3/9/2011 15:09:37Meeting people at lunchCould have had more time for afternoon sessions and less time for speakersMore space for lunch sitting down7-104/6/2011Ed's bike delivery businessStrongly agreeAgreeHoop house managementStrongly agreelinking producers to consumers and creating new local food marketsProducer22-3548105
3/9/2011 15:27:50NetworkingNothingLarge group work to define current roadblocks, issues, obstaclesmore than 100AgreeDisagreeNational efforts in local foodsStrongly agreeEnvigoratedHelp new farmers and food producersNonprofit51-6548103
3/9/2011 15:37:31the two plenary talks (specially the first one) were really stimulationg. Also seeing so many people involved in the local food systemno links with the university. Few numbers of people of colorPeople of color. Connections with the universities and schools, discussion about farmlabor. children4-64/6/2011new farmers incubation programAgreeNeutralStrongly agreestimulatedmore accesibility of good local food for low income families and childrenEducator51-6548103
3/9/2011 17:08:41The fact it exists and is fabulous!More! More!A Guide Of Local Food Activities/Producers/Processors/Outlets, etc.7-101/3/2011The Eastern Market activitiesAgreeDisagreeThat the local food movement is thriving in Southeast MichiganStrongly agreeElatedConnect and SupportSeveral of above51-6548104THANK YOU for all the effort and time that went into organizing this event. It is wonderful and deeply appreciated
3/9/2011 17:14:03Local Food Victoriesdecaf coffee :)4-61/3/2011AgreeNeutralAgreeinspiredEducator36-5048103
3/9/2011 17:28:39small forums and the chance to ask questions in a small grouplocal food heroes -- too long4-64/6/2011Double-Up Food BucksStrongly agreeDisagreeHelping spread the word and accessibility of Double Up Food Bucks and Prescription for HealthStrongly agreeInspiredfour-season farmingEater22-3548103
3/9/2011 17:46:40morning sessionsendingfarmer forum, used book exchange table4-61/3/2011eastern marketAgreeNeutralStrongly agreeencouraging, upliftingget schools and institutions to buy support more local producers with Producer51-6548130
3/9/2011 18:10:55the positive energy of the presentations and atmosphere you created....?nothing4-60AgreeNeutraljust more connectionsStrongly agreePumpedmore distribution channelsEducator22-3548103
3/9/2011 18:21:05seeing local food friends & alliesThe voices of urban farmers and Ypsilanti residents were largely absentracial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity4-61/3/2011Nightshade Army IndustriesNeutralNeutralN/AAgreeexhaustedmaking local food distribution networks more viableActivist/Producer/Educator/Chef/Eater22-3548197
3/9/2011 18:57:54The key note speakers and local food initiative pitches, and networking timeNot enough representation ofrom organizations utside of the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. Too many wonderful sessions to choose from! (Is that a positive or negative?)not sure. Next steps?7-104/6/2011Eastern Market is doing a lot of exciting things, and Selma, of course, which I am already involved and familiar withStrongly agreeNeutralAwareness of other organizations and how they began through simple means and a great idea.Strongly agreeRechargedEater22-3548197
3/9/2011 19:10:457-104/6/2011Strongly agreeStrongly agreeStrongly agreeenergized; fortunateProducer36-5048197Thank you so much! What a gift to the community!!!!!
3/9/2011 19:23:57Meeting people, lunch and Seminars7-107/10/2011Strongly agreeAgreeResourceful ContactsAgreeMore informedRetailer36-5048158
3/9/2011 19:47:06The keynotes and the local presentations--let's me know what's up and coming locally"Food Victories" went a little long and speaker was very languid4-64/6/2011CSA in BellevilleAgreeNeutralAgreeinspiredconnecting all the local initiatives and skill building for scaling upEater36-5048197Still need more people of color, also need to talk about urban growers vs. rural
3/10/2011 4:53:03food4-61/3/2011AgreeNeutralStrongly agreesatisfiedkeep our food dollars hereProducer51-6548105
3/10/2011 4:58:19Keynoters, breakout sessions, informal netowrking opportunitiesPublicity before, and I'm not sure if press coverage of the event itself. I'm in Oakland County so I might not know, but it sure seems like this event needs to be more widely known. Use social netowrking websites maybe. 4-64/6/2011Strongly agreeAgreeconnecting the education/community-building component to local food systemsStrongly agreeExcited and optimistic!!!Education about the frailty of industrial food system and its injurious effects on personal and community health. The twin sells are: food quality and food security. These two reach different people in different proportions but each is motivating and neither is adequate in itself. Add community to the marketing effort and you have a powerful triangular dynamic. Eater36-5048370Great Keynoters and breakout session presenters! Highly relelvant, I want to come next year and bring others. Please feel free to contact me for any reason: Clifford Dean Scholz, michigan_citrus@yahoo.com
3/10/2011 5:18:38networkingnothing, it was great!4-61/3/2011bicycle delivery companyAgreeAgreeStrongly agreehappycollaborationNonprofit22-3548107This was the best food summit yet, thank you for all your hard work in putting together a truly fantastic day!
3/10/2011 5:47:39Lecture on additives in foods, etc.Needed handouts at lectures; some of the speakers at the intro lecture were less than professional; first part on local businesses was too long4-64/6/2011AgreeNeutralAgreeEncouraged me to start up a garden this summerEncourage farmers to set up stands along the roadside stands, as in the country. The A2 farmers market is too expensive. Ypsi is better.EaterOver 6548104
3/10/2011 5:51:48I thought the two main presenters were fantastic and relevant. Excellent choices!!The site visits during session 1 were very ill planned in terms of transportation. It was very confusing. In the future, there needs to be signs outside for each session so people can congretate together and coordinate who can drive. Maps/Driving directions should to be provided for drivers because of those of us who are not familiar with the areas. Or, all drivers should park around the circle (or other designated area) so that everyone can caravan togther and not get lost. Maps still would be good in case stop lights separate drivers.I wish more of the movies were played from the night before4-61/3/2011Farm at St. JoesStrongly agreeAgreeMy own mini hoop that I want to try out this fallStrongly agreeEnergizedEncouraging Economic Growth through eating localhome grower36-5048176At registration I noticed that personal information was identified and printed. In the future please consider a privacy policy that allows granular control over info shared. I don't mind my email shared but phone number and home address is not appropriate for me. If you have ever been stalked or had your identity stolen you would understand how dangerous this practice can be. Thank you for listening. And thank you for your hard work in putting on such a great event.
3/10/2011 6:06:14Recharging by hearing about local success storiesWhite breadLocal commodity farmers4-61/3/2011Zing goat dairiesStrongly agreeNeutralRequirements for commercial food canningStrongly agreeenergizedCalorie crop productionEducator36-5048103I learned how well-connected I already am to the local food scene.
3/10/2011 6:32:38lots of great folkslunchgreater diversitymore than 101/3/2011NeutralDisagreeAgreetired, but ready to rock it!to growactivist51-6548103
3/10/2011 6:40:17Everything!I liked Everything!Wheat Bread for lunchmore than 101/3/2011Tillian Incubator FarmStrongly agreeStrongly agreeHeirloom Seed TrialStrongly agreeAccomplished and ExcitedLocal Food MovementProducer22-3548103
3/10/2011 6:50:06new ideas, networking with amazing people focused on food, farming, community I was only able to attend from 11:30-1:30, but plan to attend full time next year7-104/6/2011Strongly agreeAgreeAgreecommunication to community -- the consumers of the productsEater51-6548137
3/10/2011 7:32:27Being informed about all the stuff happening in Michigan to support the local food movement. 1-31/3/2011Mark's Food Carts. Strongly agreeNeutralI realized that my part in this movement will be the happy consumer!Strongly agreeHappy that we will have more access to fresh healthy food and will be supporting local producers.Go organic!Eater36-5048198
3/10/2011 7:43:44Getting info about local growersI didn't think there was a good meet and greet kind of atmosphere. I would have liked to been able to meet more peopleMore opportunities for people to get involved. Maybe if CSAs or other farms or organizations are looking for volunteers, there could be a specific event or room to go to?1-37/10/2011Interested in building hoop housesAgreeDisagreeDifferent CSAs around A2Agreeinspiredget more people educated and involvedEater22-3548197
3/10/2011 8:11:20Metinglikemined people.Too short!Decafe coffee,w.w.bread1-34/6/2011Food cartsAgreeNeutralBetter informed.AgreeHappyEducation.Eater51-6548103
3/10/2011 8:15:26excellent plenary speakersthe white bread!discussion/plenary about farm bill 20127-104/6/2011none yetAgreeNeutralchanges in DetroitAgreepleased but waryto reach out to the disadvantaged moreEducatorOver 6548103
3/10/2011 8:32:26I liked the wide variety of topics to learn about, the enthusiasm of everyone there, and the networking possibilities that come with putting 300 people excited about the same thing in the same place.The lunch was bad and not worth $13. The beans in the soup were undercooked, and the bread was terrible. I understand how much work goes into putting something like that together, especially for 300 people. But at a Food Summit? The food should at least be ok. It was great last year. At $13 x 300, there should have been plenty of money to put together something decent.I think a few people weren't included in the "elders" section of the Local Food Victories, that should have been. People that have been around, fighting this fight, from the beginning, alongside Frog Holler Farm and Community Farm. This whole thing would not be possible without farmers, but there are a lot of other "heroes," too.1-34/6/2011Mark's CartsAgreeNeutralThe things that are happening at Detroit's Eastern MarketAgreePumped up!Getting the city to put money into the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, the epicenter (in my opinion), of this whole great big thing that's going on with local food in our county right now. It's got so much more potential than it's currently living up to. It should be bigger in the summer, with room for more vendors. If people got creative, this could happen. And a portion of it should be enclosed in the winter, to help keep the growing number of producers and consumers warm and sheltered, and encourage even more of both groups to show up. Especially with all the hoop houses being built, I think it will be growing even faster every winter!Producer22-3548118I understand the massive challenges that come with organizing an event like this. Last year, it seemed like the Summit was broken up into more palatable sections. This year, attendees were expected to sit in the same place for three hours during the beginning of the summit. That's just too long! Even college classes that last that long give you a break to stretch your legs. The result was that I had to get up and walk around, missing information that I really wanted to hear. A better format (I think) would be to have one speaker and one breakout session in the morning, and one and one in the afternoon, with short breaks in between.
3/10/2011 8:37:04Local Victories, keynote speakersWorkshop on connection between food and healthRound table or interactive discussions on theme or topic7-104/6/2011MSU OrganicsAgreeNeutralMany of the groups identified in the Local Victories presentationStrongly agreeElatedSupporting our farmersEater51-6548103
3/10/2011 8:47:52quality of keynoters & presenters; opportunities for networking4-64/6/2011Mark's carts & kitchen, Eastern Market community kitchen, potential rental kitchen in SalineAgreeNeutralWhat I learned from the Carmody and Meter presentationsStrongly agreeEnergized!Keep building connections among all components of the local food system.NonprofitOver 6548118The opening slide show was great, too!
3/10/2011 9:20:24seeing many friends at different businesses and organizations but coming together to work towards building up the local food economythere was not very much discussion in the big group sessions of what factors make local food less accesible for low income people in Washtenaw Co.whole wheat bread, and more Ypsilanti residents1-34/6/2011Double Up Food Bucks and the Four Season Farmer Development ProgramAgreeNeutralknowing more about Washtenaw Co Public Health nutrition initiatives, also tips about growing in hoop housesAgreeinspiredmore farmers!farmer/nonprofit22-3548197
3/10/2011 9:42:57Attending! Frankly I really thought the agenda was perfectly crafted; starting with victories was inspiring, the key-notes were appropriate (Eastern Market better than #2), and the buisness pitches really hammer-home the core message - economic sustainability. I didn't make it to the afternoon sessions, but I was looking forward to the idea of smaller breakouts.the bring-your-own place setting for lunchSchools! 1-3more than 10Trilian FarmStrongly agreeNeutralnetworkingStrongly agreeMotivated to Engagecreating commercial outlets for local farmers Commercial Foodservice (not chef)36-5048103YOU ROCK! For organizing this event - PLEASE KEEP IT UP!
3/10/2011 13:40:52meeting farmer friendsnot enough relevant breakout sessionsuseful breakout sessions4-64/6/2011Peck ProduceAgreeNeutralAgreeconnectedProducer22-3548202
3/10/2011 14:36:05The connections!!!The lack of activities in the first hoursActual plants!!!more than 10more than 10Project Grow Community GardensStrongly agreeStrongly agreeGREEN!SustainabiltyHealth professionalUnder 2148197
3/10/2011 15:15:49All of it!A panel for chefs and restauranteurs7-107/10/2011ArborCycle and Tilian Farm Development CenterAgreeDisagreeInformation on Eastern Market in DetroitAgreemotivatedsupport/promote area farmsChef22-3548104
3/10/2011 16:58:16variety of workshopslunch selection (but it wasn't awful)more people1-31/3/2011Food CartsAgreeNeutralStrongly agreemovivatedreaching out to people with limited income/mobilityEducator22-3548118Great work! I look forward to the next time!
3/11/2011 7:12:27everything! learning about my local foodshed in so many meaningful waysi attended a session (Food as Medicine) that did not fit the description very well & was disappointed, If i had know I would've gone to a different session Washtenaw County 4H7-104/6/2011TillianAgreeDisagreeopportunities to volunteerAgreeexcited but still very overwhelmedget kids involved & increase both awareness & accessibility of local foods to the general publicEater22-3548108as a newcomer the summit was overwhelming but exciting, i was hoping for more information about where & how I could access local foods beyond the farmer's market, I got some of that, but could've used a little more :)
3/11/2011 11:36:27getting people together to work and plan ways to better the community"community board" where people could post things about their events/projects without needing to have a booth spacemore than 104/6/201120 in 20Strongly agreeStrongly agreefostering community and better nutrition for all our citizensStrongly agreeConnectedHoop Houses for year-round productionProducer36-5048103
3/11/2011 19:09:31The presentation by dan Darnley
3/11/2011 19:12:15The presentation by dan carmodyThe breakaways, a lot of info, not enough time, spread out to wknd workshops?A collective brainstorm sessionmore than 104/6/2011Arbor cycle. :)Strongly agreeNeutralReal time farms
3/11/2011 19:14:44The presentation by dan carmodyThe breakaways, a lot of info, not enough time, spread out to wknd workshops?A collective brainstorm sessionmore than 104/6/2011Arbor cycle. :)Strongly agreeNeutralReal time farms And their awesome datamineStrongly agreeElatedCreating demand, beyond the core supportersDistributor22-3548104
3/12/2011 12:23:49The keynotes and the local food idea presentationsWhite bread. Ypsi Coop/River Street bakery would be interested in helping with that next year... call us1-31/3/2011Saw a flyer for Food Corps that got my attentionAgreeAgreeStrongly agreeinvigoratedReskilling ourselves on basic fresh food preparartion, so that as it becomes more available to more people, we know what to do with it. Retailer22-3548197
3/13/2011 7:48:40AM SpeakersThough tours should be offered both sessionsmore than 101/3/2011Real Time FarmsStrongly agreeAgreeMeeting new producersStrongly agreeUpliftedCreate delivery systemsRetailer51-6548197Great job on the summit!
3/14/2011 6:30:12Having the opportunity to discover what local businesses and organizations are accomplishing and having the opportunity to provide input.More diversity of workshops would be helpfulI wish their had been a workshop on advertising/marketing for local farms/organizations/government agencies, which shared the models of successful national advertising campaigns for food products, (or even on the local level, for example Zingerman's delightful style could be modeled by Washtenaw County Public Health- to encourage people to chose to purchase locally made and grown food.)7-10more than 10Selma CafeStrongly agreeAgreeNetworking with othersStrongly agreeMotivatedTo provide/give access to foods from local farms and businesses, to children, senior citizens, those with low income (or at hospitals, senior living residences, schools, prisons, and housing projects), and to provide the opportunity to grow their own gardens nearby.Educator36-5048103Could scholarships be provided to low income participants/gardeners in the Project Grow program, to reach a wider audience- (the UofM Credit Union kindly provided scholarships to many from WCC.)
3/14/2011 9:27:39great contacts, found out everything that was going on in the area regarding local food.The workshops were too basic for me, I think more detail would be nice int he future, less preaching to the choir.people who had to work!more than 107/10/2011too hard to say! so many good ones!AgreeNeutralnot sure, nothing stands out as being amazing.Agreerefreshed about everything happening in the area.hungerNonprofit22-3548198
3/14/2011 20:37:50networking with all the other like-minded, passionate peopleI would have been interested in attending more Breakout Sessions. It was hard to pick which one to go to, since so many were interesting to me.can't think of anything4-61/3/2011new farmsStrongly agreeAgreeI got some new ideas for our CSA newsletter that I really liked. Also, some helpful information about the Cottage Food Bill.Strongly agreehopefulnot sure, there's so manyProducer36-5048118Thanks for all of your hard work in bringing together all these people with their ideas and willingness to do something.
3/15/2011 5:04:35format & sessionsneeded a break between keynote speakersnothingmore than 101/3/2011NeutralNeutralStrongly agreecommittedhelping new farmersNonprofit36-5048103
3/15/2011 6:32:32Making connections with people4-61/3/2011LunasaAgreeNeutralunderstanding the local playersStrongly agreegreat vibe, good peopleorganizingNonprofit22-3548912
3/17/2011 8:30:13I loved the diversity of participants attending the Summitt and the great range of break out sessions offered. The keynote speakers were phenomenal, as well.I would have liked the opportunity to attend more break out sessions.4-64/6/2011Strongly agreeAgreeStrongly agreeExcited.Government: Health Department22-3548081
3/17/2011 14:39:41The presentationsNot enough time to see everything. I wanted to attend more of the presentations.Can't think of anything. It was great.7-104/6/2011Real Time FarmsStrongly agreeNeutralLearned about Real Time Farms and about the Cottage Law. Also liked the presentation of Hoop Houses.Strongly agreeInformed, educated, communityFarmers Market ManagerOver 6548176Thanks to all of the people who put this together. I'm sure it was a big job and they did great.
3/19/2011 11:05:29Better program all around better location and better meetings. My personal favorite was Cara from realtimefarms.com web. We have established a page on their site and are very happy with the ease and appeerance of the site. Meeting her made the whole day worth it!Can't realy think of anythingMore chef type people looking for local grown food7-10more than 10realtimefarms.comStrongly agreeAgreegetting on a web site that benefits farmers to sell directly locallyAgreeEncouragedI don't knowProducer51-6548139The food was greatly improved from last year. A big thanks to Maryann at whole foods for all her hard work. Having a breakfast with a great variety of good food to chose from especially for breakfast. Thanks to all the other hard workers who make the food summit possible!
3/20/2011 18:24:52great format,speakers,laid back/excited attitude, good food ???realy cold temps!7-104/6/2011local foods summit/slow foodsStrongly agreeStrongly agreesharing knowledgeStrongly agreeinspired?Producer51-6548139looking forward to next LFS2012
3/23/2011 17:06:47easy to park and seatingneed more break out groupsnews mediamore than 10more than 10hoop houseStrongly agreeStrongly agreeStrongly agreegreat keep doig thisProducer51-6548158
3/23/2011 17:07:18Local Food Victories & the four pitches...felt the breakouts could have been a little more varied...7-104/6/2011Harvest Kitchen in Depot Town, Arborcycle. AgreeNeutralPossible reuse of school kitchens in local food businesses.Strongly agreeElated.Connections between old and new farmers.Producer51-6548197
3/23/2011 17:13:08networkingsessions too shortmore than 101/3/2011Ed bike courrier NeutralNeutralAgreeFrustrated that so much knowledge was in the room but it didn't gelEater36-5048105The sessions might benefit from having a moderator not affiliated with the topic to keep things on track. the speaker is not necessarily a good meeting leader and some participants can monopolize the time. speakers should have an intro prepared and printed that we can read prior to presentation. we wasted a lot of time finding out who the speaker was. time we should have been using to get ahead in the topic. the topics were varied and very interesting.
3/23/2011 17:19:59Talking to people between workshopsToo short!more social/connecting time4-64/6/2011Tilian (sp?) FarmStrongly agreeAgreeEastern Market expansion and MSU organic garden programStrongly agreebursting with hope and enthusiasmgrowing more food in more placesEater36-5048103I'm glad Whole Foods was there. I think we need to keep finding room at the table for everyone with something to add.
3/23/2011 17:27:31Keynote speakerstoo short? Would have loved to attend more than one concurrent session? It was all really, really good!Instant feedback - how about a sheet of paper and crayons so folks can express what they're thinking and think off/with each other?4-67/10/2011I'd love to see more happen with Arborcycle - this is exciting - I hope there can be more produce that travels between farmer's markets and Ann Arbor restaurants if these businesses aren't already direct sourced with a farmer.Strongly agreeDisagreeThe number of new farms and the number of women farmers in Michigan - yay!Strongly agreeExcitedPolitical actionEater36-5048108Thanks for all your hard work - I'll volunteer again at the summit - it was a lot of fun!
3/23/2011 17:31:14Meeting new peopleGood question...I would have expected better food at a "Food Summit"4-64/6/2011Capella FarmsStrongly agreeNeutralSustainable AgAgreeInspiredProviding opportunities for young farmersEater22-3548118
3/23/2011 19:05:57Meeting new people.It had to end till next yearmore than 10more than 10Sunseed FarmStrongly agreeStrongly agreeWinter Farming and PermicultureStrongly agreeEncouragedHoophouse BuildsHealth professional51-65Thanks for having Scholarships available
3/23/2011 19:25:15The entrepreneurs sharing their projectsThe break-out about holistic eatingnothing7-107/10/201110 food carts in back of Home & GardenStrongly agreeNeutralThe Kitchen CSA in YpsiStrongly agreeenergizedgrowing things in winterNonprofit51-6548118loved it!
3/24/2011 1:30:00just that it happened, feeling of support4-64/6/2011Chelsea Community KitchenStrongly agreeAgreeStrongly agreecommunityDistributorOver 65
3/24/2011 5:19:17connections, workshops/presentationshaving to pick from so many good workshops going on at the same time!multiple clones of myself! lolmore than 10more than 10Eastern market was pretty exciting! Strongly agreeStrongly agreeall of it! There's just too much to just mention one thing here!!!Strongly agreeHUNGRY for more!education and support! GO to the liquor stores and sell them FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE! maybe we'll see more apple cores and less empty vodka bottles on the street!Nonprofit22-3548198I was especially excited that you offered scholorships. Very nice.
3/24/2011 7:04:03energytoo many of the sessions were concurrent limited access4-61/3/2011NeutralDisagreeAgreeNonprofit36-5048103
3/24/2011 7:13:00energy of the young people1-31/3/2011AgreeNeutralselling optionsStrongly agreeuse local sourcesProducer51-65
3/24/2011 7:13:09energy of the young people1-31/3/2011AgreeNeutralselling optionsStrongly agreeuse local sourcesProducer51-65
3/24/2011 7:21:33the community gathering and all the great information expecially in the first hour or so.i am not a break out session person. i wanted to attend all of them. i would have preferred to go to lunch for a break as there were not enough seats. i knew that and decided to stay for company amd conversation which was great!maybe a back story written in a brochure about each speaker and all the so called "public knowledge loop". I felt lost through some of the talks as most who were there must have been to the previous year and other talks or gatherings and wre in the know. The tour I missed was a little confusing. I cam out of bathroom and everyone had left. more time for that part. I also think it could be nice to pair people in groups so everyone is forced out of their normal Click. That way information is spread more evenly. 4-64/6/2011real time farms-food to school program-st. joes hoop-mark hodesh food cartsAgreeNeutralall the groups out there doing great thingsStrongly agreelocal-foodlocal food safety for shools, hospitals and underserved poulations along with education. Producer36-5048103great job! thank you
3/24/2011 7:34:51the locationthat the farm tours overlapped with workshops. Tours should be separate for more participation. can open period of time between workshops for people to mingle7-10MYFCDisagreeDisagreeaquacultureAgreetiredpolitical representation & securityProducerOver 6548111Organizers of the summit should remove themselves from any contest associated with the conference. I thought that Double up food bucks should NOT have been eligible to win the film festival, especially when they sent the film out of state for final production. That appears to be a confilt of interest in addition to not supporting MI industry! I found it suspect, obvious and unprofessional!
3/24/2011 7:45:29The Eastern Market PresentationThe food was not as good as last yearEducators and a critcal examination of our industrial food system in the U.S. and internationally1-31/3/2011The Eastern Market, Downtown Home and Garden lunch cartAgreeAgreeThe Cottage Food BillAgreeI felt happy to have attendedEducation about local foods and impacts on the environment and globallyEducator22-3548105
3/24/2011 11:38:03This was my first one, but it was hartening to see so much activity and interest with local healthy food and accessshorting the winning video- I believe there was adequate time to have viewed itnot sure anything was missing1-34/6/2011not sure, don't have my notes with me nowStrongly agreeAgreere enforces my committment to eat healthy, local and encourage those around me to do so , tooStrongly agreeenviogoratededucating people that it is not more expensive to eat healthy vs eating junk; tho it may take more effort in terms of preparation and cookingHealth professional51-6548169
3/24/2011 12:11:07The sessionsOne of the sessions I went to - selling to large distributors and institutions - was not effective because the spokesperson was not able to direct the conversation productively. It is important that the spokesperson knows to keep the group focused.more than 104/6/2011the brineryAgreeDisagreeAgreebetter connectedmarket developmentProducer22-3548118thanks
3/24/2011 12:41:54networkingthe foodmore speakers like in the morning4-61/3/2011hoop house developmentAgreeNeutralhoop house growingAgreeinformedNonprofit22-3548124
3/24/2011 13:30:38Learning about FoodN/AN/A7-104/6/2011Eastern MarketAgreeAgreeN/AAgreeInformedFeeding the Homeless!Nonprofit51-6548198
3/25/2011 5:00:27The guest speakersThe lack of anything to drink other than hot beveragesNothing4-64/6/2011All of the Local Food InitiativesAgreeNeutralGoodCommunicationNonprofit36-5048135
3/25/2011 7:09:05the communitymusical interludes1-34/6/2011Aubrey's Goat farm ideaAgreeNeutralStrongly agreereenergizedsocial justice - increased access to good foodEater22-3548104
3/25/2011 9:46:19Opportunities to network & checking out the St. Joes Hoop Housenothing really7-101/3/2011AgreeNeutralJust reinforcing my enthusiasm for preserving our planet!AgreeEncouragedEncourage low income families to eat more veggies and fruitsEducatorOver 6548103
3/25/2011 10:58:45more breakout sessions needed to be longer keep the posters up a little longer at the end 7-101/3/2011hoop house groupStrongly agreeStrongly agree4 season growingStrongly agreei need more of what i just gotkeep the goups talking Producer51-6548197
3/28/2011 6:27:00Breakout SessionsFood set up for lunchMore breakout sessions4-67/10/2011The food carts going in to Downtown Home & GardenAgreeNeutralLearned more about 4 season growing in hoop housesAgreeExcitedGetting local food into the schoolsNonprofit22-3548198
3/28/2011 7:37:57Hoop Buildings/Subject of speaker from MinnAvailability/cost of non-GMO/organic feeds4-67/10/2011Hoop BuildersAgreeAgreeIt was nice to meet like minded producers.Strongly agreeReinvigoratedProviding a forum for networking of all areas of concern and disemination of information of grants and loans available to small producers.Producer51-6549269-9736I did very much enjoy the film shorts.
4/1/2011 7:23:35Opening Speaker from Eastern MarketLunch foodnothing1-31/3/2011The gal from the ecology centerStrongly agreeNeutralNetworking with one of the speakersStrongly agreemotivatingProducer51-6548158
4/3/2011 13:14:49Learning about Eastern MarketI was happy with all of itMusic1-31/3/2011AgreeAgreeStrongly agreeExcited, revived Dealing with water issues in terms of solariaing the wayter treatment plantEducator22-3548197
4/10/2011 13:30:21To know just how much power there is in the local food movement here in MII would love to see more people who weren't already part of the "preaching to the choir" groupThe voice of groups that are actively making change, empowering people, and 4-61/3/2011AgreeDisagreeAgreeEngaged and motivatedrecruit new faces, speak louder about the change already being affectedNonprofit36-5048197
4/18/2011 10:32:22All the informatin on CSAThe quest speakers and the toursIt was amazingmore than 107/10/2011The FarmStrongly agreeStrongly agreeI will be a farmer/beekeeperStrongly agreeAmazingGetting the word out that we have to Eater36-5048198I had an amazing time...i got in touch with my inner farmer