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DayDateDistanceTime (Mins)PaceNotesCross TrainingShoes
Thursday1/112.211:29:140:07:187:50 am - 3-mile loop from Heather's parents' - first two miles with Heather, then she kept going (3.03/24:02); 10:22 am - 9-mile loop w/ Andrew B. (Heather's brother) (9.18/1:05:12)adidas adios boost
Friday1/24.920:45:300:09:158:09 am - morning loop plus woods loop with Heather before heading home to MAmizuno wave rider
Saturday1/330.293:32:180:07:019:01 am - going with the Garmin data on this one, even though it was a "10k" loopinov-8 x-talon 212
Sunday1/46.060:46:360:07:411:15 pm - eeasy out and back day after 50kmizuno wave rider
Monday1/513.481:34:410:07:0111:55 am - w/ nate: grapevine, rubbly/woodbury, bridge, essex, rubbly, grapevine (7.28/52:55); 2:57 pm - hull, 22, grapevine, larch/essex, rubbly, grapevine (6.2/41:46)adidas adios boost
Tuesday1/616.111:53:380:07:032:30 pm - cold out and back with some light snow from Gordon down to the rail trail and south on it, turned at 8 miles just over the danvers linemizuno wave rider
Wednesday1/716.181:38:060:06:042:08 pm - warmup (3k in 12:50); alternating k's (3:21/3:52; 3:20/3:59; 3:19/3:55; 3:18/4:04; 3:18/4:04; 3:19/4:09; 3:19/4:07; 3:23/4:06; 3:13/4:02; 3:19/3:57); cooldown (3k in 11:44)asics hyperspeed 6
Thursday1/813.051:30:480:06:572:05 pm - 9k with NAte, then 12 more k on my own (watch still set to k's from yesterday)adidas adios boost
Friday1/914.091:35:310:06:471:54 pm - out and back from Gordon - grapevine, rubbly, essex, bridge, sagamore, juniper/blueberry, sagamore/candlewood, fellows, turned around at lakeman'smizuno wave rider
Saturday1/1015.541:37:470:06:1810:53 am - big loop progression run from home - skinner, asbury, topsfield, perkins, 97, rail trail, wenham st, 97, cedar, cherry, 1a, asbury, skinner, homeadidas adios boost
Sunday1/1114.641:43:110:07:036:58 am - from home before relays; walnut loop clockwise (42:40/5.92 mi.); 12:32 pm - from Dartmouth Relays- out and back (1:00:31/8.72 mi.)am: saucony mirage 11; pm: saucony triumph 9
Monday1/1221.62:40:400:07:2612:32 pm - 15.26 mile loop in 1:48:08 - grapevine, rubbly, essex, miles river, bridge, 1a, cutler, highland, goodhue, waldingfield, 1a, lakemans, fellows, sagamore, bridge, essex, rubbly, grapevine; 3:32 pm - out w/ abbey and hannah at practice, back by myself (grapevine/larch) - 6.34 in 52:32mizuno wave rider
Tuesday1/1316.261:55:520:07:0811:45 am - loop w/ nate from Gordon (7.89/54:39) - grapevine, larch, walnut, 1a, larch, grapevine; 3:27 pm - from Gordon at practice up to top of seminary and back to track, then ran loops around track until 1 hour (8.37/1:01:13)saucony triumph 9
Wednesday1/1414.231:35:050:06:4112:22 pm - out and back with 4k "portuguese surge" (3:38.61/3:39.49/3:13.78/3:04.31) on the way out - grapevine, rubbly, essex, bridge, sagamore/candlewood, fellows (turned around at lakeman's)saucony mirage 11
Thursday1/1525.222:50:140:06:4511:18 am - from Gordon, with 40k in 160 min, in mind; on pace for a little over 16k, then got turned around in Danversport and slowed down the rest of the way, spent some time on the rail trail, which was slick, got back to Gordon at 38.7k, and added a loop up to the track to go over 40adidas adios boost
Friday1/1620.512:25:230:07:0511:54 am - same loop as Monday, but a little shorter and a little faster (15/1:43:44); hull st. loop plus a little, then 6 x 100m strides at practice (5.51/41:39)saucony triumph 9
Saturday1/1716.841:55:560:06:5310:23 am - from home, down asbury to topsfield to longmeadow through fox run to pineswamp, met al v., ran pineswamp to washington to market to 1a to lakemans to fellows to sagamore/gardner, to 1a (al went right, i went right), to asbury to homemizuno wave rider
Sunday1/1816.251:40:560:06:1311:28 am - home from church - 1a, lakeman's, fellows, candlewood, chebacco/choate, belcher, story, western, 22(essex), rubbly, grapevine, hull, essex (beverly), grapevine, larch, 1a, arbor/highland, asbury ave to home (5k splits: 19:50/19:40/19:18/19:04/18:49/3:39.4 last k/36s last 149msaucony mirage 11
Monday1/1913.991:30:110:06:2711:30 am - out and back from home into topsfieldasics hyperspeed 6
Tuesday1/2018.11:57:330:06:3012:27 pm - big loop from Gordon down past Endicott to Manchester-by-the-sea - School St back to Apple to 22 back to Grapevinesaucony triumph 9
Wednesday1/2114.231:38:240:06:5511:45 am - loop with Nate H. from Gordon - grapevine, rubbly/woodbury, bridge, 1a, walnut, larch, grapevine (8.06/55:17); 3:22 pm, at practice: hull st. to 22 to grapevine to larch to rubbly to grapevine with 5 little pickups (1 x 2', 2 x 1', 2 x 30'') (6.17/43:07)lunch: mizuno wave rider; practice: saucony a5
Thursday1/2217.061:42:510:06:02take 2: "1k alternations" - was 20 seconds faster (2s per km) on the "on" k's - 32:50 for 10k, which was my road pr until 2 years ago - 2:30 faster (15s per km) on the recovery k's - 37:47 for 10k; avg. 3:17/k "on"; 3:46.7/k "off", with a little GPS hiccup after my 8th k, where I had to pause for a minute or so to relocatethank you, Jesus!saucony mirage 11
Friday1/2323.042:29:150:06:299:51 am - out and back from Gordon: grapevine, larch, miles river, bridge, 1a, cutler, highland, goodhue, waldingfield, 1a, jeffreys neck, turned around at 18 and a half kthank you, God!adidas adios boost
Saturday1/2412.151:39:020:08:095:21 am - out and back before Smith meet, started snowing about 10 minutes in (6.62/52:23); 3:10 pm - first snowshoe run of the winter with some loops down at Patton Park (Gordon track meet at Smith cancelled) - 5.53 miles in 46:39thank you, Lord!am: saucony trumph 9; pm: mizuno wave rider with atlas snowshoes
Sunday1/25101:10:000:07:0011:24 am - home from churchthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Monday1/2615.441:44:500:06:4712:46 pm - seminary loop w/ Nate in light snow (pre-blizzard) (6.1/41:57); 2:05 pm - extended seminary loop (hull-22) solo (9.34/1:02:53), flurriesthank you, God!saucony triumph 9
Tuesday1/271.930:16:080:08:22alternated running and shovelling a couple times in the teeth of the blizzard of 2015 - not much outdoor running to be done todaythank you, Lord!mizuno wave rider w/ yak traks
Wednesday1/2811.121:17:040:06:56around 9:00 pm hopped on the treadmill at home and watched most of "color me obsessed" (replacements documentary)thank you, Jesus!asics hyperspeed 6
Thursday1/2916.581:56:130:07:011:18 pm - 5 miles with NAte, 5 more on my own (10.03/1:10:13); 3:11 pm - out and back at practice (6.55/46:00)thank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Friday1/3018.671:58:500:06:2212:35 pm - out and back from Gordon - grapevine, larch, 1a, cedar, 97, maple, 35, north, summer (or spring) up toward SJP; turned around at 15k; nice progression on the way back even with slushy, narrow roadsTHANK YOU, JESUS!adidas adios boost
Saturday1/3115.591:59:430:07:415:44 am - 5.14/41:35 in snow, wind, cold around grove; 10:18 am - before USM meet sliding around streets of gorham (w/ yax trax), 3.9/30:10; 2:12 pm - b/w women and men at USM, 6.55/47:58thank you, Lord!early am: mizuno wave rider w/ yak trax; late am/pm: saucony triumph 9
Sunday2/110.521:13:290:06:5912:57 pm - from home to tinger's with brian t., then back home solothank you, God!saucony mirage 11
Monday2/215.451:43:220:06:419:36 pm - treadmill watching "shut up and play the hits"thank you, Father!adidas adios boost
Tuesday2/315.741:40:150:06:2212:52 pm - out and back on snow-narrowed roadsthank you, God!saucony mirage 11
Wednesday2/414.921:37:510:06:331:34 pm - out and back same as yesterday, not quite as fast or farthank you, Jesus!saucony triumph 9
Thursday2/518.712:04:000:06:3812:53 pm - out and backthank you, LORD!mizuno wave rider
Friday2/615.541:38:570:06:2210:18 am - out and back same as tues and wed; some varying pickups - 4 tempo-ish k's and some shorter onesthank you, Father!adidas adios boost
Saturday2/730.343:16:520:06:2911:23 am - 10-mile loop with Heather (10.26 in 1:11:35); 10-mile loop solo (10.25 in 1:08:46); 10 x 1k w/ 2:00 recoveries (3:22/3:16/3:21/3:19/3:19/3:23/3:27/3:34/3:40/3:40); staggered homethank you, God!asics hyperspeed 6
Sunday2/89.051:01:150:06:46treadmillthank you, LORD!saucony a5
Monday2/910.291:10:130:06:49treading the millthank you, Jesus!mizuno wave rider
Tuesday2/1014.941:43:160:06:551:00 pm - out and back from Gordon (hull, essex, grapevine, larch, miles river, bridge, 1a) turned around in Ipswich - same route as last t, w, fthank you, Father!adidas adios boost
Wednesday2/1114.971:42:230:06:501:01 pm - out and back on 1a/133 from First Pres in Ipswich, through Essex into Gloucester; turned around at 12kthank you, God!saucony mirage 11
Thursday2/1215.051:41:300:06:458:10 pm - treadmill watching Ken Burns' Civil War Part Onethank you, Jesus!mizuno wave rider
Friday2/1316.012:06:030:07:523:24 pm - around brookline during bu meet; a bunch of loops around chestnut hill reservoir; very coldthank you, Lord!saucony triumph 9
Saturday2/1420.582:24:220:07:0110:38 am - 2 x 10-mile loop, first with Heatherthank you, God!adidas adios boost
Sunday2/1510.421:10:020:06:439:00 pm - treadmillthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Monday2/1611.931:23:300:07:001:14 pm - from bennett: hull, essex, grapevine, larch, miles river, 1a, rock maple, meyer, cutler, turned around at 48:00 and came back rock maple, 1a, bridge, woodbury/rubbly, grapevine; roads are badthank you, Jesus!mizuno wave rider
Tuesday2/178.230:56:080:06:49treadmill at home; also XC skied with Nate S. for 40 minutesthank you, God!adidas adios boost
Wednesday2/1814.241:30:450:06:221:15 pm - treadmill at home; next episode of "The Civil War"thank you, LORD!asics hyperspeed 6
Thursday2/1911.941:20:350:06:45more treadmill, more civil warthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Friday2/2011.021:15:170:06:50treadmillthank you, God!mizuno wave rider
Saturday2/2110.471:14:100:07:051:05 pm - from Springfield College, to Forest Park, around in park and backthank you, Jesus!saucony triumph 9
Sunday2/2216.281:44:330:06:253.24 mi./26:05 warmup; 10-mile race in 54:43 (5:22, 5:16, 6:16!!!, 10:51 for next 2, 5:15, 5:16, 5:13, 5:50, 5:24); 3.04 mi./23:45 cooldownthank you, Lord!warmup/race: adios; cooldown: saucony mirage 11
Monday2/2310.461:16:300:07:1911:11 am - seminary loop plus w/ Nate H. (6.37/46:28); 1:09 pm - hull st. loop solo (4.09/30:02)thank you, God!mizuno wave rider
Tuesday2/249.981:09:490:07:001:29 pm - out and back from Gordon - hull, essex, grapevine, larch, miles river, bridge, 1a, turned by Hamilton Post Officethank you, Father!saucony triumph 9
Wednesday2/258.150:51:480:06:2112:55 pm - 2 x hull st. loop w/ ~5k @ Goal 50k pace; 1.39 mi. warmup in 9:51.5 (7:04/mi.); 3.21 mi. @ goal pace in 18:10.7 (5:40/mi.); 3.55 mi. cooldown in 23:45.7 (6:41/mi.)thank you, Jesus!asics hyperspeed 6
Thursday2/268.791:03:590:07:1712:42 pm - out and back from Gordon: grapevine, rubbly, essex, chebacco (snowy middle mile) and backthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Friday2/276.520:45:010:06:549:56 am - out and back from Gordon: grapevine, larchthank you, God!mizuno wave rider
Saturday2/283.760:30:180:08:0410:42 am - morning loop plus gary ct from heather's parents' housethank you, Lord!saucony triumph 9
Sunday3/126.22:37:490:06:018:30 am - Caumsett 50k (DNF) - ran a little beyond the marathon, but was moving pretty slow at that point; 5k splits - 18:06.8; 17:44.6; 17:56.9; 18:11.9; 18:07.5; 18:15.5; 19:24.4 (had to stop and stretch once); 20:32.3 (had to stop and stretch twice); 9:28.2 to go the 2.195 km to get to the marathon mark; started walking shortly after thatthank you, Spirit!asics hyperspeed 6
Monday3/23.070:29:160:09:322:13 pm - easy morning loop with Heatherthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Tuesday3/36.090:47:430:07:503:39 pm - seminary loop at practicethank you, Jesus!saucony triumph 9
Wednesday3/47.380:54:470:07:2512:46 pm - seminary loop plus a cemetery loop on both the way out and the way backthank you, God!adidas adios boost
Thursday3/59.641:10:530:07:2112:17 pm - hull st. loop and campus loop with Nate and Dan (5.10/38:03); 3:50 pm - out and back, hull, 22, standley at practice (4.54/32:50)thank you, LORD!mizuno wave rider
Friday3/610.51:14:480:07:0712:39 pm - out and back before leaving for ECAC's in NYCthank you, Jesus!saucony triumph 9
Saturday3/75.250:39:250:07:30with Brandon P. in Central Park before ECAC'sthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Sunday3/87.70:54:350:07:05out and back from home after churchthank you, God!adidas adios boost
Monday3/98.931:03:250:07:061:48 pm - wenham/beverly; right hip still tenderthank you, Lord!saucony triumph 9
Tuesday3/1012.541:21:390:06:3111:20 am - on roads (and a little trail) in keene,nh after meeting with tim pipp (6.96/48:10); 3:15 pm - grapevine, larch, dodges, grover, hull (5.58/33:29)thank you, Jesus!hoka one one clifton
Wednesday3/115.730:42:240:07:243:57 pm - hip sore after hard work yesterday; out and back from Gordonthank you, Father!mizuno wave rider
Thursday3/1210.32:40:000:15:3211:15 am - from lafayette campground with Kevin Tilton up North Kinsman to South Kinsman and backthank you, God!inov-8 x-talon 212 and snowshoes
Friday3/136.440:46:590:07:1812:45 pm - seminary loop plus with Dan P.thank you, Lord!hoka one one clifton
Saturday3/148.541:05:190:07:391:48 pm - 8 and a half with Al V. in the rainthank you, Jesus!saucony mirage 11
Sunday3/157.060:48:060:06:493:00 pm - treadmillthank you, Spirit!adidas adios boost
Monday3/166.411:02:040:09:41some stuff to get better (run/walk), 12:51 pmthank you, Lord!hoka one one clifton
Tuesday3/176.430:47:280:07:23run with Nate, nice and easy; 12:43 pm - thank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Wednesday3/186.660:48:370:07:18solo run; 2:30 pm - seminary plus cemeterythank you, God!saucony triumph 9
Thursday3/195.610:39:380:07:04run w/ Nate, right leg is all messed up (calf, back of knee, IT, hip, etc.); 12:55 pm - grover loopthank you, Jesus!hoka one one clifton
Friday3/207.580:55:260:07:1912:34 pm - solothank you, LORD!saucony mirage 11
Saturday3/215.170:39:100:07:3511:17 am - around Middletown, CT before Wesleyan meetthank you, God!hoka one one clifton
Sunday3/227.540:55:030:07:181:08 pm - out and back; feeling betterthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Monday3/238.350:54:150:06:3012:51 pm - from Gordon, grapevine, rubbly, essex, alan, postgate?, school, bridge, miles river, essex/larch, grapevine, essex (22), hullthank you, Jesus!hoka one one clifton
Tuesday3/246.020:41:350:06:5412:46 pm - seminary loop with Nate; working pretty hard to stay with him at the endthank you, Lord!mizuno wave rider
Wednesday3/258.30:58:160:07:0112:39 pm - mostly out and back - hull, standley, boyles, etc.thank you, God!hoka one one clifton
Thursday3/268.591:01:010:07:065:16 pm - w/ Scott and Alex McGrath from Georgetown High School in the rainthank you, Jesus!adidas adios boost
Friday3/2710.021:08:200:06:4911:13 am - 10-mile loop solo from Gordonthank you, Father!hoka one one clifton
Saturday3/287.291:27:070:11:572:32 pm - yaktrax on the nordic trails for about 2 miles, then up and down burnt mtn. in snowshoesthank you, Lord!saucony mirage 11 (first w/ yaktrax, then with atlas snowshoes)
Sunday3/292.20:37:050:16:5112:25 pm - great lunchtime snowshoe with my Dad at Sugarloafthank you, God!saucony mirage 11 and atlas snowshoes
Monday3/3014.271:41:410:07:0812:09 pm - longest road run since Caumsett; grapevine, rubbly/woodbury, essex/martin, western, belcher, choate, chebacco, sagamore/gardner, 1a, bridge, miles river, essex, rubbly, grapevinethank you, Jesus!saucony triumph 9
Tuesday3/3111.111:19:400:07:1012:22 pm - grapevine loop with Nate (5.09/35:33); 3:46 pm - seminary loop at practice with Nathan, then Spencer (6.02/44:07)thank you, Father!hoka one one clifton
Wednesday4/112.211:25:030:06:5812:58 pm - out and back across wenham thank you, Lord!saucony mirage 11
Thursday4/212.11:18:340:06:302:08 pm - out and back from gordon - grapevine, rubbly, essex, bridge, sagamore, chebacco (in essex), turned around just over 6 miles and backthank you, Jesus!adidas adios boost
Friday4/310.181:14:520:07:2110-mile loop from home with Heatherthank you, God!hoka one one clifton
Saturday4/48.391:02:530:07:305:49 am - morning loop in the rain before UMD meetthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Sunday4/58.20:59:220:07:144:26 pm - with Greg and Al from Patton (ran down from my parents' house); down thru Bradley Palmer on the road and backthank you, LORD!mizuno wave rider
Monday4/617.631:57:050:06:381:43 pm - long loop (grapevine, rubbly, essex/martin, western, story, belcher, choate, sagamore, fellows, lakemans, 1a, bridge, miles river, essex/larch, grapevine, essex, hullthank you, Jesus!adidas adios boost
Tuesday4/76.171:26:130:13:581:08 pm - snowy woods recovery runthank you, God!inov-8 x-talon 212
Wednesday4/89.911:04:520:06:3312:45 pm - grapevine, rubbly, cemetery, essex, seminary main entrance all the way to the top (saw jeff glew), down the hill and out to bridge street, to miles river, to essex, to rubbly, cemetery loop again, grapevine, essex (22), hull back to Gordonthank you, Father!saucony mirage 11
Thursday4/915.671:52:000:07:0912:53 pm - long run through Wenham, Beverly, Salemthank you, LORD!hoka one one clifton
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