Type of Programming
RoundtableHockey RPFHockey RPFCome discuss the wonder and the majesty that is hockey RPF in Pittsburgh, home of the Penguins! Topics may include: what makes a good hockey ship, ability of pairings to generate interest in small market teams, shipping players not on your team, not shipping players on your team, origins stories, twitter and tumblr (and trivia crack??) etiquette, and much more!
PanelSupernatural, various RPF, Flowers in the Attic, Wizards of Waverly Place, that Folgers adFamily Matters: Incest in Canon and FandomIncest can be a divisive topic in fandom, but there are plenty of reasons it can make for compelling fic, art, and meta. Let's chat about incest in our fandoms, past and present: which fandoms embrace it, which fandoms shy away from it, and what first made us realize we wanted to read about families loving each other a bit too much.
RoundtableHockeyHockey: IntersectionsWhere do AO3 account holders and/or season ticket holders meet up for drinks? In this roundtable, we want to discuss the many hockey fandoms that make up "hockey fandom," including IRL team loyalties, RPF writing, game attendance, and playing on ice yourself!
RoundtableMulti-fandomQueering Gender in FandomA small roundtable to discuss trans and nonbinary characters, fic that queers gender in varying ways, different-gender-than-canon fanart and fancasts, Rule 36, and all the awesome things fandom does to queer gender (even if it's sometimes not as awesome as it could've been). The moderator will aim to keep this an open discussion inclusive of people of all genders and experiences.
RoundtableJupiter AscendingThe Adventures of Secret Space Princess and Her Loyal Space Rollerblading Werewolf Angel Hybrid OR Jupiter Ascending: The Movie Fandom DeservesThe Wachowskis' name may be on the poster, but Jupiter Ascending is clearly the product of the fandom hivemind. It's got everything. A heroine named Jupiter, her half-man, half-dog protector who wants his wings back, bees that can sense royalty, Sean Bee *ahem* Bean, a trio of space vampire capitalists with some serious mommy issues, and so much more. Top it all off with mind bogglingly gorgeous costuming and visual effects and you've got the movie of fandom's dreams. Let's talk about why we love it and maybe why we're a little afraid to let ourselves love it.
RoundtableYoung HerculesYoung Hercules: Before the Man became Myth, before the Myth became Legend, came the greatest adventure of all!Young Hercules, starring Ryan Gosling (yes, THAT Ryan Gosling), Dean O'Gorman (aka Fili from the Hobbit movies), and Chris Conrad (you probably haven't heard of him), is a spinoff of Hercules the Legendary Journeys, and follows Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, and their friends as they navigate teenaged life in Ancient Greece. Come see what Bryn has been obsessed about for the last seventeen years. Plus, there's hot guys and girls in leather wielding swords - what more could you ask for?
WorkshopN/APlushie Workshop V - A Stitch In TimeYou know it. You love it. Come to the workshop to build your very own plushie version of it to cuddle for all eternity. Your friendly mods Bryn and She!Sam will be on hand to help with sewing basics and design advice. As always, all the supplies are included and free!
RoundtableTeen WolfSeason 5 RoundupWhat happened this season? What did they do right? What did they do wrong? Does the sheriff have a first name? Do we know how old Derek actually is? Come talk with us about the last season of Teen Wolf and what you thought of it. We'll glow about the triumph and rage bog about the not so triumphs.
RoundtableMulti-fandomPop Anglophilia in the 21st CenturyYou wake up to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. You go to sleep with The One Show and Celebrity Big Brother. You're an Anglophile, and it's okay, we're here to help. Topics include the sheer joy of the Great British Bake-Off, the heartbreak of Rylan getting ousted on X-Factor, and just what was up with Scott Mills' crab suit on Strictly anyways?
WorkshopTBDThe Fanfic Book ClubEveryone loves reading fic, but rarely do we analyze and discuss it! We will be doing two different sessions, one fic from a larger fandom, and one from a smaller fandom. Fandoms that we will be reading in will be chosen by attendees vote, along with suggestions for the fics. We will read the chosen fics before the con, and then at the con, discussion will take place!
RoundtablePan-fandomThe End of the World As We Know ItLet's all hang out and rap about what we love most about the end of the world. We'd like to talk about our favourite media that set during or after the apocalypse, and definitely about fandom's deep and abiding love for the subject. We'll talk tropes, settings, Big Bads, and all the rest. What's better, nuclear winter, or attack of the giant bees? What's a better thing to find while looting in the city, a full bottle of pain killers or a case of instant coffee? Come armed with your best zombie fighting tips and maybe a fic/canon rec or two!
RoundtableMarvel's Agent CarterLipstick, Guns, and Heels: Why Peggy Carter is AwesomesauceThe war is over, but Agent Peggy Carter's life goes on. Join us as we discuss things like casual sexism, essential tools for any undercover double agent's wardrobe, surprise!Chad Michael Murry, using the objects in your surroundings as weapons, and everything else that is awesome about this show.
RoundtableOne Direction1DAFBecause sometimes you remember that 5 boys were randomly put together on a reality show, and it takes a few years off your life. Explore all your favorites, from that time they were on a boat in Sydney to that time they were on a boat in Miami, and beyond. (This panel could alternatively be titled: STOP GETTING ON BOATS????!?!)
PanelDiscworld, Good Omens, other Terry Pratchett WorksMonstrous Regiment: In Memory and JoyFor discussion of Good Omens and the Discworld, as well as Sir Terry Pratchett's many other works. Topics will include: death, Death, witches, the Apocalypse, the Vimes Theory of Economic of Inequality, running away and "What Sir Terry Means to Me". The turtle moves!
WorkshopSportsWatercooler Workshop: Learn to follow sports talk in your office and at the barSports are an integral part of modern society. Sports talk is a fun and important community-building tool in both professional and social situations. But what if you can't tell a touchdown from a home run? Come learn the basics of the "big four" American sports: football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. This workshop will touch on the rules and regulations for each sport, and answer any lingering questions you have about free throws or penalty kicks. Never feel left out at the watercooler again!
RoundtableSupernaturalMoose & SquirrelAn informal meeting of the minds to squee and cry over our favorite SPN storylines, ships, hairstyles, and characters, as well as discuss what should happen next to our favorite TV brothers. (Spoiler free!)
RoundtableDragon AgeSwooping Is Bad: A Celebration of Dragon AgeMages or Templars? The Chargers or the Qunari? And the most difficult question of all: Who the hell are you going to romance? Join us for a lively discussion as we talk about all things Thedas.
RoundtableSPN, Boondock Saints, Dexter, Firefly, Doctor Who, etc.Noir Knights“The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armor. He's dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he's a hero the whole time.” They work in the shadows, doing what needs to be done and seeking no praise or recognition for their actions and sacrifices. This hero hangs their head in shame as the world rejoices; because even one lost soul is too many. Champion your fandom's knight by sharing with us their successes, good deeds gone wrong, their appeal and their shortcomings.
RoundtableBoondock SaintsAnd Shepherds we shall beCelebrate the cult fucking classic that made you a fucking fan, or learn about the MacManus brothers for the first fucking time. It’s the story of normal as fuck guys who are fucking fed up with the evil that has been infiltrating their fucking neighborhood, and decide to start killing mobsters fuckers across all of fucking Boston. Fucking Irish accents, heavy as fuck drinking, lots of fucking bullets, blood, and cussing. And a fucking rope fetish to boot. Join us fuckers to illustrate the diversity of words, like, "Fuckin'- What the fuckin'. Fuck. Who the fuck fucked this fucking... How did you two fucking fucks... Fuck!”
RoundtableNorse Mythology, Thor Movies, The AvengersSay my name... LOKI!Do you prefer Loki: the Norse god of fire, mischief and chaos or Loki: the rightful king that makes your blood run hot with his jotun rage? Either way this trickster makes us laugh at how he shamed Heimdallr with a bent arrow and how he stole the throne not once but twice from Odin. Explore the Viking mythology behind the trickster god that gave Marvel’s Loki so much fire and ice. Revel with us in his wicked sense of humor and his final ride into battle.
RoundtableSPN, Doctor Who, Buffy, The Librarians, Dexter, etc.Taken away to the dark!side: Stumbling HerosDemon!Dean, Dark!Willow, Discord!Cassie, and DarkPassenger!Dexter: what do they all have in common? They are wicked. Wicked Powerful! The world crumbles out from under a protagonist’s feet, and the darkness beckons with the promise of all their desires. Dean wants to have fun. Cassie wants total and complete infrastructure collapse. Willow wants to end the pain. Dexter wants the freedom that the darkness offers. What would you turn evil for?
RoundtableAgents of SHIELDDirector Coulson and His Ducklings: The Agents of SQUEENot only did our hero die inspiring the Avengers, we got him back as the star of a TV show! Join us as we squee about all of the amazing things about Agents of SHIELD, like found families (of both heroes and villains), badass field agents, adorable scientists, fantastically creepy bad guys, the fall out of Hydra coming out of the shadows, SHIELD's civil war, and the Inhumanity of it all.
PanelOrange Is the New Black, House of Cards, various othersThe Netflix Channel: TV Made for BingeingOnce upon a time, we all had to watch TV week-to-week, like a bunch of peasants. And then, like a beacon of hope, suddenly there came the Netflix Original Series. Let's get together to talk about how this is changing our viewing habits: the struggles of watching 13 seasons in two days and then having to wait a year, the risks that shows are able to take when they're not fighting the network on every script, how hard it is to stay up on social media when everyone is livetweeting the season that just got released and you can't start until Monday. We can gossip about our favorite binge-shows (not restricted to Netflix shows!) or stay general and just focus on the structure.
RoundtableAny/AllFannish Practice in the Writing ClassroomA roundtable for educators who have found or want to find ways to use fannish practices in the writing classroom, with a focus on 1) writing instruction and 2) adapting online technologies to create useful workshop space. It would be for teachers of any student demographic.

Online fannish space is such a gift to writers, full of enthusiastic readers, feedback norms that are generally positive and/or constructive, beta readers for one-on-one help, newsletters, feeds, and reccers who promote your work, and dedicated archives to house it. Not only that, but fic writers are encouraged to push boundaries, experiment in every way, and interact critically with other texts through their own writing. We also interact with each other to discuss writing process, cheer each other on, and squee/rant over things we've read.

Fandom may not be reproducible as a whole in the writing classroom, but many fannish practices may well be. This roundtable would help us share and brainstorm ways to engage our students the way fandom engages us.
PanelNerdfighters, Harry Potter, gamersFandoms and Social ActivismWe will explore how people can get involved in Social Activism through many different fandoms. Presented by the Pittsburgh Area Nerdfighters group which is also a local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. We will present information about ways to be involved through Nerdfighters, Harry Potter Alliance, gaming and many others groups/organizations. We also want everyone to share other ways they have been involved in social activism that we may not have included.
WorkshopNone Listed (Makeup?)Liquid Eyeliner Can Smell FearLearn to put the things on the face to increase face points. Gain +5 to confidence, +10 to artistry, -5 to monies, and +2 to hoarding. With makeup skillset you have the ability to unlock Adulting: Female-Presenting Achievement, Cat-Eye Achievement, and Limited Edition: Collectible Achievements.
RoundtableMulti-fandomWear it, Be itFrom the opulent costumes of the Hunger Games and Jupiter Ascending to the everyday wear of Orphan Black. Come for the discussion of pretty costumes, stay of the analysis of how costume design contributes to characterization and world building.
RoundtableBig Hero 6On a Scale of 1-10 How Would You Rate Your Pain?Ba-la-la-la! Let's talk about why we love Baymax, Hiro, and the rest of the gang, the awesomeness of saving the world with science, and the themes of grief, revenge, and friendship that tie the whole thing together.
PanelMulti-fandomFandom Audio Works are AwesomePodfic, Podcast, and Fanmixes are awesome! We want to talk about why this is, how we do them, and how you might get started.
PanelThe Marvel Cinematic UniverseThe Marvel Cinematic Universe: What's Next After Phase Two?Join us as we discuss what's happened in Phase Two of the MCU, and what's yet to come. Topics may include the aftermath of Age of Ultron, Marvel on TV and how this extension of the movieverse has broadened the scope of the universe, female and POC representation in the current MCU and future projects, <strike>why Civil War is still a terrible idea that no one wants</strike>, and many other things! Basically, let's spend an hour crying over the amazingness of our favorite characters, debating about what might come next, and occasionally breaking out the ragebog for some criticism (seriously, where is my Black Widow movie?!!?).
PanelMulti-fandomLet them eat cake! Asexuality in FandomJoin us as we learn about the asexuality spectrum (including demisexuality, aromantic and others that fall under that umbrella) and how it's treated in popular culture and in fandom. We will discuss our favorite ace characters and headcanons, the (lack of) representation of ace spectrum in popular culture, and how to be more inclusive of asexual identities in your own writing and fandom spaces. (Disclaimer: No actual cake will be provided.)
RoundtableThe Almighty JohnsonsDoes This Look Like Asgard?No, it doesn't. Actually, it looks a lot like New Zealand.
The Norse gods you know from mythology have been reborn into a (dysfunctional) family. Will Odin find Frigg before his death causes a natural disaster? What does it feel like to be god's gift to zebras?What happened to the mother who abandoned her kids to go into the forest to become a tree? Come flail with us about family, feelings, and the frustrating search for Frigg.
PanelMulti-fandomFanfiction to Publishing 101Inspired by the 2012 workshop, I'm looking to bring this panel back with update trends, info and landscape. With fanfiction becoming more mainstream, many fanfiction writers are looking to see how they can move from fanfiction to being published. This panel will talk about the challenges of publishing, an insider look into the process of going fanfic to published and new trends within the industry. Panelists will be a diverse group of experts that range from published fanfic writers to those who work in the publishing world.
WorkshopMulti-fandomSelf-CareSelf-care: intentionally looking out for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. We all need it but may not feel comfortable taking time for it or even know where to start. Join us as we explore different methods of self care. We will share tips and advice as a group and discuss ways to create a more positive environment on and offline.
RoundtableGrimm, Fairy TalesWhat Am I, Your Personal Grimmopedia?So, there's this regular guy named Nick, right? Wrong. Nick isn't ordinary, he's a Grimm. He can see things other people can't. Weird things. Fairy tale things. Now Nick's got to keep his job at the PPD and get a grip on these new Grimm powers (with the help of his new werewolf BFF!), all while trying to convince his friends he's not losing his mind.
Grimm is a funny, clever, well written show based on the Grimm's Fairy Tales.
PanelMulti-fandomVikings, Victorians, and the Vagaries of Watching History on TVMad Men. Downton Abbey. Vikings. The Americans. Boardwalk Empire. Call the Midwife. Agent Carter. Rome. The Three Musketeers. Why do we watch historical tv shows? What do we love about them? Is it the costumes? The peek into a vanished (or almost-vanished) world? The knowledge that some things really haven't changed, and some things really have? Is it the hats? (Hint: sometimes it's the hats.) What happens when a show set in a historical period you know something about gets things wrong? Do you tableflip? Do you handwave? Does it matter how historically accurate your tv even is? Let us talk about fictional past times! Hats totally optional.
PanelMulti-Fandom (Saga, Bitch Planet, Sex Criminals, Rat Queens, Ms. Marvel & more)No Flights, Some TightsThe comic book world can sometimes be a daunting place and where do you even start? Everything seems to be all about superheroes and maybe that's not even your jam? Or maybe it is but THERE'S SO MUCH! In this panel, we'll discuss getting into comics, finding something of your flavor, etc! What are you reading? What are you into? Space operas, westerns, dystopian worlds, and more! We'll get into it and probably cry about it.
WorkshopMulti-fandomTinhat Fashion WorkshopIt's Wincon's 10th anniversary, and as anyone who spends a few seconds Google searching can find out, the traditional gift on a tenth anniversary is Tin/Aluminum! So, what better time to bring back a tradition from the Wincons of yore? Supplies and decorations are provided, just swing by and create your masterpiece, and then wear it with pride during the rest of the weekend (or make a gift out of tinfoil to give to a friend)!
PanelMulti-fandomFanart: A Collection of EyebrowsFanart is awesome! Come look at it with us and watch fanartists talk about it and show pretty things!
RoundtableThe LibrariansThe Librarians and the Fandom of AmazeballsStill looking for something to fill the void that Warehouse 13 and Leverage left in your soul when they went off the air? Look no further than this shiny new show! It's got all the fun dynamics of a team of misfits (the kooky mastermind/genius, the muscle, the thief, the art historian, and the math/science genius), as well as the crazy hijinks that come with tracking down magical artifacts that have roots in history and mythology! Join us as we discuss female Prince Charmings, evil spells, brain grapes, alternate universes, possible artifacts, sentient libraries, and speculate what will await us in Season Two!
PanelMythology, Fairy Tales, FolkloreMythology is My Favorite OlogyDo you like mythology? Lots of mythology? ALL THE MYTHOLOGY?
Come to talk about your favorite myths, your least favorite myths, what they meant, and what they still mean.
All mythologies welcome and encouraged!
PanelPanfandomThe More The Merrier - Polyamory in FandomYou've heard the phrase "less is more"? Well, in this panel, we'll toss that out the window. Join us for lively discussion about all the best of poly. Why we love it, where we love it, when we love it, which fandoms & characters are most easily poly-able and why, and how we love to see it done.
PanelMulti-fandom (Supernatural, Hannibal, Doctor Who, Harry Potter)
Come to the Dark Side (the Cookies Are People)
Cannibalism. Necrophilia. Noncon. Vivisection. Crucifixion. Sparagmos. Serial murder. Paraphilias and ultraviolence and psychopathy and AUs and things that seem like they should be AUs but really, really aren't.

Unthinkable extremes of human behavior, carefully thought out and wrapped up in some of the most charming prose in fandom.

Darkfic, yo.

What is it? What isn't it? Why do we read it? Why do we write it? Most importantly: who's got recs?
PanelMulti-fandomPaper to Silver Screen: when Hollywood excels and when Tinseltown is Fail!CityJoin us in a free-wheeling forum where we discuss our most cherished novels, comics, and even RL historical moments, and whether their video versions thrill us or fill us with despair.
PanelMulti-fandomBoys With Buns (In the Oven)Being baby crazy isn't just for the ladies anymore! Not technically anyway. A/B/O, medical miracles, curses, alternate universes, and more. What makes us love a man who has to carry the baby? What are the deeper implications of this theme? But, must importantly, where do they come out?
RoundtableThe Raven Cycle books by Maggie StiefvaterThe raven boys and the women of Fox WayCome talk about Blue Sargent and the Aglionby boys and awesome psychic ladies who make up her found family. Clutch your face about the slow burn of your favorite pairings, share your favorite lines, roll around in Cabeswater magic. The fourth and final book comes out at the end of September, which makes this summer the perfect time to read the first three if you haven't yet, read the fourth, and join us in having ALL THE FEELS.
WorkshopMulti-fandomBreaking Through Writer's Block- Tips and TechniquesBring your notebooks, laptops and writing implements for a hands-on, fun-filled workshop designed to arm you with fun and innovative techniques to help you burst through that block and get on with your writing. From brainstorming games to sharing resources to a flashwriting round with the AU Generator, you'll step out of this workshop with new friends, techniques, and ideas for your works.
PanelMulti-fandomSilver, Gunmetal, Platinum, and Taupe: Kink Done RightLet's roll the partition down, and talk about some kink, openly and honestly. How does it affect fandoms and fanfic? How does it affect your personal life and in finding those around to be kinky with? Just how comfortable is a sex swing anyways? Come prepared with fics and stories to share!
PanelMulti-fandomBaah, Baah, Blacksheep Oh, RPF. One day we will stop having a conversation about how RPF isn't weird and wrong. Instead, let's focus on the benefits of RPF! Like waking up at 3 am to find out your OTP did a thing, or the canon that just. never. ends. We do have to admit there are some cons to RPF, but what are some ways we can overcome those and still enjoy fandom?
PanelMulti-fandomHot Chicks and the Lovely Ladies We Ship Them With Because why have one lady when you can have MULTIPLE LADIES? Femslash is often challenged with being smaller than male slash ships, but how can we shrink the gap and make it bigger? Who do we ship, and why?
PanelMulti-fandomSo You Brought A Hooker To Your Sister's Wedding (And Now Everyone Thinks You're Gay & Engaged) We all love tropes, right? I mean, who can resist a good fake married fic? Or a high school or college AU? Or amnesia, body swap, soulmates, hookers, soulbonds, time loops, wings, or any one of the million other tropes we write about in fandom? Who hasn't spent days on TV Tropes, fighting vainly to get free from its cruel grasp, but unable to resist clicking on just one more link? Resist that urge and come talk about tropes with us instead!
PanelMulti-fandomAuthor vs. Author: Arguments For and Against FanfictionDiana Gabaldon infamously stated fanfiction is illegal. Seanan McGuire can’t wait to read fanfiction set in her Toby Daye universe after she publishes the final book. Is it true Marion Zimmer Bradley was sued for stealing a fic writer’s ideas? Fanfiction has been a hot button issue with authors for decades, and there is no end in sight. Come discuss who loves it, who hates it, and whether or not there is any good reason to respect the wishes of authors who don’t want us to write it.
PanelHow To Train Your Dragon, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Pern, Mulan, etc.Here Be Dragons...Let's discuss Dragons! Everything from Toothless to Smaug, from Game of Thrones to Pern. Do you like your dragons travel-sized for your convenience, like Mushu, or large enough to ride through the clouds? What about dragons that control elements other than fire? Join the discussion, trade movie/tv/book recs, and represent your favorite dragon!
RoundtableThe Vampire DiariesThis Town is Only Going to Eat You (Don't Move to Mystic Falls)Do you like watching 35-year-olds playing teenagers? Is your passion keeping excruciatingly long-winded diaries of every second of your life? Do you spend time standing in the shower wondering how the Mystic Falls budget affords all those town events? US TOO. Come hang out with us and talk about the witches, werewolves, vampires and whatevers of Mystic Falls that you love, despise and/or grudgingly tolerate!
RoundtableDigimonDigi-MemoriesIn celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Digimon and the all-new anime series, come and join us as we relive our favorite digi-memories. Were you the only kid in school who knew it wasn't a Pokemon knock-off? Did you cry when the first series ended? Did you ever figure out how to play that card game? Come and relive the adventure!
RoundtablePower Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, tokusatsu et allAmeri-Toku: Live Action American AnimeRemember when Power Rangers was the biggest thing on the planet? Remember all those weird spin-offs and knock offs like Beeetle Borgs and VR Troopers? Where exactly did all these shows come from and why aren’t any of them around today? Come and relive the nostalgia of all these shows. Discuss where they came from and why none of them are still around.
PanelMulti-fandomHow To Geek In PittsburghFew may realize it, but Pittsburgh actually houses several fandom havens and hubs for geek culture. If you're new to the city or haven't quite found your own special place, we'll guide you through the city's hidden gems. Comic book shops, toy stores, conventions, and more! We'll even take a look at some geeky places to go to school and get a job for those who want to study their fandom and eventually get paid to do it.
PanelMulti-fandomSo You Wanna Start A Fansite?The team behind The Modern Gafa takes you inside the world of running a fansite. Whether you want to start a blog, a wiki, or a forum, you’ll learn all kinds of tips and tricks about getting started and keeping your website going on a budget. So You Wanna Start a Fansite” will give con-goers an insight on how to properly set up their very own website dedicated to their favorite fandom (and how to do it on a budget.) We will go through the technical side of things, such as domain names and hosting. We will also cover different types of fansites, how to market to target audiences, and properly utilizing social media networks. The panel will not just help attendees set up a website, but also keep it going for years to come. In this day and age, anyone can create a website. However, few do it properly and even fewer sites stick around long enough to make an impact. This panel will provide an a stepping stone to creating a quality website that can be a success.
PanelMulti-fandomEvery Me Loves Every You: the Wonderful World(s) of AUsYeah, those super heroes are great and all, but what if they were - get this - in college? These band dudes are cool, but what if they were super heroes? Join us as we discuss alternate universes and the characters we love to toss into them. Why do we love taking characters from their home universe and putting them in a different one? What makes AU fic different from original fic with familiar names and faces? And just what is so exciting about coffee shops?
PanelMulti-fandomAnd the walls came tumbling down...What exactly is the 4th Wall? How does it work in the current social media landscape? How has it worked in the past? The almighty 4th Wall is a point of contention and a safety blanket for many fans. Come discuss it, its history, and its impact on fandom.
RoundtableMulti-fandomThis Is My Family, I Found It All On My OwnLeverage; Buffy; Fast and Furious; what is it about found family narratives that draws us in? Join us to talk about our favourite found families in canon, as well as the ones we have to create ourselves through fan works (I'm looking at you, Awesome Hale Pack that never was)
WorkshopN/AFannish Fiber ArtsThis will be a fairly unstructured time for fannish fiber artists to gather, chat, share fan-focused patterns and otherwise connect. Someone will be on-hand with darning needles, scissors and other non-TSA-approved tools, and they'll also be happy to teach you a quick knit stitch if you'd like to learn! Please feel free to bring your unwanted skeins and patterns for swapping. Drop by and knit a bit! Or spin or crochet or needlepoint, or whatever takes your fancy.
PanelMulti-fandom (with examples from/focus on Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and possibly Hannibal)The Crumbling Fourth WallWe love that actors, writers, producers, etc. are on Twitter and sometimes they tweet us back (!), but what does that mean for the understood fourth wall between us? The truth is that with fandom and its intricacies becoming more mainstream and with more immediate feedback and interaction between creators and fans thanks to social media, the fourth wall is dissolving. What does that mean for both sides? How do we as fans navigate this changing landscape, and how do we hope creators navigate it as well?
RoundtableMulti-fandomDavid v. Goliath: Rare & Multishipping in Juggernaut OTP FandomsYou know how it is: you find yourself in a big, popular fandom...but somehow you just don't feel the big, popular pairing (Teen Wolf, I'm looking at you). O noes! What do you do now? How do you navigate the big, bad OTPdom of your fandom as a lone wolf? Dig in your heels. We've got your back. And you're not alone. Join us. We'll do it together. Bring your ideas, strategies, solutions and determination that fandom is for EVERYBODY.