2017 MI IEUC Session Descriptions and Schedule
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TitleDescriptionPresenterCompany or DistrictPathways
4 Conversations that Unlock the Potential in Secondary Scheduling (Parts 1 & 2)Is your master schedule working for you or against you? This in-depth session will introduce 4 conversations that will unlock the potential in your master schedule. Take the conversations back to your school sites to focus improvement work and maximize the impact of your scheduling practices. This session is appropriate for site and district leadership, and is open to all participants regardless of your scheduling software.James FlemingIlluminate EducationISI, Beginning Admin, District Admin
5 Steps to Creating an Early Warning SystemMany schools and districts struggle with creating processes for identifying at-risk students. In this session you will learn a research-based process for creating early warning systems to identify students at-risk for dropping out, academic progress, academic disengagement or mental health issues. We will briefly review the On-Track reporting features in Illuminate that will allow schools and districts to create a variety of weighted at-risk models for various grade levels that includes important indicators such as achievement, credits earned, attendance, social, emotional, behavioral and bullying data.Chris BalowIlluminate EducationMTSS/RTI, District Leadership, Data Analysis
Advanced Custom Reports - Grouping and Window ColumnsLearn custom reporting beyond the basics. Get a better understanding of grouping and window columns. Examples of when to use these will be shown.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReporting
Advanced Custom Reports - Tips, Tricks, Filters, Calculations, Translations, and Performance Bands Become a custom report expert. Learn how to utilize filters, calculations, translations and much more.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReporting
Are you On Track with Your Early Warning Systems?Do you know how all your secondary students are doing? Have you identified ways to provide individual and systemic supports to avoid failures? Shiawassee RESD has used the Early Warning System process to not only identify students that may drop out, but also determine who may be struggling. See how Illuminate's On Track, BI Tool, and Custom Reports are being used to screen and monitor student success.Kathleen Miller, Cheryl Wyatt, Justin Knull, Diane WascherShiawassee RESDMTSS/RTI
Assessment Reports for AdministratorsSo, you've got your student's' assessment results in Illuminate… now what? Learn the ins and outs of assessment reports and how to maximize the power of Illuminate's assessment reporting tools.Beth WilliamsIlluminate EducationData Analysis, Beginning Admin
Assessment Resources, Prebuilt Assessments, and Itembanks, Oh My!Did you know, Illuminate has built over 9000+ assessments that are available to you? A variety of resources will be reviewed as well as some tips and tricks in the itembank that can be used for sharing, collaboration and ultimately save you and your teachers time!Beth WilliamsIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA Lead
Avoiding Data Deja VuLearn about the use of summary assessments and custom reports to avoid double and triple entry of student data. Follow the two-year evolution of one district's transition from multiple student data collection methods to use of the DnA module for everything from RTI to RIMPS to On-Track and EMIS Reporting to Title I Summer School qualification and mailing lists.Whitney RobinsonPickerington Local SchoolsMTSS/RTI
Beginning Custom ReportingAre you new to building your own reports, or have you braved the world of custom reporting with other systems but have always wanted to build reports based on all the data you are interested in viewing? Well, now is your chance. In this session we will cover how to create and display your first custom report.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReporting, Beginning Admin, MTSS/RTI
Behavior 101Interested in keeping your behavior data with your assessment data?  Come and participate as we show you the Behavior Module and its uses!Rick FranceIlluminate EducationISI
BI Tool - Combine Report Card Data with Assessment and School Data for a Data-Driven Marking Period ReportIs your school stuck with boring elementary report cards which don't bring together all of the data you collect on your students? Bring the BI tool to your district to create a visually appealing, data-rich report for parents. This session will cover the basics of creating a custom report using the BI Tool, including the development of custom reports, the creation of the BI report, and integration with DnA.John LaPlanteYoungstown City SchoolsReporting
Building High Quality AssessmentsWhat is the importance of an assessment blueprint? How do you create an assessment using a blueprint? In this session, you will learn how to build an assessment aligned to standards in the Illuminate Itembank that employ various question types. While building your assessment, you will be following an assessment blueprint to ensure measurement of learning at differentiated levels. This session is for any DnA user.Kathleen CiolliIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning
Creative Uses for Item-level Assessments: Importing State and Other DataIf you are a relatively new user of Illuminate DnA you are probably trying to make sense of the various ways to create, import, and display assessment and other data in Illuminate. One of the challenges is getting Summary Assessment data or State/Known Import assessment data to display in reports and/or appear on a student’s profile. This session will explore the use of item-level assessments as a means to achieve this.Jonathan FlukesOakland SchoolsData Analysis
Creative Ways to Train Teachers: Tiles, Interactive Guides, etc.Come learn new and creative ways to train your teachers to use illuminate. We will review tools to empower your teachers to become more knowledgeable and proficient in the system.Kaitlyn JacksonIlluminate EducationTraining/DnA Lead
Data ConversationsTeachers are using DnA for assessments, now what? Come learn how to use Illuminate’s suite of robust reports to start and guide your conversations around student needs, gaps, progress and growth.Val CoffeyIlluminate EducationData Analysis, Reporting
Data Driven Instruction for TeachersOnce you have your results in Illuminate what can you do with them? Do not be data rich and information poor! Come learn how to maximize the power of the various reports and curriculum resources that Illuminate has to offer. Kaitlyn JacksonIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Grading for Learning
Discovering Breakthrough Methods for the Disengaged LearnerResearch indicates that two-thirds of high school students are disengaged from school. In this educational presentation we will explore the very important area of student engagement. The empirical evidence of the impact of student engagement on student performance will be examined across the five core areas of student engagement. Also, the psychological underpinings and causes of disengagement will be examined and how this information can be used to increase student engagement. This presentation will also provide research-based practical strategies at the system level and classroom level that will help educators to increase motivation, hope, resiliency and self-efficacy in students which will lead to enhanced student engagement.
Chris BalowIlluminate EducationDistrict Leadership
DnA for NewbiesHaven’t used DnA much? Forgotten how it all works? Haven’t had a training yet? Want a refresher? If so, this session is for you. In this session we will cover the basics: everything from learning navigation, to creating assessments, to viewing prebuilt reports and more.Mike VenroseIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Beginning Admin
DnA in the Life of a PrincipalThis session will outline a variety of the most commonly used tools that building principals would take advantage of in DnA and some strategies for pushing data use out to teachers and teams. Join Jeff Ion who spent 22 years as a Math Teacher, Building Principal and District Assessment and Data Administrator for a fun look at having these powerful tools!Jeff IonIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin
Early Literacy Assessment & AnalysisThe Early Literacy Assessment & Analysis session will provide a glimpse into Illuminate’s Professional Development (iPD) offering for Early Literacy options as well as access to resources you can use to leverage Illuminate tools for use with / for primary students TK-2. This session is intended for: Primary Classroom Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Curriculum & Instruction Leaders, and Professional Development Leaders. Attendees will: (1) expand their awareness of the Illuminate tools available to assess, provide feedback, and analyze early literacy skills; (2) preview ways to design early literacy assessments and progress monitoring reports, and (3) explore samples of ways to analyze and communicate early literacy data for learning and intervention purposes. This session could be paired with other sessions related to Skills Assessments, Early Literacy & Numeracy Assessments by Key Data Systems INSPECT item bank, On Track, and Custom Reporting with Form Letters.Katie SellstromIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Beginning Admin, District Leadership
Early On: From Referral Through First Service Visit Using ISEThis session will walk through how to document and use the resources available currently in ISE for a student potentially eligible for Early On.Niki SandyIlluminate EducationISE
Effective Use of the New Tile LayoutsNow that Illuminate has the ability to push out tiles from the System Admin level, come learn best practices in planning, organizing, and creating layouts to fit the needs of your teachers and administrators. Yes, you can differentiate how different roles, schools, and grade levels can see these tiles. I will share creative ways that other districts have used tiles in the past to make searching, filtering, and finding reports and assessments much easier. We will have a sharing period where districts can share innovative ways that they have used tiles as well as brainstorm for new ideas.April BeasleyIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA Lead
From Implementation to Application: Collecting Data for the 'Whole Student'Discover how we use Illuminate DnA Form Letters within Custom Reports to gain a holistic view of student data. Save teachers time in accessing and analyzing academic and process data by bringing it to them in one spot. Also a great way to use for the Individual Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP).Heidi AldrichGratiot-Isabella RESDMTSS/RTI
Grading for Learning - Start Your Standards-Based Grading Pilot with IlluminateThe Grading for Learning session will provide a glimpse into Illuminates Professional Development (iPD) offering for leaders and educators interested in piloting standards-based grading. During the session participants will access a digital playlist of resources that your team can use right away to (1) explore current research about standards-based and competency-based grading, (2) reflect on current grading practices, (3) create a pilot and implementation plan, and (4) choose the right gradebook for your pilot. This session is intended for: Pilot Gradebook Teachers, Teacher Leaders (Grade Level or Dept.), Curriculum & Instruction Leaders, and Professional Development Leaders. Katie SellstromIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning
Hands-on: Assessment Creation - Manual/Hybrid, Itembank (Parts 1, 2, & 3)Have you ever wished that you could have an Illuminate expert right next to you while building an assessment within DnA? Here is your opportunity! Bring a pdf version of your favorite assessment and you will be guided through the making of On The Fly, Manual/Hybrid, and Itembank assessments with the support of an Illuminate Implementation Manager!Kim FoleyIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher
Hands-on: Summary Assessments and Custom Reports (Parts 1 & 2)Summary assessments are a universal, flexible tool to import or directly enter spreadsheet data in Illuminate. Custom reports allow you to take all of the data that lives in Illuminate and make it actionable using sorting, filtering, calculations and custom performance bands. This hands-on session will provide the space, support, and ideas that will allow you to leave the session with data collection tools and actionable reports your schools can use.Kate PechacekIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin, MTSS/RTI, Reporting
Help! I am an ISD system admin and want to know the best ways) to find and use ISE resources!Are you new to Illuminate as an ISD administrator or are looking for a refresher on the best ways) to find and use ISE resources? If so then this is the session for you! We will walk through the Illuminate Help Center Resources and additional resources used/shared via our ISE User Group.Niki SandyIlluminate EducationISE
Illuminate Lightning Grader: Making Grading (even essays) Lightning Fast!Have you ever wanted to have multiple choice and constructed response questions on the same test and capture student's work on paper? Wouldn't it be great to score student's handwriting inside DnA? Illuminate's LiG will grade all your MC questions at 100 pages a minute from a scan file and/or capture responses with your doc/web camera. We'll go over everything you need to know for scanner grading, camera grading, and other nuts and bolts processes. We'll also touch on some other new cool stuff you'll be able to do with paper assessments!Elijah StambaughIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Training/DnA Lead
Illuminating as a School PrincipalDid you know, after teachers, the school principal has the greatest impact on student learning? If you are a school principal and would like to learn a few ways that you can make Illuminate work for you, while ensuring that Illuminate resources are being used on a regular basis at your school, then this session is for you.Melissa WheatleyIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin
Inspect® 101Come learn more about the Inspect® itembank and 500+ prebuilt assessments available to use at no additional cost. We’ll discuss how you can use Inspect® to create and administer custom formative assessments right in Illuminate. This is a great session for Inspect® newbies or users looking to further unlock the power of Inspect®’s formative assessment tools.Ashley Lee, Kendall WeiserKey Data SystemsDistrict Leadership
Intermediate Custom Reports - Form Letters, Labels, and more ... Learn about form letters, labels, and other custom reporting hacks that will make your reporting journey a delight!Rick FranceIlluminate EducationReporting
Introduction to the BI ToolDuring this session you will learn how you can create your own data visualizations in Illuminate using the Business Intelligence (BI) Tool.  Examples of reports will be demonstrated to show the power of this tool and how to take your reporting to the next level within Illuminate.Christine Olah & Franck ReyhermeIlluminate EducationReports; Data Analysis
Leadership for SuccessWhether putting in place new benchmark assessments, a new phone system, or determining new school improvement goals, a leader needs to implement these well. We will discuss leadership strategies for the District Leader that will help promote success for everyone. Topics include Two Step Decision Making, aligning new initiatives to school improvement planning, leading through change, and mapping processes. Mike OswaltIlluminate EducationDistrict Leadership
Let's Build an ISE Custom ReportUnderstand the basics with building a custom report but want to build one using data available in ISE? This session will walk through how to: 1) Create a Closed REED Report for the 2017/18 School Year that is a District Favorite; 2) Create a report that shows the current IEPs supplemental aids/services (and how to filter by one or more SASs) 3) Data available for Part B custom reports.Niki SandyIlluminate EducationISE
Making Illuminate Part of Your School CultureWith so many education initiatives, it can be hard to try something new in your district. In this session, you will learn how to implement Illuminate successfully by making Illuminate fit in with your culture. Your implementation is unique and should focus on your district goals and custom needs. Using implementation science, figure out how to plan for an awesome rollout of this invaluable tool.Kathleen CiolliIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, District Leadership
Meet the Needs of Learners Using Hybrid AssessmentsDo you have students with IEPs that require less answer choices?  Are there ELL students who have difficulty with the text in story problems?  Are there students who need additional supports?  Come learn how you can use Hybrid assessments in Illuminate to address these needs for students in a way that is fairly easy for you and your students.  Bring an electronic version of your test with you and try it out.Krista DelkIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Training/DnA Lead
Michigan User Implementation PanelHave you ever wondered how other districts or ISDs have implemented Illuminate? Join us for a session facilitated by an Illuminate Implementation Manager where you hear from a panel of area leaders on what they have learned through the implementation process. Session participants include: Steven Snead, Supervisor, Curriculum & Assessment, Oakland Schools; Joseph Trommater, Data/Special Projects Coordinator, Clare-Gladwin RESD; Bradley Geesaman, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Hartford Public Schools; Whitney Robinson, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Pickerington Schools.Kelly ThiekenIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, District Leadership
More than Exit Tickets: Leveraging On the Fly for Higher Level LearningIlluminate's On The Fly is not just for knowledge and recall level questioning. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for deep discussions and student reflection on their own thinking and the thinking of their classmates. Learn simple techniques to use On The Fly assessments and the data they generate to capitalize on the formative capabilities of your assessments. Help your students become active participants in their own high level learning.Melissa WheatleyIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Grading for Learning
MTSS & RTI Within IlluminateDo you track student participation and progress in interventions, small group tutorials or after school programs? Have you been asked to monitor programs with student subgroup achievement? Learn how you can maximize Illuminate’s summary assessments, custom reports and/or intervention tracking tools to manage and monitor student participation in a more personalized learning system.Katie SellstromIlluminate EducationMTSS/RTI
Online Registration and Pre-RegistrationDon't you wish your parents could enter the data and you could approve it? Well now you can using our online registration process through the parent portal! Come check it out!Rick France, Annie StefanoIlluminate EducationISI
Online Testing and Live ProctoringLearn all about the online testing feature in Illuminate. This session will take you through the steps of online test setup, managing student access and tips for testing administration. We will also work through our Live Proctoring and show some fun and engaging student activities.Krista DelkIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Grading for Learning
Our Journey with Jasper and the BI ToolHear how the Shiawassee RESD data team went from feeling overwhelmed after their first BI Tool training to creating useful reports. We're here to share our experiences, processes, and tips and tricks that we have found to work for us. Don't expect a "how-to" session (we're not Franck), simply come and join us for a conversation.Justin Knull, Haley Newman, Diane WascherShiawassee RESDReporting
PLCs - Leveraging Prebuilt Assessment ReportsPLCs and collaborative teams are fueled by data from common assessments. The report you choose with guiding questions to accompany can be pivotal in driving the action you want to see. Illuminate has 23 prebuilt assessment reports that serve many purposes. This session will focus on which reports will best serve the work of a PLC/Collaborative Team, guiding questions to accompany the reports that will help meet different PLC goals, and sample reports for documenting the ongoing work of a PLC.Kate PechacekIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning, Training /DnA Lead, Reporting
Predictive Analytics in Illuminate - Say What?If you thought you could not do predictive analysis within Illuminate you would actually be right.  However, when you combine Illuminate DnA along with some other easy to obtain tools you can do some high level predictive analyses.  For example, many districts are very interested in using benchmark assessment data or data from specific vendors to predict which students are most at risk for not being proficient on their state accountability assessment.  In this session you will learn the basic statistical methods of predictive analytics and learn several methods of extracting your data from Illuminate. You will use some web-based and common software tools to conduct a variety of predictive analyses. Learn predictive models to identify at-risk students or a variety of selection criterion procedures.Chris BalowIlluminate EducationData Analysis, District Leadership
Project Manage your Master ScheduleDoes Master Schedule cause you to break out into a cold sweat? Do you supervise multiple schedules at multiple sites? This session will help you manage a busy scheduling schedule. Use our suggested scheduling calendar, scheduling task checklist, and post-scheduling analysis to turn your scheduling process into a manageable project. Reclaim your summer break!James FlemingIlluminate EducationISI, Beginning Admin
Putting To Bed What Keeps Technology Leaders Up At NightThis session will be an open sharing session from those in attendance on relevant topics that are important to district/county technology leaders. The intent is for those in the session, who are currently a leader of a technology department, to have a safe place to learn from and share with each other what has worked, and what hasn't, as a technology leader. Topics can include: * What technology support staffing model is best for a district?
* What help desk ticketing systems work well?
* What support model is best for managing a....iPad? Chromebook? Laptop?
* What 1:1 models work at what grade levels (check out, carts, labs, assigned, etc?)
* How are districts meeting the Blended Learning needs of teachers?
* Topics that are brought up on the fly in the session! Mike Oswalt, Illuminator and retired Assistant Superintendent of Regional Technology and Data Services at a county office in Michigan, will moderate. Mike has nearly 30 years of experience in leading technology initiatives at district, county and statewide levels. We'll use collaborative technology to capture and share ideas brought up in the session.
Mike OswaltIlluminate EducationDistrict Leadership
Q & ACome have your questions answered by Illuminate staff. Please come early to schedule your time slot with a specialist in DnA, ISI or ISE. Sessions limited. Illuminate Support TeamIlluminate Education
Q & ACome have your questions answered by Illuminate staff. Please come early to schedule your time slot with a specialist in DnA, ISI or ISE. Sessions limited. Illuminate Support TeamIlluminate Education
Report Cards in IlluminateThe session will walk you through the steps of creating, implementing and managing elementary report cards in Illuminate. Learn the tips and tricks that make this easy.Annie StefanoIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning, System Admin/Implementation
Sikills Assessment 2.0You have all heard of Skills Assessment, but have you seen the new and improved skills assessment 2.0? With this sleek new design, teachers have the added ability to import pictures, change font, change color, use drawing tools and shape tools, and much more. Come see the newest exciting tool for primary teachers in illuminate- Skills Assessment 2.0April BeasleyIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA Lead
Simple Steps for PLAAFP & Goal Writing SuccessWell written, data-driven PLAAFPs create a formula that guarantees success when writing goals. Participants will learn to utilize a rubric describing the components needed for a well-written PLAAFP. Participants will then learn how to utilize the PLAAFP information to write goals that are not only compliant but also provide a clear direction for all IEP team members working with the student. Renee ThelenIonia County Intermediate School DistrictISE
Speed Data-ingCurious about how others use Illuminate? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to collaborate and share your successes and challenges with each other? Come for a fast-paced, fun hour of networking and sharing.Val CoffeyIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA Lead
Spotlight Session and Meet & GreetWe are flipping the typical opening General Session into an end-of-first-day Spotlight Session that you won’t want to miss! The session will include several five minute presentations designed to ignite your imagination for using the many resources available to you from Illuminate. Also included will be a raffle for some educational prizes as well as the annual Backpacks for Kids giveaway. Finally, there will be time to network with colleagues and our conference vendors while light refreshments are served.VariousIlluminate Education
Standards Best PracticesLearn how to create standard collections and custom standards within DnA. Standard collections will provide teachers with a focused set of standards in creating assessments and/or for grading. The CSV File layout will be covered as well as the process of importing and removing custom standards.  Tips and tricks will include using custom standards and standard collections with manual and itembank assessment items.Beth WilliamsIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation
Student Data Privacy 101 for the District LeaderUsing data to inform instruction is a central theme for ensuring students will be successful. With that focus comes the responsibility of protecting student data. Districts have policies about it and legislators have written strict rules governing how and when student data can be used. This session will give an overview of the primary student data privacy laws and provide strategies to promote using reasonable safeguards for protecting student data while meeting the need to use data to inform instruction.Mike OswaltIlluminate EducationDistrict Leadership
Summary AssessmentsCome learn about the wonderful world of summary assessments. We'll discuss why districts use summary assessments, view some samples and learn how how to set them up.Krista DelkIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, MTSS/RTI
System Admin Tips & TricksA review for new and seasoned System Admins relating to DnA System Management. Topics will include data validation, code management, customization of the dashboard features, using Favorites, role management and assessment admin capabilities. Best practices using the bulletin feature, test admin account, ability to request locked widgets and other helpful tips will be covered.Melissa Wheatley, Bob GreenIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation
The Implementation of Summary Assessments in Tracking Student's SASs and AccommodationsWant to hear how one RESA who was using ISE and is now starting to use DnA took on tracking supplementary aids/services/accommodations using summary assessments? If so, then this is the session for you! We will be walking through our journey of implementing this with local administrators.Shane WelchSt Clair County RESAISE
Tips/Tricks to Utilize Form Letters and Custom Reports to Develop IEP Progress Monitoring TemplatesHave you been frustrated trying to document progress on goals/objectives, supplemental aids/services, transition activities, etc? There is a great solution that helps develop templates to track student progress on various sections of the IEP. This session will show you Tip and Tricks on using Form Letters and Custom Reports to develop these templates personalized for a group of students or individual students.Ann WaltonCalhoun ISDISE
Train the Trainer Tips and TricksHave you been designated as a trainer for Illuminate at your district or building? Learn how to differentiate your training to meet the needs of those you are training, ways to help support educators between and beyond training, tips to make your training "stick" and how to weave best instructional practices into your training.Kaitlyn JacksonIlluminate EducationTraining/DnA Lead
Understand and Troubleshoot Your Core DataThe presentation will cover data analysis and validation of core files.Kimberly Milligan & Jay SchuppIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation
Unlock the Power of Student GroupsThis session will show the power of student groups as they relate to system visibility, custom and assessment reporting, and gradebook.Annie StefanoIlluminate EducationMTSS/RTI
Using DnA to Implement Student-Led ConferencesAre you frustrated by parent-teacher conferences where you do all the talking? DnA can be a great tool for students to lead their own conferences and truly manage their learning and growth. Learn how to create student-led conferences that are based on data, reflection, and conversations focused on student progress.Kelly ThiekenIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Beginning Admin
Using Illuminate DnA to DRIVE Curriculum ForwardCome and learn how a small school district uses Illuminate DnA to drive their curriculum like big districts with full curriculum departments. See how Schoolcraft Schools are making use of I-DnA to curriculum mastery to life.Ric SeagerSchoolcraft Community SchoolsDistrict Leadership
Using Illuminate to Support 3rd Grade Reading Law RequirementsThis session will focus on how Illuminate can be used as a system to support the various aspects of the 3rd Grade Reading Law. Come learn what others are doing and how you can create your own system to support your work. From importing/entering initial screening and extensive data, to using the robust data analysis tools to identify students who are showing delays or deficiencies, monitoring progress and tracking meetings with parents, Illuminate has tools to assist you. Val CoffeyIlluminate EducationData Analysis
Using Illuminate to Support Second Order ChangeFirst Order change refers to an extension of past practices and typically focuses on doing a better job at what is already being done. Second Order change is related to complex change that exceeds existing paradigms and requires new knowledge and skills. (Waters, 2004). This session is for district and building level leaders interested in learning how Illuminate can support a move to the second order change necessary to ensure all students, at every level, leave your schools ready for what lies beyond graduation.Kate PechacekIlluminate EducationDistrict Leadership
Using Summary Assessments to Support Students with IEP'sAre you a special education teacher looking for ways to use DnA to monitor student goals and objectives? Are you a general education teacher struggling to manage accommodations for special education students in your classroom? How do you know if interventions are supporting growth for individual students? Do you have binders, charts, and clipboards that you lug around trying to capture all of these important details? Let's tackle this challenge and create systems that streamline your life and allow you to focus on teaching and learning.Kelly ThiekenIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Beginning Admin
What's New in Master Scheduling?Ready to use the latest features when building your Master Schedule? Interested in saving time and improving the schedule for all learners? This session will introduce the newest scheduling tools and provide time for experienced users to exchange time-saving tips.James FlemingIlluminate EducationISI, Beginning Admin
What’s New with Inspect®? Show and TellIf you’ve had access to Inspect®, you may have noticed that the itembank and suite of prebuilt assessments is always growing. Come learn about the newest features and what is in the pipeline for development. Do you have ideas for assessment suites or itembank growth? Bring them and have your thoughts heard directly by the Inspect® Product Director. Ashley Lee, Kendall WeiserKey Data SystemsDistrict Leadership
Fluence Formative Assessments for the New Michigan K-12 Science StandardsThis session is informative for anyone interested implementing the New Michigan K-12 Science Standards. We will cover the basics of the standards and Michigan’s Framework, including, how these standards are different from earlier standards, the structure of the standards, and the additional dimensions embedded in the standards. The webinar will also walk you through suggested implementation models using the Fluence Formative Assessments and support documents. Anne Kel-ArtinianFluenceDistrict Leadership