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ContentThe Presentation covers information of one subtopic of the website. The content of the Presenation in informative and shows that the author researched and critically analyzed the choosen subtopic. There are at least 3 total paragraphs of information.There are questioned left unsanswered and/or less than 3 quality paragraphs.Information is scattered, and the subtopic is not described in detail. There are only 2 quality paragraphs.Information is scattered and/or there is 2 or less paragraphs.Information is scarce, opinionated and copied and pasted from other resources.Not done.
CreativityThe author uses the Presentation software creatively, while making sure the Presentation contributes to the overall design of the website.Most preset themes are used. Minimal relevant images.Entire project uses preset themes and text. The colors do not fit with the overall site design.Not done.
SlidesPresentation includes a minimum of 5 slides. This includes a title slide and 4 content slides (at least).Only 4 slidesOnly 3 slidesOnly 2 slidesOnly 1 slideNot done.
ImagesAt least 3 different images (or videos) are included. All images contribute to the overall design of the Presenation.3 images that are not clearly relevant2 images only2 images that aren't clearly relevant1 imageNot done.
CitationsAt least 2 resources are hyperlinked to.2 resources but not hyperlinkedOnly 1 hyperlinked resource1 resource not hyperlinked toNot done.
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