2014 Applied Improv World Conference Schedule of Presentations
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Opening SessionPlanned PresentationsPlanned PresentationsClosing SessionOpening SessionPlanned PresentationsPlanned PresentationsClosing SessionOpening SessionPlanned PresentationsPlanned Presentations
VenueCapacity9:00-10:45am (105min)11:00-noon (60min)2:45- 4:15pm (90min)4:45-5:30pm (45min)9:00-10:15am (75min)10:30-noon (90min)2:45-3:45pm (60min)4:15-5:30pm (75min)9:00-10:00am (60min)11:15-noon (45min)1:30-2:30pm (60min)4:15-5:30pm (75min)
Main Presentation Courtroom (AV capapble)180-200Opening Session, Presidential welcome, etc.

4 AINxs (7 minutes each):
(biz) Pamela Burke - Technical Experts as Leaders: Breaking Down Barriers to Becoming a Beginner Again
(world) Gabe Mercado & Mary Tyszkiewicz - Heroic Improv: Generating Solutions in a Moment Together During Disasters
(acad) Barbara Tint - The Delphi Study, an Overview
(pers) Alan Caramatti - Three Ways to Explore Life
(biz) Gary Hirsch, Shelley Darcy - When Leaders Let Go: How Daimler and Burgerville Took the Risk and Embraced Improv
6 AINx talks (7 minutes each)
(biz) Brent Darnell - From the Head to the Heart: Marketing Applied Improv
(acad) Dan Weinstein - Inside the Mind of an Improvisational Writer
(pers) Paul Black - The SAM Model: How to Successfully Influence Your Audience
(biz/pers) Kathy Klotz-Guest - Stop Waiting for Permission: "Yes, and" Yourself!
(pers) Deena Malkina - Improv in the Park: Building Communities and Transforming Lives With the Gift of Improv
(pers) Amy Angelilli - My Accidental Journey into Applied Improvisation
Something big and Austiny and sense making of the day so far... [still working on this]Morning Session

4 AINxs (7-10 minutes each)
(world) Belina Raffy - Using Improv to Save the World (And Me)
(biz) Patrick Short - Yes, And Customer Service
(pers) Norman Wolfe - Improvisation: A Journey of Applied Spirituality
(world) Pablo Suarez - How Applied Improv Has Improved Humanitarian Work
(world) Improv for a Better World Panel with Pablo Suarez, Mary Tyszkiewicz , Gabe Mercado, Gemma Bulos moderated by Belina Raffy(acad) Liz Aebersold, Tracy McCormack, Mark Santos -
Setting Precedent: Creativity in Law School
Sense making, what do we want Sunday to be like, working on AIN better, OS proposal for tomorrow,Welcome, Plan for Day, OS offers, Playfulness & 15 sec intros(biz) Gina Trimarco - Improvising Your Way To Six Figures Using AI as a Modality for Business CoachingClosing - mixture of high-level plan and emergent from OS
Fourth Floor Courtroom East (AV capable)50-80(biz) Barbara Tint - Delphi Study in Detail, (world) Jeanne Lambin - Improvisation in Academia and Beyond: What Worked, What Didn’t and Lessons Learned in the Process (acad) Theresa Robbins Dudeck - Keith Johnstone's Impro System in Theory and Practice(biz) Caitlin McClure & Karen Dawson - Have Your Emotions Before They Have You(world) Joey Novick - Improv for Lawyers(biz) Mary Jane Pories - Applied Improviser Caught Playing With Standardized Assessments: The Shocking Truth(biz) Gijs van Bilsen - Fast-Growing Organisations
Fourth Floor Courtroom West (AV capable)50-80(acad) Dawn Wisher and Paige Clark - Improv'ing Public Speaking Anxiety(world) Gabe Mercado & Mary Tyszkiewicz - Heroic Improv: Generating Solutions in a Moment Together During Disasters(acad) Pete Ludovice - IDEA: Improvisational Design of Engineering Alternatives(world) Andrew Gaines & Katherine Kasmir - Improvising for Deeper Engagement(pers) Adam Blatner - Building Bridges to Related Fields: Psychodrama and Beyond(acad) Nerida Rand - Teaching English through Improvisation
First Floor Courtroom60-90(biz) Mike Bonifer - Big Data Meets Big Story(acad) Henri Lipmanowicz - Liberating Structures: How to Unleash the Performance of Any Group, Instantly and Without a Script (world) Jude Treder-Wolff - Changing Mindsets(world/pers) Belina Raffy - Using Improv to Save the World (And Me)(biz) Sue Walden - Wily Vets*
*may run 10 mins into lunch
(biz) Teresa Norton - Client Engagement, Soup to Nuts
Presentation Room 3C40-60(pers/biz) Ted DesMaisons - Finding "Second Circle": An Embodied, Every-Moment Window to Creative Connection(biz) Rebecca Stockley - Let Your Partner Change You(pers) Matt Weinstein and Sarah (Otter) Fisk, Applying Improv From Your BIG Heart(pers) Mary Curtis - Addiction Recovery Unscripted: Using AI to Enhance Behavioral Health(acad) Laurel Felt - How Improvisation Ignites Learning (biz) Zohar Adner - Master Class in Applied Improvisation
Presentation Room 2A20-30(pers) Jessica Arjet and Lacy Shawn - Building Connection: Improv With At-Risk Youth and Youth on the Autism Spectrum(biz) Sue Walden - Managing Change(pers) Robert Lowe - Applied Improvisation, Aikido and Status(biz) Yael Schy - Big vs. Little: When is Less More?(biz) Ralf Wetzel & Raymond van Driel - Improv meets Organization Theory: Starting a Long Overdue Discussion
Presentation Room 3A20-30(pers) Michael Burns - Improv One on One(world/biz) Marc Purchin & Debra Gerardi -
Using Improvisation to be a Better Negotiator and Conflict Resolver 
(acad) Peter Dominick, Deena Malkina, Themis Veleni, Pam Burke - Growing Technical Leaders Through Improvisation in the Arts (pers) Gary Schwartz & Sparky Johnson - Viola Spolin & AI(biz) Patricia Colley - Intro to Service Design(pers) Gary Schwartz - Sidecoaching as Intuitive Leadership
Presentaton Room 3B20-30(pers) Jonathan Jubinville - Inviting Change(acad) Rita Venturini - Reinventing the Predictable: From Habit to Improvisation(acad) Christopher Ruiz de Esparza & Timothy R. McMahon - Leadership as Improvisation
Game Swap Rooms25-50Games for Opening Up a Conference and Yourself(biz) Skill Swap - facilitated by Bobbi Block(pers) Lauren Zinn - YogaPlay: How to Turn Off Your Inner Critic and Get Blissfully Present(biz) Stefan Stahl - Humor Training Games(pers) Sparky Johnson - Theatre Games as a Means to Accessible IntuitionGames to End On!
Breakout 2B10-15