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Ladies, and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Welcome to the Sinister Circus! This is not your ordinary circus, but one with a twist. This Ring Mistress will master the circus. She will tame the lions, and dominate all who cross her path. Do not interfere with her circus or she will whip you into line! This ring mistress commands respect! #tonnerscavengerhunt22" POISON IVY #tonnerscavengerhunt Ember haired Ivy, beautiful & dangerous, gets into your skin & burns like a flame, bet you're just itching to possess her! Another favorite of mine because she is simply so stunning & enigmatic.Mod Tyler | I cannot think of the Mod movement without thinking of Austin Powers. Hollywood has corrupted me. Mod Tyler looks like she could easily have fit in to the groovy Austin Powers universe with ease. Don't mess with the glitter boots! #tonnerscavengerhunt"Tonner's Think Pink Basic Precarious" Precarious is one of my favorite Tonner dolls, this is a no nonsense be anyone you want to be girl, High fashion and daring I put this doll with Definitely Downtown's fur coat for a simple but elegant photo shoot check my other pins and Shop and just have fun. #tonnerscavengerhunt#tonnerscavengerhunt - OMG! Here I am in the Big Apple! Which reminds me that I'm hungry. And as much as I love the green guy I am sorely tempted by the plethora of male pulchritude. I know they're all staring at moi. How could they not? Get behind me, Satan--and don't push! Oh, is that Brad over there? Yoo-hoo, Brad . . . !Pretty Party Patsy® - END OF EDITION! | This doll evokes special memories for me. My grandmother loved violets. They were her special flower. She lived in Australia, while we lived in the States, so we didn't get to grow up with her. Despite the distance, we were close. She passed away 11 years ago, and whenever I see violets, I see her smile and remember the few good times we did have together. I love you, Nannie! #tonnerscavengerhunt#tonnerscavengerhunt - I'm beginning to think coming to New York to become a Broadway star may have been a mistake. Sure I've acted in local theater companies and I really loved it, and everyone back home told me I have what it takes, but THIS is different. My first real audition is tomorrow and I'm so nervous I can barely breathe, eat, or sleep. I’m trying out for a part as a chorus girl and I think I have the steps down. I just hope I don't trip over my own feet. Gosh I hope I make it!#tonnerscavengerhunt - Classically elegant Tyler Wentworth--heiress, designer, star of stage, screen, runway--found herself wanting more. This when nominated for another award--for her dramatic role in "Rags to Riches." She thought her renown an illusion. Could she trust anyone with her heart when so many had used it for selfish gains? The paparazzi swarmed, she stood poised. No one noticed her wistful eyes. As the flashes burst like a thousand novas, she wondered, "When will I win happiness?"#tonnerscavengerhunt Heartthrob Tess from Dick Tracy collection Tess Trueheart is Dick Tracy's girlfriend through thick and thin. Her stunning black chiffon gown has the sleek 1940's straight skirt with beading on the bodice. Her ombre faux fur muff and hat are so lovely. I want both! Tess is the model of the refined 1940's lady- sexy, yet covered up and leaving a lot to her man's imagination. Dick Tracy, get on your wristwatch radio and call Tess now!She could have been the apple of Aristotle Onassis' eye, if only she had been around 40 years ago. Those stunning, million dollar looks of this Greek goddess are enough to get her anything she wants. How will the rest of us mortals cope! Tonner Doll Company #tonnerscavengerhunt
Ring Mistress. She is my favorite of the pins for this contest. She is most suited to me, I would wear that outfit, and have worn similar in real life. When I found Tonner this line was at its end and I am sad I missed her with her tall sexy boots and I am the boss attitude.When we think of poison ivy, fear overcomes us. Whether speaking of the dangerous plant or the dangerous Batman villain, Poison Ivy strikes fear into our hearts. But with this beautiful doll, POISON IVY never looked so good! We will not be able to get enough of this poison ivy. That fiery red hair, gorgeous green complexion, and beautifully detailed wardrobe will make you love Batman's nemesis. #tonnerscavengerhuntDisco Diva returns to the scene of the crime, NY's Studio 54...or was it La Palace in Paris!! Blue, so very blue with the movement of water itself, her dress catches every bit of light as she dances, literally transforming herself into the life of the party. Tyler Wentworth® | Tonner Doll Company #tonnerscavengerhunt#tonnerscavengerhunt - Based on my appearance, everyone at the accounting firm where I worked thought I was dumb. I decided to prove just how wrong they were. It took several years of suffering their lewd suggestions and unkind jokes, but I used those to my advantage. In the end I was the only one laughing, all the way to the bank--in Rio, where I ended up after "borrowing" millions from the firm. Life in the financial district was precarious for a while, but now I'm just tickled pink.MISS PIGGY Takes Manhattan. I grew up loving the Muppets and strong vibrant, sometimes ass kicking Miss Piggy was my favorite. I had a puppet doll of her as a kid in her lavender gown that I kept until I was an adult and I had to throw it out because the plastic head was decomposing/melting. #tonnerscavengerhuntSo chic, ma petite Violette. So young, yet such a fashion plate already..having taken a stroll through the prettiest flowers in the garden. She dreams of growing up to be a thornless rose. Tonner Doll Company #tonnerscavengerhuntAll Star Cami Basic | Cami was my first Tonner fashion doll. Before Cami, I only collected character figures. But once I saw Cami, I knew I had to have her. She was my gateway drug into the world of fashion dolls... a world that has since eclipsed my character figure collecting. Thank you, Cami, for being a gorgeous introduction into the world of fashion dolls! #tonnerscavengerhuntClassic Elegance Tyler has a unique style all her own! Those fiery red locks will set your heart afire. Those pouty red lips will captivate you! And that refined elegance is sophisticated and sexy all in one great package! Tonner has done it again! A beautiful doll that should be a part of everyone's collection! #tonnerscavengerhunt#tonnerscavengerhunt - No one can imagine the fears I bear as wife to the world’s foremost detective. I love my husband dearly, but the safety of our children must come first. I have left him and returned to him, hoping to secure some stability in our lives and security for our children. Each night I pray he will return safely to me, and I welcome him home with all my love when he does. I would sacrifice everything else to know he and the children are safe. Will that ever be enough?#tonnerscavengerhunt So chic and fashionable look. In my little imaginary doll world, she sure breaks some hearts, makes other dolls look twice, and stroll like a fashion-star. Reminds me of myself when I was 20 years old.
11. #tonnerscavengerhunt *CRACK* The Ring Mistress's crop smacked down on the White Spy's hand, knocking the little red bomb to the floor. "Be gone with you," she told him, gesturing dramatically. "Away." The White Spy slinked away. "Oh my," said Tyler. "Why did you do that? He seemed like a nice enough fellow, if a bit melancholy." "He was plotting to blow you up!" was the dramatic reply. "But fret not; I have saved you. Now come along." "But...where are we going?" asked Tyler. "To the show!" the Ring Mistress replied, grabbing Tyler's hand, and stomped off in her high-heeled boots, dragging Tyler behind.2. #tonnerscavengerhunt "Ivy, please come stay with me!" Harley cajoled. "The shelves are nice, and Mista J didn't mean what he said." Poison Ivy turned, standing tall, and flipped her long red hair over her shoulder. "I'm sure he DID, Harley, and I don't put down roots where I'm not wanted," she said into the warehouse's video monitor. "But you're my best friend!" cried Harley. "Harley Quinn needs her Poison Ivy! What am I gonna do??" "Steal Emily's credit card and buy me from the Tonner site," said Ivy. "If you pull off a caper like that, I'll KNOW you really love me." Harley's sad clown face brightened. "Be right back!" She chirped, and then dashed away on her little doll feet, mumbling, "I'll need a paper clip, two pieces of string, a live frog, some toothpaste..."5. #tonnerscavengerhunt "Get the tunes, Tyler!" Ava called, clambering down the rungs of the shelf. "It's our first party and we can't disappoint! We have to get everyone to dance!" Tyler ran to the iPod speaker, blue sequins sparkling in the light. "That's going to be tough with this crowd. What should we play?" "Well, don't play that Batdance song," Ava said, joining Tyler on the table. "I don't think Bruce would be amused by it." She looked back up to the shelf, where the G.I.Joe-sized Batman was amusing himself by dangling the tiny HeroClix Joker over the edge. Ava could hear the Joker's tiny maniacal laugh from across the room as he swung back and forth. "How can you tell?" Tyler asked. "He NEVER takes off that mask!" "I know," Ava said. She looked at the twenty-three Deadpools of various sizes hanging out, throwing things, and fighting with each other on the next shelf down. "Gosh, what a weird bunch this is," she mused. "Truer words..." Tyler said, "...but they're our family now, I guess. So let's party!" she cheered, and hit play.8. #tonnerscavengerhunt Cami shaded her eyes and sat up as the newcomer strolled onto the sunny window ledge. "Well aren't you a pretty thing," she said casually. "I like your sunglasses. I'm Cami." She stuck out her hand. "Thanks," the tall woman replied, shaking hands. "I'm Precarious." "In those heels, I bet you are!" laughed Cami. "Sit down and join us." The lady in pink sat daintily on the ledge opposite Ava and Tyler, who had fallen asleep. "No, I mean my name is Precarious." she said, smiling. "Huh - your parents must have been a real hoot," Cami said. "Did they hate you?" "No," Precarious laughed. "But I think they hung out with too many celebrities back then. You know how they name their kids." "Hah! Yeah," said Cami. "Lucky they didn't name you Moon Unit," Cami said, laying back down. "Lucky indeed!" laughed Precarious, and then pulled her sunglasses over her eyes as she tilted her head back to soak in the sun.10. #tonnerscavengerhunt "Is that...a pig in heels?" John Connor asked Antoinette, taking another bite of cake. "It...appears to be." She said. "I've seen a lot of strange things in my time," he replied, "but this one, pun intended, really takes the cake." "That was terrible," Antoinette replied, poking his sleeve jokingly; then wiping dirt off of her finger. "But seriously - I've never seen anything like that pig before," he continued. Miss Piggy turned, plate piled with cake, and batted her eyelashes. "That's because there is no one on the planet to compare with moi," she said, and then sauntered off.3. #tonnerscavengerhunt Tweedledee elbowed Alice. "Don't look now, but that flower bed is moving." Tweedledum elbowed her other side. "Contrariwise, if the flower bed is not moving, then the shelf must be shifting beneath it." "That's logic!" they both declared, and then jumped backwards in a heap when the purple flowers they'd been inspecting sat up and yawned. Or rather, the sweet face beneath them did. "Hello," said the purple flower girl, looking sleepily around. "Have you seen my friend Rose?" "We haven't," said Alice, bending over and offering her hand to help the girl up, "but it's nice to be seeing you. You're very pretty!" "Do you think so?" Asked the child anxiously. "Only Dewdrop says Poppy's ever so much prettier." "Well I'm sure you put them all in the shade," declared Alice, and at that, the flower child curtsied in thanks and handed her a flower.6. #tonnerscavengerhunt "I can't believe summer's almost over, you guys!" Cami swung her long blonde hair out of her face as she tripped up to Ava and Tyler. "It was such a great idea to throw a party, though. Want to take a break from the dancing and catch some rays?" "That sounds like fun," said Tyler, exhaling heavily. "I'm pooped." She strolled to the edge of the table, swung herself carefully over the top of a chair, and walked onto the wide, sunny window ledge. "Ooh, don't look down," giggled Cami, following. "How high up are we?" Tyler asked, looking out the picture window and shuddering slightly. "Nine floors!" Cami chirped. She pressed her face to the glass and looked down. "Stop that!" said Tyler. "You're making me nervous." "I love heights!" Cami declared. "Well that makes one of us!" Tyler quipped. Cami shrugged, did a little dance along the edge of the window ledge, and then laid down to sunbathe with her two new friendsSultry with an air of understated sexiness, the raven beauty glides into the theatre lobby and all eyes immediately turn towards her. Who is this vision of elegance? It's magic. Black Magic! Tonner Doll Company #tonnerscavengerhuntHeartthrob #tonnerscavengerhunt Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era... I would have loved to have worn outfits like this, but I was born in the age of jeans and T-shirts. Granted, today's clothes are more comfortable, by far, but there's no denying that the clothes from this time are just more beautiful, period. Like wearing a work of art. It's probably why I enjoy dressing up in costumes so much.
Ring Mistress #tonnerscavengerhunt With her hypnotic gaze & boots that will walk over you, everyone listens when at her command. She is truly the Sinister Queen of the circus! This one is a favorite of mine because I love that Robert Tonner dares to go into the dark!Mod Tyler- #tonnerscavengerhunt When I look at this doll it takes me back to my time as a teenager. She reminds me of everything that all I always wanted to be. Fun, poised, and sophisticated rather than shy and awkward. That is why I love Tonner dolls and the magic they create. Tonner dolls can transport you to another place and time, in a way that other dolls I have owned could never do. You have made a life-long collector out of me.#tonnerscavengerhunt What girl wouldn't just love to dress like this, sit by the pool, and make guys go crazy? This doll would totally make any other doll envious with her striking beauty!#tonnerscavengerhunt The last time I saw Miss Piggy? It was at that Manhattan fundraiser wasn't it? Miss Piggy was so charming. Then I saw him coming across the room toward us. Short, green, making you feel like he's your best friend. I think I smiled at him. Why can't I remember his name? Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the ER. Hock shaped bruise on the side of my head. My memory of that night is so hazy. All I can remember is the glamorous Miss Piggy, a vision in fuchsia and lime green.#tonnerscavengerhunt This reminds me of how my mom and grandma saw me as a kid. Huge eyelashes, beautiful dresses, and doll shoes. I guess that's why my grandma would always sing a doll lullaby for me when I was scared. Love you grams.
#tonnerscavengerhunt I love Ring master because she is from Robert's comic line and its a line of dolls that not only I love but my hubby as well. Sinister circus brought my hubby and I closer together in doll collecting. My hubby shares a fondness for the circus and he is a comic book artist, so it brings all of our passions together. The ring master in particular is my favorite because she commands attention and her outfit and look from Head to toe is Flawless. I just love her.#tonnerscavengerhunt - Living in the sixties was a blast: be-ins, sit-ins, love-ins, whatever-ins. Aquarius dawned, the fashions and the Beatles were fab, and I would choose flower power over nuclear power any day. Trust me, it was no age of innocence; often we were just dazed and confused, but we never lost our cool. And though we felt groovy tripping, down the cobblestones, little did we know we were lurching from a mod, mod to a mad, mad world. Ah, those were the days, my friend.MISS PIGGY Takes Manhattan #tonnerscavengerhunt Miss Piggy was one of my first role models as a young girl. You may ask, how can a muppet pig be a role model? Easy, I reply. She was always herself and never apologized for it. She had curves and didn't try to hide them. She was large and in charge and everyone had better be okay with that. I don't think I was the only one she inspired, everyone loved my Miss Piggy poster on the wall of my college dorm room. :)#tonnerscavengerhunt Pretty Party Patsy® - END OF EDITION! Patsy is not only adorable but also the epitome of impishness. How can you resist that expression. If I had unlimited funds, I'd have every Tonner doll, starting with every Patsy available. Her clothes, shoes, hair and eyes are wonderfully creative. In this picture, I just know she's running to me!
Mod Tyler is so hip and cute! She has sparkle and pizazz. It makes you want to master time travel, and go back in time to live the life of Mod Tyler. With great fashion and sky high boots, what is not to love? #tonnerscavengerhuntThis Tonner/Effanbee Patsy really tugs at my heart--the big dark aqua eyes, the chubby cheeks, the slightly-pouting mouth--she reminds me of my own kids when they were toddlers. And that purple ruffly flouncy dress and flower crown is a budding princess's dream! What a beautiful doll! #tonnerscavengerhunt
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