PADUG14 Public Sessions
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PADUG 2014 Session Descriptions
KeynoteFuture of Administrative ITJoy HatchVirginia Community College SystemDid you know that the median age for ERP systems in higher education is 12 years? Or that over half of the institutional IT expenditures support administrative activities? The disruption happening around us in higher education is forcing a new look at these expenditures and searching for ways to maximize the investment. What does the future hold and how can higher education work together to reduce costs and still support our students are just a couple of the issues this session will explore.
FA (Financial Aid)- Track Leader: Joan Hock, Delaware Valley College
FA01Generic Display of Endowed AwardsPete Gifford and TMSAllegheny CollegeIn an effort to simplify communication with students, Allegheny College has begun listing all non-prize endowed award simply as institutional grants.  Modifications to Award Letters, Billing Statements and TMS Student Account Center will be discussed.
FAB (Finance and Business) - Track Leaders: Linda Kristekas, Montgomery County CC, Audrey Strickland, Widener University
FAB01Automated Approvers RoutineMichael BurboNeumann UniversityBuild an Approver tree for your Requisitions/PO and have the system fill in needed approvers based on who they report to and Dollar amounts of the request/purchase.
Review of our process and what we at Neumann did.
HR (Human Resources) - Track Leader: Pat Strano, Widener University
HR01Basics of HR and Payroll File StructuresNeil BellesNeumann UniversityNeumann recently installed HR and payroll modules. I was totally unfamiliar with the files involved. But what I learned in researching the files in order to write or assist the HR Office with basic Informer reports could be helpful to others in the same start-up situation.
HR02Implementing Web Time EntryPat StranoWidener UniversityWidener University has implemented Web Time Entry for approximately 450 support staff employees. Come join us to learn the setup of Web Time Entry and how it was implemented for 450 support staff employees on three different campuses of the University.
HR03Online Benefit EnrollmentKaren SnyderWidener UniversityCome find out how to simplify and automate your benefits-enrollment process by implementing the online self-service option, Ellucian Benefit Enrollment Online. You will take away detailed instructions for how to set up the BEO module and WEB forms and use this awesome functionality. The result is completely paperless method of collecting benefit choices and dependent/beneficiary information from employees that automatically populates the database so it is ready for payroll.
HR04Round Table Discussion on The Affordable Care ActAll participating in 2014 PADUG interested in this topicCome and join other HR gurus and share your knowledge and ideas on how to implement the reporting of the Affordable Care Act in Colleague..
HR05Colleague Workflow InnovationsJulie GuyseErie Community CollegeLearn about the innovative approach to Colleague Workflow implemented by that team at Erie Community College (ECC). While developed for processing new hires in Human Resources, it is easily adaptable to applying to workflow implementation across many functional areas. We'll share highlights, including creating pop-ups with custom button selections and incorporating processes unique to the institution. From this session, you will take away ECC’s complete development, implementation and user documentation.
IA (Institutional Advancement) - Track Leader: Kristen Ritzman, Susquehanna University
IA01Phonathon and Non-$$$ calling---Version 2.0Ron CohenSusquehanna UniversityA follow-up from a PADUG 2013 session on how one institution is using a Student Calling Program to increase Alumni Engagement in Non-Monetary ways.
IA02Tracking Alumni Engagement Using Ellucian resourcesChris PraulSusquehanna UniversityDiscover how SU is piloting this new initiative to track all proactive actions taken by alumni with respect to the university.
IA03Show Me the Money! A Guide to Contribution and Major Donor DataNancy BryantWashington & Jefferson UniversityCome and see an overview of the file structure for contributions and major donors, and how they are interconnected. We will also touch on some general best practices and reporting examples.
IA04Adding mapping to your reports without driving yourself crazyChris PraulSusquehanna UniversitySee how you can add flair and functionality to your various reports without needing lots of technical skills nor funds.
IA05Keeping Your Data Clean:  Check ReportsNeil BellesSusquehanna UniversityTrouble with keeping reminders or contacts coded properly?  Are records added with no source?  Do alumni sometimes wind up with 2 conflicting reunion classes?  Are children of alumni added as applicants but are not in CONSTITUENT?  With so many fingers in the pot, you need to keep on top of your data and make sure it is clean.  During this session we will discuss the many checks and balances needed to ensure accuracy.
IT (Information Technology) - Track Leader: James Williams, Neumann University
IT01Updates: Not Just Patches AnymoreJames Williams
Rich Hartwell
Mike Timko
Neumann University
Bucks County Community College
Washington and Jefferson College
DeSales University
Keeping your Colleague system up to date isn't just about installing patches anymore. These days administrators have to deal with external servers, applications, databases, and even differing operating systems. In this open discussion we'll talk about how institutions with diverse IT structures manage to keep everything current, and the issues involved in a constantly expanding environment.
IT02Cloning 102: Beyond the Basics James WilliamsNeumann University
You've got the basics of cloning your environment down. Now you have to worry about all the external products that are connected to that environment (WebAdvisor, Recruiter, E-Commerce, UI4.x, etc.). Join us for an overview of what you'll need to check to make sure everything in your cloned environment is pointing at the correct location.
IT03Using SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services to Report Colleague DataRichard HartwellBucks County Community CollegeWith Colleague supporting the Microsoft SQL Server platform, colleges have a new generation of data tools at their disposal including SQL Database, Analysis, Integration, and Reporting services. The session will give an overview of the Microsoft SQL Server platform, and the business intelligence tools that are in the solutions stack.
IT04Software Updates ProcessRandy WallaceLoyola University MarylandLoyola has a unique way of implementing software updates where we follow the full SDLC process. We have in place a sharepoint team site for knowledge management, a CORE committee that is kept informed of changes, a Change Management committee to transition changes, a PMO office to manage major changes, very skilled SME in software updates. The overall process includes research and how Ellucian's delivered and custom software is moved from develop to test and production environments. The value it brings to the organization is standardization, communication among Constituents, best practices and audit trails etc.
IT05Data Warehouse Strategy and Initiative.  An efficient method for longitudinal data storage.Bob DillaneLebanon Valley CollegeHow many male applicants, interested in soccer, who are from Arizona, who have visited the campus at least twice so far have we had on this date in each of the last 5 years?  The detail of information that we are being requested to save for longitudinal analysis keeps getting more complex.  This session explores how Lebanon Valley College is capturing its longitudinal data stores in an efficient manner that allows reporting on virtually any set of dates.
LMP (Leadership and Management) - Track leader: Dan Faulk - Washington and Jefferson College
LMP01Managing the Ellucian Action Planning Process Rather than it Managing You!Andrew Lawlor
Rich Hartwell
Bucks County Community CollegeThis session will review the Ellucian Action Planning Process and how Bucks County Community College managed the engagement to maximize our investment of time, people, and dollars.
LMP02Surviving and Thriving in the Organization JungleAndrew Lawlor Bucks County Community CollegeThis is a participatory session that explores three topics - teamwork, leadership, and change - with some techniques that may help individuals be successful regardless of their position. I co-presented this session at EDUCAUSE Connect-Baltimore.
LMP03Educause Top 10 IT Issues Part 1Dan Faulk, Tom Carnwath
LMP04Educause Top 10 IT Issues Part 2Dan Faulk, Tom Carnwath
LMP05Our Best and Worst Non-Ellucian Products and ServicesPeter ShoudyWidener UniversityBased on a survey of IT leaders from PADUG schools, we will share, and certainly discuss,  the best and worst of non-Ellucian products and services  The hope is that this will become somewhat of a quick-reference that you can use going forward to identify products and services your institution may be considering. Perhaps when you are attempting to perform due diligence on products you have selected and you want a reference beyond those supplied by the vendor, or simply another institution you can contact as you install or use the product or service.  The survey will attempt to gather 1 good and 1 perhaps not-so-good experience  in a number categories to include: LMS, CRM, NW equipment and support, hardware vendors, online program partners, mobile device/strategy, consulting/contract development firms, and A/V integrators,  and then certainly we will add or delete as the group discusses and decides. 
LMP06Office 365 - Is It Time to Make the Leap?Chris Smith, Peter ShoudyWidener UniversityWe will share our experience, our 'journey', as we evaluated options for our faculty and staff email system replacement (Mirapoint email appliance that supports email, calendaring, tasks and contacts) , and why we decided on Office365, and why now. We will also share the issues and concerns, how we have or are planning to address them (or not yet) and our implementation strategy and plan. We encourage others that have either made this migration or are considering this sort of migration (to Office365, Gmail or perhaps even something else) to join in the conversation and share their experiences, their thoughts and their strategy.
LMP07Building for Business IntelligenceDavid SkicaLoyola UniversityTopics will include: Foundation: Governance and Reporting, Ad Hoc and Operational Reporting vs Decision Support, Reporting Data Store vs Datawarehouse, The Loyola Story: Lessions Learned, and Efforts that are still evolving.
ST (Student Services, Admissions, and Enrollment Management) - Track leader: Lana Ludanova, American University
ST01Student Finance Self-Service Best Practices: ArchivingLana LudanovaAmerican UniversityThis session will review best practices for accounts receivable archiving process—an important step for keeping Colleague's Student Finance Self-Service views in good shape.
ST02Ellucian Recruiter at American UniversityAnn Parambil; Glenn KwakAmerican UniversityThis session will discuss American University experience with Ellucian Recruiter: implementation, use, lessons learned and more
ST03Student Self-Service: American University's in-house Payment PlansLana Ludanova; Darrell CookAmerican UniversityThis session will cover latest enhancements to Colleague Payment Plans and new Payment Plans functionalities in Colleague and Student Self-Service
ST04Student Self-Service: Implementation SuccessLana Ludanova; Darrell Cook; Glenn Kwak; Mohammad MirzabeigyAmerican UniversityAmerican University had successful large-scale implementation of eCommerce and Student Finance Self-Service system. Collaboration between the Office of Student Accounts and the Office of Information Technology was a critical success factor in this implementation. In this session, we will review Self-Service products that were implemented by American University (Finance, Student Planning, Immediate Payment Control) and discuss the benefits of collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork.
ST05Veterans and Military ProcessingNeil BellesNeumann UniversityIntroduction and experience at Neumann University with the Veteran and Active Military Student Enhancements announced March 28, 2013 by ellucian. In particular the information based on use of the MILS and VETS forms.  Repeat of PADUG 2013 session.
ST06What's New in Accounts Receivable and Student Finance Self-ServiceLoretta ClaytonEllucianLearn what's new in AR and Student Finance Self-Service.  We will discuss changes to eCommerce, Payment Plans and Self-Service. 
ST07New NSC/NSLDS Reporting RequirementsEmily BonhamHoward Community CollegeOverview, discussion, and knowledge-sharing about interpretation of requirements, testing, and implementation of the latest Colleague software update for NSC/NSLDS reporting.
ST08Roundtable: Tips and Tricks for AR/CR and StudentDeborah Burke - AR/CR Lana Ludanova - StudentCome and share your expertise and experiences in AR/CR and Student areas. Bring your questions and hot topics to our roundtable
ST09TMS Student Account Center at Allegheny CollegePete Gifford and TMSAllegheny CollegeA joint presentation with TMS and Allegheny College describing the Student Account Center and Allegheny's experience with implementation and some customization
VEN (Vendor presentations)  Track leader: Rich Metzger
VEN01What is Up with Integration for Payment PlansTom Gavin, Ryan MillerOfficial Payments, ACIOfficial Payments, now ACI Worldwide, is a leading provider of payment processing solutions to Ellucian schools.  ACI has completed Auto UPdate to Ellucain by Colleague with our state of the art Payment Plan.  Let's take a sneak peak at it.  What is in-store for ACI in 2015, is parent portal on the roadmap oh yes it is... if refunding ready... is the iPad swipe ready... yes, yes and yes!  Let talk Universal Payment Center.  Come join us as we talk about the future of payments.
VEN02Synoptix DemonstrationChris BeckstrandCompusoft DevelopmentA demonstration of Synoptix for Ellucian's ease of use, detail area, report filter tree, and automated report scheduler and designed help create, run and distribute the reports you need to successfully pursue your business goals and objectives.
VEN04Go Paperless: Overview of Ellucian-centric Content Management, E-forms, WorkflowsLew LoveSoftdocsCome learn how other schools are using solutions from Softdocs to operate more efficiently while reducing overall operational costs.
VEN05All constituents.  All campus resources.  One portalDave SchroederEllucian The Ellucian Portal provides constituents across your institution with
personalized, single sign-on access to campus information and services.  By drawing on data housed in a common database, the portal enables users to do whatever  their role requires, whether that’s posting course assignments and mid-term results or checking account balances and grade status.

VEN06Less Managing Courses and More Delivering Learning, with the Ellucian Intelligent
Learning Platform
Dave SchroederEllucianBy integrating with your existing ERP, Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform seamlessly bundles the administrative and academic sides of course management.  That means greater LMS adoption and less faculty time spent creating courseshells, entering grades, and managing course content.

VEN07Immediate Payment Control: Accounts Receivable’s
latest self-service solution
Dave SchroederEllucianWould you like to require that students pay some or all of their charges when they register?  Would you like to give them the option of setting up their registration charges on a payment plan?  If so, come and learn about our newest Colleague Self-Service
solution for AR. 

VEN8Ellucian Enterprise CRMSarah FarmerEllucianHear the latest overview of Ellucian’s Enterprise CRM Strategy and
Roadmap and how it leverages Colleague XE for powerful web services integration with Colleague.  Learn about Ellucian’s new Student Success solution, as well as updates on Recruiter as well as exciting new investments in advancement

Ellucian Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Sarah FarmerEllucianAre you interested in learning how Ellucian Continuing Education and Workforce Development will help to streamline business processes, increases learner engagement, facilitates growth for continuing education and workforce development offerings as well as provide deep integration into current Colleague SIS offering? Join us to learn how Ellucian Continuing Education and Workforce Development will help to streamline business processes, increases learner engagement and facilitates growth for continuing education and workforce development offerings.
VEN10Ellucian E-Transcripts: Our Automated SolutionSue LedwellNational Student ClearinghouseWould you like to know how to transform your transcript delivery process from days to minutes?  The Clearinghouse and Ellucian partnered to create this solution and it is (a)live and well!   We will share the features, process flow and implementation from our school's perspectives.  Our goal is to have a lively discussion on how this automation can work for you.
VEN11Leveraging the Colleague ODS
John Van WeerenASR AnalyticsThe Colleague Operational Data Store (ODS) is a solid foundation that can support a variety of analytic strategies for all departments at your institution. Come join ASR Analytics as we explore some practical report examples from Howard Community College and other clients that are built on the ODS. See how you can gain analytical insight into Student Success and Completion, Enrollment Demographic Trends, Section Utilization, Unbilled Registration Changes, and Solicitor Productivity. Easily create dashboard KPIs from summarized versions of these analyses for a high level view of performance across the institution.
VEN12TouchNet's U.Commerce System UpdateMichael Wilson, Jean SokolTouchnetThis session will provide an overview of the truly comprehensive TouchNet U.Commerce System, focusing on specific areas including:--The Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet - success stories and update of new features and functionality available resulting from the preferred/strategic partnershi--ROI with the U.Commerce System with true end-to-end processing to reduce costs for: credit/debit card and echeck transaction processing; management of a single centralized/secure campus-wide payment system; customer service by maximizing services on-line and user-friendliness for students, parents, and other campus constituents
--Mobile update for smartphone and POS
VEN13BI and ReportingEmily BonhamASR Analytics, Howard Community CollegeJoin the discussion moderated by ASR Analytics and fellow business intelligence and reporting users from Howard Community College to ask questions, identify challenges, share solutions and illustrate best practices around reporting and analysis in Colleague. It doesn’t matter what tools you are using or what data you work with—Advancement to Finance to Student, it is open to all.” 
VEN14Analytics Answers Questions – The Real Focus of Business IntelligenceDan VenedamBlackboardBusiness intelligence, analytics and data warehousing are technologies that take raw data and turn it into information. However, how should schools utilize this new information? This session will focus on how schools like Montgomery County Community College, University of Maryland Baltimore County and the Virginia Community College System are leveraging new technology to ask more and better questions to impact student performance, retention, course design, financial reporting and identify at-risk students to improve institutional effectiveness.
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