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D6FulfillriteFunagainGameratiHawkRidge FulfillmentQuartermaster LogisticsRed Stag FulfillmentShipBobZhenHubAether Tower + La CaravanaAmazonGambler's WarehouseUSPS (cost comparison)
LocationIowaLakewood, NJ, USAOregon & East CoastLakewood, WAUSAOrlando, FL, USAUSAUSAUS, OregonMexicoUSTexas
contact nameTyler SmithCharlie BriegerRick ScovillJoey TurcoRon HigleySeth GrierChris MolitorAnthony Watson Vince PoonWilliam BurgosN/AEddie Kamal
contact email vincent@zhenhub.comwillburgm@gmail.comN/
Stonemaier tested?yesNoYes (Scythe)NoNoNonoNoNoyesNo
Testimonials URLAvailable
Can you ship worldwide?YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYESYesNonoyes
Do you have limits on the minimum or maximum number of units? NoNoNoNoNo limitNoUsually 100+ orders/shipments200+ orders NoNomax 5000 units (but can be expanded)No
Can you ship individual packages (1 unit) as well as bulk packages (10-20 units) to a single customer?YesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesYesYesyesYes
Are you only looking to serve tabletop game creators, or are you open to shipping any product? AnyAny product
(excluding prohibited, see FAQs)
AnyAny ProductAnyAnyAny products where avg. weight is greater than 5+ poundsany productAnyTabletop games and accesoriesany productAny Product excluding prohibited by USPS
Can you pack multiple SKUs in one box?YesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesYesYesyesyes
Do you require each item to have a bar code or just a SKU?Barcode preferred, SKU neededScannable Barcode RequiredNoNoSKU onlyBarcode is requiredBarcode, but we can put these on if needednoSKUSKUbar code prefered, but they can add sticker labels if neededsku
Do I arrange freight to get games to your warehouse, or do you?EitherYou arrange freight.We do everything including freight, customs & VAT where applicableWe can arrange freight, if needed.We can arrange freight, if needed.EitherYou do, but we can help with discounts and connections to carriersWe have a freight team that can assist with finding the best freight partner within our partner network OR you can organize yourselfEitherYou arrange freight to our warehouse in USA and we take care of importing the package to Mexicocreator arranges freight to their warehouseEither
Do you pack products with padding inside the shipment boxes?Yes, Air cushioningYES (Ecofriendly packaging material)YesYesYesYesYesyesYesYesyes (most of the time, but not consistently)Yes
How fast of a turnaround time do you offer from receipt of packages to backer shipments? Guarantee to complete pick, pack and ship within 72 hours, as long as lead up processes are followedDepends on the project, in most cases 24 hoursUsually Same Day Once Payment ReceivedLess than 10,000 orders: Same Week24 hoursDepends on schedule. Can be as short as 24 hours.Avg. 'receiving time is abotu 11 hours, but we guarentee under 48Typically within 2-3 daysDepends on project, usually within 24 hours1 - 7 days, depending on which day of the week the package arrives1 weekWe are very flexibile and can have ship within 2-3 days
How do creators and backers track packages you send?Backers receive email tracking from FedEx, D6 platform coming in May of 2020 which will send branded D6 emails and Creators can track from the portal.Creators can access real-time data 24-7 via our web portal. Backers will receive tracking information via email when the package ships.Web Portal for creators and emails for backersAll packages receive tracking. This info goes out to backers via e-mail once the carrier takes control of the shipment.tracking numbers sent to backers' email; all tracking numbers sent to creatorsBackers get notification emails with tracking numbers associated to their parcel. Creators receive a spreadsheet with tracking information and can access real-time data via our web portal.All tracking info is automatically loaded to creators via API w/eCommerce storeAll packages receive tracking. This info goes live on our custom web interface. From there an excel can be pulled out or tracking numbers can be emailed to backersFrom the ZhenHub web portal - Your backers will also receive tracking information via email when the packages shipWe send tracking numbers to the backers' emailsbackers get a notification email when the order ships; creator can search by order #we send tracking email to backer emails or can also export tracking in excel for the client
How are orders uploaded to you on a bulk or individual basis?Various cart integrations or by providing CSV (organized by column preferred)Upload your CSV file or enter them manually via our web portal, send orders automatically via our API, or through one of our integrated partner services such as Backerkit or Celery,Spreadsheet upload, Shopify integrationBulkCSV spreadsheet,
can also download orders from any shopping cart platform automatically
Via Spreadsheet, shopify integration, webform submission etc...APIbulk via excel or csv - can also integrated with a web store to push & pull orders, BackerKit and CrowdOx have ideal templates that we have used before.You can upload your csv file, manually enter on our web portal or integrate with ZhenHub. We are integrated with Shopify, Amazon, WoocommerceSpreadsheetbulk: use a very specific spreadsheet; individual: enter manually onlineEither via a formatted spreadsheet or we can sync directly with backerkit and other shopping carts
What will you do with extra copies? Do you allow for individual order fulfillment after the original bulk fulfillment?1. Products can be sent back to creators. 2. Products can be stored in Iowa for ongoing fulfillment. 3. Orders can also be put on D6 Marketplace and sold directly to retailers.Yes, extra inventory can be stored by us for online sales or sent back.We provide daily fulfillment post-project using our web portal with Shopify integration. Post campaign sales programs available through with 46,000+ customers built over 22 years of online retailing.YesYes, or sent wherever creator wishesAffiliated with online games retailer. We offer additional exposure opportunities to all our partners at no extra cost where your product can be sold through CoolStuffInc.comYesYou can have them shipped back, discarded or stored for future fulfillment, we can help integrate with & build you selling channelsYesYes. And we can also work to locate new customers in Mexico or place them in stores. (Local distribution)Extra inventory can be made available for purchase from Amazon; inventory cannot be returned in bulk to the US,; very specific pallet and carton restrictions. It's easy to sell extra products via Amazon FBA after backer order fulfillment is complete.Yes we can hold and perform post crowdfunding fulfillment whether through website or individual orders
Additional informationWe are backed by a large fulfillment company doing millions of shipments per year which provides us the ability to offer the lowest prices without sacrifing packing qualty.Having worked with hundreds of projects, we are well versed and experienced in the challenges crowdfunding rewards shipping may present and offer not only seamless rewards fulfillment, but also guidance throughout the campaign process. We offer competitive pricing that is customized to meet your unique needs and budget; specifically for crowdfunding projects, we offer a special discount off our regular pricing.We have a simple 16 Step Process managed through a custom project management app developed over 4 years. We have done hundreds of projects for hundreds of publishers from around the world, including Scythe and Gloomhaven. We offer “single-point-of-contact” Global Fulfillment for Canada, Asia, EU and RotW. We stopped general retailing after 22 years in March 2018 to focus exclusively on Kickstarter fulfillment & logistics to better serve our fulfillment clients. Our retailing prowess is now focused exclusively on “Hard-to-Find” and “Liquidation” categories in support of our fulfillment and warehouse clients.We also handle ongoing replacement parts, should that service be needed.No extra fees for package inserts; your packages are treated carefully and packed to look beautiful.
Your cost is typically the actual ship cost (commercial rates) plus $2 pick-and-pack fee per order.
Powered by, Quartermaster Logistics provides affordable, easy-to-use solutions for those needing crowdfunding fulfillment , shipping, or warehousing services. Our expert staff bring years of experience to each and every project, and you can rest easy while we handle the details. There may be additional fees for smaller campaigns.Focus is on large or heavy products, where average parcel weight is greater than 5 pounds. Shipbob is built to help make campaign fulfillment and post-fulfillment ecommerce scaling a simple and paniless process.We have shipped over 100,000 packages world wide and are experienced in the challenges of crowdfunding. We are partners with Indiegogo and Kickstarter in China and Hong Kong and have helped numerous campaigns on these platforms. We also offer advice before you launch your campaign on how to minimize your global shipping costs. Our prices a extremely competitive. We help you import the packages inside of Mexico from our warehouse in Texas. We are also interested to discuss about distributioninventory In stock for over a year is subject to a fee of $1,400 per cubic meterWe have a 250,000 sq feet building and comprise of 200+ employees. We are very flexible and can fulfill orders as per clients requirements in terms of lead time. we currently ship around half a million packages a year.
warehousing, unloading, & other feesWe provide full 3PL capabilities, from warehouse to pick and pack and logistics.Our pricing can be found online at:
Please inquire about detailsDepends on how product is received, whether you require long-term storage, etc.only extra fee is for long-term storage, if applicableNo other fees during crowdfunding campaign. Warehousing services available.VariableNo, simple shipping fee structureNo fee for warehousingfees noted below are for standard-size non-media itemsNofees below do not include packaging and labor--this is if you ship by hand
D6 FulfillmentFulfillriteFunagain LogisticsGameratiHawkRidge FulfillmentQuartermaster LogisticsRed Stag FulfillmentShipBobZhenHubAether Tower + La CaravanaAmazonUSPS (cost comparison)
postage (with tracking), packaging, & labor fees:cost (USD)cost (USD)cost (USD)cost (USD)
US0-.99 kg (0-2.18 lbs)Please inquire by reaching out to$8.64 Please inquire for custom quoteRate Sheet at$5.50 - $12 ($2 + actual shipping)$6.29 - $11.78$6.73 $7.80 MEXICO $8.70$6.85$6.70 $6.73
1-1.99 kg (2.2-4.39 lbs)$9.24$10 - $14 ($2 + actual shipping)$11.78 - $13.41$10.64 $9.10 MEXICO $10.68$7.75$10.20 $9.64
2-3.99 kg (4.41-8.8 lbs)$9.71 Please Request Quote$14+ ($2 + actual shipping)$13.41 - $16.69$9.70 - $13.44$14.38 $9.65 MEXICO $16.52$9.55$14.30 $13.38