NETS 213: Be the crowd for your classmates - Spring 2019
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Team nameGive a one sentence description of your project.Currently accepting submissions?Who shoud people contact if they find an error or have questions?Provide a link to your training video for new members of your crowdIf your video requires a pw, what is it?Link to your HITsWrite a step-by-step guide for how your classmates should make contributions to your project.
Truck TrackerReview food truck menus and prices and transcribe them into fields.YesWilliam Spence email: wispence@seas.upenn.edu
TL;DRTL:DR uses crowdsourcing to summarize long, verbose texts.Yesanixon@seas.upenn.edu to TL;DR! This projects aims to use crowdsourcing to summarize long, verbose texts. You will help us by selecting the most important sentences from a short block of text. We have created HITs on Mechanical Turk Sandbox where you select the most important sentences from a portion of a lengthy article.

We recommend selecting 3-5 sentences, but feel free to select more or fewer if your passage seems especially relevant or especially insignificant. Just remember that the goal of our project is to provide a concise summary, so choosing more sentences will not necessarily help us create the best product. Note that you are not ranking the relative importance of sentences, simply indicating in a binary fashion whether or not each sentence is important. If you have questions or if something is not working, please send an email to

In order to find our our task on Amazon Mechanical Turk Sandbox you can use this link (Note that some HITs may be completed, in which case, it is necessary to select another HIT in order to make a contribution. Additionally, note that all HITs have Elizabeth as the name of the requester for reference.).

Once you have found a HIT that is yet to be completed, follow the following process:

Accept the HIT
Read the provided passage.
Each sentence will be numbered. Select the most important sentences by clicking the number which corresponds to the number adjacent to each sentence you consider important. Numbers are printed after the sentence to which they refer.
Fill out the feedback box which asks for qualitative feedback about your experience completing our HIT. We are interested in feedback about the clarity of our instructions, ease of selecting sentences, appropriate compensation for the Turkers based on time and effort, or anything else which might help us gather better data.
TextelWe are using iterative human computation processes to design a create your own adventure game. YesMaanasi Garg (
PointillismWe've turned to the crowd to make three new forms of crowdsourced art: crowd-sourced pointillism, mosaics, and "heatmap" art.Yespalmerpa@seas.upenn.edu
Pickture PerfectPickture Perfect uses crowd workers to select the best picture from a set of similar images. We will analyze the efficacy of three different HIT designs in completing this task. password to the MTurk Worker sandbox at Search for “Pickture Perfect.” Alternatively, click on one of the three links below: X vs. Y: Subset: Ranking:
Once you start the HIT, click on the link to be redirected to the Qualtrics survey.
Depending on the HIT design, follow the appropriate instructions.
X vs. Y: You will be presented with a set of questions. Each question will have 2 images. Select the image of better aesthetic quality.
Rating: You will be presented with a set of questions. Each question will have 10 images. Order the images from 1 to 10 so that 1 indicates the photo of best aesthetic quality
Subset: You will be presented with a series of questions. Each question will have 10 images. Please select the 3 images of best aesthetic quality.
Once you submit the Qualtrics survey, we will provide a code that you enter on the Amazon MTurk site.
If that code is verified, you will earn money for your work.
If you have any questions, contact Pickture Perfect at
Lang-WhichObtain more recordings of words in different languages to help machine learning algorithms decipher speech in the future.Yes up to be a Worker on Mechanical Turk Sandbox
After becoming a registered worker, please following this link to complete the HIT (Instructions inside):
JukeboxJukebox takes a user's hum of a chorus of a [finite set of] song[s] and uses machine learning to identify what song the user is singing.Yesbbhuang@seas.upenn.edu up to be a Worker on Mechanical Turk Sandbox
After becoming a registered worker, please following this link to complete the HIT (Instructions inside):
FabrecA crowdsourcing based fashion recommendation serviceNokimny817@seas.upenn.edu

HIT was uplaoded 4/25 (thursday) 6PM (password: fabrec)
CrowdPoetryWe are utilizing the crowd to create unique poems based on Shel Silverstein poetry.Yeswsheng@seas.upenn.eduVideo explaining steps 1 and 2:
Video explaining step 2.5:
Video explaining step 3: up to be a Worker on Mechanical Turk Sandbox
After becoming a registered worker, please following this link to complete the HIT (Instructions inside):
Characterize ItCharacterize It uses crowd-sourced adjectives describing comic book characters in order to uncover which features and terms are commonly associated with characters of a certain gender and alignment.YesReno Thiart <> you for your interest in Characterize It! Here's what you should do:

1) Watch this short video explaining our project and how to contribute:

2) Navigate to our HIT on Mechanical Turk Worker Sandbox:

3) Accept and complete as many tasks as you would like.

You will be asked to look at an image of a comic book character and describe the character with 3 adjectives related to physical appearance, 3 adjectives related to personality or persona, and 3 adjectives related to emotions evoked.

Make sure that your adjectives are all different and spelled correctly as we will be checking this in our quality control. You may submit when all boxes are filled out.

Thank you for participating in the Characterize It Project!
Candidate ConfidentialFrom the makers of College Confidential… we bring you Candidate Confidential, the simple and concise place to view each democratic candidate's policies and stances on various political topics for the 2020 election.YesStephen Li entering the HIT, you'll be given a random candidate that is running for the 2020 election. For the five most important topics according to the crowd, please determine the candidate's views for that topic.

We ask that for each topic you research online what their view regarding it is. From there, use your best guess from the context and information you find to estimate along the scale where their stance on the topic lies.

Repeat for other topics.
Predict the Indian General Election Utilize the surprisingly popular option algorithm to harness the power of the crowd to predict the Indian Elections.Please DO NOT contribute to our project (unless you are a current resident of India and plan to vote in the election) Please do not contribute to our project (unless you are a current resident of India and plan to vote in the election)
CrowdoddityNo - This project is meant for analyzing Turker behaviors, so we do not want people in this class helping
The Turkish JudgeTurkish Judge analyzes the fairness and cost-benefits of an automatic appeals system for rejected HITs.Yes