by Florence Ashley in collaboration with G. Nic Rider (NO LONGER MAINTAINED AS OF MAY 2023)
TitleAuthor or editorSummaryFieldPublisher/JournalYearResource TypeRefereed?Known to be non-binary-led?Reference
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markers in australian law and policy
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the Spectrum of Gender
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Qui est-ille ? Le respect langagier des élèves nonbinaires,
aux limites du droit
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Non-Binary Trans Patient Care
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Surya MonroIntroduction to thinking about non-binary peopleInterdisciplinaryInternational Journal of Transgenderism2019ArticleYesNo
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"The First Line of Acceptance": Bolstering Resilience Among Non-Binary Clients Through Affirming Health Care PracticeMarea M. KinneyPoster abstract introducing a study of semi-structured interviews on gender identity development and resilience among non-binary folk; reveals that therapists are often the first line of acceptance in encouraging and fostering identity developmentSocial Science, PsychologyJournal of Adolescent Health2018Poster AbstractNoYes
The gender binary will not be deprogrammed: Ten years of coding gender on FacebookRena BivensCritical analysis highlighting how Facebook's recognition of non-binary identities is highly marketable yet insincere, notably because they re-code individuals as male or female in their databaseCritical Studies, Media Strudiesnew media & society2017ArticleYesNo
“Genderfluid” or “Attack Helicopter”: Responsible HCI Practice with Non-Binary Gender Variation in Online CommunitiesSamantha Jaroszewski, Danielle Lottridge, Oliver L. Haimson, & Katie QuehlAnalysis of two case studies, arguing that researchers shouldn't dismiss non-binary people's responses as noise within their studies while also avoiding mischievous responsesHuman-Computer Interaction StudiesCHI '18 Proceedings2018Conference ProceedingsYesNo
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Looking at Population Health Beyond “Male” and “Female”: Implications of Transgender Identity and Gender Nonconformity for Population Health
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“I love you as both and I love you as neither”:
Romantic partners’ affirmations of nonbinary
trans individuals
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Sticks and stones break our bones, and words are
damaging: how language erases non-binary people
stef m, shuster & Ellen LamontBook chapter analysing vignettes of how non-binary people experience and navigate languageSocial ScienceThe Emergence of Trans2019Book ChapterYesYes1138504106
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The Misgendering Machines: Trans/HCI Implications of Automatic Gender Recognition
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Transcending the gender binary: Gender non-binary young adults in AmsterdamAfiah Vijlbrief, Sawitri Saharso, & Halleh GhorashiQualitative study discusses the experiences of
non-binary young adults in coping with minority identity and resisting exclusion
Social ScienceJournal of LGBT Youth2019ArticleYesNo