2017 Southbound trip plans
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6/10/2017Mammoth PassWhitney Portal~10-123M25, M25, M22NoSean HillFacebook JMT
6/11/2017Bloody Canyon TraillWhitney Portal 7/48-101M31YesConcerned about Water Crossings. Leaving Bloody Canyon crossing Mono Pass, Parker Pass, Koip Pass, Gem Pass. Connecting with JMT between Donahue Pass and Thousand Island Lake.Joel DanoyJndanoy@gmail.comfacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
6/11/2017Sunrise LakesWhitney Portal 7/82M28 M31MaybeOur miles per day and number of days depend on the weather. Right now we are estimating 28 days, but depending on snow levels it could be more or less.Blake Harwell Daniel Villereblakeharwell@me.comFacebook JMT Group
6/13/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7-7-2017101M50No25 days. Nice slow trip. No rush. Sean " SOLO" Kanekrazkane@outlook.com
6/14/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal101M57NoMiles depend on the weather conditionsGeorge Sparksbikelungs@yahoo.comFacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
6/14/2017Happy Isles Whitney Portal 7/3101M24YesCANCELLED Zack R.zross913@gmail.comfacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
6/15/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/10TBD5M17 (2) M18 (3)NoPermits obtained! Concerned about resupply stations being closed early in season with snow. Open to all advice!Ryan Loneganryan.lonegan@gmail.comfacebook JMT group
6/16/2017Sunrise LakesWhitney Portal (7/7)~122M24, F27YesDefinitely looking for partners due to high river crossingsSteven Elias, Sarah Mariefacebook JMT group
6/19/2017Glacier PointWhitney Portal 7/16104 or 5M45,F45,F18,M13 M40Maybe1 or 2 zero days. Possibly interested in hiking with others depending on conditions.Casey Cochrancaseycochran72@gmail.comfacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
6/19/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/13108YesUNABLE TO USE THIS PERMIT for up to 8 people. Let me know if you're interested in transfering to you.Wayne Winsteadwaynewinstead@yahoo.comYahoo JMT Group
6/19/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/10122F50, M55MaybeResupplying and take a zero at VVRAntje & Manfredhorn.manfred2008@gmail.com
6/19/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/5?Don't Know Yet3M21, M21, M21YesThru Hiking, bringing some hobby photography gear, hopefully the snow isn't too badJonathan Vujonvu@vt.eduFacebook JMT Group
6/20/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/8~142F19, F21MaybeStill deciding if we will be able to thru hike in the snow. No snow backpacking experienceSummer Vancesummervance3@gmail.comFB JMT & Ladies of JMT
6/20/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal12-151M30MaybeCould use a partner for passes and crossings, email if you're interestedAndrew Smallc09asmall@gmail.comFacebook
6/20/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/1201M29MaybeEric Willadsenwilladsene@gmail.comFacebook JMT Group
6/21/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/11105M36-58Maybe3 of us from Hawaii and 2 from East Coast (all photographers). Hiking with microspikes and ice axe just in case. Resupply at DPP and MTR with hopes they open by July 1st as predicted. Taking Amtrak from Oakland to Merced then bus to Yose.Chrischrisgrose22@gmail.comFB JMT group
6/22/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/8122M28, F28MaybeResupplying and maybe taking a zero at VVRKeith M. and Kara K.keith06388@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
6/22/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal152F29, F26MaybeLooking for possible companions for high passes and river crossings due to high snow fallLaura & Shenalaura.anne.bradley@gmail.comFacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
6/23/2017Glacier PointWhitney Portal 7/281F23MaybeMiles per day will depend on snow levels. So impatient! Looking for a ride to Glacier PointSoniasonia.perillat@hotmail.comFacebook JMT group
6/23/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/171M29MaybeMy schedule is flexible depending on how the snow is. I'm in no rush but will likely be doing my own thing. Always down to meet up with folks for difficult sections and for a couple days at a time. I have lots of winter mountaineering experience and pretty nervous about the potential trail conditions.Eric H.enhuynh@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
6/24/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/17102M24, F23MaybePretty flexible schedule, and have planned for a leisurely pace in case conditions slow us down. We'll be doing some fishing and would also be interested in grouping up for hairy bits.Logan C. and Susie H.lcombs1105@gmail.comfacebook JMT group
6/25/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/16105M13, M23, M24, F24, M58NoIlluminata Photo - Tim Mulhollandtim@timmulholland.comYahoo JMT Group and FB JMT Group
6/27/2017Glacier PointWhitney Portal (07/18)101M28YesPlanning to exit on July 18th but flexible on time, especially if snow makes some stretches slow. Planning campsites around trekker favorites and proximity to passes for early morning crossings. Looking to potentially team up with a few other hikers -- at least to manage what will be some tough stream crossings. But also because it would be nice to meet some new people, of course. Email me (Mike) to chat if you think our itineraries may match up! You can check it out here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p-kK3OXvsNvzvuvHJj-fNW8JLnt8jxeqlxxdfyrpj3M/edit?usp=sharingMikemichael.david.yarbrough@gmail.comFacebook
6/27/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney portal 7/20-ish103M62, F23, M19NoThru hike - conditions permitting. Concerned about snowpack.Spidermandnwdfw@gmail.comFB JMT, Yahoo JMT group
6/27/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/24/2017104F49,F26,M26, M15MaybeAs of right now, It will be me, my daughter, her boyfriend and my youngest son starting at Lyell Canyon. My daughter and I will be trying to get to Mt Whitney and her boyfriend and my son will do about 10 days on the trail and then head home. I am really worried about the snow and river crossings so would be happy to have company.Cindy Weiscindybrownweis@gmail.comFacebook JMT Group Ladies of the JMT Facebook Group
6/28/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/19102F30, M50sMaybeWe are looking for another permit for our third friend who was unable to get one for dates close to ours! If anyone has an extra spot they are unable to fill we would be very happy to merge parties! Also, worrying about the snow levels and very interested in meeting up for river crossings & heavy snow covered passes.JulianaJulianaF1227@Gmail.comYahoo & Facebook JMT groups
6/28/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal101F44maybeI would love to have some others to cross streams withAmanda Lovall-Colealovallcole@gmail.comFB
6/28/2017Tuolumne Meadows (Lyell Canyon)Whitney Portal 101F56MaybeKati DeBoltkatidebolt@gmail.comFacebook: Ladies of the JMT
6/28/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/1713-152M48, M17MaybeLooking for partners to cross rivers/streamsMauricio Beldenbelden.mauricio@gmail.comFacebook  JMT Group
6/28/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/223M46, M13, F45MaybeWe are looking forward to have time out of the office, house and off the east coast. Duncanchristophersduncan@gmail.comFB JMT
6/29/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/21112M46, F13MaybeFather Daughter team and would welcome others to join 21 days or less is the planShannan(M) Patches(F)hiker247@gmail.comFB and Yahoo group
6/29/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/18152M47, F42NoWe are looking for a lift to Tuolumne Meadow from Mammoth or SF (no public tansportation on weekdays). Coming from Brussels, we will land at SF. Resupply at Muir Trail Ranch.
Angelique and Didierangeliquebelabbes@hotmail.com
6/29/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/192F26, F30MaybeMy friend and I got our permits incuding Half Dome, we are planning to complete it in at most 21 days, but hopefully a day or two sooner. Rose Shariati Insta:rosypetalsroseshariati@aol.comFacebook JMT group
6/30/2017Happy IsleWhitney Portal153M55, F32MaybeI applied and received 3 permits for Happy Isles with first night in LYV with Half-dome permits. My 2nd daughter may not be able to make the trip, and I will have an extra slot. Either going to turn it back into the lottery, look for someone interested joining usMike and Brittanyjmmagouirk@snet.net Brittany.Magouirk@gmail.comFacebook JMT Group(s)
7/1/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal16-182M27,M 30NoFirst time on the JMT for us, trying to complete the hike in 13-14 days. Planning on going from HI>TM on day one with no pack. James and Trevorjmtropper@gmail.comFB
7/2/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal102M34, F30
7/2/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal103-4F26, M57, M57, (M16)NoWe plan to do the whole JMT! The first half of the trip there will be three of us and we will be joined by a fourth at Florence lake.Alana alana.ayasse@gmail.comFacebook
7/2/2017Muir Trail RanchRoad's End10-162M 35, M34NoNo special side trips planned other than a rest day at Bench LakeShawnshawn.auchterlonie@gmail.com
7/2/2017Glacier PointWhitney Portal144M25, M25, M25, M25MaybeGannon Depetrisgannon.depet@gmail.comFacebook JMT Group
7/2/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/2014-172M18, M19MaybeZero day at Reds Meadow Morgan TuohyFacebook JMT Group
7/3/2017Sunrise LakesHappy Isles104M44, F44, F11, M8No
7/3/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/25122M26, M22Maybe1st time on the JMT or PCT. Extremely excited even though the high levels of snow. Not experienced in snow hiking but doing research as much as possible and trying to not be detterredBryan, Austinbrcarrier04@gmail.comFacebook JMT Group
7/3/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/27135M22, M22, M22, M22, M21NoHiking Half domeAlex CooperFacebook, Instagram
7/4/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/24/201710+3M36-45NoPatrick, Richard, Jason
7/4/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/22121M23MaybeFlying to San Francisco from Boston on July 2, taking various public transportation to get to Yosemite by the evening of July 3. Currently planning on hiking solo but would definitely welcome company.Jimmy Swanbeckjimmy.swanbeck@gmail.comFacebook & Reddit
7/4/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/23-ish12-132M 23, M 23MaybeLooking for possible companions for high passes and river crossings due to high snow fallTimothy Gerardtimothyg.altieri5@gmail.comFacebook
7/5/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/25111F19MaybeMostly going solo, with a possiblitly of two others hoping on and hiking with me for a section or twoClaire Sebaldcsebald@uwyo.edufacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
7/6/2017Duck Lake Whitney Portal 84F45, M45, M14, F12MaybeDidn't get a lottery permit out of YosemiteJasonFacebook JMT group
7/7/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal103M17,M18,M26MaybeFirst time JMT hikers, doing Clouds Rest- stoked to see the trail and meet other hikersConnor Douglasconnor.douglas101@gmail.com
7/7/2017Red Meadows ResortWhitney Portal10-151M27YesLooking for partner. Experienced backcountry hiker, inexperienced in snowStephen Haffshaff315@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
7/7/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/25122F25, F22MaybeIt would be nice to have others to cross the more trecherous streams with.lydiajahn92@gmail.com
7/7/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/25121M48 Maybemeeting new friends along the trailGRrgeert0@gmail.com
facebook JMT group
7/7/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/26-27123M38, F29, M26MaybeFirst time for all of us on the JMT but will be our 2nd time up Whitney. Adding Half Dome and Clouds Rest on day 2. Wouldn't be terrible to have numbers at stream crossings!Jennifer & Ed Patrick, Rob Warnockjmpatrick815@gmail.comFacebook JMT group and Ladies of the JMT group
7/7/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/2313+2M28, F30MaybeStarting the trail fromHappy Isles and completing the Happy Isles > Tuolumne Meadows leg in one day as to not have to camp in between. Permit is for 7/8robert.edwards365@hotmail.comFB, Reddit
7/7/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal151M44MaybeMeeting friends at Bench Lake for four days towards the end, but otherwise solo. Lange Jorstadlangejorstad@yahoo.comFB JMT, Yahoo JMT
7/8/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/20101M22Yespictish02@gmail.com
7/8/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 7/23151M46MaybeFlatlander (Michigan) giving altitude a try. First long hike.Can't wait. May go faster or slower. Jim WarrenJimrun26.2@gmail.comfacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
7/8/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal2M51, M22MaybeFather and son. Others are always welcome join us. We are from Kansas so it will take some time before we get adjusted to the altitude!Del and Danieldelg@tabor.edu
7/9/2017Happy IslesRed's Meadow102M35, M40NoWas planning to solo hike from TM to Red's Meadow but may bail on that section due to snow conditions and stream crossings.Phaelen Parkerphaelenparker@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
7/9/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal
103M31, F26, M42MaybeExcited to start the trip!!Jesus, Jeanne, Marcosmixmastagsus@yahoo.comFacebook
7/9/2017Lyell CanyonWhtiney Portal103F20, F20, F20MaybeWe are 3 college students from Southern California! First time on JMT, excited to start this adventure and meet fellow hikers!Amy, Joelle and Katieamydodson7345@gmail.comFacebook
7/9/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal133F19, F20, M19Maybelooking for a lift to thr valley from fresno airport on july 7 at 2:30pm because there is no more yarts at this time of the day :Dhuberthubert.loiselle@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
7/9/2017Duck PassWhitney Portal 7/268-123M47, M20, M16MaybeFather & sons return to pick up where we left off in 2015 (altitude issues). Would like to be with others on snow covered passes & water crossings.Ken, Cole & Wesleychamwa@att.netfacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
7/9/2017Happy Isles Whitney Portal 08/081M30MaybeDanieljolly-green-giant@hotmail.comFacebook and Yahoo JMT
7/10/2017Red's MeadowBishop Pass102M47, F47NoAnxious about stream crossings otherwise feeling excitedjmcquiggjmcquigg@wandmattorneys.comYahoo JMT groups
7/10/2017Rush Creekcottonwood lakes 7/28122m47,m57MaybeMy friend i leaving at Le Conte after approx 8 days.I will continue on to Cotton Wood Lakes and then bus it back to Mammoth with the hope of walking back into Yosemite valley on a walk up permit.I have 29 day to play with.David Sutton Peter Phillipskahoonaskid@gmail.comfacebook JMT group
7/10/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal4M36YesHave 8 permits starting July 10th.  Looking to trade permits for a later date (between July 15th and August 10th).  Can take 4 more if unable to trade.Justin Albrightbaltojus2@aim.com
7/11/2017Glacier PointWhitney Portal102M45, M16MaybeMy teenage son is joining me for the Yosemite to Reds segment and then I am solo the rest of the trail. Still watching snow reports and water flows - considering bailing and doing it another year.Scott MacCombscott.maccomb@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
7/12/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal103F27, F27, M36MaybeWill most likely be driving from the SF Bay Area and am potentially interested in carpooling!Kristine Nowlaink.nowlain@gmail.comFB JMT group
7/12/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal10+2M35, M60MaybeDrew Smith/Mike Treesedrewts86@gmail.comFB / reddit
7/13/2017Bishop PassWhitney Portal102M55, F51NoHiking in from Bishop to do last week of the JMT SOBO. John and Hannah Schneiderhannahgosnell@gmail.comFB
7/13/2017Sunrise LakesWhitney Portal 123F26, M29, M29NoExcited first timers! Happy to join up with people during zero days or more dangerous stretches. Strength in numbers!Chelsea, Edwin, Allencwilliams1290@gmail.comFB JMT & Ladiesof JMT
7/13/2017Rush CreekWhitney Portal13ish2M25, F23MaybeWe'll be parking at Whitney Portal and taking public/private transit up to Rush Creek unless someone wants to carpool. Also would be interested in having more hikers around during treacherous crossings. Emily and Brianemily.baltz@gmail.comFB JMT group
7/13/2017Mono/Parker PassWhitney Portal20+1 but up to 3M29YesSecond time on the JMT looking to finish, have done HI to Reds before. Looking Others that want to join, I have two open spots on my permit.M.Warchalm.warchal@gmail.comFB JMT Group
7/13/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal2M50, M43NoPlanning 21 days and Half Dome.VNFcatdoc66@gmail.comFB, Yahoo JMT
7/14/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal (Aug 8)102M27,M60MaybePlanning to FISH every day... Partners welcome. I am looking forward to enjoying the time out there and going at an enjoyable pace. I hope to find fishing friends! I love great food and campfires(where allowed). Nervous about the snow and passes. Jordan Pinkusjordanapfeintech@gmail.comFB
7/14/2017Lyell CanyonWhitney Portal 7/31/201710-125M58, F40, M24, F23, F18MaybeResupplying at Reds & MTR, not planning any zero days Kristen / krisfrogtenkrisfrogten@gmail.comFacebook JMT groups
7/14/2017Mono/Parker PassWhitney Portal
112M26, M22MaybeLooking forward to the people we cross paths with on the trailEvan & Jasoneflach726@gmail.comFacebook
7/14/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal12-151F27 MaybeFirst thru-hike, first solo hikeKris kristen.keese@gmail.comFB
7/14/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal 8-312+1M35MaybeFirst thru-hike, first solo hike. Pretty open to quiet alone time or awesome partners with great stories. Obviously concerned about passes and crossings this season. Still awaiting the late June trip reports. I don't mind teaming up with anybody on the crossings for safety. Will need a hitch to Lone Pine, if anybody else is finishing 8-3.Christopher Houckstabwest00@hotmail.comFacebook
7/14/2017Happy IsleWhitney Portal
144M44, M28, F16, F15NoResupplying Tuolumne, Reds, MTR.  No zero days.  Interested in coordinating shuttle start or finish.Ericeeliason@yahoo.comFacebook and Yahoo JMT groups
7/14/2017Reds MeadowOnion Valley141M56MaybeSteven Weaversjweaver29@earthlink.netFB
7/15/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal104M45, F44, M12, F10NoThis will be a long waited family trip!Dennis Leehjldennis@gmail.comFacebook JMT Group
7/15/2017Sunrise LakesWhitney Portal 8/5TBD3M50, M16, M15NoWill be monitoring snow conditions to determine if trip is still viable.Humbertohumdecastro@hotmail.comFacebook JMT
7/16/2017Happy IsleWhitney Portal 8/5102M39, M39NoFlying to Fresno and taking YARTS to Yosemite Valley OfficePaul and Noahpaulscircle@gmail.comfacebook JMT group
7/16/2017Lyell Canyon Whitney Portal6-12+3F40 F13 F15MaybeThird year out in the trail. Hope to finish the trail this year. Hiking Cathedral Laes to Happy Isle NOBO 6/12 then Lyell To Whitney SOBONora AreteCaniusethisusername@gmail.comFB & Instagram: nurspirit
7/16/2017Happy IslesMuir Trail Ranch7.52M51, M21NoVery excited to hit the trail.John Bellefontainejfbellefontaine@cox.netFacebook JMT group
7/17/2017Agnew Meadows
Cottonwood Lakes 8/04
First serous international thru Hike (flying in from the UK), looking to find a group to hike with considering trail conditions!
7/17/2017Happy islesWhitney Portal 8/610+2M56, M24MaybeWelcome partners for high passes and river crossings.John and Andrewmarstonjohn@gmail.comFacebook JMt Group
7/17/2017South LakeWhitne Portal 7/24153M22, M44, M30sMaybe3rd year of segment hiking. Last segment. You are welcome to join usDKappa.dave@gmail.comFacebook JMT group
7/17/2017Happpy IslesWhitney Portal 8/116-182M34, M31MaybeWhite Mountain hikers coming from NH, first time, not opposed to making hiking friendsRyan and Sandyrpoulin227@gmail.comFB
7/17/2017Red's MeadowFlorence Lake 07/2186M50, M47, M48, M36, F50, F28NoSection hiking. Sang H. An
7/18/2017Happy Isles
Cottonwood Lakes 8/05
1M35MaybeResupplying at Red's Meadows, MTR, and Onion Valley (Students and a teacher friend will do my resupply here.)Adamshutdaup2k@gmail.comFacebook, Instagram, Friendster
7/19/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal101M67NoFirst time on the JMTPeter Aanpeteraan@gmail.comFB
7/19/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal (8/17)101F26YesWill be leaving a vehicle in Lone Pine and taking Eastern Sierra Transit to Mammoth Lakes. Would be interested coordinating shared trasportation with someone. Would also be interested in finding a hiking partner for high passes and creek crossings!Amandaazranchev@gmail.comLadies of the JMT, John Muir Trail (FB), John Muir Trail Hikers 2017 (FB)
7/19/2017Sunrise LakesWhitney Portal 8/11102M26, F27NoWill spend night in backpackers campground the night before and night after completing trek. Still working on coordinating airfare and shuttles. Would be interested in sharing a shuttle to and from the trail. Jake and Caitlincaitlindmeeks@gmail.comJMT Facebook group, JMT 2017 Facebook group, Ladies of the JMT Facebook group
7/19/2017Tuolumne Meadows (Lyell Canyon)Whitney Portal 8/8101M50NoNot in a hurry, 2 resupplys, will need ride back to valley or anywhere east-heading to and from Lodi CAPete O'Irishpeteroflaherty@yahoo.comFacebook
7/19/2017Happy IslesWhitney Portal131M38MaybeOnly have a permit from HI to Lyell Canyon. Will get a walk-in from there.Kevin LampinenKLampinen79@hotmail.comFacebook JMT