A list of Oz's favorite tools & resources. Many of these products have affiliate links, which supports Oz's writing. None of this information should be taken as financial, medical or legal advice; it's only for entertainment purposes only :)
NameCategoryWhy it's good:
M1 FinanceInvestingInvesting
Robinhood (free stocks)InvestingI thought Robinhood was too good to be true when it first came out - 100% free stock trades. 3 years later, RH has saved me hundreds in trading fees compared to traditional brokerages like Scottrade. Now Robinhood is coming out with FREE CRYPTO TRADES (take that, Coinbase!) Use my referral link and we both get a free stock! (E.g. I got a free Zynga stock from referring a friend, he got a free Microsoft stock...he won in that trade).
Worthy Bonds InvestingEarn easy, fixed 5% returns by buying $10 bonds that support small businesses. Read my full review of Worthy Bonds here.
BlockFiCryptoRead my full review of BlockFi here.
CryptosheetCryptoA separate sheet that lists Oz's favorite crypto tools and links
Chase - Sapphire ReservedPersonal financeThe mother of all travel credit cards. Hefty $450 fee offset by $300 annual travel credit, 3x points on dining and travel (HUGE!) and a legendary 100k points signup bonus. The best part is redeeming the points for travel at a 50% point bonus, which is only available with the Reserve and not any other Chase Card. Example: 50k points should get you $500 worth of travel, but you get $750 worth of travel on when booking with Sapphire Reserve. Huge.
Chase - Ink Business PlusPersonal financeHuge 100k sign up bonus for first time cardmembers, and 5x points on office related expenses like utilities.
BonsaiFreelance BusinessMust-have tool for freelancers; Bonsai has an entire suite of tools from invoicing clients to beautiful proposal/contract templates (so you don't have to write them yourself). I used Bonsai for all my UX design clients. Also helpful tool; automatic invoice reminder for those unpaid balances.
MetromileInsuranceIf you work from home or don't drive much, Metromile's "per mile" insurance will save you tons of money. My monthly average for the past three years has been $40, compared to the $164 montly average Californians pay (source: ValuePenguin). Obviously don't get Metromile if you drive a lot, but if you do, you'll fall in love with it's high tech features. They give you a device that plugs into your car, and syncs with an app to tell you your car location (no more wandering around the parking lot) and car diagnostics. Even filing for claims all within the app/website has been seamless, compared to the nightmare of old insurance dinosaurs.
RakutenShoppingAutomatic cash back when shopping online; no reason not to use it!
HoneyShoppingWikibuy is my favorite "automatic coupon finder" especially when I'm shopping on Amazon. It's a chrome extension similar to eBates, and you can accrue a surprising amount of Wikibuy credit for spending less. Win-win no brainer.
LendingClubPersonal financeFor the 5 years I've used LendingClub, I averaged 5.85% return after all fees. But LendingClub as we know it is defunct — they're moving to become a bank with a savings account.