Belarus AI Landscape
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Site DescriptionTechnology SectorFunctionsCommentInvestments ~, $M
SmartSub is a Google AdWords virtual assistant that makes setting up and managing AdWords simple, easy and cost effective.NLPMarketing/Advertisingmarketing
OneSoilhttp://onesoil.ioOneSoil is developing a smart platform for precision farming with the use of Drones and Machine learning technology. Its platform monitors sown areas, predicts and plans the farm operations, increases productivity and saves resources. It uses satellite and drone images for assessing the state of agricultural crops and NDVI analysis. The platform can identify areas of high & low productivity, differential seeding and unwanted plant using image and yield analysis. It can predict plant diseases using weather monitoring and prepare fertilizer plan using digital terrain structure. As of Jan 2017 platform is available as a beta test.Computer Vision, MLAgriculture
Most accurate Precision Agriculture Platform. Multi-layer and multi-temporal data analysis
Computer Vision, MLAgricultureAcquired
Blingerblinger.ioomni-channel software platform. Get access to the messengers, email and live chat with a single API, interface or integration with helpdesks.NLPchat botscustomer support
BotCube and conversational AI development for businesses, personalizing the customer experienceNLPChatbots
InData Labs Labs provides data science consulting helping organizations of all sizes leverage their data to improve their products and services.MLConsultingHTP
DataMolaWe specialize in the development of custom web-based and handheld applications to meet whatever business need you have. Our focus is primarily on applications that require the capture and processing of data for your business.ML, Predictive analyticsConsultingInformation Technology
Exadelhttps://exadel.comExadel’s Tiggzi is a cloud-based development platform for mobile web and native apps for any device. Tiggzi enables distributed teams to work collaboratively in real-time to develop mobile applications from prototype. Offerings include a drag-and-drop visual editor with a set of UI components and data binding interface between UI , data sources and web. Supports REST integration with multiple target platforms and cross platform devices.ML, Predictive analyticsConsulting, HealthcareInformation TechnologyHTP
DataSpectrumSoftware development company focusing on data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data processing and warehousing. Whether you are looking for individual step (consulting, technology selection and technical design, development, integration, maintenance) or full-cycle solution, we deliver both.ML, NLPConsulting, Marketing/Advertising
SayMaskhttp://saymask.comSayMask company was founded in 2016 to create applications implemented on the basis of the unique knowledge in the field of machine learning and 3D technologies that our specialists have been accumulating for many years.Computer VisionAR
Banubahttps://banuba.comBanuba develops technologies for augmented reality-enabled mobile applications. Its core technologies are based on machine learning algorithms including neural networks that can detect and identify objects, facial expressions, and gestures in real time, and then modify and augment those features using filters and video effects. The platform has a variety of applications, including entertainment mobile applications, educational programs, and emotion tracking. The company, which has a development subsidiary in Belarus and employs over 30 AI/AR engineers, has a number of pending US patents and plans to launch its first mobile app in the first quarter of 2017. Yet to launched its product as of Feb 2017. Computer VisionARHTP5
Profiterohttps://www.profitero.comProfitero is a provider of online competitor pricing data. They enable retailers to make faster and more profitable pricing decisions by delivering their competitors’ prices, promotions and full product assortments to them every day. Profitero works with more than 40 global retailers including Walmart-owned Sam’s Club, Staples, Tesco, Waitrose, Worten and Ocado Profitero collaborates with leading price optimization providers including Revionics and IBM DemandTec, with Profitero’s competitor pricing data integrated directly into these solutions to provide more accurate and effective price optimization.MLE-commerceHTP, Office
Woxy – AI-powered solution for online stores designed to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale. With our core technologies such as One-Tap purchase, AI-powered Insights and Customer Identification retailers can increase revenue and generate growth, identify even unknown visitors and provide a high-quality customer service.ML, Predictive analyticsE-Commerce, Enterprise, ChatbotsCustomer Support, Marketing
WorkFusionhttp://www.workfusion.comWorkfusion is a SaaS firm that offers a platform for automating high-volume data collection and enrichment. It uses machine learning to integrate and manage automation tools and crowd-sourced workers. Workfusion is used by leading information providers, financial, e-commerce, and retail businesses. It works closely with these industries to understand the customer behavior on their platform. For the Financial Services industry, the platform can automate currently manual work such as Settlement Processing, Client On-Boarding/KYC, monitor corporate actions, extract financially relevant data from loan documentation, extract relevant data from Global Filings, SEC filings from Edgar among other possible work. For the IT Industry, the platform currently allows enterprises to monitor and collect data from websites & social media. The platform also enables enterprises to convert their paper documents to digitized file through OCR and Machine Learning. For the e-commerce industry, the platform enables to automate the product categorization, source data for algorithm training.ML, NLPEnterpriseAutomation, Compliance HTP, Office70
IHS Minsk provides information and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments in industries, such as aerospace, defence and security, automotive, chemical, energy, maritime & trade, and technology. It offers its critical information and insights by combining data with its proprietary and third-party technology to create graphical user interfaces, interactive search and navigation tools, and online databases.ML, NLPEnterpriseHTP, Office. Ранее Invention machine.
Altoroshttps://www.altoros.comAltoros is a software delivery acceleration specialist that provides technology services to software companies and start-ups. Focused on cross-platform software development and innovative cloud computing services, the company has profound experience in creating large-scale applications and systems that feature scalability, flexible architecture, and re-usable code base.MLEnterpriseHTP
EPAM https://www.epam.comSoftware product development services and technology outsourcing. EPAM provides software development services to clients across Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Software, Retail and other industries. Provides product development services, Internet of things development, enterprise applications, data analytics solution, collaboration suites and more. Customized solutions for digitization of business, Went Public on Feb 8, 2012. Carries out projects for large customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Customer include Renaissance capital, Barclays capital,Sber bank, Coca-cola, Kingfisher, Bosch, Volkswagen, Hyundai, T-systems, British Telecom etcMLEnterpriseHTP
SCANDhttps://scand.comSCAND is a software consulting and development company that provides a wide range of IT outsourcing services. MLEnterprise HTP
Logic Wayhttps://logic-way.comLogic Way provides software development services. Additional services include IT services and consulting. Business domains covered include Logistics, BPM systems, Information-Analytical Systems, Insurance, Multimedia. Provides services for startups, developers and IT providers. Some of its customers include flexiteBPMS, ThanksVault, IBS, caatoosee, EAST BANC technologies, inframes, OTP etc.ML, Computer VisionEnterpriseOutsourcing
SumatoSoft is a software development company specializing in the custom development of challenging and complex web, mobile and IoT projects.ML, Data ScienceEnterprise, Mobile, IoT, Chatbots (AdTech, Transportation, Logistics, Education)HTP
Backup RealityN/ASelfie for VR/ARComputer VisionEntertainment, R&D
Exp Capital is a liquidity provider for the following asset classes: commodities, options, foreign exchange, fixed income and futuresMLFinanceAlgoritmic trading ML HTP
hiendsys at HES are committed to helping traditional and alternative financial service providers to reduce operating expenses, assess risks and scale their business. We do it by providing the technology backbone to power the entire lending lifecycle.Predictive analyticsfinance
PingFin network for personal financial assistant is able to offer targeted discounts, special offers for users.MLFinanceTargeted discount offers
GiniMachinehttps://ginimachine.comGiniMachine provides an AI enabled credit scoring platform. Its bot automatically learns from user datasets and creates analytical-based models which predict customer's credit behavior. The company claims that they require around 1000 of old loan allotment records to train the model as per user's market, customer base and operations.MLFinance, Banking ScoringКофаундер
WarGaminghttp://na.wargaming.netWargaming is a developer of core games for PC and console platforms. The company releases its games in multiple languages to cater to Europe and North America audience. Some of the notable games developed by the company include World of Warplanes, World of Tanks, and World of Warships.MLGaming
myo triton Printed Prosthetic HandRoboticsHealthcare
Mimicaa mobile application will help people with facial paralysis. To treat and prevent this problem, mimic gymnastics is needed. Usually this means that people should individually engage with a doctor or perform exercises in front of a mirror. The Mimica program allows you to do gymnastics in an interactive form: the smartphone screen is divided into two parts, the application uses the front camera of the device.Computer VisionHealthcare
Lung Passport
Healthy Networks, a team of data scientists, engineers and medical professionals from Minsk, Belarus. We are dedicated to harness the power of cutting edge technologies for the benefit of all people concerned about their lung health.MLHealthcare
FitBithttps://www.fitbit.comWireless wearable sensors to track person's activities.N/AHealthcareOffice
Rocket Bodyhttp://gorocketbody.comDevelops a technology that allows after the removal of ECG to determine the degree of stress and fatigue, the periods of recovery of the organism after loads, and develop recommendations based on these data.MLHealthcare
Doctor.AIhttps://chat.sprosidoktora.ruMedical service for online consultations. Chat-bot, which helps to choose a doctor, which you need to contact for given symptoms.ML, Computer VisionHealthcare, Chatbotscontacts
AriadnaN/AAR / MR assistant for surgery - will help surgeons make effective decisions and minimize risks for patientsCVHealthcare, VR
Flespi (Gurtam)flespi.comFespi platform relieves you from significant investments into R&D and offers you to start using telematics data for the good of your businessN/AIoTHTP
Minter for InstagramML, Data ScienceIoT
R-nox develops solutions for monitoring environmental parameters. It builds a consumer wearable device called TwiGear for measuring air quality and wearer vitals and a consumer hand-held device called Zive for measuring radiation. The air pollution and radiation data collected by users is provided to city authorities via an API for use in controlling pollution and for detecting radiation levels.MLIoT, Green Tech
VibroBoxhttps://www.vibrobox.comFully automatic vibration-based diagnostics, condition monitoring and mechanical breakdown prediction service aimed to save on industrial equipments maintenance costs.MLHardware manufacturing
AdFormhttp://site.adform.comPremier partner for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers, offering a programmatic brand-led media platform to support all aspects of multi-screen brand advertising. Provides an end-to-end ad tech stack thereby closing the loop by integrating media planning, buying, optimization and reporting into one place covering full-featured Demand Side Platform (DSP), Rich Media and Ad serving. Has presence in 15 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.MLMarketing/Advertising HTP, Office, Acquired
Platform.iohttps://platform.ioOpen Real-Time Bidding Platform. Solutions for Publishers & Ad Networks, Advertisers & Agencies, Product, Mobile, Ad Tech, Data, Media Companies & Startups.MLMarketing/Advertising
Exponenta an AI tool for publishNLP, MLMarketing/AdvertisingSMM
BelPrimehttps://awario.comSocial Media & Web Monitoring ToolML, Data ScienceMarketing/AdvertisingHTP
Ultralab Apps is the maker of several photo editing apps. Provides photo editing apps FilterLoop, Instagrids, Ultrapop, Ultramask, GIFstory and Processor. All the apps are available for download on App Store. MLMarketing/Advertising, IoT
http://www.apalon.comApalon is a mobile app development company for Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Samsung apps. They developed a translation app which translates speech/text to speech / text in many languages which can be connected to iphones and Apple watches. Apalon’s portfolio includes award-winning titles such as Pimp Your Screen, Weather Live, My Alarm Clock, Calculator Pro and more. It was acquired by Mindspark Interactive Network, an operating business of IACN/AMobile AppsHTP
Viber is developed by Viber Media, a pioneering mobile messaging and VoIP company. Viber lets everyone in the world connect freely through voice calls. Viber users can send free text messages, photo messages, video messages and share locations anywhere in the world, as well as make free, HD-quality calls on smartphone devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections.ML, NLPMobile AppsHTP, Office, Acquired
Flohttps://flo.healthFlo, an app that tracks women’s health from periods to pregnancy, announced today funding of $5 million. The round was led by returning investor Flint Capital, with participation from model and activist Natalia Vodianova and other angel investors. Women can download the app on both iOS and Android for free and start logging in their menstrual cycles and symptoms. “Currently, there are over 50 symptoms to track, and this number is likely to double in the future,” wrote Flo founder and president Yuri Gurski, in an email to VentureBeat. “Users can keep track of their sexual activity, sports, water intake, vaginal discharge, contraception, moods, pains, and much more.”MLMobile Apps, Healthcare6
Gismarthttps://gismart.comMusic app developer with over 200 million downloadsMLMobile apps, musicHTP
AIMATTERhttp://aimatter.comPhoto & Video Segmentation, Style Transfer, Face Tracking, Facial Landmark Detection, 3D Landmarks, De-noise, De-blur, Face warping.Computer VisionARMobile SDKHTP, Acquired by Google2
MSQRDhttp://msqrd.meMasquerade (MSQRD) is a video editing app that lets you take short selfie videos and edit them with 'face-swaps' and other animations and share them across various social media. Videos filters are applied in real time before the video is sent from the client to the server. They also have an SDK implementation that can be loaded on iOS, Windows, and Android systems to make video filters in other video chat apps possible. Acquired by Facebook for an undisclosed amount in March 2016Computer VisionARAcquired
AI-powered technology that plans your multi-city trips in few clicks
MLMobile Apps, Web Apps, Travel, Logistics
Teqniksofthttps://teqniksoft.comTeqniksoft is an international software development company with operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.MLN/AN/AOffice
Yandex Minsk is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning.ML, NLP, Computer Vision R&DHTP, Office.
Intellexer/Effectivesoft Intellexer API and SDK provide core functionality for an AI system which can be easily integrated into your software and used by your company as a tool for the development of specific solutions.
ML, NLPR&D, Mobile Apps, Web AppsNLP API, NLP SDKHTP
Facify.me is an Augmented Reality technology, based on virtual face tracking & 3D reconstruction, shaping a new disruptive, enhanced virtual user experience. Computer VisionRetail1
SmartRetailN/ASmartRetail is a team with profound retail knowledge and computer vision experience. We are working on a unified video analysis tool applicable for small and middle deployments across retail estates.ML, CVRetailFounders have a successful exit from a retail startup.
Synesis http://www.synesis.bySynesis provides an open video analytics platform which enables third party firms to implement video surveillance apps. The product finds use cases across sectors such as security, transportation, retail, banks, and entertainment. The underlying technology for the company's product is its proprietary video data ranking tech. The technology enhances payload of the comms link between the video device and the cloud server, thereby improving the efficiency of video data transmission. The firm has filed multiple patents in related areas such as geotagging, video indexing, and trackingComputer VisionRetail, Banks, TransportationSurviallence HTP
BiClast promote data science to deliver service excellence in variety of social and business domains.ML, Predictive analyticsTelecom, e-commerce
Juno is a fresh approach to ride sharing. By leading with our values and putting drivers first, it will pave the way for better rider experiences. It's refined, responsible, ride sharing.MLTransportationHTP
Teslasuithttp://teslasuit.comTesla Studios Ltd has announced the development of the patent pending “Tesla Suit” technology, a wireless suit made of smart textile clothing fully integrated into a virtual reality system. Tesla Suit will deliver to the wearer the sense of touching and feeling in the virtual world. Joined the UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme. Clients they have worked for include Sony, Unity, Nestle, CitiBank, Johnson and Johnson.MLVR
TeleportN//AA network of online cameras with a 360 ° viewing angle, designed for VRCVVR
FriendlyDatahttps://friendlydata.ioFriendlyData provides natural language interface based technology for enterprise database. It can be integrated within the product to increase productivity of enterprise users by enabling human-like interaction with business data platforms such as ERP/CRM. FriendlyData translates the human language into SQL query to the database and returns data in JSON format. It works with relational databases such as: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Redshift, MSSQL DB2, Oracle, Cloud SQL and SQLite.NLPInformation TechnologyNLP интерфейс к базам данных, acquired by ServiceNow
GAME STREAMhttps://game-stream.byThe company is one of the leading in Belarus developers of software for Internet intellectual systems (online advertising management and optimization) and data visualization (computer simulators, computer games). It develops and offers a full range of IT services for software development and support in the above mentioned areas.HTP
True Machina (бывш. PREDIZO)https://www.truemachina.comA.I. software that creates new inventionsHTP
NeoSound (Synpatic) any sound into meaningful data — NeoSound. We provide actionable data about the mood of the customers to make the best decisions for angry customers and happy onesML Customer Support
ZENSOFT BYhttp://www.zensoft.ioDevelopment of software for unstructured data of large volumes collection and processing,andits analytics with the help of machine learning methods.HTP
Klika Tech
cybergizer.aicybergizer.aiWe provide Artificial Intelligence services. We will dedicate the professional R&D team and promote it as a service for your business needs.
Rozum Robotics Robotics is an ambitious innovative company that takes a fresh look on human-robot interaction and aims to make robots an everyday thing just like smartphones or office printers.Robotics
Craft is a machine-learning driven data and analytics platform building the "Source of Truth" on companies, and mapping the global economy. We organize data from thousands of sources to provide comprehensive, up-to-date sector and company profiles, ranging from early-stage to the largest companies in the world.MLBI
SivinTech Group software development company with a strong team of IT experts, catering for its global clientele with innovative cost-effective solutions across different industry verticals.AI, ML, Computer Vision,
Data Science, Blockchain
Fintech, Banking, Marketing & AdvertisingOutsourcing
Logic Way (DataSquad) team combines and expertise in artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and data science to develop solutions for companies of various business domains located worldwide. We help businesses in getting through technology challenges they have by implementing the best practices based on our inhouse predesigned components.AI, ML, Computer Vision, Data ScienceDataSquad has become a subsidiary company of Logic Way Inc. following the skyrocketing growth of LW internal division for Computer Vision software development.
IBA Groupwww.ibagroupit.comExperience based on the WorkFusion Smart process automation. For the Financial Services industry, the platform can automate currently manual work such as Settlement Processing, Client On-Boarding/KYC, monitor corporate actions, extract financially relevant data from loan documentation, extract relevant data from Global Filings, SEC filings from Edgar among other possible work. The platform also enables enterprises to convert their paper documents to digitized file through OCR and Machine Learning. For the e-commerce industry, the platform enables to automate the product categorization, source data for algorithm training.Robotic Process Automation, ML, AI
R-Style Lab team has recently worked on Glamozis – a stylish iOS app designed for a well-known plastic surgeon. The app processes pictures and uses neural networks to enhance certain parts of a face or perform the overall correction showing users what they will look like after a plastic surgery.
Computer Vision, ML
Veryfi automates the boring parts of your accounting (data entry, ledger categorization, bank reconciliation & vehicle mileage logbook) with AI, OCR OCRFinance
MapData (Mapbox)
Focused on computer vision and developing a self-driving car. focused on computer vision and developing a self-driving car.Computer VisionSelf-driving carsAcquired
WANNABY reality for ecommerce, based on neural networksComputer VisionE-commerce, Augumented reality
ARRM.IOARRM.IOsComputer Vision, AR, VRHealthcare, GameDev
Scan and Buyhttp://scanandbuy.meMobile Application for Recognition, searching and buying goodsComputer VisionRetail, E-commerce
86 http://cleaning.done.proB2B software platform which connects end-customer with pro's and allows to manage services and marketplaces for providing "Uber X on-demand" services like cleaning, maintenance&repair services, delivery etc. Local service - Predictive analyticsEnterprise, e-commerce, marketplaces
Twistellarhttps://twistellar.comSalesforce Solutions and AI Applications. Building a custom AI application with Twistellar will help you process your data and make the most of your CRM investments. We master the list of Machine Learning and Data Science technologies: CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR PREDICTION, NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING, MACHINE LEARNING FOR COMPUTER VISION

AI, ML, Computer Vision, Data ScienceRetail, E-commerce, Communications, Healthcare industry, Media, Manufacturing, Travel & Hospitality, Banking, MarketingHTP
Silk Data provide digital tools and expertise in automating text-based work, with natural language processing and machine learningAL, ML, Computer Vision, Data ScienceDocument ManagementNLPHTP