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fkriPhotoSchool or Degree ProgramBiography
Kristin Harrington - President School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health (MD/PhD)In college, I was in a student-led organization focused on international development. I travelled to Uganda as the Project Manager where I worked to improve water sanitation by constructing ceramic water filters. With a local NGO, I organized workshops for students on HIV/AIDS and sexual health.
After college, I was an intern for the World Health Organization in Manila, where I conducted epidemiological research on tuberculosis. Afterwards, I was a programmer in Seattle in the field of global clinical trials. Through coordinating data analyses, I became familiarized with projects and in turn, with issues in global health. Through my experiences, I have developed goals around promoting sustainable health care systems and utilizing my practice and research to inform public health policy.
Mwangala Akamandisa - Treasurer Laney Graduate School (PhD Cancer Biology)My interests lie in global cancer health. Particularly, in better access to screening and care, and in improved record keeping in low and middle income countries. Because of my ongoing training in cancer research, I am also interested in encouraging cancer research coupled with provision of clinical care in low income countries.
Richelle St. Louis - Secretary Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (BSN)I am a recent graduate from Oxford College and a third year student currenly enrolled at Nell Hodgsin Woodruff School of Nursing as a BSN student. I am interested in global health as it relates to women and children's healthcare. After graduation, I intend to further my degree by becoming a Nurse Practitioner in pediatric critical care.
Sarah Newman - Scholars Chair School of Medicine (intended MPH at Rolling School of Public HealthDuring my undergraduate education at NYU, I was granted the opportunity to spend a semester attending school in Accra, Ghana. While taking public health classes at the local university, I also worked closely with a physician at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. It was during this experience and other domestic work experiences where I came to understand the important interactions between politics, public health, medicine, and anthropology which has guided my career focus ever since. It’s this interaction that fuels my interest in these topics as I feel that enhancing my understanding of them and the ways in which they affect each other can help me achieve my ultimate goal of promoting health around the globe.
Connor Fuchs - Case Competition ChairSchool of Law and Rollins School of Public Health (JD/MPH)Spending the first nine years of my life in Southeast Asia sparked an interest that has led me to work and study in Dhaka, Bangladesh (one of my childhood homes), Lima, Peru, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I hope to use my legal and public health education to ensure laws are not only designed to increase access to adequate healthcare services, but function effectively, in practice.

Clarissa Myers- Case Competition Chair(image soon)School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy & Rollins School of Public Health (DPT-MPH)With an undergraduate background in human biology and medical anthropology, I knew I was interested in clinical care as well as other factors influencing health such as culture and behavior. As a graduate student, I am passionate about the interface between physical therapy and it's role in health promotion and prevention of noncommunicable diseases. I hope to practice as a physical therapist in an outpatient setting, while also conducting research on the role of physical therapy within healthcare models, to be utilized to prevent and promote health and wellness across healthy and clinical patient populations.
Emily Trautner School of MedicineAfter graduating college with a degree in economics and working for 2 years in Uganda with Plan International, I knew I wanted to go back to school to study medicine and public health. I am passionate about reducing health equity both in the US and internationally. More specifically, I hope to work to reduce the transmission of HIV and other infectious diseases and improve maternal and child health through affecting the determinants of health.
Nayantara Venkataraman Goizueta Business School (BBA)My interest in global health is largely rooted in my international background, as well as my experiences in health classes during my time at Emory. I am passionate about exploring the social determinants of health, and increasing access to healthcare in communities around the world. Eventually I would like to have a career in global non-profit management or corporate social responsibility, where I can directly contribute to the health and well-being of individuals around the world.
Jasmine Ko Rollins School of Public Health (MPH)My passion for global health started when I attended college at Emory University. Spending my undergraduate years in Atlanta, the public health capital of the world, both formed and developed my concern for equitable and accessible health care. Through the Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI), I have had the opportunity to engage in a variety of global health activities, ranging from the global health case competitions to the field scholars program. The opportunities provided to me through EGHI have taken me as far as Malawi, where I was funded to work on an infant and young child malnutrition feeding project. After completing my MPH in global epidemiology, I plan to continue international development work.
Jessie Preslar School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health (MD/PhD)My first introduction to the idea of global health was from the medical world, through international surgical trips in high school and college. As I attended classes and studied abroad in Mali during my undergraduate time, I became increasingly drawn to a population perspective and began considering studying public health. Ultimately, I decided to pursue a dual degree in medicine and a PhD in epidemiology, allowing me to study health ranging from an individual to population level and to focus on global and domestic disparities in health. My research to this point has focused primarily on birth outcomes and social determinants of health, and women's health is something I'm particularly passionate about.
Eeshwar Chandrasekar School of Medicine (MD)My academic background spans anthropology, economics, and epidemiology. My interests in medicine and public health have led me to work with a variety of organizations in the US and abroad including the World Health Organization (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA). In the future, I aspire to be a physician-advocate, improving health on the individual, community, and population levels.
Wen Liu School of Medicine (MD), School of Public Health (MPH)My passion for public/global health and underserved populations blossomed throughout my undergraduate years with Global Brigades, working with local partners in Panama, Honduras and Ghana on a holistic model of sustainable development projects. During medical school, I've become interested in global surgery, which is a burgeoning field that has only recently been put on the agenda at a global level. I plan on applying for urology residency and further integrating my public health and medical training to provide better access to surgical and urologic care both locally and globally.
Jubilee ParkEmory College of Arts and Sciences (BS), Rollins School of Public Health (MPH)I am currently in enrolled in a dual degree program with the Rollins School of Public Health to earn a B.S. in envionmental science and an MPH in environmental health. I am interested in both environmental conservation and public health and hope to learn more about how humans affect and are affected by their envionment while gaining research experience.
Alex ReitzSchool of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health (MD/MPH)I plan to become a general surgeon. I am most interested in creating effective trauma systems domestically that help prevent violence. Building off this concept, I am also interested in developing effective healthcare systems that can deliver basic surgical care in limited resource settings. I currently conduct research on gun violence in Atlanta.
Kara Goldstone Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (BSN)When I graduate I hope to work in an ER for several years in order to gain experience, and then I would like to return to school to obtain a dual masters in nursing and public health. My main desire is to spend several years abroad treating infectious disease and educating communities. I would love to work for an organization such as Doctors Without Borders, and then transition into implementing and facilitating health initiatives that aid underserved populations abroad. I want my career to by dynamic and evolving, but I always want my purpose to be to lessen health disparities and bring about equity.
Zayan MahmoothSchool of Medicine (MD)I am a second year medical student in the School of Medicine. I grew up in Sri Lanka before moving to Maryland at age 12. I studied Bioinformatics as an undergrad and then obtained an MSPH with a focus in health systems at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I wanted a broad and systemic view of health delivery and during my time as a graduate student I studied the use of a mobile health intervention for weight loss in Baltimore and the use of local community health workers for mental health therapy for torture survivors in Iraq. Feeling the need to be more involved in the direct care of patients as a physician, I moved to New York to conduct clinical research and decided to subsequently enroll in medical school at Emory.
Michelle LichtSchool of Law and Rollins School of Public Health (JD/MPH)I am currently pursuing a joint degree in law and public health. I am interested in market efficiencies and using analytics to improve healthcare systems, including drug discovery, patient outcomes, resource allocation, and quality of care. I hope to pursue a career in healthcare consulting or work in-house at a hospital.
Sarah ConnollyLaney Graduate School (PhD/MPH)After graduating from undergrad with a degree in Microbiology I worked for the CDC for two years at a county health department in Central Florida. Following my time with CDC, I started the PhD program in Immunology at Emory and am working towards a dual degree, with an MPH in Epidemiology. I hope to evenutally return to work for CDC, perhaps as an EIS officer. I enjoy seing how basic science can be translated into public health program development and love outreaches that involve science/health education for community audiences.
Kaitlyn OelkersEmory College of Arts and Sciences As part of the Executive Board for Emory Undergraduate Global Health Organization, I strive to bring global health education and opportunities to the undergraduate college. After I graduate in the Spring, I plan to go to medical school to work as a clinician helping to reduce inequality in healthcare both in the US and abroad.
Amanda ZhangOxford College, Emory College of Arts and Science After graduating from undergrad with a potential degree in Chemistry, I plan to take a gap year and do some volunteer work in foreign countries. Then, I plan to attend medical school and eventually work as a clinician in a region of the US where medicine/public health is underdeveloped.
Brittany EddyRollins School of Public Health, Nell Hodgson School of Nursing (BSN)After graduating from Davidson College, I pursued a MPH in global epidemiology at Rollins. I then spent 5 years living and working in Haiti doing monitoring and evaluation and medical informatics work. I returned to Atlanta to pursue my MSN 1 year ago. I currently work at CDC on the global elimination program for lymphatic filariasis. I plan to use my nursing degree to supplement my public healht background to continue working abroad doing health systems strengthening, capacity building and quality improvement work.
Alysse KowalskiLaney Graduate School Nutrition and Health SciencesI am interested in implementation science research to improve the uptake and delivery of maternal and child nutrition interventions.
Carolyn BrownRollins School of Public Health (PhD Epidemiology)I am involved with HIV research among key populations (men who have sex with men and female sex workers) in sub-Saharan Africa. Particularly interested in studying stigma among LGBT people in Africa for my dissertation.
Katie KirkmanSchool of Medicine (DPT) I am currently applying for the dual degree for DPT/MPH. I am interested in developing prevention programs in relation to physical therapy and to work with underesourced communities domestically and hopefully abroad.
Heena SomaniGoizueta Business School (BBA)I am a rising senior studying Finance at Emory's Goizueta Business School. I have always had an interest in global health, specifically health inequity in underserved populations. I hope to utilize my business background to improve the quality of life of individuals who lack adequate access to proper care. My internship experiences with Healthy Start, a grant-funded program to aid low-income pregnant women, as well as with Mercer Consulting as a Government Healthcare Consulting Intern have enabled me to apply my finance background in a practical setting to enhance health care access and quality.
Max GoldmanSchool of Medicine (MD)Max is currently a 3rd year student at the Emory University School of Medicine on his clinical rotations. After graduating college, he spent 1.5 years living in a rural Thai village with the Fulbright Program where he decided to go into healthcare after developing a love for his global health experiences. He is very interested in learning more about the social determinants of health and external factors affecting the delivery of care in impoverished populations.
Konya BadsaEmory CollegeI am a rising junior pursuing degree in Quantitative Science (Biological Anthropology concentration) and Mathematics. I am very interested in the relationship between data, technology, and health outcomes, as well as how social constructions influence our health behaviors. My future goals include pursuing an MPH in Biostatistics and using my degrees to improve healthcare services and policies in communities.
Zeeshan AhmadPA ProgramI received my masters in public health epidemiology from Michigan with some research in environmental exposures and outcomes. I thought about continuing research but decided working with patients was the best fit for me. I do plan on applying preventative medicine along with evidence based medicine when I practice.
Tamar ZwickPA programI am a second year PA student at Emory University. I earned my BA in Social Work from Colorado State University, and began working as a Paramedic after, before returning to school. I am a third culture kid (TCK), and spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong, in a very multicultural environment. As an adult I've volunteered in Ghana and Haiti. I look forward to contining to provide medical care abroad after graduation
Brittney ManhertzEmory CollegeI am a senior at Emory University, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in both Human Health and Sociology. After graduation I hope to enter nursing school. My future career goals include obtaining a Master’s of Public Health degree and a doctoral degree to become a nurse practitioner. I have interests in mental health and women/child health and working with disadvantaged populations (within the United States and around the world).
Vini SinghPhD (Health Economics and Policy), RSPHSecond year doctoral student, interested in the application of economic theory on mental health policy and health outcomes. Particularly interested in aging related mental health illnesses like Dementia and Alheimer's.
Shambavi RaoEmory College of Arts and Science Third year student at the college interested in combination of infectuous diseases (S. pnemo specifically) and their resistent to drugs and drug design. I am currently pursing a B.S in Biology and a B. A in Chemistry and I aspire to go to medical school and hope to be involved with infectious diseases around the world.
Charles Barber Laney Graduate School- Graduate Division of Religion I am a doctoral student in American Religious Cultures. My work in non-profits in Atlanta and Boston with both those impacted by HIV/AIDS and LGBT senior adults of color has directly influenced my research interests, which involve synthesizing how religion, culture, and politics intersect to impact the lives of sexual minorities. Currently my research uses interdisciplinary methods to explore the disproportionate burden HIV/AIDS is placing on communities of color—particularly among black men who have sex with men—and examining how religion acts as a cultural determinant of health for these communities.
Steph WraithRollins School of Public Health (MSPH Global Epidemiology)I am a second year MSPH student at Rollins School of Public Health pursuing a degree in Global Epidemiology. My passion for global health began with my work on a community health initiative in rural Nicaragua and has carried me forward through a variety of opportunities including this past summer where I worked with the Department of Health in St. Croix to carry out a chikungunya research project and respond to the ongoing Zika outbreak. My main area of interest is emerging zoonotic diseases and how those novel infections intersect with community and social determinants of health globally; upon graduating from RSPH I plan to pursue further graduate work in epidemiology.
Jennifer BlackEmory University School of Law (JD)I am a third-year law student interested in assuring health quality for all people, which prompts my interest in global health and human rights. I am interested in the cultural differences that result in varying health systems across the globe. I believe regulation can be used at the intersection of science and the law to allow better care for all people.
Kari HatfieldMSN/MPHAs a Peace Corps volunteer, I lived in China from 2006-2008 and realized just how small the world truly is. It's what inspired me to pursue nursing, and now, global and humanitarian health. My focus at RSPH is Complex Humanitarian Emergencies and Infectious Diseases, and at the School of Nursing, I'm in the Adult Acute Care program. When I finish my studies, I want to work for an international NGO and/or respond to humanitarian disasters. Or maybe be a Cabinet Secretary....Who knows
Raveena ChhibberEmory College of Arts and SciencesI am a third year college student interested in the transmission of HIV and the associated issues of access to healthcare. I am curently pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology with the intention of continuing into an MD/PhD program
Taylor ParkerPA Program/ Rollins School of Public Health (BSHE)My experience as a Peace Corps volunteer created a passion inside of me for international service in  conjunction with eliminating health disparities.  I always knew I wanted to be in health care; however, it was during my time in Ghana that I realized I needed to expand that education and include a MPH.  Therefore, I am a dual PA/MPH student with interests in global health and specifically that of HIV/AIDS
Julie JablonskiPA Program/ Rollins School of Public Health (BSHE)I travelled on mutliple short term service trips to Cameroon, each time realizing more and more a passion for global health. I am specifically interested in a future in gloabl clinical education. I am currently in the PA program. I hope to someday work in a capacity where I not all treat illness, but teach others to treat illness.
Vanessa Da CostaRollins School of Public Health (MPH Global Epidemiology)I'm an aspiring global health professional with a interest in maternal and child health and youth educational development, especially in East Africa and with racial minorities in the U.S. I've worked as a research assistant for various health projects in North Carolina, at UNC-CH and Duke. As a Peace Corps Volunteer (Rwanda 14-16), I collaborated with a health center, school, and community center to implement activities related to HIV/AIDS, WASH, literacy, microfinance, and youth leadership and mentoring. I am currently a MPH student at Rollins, and a Graduate Research Assistant with the Emory Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group.
Stacy NgangaRollins School of Public Health (MPH;Global Health)I am a first year Global Health Student and as ssuch, I am interested in improving health care systems and health outcomes in countries facing unstable or inequitable political structures that hinder their citizen’s access to health care. This desire is deeply rooted in my passion for social justice and equity; passions that were first developed while growing up in Kenya but have been reinforced by my experiences as a black woman in America.Ultimately, I hope to work with policy -changing organizations that seek to diminish the health disparities created by the aforementioned environments so that I can help bring relief to people like my family whose health are compromised by a poor public system
Katie GroverLaney Graduate School (Master of Development Practice)I am a first-year Master of Development Practice (International Development) student. My interest in global health is very recent after taking the Critical Issues in Global Health course this past Fall 2016 with Rollins School of Public Health, which I greatly enjoyed. My background and interest is in the field of housing. I currently work as a Tithe Specialist at Habitat for Humanity International where I help to support more than 1,400 U.S. Habitat affiliates in their tithing of unrestricted funds to more than 50 country programs abroad, such as Habitat Nepal. Improved shelter is closely connected with improved health, and I am excited to learn more about this connection.
Uduak ObotRollins School of Public Health (MPH, Global HealthI am a first years MPH student passionate about maternal and child health. More specifically, interested in the gut microbiome, early immunity, delivery mode play a role in perinatal period into the first 2 years of life and subsequent health implications that may influence the trajectory of the life course. I currently work with the Child Health And Mortality Surveilance Prvention Surveillance (CHAMPS).
Emma PrasherRollins School of Public Health, Nell Hodgson School of Nursing (BSN)After graduating from St. Mary's College of MD, I joined the Peace Corps as a secondary education teacher in Burkina Faso. I extended my service for a third year to work with Save the Children on a nutrition project. Upon returning to the U.S., I worked at the Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health as part of a CDC fellowship. After the fellowship, I moved to Atlanta to continue working for the CDC. I transitioned to Emory University last year to obtain my BSN/MSN. I am continuing to work at the CDC on a meningitis surveillance project in West Africa. I plan to use my nursing degree to supplement my public health background to continue working abroad doing health systems strengthening, capacity building and quality improvement work.
Cynthia TassopoulosGoizueta Business School (MBA); Rollins School of Public Health (MPH, Global Health)During college, I studied history of science and global health and completed summer internships researching maternal health and the effects of urbanization on health. After school, I moved to Washington, DC where I worked at The Advisory Board Company, a healthcare best practice research and consulting firm supporting largely US providers with business strategy and implementation. After three years at ABC, I just returned to grad school for an MBA-MPH in order to pursue a career doing strategy and business development for either public or private players involved in global health and development, specifically within the maternal and child health fields.