General Instructions

First, make a copy of this spreadsheet by doing File > Make a copy (may need to sign in to your Google account first).

Next, read the Instructions and fill out the white/light-green striped cells for each "Step" sheet on the tabs below. If the name of fields (bolded) is also underlined, then that field is required. Otherwise, that field is optional, but be aware that leaving a cell blank may imply a default value and the instructions may recommend optional fields in certain circumstances. Some cells have a dropdown that indicates the allowed values but the dropdown menu does not need to be used (may be faster to just type or drag paste).

Something like this may be helpful:

Finally, send your completed copy of this spreadsheet. You can either share the sheet with or post a link in the Scioly thread:

Alternatively, you can convert the file to SciolyFF yourself using the script found here: and open a pull request in the project ( on GitHub.
1[A-G]. Tournament InfoInstructions
1A. Name1A. Full name of the tournament or Region -- not needed for States/Nats [Optional]
1B. Venue hosting the tournament (school or university)
1C. State the tournament takes place in
1D. Level of competition (I/R/S/N)
1E. Science Olympiad Division (A/B/C)
1F. Year of the rules manual being used (e.g. 2020 for tournaments in fall of 2019)
1G. Date the tournament took place (double-click to pull up datepicker)
1H. Link to an official source or where the results were originally posted -- is your friend. A link to a Scioly Wiki file is permissible if the original source cannot be found.
1B. Location
1C. State
1D. Level
1E. Division
1F. Year
1G. Date
1H. Source