College Application Workshop - Goals and Progress
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Feb 16 Goals - What will you get done during today's scholarship workshop?Feb 16 Reflection - What did you get done?Feb 9 - What scholarships have you finished so far?Feb 9 - What do you need to get done today?Feb 9 - ReflectionJan 13 Goals (Scholarship and structured study hall)Jan 13 ReflectionDec 8 GoalsDec 8 ReflectionDec 1 GoalsDec 1 ReflectionNov 17 GoalsNov 17 Reflection11/10/2016 GoalsNov 10 ReflectionNovember 3 GoalsNovember 3 Reflection - what did you get done, how well did you use your time, and what are next steps?October 31 GoalsOctober 31 Reflection - what did you get done, how well did you use your time, and what are next steps?How do you keep track of your assignments? (agenda,, trello, etc) - DO NOT say your Canvas calendar that teachers update - you can not control that - needs to be something you can controlOctober 25 GoalsOctober 25 Reflection - what did you get done, how well did you use your time, and what are next steps?FAFSA Progress - where are you w/ the FAFSA?October 20 GoalsOctober 20 Reflection - what did you get done, how well did you use your time, and what are next steps?October 19 Check-In (not an application day) - How are you feeling with where you are in the application process? What would you like to have done by the end of the week? How can Kayser help?October 13 PlanOctober 13 ReflectionOctober 7 PlanOctober 7 ReflectionOctober 6 PlanOctober 6 Reflection - What did you finish, next steps, time management analysisSeptember 29 PlanSeptember 29 Reflection - What did you finish, next steps, time management analysisSeptember 22 PlanSeptember 22 Reflection - What did you finish, next steps, time management analysis
Period 1
LydellFinish scholarships and fill out one last college appalmost finish scholarships and college app$2000 No Essay Scholarship $10,000 ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $500 High School Senior Scholarship The PromiseI almost finished the promiseWork on Scholarships and turning in thank you lettersfinish filling out scholarships app. and worked on college apps.N/AN/Afinish uva appapply to UVAstart app need to finishvcu appfinished common app, started fafsaVCUwork on radford appalmost finish appI have notebook to write my assignmentsabsentabsentwork on college applicationsalmost finish one applicationwhy i want to go to college essay editingsign up for remind and edit my resumefinished remind and resumework on odu applicationfnished odu applicationwork on college appliction
BidhyaI will work on minor preston schoolarshipHave to work on short answer part of the schoolarship Promise work on minor preston essaysFilled out the form. Found an essay that could work for prestonWork on Scholarships and turning in thank you lettersFilled out scholarships and worked on lettersN/AN/AApply to University of RichmondWorked on app for University of RichmondWork on common appWorked on University of Pittsburghwork on VCU applictionadding image to common appwork on VCU applictionI finished recomendation partbegin application for VCUAlmost done with it. I have to upload my greencard at home because it won´t load here at schoolAgenda Book and Canvascomplete some of the common app stuffalmost done with the application, just have to upload my green cardfinished work on college application worksheet finished most of the college application worksheetWork on common appOn Activities partEdit my resumefinished editing my resumework on FAFSA/ common appFAFSA- on Parent part/ Common app-testing partFinish senior Autobiography Finished Senior Autobiography senior Autobiography 3 questions of autobiography
CameronfafsaMade progress on fafsa - need mom's infoN/AN/Acommon appworked on common appfinishing common appworking on common appoppositionmissing asignmentsTrf that waas due last weekWork on common appcommon appCommon app essayCommon app esayy work on FAFSA/ common appCommon app essayFinished Senior Autobiography senior Autobiography
Cheyenne$2000 No Essay Scholarship $10,000 ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $10,000 CollegeXpress Scholarship $500 High School Senior Scholarship Easy College Money $1,000 Scholarship on promise and minor preston Worked on parchment, and worked on promis and minor preston.absentabsentN/AN/Awork on common appworked on uva appwork on common appworked on the uva appWork on UVa applicationworked on odu appwork on CNU applicationI worked on my CNU application, but I did not finish it yet.begin the application for CNUawWork on Common AppI worked on Common App, and filled in my TRf that I forgot to do last night. almost doneworked on FAFSAI used my time well, I got a good chunk of FAFSA on fafsaplanned when i am going to finish FAFSAWork on FAFSAWork on FAFSAabsentsenior Autobiography I need to work on my time management.
JordanPromise, Ron Brown, Dell, Stephen Waters, absentabsentN/AN/Auva appWork on scholarshipsAlmost finished my latest scholarship have to just finish the essaysI plan to work on my howard application and plan out my short answersI began my Howard application and worked on scholarshipsI'm waiting for my mom's infoMake sure all schools I applied to have my additional infostudy for gov. quizfinish infinite scholars packetI finished the infinite scholars packet submissionFinish Hampton applicationFinished George Mason appI need to finish my George Mason short answer, so I can submit the application. Then move on to my Howard short answer.Finalized the senior autobiograpghy and forms
AlisseWork on Minor Preston applicationWorked on, but did not finish applicationN/AN/Afinish the CNU applicationapp checklistsWork on UR and VCU applicationwork on University of Richmond applicationFinished everything except the essayfafsa and appsfinished my fafsa and JMU & GMU applicationsany.doWorked on college essays Work on FAFSA & work on infinite scholars stufffinished & printed infinite scholars stuff and did FAFSA until I couldn't go any furtherabsentSubmit ODU application and finish GMU essayFinishing my senior autobiographyFinished the all forms that have to go to guidance except for the parent survey
AhyanaPROMISE, Niche, Scholarship points, You deserve it, Minor Preston, Simple and Sweet
I took my minor preston down to ms. avakian and got her part down still working on drafts for the essay and short answersabsentabsentN/AN/AI will see what other aplications I can fill outFinish my UVa applicationI will be typing up notes and waiting for my colleges to be accpeted so I can finish my application.Hopfully my college will be accepted and I will be able to finish my applications.Start more applicationsI didn't get to do anything plannerI have to wait until my colleges are approved and work on make up workI did my JMU aplicationDoneI would like to have my make up work in other classes done.I will work on my college applicationsI sent my college to kayser to get approvedCollege appspefercted my college essayFinish ODU applicationI finished my ODU application.I will be working on my Radford application
Kanishasigning up for PVCC w/ Ashbysigned up for PVCCN/AN/Afafsa or college appsabsentabsentstarted virginia union applactionget most of my work doneget good start on fafsaget all classes caught upabsentcommon app send SAT I will work on my on my college applaction
Jesuswork on preston coiner scholarshipalmost finished with the personal essayWork on ScholarshipsWorked on ScholarshipsN/AN/Aapply to VTGot most of VT app finishedillinois statecompleted isu application work on vcu app and common appworked on common appwork on fafsaFAFSAwork on common appcreated and worked on common app account and discussed during trf timework on common appfinish my bioon last questionwork on nenior autobiographyabsentabsentabsent
SeanI'm going to work on the Allen & Allen scholarship I found.I finished the AVID Book assignment and worked on the scholarshipJust some national scholarshipsTry to find some scholarships I can actually apply toI've found some small scholarships I can apply toWork on Scholarships and turning in thank you lettersFilled out scholarships and worked on lettersN/AN/AApply to University of RichmondWorked on app for University of RichmondCommon appWorked on UVA applicationWork on VCU applicationnearly done w/ vcu app - [plan to finish todayLook over college applications and fill in any blanksI've looked over all of the documents for JMU, George Mason, and a few other collegesBegin Applications to Radford, Virginia Tec, and JMUNearly done with Radford and Virginia Tech Applications. Working on JMUAgenda Book and CanvasComplete a few applicationsWorked on my JMU Application and looked over my FAFSADoneComplete any FAFSA editing that must be done and then work on DE workWork on common Applications and FAFSAI worked on my FAFSA and have done a bit more of my applicationsLook over the FAFSA information and check in on the senior recommendationsAdded Kayser to the recommenders tab and talked to Helmstetter about recommendationsWork on FAFSA, then begin College applicationsI have furthered my progress on FAFSA and I have also finished the "Why I want to go to college" essayFinish Common App Final DraftI finished the Common App essay and am working on ODU AdmissionI need to complete my Senior Autobiography. After that's done, I'll probably just work on my Common Application essay final draftI finished my senior autobiography, and will contrinue to work on my Common App
MiyannaStart a big scholarship and finish my assigmenti've finished 3 no essay scholarships finish the big essay scholarshipsI wasn't able to finish parchment, but I started a big scholarship with an essayfinish my packet and work on scholarshipsfinished packet and did work on scholarshipsN/AN/Afinish NSU application finish my jmu application, and fill out college application checklistgot most of JMU application finished and did my college application checklistabsentabsentFinish comman app, and send SAT scores to VSUfinished everything finish my VSU application and do some fasfafinished my application and TRFI plan to finish common App, and start my VSU application I got to put in my essay for my Common App, and i almost finished my VSU application that I will finish tonightabsentFAFSAi finished my part of fasfa and got all the information from my mom that I needed. Now my mom just has to finish her on senior Autobiography worked on my senior auotbio. didn't finish but will finish this weekend
BatulaMinor Preston Scholarships filling in blanks for minor preston and start essaysCSP scholarship, help Noelle w/ FAFSANeed to call FAFSA w/ Noelle mom, finished CSP N/AN/AFinish UVA writingapp checklistsVCUwriting supplementary essay for vcu
Look over college applications and fill in any blanks
looked over applicationswork on college applications and essayswork on college applications and essaysfinalize common app esssayfinalized common app essayFinalize common app essayFinalized common app essay, Get mr. kayser to read over againSubmit JMU app and come close to submitting FAFSAWork on FAFSAI worked on the FAFSA and almost finished my JMU applicationFinalize personal statementI rewrote my personal statement becuase I decided to write a poem instead of a normal proseI will write my personal statement or begin making it betterI began writing my personal statement, but it needs to be finished and perfected
JasmineHuff, Ron Brown, Promise, Coiner, Upward Bound Stephen WatersCSP, DE eng paperCSP finsihedN/AN/Aapp checklistsFinish math paper, study for upcoming quizzes.all apps done - studiedFinish some applications for JMU and Ron Brown.I finalized my JMU application and Ron Brown Scholarship.I have an agenda book and canvas also works for me.Get some application questions answered and get an email out for what scores I need to send to schools.I did everything I needed except for seeing my counselor.I am done.Go through my list of schools.Study for gov. quizfield tripWork on FAFSA and finish infinite scholars essay. George Mason short answerI got peer help and am almost done with my gmu applicationI need to finalize my Common app essay, finish my George Mason and Emory application, and work on my short answer questions for another school on the common app.
ShadouresPromise, preston minor, stephen watersStephen WatersI got a lot done. I tried to send my transcript over but it didnt workI plan on completing the first couple pages of the scholarship packet and sending scores to colleges.completed half of the sample scholarship packetN/AN/AComplete FASA and apply to norkfolk stateCompleted NSU application absentComplete partchment and work on VCU applicationvcu appI plan on working on radfords application along with starting VCU'ssubmitted radford appComplete one college application todayStarted on my radford application and completed my tutorisl Waiting for my mom to create her FSA IDRe-submitt my common app to you and try to atleast complete one applicationRe- submitted my comman app application and started on the radford applicationGo through my essay and list of schoolsSent my scores over and finished up my comman app for my collegesStuddy for ecologyStudied for my ecology testWork on FAFSA and get started on my college applicationToday I completed the last section of my FAFSA and corrected my mistakes on my common app essaywork on my common app aplication and fill out appsI shared my common app essay with kayser and also loooked over the ODU application.I need to work on my senior autobiography and finish up my common app applicationI worked on my senior autobiography today and shared that with Mr.Kayser
LeannaPromise and 2 no brainer scholarshipsFinish as many no-brainer scholarships as I canApplied to 2 scholarshipsFill out promise and coiner scholarship applicationFilled out promise scholarship applicationN/AN/AFill out college application checklists Finished one checklistabsentappContinue working on Radford appfinished radford appComplete my tutorial and work on applications I finished my tutorial and made progress on my college applicationWork on FAFSA Made progress on FAFSA absentStart FAFSA and start working on college applicationswork on common appFinished most of my common app essayabsentI got halfway through my senior autobiography.
AlaijahI will get my assignment donefilled out a scholarship, finished assignment I did 3, no essay scholarships Scholarships , finish applicationsVUU and VCU appN/AN/Aworking on common applicationfinished more of my common applicationDecember SAT Regregistered for sat, started common app essayfinish my college appfinished college appagenda
CJabsentabsentN/AN/ASend SAT scores to Howardapp checklistsnot enrolled -->not enrolled -->
AnthonyFinish ScholarshipsFilled out CSP scholarshipN/AN/AFinish Common appfinished common appDecember SAT Regregistered for december satWork on college essayStudy for SATStudy for SAT, Complete FAFSAagendaFinish Government workFinished government work and made up avid workcomplete
ElizabethI just worked on the essays mainlyEssay-related scholarship.Scholarships N/AN/AEssaycommon app + essayi realized i have so much to do before december.FAFSA, VCUWork on my ODU and Ferrum applicationI worked on progressing but couldn't due to technicalities. So I worked on essays instead.Correct the mistakes on FAFSA, finish the TRF, and continue on working some of the college applicationsFinished TRF and made progress on the the application processComplete my application for two collegesResumeworked on essayworked on my essay and look up collegesWork on FAFSA and and get started with college essaysMade progress on FAFSAFinish my senior autobiography.finished my senior autobiographyI need to work on my senior autobiography.Progress on senior autobiography,
KhalilDo some scholarships and fasfawork on fasfaN/AN/AFinished teacher recommendations finishing common appworked on common appWork on common app and fasfaI got half way through fasfafinish my college appI got most of my college app doneMy phoneoabsentWork more on my common applicationI got a lot of my common app done woron missing assignments Work on FAFSA, then begin College applicationsFinished Resume and finished Learning log Q1 #2Worked on my Resume
DaejaWorked on my AP Stats projectI finished it, which is goodN/AN/AApply to ClemsonFInished Clemson application, and plan to start on short answer questions for the rest of the schools I'm applying to.Work on Duke and UVA essay questionsWorked on the UVA and Duke essay questions; still not done but I've gotten somewhereSubmit SAT scoresSubmitted SAT scores to Duke, UVA, and VCUWork on college application questionsWorked on a few, but not as many as I wanted to. I didn't use my time well because I kept getting distracted.Complete Ron Brown ScholarshipI completed my portion fo the Ron Brown scholarship, with the exceptions of getting letters of recommendations. I used my time well, as I was primarily focused on getting it done.Do more college applicationsCompletedFinish my college application worksheetI got almost done with my college application worksheet, I just need to find out whether the schools I'm applying to need SAT scores or notWork more on my common applicationI got more into my Common Application stuffabsentI got on app doneWork on my common app essayWorked on my common app essay, and did some stats homeworkI need to work on my senior autobiography.I worked on my senior autobiography.
NoellaN/AN/AWorked on FAFSAI had to start all over with FAFSA i have no idea whyapp checklistsabsentwaiting on my parents tax infojmuworked on JMU apwork on Common App work on my senior autobiographyI need to finish my resumeI finished my resume but still need to perfect it
Period 5
Kiana A.Finish Charlottesville promis scholarshipfinish vcu appStart essay for common appabsentact regcollege appsODU college applicationI need to start and complete my senior autobiographyI completed half of my autobiography questions
CheasleyWorking on Avid book 3 Unigo scholarships
Stephen Waters scholarship and I need to pick two more
Worked on Stephen Waters scholarship (not done)
I need to work on miissing assignments and start on scholarships
I got caught up on a lot of missing assignments and started working on scholarships
I need to finish my senior autobiography
I finally got my autobiography done and shared
Work on Common app and apply for JMUApply for collges (JMU,ODU, CNU, VCU)
I started working on VCU and I will have that completed soon
Work on VCU application
I started my application and answered most of the questions
Start applying to VCU, CNU, and JMU. I also need to check my FAFSA and get my TRF done
I applied for Redford and started my TRF
I use an agenda that I update every day/week
Waiting for parent info. I will attend FAFSA night
Working on common app, and senior autobiography work on missing work and finish my essayI finished some assignments, edited my essay and turned it inWorking on FAFSA and missing assignmentsI finished my missing work and got to a stopping point on my FAFSAsign up for the ACTI'm almost finished filling it outI need to update my senior autobiographyI worked on missing assignments because I need to ask the help desk about my drive deleting all my assignments
LeyaPromise scholarshipPromise scholarshipSend everything into Virginia WeslayanCompleted sending SAT scores, and applicationI will finish my application to Virginia WeslayanComplete all make up work for AVID, and submit itFinish my FAFSA, and apply to ODUWork on make up work from probability and statisticsabsentFinished some missing work, and worked on my application to marymountupdate senior autobiography and apply to oduupdated senior autobiography and started virginia wesleyan app
BrandonI will finsih the canvas assignment and focus on the other work you left us.I am planning on filling out some easy scholarships today while also finishing up with my Preston Coiner scholarship.I will work on applying to ODU.I will work on applications to colleges that I want to go to, like VCU. I will try to finish my George Mason application today.I write down most of my assignments down in my agenda book. I am planning on finishing my college applications I was able to get some of the common app stuff complete for my VCU application but nothing for the JMU app. I am done with filling out everything in the FAFSA; all I need to do is complete it but I want ot know if I should print it out and if I can turn it in without applying the colleges that I have put on my college list on FAFSA. I will try to apply to 3-4 colleges today. I was able to finish some of my college app and search for some more collegesI am going to work on my Spanish project, some math homework, and some government if I have the time. I was able to work on my spanish homeworked which came out alright. I will try to complete parts of my FAFSA.I was able to complete one part of the FAFSA; now I need my parent's help. I will try to study as much during this class for the SAT on Saturday by practicing my reading skills.I was sure that I got every thing in but mostly worked on my spanish project. Plus check out my senior autobiography if you haven't yet please. I will see if there are any improvements I can make to my senior autobiography
CarringtonFinished charlottesville promise scholarshipfinsh my charlottesville history essayFinish JMU application, start VCU applicationStart and finish my radford applicationComplete most makeup work for AVID and start applying to VCUFinished FAFSA but I had an error so I have to go back and edit itabsentComplete senior biography and start applying to ODUFinshed senior autobiography. To finish my senior autobiography, and to start applying to ODUfinished senior autobiography starting and finishing senior autobiographyGot half way through my autobiography
MyricStephon waters, promise, $2000 scholarship, NicheI need to get the Minor preston done and apply for more scholarshipsI was able to apply for more scholarships and sent my parchment to the rest of my non common app schoolsI finished my scholarships and started on the promise and preston coinerI finished my 3 scholarships for the quarterI plan to study for my midterms and look up some scholarhsips to apply tooI studied the entire class for my midterms and finished my reviewsReviewing my application checklistIm done with all of my applications and the checklistGetting prepared for the radord admissions and working on other applicationsI was able to reevaluate my fafsaGetting my Radford and ODU applications completeI got my parchment approved for all of my applied schoolsMy goals for class today is to apply to CNUI was able to start the application, and filled out the personal information, my next steps are to finally complete the rest of the applicationMy goals are to get my applications done and make sure I have all of scores sent off
was able to finish my Radford Application, my next steps are to get my trasncripts sent off
I keep track of my assignments thorugh Iphone remindersIm going to finish my ODU applicationI was able to finish my study abroad notes and I'm more than halfway done with ODU application. I used my tell well because the deadline is approaching soon. My next steps is to send my official transcriptsDONEI have been staying on top of my applications, I just need your help with revising my essaysFinish VSU applicationI was able to get my essay revisedFinishing up my packetI finished my entire packetinfinite scholars packetI started my packet and I was able to get most of my refernecesTo finish practicing on my SAT math problemsI was able to work on some SAT math problems and signed up for my ACT in OctoberI need to update my senior autobiography and practice on SAT math problemsI updated my senior autobiography and started common app revision
EannaCharlottesville Promise & Niche scholarshipsParchment stuff start/finish other scholarshipsFinished majority of S.W scholarship and parchment stuff started minor preston scholarshipWork on Common AppFinished CNU application for the most part.. just need moms information before I can review and submit.Work on College applicationsVCU ApplicationSubmittedWork on common appwork on common appRadfordRadford Application CompleteDONENeed Help with paperwork for councelorPaperdoneParchment RegistrationAlmost done registering for parchment accountComplete Hampton Application and Start ACT registrationFinished Hampton application Registered for ACTMake up work AvidWorked on Learning Log Q1 #2 for 20 pointssenior autobiosenior autobio - 3 more questions
CamI'm still working on finishing my scholarships.Didn't finish my essay for the promise scholarship yet.Sign up for scholarships.Sign up for scholarships.Finish my application checklistDone with all of my applicationsFinish completing my common app.Got all of my common app finished.Finish completing odu app.TRF and discussion assignmentFinish editing my VSU essay.Almost finished with editing my essay.Finish editing and revising my portfolio.Finished everything I needed for the trip tomorrow.infinite scholars packetI finished everything I needed for my packet.Working on my SAT math problems.I did a lot of SAT problems today and almost finished my ACT registration form.I need to work on my senior autobiography.I finished working on my resume'.
Lorenzowork on scholarshipsdid not finish scholarshipSign up for scholarships.sign up for on applicationssent SAT scoresfinish morgan state appfinish appsdonephone reminderfinish trfradford application, goalsparent info not donefinish editing fafsafinsihed fafsa and submitted applicationcomplete all applicationscompleted ODU,vuu,vsu,hampton,marshall,WVU appwork on FAFSA and applicationsworked on odu and norfolk state applicationwork on odu appworked on applicationsUpdate senior autobiography and apply to odufinished senior autobio, started common app
DestineeI will find more scholarships that I could completeI found a scholarshipwork on scholarshipsFinish application processFinished application process for JMUIm going to complete a scholarship or atleast try and finishWorking on sending my ledal guardian papers to the schools that I applied toI will arange for my legal guardian documents to be sent to all of the schools that I have applied to.I saved my FAFSA and I also arranged for my documents to get sentUnderstand some of my things that are on my to do list.Im doneI signed up for trello,and I switched some schools on my FAFSA to match my common app.And I removed schools that i didn't do applications to.I use my agenda that you gave me from UVADONEDONEabsentCommon application for VCUCompleted applications for Liberty,VCUI finished everythingI finished everythingI need to share with my counseler I completed college Apps for ODU and CNU
Daud M.Goucher, lychburg appHad Ms. Davis look over my college essay that I'm using to submitt to some colleges.Goucher appdidn't finish but almost there worked on common app aswell I'm on my last steps for my radford app I need to finish submitting my essay that i need to edit someAlmost done editting my writing pice for the application. Will submit by the end of the day.finish CAWfinshed CAWCommon appAlmost completed common appCollege essay revise and edit.FInished up and revised it.absentwork on senior auto-biography finished most of the senior autobiography didn't answer one or two questions.
YahyaPromise and Preston, Ron Brown Continue applying to stephen waters scholarshipI finished the application part, and am working on the essay now Finish application Applied to Westminster College Applied to Westminster College Work on Radford app Complete common app essays worked progessively on the common app essay's and finsihed the outlines and strated the drafts Work on college applications Worked on Shenandoah application and I'm almsot done and is almost ready to be submitted. Scholarship app.My Ron Brown Scholarship program application Agenda Finish missing work for classes. Got some of the missing work done (espcially for AVID) Got to work on it alittle bit at the end of the classKeep Applying to colleges through common app Furthered progress on VCU, CNU, and MAry Washington application Study for Gov. news quiz Successfully studied for the news quiz work on college essay, clean out bag, and do FAFSA if there's timeI cleaned out my backpack, thanks to Mr. Kayser giving me some binders to hold all of my papers. Work on SAT studying Studying both math and english sections absentabsent
SalethiaPromise and prestonContinue applying to stephen waters scholarshipCAWact regabsentabsentwork on student Autobiography updated my senior Autobiography
BarunLook for more sholarships and work on missing assignmentsfound a scholarship and sorta worked on missing assignmentsPromise and working on Minor PrestonI need to make really big progress on my scholarship and put in lot of timeI filled the application for Minor preston and I need to do the essay now! work on scholarshipsI finished the pormise scholashipsWork on my essay and study for midtermI made progress on it, and wrote how i will stud for agendaWork on my W&M essay and work on any missing assignments Made a lot of progress on my essay and need to revise itI will be working on my college essay and finish common appI added colleges that I want to on my FAFSA list and made few changes on my college essaycomplete my application for VCU and CNUI worked on my VCU application, and did few research on the schools I will be applying towork on college applications and email college coaches about recruitment processWork on JMU application and VCU. Also, edit my college essayI'm almost done with my JMU application I use the agenda provided by AVID to write down my homework deadline, and importants dates about college applicationwork on my college application!! Apply to all the colleges that I'm interested before the due dateI started my application for Radford and completed CWfinish my application before the weekendwork on FAFSA application and missing assignmentsI completed as much as I can on my FAFSA applicationI'm kinda stressed out with everything dumping on my back, but feeling good about application process because it's worth it at the endedit my college essay and work on FAFSAneed to add few more sentences and still need to make progress on FAFSAI need to work on my FAFSA application and finish my APUSGOV assignmentscompleted my APUSGOV assignments work on FAFSA and finish my incomplete assignmentsI worked on my FAFSA applications and made few progresscomplete my autobiographyI need to work on my senior autobiographymake progress on senior autobiography
AngieI will look up the status of the scholarships ive submited and i will look to see if i have any missing work so that i can make it upi looked up the missed days and i havent missed any work so im all caught upPromise, stephen, discover, wells fargo, american express.My preston-coiner application parti finished my application part just not the essays that is my nest goalreview my jmu personal staement and start my w&m appFinish my seinor Autobio and esssay part on common appI worked on my seinor autobio and looked at scholarships. sign up for partchment and update FAFSA collegesI succesfully signed up for my partchment account and then I also Added my colleges to my FAFSA account. Sign up for Dec. SATI signed up for my Dec SAT and printed my add. ticket. my next step is to start studying for my ACT and SAT that are both in december.I use my angeda nd google calender and lots of sticky notesabsentI will finishing my AP lit rough draft paper.continue to work on my FASFA as well as work on my seinor autobio.I got to a spot in the FASFA that doesnt allow me to go forward without parents information. andFinish my seinor autobiographyMy goal is to start and finish my autobiography still working on senior autobio
Kiana S.Scholarship Point, Niche, Charlottesville PromiseWork on stephen watersWork on stephen waters scholarshipalmost finished scholarshipWork on VCU app essaywork on VCU app and ODUmake sure I send my transcripts. JMU appWork on Hampton App.I used my time wisely. I finished submitting Hampton AppFinish Radford AppI didn't finish because I couldn't access my SAT scores at first. All I have to do is the essay.I use Google keep to keep track and sometimes my agenda book.Work on missing assignments and Finish Radford app.Almost finished Radford. Started VCU.DoneWork on Radford appI'm feeling okay with the progress, but it's hard to complete some applications because I need my parents info for some things. It's hard to get the info because they work so much.Finish Common app applications.Started my Hampton University.College apps and college essayI started working on my college essay for George Mason.Work On college appsAlmost finished with all apps, have to get parent informationReview my senior autobiographyFinished my senior autobiography and started College Apps for CNU and George Mason
TahliaComplete the assignment, "If you could change anything about your school, what would you change?", work on scholarship essays and finding more scholarships, and complete "Goals" for class. I finished my assignment on "changing one thing about my school", and I worked on researching more scholarships and organizing the scholarships I already completed, and scholarships that I need to do on a chart organizer that I have.So far I finished "Preston Coiner", "Charlottesville Promise", & "It's all about the Education" Scholarship. I need to work on the Steven Waterson ScholarshipI filled out some of the application and started on writing the essayWork on Charlottesville Promise Scholarship & Presten Coiner ScholarashipsI finished my Charlottesville Promise & Preston Coiner ScholarshipFinish applying to Norfolk, then work on Howard Application essay.I finished applying to Norfolk. I still need to work on my Howard essay.Send Radford Admission person & Norfolk Admissions person my SAT Scores through email. Work on re-sending ODU and VCU latest SAT scoresI sent Radford my new SAT scores, and I'm waiting on a friend to text me the lady's email for NSU to send her my new SAT scores. Then hopefully within the next couple days/weeks, I'll hear back from both of them with good news.College ApplicationsStarted Applying to HowardComplete College Application & GoalsStudy for SATI completed a reading section on Khan-Academy. My next steps are to continue studying for the SAT on Saturday I complefed everything so now I need to study for the SAT on Saturday. I didn't have much to do today because I already completed the Radford and Virginia Union application. All I did today was email Mr. Kayser the two schools that I need him to send my SAT scores to. My next steps are to wait and see if I got accepted or not. I keep track of my hw assignments mainly with an agenda book. I keep track of assignments that I need to complete by looking on Canvas.Work on Discussion. Applications are done for radford and vcuI finished sending my Parchment Transcripts off to Radford, VCU, and ODU. My next steps are to wait to apply to GMU for regular decision, and then send off my SAT scores and Transcript I finished my FASFAWork on missing assignments I finished applying to Radford and VCU.I'm feeling pretty good about the application process so far. I applied to ODU, Norfolk State, & Virginia Union so far. I'm in the process of applying to Radford for early decision. My next step is to apply to George Mason, and VCU. Finish applying to ODUI finished my FASFA, and I started my Radford application.Work on FASFAI got up to the parent part on FASFA, and starting working on my ODU applicationWork on finishing infinite scholars package.I finished printing out my resume and essay for to complete my infinite scholars package.Finish ODU applicationI have the writing section to finish then Ill be done. My next step is to put all my focus on studying for the SAT so my score can be higher when I apply to other colleges. Update senior autobiography and apply to oduI got halfway in completing my ODU application
Period 7
I have reminders on my phone to keep up with my work
Still work on whatever else is required for my colleges
Finished applying to Colorado BoulderFinish some work that I have for school
Finalize my applications to the colleges that were done but never sent
Finish my Ohio State Application and my scholarship form
waiting on payments for the rest of my college apps
Need my parent to look over the processJust waiting for the payments to go throughFinsh the rest of my college applications
Finish Practically everything invovling colleges, not just waiting for 1st semester grades and SAT scores to apply to my reach colleges
parchment, common app
NahidaI am working on my online scholarships
scholarships and Minor Preston scholarship. Need Kayser to look over it.
I have worked on the Minor-Preston scholarship
I need to work on the Minor-Preston scholarship and the other different ones
Work on filling out scholarship applicationsfinished front page of an application Work on SAT
Research more colleges to work on and find some scholarships
I found a few colleges that interest meI will work on my college applications
Figure out what schools that I should go to and what I should do with my life. Find scholarships.
I will work on my Radford application and work on my college essay.
I finished my application for Radfordplanning to apply to Radforddid my application halfway
Figure out things for SATs and submit at least one checklist
Completed a checklist and figure out what college I should apply to
I will work on finishing up and getting everything ready for my scholarship field trip for tomorrow
Finsished APPWork on packets for college scholarships
Worked on my resume and finalize my essay
Finish Ferrum application, work on scholarship essay
I looked at a few scholarships and worked on my application
parchment, common appMake my parchment account
OnajaWork on canvas assginment
chilled, and finished the canavas assignment. Got 2 scholoarships done
work on more scholarships worked on missing assignments completed workApply to one more college
complete college application to george mason
Complete applying for scholarships. completed all college work for appplications Same thing got completedapply to hampton universityI completed PVCC sign upFinished everything
Work On JMU application. Get mom to make an account on FAFSA
completed all my work, also completed TRF as well.
Need my parent to make FAFSA accountGet parent to make a FAFSA ID accountcompleted all my college applications
I feel good I have applied to 5 colleges, Just waiting for some of my colleges to receieve my SAT and Transcript
Completed all my college appilicationsCompleted FasfaFinish FAFSA
Worked on common app just need to submit to ODU and Lynchburg. Also started to fill out application to Deleware State
work application to ODU. Study more for upcoming SATFinished my senior autobiography
Send in Avvett SAT scores and high school transcript
I sent in my SAT scores and my transcript through parchment
Finish AverWork on Averett appliocationI want to complete the PVCC interest form I finished my FAFSAI AM DONE BUDDY
I feel pretty good, I would like to apply for the most recent scholorshops on BK Writers
Check out fafsaI completed my FAFSA
Complete C6: Parties And Elections for DE GOVERMENT and get started on Night
I am almost finished with my assigment, and I git started on Night
Touch Up On a seniorbiagtaphy and sub
I finished my senior autobiagraphy and shared it with my counslor
Finish Senior Autbiography
Submitted autobigraphy to my counsolor and finished parchment
chment appI have almost completed my parchment code.
KelechiI want to start my VCU aplication Im think im about half way throughFinish my Radford Ap
I finished my application and I started the VCU one
0I want to finish my VCU APPI started my VCU APPIm DoneEhh Kinda good Kinda badFinish my rough draft for english Im not done but closer than beforePrepare for field trip tomorrowI actually finished my english outlineStart my Jmu Appfill out college appsI finished my Central Carolina App
JamilDoing make workWork on applictionCollege Apps Needs mother informationBio 2 Notes
I finished Bio 2 Notes also some more college apps
Science Workgot work sciencesenior autobiography
Quintuswork on canvas assignmentfinished canvas assignmentPromisecollege appsstarted vuu appWork on applictionabsentCollege applicationsNeed to complete parent section.BE a REAL G Common App Essay for English153/500 word minium Work on FASFA
Got to the parent portion of FASFA. Finished senior autobiography.
Complete senior autobiographyabsent
I've did 4 of the qiuck scholarship and the promise scholarship.
Today i need to finish a english essay and some english question worksheets. Also some math work.
Today i finished all the math work and began to work on the english, after school im doing some more scholarships.
Work on scholarships.
Finished scholarship packet, also worked on History work.
Send SAT scores to NSU, ODU. and bluefield also
Go to english class to finish a paper with teacher. Start applictaions if i get finished with paper.
I finished my paper and also got the college checklist done.
Submit VUU application and Work with ms.Davis on college application workshee
I finished the VUU Application and The Worksheet, now just need it signed.
ODU & WVU application.
Finished both applications and submitted them, also started the JMMU.
Almost done, just need parents to finish
I feel good about where im at. I need to finish a couple more applications but im waiting until i get my SAT scores back and i boost my GPA up.
I was at homecoming rehersal Finish English Essay Do VUU & Odu application !Finished and submitted both applications. senior autobiography and common appI finished senior autobiography and shared it. Also started Odu application
XavierWork on paragraph for AVID.I finished my AVID paragraph.Work on charlotteville scholarship.
I worked on my scholarship... AFTER I HAD TO PRINT IT!!!!!!
Work on submiting college essaysubmit one college essay!!!Im gonna work on my fafsaI struggled to work on FAFSA. I could not log in due to the fact that I do not know my SSN. I need TATTOO it to my memory.Look into virginia state... Start to apply.
I am nowhere close to close to finish the fafsa.
I worked on my fafsa fro about 10 minuts. Then I started to look for colleges with a more specific degree.
I will get my AVID grade up to a AI turned in avid stuffI did not finish the FAFSAMy grade are very bad...I will start working on my college aplications.I worked on my GMU aplication.Work on late math homework.
I finished my english essay for the MLK Bermingham Jail.
Work on resume.I am still working on my on stuff.
I got my college aplication worksheet. I also worked on my parchment.
I want to get my late work done. But... I guess ill work on my Senior Autobiography.I worked on my Senoir Autobiography. Nothing more, nothing less
I finished the Promise Scholarship and then almost done with Stephen Waters.
Work on scholarships.I worked on my story scholarship.
Finish Winston-Salem Application and start on group project.
Find some scholorships to dosent hampton my transcript finished Odu application and started Howardstarted Odu application. Finishing up Vcu application. Work on OduI'm working on comman app. I got done with sending my transcripts I finished my Avid grade reflection Need my parent to finish
I feel good about where I'm at. I just need to finish my Hampton Application
I was at homecoming rehersal Common App Finshed
Finish up FASFA and start on another college application.
Finished Virginia Union Application and almost done with Hampton
filled out college application sheet.I finished my application sheet.share senior autobiography w/ counselor and work on common appI shared my autobiography.
I want to finish some of my work for my astronomy vlass and get started on my ig page project
I want to finish up my applications.I finished the last of my applicationsFinish common app essayI revised the essayStart ODU applicationGot though most of the applicationI completed all my avid workStart ODu AppFinisg Radford Application
I want to finish all of the worksheets to send to guidance
I finished most of my paperwork and am almost done with the radford application
I will work on improving my autobiography to be more descriptive.I worked on my autobiography and finished my writing for the Radford application.
Keyontaelook for more scholarships
completed canvas assignment and started a scholarship
charlottesville promise scholarship and stephan waters
look for more scholarships and finish minor preston scholarship
continueb looking for scholarships find schlarships Got help from Sara on homework look/apply for scholarships history homeworkscholarships look for scholarships finish make up work
i got some of my make up work done not all of it.
I want to select at least three scholarships to apply for colllege
I finished all the applications. and I believe i applied everywhere I wanted to
fill out college application check list,math homeworksenior autobiography
JulySOAR, Promise and Preston Coiner Find more scholarships Finish filling up Charlottesville ScholarshipFinish ODU app Finished lynchburg and ODU applications scholarships and college applicationsbegan VCU appFinish common appfinished common app and started VCU AppFinsh common app and start VCU appI'm still trying to finish my common app DoneSubmit my JMU Applications
Finish my JMU app and work common app essay
Finish my FASFA and JMU application I need to finish my JMU application College applications
KhalilWork on FAFSA issue and grades.
Ms. Davis and I finally got farther into my FAFSA and all I can do now is wait for the FSA to approve it. I also reflected on my grades.
Finish JMU applicationFind some school that I'm interested in
I'm still pretty confused about schools that I want to go to, but I need to really think about it. Ms. Davis helped me out a ton by showing me a really great website and booklet about choosing colleges!
Work on applications
Today I'm going to complete everything Kayser needs us to do, then I'm going to do some college apps.
I finished all of what needed to be done for today that was written up on BKWriters. I also started another application.
Complete and turn in missing work to Kayser
I got another copy of my contract just in case, and also finished a few things that I apparently never did.
I am done with FAFSA
Get as much as possible done for my JMU application.
I worked on my application. I need to speak with my parents about other places to apply, but other then that we just worked on applications.
I need help researching a few more schools that would suit me. I have applied to maybe two I believe, but am in the middle of another few.
Work on FAFSA and common app
completed my common app and worked on fafsa
work on fafsaworked on fafsa and chose a few colleges
Figure out my recommendations and finish an application
Senior autobiography, CAW and college applicationsAlmost finished my autobiography.
Corbinstarted the promise scholarshipcontinue doing applicationsdo common appgot done most of guidence stuffFinish VCU applicationkaysers assainmentsall assignmentsa notebookcomplete the trfi completed trf and other work not goodgrade reflectiondid goodWork on FAFSA and common appWorked on FAFSAWork on FAFSAworked on fafsa and chose a few collegesstart my johnson and whales applicationsenior autobio
work on today's paragraph and missing work
Finished the paragraph
almost done with Stephone F. Coleman scholarship.
Send transcripts through parchmentWork on scholarshipcontinue doing apllicationsalmost finish with GMU appFinish Gmu appFinish VCU applicationStill working on applicationabsentfinish the college app worksheetI finished the college app worksheetNot finishedI'm sort've where I want to bePrepare for field tripworked on college essayWork on college essay Worked on college essayCollege application and Senior autobiographystarted my senior autobiography
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