Learning Exchange iPad App Review
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Learning Exchange iPad App Review
A list of Apps reviewed by educators from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
App NameReviewCategoryAge GroupCost
World Map.It had advertising on with a link. Children would be tempted to click on it. I liked the world map. Can see children using it. It also had political maps and world time zones. Plus zoom in and zoom out function.H.S.I.E.or GEOGRAPHYK-12Free
Undersea MathFun addition for beginners set in grid. Each correct answer flips one square that is part of an overall underwater scene. Incorrect answer not acceptable.MATHSBeginnersFree
A fun jigsaw puzzle game of answering maths addition sentences. Only uses single digit numbers. Good for reinforcement and automatic responses.
Addition undersea adventuresA fun jigsaw puzzle game of answering maths addition sentences .
Only uses single digit numbers. Good for reinforcement and automatic responses.
StoryKitThe story kit has versions on familiar stories I especially liked the full length version of Humpty Dumpty!ENGLISHPrimaryiPhone App Free
This app comes with 4 books. They are very old fashioned and not very appealing. You can read, edit and share these stories. A good application is you can devise your own story and record your own voice on the pages. Simple but a good starting point.
The story kit app has a variety of features. Children can read or listen to fairytales. The app also has the option to edit the story. Words can be added or deleted. The stories can be modernized with today's language. Adj and verbs can be added.
A good app that could be used by k-6.
Very old fashioned graphics. Reminds me of old picture books that my parents or even grandparents may have had. However the stories may be edited and one can create one's own story.
looked at Storykit and the story of the TheThree Little Pigs. Sent from my iPad The layout is attractive and the activities are varied. I would use this with my year three students in small groups.
BiblioPhileI tried Bibliophiles. There were five modes to choose from, and Explore the World and Location in Books seemed quite similar. I choose Melbourne on the former and it came up with all the books it could find set there (e.g. Monkey grip). Classic books gave quotes you could email. ENGLISHiPhone App Free
Miss Spider's Tea PartyGreat interactive book. Beautiful pictures and voice over. Perfect for early childhood, lower primary.EARLY CHILDHOODPrimaryFree
The Story MouseThe Story Mouse has a variety of stories suitable for Year 1 especially fairytales.Year 1Free
Math board AdditionI downloaded and explored Mathboard Addition. I found this app useful in terms of teaching and learning as the quiz is a great interactive way for the children to be able to test their understanding of a concept in an exciting and fresh way. As a teacher you could have children record their score and time and monitor their progress over the term. The options allow you to set the criteria based on the child's abilities, needs and understanding, aiming the quiz specifically to the child! I would use this app to improve my mathematical program and as another form of continuous assessment or even as a mental warm up.MATHSFree
Mad LibsI really enjoyed using this app and I think it would be very useful in the classroom, especially in the teaching of grammar.
The game is fun, and reinforces grammatical content at the same time. I can really see my year 5 students enjoying the game and I will definitely use it as part of my literacy program as an extension activity or for fast finishers.
The only downside Is that it is only available as an iphone app, so it comes up a bit small on the screen.
ENGLISHPrimaryiPhone App Free
This app requires students to add nouns, verbs, adjectives & adverbs to a story. Sometimes the story doesn't make sense grammatically. Very closed, not open ended.
Cloud Math FreeThe " Cloud maths" app was very boring. It simply involved the child answering single digit sums without any variations at all. It would not be worth downloading this app except in the absence of anything better.MATHSKindergarteniPhone App Free
I went to cloudmaths and thought that this would be a great app for the extension kids in kindy maths.
This app was a great app for students to use addition and subtraction. The game was mundane after some time and I think it doesn't challenge students enough!I will use this app with students for a warm up and to improve the children's speed.
Talking GinaI downloaded talking Gina ...
it was a funny app but I'm not sure how educational it is, the kids would love using it.
DailyBurn - Calorie, WorkoutThis app requires you to enter your current weight- on the home page!!!! Various info is needed for you to use the app, including email address.The app gives you a range of exercises for different weight loss and muscle gain, not very practical as all are in picture / static form!I give it a 6 / 10!PDHPEiPhone App Free
Sight Words Read and SpellI looked at the Sight words read and spell app. Hmmm some possibilities for sight words, so long as you can put up with US accent. The spelling test function seemed only to have upper case keyboard and, again, the US accent was pretty thick. Can not complain too much if sits free. ENGLISHPrimaryFree
Sight words read spell This app is good for basic sight word revision for infants students however teachers should be aware that it is an American application.
I checked out sight words read and spell. It was based on the dolch list and it read the words to the students. You could then go into the spelling function. You are able to hear the word and then select letters to spell e word. If you selected the wrong letter it let you know "o oh". The letters are all capitals and had legs and arms. Very eye catching to the students and they danced if you got the word correct. I think this is a good free app, especially for younger students.
Freddy FractionThis was a great app for upper primary children. I really like the way that it gave the children options to chose the correct fraction.MATHSPrimaryiPhone App Free
Kids Apps: 13 in 1This app is set for children in kindergarten or year one. There are a range of activities for all children to engage in for a range of levels. There are sight word activities and flash cards for a range of pictures and categories. The downside of this app is that it will fail regularly and quit the app. There is not a whole of interaction with the flash cards. The maths activities have a good level of interaction and allow for multiple choice answers. All in all I give this app a rating of four and half gold stars out of five.Kindergarten / Year 1Free
ABC First Phonics - Word FamiliesInitially, I thought this would be suitable for year 1 but the word families included range from simple to more complex. Some words start with triple consonant blends and at times require them to be written. Perhaps more suitable for year 2 and older students needing support. However, you would have to consider the maturity level.
You can change the settings so that letters are not capitalized. Huge downfall is a constant popup for Texas Holdem Poker. Playland activity which is designed as a reward is fairly ineffective.
ScrambleZest liteFor this app you are required to select a topic. You are given a hint to do with the selected topic. You need to arrange the letters given to guess what the clue is describing. The concept behind the app is effective but the topics are very American and not suited for young students. I can't see myself using this app very often in the classroom.ENGLISHFree
Word Quest LiteThis app is a finder word puzzle. You can choose either words or numbers to find. I am not too impressed with this app as the lite version does not allow you to add your own words and this app also crashed twice in the three minutes I have used it. I did like the stop watch feature so the children can time themselves and try to beat a previous time. I do not recommend this application.Free
Quick GraphDefinitely a secondary tool. Takes time to get through all that this app can do.
It would be excellent for senior students as well as a demonstration tool for teachers
Quick graph
This app is too advanced for Primary school. It is difficult to work out how to use. At first sight it looks complicated and will either challenge the person to find out more or make them give up.
Finger CounterThe app was confusing to play and the directions not clear. Some of the games were set up so children would quickly realize they could cheat to win. The games are set up that children could play the games without actually counting, so again no benefit would be had by simply pressing buttons.MATHSPreschoolFree
The app was confusing to play and the directions not clear. Some of the games were set up so children would quickly realize they could cheat to win.
Fitness ProThe app 'fitness pro' isn't a very good app. It hasn't been made for an iPad and isn't very clear when you make it bigger. The app just shows you pictures of the exercises without any instructions.
I wouldn't recommend it :) Sorry!!!
PDHPEiPhone App Free
Mia's PlaygroundMias playground is very simple just matching shapes. Has no instructions so I just had to guess what to do. Only half of the app is free.PreschoolFree
Slide a BookHi today I looked at Abc slide a book. It is very simple but would be good for auditory recognition of words and sounds. It also gives the lower case and upper case letter. It would be useful for emergent readers and ESL children.ENGLISHESL Children$1.19
Number LineThis app is pretty basic and not all that engaging. The player is required to order a mix of decimals, fractions and percentages. The player does not need to necessarily know the correct answers though because it automatically locks the number onto the number line when hovered. It could easily become a game of chance rather than knowledge. Would not recommend this app.MATHS$1.19
Art Gallery of NSW: The First EmperorThis app has information about The First Emperor China's Entombed Warriors. It had photos related to this exhibition and a short video. I was expecting more related to the art galleries permanent exhibitions.CREATIVE ARTSSecondaryiPhone App Free
FlipBook LiteI tried this app and found it very confusing. It did not seem to be very user friendly. Lisa and I both looked at it and could not find out how to get started. When first going into the app it took a while to find out how to slow the instructions down. After this I could not find how to continue to make a picture like e picture on the app picture. It may be ok but I think it will need lots of investigating before mastering.ENGLISHiPhone App Free
DinosaursDinosaurs is a useful app suitable more for Primary school is provides flip cards. One side has the photo of the dinosaur and the flip side has specifications ie: height weight etc... It also has a world identification interactive map, which when touched shows dinosaurs found in that area.SCIENCEPrimaryiPhone App Free
Museum PlanetI found this free app disappointing. The app is free but once you download it, some videos and photos were not free and I felt this was misleading. The VoiceOver was read in a monotone and the information limited. GEOGRAPHYFree
Body ScientificBody Scientific would be great for use in high schools for PDHPE and science. Great visual charts of the heart and lungs, with great terminology. Unfortunately these were the only free charts within this app.SCIENCESecondaryFree
Australian Broadcasting CorporationThe ABC website apps is moderately useful for a classroom environment in secondary HS. Some criticisms are: no search buttons, only current info and programs available, no archive list and in radio national you can only listen to the current program and no archived stories availableSecondaryFree
Bible IsThe app is an excellent application for special Ed. This app allows students who would have difficulty reading passages from the bible to complete bible work they would otherwise have difficulty with. This means differentiation becomes irrelevant around the need to ensure that students can read the bible passage. It also has the obvious use with students who have either visual or hearing impairments and allows them to access their class work at the level of all the students in the classroom. From a creative point of view it would also allow some interesting aspects around assessment. Special EdFree
Brain Pop MoviesI reviewed Brain Pop Movies. I found that the movie for the day was very current, being about Sept 11 only hours after Osama had been reported as shot! In this app you can watch a simple movie that has text as well as sound. The movie looks appropriate for Stage 3 students. after watching the movie you can take a quiz to test your understanding of the movie. great for a reading group activity, kids able to work independently.Stage 3 studentsFree
Alien Kids MathGreat app for Infants students. The visual images are great and let's kids count on or subtract from a given number by looking at the pictures! The settings menu gives you the option whether to use addition or subtraction problems or both!MATHSInfantsiPhone App Free
The game consisted of simple number sentences where spaceships would appear, creating a time limit style to the play.The visuals are nice and colorful though the game it self seems quite basic. Due to only being allowed to play a single level it is difficult to know what the fully paid version would be like. I give it 2 out of 5.
Poetry magnetsJust had a play with poetry magnets. Lots of great categories ie. Romantic, zombies, general etc, etc. Lots of words to choose from and inspire.ENGLISHFree
SoundropSounddrop is a music game. Sound balls are released from the top left hand side of the screen. You then create lines around the screen that the sound balls bounce off. When the balls hit the different lines it changes the pitch that you hear. I don't find it to be a very useful app as you would assume a high pitch would be at the top end of the screen and a low pitch to be at the bottom. This is not the case with this app and it could confuse users about pitch.
This is a free app that does not offer all of the functions of the paid version such as multiple instrument lines. I would not use this in education.
Birthday buzzBirthday buzz is a read out loud story book. It uses pictures to help the child predict what the story is about and the events of the story. It has helpful prompts to help the child remember what happened in the story. It would be useful in the year 1 or year 2 classroom. It could be used as an independent activity during the literacy block.Year 1 / 2Free
Alphabet TracingThis app creates worksheets that can be sent to your email from your iPad. I presume you then print out worksheet from your email. The free version appears to only give you sample worksheets to download. These worksheets could be useful as one offs or to trial sheets before you purchase full app. Full app. Costs 3.99.Free
Mental maths tricksI reviewed mental maths tricks. This app shows you the rule for multiplying by different numbers but isn't interactive. It has no examples for the kids to try out the rule. (As far as I can see)iPhone App Free
Mental maths tricks did not show me anything.It was asking me to purchase the app in order to go any further.I would not recommend this site.
CrunchyrollCartoon animation. maybe okay to review music background. for older students in primary or early secondary. A bit of violence. Perhaps this could be discussed as a group. Not greatly impressed. Lots of prompts to upgrade to paid versionPrimary/ Early secondaryFree
ABC TracerABC Tracer is a great app for kinder and year one students. It shows correct formation of letters.Kindergarten / Year 1Free