Consumer Spending - 4th pd (Responses)
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What is your name?How much will you spend on Pillow Genie? How much will you spend on ABC Tablets? How much will you spend on TEP Solar? How much will you spend on Affinity Gum? How much will you spend on Gas-Thru? How much will you spend on Sweet Tooth?How much will you spend on MSM Sports?How much will you spend on Foland Farms?How much will you spend on Candy Soap?TOTAL SpendingWhat factors were most important to you in making your decisions?How well did you satisfy your needs? Explain.How well did you satisfy your wants? Explain.Give constructive feedback to one company about the product they are selling. What is the appeal, and what could they improve to get more business?Give constructive feedback to another company about their advertisement. What was effective, and what could they improve to better reach their target audience?Individual Spending Grade
Varya Kononov02000000000200Usefulness of product, Satisfying needs before wants, Improving my standard of livingit satisfied my needs because it is education related with is a need and not a wantIt is a good idea because then kids dont have to carry around 50 lb backpacks
Candy Soap. the ad was funny and appealing to costumers but the actual product of the candy soap should be more involved
the abc pad is useful becuase i think that every kid is very tired of carrying around a 50 pound backpack everyday to and from school 5
John Burgess0018000100100200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productI gave my self a smal amout of foodI have 8 backup solar chargers to have incase i break a few and lose some.Pillow genie i did not see your add and if the idea was great(it was) then i would of paid all my 200$ to have your productTEP Solar i like your idea and your add ut the voices needed to be more clearer.4 - read questions more carefully, elaborate
Conner New00000000200200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Professionalism of company, Improving my standard of livingIt didn't, sa treatment is not needed.It satisfied all my wants, it is a great deal for a great service.For Affinity Gum- I didn't really understand what the product was, you could try explaining more about the product.For Gas-Thru- Try and talk louder, and turn the camera the normal way.4 - read question about feedback more carefully, elaborate
James Ticatic002030303040500200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productI satisfied my needs well because I was sure to buy food.I satisfied my wants because I still got gum, desserts, and sports equipment to stay entertained.Gas-thru was not a very new idea and could add some things but I still like how you can get food and gas from your car without leaving.TEP Solar oculd have re-recorded some of the speaking parts so it would be easier to understand.5
Trey Keeney00201090400400200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Benefit to health and well-beingIt supplied my need for food very wellI will now be able to charge my phone whenever i want toABC tablets could sell to other grade levels and not only high schoolTEP solar could show a design of the product to reach their target audience better, they could also introduce custom designs of their product5
Ashley Moore00000$1000$1000$200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Professionalism of companyI satisfied my needs because i need fresh fruits and vegetables to be healthy. and at a low cost it made sense to buy from them. I satisfied my wants because cupcakes are a want. one does not need them but one can definetly want them.The Candy soap add was extremely funny and caught my attention. I think you guys did a very good job with it but i did not buy it because of my other options. I did not want to spend all of my money on your one offer.i found the gum commercial kind of confusing, i understand that it is gum but i didnt understand the point of the gum. the video was very good though, just the idea of your product could of been made more understandable. 4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully
Aubria Walk 0o000000200200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Professionalism of company, Improving my standard of living, Benefit to health and well-beingIt really didn't but i enjoyed their advertisement..good job!its always fun having someone wash my hair...?Affinity gum-

advertisement was good and funny.
Gas thru-
we couldn't understand one word you guys said in the video and it was turned the wrong way. good idea though
4 - read questions more carefully, elaborate
Mirabel ijeomah000$200$20$20$1400$200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Satisfying needs before wantsi satisfied what i needed to have my buying products from foland farm because that is something you need to stay healthy and it is a must have i purchased sweet tooth, affinity, and MSM sports because i always like haing a soccer ball but they dont last so that would be something i would want and i always want gum plus cupcakes are deliciousFoland farm, i loved the idea of your compnay! allisons little brother appealed the product to me, it got my attention, but the thing that ultimatily sold me on the product was the fact that you sell a variety of things so for cheap and it somewhere i could go to for a long time! you could maybe try to widen the variety of what you sell a bit more?affinity, i loved the creativity of your product but it wasnt really clear that exaclty you wanted people to buy or what your product was, was it long lasting gum? or was is gum that got people to do what you want? maybe clearify on that but other than that the comedy of it was amazing. 5
Lee Wall0040120740740200Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of product, Professionalism of companyWell the Foland Farms and Cupcake company was smart because I need food. I'd say I satisfied my needs pretty good.The other 2 companies I bought things from were more along the lines of a want than a need. The TEP solar Panel was smart because sometimes I might need my phone when my battery has died, so it will be a usful product. The gum because I like to eat gum and I have it if I fell like eating gum. And the To the Gum company, I would suggest to be more specific on the product itself rather than the benefits of it. Describe what the flavors where, and etc.To the MSM Sports Shop, I would sugegst to improve the flow of the Ad altogether. To me it didn't really flow with your subject of a Sports Store.5
Jake Banasiewicz00000002000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Professionalism of companyFood is considered a need and I think I will do that well, or even too much, in this case. I thought the farm was the only good, or different, idea out of these businesses, so I went with personal preference along with satisfying my needs in a good way.The farm offers both needs and wants, so I can use my money at one place for both. Wants can be satisfied there through the hay rides and other activities without a big impact on my budget. Foland Farms was a good idea over all and I think it was executed perfectly.Foland Farms: I thought the idea of using the little kid as the background was very interesting and it captured everyone in the classroom. Your farm has a lot of good ideas and I think you will get a big profit from it. Maybe consider having Christmas or Halloween celebrations at the farm for families.Affinity Gum: Overall I was confused on why the gum was so special compared to other gum products. Make the reason of why we should buy your product more clear. That way there will be something pulling the consumers directly towards your product instead of just going for gum.5
Alex Stephens$0$200$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingMy product was not necessarily a need. Some of the other products were needs, like food. However, food is not something I currently need, and I felt like my money was better spent on the ABC Tablet. So, I satisfied my needs pretty well. If there were another product offered that was an urgent necessity, I probably would have gone with that.I satisfied my wants very well. The ABC tablet was something that I saw that I really wanted. It seemed to be the most practical and was something that I could get great use out of. It would improve my daily life and help with organization.The candy soap business had a really funny advertisement. However, I felt their product was a little bit overpriced. I think that they should maybe add some things to the treatment package to make it more worth $200. Most people wouldn't be very willing to spend that much money on what was advertised in the video. Overall, they should just add more to their product and make it more unique.Foland Farms advertisement was really cute and their product is a good idea. However, they should make their ad more eye-catching. Though the cute voice and the prezi was effective, it would have been more effective if there would have been a video or more of a visual. I think that it's a great idea, it just should have been presented in a more entertaining way.5
Garrett Reid20000000000200Novelty of idea, Improving my standard of living, Great ProductNone of these products were really needs. I feel that sleep is very very important and anything to aid that will be helpfulI wish I could have bought more than just the pillowcases but I'm happy because these will change my lifePillowgenie, I love the idea of your product, I find it perfect and bought the product even without an ad.CandySoap, I loved your ad, it was hilarious while still showing off your product. If given more money I would have definitely purchased the product because of the ad.4.5 - read the question about feedback more carefully
Courtney Robson004020202001000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productI satisfied my needs well by buying frest fruit from the farm, and the Gas-thru because we need food. I satisfied my wants well by buying cupcakes, phone chargers, and gum. These are all things that i will enjoy having but are not needed.TEP Solars appeal is the easy availability of energy to charge your phone with their product. To improve to get more business they could have a portible size one to have in the car and a more stationary one for the house so they have it in certain areas. This would also give the consumers a choice for the design they wanted and could buy both so the company would make more money.Gas-thru could have had a more effective advertisement if the video was more clear and upright. It was a good idea of a product, just not a very powerful ad.5
Adam Latta002020203040700200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Satisfying needs before wantsVery well, I put the most money in foland farms for the more healthier food that will be good for my health.Very well, I would want a customized soccer ball and one for my friend, also I can satisfy my sweet tooth at sweet tooth cupcakes.For candy soap I would try and find a less costly idea, instead of just one whole package for $200, try splitting them up like the massage can be seperate from the shower and the scalp massage.ABC tablets had a very nice idea, I would have purchased one if the price wasn`t all I had to spend in one month, if there was one for a smaller cost then it would be better.4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully
Kellie Burgess004020202001000200Novelty of idea, Professionalism of company, Satisfying needs before wantsMy needs were mostly satisfied because I bought enough food to last for the month.My wants were somewhat satisfied because I bought a few items I wanted, but the things I really wanted, I couldn't afford.Candy Soap sounded like a great luxury to have, but it was costly and uncomfortable. I would suggest making the ad less awkward so that it would become more appealing.For MSM sports, I would say the use of technology in their advertisement was interesting, but the product being offered wasn't clear enought. By this I mean that I was distracted by the technology and I didn't catch what the product actually is. I would suggest focusing on making an ad that is more eye-catching and memorable.4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully
Molly Sparks02000000000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Improving my standard of livingBuying the 200$ ABC Tablet easily satisfys my needs because it is an organizational tool to help in school and at home. It is an innovative way to keep everything in place without having to carry around a heavy backpack.This product also satisifed my wants because I have always wanted something like a tablet to be able to access the internet like a small laptop. It can also satisfy my wants by accessing certain game websites or social networks. The Gas-Thru is an excellent idea because of the low cost of food but the advertisement wasn't very persuasive and a little hard to hear. I would have liked to hear more details about this product because the fact that the food is two dollers means that it may not be quality made. The Affinity Gum's advertisement was very well made, persuasive, and creative! I like the idea of your product, but I would have liked more information on how this product is made and can be possible. I also think it would be beneficial to know where to obtain this product.5
Mike Dehaney$0$200$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productABC Tablets is a great idea and i could actually use this product on a daily schedule so investing in them now, will be good for me in the long run since i think they will be selling a lot of their products and they're priced high.Not only do i really want this product, but it is a good buy because im buying a want while it provides a need for organization.TEP Solar Panel Installers has a good idea for their company, but could use a little more detail about their product. The advertisement could be a little bit longer.Gas-Thru also had a good idea but the advertisement was not very audible so it was hard to hear and i couldn't really hear the overall message.4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully
Blair Bowling0040006001000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Benefit to health and well-beingI satisfied my needs pretty well because I decided to buy a lot of food from Foland Farms which is a healthy decision for food.While I did like the tablet, I was already spending money on Foland Farms so that want was not fulfilled. However, I bought the TEP Solar product which was a want. For MSM sports they could have broadened the spectrum for their product, and instead of just customizing the soccer ball they could have customized any type of sports ball. I thought the video was funny though so that was a good approach. I like the idea of Gas-Thru, but the advertisment was difficult to understand and the volume was very low. 5
Jared De Joya00201000400400200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Professionalism of companyWell none of these products exactly satisfied my needs because most of the products were not needs and if they were, than they were not an opition that I thought would be finnacial or physically beneficial.I satisfied my wants through what I thought I would the most enjoyable products that were not so monetarily straining. Overall I mainly judged by the advertisement and if I was enticed by their idea. However, I only somewhat satisfied my wants.ABC Tablets, your idea was good but too expensive. I understand that you did not know that $200 would be the budget but still you gotta be realistic on investments. From my understanding you do not get to keep the tablet and you have to pay for it as a blank investment. The idea is somewhat obvious, but good and just needs a little bit more realism. Say maybe renting for 20 for a semester would have been better or purchasing a tablet that you own, is lower quality, and monitored while you are on school grounds. MSM Sports, you wasted alot of your time in the commercial with the same gag reel of "I can get you" when you should have spent more time explaining the product. I have no idea what your product is and the commercial wasn't so bad. 5
Hannah Bridges002010304001000200Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productfoland farms- low price for food that I need. It is even better that they are healthy foods. The ad caught my attention and you explained your products well.TEP solar- Great way to charge my phone when it dies. Most portable phone chargers I have seen require a battery. I think the price is reasonable also.MSM Sports- they could show images of custom designs that they could do on the soccer balls to attract more customers.Gas Thru- I think this is a good idea for a product. I just think that the video could have been a bit clearer. It was hard to hear what you were selling.5
Toney-Paite Phillips02000000000200Novelty of idea, Usefulness of product, Improving my standard of livingBy purchassing the ABC tablet I was able to eliminate the heavy load of books, help in my organization and have easy access to all of my notes and homework for every class. It was a great investment because it brings everything I need for school together.My wants were met because even thought this product was not necissary it was helpful. I no longer have to stress about losing worksheets or carrying around heavy books.The advertisement for the gas thru was unclear and not very professional. By maybe spending more time on the advertisement the company might have had more sucess.The MSM advertisement was unclear in what it was selling and all over the place. If the company had spent more time on advertising the product and less on the invisible guy it might have done better. 4.5 - read question about feedback more carefully
Andrew May0010000800200200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of productI didn't do very well satisfying my needs. The cupcakes are food, but they're more of a luxury food and I couldn't eat them all the time. Another thing I bought was the solar panel, which means I won't have to run my phone with grid electricity, but it wouldn't take much out of my budget. I also bought some produce, which satisfies my need for food, but I bought it because I wanted it, not because I felt I needed it.I satisfied my wants pretty well, getting mostly luxury items and catering to my own wants and whims. All the things I bought other than the produce were luxury items, and even the produce I bought based on want rather than need.-Candy Soap-

Your product was really good, and I would have bought it if the cupcake company hadn't brought in cupcakes. The biggest problem was the cost. You could have gotten way more income if it didn't cost $200.
-Affinity Gum-

I didn't really understand what you were selling, or what it did. I mean, I guess it was gum, but I couldn't tell what it did. Focus less on being funny, and more on being informative.
nicholas ducret02000000000200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of productnot very well because this product isn't for any of my needs.very well because this product makes it much more convenient for me to take almost everything I need with me to schoolSweet Tooth cupcakes, you appeal by claiming you have the best cupcakes ever. as far as improvement goes, the cupcakes you provide as free samples should look less like store bought cupcakes.Foland farms, your advertisement was effective, especially with the speaker you chose for the role. the only improvement i have to suggest would be to make the ad look more proffesional and capable of transitioning on its own.5
Karen Hernandez0000501000500200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productI got my groceries from Foland farms and also got some food from Gas-thru. I satisfied my food needs well. I satisfied y wants well by purchasing cupcakes from Sweet Tooth, i think the food from gas-thru is a want to some degree.Affinity gum, the product you are selling will only appeal to very insecure people, you should add more products that will appeal to people who have high self-esteem. Add more flavors and other reasons why they would want the gum. MSM advertise other things because only a limited amount of people like soccer. Also try to make people to want to play sports. the video should've had more people involved. 5
Ben Beckett002090501020100200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Usefulness of productgood lots of food was purchased and also the phone chargergood I have freinds and a ballypillow genie is cool but I would do $20 like the idea though just too expensivethe tabllet add stuck in my head but took a minute to figure out be more straight forward5
Reynolds Jenrette002020503020600200Quality of advertisement, Satisfying needs before wants, They were funny and i respect thati got fresh produce from the farm along with fast food and gas from the the phone charger, a ball, fun gum and CUPCAAAAAAKES. aqll in all pretty satisfied.Candy soap i didn't really see what you were marketing, show more of whats special about your product and have more price options like 10$ for the soap itself and more increments that progressively rise so people get exactly what they want.just going to say 200$ is a steep cost for a Pillow Genie, if it's not also an MP3 and a massage pillow along with it's hot and cold functions it's a bit overpriced in today's market at least, think about adding those functions next time.4.5 - pay more attention, the groups were only allowed to sell 2, 20, or 200 prices
Meredith Gordon$0$0$40$0$10$30$60$60$0$200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Benefit to health and well-beingI didn't really satisfy my needs very well. The only product I purchased that was actually somewhat a need was the TEP Solar charger. Though this is kind of a want because I already have multiple phone chargers, it could be a need in a situation where a power outlet or electricity was not available for my use.I satisfied my wants pretty well. The products that I purchased more quantaties of are things that I want. I like cupcakes, so I bought more of them. I also enjoy sports, so I purchased more from MSM Sports. Though being in shape is a need for me, I choose what to do to be in shape, so purchasing sporting equipment is a want.ABC Tablets:
It is a very good idea to have all needed books for school and personal use available on a portable device. Many companies produce tablets that have amazing capabilities and make certain tasks a lot easier. What makes your prduct different? How would your product be compatable with the entire school's teacher's different methods of educating and giving assignments?
TEP Solar Panel Installers:
This product is a very good idea that I have seen before. I'm no expert, but twenty dollars seems a bit low for the price of a solar power converting device. What resources will you be using to produce your product to make it affordable and effective for consumers?
Aidan Sullivan004020204040400200Novelty of idea, Getting the most for my money, Professionalism of companyI think that I was able to keep myself well fed, while also providing myself with some of my wants.I got 2 soccer balls, and I bought a lot of gum, cupcakes, and Gas-Thru. I did not need these things but I got them because I would enjoy them.I think that the customizable ball company had a good idea, but I think they need to make that idea better or add a new spin to that idea. I think Gas-Thru is a good idea, and could be a thriving business, but I could not hear their advertisement which made their idea hard to understand. I think if they made a better commercial then they could sell more product.5
Julian Keeler00000000200200Novelty of idea, Quality of advertisement, Benefit to health and well-beingI satisfied my needs pretty wello. Everybody needs to be groomed and taken care of. I satisfied my wants very well because everybody wants to be groomed and taken care of. I like to be waited on and The Candy Shop is offering that to me.The Foland Farms product was a little boring. It's not that creative, even though fresh fruit is needed and might get some business. i just feel like they should be a little more creative.Gas-thru had a good deal in the $2 dollar burger-shake deal but I wouldn't go there if I saw their advertisement. The advertisement wasn't good at all. To improve sales i think they should imoporve the advertisemnt and make it more understandable.5
Alex Walker002020404020600200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Satisfying needs before wantsI satisfied my needs fairly well buy buying the gas -thru and foland farm meals satisfying my need for foodI satisfied my wants well as well by getting the portable charger, a ball, and cupcakes and gumIt would be eaiser to accept Candy Soap's product by, instead of selling the $200 package, selling one of the services for $20, for a $200 total budget, it makes it reall hard to use it all on just one thingOn Gas - Thru's video, you could not hear the speakers very well, and it therefore became more confusing about what was going on and even what you were selling5
Caroline Peebles0100500000500200Getting the most for my money, Usefulness of product, Satisfying needs before wantsI put most of my money in the ABC Tablets because that is a product I would really use. I do have the problems they described in their advertisement so this product could really help me. TEP Solar and Foland Farms are also products I could benefit from daily.I did not satisfy my wants as much as my needs because I feel that what I buy should be needs before all else.Gas-Thru had a good idea, but the advertisement was not very strong and did not grab my attention. To improve, the advertisement should be more creative and clear for the consumers.Affinity Gum was confusing and I didn't really understand the point of the product. Also, it was in no way beneficial to the buyer and it would only be bought on a whim. To improve, the product should have some other type of appeal other than helping other people realize how "great" you are.4 - math isn't correct based on prices