Moped Tuning Spreadsheet (temporary)
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TimestampYour nameYour locationMoped brandModelEngineEngine casesEngine displacementCylinder manufacturerCylinder portingPort matchingExhaustAir filterIntake sizeReed valve setupCarburetor manufacturerCarburetor sizeMain jet sizeIdle jet sizeNeedle sizeNeedle settingVariator setupClutchGearingTop speedCommentsForm comments
12/28/2011 0:20:54cheetahchromeloomis/Sacramento Ca.Peugeot103103polini70cc kitPoliniNoNosimonini circuit malossi PHBG 90 air filter E8 21mmpolini 4 petal blockDellorto PHBG21mm9760m7Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modifiedStock11x4853Stock variator weights removed and SAE 1/4 nuts screwed in place. Homemade secondary coil feeding a honda PA-50 primary coil on the frame. BU8H spark plug. Smaller stiff spring slid inside the stock motor variator spring
12/28/2011 9:53:06Brad PittDetroitHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStock70cc kitPoliniYesExhaustProma CircuitStockStockStockKeihin12mm90stockstockStock modifiedStock modifiedNotched Stock Variator. 8g Wts.47.8 (GPS)1981 PA50II. Polini -chamfered ports and matched exhaust. DIO 2K clutch springs. Notched variator with 8g moped factory weights. Gates BX40 belt. NGK-B7HS. Hutchinson GP1's. Amsoil Saber 80:1. Pulls insanely hard from 3-35 MPH and then accelerates nicely to 46/47. * I am 235 lbs.
12/28/2011 10:10:58Christopher StokesPensacola, FL (at sea level)YamahaQT50Yamaha QT50StockStockStockNoNoStockDrilled holes in stock airboxStockStockMikuni12mm70stock31 MPHI stripped off any extra weight (battery, front fender, horn box, sidecovers) to go as fast as possible. It goes 31 on the straights and 25 uphill so it's certainly going a little faster than stock. I'm over 200 lbs.
12/28/2011 12:10:21Maize "Corn"MinneapolisPuchMaxi n 1977E50Transfers opened a littleStockStock High Torque YesIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersBossTreats High Flow14mmBing14mm64Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock modified16x4043 gpsStock high comp head milled for higher compression. Ran with points.
12/28/2011 12:14:29Maize "Corn"MinneapolisPuchSwinger Rigid 1977E50Stock65cc kitPoliniYesIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersRd400 DGNone28mmPolini 2 petel Oko28mm95Second leanest (clip one below top)3 shoe with 2 shoe shoes, lightened braced and kickstart springs. 18x4067 gpsStock high comp head milled for higher compression. Ran with points. Lateral gas porting and side gaped plugs.
12/28/2011 12:17:07Maize "Corn"MinneapolisPuchMaxi SE50Stock65cc kitPoliniNoNoBulletNone14mmPolini 1 petel Bing14mm82Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock modified16x40Low 50s
12/28/2011 13:04:40Chris BergmannCaldwell, NJGarelliSSXLNOI 1 speedStock70cc kitPoliniNoNoWeak Ends Garelli NOI PipeMalossi19mm Polini IntakeDellorto PHBG19mm9238W(Leanest (clip all the way at the top)BRN 3 Shoe 9 x 2448I have Ed's stainless steel springs in the 3 shoe BRN clutch with the screws almost all the way in, about 1/2 a turn out.
12/28/2011 16:55:56Aaron C.Nashville, TennesseeGarelliSSXL1-speed NOIStock70cc kitPoliniNoNoEV Racing turboMalossi 90 degree redbored to 21mmDellorto PHBG21mm9240W8Second leanest (clip one below top)BRN 3 Shoe with aftermarket springs 3/4 turn from center10/28/201149.21 mytracks gps verifiedI like my setup. It's my commuter slash rally blaster. Nothing fancy but it looks good.
12/28/2011 17:14:47Alex BoydPittsburgh, PAPuchMaxiE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoNoEstorilNo air filter15Dellorto SHA14/1274Stock14x4540
12/29/2011 12:57:00jeremy huskevansville INMotobecanemobyAV7Stock74ccAirsalNoNoSimnone15mmDellorto SHA14/1272Stock modified11x5448mph gpstreats cdi "limited" for now drilled a ton of holes in my variator w/2 10g balls ran a bolt thru the coil on the spring for more tension
12/29/2011 16:50:25dave sullivandelta.paPuchmaxiE50Stock65cc kitAirsalNoNotechno bosshi flow14mmBing14mm74Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock14x4045 mph
12/30/2011 20:43:42FrenchieDayton, OhioSachs5 Star General505-1DStockStockStockNoIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersStock 28mm Header and pipeNoneStockStockBing12mm60Leanest (clip all the way at the top)Stock11 x 4445When I first bought it my top speed on flat ground was 45, but didnt know the case was dry of fluid and fryed my clutchs now top speed has dropped to 39, cant wait for my new clutchs
1/9/2012 18:15:06John M.Santa Clarita, CAPeugeotTSM103Stock w/ 3rd port added50cc kitGilardoniNoTranfsersSimonini CircuitMesh in stock SHA housing15mmPolini single reedDellorto SHA15/1572Doppler ER3Stock modified12x5939Polini engine spring. Stock 5-coil ignition. Currently running all 6 balls in the stock clutch but with two 4-star springs. I'd like to see 45 mph--I think it might not be fully variating (Simonini pipe touches the swingarm).
1/11/2012 10:44:48jason kluczykchicagoPuchfree spiritE50Stock64ccPoliniYesIntake, Exhaust, Tranfsersmlm rev runStock15mm Bing2 pedal poliniBing15mm86Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock modified17x4552mph
1/11/2012 10:50:39jason kluczykchicagoHondaHobbit PA50IIHonda PA50IIStock70cc kitMalossiNoNoPromaStockStockBoyseen Dual StageKeihin12mm85Notched, Moped factory oversized weightsStock modifiedn/a52mph1,000 miles with stock crank and malossi kit. Not the most powerful kit, but it hauls me and i'm 235lbs. It gets up over 50mph. Cheapest setup i've done to a moped right here.
1/15/2012 1:33:12JamesBay Area/Long BeachPuch1977 MaxiE50StockStockStockNoNoProma GPTreats metal mesh filter15mmStockBing15mm66Leanest (clip all the way at the top)Stock16x4535Can't idle for some reason...
1/20/2012 12:53:18tammiecatnew orleans, LAPuchmagnum MKIIZA50case matched70cc kitParmakitNoNomlm calinope19malossi 4 petalDellorto PHBG21mm90 something38w9Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock20x3845 gpstiming needs to be advanced more and, def lean in the mid and wide open. but temp gauge is reading no higher than 300. our weather is a roller coaster of hot/ cold and humid so never know whether to bother re-jetting. loves the cold/ dry air.
1/21/2012 11:59:05Steven GrantFloridaHondaNC50Honda NC50Stock70cc kitStockNoNoPromaOpen22mm.4mm Boysen Carbon Tech ReedsMikuni20mm18017.5Second leanest (clip one below top)StockStockN/A40+Also added larger tires. 70/90-14 in the front and 80/90-14 rear. I also put a larger shock on the back to give the rear end some more clearance for the bigger tire.
1/21/2012 19:49:18Willie MWilmington, NCPuchSwinger1E50 (kickstart)Stock80cc kitGilardoniYesIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersMLM St. Ripper (custom)Uni w/o outer foamParmakit 24mmStockDellorto PHBG21mm9450W7Second leanest (clip one below top)NoneIightened/ reinforced bell. 3 shoe extra stiff (not the blue springs) 1080 deg. out17x4052 and had more to go (breaking in, will update)Matched the intake to reed block. Just made her all smooth (sort of like a venturi in a 90 deg. elbow.) Treats CDI. Have the Peitcard box, just haven't messed with it ( installed it) yet. (I'm one of those super long break-in advocates. I don't give a $hlt what you say, this comes from years of piston driven aircraft maint. I can't stand to here some 17 yr. old hipsterdipshit say "Hell I just kit it and run man!" It pays off to have attention to detail)
1/22/2012 16:43:51JonathanBrightonPiaggioNRG Power DT 49cc Sport SeriesPiaggioStock50cc kitStockNoExhaustMetraKit Pro RaceStockStockStockDellorto SHAStock62StockStockFront Sprocket ?44 MPH :(
1/23/2012 22:39:23Ryan N.Columbia, MOMinarelliMotronV1Stock80cc kitPoliniNoIntake, ExhaustEV Turbo K&N20mmMikuni20mm16520Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock12x44upper 40'spietcard auto-retarding cdi. mopedfactory v1 80cc custom squish head. copper head gasket. exhaust opened up to 28mm, intake opened up to 20mm.
2/3/2012 15:30:36SweatpantsBonerSt. LouisPuchMagnum xkE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoIntake, TranfsersEstoril (derestricted)Polini Hi-Flo21mmDellorto PHBG21mm7938w9Second leanest (clip one below top)Three Shoe17 x 4051
2/10/2012 11:42:34WillDATLSachsBalboa505-2D2 speed manual50cc kitD cylinderNoIntake, ExhaustPeugeot SPX Alsil Quichnone15mmBing15mm78Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock modified13 x 2846Had it with the 80, TM24 145 jet and blaster pipe, 63mph. Took it back to stock D jug to keep it more reliable and efficient, still damn quick. It ran almost exactly the same top speeds with 11x28 gearing, but ran both hotter and obviously higher RPM. It was a little faster sure but also less efficient. I get almost 100 miles on 1.2 gal tank.
2/14/2012 18:08:28TimSFPuchMaxiE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoNoproma gppolini19mmDellorto PHBG19mm9045w7Second leanest (clip one below top)MK Racing18x4245slow off the line but gets up to speed quick and can climb small hills from a stop easy with the MK racing clutch. I have the clutch tuned with a tomos spring cut down 1.5 inches so the clutch slips to about 20-25mph which is really nice for SF
2/19/2012 17:52:17Newbe12new jersey lolTomostarga lxA35Stock65cc kitAirsalYesIntake, ExhaustBi Turbo one screen of metal mesh with black cap 16mmaftermarket forgot who makes itDellorto SHA16/1680. pre det @7626x2245 full tuckNew kit. Trying to get jetting right. Top speed is at full tuck

45mph tomos from nj
2/19/2012 23:13:36Nick TannousTampa, FLHondapa50IIHonda PA50IIStock70cc kitAthenaYesIntake, Exhaust, Tranfsersderbi metra kit large racing pipeno air filterradiator hosedioMikuniTM2417010, usually 15?TJT with 2.5g weightsstock with red springsuh...belt69gps on flat groundIt's a fun moped, very reliable. Engine built by Tommy back in 09 and he sold it after using it for polini cup races. Green tree crank, stock CDI maybe soon HPI. Love this thing. I've tried to get it faster than 69mph on flat ground but I have not been successful, screw it, nothing air cooled has beaten except for some crazy derbi in ATL that was built to race scooters.
2/21/2012 2:11:07Seth ZaiserOrlando, FLPuchMaxi-IIZA50StockStockStockYesExhaustHomoet 4p on a Boss headerStockStockBing14mm66Leanest (clip all the way at the top)flipped second gear18x3643All stock parts except the pipe. Stock airbox and everything.
2/23/2012 14:47:56JoshRockport, MaPuchMaxiE50Stock65cc kitMetrakitNoIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersProma CircuitHigh Flow21mmDellorto PHBG19mm8540w7Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock modified16x4045+Graham High Comp head, Runs very rich with the 85/jet still breaking in the kit, Will downjet eventually. Bike hits mid 40's easily, 4strokes with alot of carb blowback. Will rejet and update once it gets warmer outside. Low end is amazing.
2/25/2012 20:02:10Logan MeingasnerAnn Arbor, MiHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStock73cc kitAthenaNoNostockmalossi21mmdual stagemalossi21mm18StockStock31035
2/29/2012 22:19:18patricklas vegasTomosstA55StockStockStockNoNostockStockStockStockstockStockstockstockstock Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)StockStock2225
3/1/2012 6:07:08BrockNW FLYamahaQT50Yamaha QT50Stock65cc kitMalossiNoTranfsersJemco QT50 pipeK&NStockBoysen dual stageMikuniStock92.5stockstockSecond richest (clip one above bottom)PW50 Holeshot SpringsPW50 gearing52
3/1/2012 8:55:52KDMRSavannah, GAPuchPintoE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoTranfsersTecno BossTuna can w/ UNI foam18polini two petalMikuni188515Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modified18x4545havent wound it out all the way yet, 45 is what i got to on the longest straightaway near my house, but still room to rev.
3/3/2012 4:24:38robertcovina, californiaSuzukifa50Suzuki FA50Stock50cc kitStockYesNosimoniniStockStockStockMikuniStock77.5stockstock Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)StockStockstock29mphI cleaned out the head with a sanding block but didn't sand all down to the fins, just enough to clean out the groove line. Also did some light on porting the cylinder head exhaust port
3/3/2012 14:00:05DeVriesMichiganPuchPintoE50StockStockStockNoNoTecno EstorilHi FlowStockBing15mm76Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock16x45~35 mphV1 of my Pinto. No porting, just added a larger carb and pipe after cleanup and timing.
3/5/2012 15:44:23SarrusChicago, ILKreidlerMP-9StockStockStockMahleNoNoProma CircuitNone!15mmBing15mm80StockStock34 (GPS)Wild bike!
3/9/2012 15:08:14marshalltucson, azHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStockStockStockNoNoPromaStock14StockDellorto SHA14mm74Stock modifiedStock40It's a Mobbit
3/9/2012 18:25:18adam knudsvigPuchmaxiZA50StockStockStockNoNoaftermarket carbon pipe StockStockStockBingStockdsfStockewazdx26
3/15/2012 21:19:19AdamBay Area Cali - sea levelMotobecane50VAV7StockStockStockYesTranfsersStockMalossi E1315mm shortyDellorto SHA15mm68Malossi Varplus...12.9gStockStock38 gps before varplus
3/19/2012 8:51:04TommyCharlotte, NCVespaCiaoVespaMalossi RV75ccMalossiNoIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersCalibrataMalossi 90 degreeFiled 19mmMalossi VL8 4 PetalDellorto PHBG19mm9945W7Second leanest (clip one below top)PoliniOlympiaMalossi 9:158 GPS3g weights in the variator, stock contra spring in the rear pulley. Pulls decently from 1-30, but could use a stiffer rear variator spring. Malossi D.E.P.S. kit, Malossi Racing crank, 16" Si mags, Malossi Belt (motor mounts drilled forward).
3/19/2012 15:35:16Eddie W.Green Bay, WIHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStockStockStockNoNoProma Performance PipeStockStockBoyesen Dual Stage Power Reeds "STOCK"KeihinStockStockStock modifiedStockStock44.1 (GPS)Variator is Notched
1.5k Dio Springs
Might install a DR kit in the future but I'm rather satisfied right now with the speed. Runs perfect.
3/28/2012 5:29:12pedwizardmiami.flaPuchmaxiE50StockStockStockNoNostockwire meshStockBing14mm64StockStock17x4832 mph
3/31/2012 13:29:14mykienightmareToledo OhioPuchMaxi LuxeE50Stock50cc kitStockNoIntake, ExhaustBiturboStock16mmDellorto SHA16/1672StockStock modified18x4032
4/3/2012 6:42:43Martin_HopkinsDoncaster UKMotobecane40VAV7StockStockStockNoNoStockStockStockGurtnerStock220Stock modifiedStock11x5438 MPH GPSpretty much stock moby just removed 2 balls from variator. wanting to do loads more to bike but this is just a bench mark to start from.
4/3/2012 19:13:00Alec DeVriesKalamazoo, MIPuchPintoE50Stock70cc kitDMPNoIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersTecno EstorilHi Flow15Dellorto SHA16/1682Stock modified18x4548.4 GPSShallow match, piston port, not entirely broken in. Could rip even more with a higher powerband pipe and gearing changes. Potential! Kit came somewhat badly finished.
4/5/2012 16:50:01Taisuke IshidaRockville, Maryland Motobecane50VE50StockStockStockNoIntakeStockDellorto15mmStockDellorto SHA15/15whatever is in the dellorto 15/15 SHA carbCVT17mphI put 17mph because thats the top speed with the motor sort of running in a down hill, on a flat road it would be more like 10, sadly.
4/5/2012 21:32:34Charlie BuzzardSouth CarolinaPuchMaxiE50Stock64ccPoliniYesExhaust, TranfsersProma CiruitMetal mesh cheapo15mm Polini2 petal polini carbonBing15mm88Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock modified18x4255 gpsI just opened the intake windows about 3mm and ramped them in, opened the exhaust about 1mm on each side. I chamfered the exhaust, and the lip of the piston crown on the exhaust side, to make sure it doesn't snag the port. Clutch springs are one turn out form all the way in. Treats cdi, "Buzzard style". Full advance, lol
4/6/2012 23:45:42RUDI IBONINDONESIA ktmPHBG 21mmcase gasketStock50cc kitStockNoExhaustpro circuitStockStockStockDellorto PHBG21mmstockstockstock Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)Stock modifiedStock modified41100m /20secondhow to order his motorbike ktm 50 sx 2012 my son could air tight and the road can be a champion in the competition?? thank you
4/9/2012 2:55:41jonathan cabanasmodesto, caVespabravoVespaStock75ccpinascoNoTranfserstecno circuitpolini13mmDellorto SHA12mm75Stock modifiedStockstocktbabored from 38 to 49mm to fit 75cc 46mm cylinder, modded stock variator, malossi belt, malossi yellow spring, b7hs, case matched, mazzucheli crank, rebuilt bearings seal and gaskets, grinded down variator bushing, drilling holes in the polini filter for more free flow...and going to somehow get 1mm bigger on the carb...still have to put everything together and tune...oh and chopped and hacked up the frame and lost over 30lbs on the bike :P
4/10/2012 2:16:33Salvador Diaz De LeonSanta MonicaVespa1974 Vesps CiaoVespaMalossi74ccPinascoNoIntake, TranfsersSimonini CalibrataMalossi Angle Air Filter19mm4 Pedal ReedsDellorto PHBG19mm?60W7Second leanest (clip one below top)Polini VariatorStockNone?Also running HPI, battery connected to 3 computer fans to cool the engine I am running 16in Hutchington GP1 2.50
4/15/2012 14:31:36Colin MSouth Bend, INHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStockStockStockNoNoProma CircuitStockStockStockKeihinStock78StockStockvariator35 (GPS)1982 pa50ii with CDI. Bone stock except for proma. slow off the line
4/15/2012 22:11:49MatBay Area, CAVespaBravoVespaStockStockStockNoNotechno speedy Malossi hi flowStockDellorto SHA1353Stock?30Speedo drive is broken - so speed est is totally rough
4/17/2012 6:29:23GregGrand Rapids, MIPuchMurrayE50Stock50cc kitK-StarNoIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersProma GPFoam14mmBing14mm68Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock15:43:0035+Can keep up with traffic on a 35mph road(my guess is closer to 40mph since everyone speeds one the street I was on), it revs super high and needs to be re-geared. Great low-mid to high-mid performance(due to the pipe), could absolutely rip with a 15mm Bing and a higher end pipe.
4/17/2012 10:56:49Mr. BVATomos2007 StreetmateA55StockStockStockNoNobiturboFilter only (no airbox)StockStockDellorto PHBG17mm68whatever is stock on 17.5mm carbwhatever is stock on 17.5mm carbSecond leanest (clip one below top)StockStock27 x 2242-46 depending on wind
4/24/2012 7:21:38WiffleballMichiganJawaSupreme III207Stock56cc overboreJawa 210 cylinderYesIntake, ExhaustBoss for Tomos A35Foam15mm MinarelliDellorto SHA15/1570Stock14x3545mphThe cylinder was adapted to the Tomos Boss header rather than hacking/welding to the 19mm Jawa header. Only mild porting on the cylinder. Fast and reliable.
5/1/2012 10:32:59Deadped RyanNashvilleSachsGeneral 5 Star505-1DStockStockStockNoNoGianelliPuch Metal Mesh Hi-FlowAthena 15mmAmal15mm6015?Bing needleStock13x4441Has custom machined intake riser. Gianelli pulls hard around 20ish to 35. Might be geared high or the pipe might suck... I'm not sure.

I'll repost specs when I put my jamarcol with large ID header back on and hopefully get to 45. With a C and a jarmacol (everything else the same) I was seeing 41mph, so I'm not too impressed with the gianelli. Welded custom brackets to the gianelli to mount on the engine bolts. If I put the jamarcol back on, I'm using aluminum spacers instead of bushings. Bushings + hard frame mounted pipe = ripped out exhaust sleeve thingy
5/6/2012 13:21:41Brian BehrmannSt LouisPuchMagnum xkE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoIntake, TranfsersTechno EstorilPolini Race Filter21mmDellorto PHBG21mm7837w7Leanest (clip all the way at the top)17x4051
5/6/2012 13:27:12Brian BehrmannSt LouisHondaPA50-IHonda PA50IStock65cc kitDRNoExhaustWeakendsHi Flow Foam19mmBoyesen Mod ReedsDellorto PHBG19mm8645w7 Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)Stock modifiedStock modifiedn/a47PA50-I converted to II Intake homemade from puch exhaust header and stock reed block that has been dremel shaped to match larger intake header.
5/8/2012 20:17:38john orrnapa, caVespaSim 1T ??VespaStock??NoNostockStockStockStockDellorto SHA??stockslowwant to find out what it is
5/16/2012 12:47:17EdwardOmaha, NEPuchNewportE50Stock70cc kitTCCDNoTranfsersHomoetK&N? custom intakeDellorto PHBG16/166840w7Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modified17 x 4049 gps
5/17/2012 8:59:05Monti StrattonPittsburghVespaBravoVespaStock60cc kitOEM 60cc 41mm OverboreNoNoTecno CircuitStock Grande hiflow airboxStockDellorto SHA12mm68Stock modifiedStockstock vario with mods46 gpsVespa stock cylinder and transfers overbored to 60cc with 41mm Polini piston and rings. Polini hi-comp Ciao head with decomp. Vespa stock vario with the brass spacer mod, stock weights and the Malossi 13.5mm toothed belt. Tecno circuit pipe. Stock 12.12 carb and intake with 68 jet and stock Grande 6-port disk hi flow airbox with all three main air stacks overbored by +1mm and single layer screen filter. The 68 jet is a little rich in the low/mid for only 60cc but leans out appropriately at WOT. Will likely drop it to 64 jet for better consistent richness, notch the vario and stiffen up the rear vari spring.
5/17/2012 9:00:56Monti StrattonPittsburghVespaBravoVespaStock60cc kitOEM 60cc 41mm OverboreNoNoTecno CircuitStock Grande hiflow airboxStockDellorto SHA12mm68Stock modifiedStockOlympia Vespa speed gears46 gpsVespa stock cylinder and transfers overbored to 60cc with 41mm Polini piston and rings. Polini hi-comp Ciao head with decomp. Vespa stock vario with the brass spacer mod, stock weights and the Malossi 13.5mm toothed belt. Olympia speed gears in rear vario tranny. Tecno circuit pipe. Stock 12.12 carb and intake with 68 jet and stock Grande 6-port disk hi flow airbox with all three main air stacks overbored by +1mm and single layer screen filter. The 68 jet is a little rich in the low/mid for only 60cc but leans out appropriately at WOT. Will likely drop it to 64 jet for better consistent richness, notch the vario and stiffen up the rear vari spring.updated gearing comment to speed gears
5/17/2012 15:00:02Andrew Buck MichaelDayton, OHPuchMaxiE50Stock65cc kitPoliniNoTranfsersMLM...first pipe ever...pre Calihi flow metal15 Polinipolini two petalBing15mm86 Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)Stock modified14x4051When the pipe hits it really pulls hard. Quite a rocket for my 250 lbs.
5/17/2012 16:19:26Bryant PocockDenver, COVespaGrandeVespaStockStockStockNoIntakeTechno Circuittreats high flow13mmDellorto SHA13mm68Stock modifiedStock0*035Bored and ported the intake, smoothed out the transfers a little, cut down the brass bushing on the variator, drilled out the weights, shaved the head just a little. Will go consistent low 30s on level ground and high 30s downhill.
5/17/2012 16:26:12Jumper K. BallsEugene OregonVespaCiaoVespaStock80cc kitMalossiYesIntakeYZ80none13mmDellorto SHA13/1378Stock modifiedstock 42
5/17/2012 21:18:18FiggLafayette, INMinarelliGadabout MKIVV1StockStockPoliniNoNoMambaStock15Dellorto SHA15/1578Stock11x4235
5/17/2012 21:29:38bob porcaroportland, mainedemmsmiley V1StockStockStockNoNoproma circutpanty hoes15mmStockDellorto SHA15mm66Stockstock35
5/18/2012 4:49:49John Phelpsmcgrawodyssey32E50korado e5065cc kitheroYesIntaketechno bulletmalossi19mmStockDellorto PHBG19mm85 Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)18x4047
5/18/2012 11:14:44Brent ToothWinnipeg, MBHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStockStockStockYesNoPromaMetal Mesh 18BoyesenMikuni1875stockstockSecond leanest (clip one below top)Stock modifiedStock modifiedVariated45 MPHNotched variator, Moped Factory weights. P4 port map, Exhaust raised 3mm and widened to 27mm, Added base gaskets to fully open ports.
5/19/2012 20:09:42Nathan EdgerlyCoventry, CtPuchMaxiE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoIntake, Exhaust, TranfsersTechno circuitHigh flow15StockBing15mm86Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modifiedStock modified17x4050
5/21/2012 12:01:40AaronFloridaHondaPA50IIHonda PA50IIStock70cc kitDRNoNoPromaStockStockboyesen dual stage power reedsKeihin12mm90Notched Variator, Stock Weightsstock with 1.5k springs.GPS'd @ 47
5/22/2012 3:17:50Kevin PierceSeattleMinarelliBaretta 38V1Stock80cc kitPoliniNoTranfsersTomos Techno EstorilSHA Hi-FlowStockDellorto SHA14mm80Stockstock40-45polini kit, drilled 14.12 SHA, bent and filed the Estoril to fit, stock gearing for 30mph. type f trans fluid makes the clutch engage a bit later than 30w ND. pipe kicks in at ~ 15mph and pulls to the top. will de-restrict soon and update on performance increase.
5/22/2012 9:40:36Austin TremellenPhila PA. 150ft abouve sea levelPuch1977 MaxiE50Case Matched64ccPoliniNoNoMLM CaliVeloisity Stack24mm rear facingPolini 2 petal Mikunitm2418515stockSecond richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modified18x4065.1Speed found by GPS on flat ground
Clutch: 2 Shoe Stock Cluch
Black Kick Start Springs, two turns in
Lightened Shoes
Stock bell & Starter plate
ND30 fluid

MVT Ignition
ur a moped goddess
5/24/2012 2:47:48Benjamin WatersteedChicago, ILMinarelliMotronV1Stock80cc kitPoliniNoTranfsersMLM ST RipperMalossi E1221noneDellorto PHBG21mm8237stockSecond leanest (clip one below top)noneStock12x4053 GPS
5/24/2012 17:37:56ThomasOhioGeneral5 Star LTD V1StockStockStockNoNoZenuni wit5h screenStockStockDellorto SHA16/1668Stockstock35
6/4/2012 17:45:03tim osavannah ga, hot humid sea levelVespaciaoVespaStock65cc kitDRNoTranfserscalibrattafake malossiopened to 13mmrotary inductionDellorto SHA13mm70--polini 3light 3heavymorini stylestock48.2 iphone gpsi just took out little "scoops" to match the holes in the skirt to their corresponding holes in the base of the cylinder. the piston has holes that feed them. matching all the way back just negates the holes in the piston and looses you some precious case pressure. un cut stock roller crank. stock gears. still pops wheelies from a dead 13mm carb check box? no crank info? stuffed/unstuffed at least. ignition info would be nice too.

but you are still the patron saint of this and i still want to meet you some day. just for a high five. cuz you rule!
6/7/2012 8:43:21Josh KoelkerHull, MATomosSprintA35StockStockStockNoNoTechno BulletRed foamyStockStockDellorto SHA14.1266StockStock27x2242 (GPS)Jetting seems high compared to others here. Checked for leaks with both propane and carb cleaner but couldn't find one. I will continue to run it and keep checking the plug but it feels just about dialed in. The top speed showed 45 on the stock gauge. GPS gave me a top speed of 42.
6/9/2012 15:16:25Michael PedittoDavie, Fl Sea Level 85 DegreesPuchMaxi Luxe Hi TorqueE50Stock70cc kitTCCDNoTranfsersTechno Black BossStock15mmClone Bing15mm78StockSecond leanest (clip one below top)StockStock39 so far
6/9/2012 18:08:10Myke D.Toledo OhioPuchMaxi-LuxeE50Stock70cc kitAthenaNoTranfsersBiturboPantyhose16mmDellorto SHA16/1684Stock modifiedStock42Just through the new kit on. She was doing 31 before the Athena. Now she rips. Really takes off at about 20 all the way through. A somewhat stock moped still, I need more gearing and clutch work.
6/9/2012 20:42:31Kaj NiegmannAtlanta, GAPuchSwinger 2E50Stock70cc kitDMPNoNoBossE1219StockDellorto PHBG19mm7440W7Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modified17x4549.8
6/12/2012 14:48:45jonsanta rosaHondapa50IIHonda PA50IIStock70cc kitDrNoNopromamallosi kitStockboysen single stage carbonDellorto PHBG21mm?Stock modifiedbelt?
6/12/2012 20:05:34Andy ZerosToledo Ohio MoriniPacer M1Stock57cc Polini PoliniNoTranfsersde-restricted puch boss sha screen StockStockDellorto SHA14/1270 something stock up front 28 rear 51 gps'd bottom end is pretty snappy with the springs, hits the power band around 15 and holds it till it tops out

14/12 is the perfect carb, anything bigger is just over kill on this little kit
6/12/2012 21:52:22BenJahmonRichmond, VirginiaTomosTop TankA35StockStockStockNoNoBiturbo1-4 layers of Stock Metal MeshStockStockDellorto SHA14/1260A3 1st gear clutch and the A35 2nd gear clutch resurfaced with two layers of rubberized cork ground down a bit for clearance.stock362003 engine, I rode it maybe 400-500 miles until the first gear clutch shoe's retaining pin worked loose and "pigmented" my transmission fluid silver. I was given a set of A3 clutch shoes and modified the A35 clutch plate to accept them, at the time it was an experiment to help me avoid buying/finding the A35 replacement. The case has been cleaned, flushed, and sealed back up with a thin RTV/Gasket sandwich, thin layer of RTV gasket more RTV, fixed my leak issue. Since the rebuild I have switched transmission fluid to 250ml Dexron Mercon + 150ml 85w-140 Gear Oil + 100ml AT-F fluid = 500ml total. Will be switching back to a full 700ml mixture of the Dexron/Gear Oil in a 50/50 ratio as the pickup was marked for such a stock bike. However with both mixtures the 'automatic' in the automatic transmission is 'not engaged', the 700ml mixture allowed/forced me to manually (easing the throttle down) shift into 2nd gear at the peak of it's power then bring it to top speed by drawing the throttle from 3/4-WOT. The stock carb kept up velocity during the shift but I plan on downjetting as idle requires some throttle work to stabilize. The plan is to have some fun getting from stoplight A to stoplight B, it feels maybe 90% there. We'll see.Can't thank you enough for the resource. It has been a huge help to us here in the Spark Shop! Only technical concern is the visual organization of the sheet, It's hard to get a view of several comparable bikes on one screen without zooming way out and squinting. If I have any ideas I will be sure to email them to you or come up with a layout that could address 'dis sheet. Good luck dudes, keep up the good work! HBH! HOOEEWWWWWWLLLL!
6/14/2012 19:58:37iannapa caMotobecanemobyAV10Stock70cc kitMalossiNoIntake, Exhaustg3 ninjamolissi19mmStockDellorto PHBG19mm10560 Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)StockStock5445
6/17/2012 16:39:14phil kellycape codTomostarga lxA35StockStockStockNoNobiturbopod filter16mmStockDellorto SHA16/1670Stockstock40i plan on doing an exhaust port match. size 70 jet seems a little too rich but ill do another test after the port match. after running it with the only upgrades being the pipe and upjet i put the bigger intake and carb on. best mod ive done, the motor just runs better in every way now.
6/17/2012 19:19:00phil kellycape cod, maTomostarga lx A35StockStocktomosNoNobiturbopod filter16mmStockDellorto SHA16/1670Stockstock40+/-seems a bit rich, might down jet soon. planning on port matching the exhaust. bigger carb and intake was the best mod. i want to try and get as much as i can without kiting this bike.
6/17/2012 19:56:13AdrianWashington DCPuchMagnumZA50Stock65cc kitPoliniNoNoTechnigasRed Hi-Flow15mm polini2 petalBing15mm88Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock14 front40ishpurchased with setup in place. soon to be updated.I can help update
6/24/2012 10:30:21DonaldNorwaySuzukiZR 50 k?StockStockStockNoNo?StockStockStock?Stock?StockStock??
6/27/2012 14:35:23ColinRochester ny PuchnewportE50StockStockStockNoNoproma gpfoam filterStockStockBing12mm64Second leanest (clip one below top)StockStockstock29.8 ==HEAVY LOAD==
not sure about jetting 62 seemed scary so i up jetted, plug is coffee brown
seems boggy
7/6/2012 23:55:16Dominic ValentinoCleveland OhioVespaciaoVespapolini speed - matched to Malossi av7 shorty intake, big deps70cc kitMalossiNoTranfsersSimo Calibratahomemadeornonehomemade/nonerotary!Dellorto PHBG21mm106w7Second richest (clip one above bottom)polini/malossi mashup, malossi beltStockmalossi raceidkmybffjill
7/9/2012 20:05:27Jack PollnerNew Boston, NH (1000 feet above sea level)PuchMaxi NostalgiaE50Stock70cc kitK-StarNoTranfsersTechno CircuitPanty Hose (2 Layers)15Dellorto SHA15mm7416 x 4540
7/10/2012 22:33:43Paul NB.C. CanadaTomostargaA35Stock70cc kitAlukitNoIntake, Exhaust, Tranfserstechno circuituni22mmmoded honda crMikuni22mmstock?stock?stock?Second leanest (clip one below top)Stock??I have a bunch of this stuff sitting in your basket to check out,just need an idea on jetting so i can add it in .
7/19/2012 15:59:39StumpyNew havenMotobecane1977AV7Airsal70cc kitAirsalNoNoAftermarketCarburetorStockAftermarket/crappy15mm58Er3Er314? X 36?45?
7/23/2012 21:06:57Eric WendtChicago, IL.TomosBulletA35Stock65cc kitAirsalNoNoBiturboStockStockDellorto SHA14/1272StockStock54.2Going to put a new carb and pipe on in the future. Gearing to be changed as well. Updates soon.
7/25/2012 10:21:53DAVIDWoodstock ILTomosStreetmateA55StockStockStockNoNobi-turbouni-filter // 1977mopeds speed kitStockStockDellorto SHAStock5830stock Richest (clip all the way at the bottom)StockStock27 x 2440Great service to the Moped community. Thanks!!!
7/26/2012 22:16:51RyanColumbia, MODerbiVariant SportDerbi flat reedStock70cc kitMetrakitYesIntake, ExhaustMotomatic Race Pipe/Simoni clonenone24V-Force 8 petalMikuni24mm19510.5Second richest (clip one above bottom)Lightened TJTPolini clutch springs18x3166mph.intake lowered 1.5mm, exhaust and shooters widened 1mm, transfers knifed, boost port window and bridge removed from cylinder skirt, huge booster port cut into piston.

HPI mini rotor, lathed down clutch bell, pedal function removed.
7/27/2012 1:19:53DanielChicagoTomosGolden Bullet TTLXA3Stock70cc kitAirsalNoNoBiturboMalossi PHBG E8Weak Ends 20mmArisal kitDellorto PHBG19mm8850Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stockstock46 gps
7/31/2012 14:16:29Brian SchulzProvidencePuchMaxiE50Stock70cc kitTCCDNoTranfsersTechno CircuitSHA stock w/ 1 screen only15mmDellorto SHA16/16742 shoe stock w/ blue springs14 x 4542.7 GPSRunning rich due to low milage on kit. Timing at 14.5. Great low end. Kit had 15 miles on it then went on a 40 mile rally at WOT. temp peaked at 407 up hills. I am 4 stroking a bit but I figured that's good for another 100 miles until fully broken in.
8/1/2012 9:12:31ike riffbelliville ont.MinarelliE-tonT2Stock70cc kittop profromance tphoryYesIntake, Exhaust, Tranfsersstage 6 pro rep.fram StockStockDellorto PHBG21mm92stock7Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modifiedStockstock120 kmph
8/3/2012 18:45:51bryanlong beachTomosstA55StockStockStockNoIntake, Exhaustcut up stock cut up stock StockDellorto PHVA12mm54Second richest (clip one above bottom)Stock modified26x2243