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First PickDLCPrevious adventuresFeelings about the end
UsersColorOpinionIndoctrinatedDLCEnd DLCPre ME3FirstSecondThirdFavoriteReason
39% R / 38% G / 23% B 3% Like / 42% Dislike / 12% Neutral / 42% Hate 17.42%45.45%53.03%100.00%
hateradio2300011231Senseless space magic.
Metroidvania22001The plot-holes or lack of player choice having any real effect.
Darknessbear2411111231I feel that they left it open to interpretation, because ending it on their own merits would be too difficult. This way they can waver any responsibility and put it as, "It's what you interpreted!" but it backfired. And a change or addition needs to be considered; just like Mass Effect: Deception.
Dany M1211111233I feel betrayed, lied to, my trust has been taken away, violated, and used.
brightroar22000Too vague, choices didnt matter, felt disjointed and illogical
Empty Space2400111231I hate the ending becasue of the franchise suicide and the lack of choice and closure.
lastplayed320111123Doesn't make sense, no closure
DTKT240011123It's a badly written piece of fiction.
Moaradin241111123It throws away everything that ME3 and the earlier games accomplished.
Karl21771201011231It took the key themes of Mass Effect and threw them out the window for some Space-Jesus-Christian allegory.
littleworm140011123Failure to achieve blue baby quota.
Replicant14001The ending took away all of your efforts in gathering the galaxy and left the solution down to 3 choices, none of them were due to irect result of what you did prior to meeting spacebrat.
PsychoWARD23140011123Plot holes, rushed, player choice, etc.
Zerokku1200111231Plotholes, an ending that does not fit the themes or lore within the rest of the series, my choices being invalidated, and lack of closure (to a point, some speculation is fine).
Rabbit Lord320001123Doesn't make sense, whole game felt rushed, bad writing, bad use of ME2 characters, EDI and Joker, my previous choices meaning absolute shit...oh god the list is so long.
Digoman240011123Plot holes, not thematically consistent with the rest of games, no closure, and above all, vent-kid-god and green space magic.
firehawk12130001123 I was already massively disappointed with ME2 (the "emails", the fetch quests, the map design, etc.)
dominuece340001123No choices, nothing makes sense. Too many crucial unanswered questions, etc.
Kabouter2201111231There are too many holes in the ending, lots of things don't make sense at all. Normandy suddenly flying off and what not. The whole starchild thing I didn't like at all, the getting all emo over the kid dying thing didn't work for me either.
hao chi221111123It didn't fit the series at all. ME3 was doing an amazing job of making you feel key decisions from previous games mattered, while also elaborating on what I feel is Shepard's most important trait throughout the series - her leadership, but in the end your decisions and Shepard's leadership (among other skills) don't really matter, and all you needed to do is pick a color. In retrospect, it makes the rest of the game feel mostly irrelevant, as all you did throughout the game is collect war assets that had little effect on the ending. To make it worse, it's a "bittersweet ending" that's desperately missing any "sweet."
ExMachina3200011231Thematically out of left field, tons of plot holes, renders your choices unimportant, lack of closure.
Hartt9511401111232Put simply: the star child is fucking retarded. Too many plot holes. No closure. Choices don't matter. Abandonment of characters who are important to us.
Last Hearth1410111231Doesn't make sense, doesn't give enough options (should have happy and sad ending, and bittersweet endings, depending on your choices)
Deraldin140001123Makes no sense. Plot holes. Lack of player influence. Idiotic, illogical starchild. Get the hell out of my galaxy.
cameron3200011232It's complete nonsense/gibberish. Nothing the Catalyst says makes any sense, and the sequences that follow don't make any sense either. The ending seems to exist outside the Mass Effect universe that was described by the previous 2 games and most of 3.
Dr.Acula1300111231I would have liked more nuanced endings, dependant on all your actions in the trilogy. As it stands, ME has no replay value.
DLaren120011123Relays exploding results in Mass extinctions.
Papercuts3401111233Plotholes, lack of end game choice reflected by ingame actions.
Friedreich1201111233Ending doesn't fit; deus ex machina is a lazy out.
kami_sama2201111233No connection with anything you've done before.
MuseManMike2400011232The ending is thematically inconsistent, nearly incoherent, and wholly unsatisfying. No thinking person can give this conclusion any serious consideration; it's objectively awful.
Glaurungr1400011231Choices/War Assets didn't matter. Thematically inconsistent with the series up to that point. Numerous plot holes. Introduction of a new character at the very end. No resolution on what happened to the characters and the galaxy. Having to play multiplayer to get the "best" ending.
SerArthurDayne1400111231Plot/logic holes, vent kid, destruction of relays, Xzibit
Minion1013311111233I don't want to knock something I don't fully understand.
Bruiserk120001232Never really enjoyed the series as much as other people, but I can understand why people are so upset over the lack of impact their choices had. Also that it doesn't fit within the lore, synthetics killing humans to protect them from synthetics, etc.
dilatedmuscle2211111231Plotholes, lack of end game choice reflected by ingame actions.
Gouda Jouji3201111232Didn't make sense, no closure, the implications it had on the galaxy. Relays gone, fleets cut off from returning home, supply chain gone.
heliosRAzi3201011231Doesn't make logical sense, abrupt thematic shift, no closure, choices feel like they don't matter
Tacitus_2200011232Introduces an additional deus ex machina at the last 5 minutes, undoes your efforts during the game, you can't refuse the bullshit, a/b/c ending etc
PjotrStroganov2300011231This was directly after the ending. Internet opinion has changed my opinion. It kinda gives closure. Deus Ex Machina endings are cheap though. Plotholes rubbed me the wrong way.
antiquegamer1301011233It's not the greatest ending and there's a lot of problem with the epilogue parts but I didn't feel it was as bad as people make it out to be. There are plenty of plot holes, inconsistency throughout the series so this is just one more.
Blue Ninja1201111232Out of the left field, no closure, completely throws away the possible decisions you can make throughout the game. No matter the way you resolve certain conflicts, it doesn't matter, because apparently Ghost Kid says there's only one way this shit can end.
CrankyKong2211111233No closure. I wanted to see what happens to all my friends.
randomwab2201111231I think the entire ending needed a lot more time devoted to it ingame, if only to give Shepard, or more realistically the player, a chance to listen, question and digest. As it is, they throw a lot of huge details at you within the closing minutes of the game and you're given no time to reflect on your actions before being forced to choose.
JerkShep1200111232I'm not against a Galaxy Dark Age, but the Catalyst speech creates too many plot holes, the choices are badly explained and the Synthesis ending is "space magic" at its fullest. The ending movies are badly done, recycled, they feel rushed and underdeveloped. The Normandy part does not make any sense
Lime2400011231A staggering display of incompetence considering the intuitive flaws with much of the intro and ending. For a multi-million dollar collaborative development milieu, the irresponsible and incompetent behaviour is inexcusable
Zomba133400111231I feel like Bioware lied about how our choices would matter in the end, and how we'd get our questions answered and here would be a lot of different endings. It's also full of plot holes, doesn't really make sense and is like, completely the opposite of the rest of the series (from the heaven elevator onward)
Bowdz1201111233The game abandoned key themes of the series including personal choice at the last minute, failed to tie up ANY of the loose ends, created a multitude of questions with poor writing and plot holes, and characters are shoehorned into acting contrary to their character. It is sad that there will always be an addendum when I talk about how great ME3 is.
Keiician3400011232Deus ex machina, all choices from the 3 games go to hell
EatChildren240111123Disregard for lore, thematically inconsistent narrative, textbook poor storytelling (introduction of a new character at the climax, deus ex mechina, vague, etc), disregards series long tradition of choice and consequence, disregard for fan investment into universe and characters. Everything from the floating platform is a depressing storytelling mess.
Inanna1400011231They said there would be an "off" switch for the reapers and what do ya know, that's exactly what it was. Plus, numerous gigantic plotholes, the ending that doesn't give enough closure, and it just doesn't make sense. It fits Deus Ex type of game but it doesn't fit Mass Effect
TheYanger3400011231Because it supplied no closure, had enormous plotholes, and generally came completely out of left field.
IvanI3201111232Nonsensical is the key word here. I've watched a ton of material on that ending from various sources and it's filled with apparent plot holes. I feel "robbed" after playing these games for all these years. Like someone stole some part of me (sounds silly, I know...but ME is my #1 franchise so it hurts a lot).
shinobi6021411111233The ending completely did away with the lore of what made Mass Effect, Mass Effect. We're introduced to this new character in the last 5 minutes of the game, and it ultimately gave us 3 choices which were 99% similar to each other. No closure, no answers. Instead it created more questions.
elfinke1200011231Removal of meaningful player agency, coming at the very end of a series of games that prided itself and hung all of its hats on it, was too much.
HarryHengst1400011232It didnt fit the rest of the game at all, gave no closure, i hate speculation, even if its for everyone. Also, destroying your entire universe is a pretty dumb move.
Cjdamon0423201111233Offers no closure; adds more questions than it answers. The outcomes are too similar in terms of what we get to see (though in the universe they'd be pretty different; controlled Reapers vs everyone being half synthetic vs no synthetics at all...) Whole thing isn't really affected by any of the decisions you made through the trilogy. The destruction of the mass relays is pretty silly.
Derrick011401111231It ruined the entire series and in the process left giant plot holes and retconns.
Ruuppa1200011232The ending completely deflates every choice you made during the game, every quest and asset you gathered is made useless. The choice to introduce a new character at the last minute is mindboggling: He had no place there, no buildup, no nothing. The Reapers themselves were ominous and evil enough to be left as is, but giving them a God/Creator like this cripples their menace. Not to mention the plotholes the Spacechild creates.
Photolysis14000123Thematically inconsistent, out of character behaviour, massive plotholes, negates all player choice for the most part, endings are almost identical, no closure is provided.
Rufus2200011231Shit don't make no sense. Deus Ex-Style choices don't fit this game. No closure whatsoever. Instead of tying it up nicely they forced the book shut to be done with the franchise (for now). "Lot's of speculation from everyone", i.e. vague for no reason. Not wanting to answer every question would have been fine if it didn't introduce new problems, then tried (and failed) to resolve them. We don't need to know everything about the reapers, except that one thing that makes them look like idiots.
InaudibleWhispa1201111232Lack of character closure, inconsistencies & plot holes, lack of variety in end cinematic
EliCash1201111231The 10 Reasons We Hate Mass Effect 3 video is a pretty good summary, and all the reasons mentioned by countless other people. Hate is a strong word though, dislike might be too. As someone said above me the building blocks were there, it's just disappointing that they couldn't completely deliver, both for fans and the developers who put so much love into the series. I wanted to see the consequences for all the races I brought together, there should have been more shots of different races attacking Reapers, a quick montage of all your assets / squadmates. Your final 2 squadmates should have been on Earth, Liara stepping off the Normandy on another planet was a huge fuck you given that she was on Earth moments before making the final assault with me and Garrus.. They really should have made your squadmates/love interest at least remain on Earth with a shot of them looking up at the Citadel / Crucible. I did quite like the destruction ending apart from a few minor plot holes, but the Mass Relays getting destroyed in every ending is quite stupid. I did like the way it all looked though. And I actually really liked the after credits sequence, if only it made more sense and was in line with what happened before ie, millions of alien races stranded over Earth. I just wish they gave different experiences and consequences for different players. The similar endings is just the antithesis of everything the series stood for. I did like the design of everything though as I say, overlooking the Earth from the Citadel etc. and I think the hate Bioware are getting is too much. There's some good in the endings, but it really did need a lot more careful consideration.
rasberryjam3101011232I got a sense of closure. Shepard died, the crew of the Normandy (most importantly Garrus) got away and the reapers bailed. So you know, that's good.
Dysun1401111233Plot holes and inconsistencies galore, Space kid/Space Magic/Normandy/Mass Relays
Seijuro1300011233Could've been better, but could have been a lot worse. the whole "ending controversy" is blown way, way out of proportion and too many people jumping on the hate-bandwagon just because it's there. It leaves enough open to interpretation to stay with you for a while, that's a plus.
Zeitgeister2200011231I believe that stories in videogames are usually acceptable for the need they fill in. Right up till the floating platform, I could accept all the illogical retconned crap ME3 pulls, like the Crucible. Game stories are usually just an excuse, not the main focus. ME3 is no different, but has a presentation that makes it all acceptable, as long as you stop yourself from thinking about it. Then the floating platform happens, and Bioware goes all "we're artists" and... well, a giant fucking spider walks into the screen, basically. What remains as a result is an extremely mediocre game, series, and ultimately franchise or even Bioware as a studio. Which could have been avoided entirely by just cutting the floating platform stuff. Why did nobody see that this needed to be cut?
Tony Redgrave2201111231I like bittersweet endings so the concept wasn't that bad, but, it feels rushed unsatisfying and creates many plotholes plus it renders all choices made in the previous games futile by presenting you an A, B or C scenario. Most important thought is the utterly and complete lack of any kind of closure for characters we've spent over 100 hours with.
Syril2201111231It didn't ruin the game for me, and I think it would make an interesting jumping off point for a new story, but I also found it deeply unsatisfying.
PinkCrayon3401111231Deus Ex Mchina comes out of no where and dumps a bunch of gibberish on me. My choices mean nothing, pick a colour.
MechaX2401111231This is not a scenario of an ending meant to be obtuse for the artistic sake of it; my problem with the ending is that it is just fundamentally badly written. Objectively, there is little merit in a set-piece in any kind of fiction where characters start acting wildly out of character, make decisions that directly contradict the lore established in that game alone, let alone the predecessors, and which goes against the very founding principles of choice and self-determination both in the confines of the game's story and the principle of the game being that of role-playing. If fanfiction writers can create stories with more logic-cohesiveness and better attention to detail to the overall universe, I don't see why this ending should somehow be immune to the criticism I think it rightfully deserves.
Divvy1401111231The ending takes complete control of the situation away from Shepard. This is one of the worst things you can do in storytelling to a protagonist. There is nothing interesting about a hero who is just along for the ride
SCHUEY F12400111232
alysonwheel2401111232Why did Sovereign have to fuck around with Saren and the geth if the Citadel AI was there all along? What was Harby doing in ME2 and why was he building a new Reaper? Why did Sovereign claim to be incomprehensible? (although I guess it was just embarrassed at the stupid reason for reaping) Plus it's just badly written hand-wavy woo-woo bullshit written by someone trying to look like a better writer than they actually are.
Pie Lord1201111232
Jaffaboy1201111231Somewhat disappointed because there is absolutely no closure, but depends on the DLC and validation of the Indoc Theory for me. Still not happy that the game will end properly with DLC and not on the actual disc.
bigdaddygamebot3210011231The ending is just further proof that the entire game was rushed out the door. Bioware doesn't respect it's customers.
RedRedSuit1401011232Wow... let's see... Shepard accepts a sudden horrible explanation without question. Aftermath is unclear and overly magical. Feels like heroic efforts have led to a bleak outcome I barely affected.
Let me in1300011232I only found it lacking in information that would have properly closed the series. I didn't find it offensive. It didn't make me feel great, but I wasn't about to rush to the BioWare forums to spit vitriol.
BuckRobotron1301011232The whole game was a bit underwhelming compared to predecessors outside of combat, so ending fell in line with overall diminished enthusiasm.
Astery1200012312I was like "hm, fair enough" when Shep collapses, then "wat" when my shep gets lifted to meet with the stupid kid, where it goes into a complete mess, then "da fark?" when I have to choose one of the ending options that none make any legit sense, and then to "RAAAGGGEE" after knowing all the 3 endings are basically the same shit with just 3 different colors.
edgefusion3401011232I didn't understand anything I was being told and had no idea what ending I had picked, even after watching it.
Jibbajabbawockky1400011231Its a nonsensical deus ex machina that is completely riddled with plot holes and offers no satisfactory sense of closure, choice or consequence all the while offering up the most inane of cliffhangers at the end of a trilogy.
Fathead3400111231I have to say I hate it, just because its so rambling and incoherent. Nothing makes any sense at all. ME3 feels like being sold a steak dinner, then the dessert is crap a la mode. I may have enjoyed the steak, but the lingering taste of crap is all I remember.
Black Flames1311011233
harriet the spy220111123I feel like Bioware tried to do something clever instead of a big fat happy ending, and the theme they were going for was not completely uninteresting. However, it only related poorly to the series theme, was largely illogical /didn't fit in the universe's logic, and felt like a poor rehash of `weird metaphysical endings' (Deus Ex, Akira, EoE, etc..). And it had that fucking kid i couldn't care about. He was a whiny kid. I don't care a second he was blown up, bioware!
Lmo9112301111232The ending was weaksause, but I'm not sending 400 cupcakes because of it. The guys slipped at the finish line, they didn't eat my baby.
McNum2200111232Please describe why you feel this way. It comes out of nowhere and creates more questions than it answers. After a full trilogy, I expected an ending that would cover the entire story from 1 through 2 to 3, not one that makes up a new story in the last 10 minutes.
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