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NameJurisdictionLegal name of the companyWhitepaperStarting DateClosing DateICO Price and RatesAllocation and Pre-MiningToken rightsComments
AragonEstoniaAragon Institution MTÜ Registration code: 80416542 ether = 100 ANTTOKEN DISTRIBUTION: 70% will go to purchasers, 15% to the Foundation, and 15% to the founders and early contributors who have worked on the project. USE OF REVENUE: 65% - Development 17% - Operations 12% - Marketing 5% - LegalChange subscription fees and minting rate
Decide which services to provide
Vote on capital allocations or investments
Self-upgrade the Network
All other voting and governance decisions
ExscudoEstoniaExscudo OÜ EON coin holder can start his or her own node, deposit the coins and get the commission from the transactions processed by the node.Proprietary Software
PolybiusEstoniaPolybius Foundation OU with the company number

14202836, Tartu mnt 43 Tallinn 10128 Estonia PLBT= $10 USD93% tokens sold during ICO. 5% of tokens to founders. 2%/3% of tokens to bounty fund.Polybius token - Polybius Blockchain Share - represents the right to receive a part of company's profit. All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes. Any number of tokens (100%) sold at the end of ICO have right to receive 20% of company's profits
AgrelloEstoniaAGRELLO OÜ 1 - 1Δ = 0.00010 Ƀ - JULY 16, 20:00 GMT+8 - JULY 18, 19:59:59 GMT+8
Tier 2 - 1Δ = 0.00011 Ƀ - JULY 18, 20:00 GMT+8 - JULY 28, 19:59:59 GMT+8
Tier 3 - 1Δ = 0.00012 Ƀ - JULY 28, 20:00 GMT+8 - AUGUST 10, 19:59:59 GMT+8
Tier 4 - 1Δ = 0.00013 Ƀ - AUGUST 10, 20:00 GMT+8 - AUGUST 17, 19:59:59 GMT+8
66% - MARKET
Change subscription fees and minting rate
Decide which services to provide
Vote on capital allocations or investments
Self-upgrade the Network
All other voting and governance decisions
ZontoEstoniaZonto OÜ USD = 1 ZONTON/AZONTO coins are the internal currency of the social network, at the same time all the paid services that are provided by the system can be purchased for both cryptocurrency or at money, and for ZONTO coins.
Coins can be transferred to a business user in exchange for his bonus offer, promotional product or service.
ChangeEstoniaLion Capital OÜ CAG to 1 ETH
First 24 hours 20% bonus tokens
First week 15% bonus tokens
Second week 10% bonus tokens
Tokens offered through ICO - 40%
Change sustainability reserve - 20%
Community, R&D & bounties - 15%
Founders, team & future employee motivation packages - 15%
Early investors, current & future advisors, partnerships - 10%
The Tokens will have the following Benefits:
1 can be used as means of payment through the use of the Change card, whereas special rebates are
offered to persons upon application of Tokens as payment currency;
2 the Users are to receive an overall of ~83.5% of the revenue allocated to the Company and/or the
Subsidiaries by TPSPs having in turn generated this revenue from the Users and other users of Services
(i.e. users of Services who do not hold Tokens);
3 the Users are to receive a percentage from the revenues generated by the Company and/or the
Subsidiaries through Change card users;
4 can be traded on (cryptocurrencies’) exchanges.
AcebustersEstoniaCyfin Technologies OU 20,000 NTZ = 1 ETH
Discount during Crowdsale: 30,000 NTZ = 1 ETH (33%)
Currency for games, bets and bankroll
The players’ token that allows to join tables and protects players’ bankroll from market volatility.
Token - Commodity/service

Shares in the Dapp and token for voting
The investors’ and affiliates’ token that allows to have a voice in the steering of the Dapp and profit from its growth.
Token - Security/Physical Asset
Robot VeraEstoniaROBOTVERA OÜ, fully owned subsidiary of "OOO Stafory", discount of 50%: 1 VERA = $1 equivalent of ETH.
1 VERA token = $2
40% for localization and finalisation of the product, market research, and recruitment of employees;
30% for the improvement and development of the product, based on the needs of the market;
30% for marketing and promotion in international markets.
The VERA token represents prepayment for Robot Vera services with the value of one response

VERA token holder will be able to receive Robot Vera’s services in exchange of VERA tokens. Irrespective of the market price fluctuations, one token can always be exchanged to one response.

In addition to that, VERA token holders will have a privilege to be among the first to test new features and services.
EmphyEstoniaN/A EPY (ICO) = $0,10 Total EPY: 100,000,000Crowdsale– 80,0% (80,000,000): 2% for PRESALE and 78% for ICO
Marketing reserve for promoting the platform - 5,0% (5,000,000)
Emphy team – 13,0% (13,000,000)
Bounty – 2,0% (2,000,000)
For buyers and holders of EmphyCoin, the economic benefit is formed by the price growth of the token, which has real application, value and is the currency unit in the ecosystem. The price growth of the token will occur primarily as the number of ecosystem users increases. The limited availability of tokens will help to support the rate of the crypto currency. Tourists and travelers will always need our tokens to pay the rent, these people will be the driving force that has a constant demand for EmphyCoin.
PluscoinEstoniaDSPLUS Inc??? 10130 office 103 Harju 6 Tallinn Estonia$10 per token in the begining until $14,5 per token in the end.

Tokens to be released during the ICO is limited to 9,000,000 tokens + 1,000,000 bounty.
Marketing 50%
Products scaling 25%
Team 15%
R&D of side products 10%
We are creating an independent tool facilitating the distribution of crypto-cashback, for use by our partners.

Our goal is to encourage the maximum possible number of users and partners to use cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. This will be achieved through the instant payment of our cryptocurrency as cashback on purchases from our partners. To achieve our goal, it is not enough just to pay out the cryptocurrency, therefore we are also developing additional services based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will support the exchange and sale of our cryptocurrency. Together, these services will form an infrastructure that can be used to develop the sector as a whole.
TOTAL TOKENS ISSUED: 1 000 000 000
Bounty Program 2%
Bonus Program 1%
Development Fund 10% (frozen for 2 years)
Team 25% (frozen for 1 year)
Mentors 7%
Tokens For Sale 55%
VIU tokens represent the main tool for transferring value between advertisers, content creators and users on the Viuly platform.
CrowdWizEstoniaCrowd Wiz Ltd. exchange rate 1 WIZ = 1 USD
Day 1: +15% bonus Day 2: +10% bonus Day 3: +5% bonus Day 4: no bonuses
Token allocation
Founding Team - 15%
Reserve - 10%
Further development - 10%
Token sale - 65%

Funds allocation
Operations - 12%
Legal - 5%
Community development - 12%
Reserve - 4%
Marketing & bizdev - 12%
Ecosystem development - 55%
WIZ token holders can propose their own investment ideas on the WizFund platform and vote on proposals made by other participants.

WIZ token holders can create their own crowds, raise capital for their specific investment funds and issue designated crowd tokens for their crowd on the ecosystem’s exchange (WizExchange).

WIZ token holders can participate and invest in these crowds as follows - investors will transfer their WIZ tokens in the crowd and receive in exchange the designated crowd token. If the selected crowd’s capital raise is successful, investors will utilize the crowd’s token and start managing the newly formed crowd fund. If the crowd does not raise the required capital, all WIZ tokens will be returned to investors. All crowd tokens will be listed on the ecosystem’s exchange where investors can trade them.
ETHLendEstoniaBlock Research OÜ Token sale price: 1 ETH = 30 000 LEND.
(price includes 20% bonus tokens for all pre-sale participants).

Token Sale:
First 200 000 000 LEND: 27 500 LEND = 1 ETH.
(price includes 10% bonus tokens)
Next 100 000 000 LEND: 26 250 LEND = 1 ETH.
(price includes 5% bonus tokens)
Remaining LEND: 25 000 LEND = 1 ETH.
Minimum amount to participate: 0.01 ETH.
30% on core development
20% on user experience development
20% on management & legal
20% on promotions & marketing
10% on unexpected costs
Ownership of LEND does not entitle rights other than the right to use LEND on ETHLend and a 25% discount on deployment fees when paid with LEND. LEND does not entitle or represent any ownership right or stake, share, obligation, security or any equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue of the ETHLend company or foundation, shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the ETHLend applications, and/or ETHLend and its affiliates. LEND cannot be refunded and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity, share, derivative, or any other form of financial instrument. Additional details on LEND is found on Token Sale Terms & Conditions few weeks before the token sale.
MeetnGreetMeEstoniaMeetnGreetMe OÜ WEL= 0, 0004 ETH35% - growth and expansion
30% - Platform development, UX excelling
20% - community development
10% - operations
5% - founders
1) The right to participate in the development of the platform, vote on questions related to the budget allocation, business development, adding and excluding new features. This right is available for 10% of users who own the largest number of tokens.
2) The right to participate in voting on such questions as: awarding the best performing users, evaluation of incoming initiatives and encouraging their generators, etc.
3) The right to use the platform and to directly participate in it for the purpose of its further development and getting returns for their efforts.
4) The right to access community events.
5) The right to obtain a discount for the MeetnGreetMe services, and partners’ services.
6) The right to play a selected role(s) (MeetnGreeter, curator, business developer, etc.) and to be rewarded for it.
VLBEstoniaVLBToken OÜ 1ETH=650VLBDevelopment Stage1 35%
Market ecosystem 20%
Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain (software) 20%
Operations 15%
Reserve 10%
Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain Tokens are “utility tokens” that will be required for industry constituents to record transactions on the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain and to “finance” commissions as compensation paid to PoS Nodes.

Each Paying Participant that is providing inputs into a specific transaction that gets formulated as a Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain ledger entry will be required to attach VLB Token each to the respective ledger entry. Once several ledger entries get compiled into a block and the block is validated through Proof-of-Stake, the node that validates the block will be paid all VLB Tokens that are attached to all ledger entries in the block (“CommissionFee”). Therefore, the more complicated the transaction with more Paying Participants involved, the higher the Commission Fee.
PaytailorEstoniaPaytailor OÜ ( 5 000 ETH )
Time: 01 November - 07 November 2017
Tokens: 6 000 000 PT Tokens will be sold
Price: 1 ETH = 1 200 PT Tokens Approximately USD 0.25 (ETH price 300$)

Crowdsale ( 15 000 ETH )
Time: 20 November - 20 December 2017
Tokens: 12 000 000 PT Tokens will be sold
Price: 1 ETH = 800 PT Tokens Approximately USD 0.38 (ETH price 300$)
(25% presale, 50% crowdsale)

(bonuses to token holders)
PT token is a pure cryptocurrency with fixed supply. In the near future, most of PT tokens will be liquid, as other portion will be reserved for company and bonus program. Like any other cryptocurrency PT tokens are transferable and fungible, and they will be tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Moms AvenueEstoniaMOMS AVENUE OÜ on formula50% Development
30% Marketing and Sales
10% Admin and operations
5% Legal
5% Contingency
Use tokens to eliminateplatform charges
Use tokens to scale business and recruit
Help others by giving tokens to charity or new business starter
CoinLoanEstoniaCryptoFinance OÜ - 1 USD per 1 CLT
During ICO 1 CLT will vary from 2 to 8 USD
50% Expanding the scope of the international audience (licensing in other countries)
15% Platform development (technical part)
15% Marketing and business development
10% Legal registration (licensing and related aspects)
10% Reserve fund (miscellaneous, unforeseen expenses)
The main task of the CL token is to pay fees for giving or getting a loan. Investors who purchased tokens at the Pre-ICO and ICO stages will be able to borrow loans secured by tokens without fees to the system. In addition, it will be possible to reduce the interest rate on obtaining a loan by offsetting part of the rate with a CL token.
BirdchainEstoniaBirdchain OÜ as a utility token in the future will only provide opportunity to access Birdchain services. The aim of the BIRD is to make it possible to exchange SMSs between the people wishing to access them and the people wishing to dispose extra SMSs.
BazistaEstoniaDigital Payment Solutions OÜ ETH = 11 000 BZS73% - Crowdsale
15% - Founders and team
4% - Marketing campaign inside Bazista
3% - Pre-ICO
3% - Advisors
2% - Bounty pool
- Developers, founders of and participants in the Bounty program will get fees in BZS tokens.
- Creating partnership relations with outside developers will allow using BZS tokens in exchange for their services.
- Getting tokens in exchange for participation in the referral program.
- Getting access to additional platform sections, participating in special promotion campaigns, and earning the premium status in exchange for tokens.
- Exchanging tokens for different kind of automation, and fine adjustment of accounts for sellers.
- Discounts on all platform services when using tokens
SorbaseEstoniaSorbase Foundation OÜ exchange rate: 1 ETH = 500 SOR
Minimum Purchase: 0,02 ETH or 10 SOR
Tokens in public sale: 52 500 000
Total number of Tokens: 75 000 000
Provision of the liquidity on exchanges 55%
Operating activity 25%
Licenses, patents, legal and infrastructure 10%
Marketing 10%
“Sorbase” token is a utility token. Sorbase tokens can be used to prefund the commission account and pay for the services offered by Sorbase to the members of the "Sorbase ecosystem".

Sorbase will create the “Loyalty bonus” program pool from the total commission paid by users of the services. Sorbase will allocate 20% of all commissions received from transactions made in “Sorbase ecosystem” to the “Loyalty bonus” program pool. At the end of each quarter all token holders will receive commission from the “Loyalty bonus” program pool in proportion to the number of tokens held (in ETH).

Sorbase tokens will be listed on selected exchanges. Tokens traded on exchanges have value growth potential.
CrypteriumEstoniaCrypterium R&D OÜ CRPT = 0.0001 BTC70%: Total ICO distribution to the community
15%: Tokens allocated for marketing and loyalty purposes
9%: Reserved for the founders and management of the ICO
3%: Reserved for ICO partner advisers
3%: Reserved for marketing campaign team
Crypterium token CRPT – is the core of all transactions made in Crypterium banking platform. No payment can be conducted without CRPT, its main goal, regulated by smart-contract, is to stimulate tokenholders to use crypterium in their daily life, and to attract new users to Crypterium.
Better BettingEstoniaBetter Betting Sihtasutus BETR = $0.1064% Token distribution to investors
24% of tokens issued will be to founders and the team
7% of tokens issued will be for advisors and bounty
5% of tokens were sold to early stage investors
The betting acceptance process then involves the Ethereum blockchain to store the agreed
bets contracts which also holds the stake and liability in escrow – the system will use our
own issued betting tokens (BETR)
DaneelEstoniaDaneel OÜ DAN = 0.25 EUR25% of tokens will be preserved in reserve by the society
20% of tokens will be distributed to stakeholders (team, counsellors, community)
5% of tokens will be distributed to external investors of the enterprise.
5% of tokens will be distributed within the framework of the rewards program.
Subscribe to a monthly service enabling the use of all Daneel features.
Interact with the platform and its users.
DesEstoniaDecentralised Escrow Service OÜ DEST = 0,001 Eth75% – for investors at Pre-Sale & ICO
15% – project's team
7% – advisors
3% – bounty-campaign
Participate in quarterly win-win lottery
30% discount on the platform services
Transfer frozen tokens to other backers
Voting as a way of evaluation of unforeseen factors by means of Backers' active involvement into project development
StampifyEstoniaStampify OÜ STAMP = 0.002 ETH (1 ETH = 500 STAMPs)45% Product Development
30% Operations
15% Marketing
8% Team & Early contributors to the project
2% corporate social responsibility
The STAMP is a utility token spent by organisations to fuel the system. Possible usages will be:
• Notarise a resolution, a clause, an agreement, or a document on the blockchain (in
this way it is similar to notary fees).
• Store corporate documents in the decentralised corporate repository (in this way it
pays for storage and bandwidth).
• Compensate local advisors from the Stampify Network (in this way it is similar to
lawyers’ fees).
FAST INVESTEstoniaFAST INVEST GROUP OÜ 000 FIT = 1 ETHCrowdsale participants 50%
Fast Invest team 20%
Community growth and bounty program 15%
Future company financing 15%
Members will have access to all crypto services on the same platform;
Exchange cryptocurrency to other digital or fiat currency, using a web or mobile app.
Game MachineEstoniaGame Machine OÜ GMIT = 0.0004 ETHDevelopment of a product 50%
Marketing and PR 35%
Operating expenses 10%
Legal maintenance 5%
Currency Gamefuel— it is a liquid asset in which are interested large gaming community as Gamefuelhas direct converting in in-game items and it is used for a global turn in a game-industry between gamers, developers and advertisers. Also after entry into the exchanges currency Gamefuelit can be used for speculative trade.
EthealEstoniaETHEAL FOUNDATION OÜ ETH = 1000 Ḫ tokenN/AInternal payment for services
Purchase of medical screening services with a 20-40% discount
Cross-border payment for medical services
Community incentivization to develop the ecosystem
Purchase of research participation and advertisement by big-pharma companies
HealthureumEstoniaMe Healthy OÜ 1 HHEM = $3.5329% - TGE
27% - Founders Members and Core Team
24% - Long Term Sustainability Reserve
11% - Research, Bounty, Advisors
9% - Pre-sale TGE
Mechanism for utilizing services and paying for them in the ecosystem. It acts as a utility token for services rendered on the platform. Healthureum is an ERC20 token developed on the ethereum based system enabling the smooth deployment of smart contracts.
Serenity FinancialEstoniaSerenity Financial OÜ SERENITY token = 0.1 ETHN/ASerenity tokens are designed to be used solely to acquire access to the Serenity System
AdHiveEstoniaAdHive Platform OÜ ADH = 0.00025 ETH (1 ETH = 4000 ADH)60% for Token Sale Participants
16% for Network growth
11.5% of AdHive Founders Tokens
1. A reward for participants. Participants are rewarded for actions such as advertisement placement on video, native advertising assessment, and completion of surveys.
2. A Security deposit and minimum Participation balance. To apply for ad placement, participants must use Tokens. This will increase motivation to execute tasks properly.
3. A daily transactions instrument. Smart-contract payment solutions allow to make Token transfers daily to make financial management more fl exible.
4. Complementary services. Advertisers can spend ADH Tokens for analysis of all video channels to detect usage of keywords and brands they are interested more fl exibility.
5. Network growth driver. The AdHive platform will reward participants for registering and maintaining active involvement in the ecosystem. Members of the community can also participate in referral campaigns to promote the AdHive platform.
6. Anti-spam prevention tool. Infl uencers will pay a small commission for applying to ad tasks.
7. Sybil-attack protection. To prevent a Sybil attack during video assessment from aff ecting the rewards, the calculation of rewards for community members will depend of the amount of Tokens held in wallet.
8. Payment for platform services. Advertisers will be motivated to use ADH Tokens for launching campaigns and for monitoring video channels.
9. Payments between participants. AdHive Classifi ed provides additional services paid with ADH Tokens.
10. Compatibility. Easy integration to listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.
CrowdCoinageEstoniaCROWDCOINAGE OÜ ETH = 1,000 CCOSN/ACCOS coins are going to have a wide variety of use- cases. It will be possible to pay for various services like insurances or P2P loans by using CCOS coins. It can also be used for ICO campaigns.
IQeonEstoniaIQClash OÜ ETH = 700 IQN60% - Platform development;
25% - Marketing and advertising;
8% - Operating expenses;
4% - Legal expenses;
3% - Other expenses.
IQeon tokens are designed for applicative use in IQeon ecosystem and, according to the generally accepted classification of tokens, correspond to the characteristics of utility tokens. IQeon tokens cannot be returned after purchase at preICO and ICO stages. Tokens can be used inside IQeon ecosystem or exchanged for other currencies. The purchase of IQeon tokens in the period of preICO and ICO is not an investment agreement and cannot be treated making investments. IQeon tokens are not securities. Possession of IQeon tokens is not treated as ownership of shares, and owners of IQeon tokens do not have ownership, management, or any other rights with respect to IQeon ecosystem. Tokens are purchased as a digital asset, like downloadable software, digital music, etc.
Jury.OnlineEstoniaJury.Online Foundation OÜ ETH = 210 JOT (1 JOT ≈ 0.0048 ETH)70% Token Sale
20% go to the team and will be blocked for a period of 6 months. After that period, 10% of the total amount blocked will be
unblocked every month, with the whole sum therefore unblocked in 16 months after the end of the ICO.
7% go to advisers and for bounty programmes.
3% remain as a stock of liquidity to ensure the flawless and independent operation of before the token enters cryptocurrency exchanges and the market stabilizes, as well as for compensations in exceptional cases.
The dispute resolution fee is paid in Jury.Online Tokens (JOT) which are issued during the ICO. The fee is only charged in case of resolution, so a deal without a dispute is charged no fee other than that for blockchain transactions.
FabricEstoniaNiquid Tech OÜ ETH = 3,504 Fabric Tokens (1 FT = 0.1125 USD)80% will be available for sale to the general public.
12% will go to the Fabric Token core team and will be released after 12
7% will be allocated to advisors and released after 6 months.
1% will be used for the bounty program.
One of the fundamental parts of the FT ecosystem will be the Fabric Token itself. It will be used as a utility to pay for products and services within the platform. For example, if someone wants to generate token and fundraiser smart contracts for their project, they will have to, in the end, pay a small fee in Fabric Tokens in order to get access to their code.

Additionally, the Fabric Token is going to be used as a digital asset which will be exchanged between third-party developers and users on the Fabric Store. The main idea behind Fabric Token is that, unlike the more popular cryptocurrencies, its value will depend solely on the FT ecosystem’s performance and growth, rather than on other external factors.
Ecex ExchangeEstoniaPlanetZiggurat OÜ ETH = 2400 ZIG66% Token buyers
10% Foundation
7% Partners
7% Founders
6% Advisors
4% Bounty
Ziggurat Tokens represents a decentralized virtual currency. Ziggurat Tokens enable participants to interact with Ziggurat’s Ecex.Exchange marketplace services, as storage, content, and data are obtained with Ziggurat Tokens as partly a payment mechanism.
BondkickEstoniaBondkick AS
SnapupEstoniaSNAPUP OÜ SNP = 0.33EUR
1 SNP = 0.38$
1 SNP = 0.001785809 ETH
1 SNP = 0.000159666 BTC
Rates from July 13, 2017
50% - Marketing and Customer Retemption Strategies
22% - Payroll, Human Resources and Training
10% - Cash Reserve
10% - IT Infrastructure
5% - Overhead and Operating Expenses
3% - Legal and Financial Consulting
41 Foudation OÜ tokens are sold1 CAN = $0.3177.52% 1000 M CAN tokens offered(via pre-sale and sale) 11.78% 152 M Reserved for team 7.75% 100M Community bounties 2.95% 38M Long term foundation budgetCAN is needed for:
Solve.Care platform license,
Care Administration Networks,
Processing fees,
Wallet subscriptions,
Care.Card subscriptions,
Marketplace purchases
PaquariumEstoniaQuantum Group OÜ
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