Gap Analysis 2019 Missing Features
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Only record missing/incomplete features that your institution needs to go-live here--all other feature requests should be reported to the appropriate SIG by your institution's SIG rep
Original OrderYour NameYour InstitutionYour EmailFunctional Area of FeatureOne-Line Summary of FeatureDescription of FeatureInstitution Rank of FeatureCommentsStatusProduct OwnerJIRA IssueComments
202Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch ExportExport instance, holdings, item, container, tags, or other associated FOLIO data in local MARC fields along with MARC bibliographic data. go-liveNewAnn-Marie
38Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduBatch ExportExport allows ad hoc advanced searching (including boolean and search grouping) of all MARC fields and subfields of records in source record storage to select MARC records from source record storage for extractiongo-liveNewAnn-Marie
39Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduBatch ExportExport allows ad hoc advanced searching (including boolean and search grouping) of all inventory items and holdings data to select records from inventory for extractionNewAnn-Marie
40Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduBatch ExportExport allows live data reporting on individual MARC tagsAbility to generate live MARC data reports on individual MARC fields, subfields and indicatorsNewAnn-Marie
37Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduBatch ImportSchedule batch import, export, and report functionsAbility to schedule batch imports, exports, and reportsgo-liveLSTools componentNewAnn-Marie
109Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduBatch ImportImport file containing a list of barcodes to initiate batch update of location information on set of records containing those barcode values. Import file containing a list of barcodes to initiate batch update of location information on set of records containing those barcode values.

Don't see Jira's related specifically to searching on barcode values from an input file or ability to make changes on a batch of records selected in this way.
143Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduBatch ImportOCLC to Folio data transferAccurate batch loading from OCLC to Folio that is simple, direct, and requires little data entry. Also reliable.go-liveNewAnn-Marie
201Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch ImportOCLC Direct Connexion ImportOCLC Connexion supports the ability to export from OCLC directly to a local system via a TCP/IP connection. Integration would provide for single or small batch export from OCLC to FOLIO without the need for a UI. Alternately, this may also be achieved via integration with the OCLC Metadata API. The ability to import records into FOLIO directly from OCLC via an API or the Direct TCP/IP connection is required for go-live. May be related to UX ProductUXPROD-976.go-liveNewAnn-Marie
204Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch ImportValidate record structure at importWhen importing a MARC record, the record structure should be validated and and records with structural errors should be rejected with a detailed error report indicating the nature and placement of the error. go-liveNewAnn-Marie
205Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch ImportValidate character encoding at importData import should support the ability to check that records are Unicode encoded and that no non-Unicode characters or other data is present at the file at import. Records with invalid character data should be rejected from import.go-liveNewAnn-Marie
206Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch ImportIntegration with OCLC Metadata / OCLC WorldCat APIsFOLIO should support the ability to batch ingest records directly from OCLC via the OCLC Metadata API. Integrations should include the OCLC WorldCat API for the complex matching and selection of records for import. go -liveNewAnn-Marie
210Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch Import & Batch Output
Schedule processesData import and batch edits should allow for the scheduling of large jobs. go-liveNewAnn-Marie
211Christie ThomasUChicago
Batch Import & Batch Output
Simultaneous processesData import and batch edits should allow for jobs to run simultaneously. go-liveNewAnn-Marie
97Björn MuschallLeipzig muschall@ub.uni-leipzig.deRequests, Check-out, ?Reading room managementWith a reading room function, requests can be processed for ressources that are not allowed to leave the library, but are nevertheless made available to the user in a reeding room.TBDCB: An app idea has been created for booking rooms ( This sounds like it might be different though. Bjorn, we do have support for short term loans (specified in minutes and hours) as well as requests with short term hold shelf expiration periods (specified in minutes and hours). Would these features get you what you need or is this something different?

BM: I've added a more detailled description:
Since Leipzig does not plan to go live with Users Management, Requests and Check-out etc. in 2020, this requirement should not be given any priority at the moment. We would bring this up via RA SIG at a later time and, if necessary, participate in the development itself.
CB: Per discussion with Bjorn on Slack, this isn't a go-live need and Bjorn or someone will take this idea to the RA SIG for discussion. It is okay with him if we hold off until after that discussion to create the UXPROD feature.
57MARCcat subgroupDukeMARCcat subgroupFOLIO-wideSearch Historymost recently opened files are displayed somewhere on the screen for repeat quick access. At least the past day's searches. Recognize that this is included as JIRA UXPROD-1471 - however, that is only for MARCcat... we believe this issue should be FOLIO-wide.can wait up to second quarterWould browser history work? KHN See JIRA UXPROD-1471 (Natascha) Second Natascha--search history is there (UMass/5C)In processCateUXPROD-1706CB: Created a JIRA issue for this.
65MARCcat subgroup5CMARCcat subgroupFOLIO-wideRecord sets and batch changesSimilar to above, but we think this is a system-wide feature, should not be limited to marccat. Download manage sets as spreadsheets, as marc files, etc.TBDIn Alma, this wasn't particular to the marc cataloguing editor. This was a "global" feature. Saving sets, managing sets, processing actions on sets, downloading data from sets, etc. (UMass/5C)In processCateCB: Would the Bulk edit epic ( meet the need here?
59MARCcat subgroup5CMARCcat subgroupFOLIO-wideManagement of diacritics, non-Roman characters and special characters (including unicode)Refer to UXPROC-1468go-liveIn processCateCB: FOLIO is unicode compliant meaning UTF-8 for input and output encoding. This should ensure FOLIO can save and display all character sets, diacritics etc. and display proper text direction (left to right or right to left) for display language. Are there issues with this? If so, I think they might be best filed as bugs. I guess I'd need more specifics here.
91MARCcat subgroupCornellMARCcat subgroupFOLIO-wideGlobal data editsLikely outside of MARCcat -- but we don't know whereIn processCateCB: Need more info
137Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduFOLIO-wideHuman Readable Error MessagingThe system displays an error message such that the user understands what went wrong.go-liveIn processCateCB: FOLIO has many human readable error messages. Is there something specific missing? I need clarification on this.
154Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduFOLIO-wideNotification RemindersAbility to set auto reminders within individual records to prompt users/staff to take an action (up to a year out).go-liveIn processCate We have an issue for this already. Can you please take a look and confirm?
159Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduFOLIO-wideData change audit traildata changes are captured by the system and can be reported on a weekly basis that can be viewable by individual users. Date and user who changed it.go-liveClosedCate
CB: Created a JIRA issue for this.
177Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduFOLIO-wideCall numbers should be copy/pastable wherever it is viewed in FOLIOStaff should be able to select and copy/paste the call number whenever it is shown in FOLIOgo-liveIn processCateCB: With the exception of data displayed in clickable lists, it is possible to copy data by highlighting it and using ctrl/command C or via right click.
178Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduFOLIO-wideCustomization - remove unused / unneeded fields easily (institution preference)Institutions need to be able to remove fields from displays that they will not be using, and those changes should be able to propagate to reporting and other data models.go-liveIn processCate
CB: Added a feature for element display in FOLIO. Hiding elements from data models may not be possible and I'd like to better understand the purpose of this request. Similarly for report propagation.
188Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduFOLIO-wideData-element based permissions on user informationWhere user record information is exposed in FOLIO, individual fields should have permission-based controls. For example, if I am exposing the item record for something that is currently on loan, I should be able to control who sees the patron information on the loan. Or, I may want to expose patron contact information to other apps for purposes of contacting people who have rush ordered an item, for example, but I don't want to show that patron's current loan list or residential address or things like that. go-liveNewCate
207Christie ThomasUChicago
FOLIO-wideCorrect data corruptionFOLIO should support the ability to directly edit records that are not able to be edited or otherwise manipulated via the FOLIO UI when data corruption is present. go-liveNewCate
22GBVGBVMartina.Schildt@gbv.deFOLIO-widePrint screengo-liveNewCateKG: Is this a request to support all screens? results list? detail record?
23GBVGBVMartina.Schildt@gbv.deFOLIO-wideDelete data sets with special permissionsgo-liveNewCate
25GBVGBVMartina.Schildt@gbv.deFOLIO-wideRights and rolesgo-liveNewCate
185Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduRequestsService Points can restrict pickup delivery by material type or patron groupA particular service point may only want to do pickup for faculty, or a particular library may not want to send an item to a pickup location that is unstaffed / lightly staffed. Either the Service Point record or the loan / circ rules should be able to accommodate that level of restriction.go-liveNewCate
101Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduSearchSupport non-roman language characters (Unicode) for searching, display on screen and in reportsAbility to store, search on, display, and run reports displaying non-roman character titles.

Not sure how non-roman languages are supported. Don't see a specific JIRA about this, but do see some about text direction which would imply that Chinese characters have been considered. See UXPROD-295.
go-liveNewCateCB: FOLIO is unicode compliant meaning UTF-8 for input and output encoding. This should ensure FOLIO can save and display all character sets, diacritics etc. and display proper text direction (left to right or right to left) for display language. Are there issues with this? If so, I think they might be best filed as bugs. I guess I'd need more specifics here.

Thank you - we just wanted confirmation that our users will be able to search for records using various character sets. Sounds like this requirement is covered. J. Brannon 5/20/19
106Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduSearchSupport non-roman language characters (Unicode) for searching, display on screen and in reportsAbility to store, search on, display, and run reports displaying non-roman character titles.

Not sure how non-roman languages are supported. Don't see a specific JIRA about this, but do see some about text direction which would imply that Chinese characters have been considered. See UXPROD-295.
go-liveNewCateCB: Looks like a duplicate of 101

Agreed - there have been several duplicates, so I'm not sure what happened. Thanks - J. Brannon 5/20/19
141Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduFOLIO-wideSaving prepopulated fields for immediate reuse User defined templates/screens/profiles/recently edited that support each cataloging material type so that the same fields can be prepopulated while cataloging numerous items of the same type. (ie. rush template, monographs, scores, sound recording, etc). Need this type of feature in Orders and Circulation. go-liveNewCate -> Charlotte -> CateCB: Reassigned from me to Charlotte
CW: Following features on dynamic configuration of templates are already in the backlog:
* UXPROD-1664
Instance templates. Dynamic configuration of template
* UXPROD-1663 Holdings templates. Dynamic configuration of template
* UXPROD-1662 Item templates. Dynamic configuration of template
* UXPROD-1665
Create, manage and apply Purchase Order templates
CB: And for circ we have:
* UXPROD-1057 On the Fly Records / or Fast Add
136Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduSearchRobust search feature"Be able to search by pre-sorting and filtering to select which types of results can be displayed such as barcode. Index at the bib and holdings level (find all items with a certain call number) Search requires selecting a specific barcode type to search by (invoice, item, patron) . " Customizable filters on search & filter pane for Inventory, Users (and apps in general)go-liveIn processCate, who should look into this one?
CB: We have a feature for advanced search capabilities. The specifics have not be ironed out so I can't guarantee it will work as specified in this missing feature entry, but SMEs will be invited to paricipate in the design of this feature, of course, at which time Jackie and others will be able to weigh in on the details. To summarize, I don't think this is a missing feature. Jackie, let me know if you disagree.
139Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduUX/UIScreen font user configurableFont size, style and color needs to be self adjustable so that individual user visual needs can be met. (color, contrast, and other screen elements)go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one? I have spoken to Filip (Lead UI Designer) in regards to updates to default font size, style, and color.
151Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduUX/UISeamless record access module to module.SIngle interface user view of all modules/apps when working with a single recordgo-liveNewCate, who should look into this one?
152Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduUX/UINaming ConventionsAll workflows, processes, field, apps/modules are named according to their purpose. Include online help to define when naming conventions are set.go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one?KG: Can an example be provided?
162Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduUX/UICustomizable Columns appearing on search result panes in apps (Inventory, others)For example, for circ staff, it's very helpful to have a view of the number of items on a bib record in a search results view, because with common name titles (or foreign language titles) it can help you distinguish serials/multipart items from individuals. They'd also want to see call number and material type. It's also helpful to remove columns they may not need (like Publisher).go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one?
182Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduUX/UIResizeable PanesThis is not anywhere in the gap analysis spreadsheet I can find. There is a UXPROD asking for this that is currently blocked: UXPROD-439. It was not anywhere on the feature prioritization that I can find.go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one?
199Christie ThomasUChicago
UX/UIDisplay settings should be configurable.Settings such as text size, font, colors, and transparency settting should be configurable by individual users. The transparency settings that are default on the FOLIO display make it difficult to interact with large chunks of text as within Inventory. Also, Headings and values are not differentiated in the display. Users should be able to easily distinguish between Headings / Labels and content that is association with those locals. Current fixed settings make it difficult to determine what is a heading and what is the value. go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one? I have spoken to Filip (Lead UI Designer) in regards to updates to default font size, style, and color.
41Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduWorkflowWorkflows can be built from processes in multiple appsBatch cleanup workflows for instance will need both import and export functionalitygo-liveNewCate, who should look into this one?
160Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduWorkflowWorkflow engineNeed a dataflow workflow engine that guide people through steps (trigger field changes when certain steps are completed) so that human error is reduced AND reporting can be created AND the status of the workflows are traceable.go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one?
166Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduCourse ReservesSupport for attaching files / external linksIt's unclear as to whether this is being accommodated in the existing UXPRODs. We need the reserves function to be able to store and support instructor-provided items that the Library does not otherwise hold; usually these are article scans, and so storing an attachment or a URL to a file server would be one way to approach. This information then needs to be accessible for integrations so that it can be pushed to external LMS systems (like at Duke, Sakai.)go-liveNewCate, who should look into this one? HK - Anya? HK - Right now in a MARC record there can be a URLs to external content.
45Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduData MigrationMigrate bibliographic records with pre-determined HRIDsCornell needs to be able to take their Voyager bibids with themgo-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1713CW: This is a know issue. And has been raised by other libraries during the debate of HRIDs and UUIDs.
Created: UXPROD-1713
Data Migration. Migrate bibliographic records with pre-determined HRIDs
172Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduFOLIO-wideSearch by call number for any item search functionalityStaff will need to be able to search for items by call number in any item search functionality in FOLIOgo-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1714CB: This was assigned to me as PO, but it seems like Charlotte's territory.
CW: This is a FOLIO wide requirement. Created: UXPROD-1714.
Note following features are already in the backlog - see:
* UXPROD-1655 Search by normalized call number.
* UXPROD-140 Ability to search any field / subfield in instance metadata record, holding and item records
134Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduFOLIO-wideBarcode Validation upon Scanning on Item ID box on the Item Record Item ID box should only accept a local or customizable barcode--be able to train the system to accept it. UPC on this field is not valid.

go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1715CB: Reassigned from me to Charlotte.
CW: Created: UXPROD-1715
18Martina SchildtGBVMartina.Schildt@gbv.deInventoryAbility to create containergo-liveAnalysis completeCharlotteUXPROD-492Reached out to Martina Schildt - to review if this is a dublicate, and can be deleted from the list of missing, incomplete features
31Felix HemmeZBW on behalf of GBVf.hemme@zbw.euInventoryAutomated barcode assignementFor each branch library/location, it is possible to configure whether the barcode is entered manually when creating item records, or whether a barcode is assigned, which has been generated automatically by the systemgo-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1716Created: UXPROD-1716
33Felix HemmeZBW on behalf of GBVf.hemme@zbw.euInventoryDeletionBibliographic data cannot be deleted, if the source record is outside of Inventory.go-liveUnsure, if this is covered by UXPROD-1624NewCharlotteReached out to Felix - Union Catalogue dependency?
145Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduInventoryholding, subscription, and item records move togetherIn all situations, when an item record is moved, the associated holding and subscription record should automatically follow so that there are no emply record lingering that could be accidently found by a patron.go-liveDraftCharlotteUXPROD-1647CW: This feature is already in the backlog. See:
* UXPROD-1647
Transferring holdings and items retain any relationships established via app interaction
146Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduInventoryBulk add/delete/clean holding recordsshould be able to select a number of holding records and delete them all at once. also be able to bulk create serial holdings recordsgo-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1719CW: Bulk edit is in the backlog as an epic:
* UXPROD-868 Bulk Edit.
Created: UXPROD-1719 - feature for bulk edit of holdings records, and link it up to the epic.
161Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryPermissions to view suppressed item records for circ staffThis Jira: - suggests that the suppressed record feature is limited permissions wise. we want to make sure that this feature does not mean that circ staff cannot see withdrawn items, since that is a very common use case (items being presume lost, withdrawn, and then magically reappearing.)go-liveResponded ToCharlotteUXPROD-136 is not about permission settings. View of suppressed item records is not just for catalogers, but for circ staff and all others with the permission to view suppressed item reccords. I have updated the title of this story, while it was misleading - see my Jira comment in UXPROD-136, added on 4/22/2019.
170Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryItem Count on Inventory Search Results / DisplayWhen a staff user displays a list of search results, they would like to have a column telling them the number of items on a particular instance record so they can see that without opening the holdings record.go-liveDraftCharlotteCovered by: UXPROD-491. Created: UIIN-570Covered by the implementation of Filip Jakobsens refined UX design for Inventory:
* UXPROD-491
Implement Refined UX-design for Inventory - hierarchical navigation structure (Instance, Holdings, Item)
I have created: UIIN-570
176Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryFlexible permissions to module for circulation and public services staffCirculation or public services staff have many use cases for editing holdings and items. For example, staff often have a source bib record for, say, a type of equipment, and then they manage the equipment underneath the record without having to get tech services involved. They may edit holdings, add/withdraw items, and other features. Some public services staff also have stacks management responsibilities, esp. the case for special collections libraries. How are these permissions sets being conceived / defined? Are the needs of circulation staff being accounted for?go-liveDraftCharlotteCovered by UXPROD-1371Covered by UXPROD-1371
Inventory Permissions (Basic CRUD and more).
I have added the specific features capturing the needs of circulation staff, to make sure these are being accounted for, when writing up the UIIN-stories.
179Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryAdd columns to Holdings display on instance record - call number, shelving locationThe holding display on the instance record needs additional information: call number and shelving locationgo-liveResponded ToCharlotteCovered by UX-277The call number is displayed in the holdings record when viewed from the detailed instance record. Adding shelving location would be a new feature.
When looking at Chalmers data we uncovered a problem with the existing UX (the big text size, when having very long call numbers). This is addressed the UX team in: UX-277 - Rethink the UX for Holdings record on the Instance detailed view.
180Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryItem detail pane customized to circ staff OR preferences for customization can be set based on service point or user affiliationCirculation staff need an item detail view that is customized for their needs, similar to the approach of the loan detail screen. For example, holdings needs to be at the top since circ staff need to see item information quickly, without scrolling down. Layout should be discussed with the RA SIG.go-liveNewCharlotteNeed further discussionWe have the collapsable pane layout. So this suggestion might be better solved by implementing the customizable view Filip has envisioned, with the functionality where the system 'remember/recognize' personal preferences for display/view of given record types
Charlotte will talk with Filip, Cate, Kahlilah and others about how to best solve this.
181Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryView item loan history from item information when it appears in inventory app and elsewhereItem records should have the ability to access / view the loan history for the item. This appears to have been discussed in UX-43 but from there it went on to be defined from the user pane, but not the item record pane.go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1725Created: UXPROD-1725
183Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryItem Record PaginationIf you go to an instance record, and the instance has multiple items on it, circ staff will need to be able to open the first record on the item and then page through to additional records without having to go back to to the instance record to select the next item.go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1726Created: UXPROD-1726
184Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduInventoryHoldings Table on Instance Record displays number of requests on items in the holdings.As a circ user, I need to be able to look at a list of items and see which items are requested and how many requests are in line / waiting. This allows for communication to patrons about potential wait times.go-liveOpen (Q2 2019)CharlotteUXPROD-1546 and UIIN-543This is covered by:
* UXPROD-1546 Q2 2019 Requests Cleanup Work
* UIIN-543
Add Number of Open Requests to Item Table on Instance Record
189Christie ThomasUChicago
InventoryTransfer inventory recordsAbility transfer holdings from one instance to another instance, along with the associated item. Ability to transfer items from one holdings to another holdings on the same or a different instance. Inherited relationships need to be reconstructed at the point of transfer. Integrations with external apps should continue to work, e.g. if an order has an established relationship with an item it will continue to have a relationship with that item after the transfer. Inherited relationships, such as between an order and the instance the item is attached to should be based on the items relationships post-transfer. go-liveResponded ToCharlotteUXPROD-1635 and UXPROD-1625
195Natascha OwensUChicago
InventoryUX display of suppressed bibliographic,holdings, item records in InventoryWhen user designates a bib record, holdings or item record as "supress from discovery" these elements should display in red in the Inventory so it is obvious to staff that these records (or parts of the record) are not visible to the publicgo-liveResponded ToCharlotteUXPROD-1682This is covered by UXPROD-1682, and UX-288.
Reached out to Natascha Owens re. deletion of this suggestion, and Natacha Owens agrees (5/21/19).
The desciption of feature has been added to UXPROD-1682.
196Natascha OwensUChicago
InventoryNeed to see holdings statement alongside item listThe list of items should be viewable from the holdings record so that users can compare the holdings statements with the items.go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1727Created: UXPROD-1727.
And UX-305 - to discuss the suggested new display with Filip Jakobsen
197Natascha OwensUChicago
InventoryItem list details should be configurable.Enumeration is a required display element in the item details included in the items list in Inventory. Call number and location information should also be display when this data is different from the holdings and item location. Confiugration is preferable as different institutions require different information. go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1729Created: UXPROD-1729.
198Natascha OwensUChicago
InventoryItem status should be editable within InventoryItem status should be editable from within Inventory by Technical Services staff. go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1731Created: UXPROD-1731.
203Natascha OwensUChicago
InventoryInventory results display elements should be configurableThe elements that are displayed for the instance, holdings, and item in results list should be configurable by the institution. go-liveNew -> DraftCharlotteUXPROD-1730Created: UXPROD-1730.
200Christie ThomasUChicago
InventoryViewing holdings should not open in a full screen display.Clicking on the View holdings link in the Instance display (Inventory third pane) results in the holdings record opening in a new, full screen window. This takes you out of the three pane experience. Clicking on view holdings should default to opening in the third pane of the window to replace the Instance record display. X-ing out of the holdings record should result in the return of the Instance record in the third pane. go-liveNewCharlotteUX-303Created: UX-303.
Discuss the suggested new behavior with Filip Jakobsen before writing it up as a new feature.
144Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduInventory & CatalogingSplit screen view of bib recordCan display 2 bib records side-by-side so that they can reviewed and compared where data can be selected and dragged to the other bib recordgo-liveNewCharlotte & TizianaNeed further discussionTo be discussed in MARCcat meeting: it seems now quite impossible to realize, but it's important to discuss better.
96Björn MuschallLeipzigmuschall@ub.uni-leipzig.deInventoryBinding managementBinding specifications (e.g. Journals); Checkout to bindery; Check in bound volumesgo-liveNewCharlotte + EmmaCW: this is about Item states the so called: Process: What staff process is this item in - see:
We have in the backlog several features describing Item states. One relevant would be:
* UXPROD-1535 Custom configuration of item states
Custom configuration of item states
165Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduNoticesTrigger time-based additional notices on flexible criteria (second, third, etc.)It's unclear from the notices discussion in Jira if there is an understanding about time controls / manually triggered hold notices. For some of our items, we want to send second and possibly third hold pickup reminders before closing the hold and returning the item to its home location (which may be at Duke or at another library.)go-liveIn processDarcyUXPROD-1586 and UXPROD-1587Emailed contact on 5/17/2019. This is already planned for and development is in progress.
171Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduNoticesAll slips / notices can be reprinted by staff on demandHold notices, staff slips, and other printable items need to be able to be regenerated / reprinted on demand.go-liveIn processDarcyUXPROD-1531 (covers just check-in receipt); and UXPROD-1710 to cover all slips and noticesEmailed contact on 5/17/2019. The ability to print the two types of staff slips (hold and transit) that have been implemented is already available in FOLIO. We're currently working on the ability to reprint/send a check-in receipt, please see referenced Jira issue. I still need to query the SIG to see if we need more than that. I also asked POC for a priority list of other items that would need to be reprinted manually.
131Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduUX/UISave user defined order profilesAbility to create user defined profiles for orders to save data entry time. These profiles would save default values for data entry fields and should include currency as one of the fields that can be set to a default value.go-liveNewDennis
174Erin NettifeeDuke Universityerin.nettifee@duke.eduSerialsRouting lists for item deliveryThis is used for several things, including routing lists for end users (at Law) and routing lists for locations (traveling serials, used at DUL.) Basically, you need to be able to receive an item and have it be able to go from place to place before going to its final, catalogued location.go-liveNewDennisCB: Dennis, does this seem like your area?

DB: I believe this problem is addressed by the ability to adjust location and item status at point of receipt. Item statuses could indicate the item is "In transit" etc and the locationcan be set as desired. Item can also have temp locations etc. as defined be the inventory app.
19GBVGBVMartina.Schildt@gbv.deAquisitionsPatron generates purchase order from XMLgo-liveNewDennis
155Jackie GottliebDuke Universityjackie.gottlieb@duke.eduData MigrationPredictive Item Check-InMigrate Caption/pattern data into actionable areas for predictive check-in. This data needs to be part of the data migration.go-liveNewDennis
43Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduReceivingAlert staff to need to affix bookplate at the same time spine labels are being printedCornell staff currently use Strawn tools for spine labeling and bookplating. When the barcode for an item is scanned, the screen pops up the code for the bookplate that needs to be attached along with the spine label information. The code being collected in this issue would likely be sufficient for this. See page 7, under "'Special tables'" tab in the Strawn documentation provided by TAMU for details on current functionality.go-liveResponded ToDennisIt seems the necessary infomation is being collected in UXPROD-1018 so I will create a story for the alert described here within that feature.

Is this only regarding an electronic bookplate or the need for a physical one?
44Jenn ColtCornelljrc88@cornell.eduReceivingBarcode searching can be initiated with a barcode scanA user can initiate a search for an item in inventory with a barcode scan. The search will take them directly to the item view for the scanned barcodeNewDennis
98Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduSearchSearch capability on bibliographic records to support order creationAbility to search the system for bibliographic records by title, author, ISBN, ISSN, associated order number, PO#, and other search criteria. Needed to locate bibliographic records when creating an order.go-liveNewDennisDB: CUrrent system allows for searching through inventory (Bib records) and pulling in that information to populate the order form details. There is also a feature defined for creating orders from inventory records but this is considered an inventory feature. In short I believe this fuctionality is covered
103Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduSearchSearch capability on bibliographic records to support order creationAbility to search the system for bibliographic records by title, author, ISBN, ISSN, associated order number, PO#, and other search criteria. Needed to locate bibliographic records when creating an order.go-liveNewDennisCB: Looks like a duplicate of 98

Agreed - there have been several duplicates, so I'm not sure what happened. Thanks - J. Brannon 5/20/19
133Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduSearchFiltered search for budget code from PO lineAbility to search for a budget code using filters to support ease of use when linking a budget to an order. Current FOLIO design shows a drop down list of fund IDs that aren't sorted or searchablego-liveNewDennis
99Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsAudit trail capability - need to track and make viewable which users touched records as they are created and updated.Across the system need to track which users touched records. For example, in orders need the ability to capture the user id or initials of the user who imports an OCLC bibliographic record. go-liveResponded ToDennis
The identified JIRA issues address records associated with acquisitions.
100Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsSend list of orders to send to a vendor and update the order status once the order is sentAbility to generate a list of titles with necessary order information to send to a vendor and update order status to "sent to vendor" or an equivalent status.go-liveResponded ToDennisThis will be covered by which deals with EDI orders.
108Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsConfigurable vendor address categoriesAbility to configure vendor address categories. Folio snapshot site contains categories of Customer Service, Returns, Shipments, Payments. Duke currently uses Order, claim, payment, and return address types and might want to add more in the future. Would prefer configurable categories for flexibility.go-liveResponded ToDennisCategories are now configurable in settings :) you can add edit and delete categories that are used in the organizations app

119Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsView number of line items on header of an invoiceAbility to view the total number of line items associated with a header/general invoice. This supports the need to quickly compare the paper invoice that arrives with the shipped materials against the number of titles that were included in an EDI invoice load.

The latest demo of Invoices displays the list of line items and the total units ordered. So, if there are two PO lines and each lists quantity of 2, then the general header will display Total Units of 4. We would also like to see a numeric of how many line items there on the header to know at a quick glance
go-liveResponded ToDennis user story has been created to cover this feature request
120Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsStore invoice barcodeAbility to capture a barcode value on the invoice header. This supports tracking of a hard copy invoice upon which a barcode sticker is affixed before delivery to Accounts Payable.go-liveNewDennisJ Brannon(Duke): Need to investigate whether Duke AP would be willing to reconsider the paper invoice process currently in place.
121Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsManage "pay immediately" invoicesAbility to indicate that an invoice should be paid immediately. Would prefer to have a field or indicator on the invoice record. go-liveNewDennisRush payment flag would accomodate this need. Currently using the note field (##PI##) meaning pay immediately
123Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsOrder workflow - automatically update order status once items have been marked as arrivedAbility to automatically update the order status from On Order to In Process for items that have been marked as arrived.go-liveResponded ToDennis functionality now exists. Purchase order lines are marked as partially received once one item has been received and when the last item is received the order status is updated to fully received. The associated order is closed as complete if the payment status is fully paid or not required.
125Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsStore reason and notes for order cancellationAbility to capture information about the reason and notes for a cancellation.

Currently use certain order status values such as 'Vendor Canceled', 'Library Canceled', 'Order Closed', 'Library Returned', 'Out of Print." Also capture information in notes such as URLs, date when processing the cancellation, other reason notes.

Don't see any code fields in FOLIO to capture a reason - status dropdown contains Closed, Open, Pending. Cancellation description is a large scrollable text field that can fit several URLs and text, but code values would support reporting.
go-liveNewDennis on identifying reasons for closure is now complete (See referenced JIRA issue). The user can define specific reasons for closure Eg. "Vendor canceld" etc. and include a note that will display on the order record.
127Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsRush order hold and link to patronAbility to store the ID a patron who has requested a rush order for an item and create a hold on that item so that it won't get loaned to another patron upon receipt.

The PO line in FOLIO does have a rush flag and Requester field (text only). Don't see a Jira issue about placing a hold on the item at arrival.
128Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsIntegrate Orders and Users for fields containing namesAbility to dynamically link an existing user to an order as the requestor. Current views of FOLIO have text box with no list of users.go-liveNewDennis
132Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduAcquisitionsAbility to configure order typesAbility to configure order type values

Current hardcoded order type values in FOLIO are: - One time - On-going.

Don't see JIRA issue to make the order type configurable. I do see one to make Material Types in Orders configurable in Q3 2019. UXPROD-1025:
go-liveNewDennisDB: Waiting on some more detailed specification of what's missing here.

J Brannon 5/24/19: At Duke we currently use three order types (Monograph, Serials, Standing Orders) primarily to control encumbrance rollovers at fiscal year end.

We can live with migrating to two order types (by collapsing Serials and Standing Orders to "On-going") as long as we still have a way to support the requirement that subscriptions/serials encumbrances should roll-over based on prior year expenditures. Monograph and standing orders only roll-over active encumbrances. If further clarification would help we'll need to pull in Virginia Martin at Duke to better articlate this (
102Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduFinanceView budget transaction logAbility to view list of transactions associated with a budget such as transfers, invoices, encumbrances, carry over, allocation. Users use this feature daily in current system.

Don't see any Jira issues related to this - do see issues related to viewing transaction history for PO/POLs, but not for budgets.
go-liveNewDennisDB: Need to consider how you see the list of encumbrances - list of orders encumbered against this budget
112Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduFinanceCRUD budgets and budget informationAbility to delete budgets
Ability to indicate whether a budget is annual or not annual (not annual budgets don't roll-over to the next FY
Ability to manage information about budgets such as:
- valid from /to dates for a budget
- user ID (ex: subject librarian)
- budget type (university appropriated, grant, restricted, etc - long list of values)
- AP system code (different from library budget code)
- valid from/to dates
- notes

Some fields should trigger actions such as Effective start/end dates. For example, want the ability to limit budget codes for use on orders based on effective start dates - grant funds might be available mid-year and shouldn't spend against until May.
go-liveNewDennisDB: Assigning a user for the purpose of reporting on transactions and budget status for that user. They don't actually edit (though they do view) the budget and it's transactions we just associate activity with them.

To have the ability to activate and or freeze budgets on certain days

J Brannon (Duke) - yes,
1) Would like the ability to indicate that a budget is active based on an effective date value so that the user doesn't have to login and switch to "Active" status when the budget becomes available to spend against.
2) Ability to associate a user (subject librarian/selector) with a budget for display and reporting purposes. Prefer to display a full name rather than an ID.

In answer to a question from Dennis during 5/23 call, we don't need to restrict permissions based on that user ID - all users with permission to use the Finance app can have access to view all budgets, for example, but some should be restricted in edit capability or to perform allocations/transfers.
122Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduFinanceBudget user permission restrictionsAbility to restrict user permissions for creating, updating, and transferring funds between budgets.

There is probably a Jira issue for this, but didn't find one so please confirm.
126Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduFinanceView orders associated with a budgetSearch budgets to view list of orders placed using a specific budget code.

Don't see this capability from the orders app or the Finance app
go-liveNewDennisDB: finding all orders for a budget
129Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduFinanceBudget snapshotAbility to search and view snapshot of individual budgets to view remaining balances (both expended and encumbered %).
Need to filter results by user (ex: subject librarian) associated with that budget, the budget status (active or not active), and the budget year (valid from and to dates).

Might be partially met by these
- UXPROD-197: An area that allows you to view the total amounts available in your budget per Ledger and grouping of associated Funds.
- UXPROD-198: Overview: This feature seeks to enhance the finance dashboard such that a user can filter the funds associated by a selected ledger, by specific tags.
go-liveNewDennisDB: Primarily a reporting requirement. Ideally in app as in certain cases it is used daily. Sometimes exported and sometimes view by that user themselves.
111Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduReceivingManage claimAbility to capture information about claims to vendors for missing items from an order. Includes claim date, notes about claim, date of response from vendor and notes about that response.
110Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduReceivingBulk receivingAbility to receive all items from a search of orders based on invoice number, vendor code, order date range that have already been sent to a vendor and are not marked as completely arrived.

For those orders, allow the user to select individual lines to perform bulk arrival. Order records and item record process statuses should be updated as appropriate. User can indicate whether to also create general and line item invoices for the list of orders in the bulk arrival. Budget transactions would also need to occur to encumber funds as indicatied on the order.
118Julie BrannonDuke Universityjulie.brannon@duke.eduReceivingManage gift recevingAbility to manage gift arrivals. Need to support pending gift arrival status. Need further definition of gift requirements and FOLIO planned functionality. FOLIO snapshot includes an Acquisition Method value of "Gift", text box for "Donor" and a Payment status value "Payment not required" on the PO Line details. Don't see a way to handle pending gift arrival status in FOLIO.go-liveNewDennisHow to accommodate expected items that are gifts? Is there an item status, do you need an order for it?