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For which organization do you work?What is your role (list the title)?Are you a member of an education group (ward-based education council, PTA, etc)? If yes, please indicate which group(s). Why are you interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force? (200 word limit)Whose voices will you represent? In your response of 250 or fewer words, please tell us how you represent a group of people (e.g., educators, parents, students) who currently are or will be most impacted by changes to the high school graduation requirements. How will you provide information to and solicit feedback from the group you represent? (250 word limit)Please comment on the experience(s) that enable you to contribute meaningfully to discussions related to high school education policy in DC. (200 word limit)
The committee will meet two times per month, with the first meeting in late July 2017. Can you commit to attend 80% of all meetings? We will work to accommodate your schedule.
Are there any potential scheduling conflicts you foresee? If yes, please let us know what they are.
What time(s) of day would be the most convenient for you to attend a meeting? Please enter the days and blocks of time you are generally most available to meet. Example: I am available on Mondays from 8 AM – 12 PM, Wednesdays from 6 – 8 PM, and Saturdays from 9 AM – 3 PM.
6/6/2017 15:49:19Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationKaren "Coach" Lucas8DC private school parentElementary school parentBishop Walker Episcopal School for BoysANC COMMISSIONER 8C01CommissionerYes - Ward 8 Education Council; Ballou PTA, BWS Parent AssociationI would like to serve on the task force so that I can suggest ideas for multiple path graduation requirement, and help develop the framework for the same, while ensuring that the graduation requirements are rigorous, challenging, on-par with national standards and interesting for our children. I'd like to see our DC diplomas' hold the regard of a strong educational foundation, practiced life skills, and either college preparatory or workforce preparatory courses. I believe that History, Geography, Foreign Language, Math, Science, and Literature courses can receive a little more emphasis. Hopefully I can help make that occur.I represent ANC SMD 8C0 (est. 2600 voters); and by extension, ANC 8C (est. 21,000 voters), and students/parents city-wide. I also represent the demographic of parents of Student Athletes at Ballou, Hart, Taylor, etc. I can use my Commission to elicit feedback and suggestions as well as the PTA meetings. Mu experience relating to education policy guidance artifacts is derived from my career as a consultant writing for groups in the US Department of Education. I have also been involved in writing and developing criteria to facilitate satisfying graduation requirements from within the schools. YesANC 8C Meeting Times/Dates (1st Wed. Monthly @ 6:30pm) and 2nd Thur. Monthly @ 6:30pm)Saturdays from 9am to 3pm is my 1st choice. Next is Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm. Mondays would be difficult but doable.
6/6/2017 16:24:25Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationAngela Bonham6N/AN/AUnited Way of the National Capital AreaCommunity Impact Program CoordinatorUnited Way of the National Capital area is a non-profit that focuses on improving education by a variety of different means. This includes collaborating with other education-focused organizations that supplements the gaps within the current DCPS education system.As a recent alumnus who only attended DC Public Schools prior to college, I have experienced the full range of the first-hand educational experiences as it relates to the school system. From being raised by a former school board member and PTA president to having sibling attend 4 different DC high schools to two years as an AmeriCorps member serving in our schools, I can bring unique perspective to the task force. As a part of the United Way of the National Capital Area’s Community Impact Division, I am committed to improving education in our region. Now that I have finished college and entered the workforce, I have a current perspective of the strengths and gaps in high school requirements as they relate to college and career readiness.(1) I represent the students who graduate from DC Public Schools every year. (2)The organizations passionate to improve students success inside and outside of the classroom.As an AmeriCorps member, I was able to work side-by-side with teachers, school administrators, parents, and community members to identify the greatest needs for "our kids" within DC schools. My experiences allowed me to see the gaps that has lead to many of the efforts to change education policy. With education being a part of my day-to-day work, I stay on top of these changes and constantly engage in these important conversations.YesNoWeekdays during normal business hours 7am - 6pm (preferred especially during the summer months). After summer months, 2nd and/or 4th Saturday Morning.
6/6/2017 16:32:56Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMonica Lewis4N/AN/ANoneThe DRANREF FoundationPresidentNoI am interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force because I have a vested interest in seeing young people succeed. Given today's technology and how kids are naturally wired, I would like to see an Entrepreneurship pathway created for students who have a great deal of passion and energy but require focus and know-how to grow a business. With crowdfunding platforms, technology, social media and a growing sense of social responsibility, students can thrive in today's entrepreneurial market. Our foundation develops and delivers engaging high school entrepreneurship curriculum with a STEM twist that can provide sustainable options for students. I would like to be the voice at the table to share the rationale and support for entrepreneurial education and its relevance in today's work and marketplace. As a DC resident, I have spent thousands of dollars on my sons' college education. One graduated, and the other didn't. As parents, it's important to be smart about how you invest your money and what makes sense for you and your family.I am not currently working with a group of people that would be most impacted by the changes, but am an advocate for change nonetheless. I can provide information and solicit feedback through parent workshops at The Arc and other such places in the community to educate parents and students about the Power of Entrepreneurship with models from the community for greater impact.I have been an educator and grass root organizer supporting African-American achievement for more than 30 years and am a problem solver by nature, having taught math and science for many years. I think outside the box and am capable of listening and articulating relevant issues to help us reach a unified goal and develop sound policy. Yes4th Saturday of the monthTue and Wed 6 - 8 pm
6/6/2017 22:17:24Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationCosby Hunt5DC public charter school parentElementary school parentThe Inspired Teaching SchoolCenter for Inspired TeachingSenior Officer of Teaching & LearningWard 5 Parent Engagement Committee (2012-13)I have what I believe is a unique and valuable perspective on high school education here in DC; I am a DC native who taught social studies, coached tennis, and sponsored the debate team at a DC high school for thirteen years, and since 2010 I've led professional development and curricular writing with (mostly secondary level) DCPS and charter school teachers in my capacity at Center for Inspired Teaching. I am also the father of elementary school boys who will be affected by the decisions this committee makes.I will represent the voices of teachers in both the DCPS and charter sectors because I work with those teachers professionally. In fact, I am one of those teachers myself because of the credit-bearing after school class that I have taught since 2014, Real World History, a class which serves both DCPS and charter school students. As the instructor for that one-of-a-kind class, I have worked hard to make that course -- an applied history class with an internship component -- fit into the ecology of DC education while at the same time challenging that ecology. Also, having taught at a high school that has experienced bouts of extreme turnover, I am interested in working to alleviate some of the factors that make our educators (my colleagues) leave the profession altogether or choose to take their talents elsewhere. Finally, I also represent charter school parents as I have two boys at the Inspired Teaching School.As I mentioned previously, I taught in DCPS for thirteen years, and I have spent the last 7 years working with DCPS and charter school teachers -- that's twenty years of education work here in my hometown. I also teach the city's only credit-bearing after school history class. At times, I have heard my Real World History students say that they can't make it to class or do their homework because they have so much to do "for school." Those comments remind me that we are still combatting the mindset that school is something that only takes place between 8am and 4pm within specific brick and mortar structures. Not only can I take teachers' voices to our discussions, but I can invite my Real World History students to offer their perspectives.YesI teach Real World History 5-7pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Cardozo HS.Mondays and Wednesday evenings ( 5-9pm) or Tuesdays and Thursdays after 7pm
6/6/2017 23:23:02Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationSheila Strain Clark5DCPS parentElementary school parentCapitol Hill Montessori at LoganSasha Bruce YouthworkChief of ProgramsParent Teacher Student OrganizationAs a parent and advocate for DC youth, I am deeply interested in ensuring that all students across DC are able to succeed in college and in their career of choice. I believe that it's essential that DC students are prepared for the challenges of both the workforce and life. High School is a critical milestone in the life of a young person and the diploma is their first important credential. I want to make sure that DC youth can compete with students from across the country and world for entry and access to the best colleges and career paths. I feel like my expertise as both a parent and an advocate for at-risk youth allows me to have a unique perspective and expertise that would be valuable to this task force. I would represent two constituencies - parents and advocates for at-risk and homeless/system-involved youth. As a parent of two DCPS elementary-age students, the policies and decisions of this task force will directly impact my children and their classmates. I believe the youngest members of our student population will be most impacted by these decisions as the learning standards and/or required classes may change or look dramatically different than what exists presently. Having parents of these learners as a part of the process will provide fresh feedback and important insight on policy change. Professionally, I have worked for over 20 year with homeless and disconnected youth, many who are involved in multiple public systems (CFSA, DYRS, DBH). These students have unique needs and circumstances which need to be considered in the development of new policies on graduation requirements. If selected, I would utilize my professional network to share and provide direct feedback from youth and families and community service providers.I have been working in the fields of youth development and human services for over 20 years. I am an expert in the area of children, youth, and families and have developed and managed multiple programs for young people and their families from education and workforce, to mentoring, to housing and counseling services. I am a clinical social worker and have direct experience working with youth and families in clinical settings. Through my work at Sasha Bruce, I work closely with programs that serve over 300 high school and middle school students as well as homeless youth living in transitional or permanent housing. Almost all of these youth attended DC schools. Through working with these youth, I have learned about the challenges and supports that prevent or help youth be successful in high school. As a member of the task force, I will be able to share these insights and offer them for consideration in the discussion on policy change. I am also the parent of two DCPS students and am deeply committed to their success and the success of their peers. As a parent, I feel that my perspective will be insightful and help the task force consider options with the parents' voice in mind. Based on my personal and professional experiences, I know that I could contribute meaningfully to the discussion related to high school graduation policy.Yesi am not available on the last Thursday of the month in the eveningsM-F from 10 am - 6 pm and Wednesday/Thursday evenings 6-9
6/6/2017 23:46:43Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJohn Pannell5N/AN/AN/AFocus Educational Consulting, LLCExecutive Director Educators In Sync, Leadership fellows I am interested in serving on the task force because we are long overdue for policy changes when it comes to students receiving high school diplomas and the current policy is outdated and does not address a lot of the issues our students go through to receive a diploma. Education isn't a one size fits all and we should be looking at educating the "whole student" and that starts with policy that affects each of them on a different level. I want to help and be committed to ensuring our students have the best advocates and best opportunity to excel in school and in life through this task force. Representing a group of people is always a challenge, different opinions, different options and different personalities. The goal is to get a consensus and to work hard for a common goal. My strategy is to always hear what is being presented and to work for the common goal based on what is presented. I would represent the voices of students and educators. Being a graduate of a charter school, an employee of a charter school and now a consultant of a charter school, I would represent both groups fairly well. As an Executive Director of a consulting agency I have knowledge in most if not all policy surrounded around student engagement, policy enforcement, data, and many other areas that would enable me to give invaluable feedback and options/opinions of how to better the graduation requirement system. YesNoI am available weekdays after 5pm and all day on Saturday's/Sunday's
6/7/2017 6:37:11Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationEric Goldstein1DCPS parentElementary school parentBancroftOne World EducationFounder & Executive DirectorNoWhen graduation requirements change, so does teacher training and resources, both of which consume incredible amounts of money and time. From my work I know that DC teachers will do anything for their students which is why the development of a smart and sustainable graduation requirement map with a 21st Century vision is needed. There is a huge gap between what we require of students to graduate and the skills they will need to thrive in college and their careers. As a result, despite slowly rising DC graduation rates, many DC students academically struggle in college. I want to more closely align graduation requirements to the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and the workforce.

To represent any one exclusive voice counters the collaborative mindset that is needed to ensure that education reform is sustainable. My career with One World Education has centered around promoting student voice and their need for a rigorous and relevant education where they are engaged and challenged. I have learned a lot about their perspectives and representing their voices will be my top priority. As a former DC teacher, I will also champion our teacher's voices while pushing this committed community to be open to new ideas. As a DCPS parent, I will seek input from families who are both different and similar to my own. My professional work allows me to closely interact and solicit feedback from each of these groups.
I have worked in education in DC since 2005, when I started teaching at a charter school in Ward 7, and then another charter school in Ward 5. In 2007 I expanded a classroom project into the nonprofit organization, One World Education, which has grown into the largest program in DC public and charter schools that engages students to better understand and solve social justice issues while improving their research and writing skills. During this time, I have worked with DCPS and charter school leaders and teachers to ensure that teachers are effectively trained and that students are prepared with the highest quality resources to elevate their learning.YesTuesday-Thursday mornings
6/7/2017 8:21:57Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationEmily Y. Washington7N/AN/ARetired DCPS EducatorRetired after 42 years as Secondary educatorDuPont Park Civic Association Education Committee; Chair-East of the River Biys and Girls Steel BandExperienced educator and community activists. Thoroughly familiar with the exigencies of public education mandates.Students, parents, stakeholders from all community sectors.Forty-two year high school teacherYesNoFlexible
6/7/2017 9:19:55Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationConnell Wise, DDiv5DC public charter school parentElementary school parentConnell Wise & Associates,LLCFounder & CEOWard Five Education CouncilAs a business owner and a I/O Generalist I am interested in making sure that people are ready for there advancement in education and there career. We need to make sure our youth are job ready by the time they graduate high school with 21st century job skills in coding ,it,heath and business.I will represent Student voice. As a Former member of the DC youth advisory Council, the national youth rights association as well as a ADA advocate. I feel it imported to have every stake hold voice heard at all levels of government.I am a Industrial and Organizational Psychology Generalist I provide ongoing support and guidance to individuals or companies to achieve their set goals and make sustainable changes that improve their businesses and careers., I also served as a former Instructor in the United State Coast guard, I am a small business owner and a former executive member of the wards five council on education.Yesnot as of yetSaturdays from 9 AM – 3 PM
6/7/2017 9:42:20Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationAlan Page8DCPS parent, DC public charter school parentElementary school parent, High school parentBASIS DC and Ketcham ElementarySelfNot applicableNoI am interested in serving on this task force because I want to help raise the abysmally low high school graduation rate east of the river. I will represent the voice of parents of DCPS and DC Public Charter school students from east of the river. I also want to represent a voice of reason if the discussions in our meetings get contentious. I have friends from all sorts of backgrounds: long time residents, newcomers, folks of all races, men, women, young people and old folks. I am a public school graduate myself. Additionally, I am used to speaking with both common folks as well as people with prestigious academic credentials. I taught public school briefly and, as a lawyer, I have represented special education students fighting for their rights. My children have attended both public and public charter schools in the city. I'm calm under pressure and can bring levity when needed in tense situations. Finally, I love DC. YesNoSundays work best, but I am willing to meet whenever it is necessary. Weekday evenings and Saturdays are my backup choices. Meeting during the day at any point over the course of the workweek would be difficult.
6/7/2017 10:16:57Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationStacy Kane5DCPS parent, DC public charter school parentElementary school parent, High school parentDCPS's Duke Ellington School for the Arts (rising 11th grade); Bridges Public Charter School (rising 1st grade)Washington Leadership AcademyCo-Founder & Executive DirectorI lead a public charter school in Ward 5 that serves 42% students from Wards 7 and 8.I am interested in serving on the high school graduation task force because I believe that it is time for meaningful changes in the graduation requirements that reflect the needs and requirements of the modern college and university environment and career workforce. I want to make sure that DC students are fundamentally prepared for the demands of the world as it is today, not as it was 200 years ago. I represent multiple intersecting populations. I have been a D.C. resident for almost a decade, living in Wards 1 and 5. I am currently a resident of Ward 5, so I represent the interests of D.C. and my Ward. I represent the interests of a multiracial, diverse family. I have a son in a DC Public Schools High School who is a rising Junior. I have a son in a D.C. Public Charter school who is a rising First grader. I represent both the DCPS and Charter Sector as a parent. Finally, I Co-Founded and am Executive Director of a D.C. Public Charter High School that seeks to serve the students who need us most. It is called Washington Leadership Academy. In addition to all of the aforementioned experiences, I also have a Master's of Public Policy in Education Policy from Vanderbilt University and a Juris Doctor from Emory University that help me contribute to discussions from a policy level. YesNoWeekday mornings.
6/7/2017 10:38:24Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationPorsha Cills5N/AN/ABePolishedCo-FounderI am the co-founder of a nonprofit, BePolished. BePolished empowers girls in single parent households to exude “Life Etiquette.” BePolished “Life Etiquette” programs encompass elements of healthy behaviors, career development and innovative thinking. Many of the girls in our program are from Ward 7&8 and are about to begin their high school journey. I would like to ensure a voice that represents the girls in these wards are heard as requirements that will affect them are mandated. Additionally, I have a passion for education and school policy.The students! As a community group, I believe we often are able to gain a better understanding from the students of the barriers or difficulties they face as it relates to education. Additionally, we are able to truly get to know the girls in our program on a one-on-one level, which is sometimes unable to achieve as a school teacher or administrator. By serving on this task force, it will not only allow me to engage the girls in our group, but will also serve as an opportunity to engage their parents in the future of their kids by passing information and directly them to the right avenues.Not only do I have experience in youth development, but I am also an attorney by trade and have spent the majority of professional career in the healthcare and higher education industries. YesThursday 6:30 -9pm; Fridays; Saturdays
6/7/2017 10:39:24Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationSenovia L. Hurtado5DCPS parentHigh school parentSchool Without WallsDCPSBilingual School CounselorAs a bilingual school counselor who has worked for DCPS and proud parent of two children in DCPS it is vital that all community members have input on the new high school graduation requirements. I believe that all students are required to meet the basic high school requirements but we must carefully review what is in place and think of how we can better prepare our students for higher education or vocational school. As a DC native, I don't see equality in all wards and I would like all students in the nations capital to have equal access to all of the opportunities available to other students. We must also involve our community members, museums, police task force, and all business investors to educate our students or participate in an overall partnership with our youth. We as adults have a responsibility and our careers can influence many young lives.I would like to represent the parent voice even though I am an educator. I still have my youngest daughter who will be a senior at SWW so I would like to represent the parent panel. As a bilingual speaking parent, I would like to solicit more Hispanic parents to participate and have input on the changes. I am a DC native who graduated from Archbishop Carroll HS. and attended the George Washington University on a full four year scholarship. I have a master's degree in school counseling and another master's degree in bilingual special education/curriculum instruction. I am a proud parent of a senior who will be graduation from the School Without Walls, and current junior who will be a senior at SWW next year. I have more than 20 years of experience working in the DCPS system. As a parent, I am aware of the current high school graduation requirements but do see a need for change. YesI do have a child who will be attending the university in August so I will be away to help her move into her dorm in Florida.Weekdays after 5:00 p.m. so right now I will say Wednesdays 6-8
6/7/2017 10:45:12Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDr. Tracye Herndon3DCPS parentHigh school parentWoodrow Wilson SHSDC Department of CorrectionsClinicianLSATI'm interested on multi-levels. First, my child is a Sophomore in high school now.
She is the youngest of nine children. Through the years of experience and coupled with research, school dropout usually occurs during the high school years. I believe it is imperative that we develop a platform to understand and reduce dropout rates. Instead of the attention being mostly centered on school-consequences versus rewards for attendance or developing appropriate strategies for discipline, i.e. jobs/financial and family issues. Finally, falling out factors refer to disengagement in students not caused by school or outside pulling factors. One rationale for this change is a response to rising standards from No Child Left Behind (NCLB), which can be ultimately tested only by future dropout research.
Parent and former School Administrator for Special EducationPlease see the aforementioned YesNoneWednesdays and Saturdays
6/7/2017 11:32:17Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationAndrea D. Watts8N/AN/ADCPSSocial WorkerSince working with high school students with DCPS in Ward 8, I have seen the effects of students whom do not take their education seriously in the first few years of high school. During their junior and senior year of high school these same students are scrambling to meet the same requirements that they once ignored. I would like to be a part of the task force to assist with finding a solution to assist with resolving some of the barriers to this delayed response. As a social worker in a DCPS high school I have a pulse for the students and the teachers whom would be most effected by changes to the graduation requirements. I would be able to represent the pros and the cons to implementing the changes and stating an opinion on how effective of an outcome is expected. As a veteran social worker of The Child and Family Services Agency I have worked with high school students across all wards of the district. Now that I am placed in an actual high school in Ward 8 I have a better sense of the requirements the students have to meet and the work that goes into them and the entire school staff helping them to meet their goals. YesI have a part time job that I work during the week, during the evening hours. Saturdays from 9am-12pm work well except for the first Saturday of the month.

I would be most available during the week between 3:45pm and 6:00pm
6/7/2017 11:34:09Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDonald Curtis6DCPS parent, DC public charter school parentElementary school parent, High school parentEagle Academy, Amidon Elementary, Luke C. Moore High and HD Woodson High SOUL - Student-Athletes Organized to Understand LeadershipExecutive DirectorPTA - Eagle Academy, Luke C.Moore High School Advisory Board, HD Woodson Boy's Basketball Coach. Far too many of our DC public school students graduate from high school, entering the professional world under-educated and unprepared for the global workforce. This dilemma unfortunately results in many of them becoming underemployed or unemployable, ultimately perpetuating the cycle of poverty. I represent many voices along the educational spectrum. As a school provider for two DC public highs my nonprofit represents an active donor. As a collaborator with teacher for educational programs I speak directly with and on behalf of teacher concerns. As a parent whose son attends public school I understand the importance of a healthy educational environment to attract parent involvement. As a coach and mentor for hundreds of DC high schools students I understand how students fall through the cracks. As a business leader I understand how resources can be allocated to support school administrator create a culture of educational excellence. As youth who grew up like the student I advocate for.I am a former university educator and currently collaborate across the District to invest resources into public schools. I am also a youth developer who is committed to the educational advancement of low-income youth. I have supported many student through the college preparation process. Have experience in developing educational programs at the collegiate level, in public housing and in public schools. I am a product of public schools and grow up in a low-income community. I am a employer and can speak to what I am looking for when hiring support staff. YesNoMondays 8am-12pm
6/7/2017 11:47:06Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationKrystle Joyner1N/AN/ADCPSSchool CounselorAs a HS School Counselor in DCPS, I work directly with our students to ensure they are on track for graduation and prepared for college and career. It is important for me to provide feedback, as well as gain an understanding of the potential changes and the impact it may have on our amazing students. From my perspective, I believe I represent a variety of voices. I am first a student advocate and will operate within the best interest of students. However, as a School Counselor who works directly with scheduling students appropriately for graduation, I offer this unique perspective and the impact that it may have. I think it is important the information is disseminated a plethora of ways to ensure that all of our students, parents, school partners, and other school stakeholders have an understanding of the affect of changing graduation requirements. YesWednesday 6-8 PM
6/7/2017 12:53:51Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationLatasha Williams7N/AN/ADC Public SchoolsSchool CounselorI am interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force because this directly affects the population that I serve and the work that I do. The current requirements do not allow students to earn distinct recognition for areas they excel such as specific career academies or IB/College Prep Distinction unless you attend a specific school. All student should have the option of choosing an appropriate graduation track that ensures that they have met the minimum requirements but allows them to earn recognition in the specific diploma track such as other school districts.I represent the voices of the student that I serve here in DC Public Schools. I often here my students complain about the fact that take "unncessary" classes
that are used to fill schedules. They also feel that they do not have the opportunity to focus in on specific interest.
I would solicit feedback through various forms of data from my students such as surveys, town hall forums in school, conversations with college representatives and our partners in workforce development.
I have worked as school counselor here in DC for ten years. During the past 9 years, I have primarily worked with seniors. My job is primarily to guide our scholars through high school and to prepare them for their Post Secondary Options. I have worked with students and administration
I have served on various panels that discuss educational policies such as vocational education vs. College Preparatory, attended various workshops and training facilitated by College Board, Johns Hopkins, UPO Workforce Development and UDC Workforce Development. I pride myself in making sure provide students with various opportunity to be successful after high school such as hosting career fairs, college visits, internship opportunities and collaborating with CTE/NAF departments.
YesSaturdays from 9AM-3PM
6/7/2017 13:49:43Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDominique Little7DCPS parentElementary school parentCW Harris Elementary SchoolDeux Faces, Inc. (nonprofit)Visionary LeaderPTATo be the eyes, ears and voice for DCPS middle and high school students; to bridge the gap; to help increase the DCPS graduation rate; to strengthen DCPS Students' partnerships.A Nation of Youth Leaders. In December, I started The School of Student Council and Junior ANC Development Project which includes students from Ward 7 in grades 4th and 5th. Some will be entering middle school next SY. I plan to incorporate middle and high school students in the project; specifically for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and next steps necessary to prepare our students for an increased readiness of college and careers.As a DC high school graduate, I know what worked for me and I was considered a ward of the state. I graduated in 2009 from Southeastern University with a MBA. As a student advocate, I build relationships with students in my Ward to find out what they need and how to get their needs met. YesN/AMy schedule is flexible.
6/7/2017 14:18:22Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationStormy Stringer 7DCPS parentHigh school parentDuke Ellington OSSE and UDCCCEducation services monitor and Adjunct Professor theater department Co-President To be a voice for the children, families and educators in the D.C. Area that I come in contact with on a regular basis As a parent of a student with an IEP I will bring the voice of the student, educators and parents. I will collaborate with the students at Duke Ellington HS serving students from all wards, soliciting their feedback. I will also use my experience and connections as a Professor at UDCCC to obtain community feedback and insight in addition to how my family is currently navigating the High school system.I have a masters degree in early learning and I work a the community college. I am in my second term as Co-president for the theater department at DEHS. YesNot at this timeI am available Mon-Fri 6pm to 9pm
6/7/2017 14:35:20Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationCarol Randolph4N/AN/Ano child in school at this timeDC Students Construction Trades FoundationCOOThe Foundation is presently located in IDEA public charter school For over 16 years prior to and during the establishment of the Foundation I have worked to expand construction trade skills in public and charter schools. Students enrolled in our program built a house and will build others while they are supported by our strong board whether they intend to go to college our be employed after graduation. Our students know that there are several pathways to success and college is but one of them. However, we still are challenged by individuals who believe construction work, or blue collar careers are less attractive goals for their students. Over time, we know that when book learning is paired with practical experiences, students understand the connection therefore learning becomes a more positive lesson. I want more students to have the opportunity to see work/studies programs that can lead to jobs or colleges .The Foundation has a strong board made up of leaders in the Construction and Development Industry. One of their leaders started the Foundation as a means of creating a more qualified workforce. Over time, 2/3 or our students found reason to stay in school, most going on to college while others entered the world of work, often being employed by our board partners. I will be the voice of the industry that want students to succeed. For the past 15 years, our program has been in a public high school and now in a charter school in ward 7. For the first time, we are able to take students from the 9th grade through graduation learning construction trades such as carpentry and electricity in addition to completing course studies in a comprehensive high school While most went off to college, they were able to find summer employment with our Board partners which included but not limited to the following companies: Clark; Donohoe; Miller and Long; Sigal, MC Dean. I have been the COO of this foundation for the past 15 years testifying before school board and city council meetings about our challenges and achievements. Yesthere are 3-5 days every two months when I will need to be in New YorkMonday 8 AM to 12 PM
6/7/2017 16:23:33Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMichelle McCray1N/AN/An/aFull PotentialExecutive DirectorFull PotentialI'm interested in becoming a task force member to make sure our youth WIN. I want to ensure our youth receive high school graduation requirements that will provide the proper classes, skills and activities that will prepare them for life after high school, which can either be college and or career.I would represent the voice of the students. No one knows exactly what the students require but them. So often we inform our young people what to do and how to do it but no one is asking them, what do you think? Therefore I will be their voice. We work with high school students and providing training and employment. We will conduct informational sessions with our students to provide them information and solicit their feedback. I work with youth, I'm a graduate of the District of Columbia Public Schools, I live in DC and I raised 2 children who attended DC Schools. I see first hand what my generation was offered vs. what's being offered to our youth today. If we continue to remove skills, classes and activities from generation to generation then our youth will continue to be left behind. These are my experiences that will allow me to contribute meaningfully to discussions related to high school education policy in DC. YesNOWednesday 10am-12pm or Thursday 10am - 12pm.
6/7/2017 19:26:35Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationSandra Jowers-Barber, Ph.D.4N/AN/AUniversity of the District of Columbia Community CollegeDirector Division of Humanities I am the Director of the Humanities Division at the University of the District of Columbia Community College. This is the city's public institution of higher learning that provides educational opportunities and pathways for District residents. Our institution has seen an increase in students coming directly from DCPS and serving this population is our mission. Serving on the task force is an opportunity to know the academic foundation that prospective enrolling students will bring to their first year experience at the Community College. That knowledge will be shared with college faculty. It will allow them, in their professional development, to be better prepared as they craft syllabi and create assignments that allow for student achievement of required learning outcomes.I represent and support faculty that teach at the Community College in the Humanities at the District's only system of public institution of higher education. Our mission is to provide pathways to higher education for District residents. Our faculty will be the instructors of students coming from DCPS. Through regularly scheduled faculty meeting, college meetings and professional development workshops and seminars, faculty will be informed of the changes in the DCPS graduation requirements.I have served in the capacity of Humanities Division Director at the University of the District of Columbia College for the past three years. Prior to this position I taught history and directed the History Program at the University of the District of Columbia. The Community College is increasing becoming the first choice for more DCPS students. I will be able to provide the Task Force will an overview of a first year Community College student academic experience. That can be used to gain insight into what students should be prepared to do as they leave DCPS and enter the Community College as first year students. YesAs Humanities Director there are some required meetings that I must attend. Because of the relationship with OSSE I should be able to make adjustments. I have two prior commitments, Sept. 27-29 and November 27-December 1. I will be unable to attend a meeting on those dates.I am available on Tuesdays-Thursday from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
6/8/2017 5:53:27Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationAiyi'nah Ford8N/AN/AThe youth that participate in The Future Foundation's programs attend public and charter schools. The Future Foundation Executive Director N/AIt is imperative that this group include community members who work with students on a consistent basis. It is also important that these decisions are not made by a legion of gentrifiers. We have allowed exclusive lottery systems, culturally incompetent teachers and standardized testing to negatively impact the education system. This is an opportunity to contribute to positive sustaining change for all students. As an individual, I am representing the voice of Native Washingtonians and Ward 8 residents. My role as E.D. allows me to engage with you 13 and up and their families. I would consistently provide opportunities in-person and online for transparency and communication. I would hope these stakeholders would also use these avenues to hold me accountable through this process. My work successfully organizing local and national policies is well-documented. During my matriculation, I maintained exceptional grades and exceeded my high school
Community Service Hours requirement. Further, I am well versed in the current impact of our school system on the youth and their parents. My hope is to find equitable approaches to these requirements.
YesN/AMonday Anytime
Wednesday Anytime
Friday Anytime
Weekends after 12 p.m.
6/8/2017 8:25:29Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationWendy Glenn 8N/AN/ADC Parks and Recreation Program Manager To ensure that graduating students cover the core knowledge needed to embark on and excell in both their secondary educational endeavors and their chosen professionsl life. Regardless of program rigor, the core curriculum taught must be the equivalent of thst which will allow students to compete and not remain remedial in their educational and job pursuits. In my community in my work role and my advocacy role I have been called upon to advocate for both parent, guardian, and student. As a Ward 8 stakeholder it is my responsibility to help to ensure that those fractions without a voice are heard the loudest and most often.I have served at the PTSA President/Vice President and on tbe LSRT for both of my sons ES, JHS, HS experiences.YesSaturdays 9am - 3pm
6/8/2017 9:13:06Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationSean Worley6N/AN/AN/ADC Public SchoolsTeacher, TLI N/AAs a high school educator, I am intimately connected to the graduation requirements. The requirements inform my instruction, but also the structure of our school. As a department lead, I have had to adjust possible course offerings in order to satisfy the current requirements. I am well qualified to discuss and adjust the high school graduation requirements. First and foremost, I represent our students and their futures. It is my duty as an educator to advocate for changes that will best serve the students of our community, and ensure they are receiving an excellent and relevant education. Secondly, I represent educators who are directly impacted by the requirements. For both groups, I will leverage the relationships I have built with students and my colleagues to account for diverse perspectives. By leaning on them, I will amplify their voice above my own when arguing for changes. I've been a high school educator the last four years. While not all my experience has taken place in DC, I have seen how similar requirements stymie true academic progress for students. I can speak to how potential requirements will live out in a school setting, and how they will impact the academic careers of our students in both high school and beyond. YesI am available most weekdays after 6:30pm. Weekends I am free from 9am to 4pm.
6/8/2017 9:56:35Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationRegina Pixley 8DCPS parent, DC public charter school parentElementary school parentRocketship Rise Academy PCS -Aiton Elementary School Educational/Community Servant on Ward 8ServantAll 3 of my young adults graduated from DCPS High Schools and upon completion 2 of them struggled in college having to take remedial classes not being able to compete with their counterparts now that I have 2 granddaughters in DCPS I want to assure that they are more equipped than their parent's and so far they are off to a great start I also want to assist and stand in the gap for the youth in my community who don't have the necessary SUPPORT they need I'm am part of the VILLAGE........I first advocat for students then for our PARENTS and last but least our EDUCATORS .......
I'M willing to atte d meaningful workshops, group studies, force group's and them ultimately implementing and providing the necessary SUPPORT. I will also volunteer time by tutoring and mentoring as I do now.
I will use my own experiences that I endured raising my 3 children while all coming from the same house hold but needing 3 different educational PLANS YesNo6pm-8pm weekdays or Saturday 9am-3pm
6/8/2017 17:54:44Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMonique Diop8N/AN/ANone of my own. I represent Leckie and Patterson Elementary Schools ANC - SMD 8D04CommissionerI am not a member of any organized educational group.Education is the base for all things. I have worked with several DC schools city wide to get students jobs during the election and have given opportunities for community service hours for read ready programs at DCPL. While accepting applications, I saw a need for basic understanding that are children are not obtaining. I have worked as a mentor to children teaching 8th Grade Technology with Higher Achievement and as an Adult mentor teaching PC Basics with Byte Back.
Education builds confidence to compete in this world, to be heard, understood and taken seriously. I would like to be able to make sure those key components are within our children even before they reach adult hood. I want them to be innovative, achieve greater prosperity and be well rounded critical thinkers. Our society needs them to be better than we are now.
I have always desired to help people achieve their literacy goals. I don’t mind sticking up for students; helping them find their voice; reviewing policy; speaking on their behalf; and if time allows, testifying to support any effort this committee requires.
I would represent the students of Ward 8 (where I currently live) or be the liaison between the Educators and the students/parents. Working with students is enjoyable because they are eager to learn and live off of praise. Students like tasks that once complete, surprises them. I know they have it in them to create great things. I don’t micro manage. I let them know they are in charge. I’d most likely pic a few students to help me spread the word about upcoming events and I am even willing to go on the dreaded snap chat or other social media outlets teens use to communicate.
I can manage about 10 parents with simple phone calls or creating 30 minute free conference calls for all to check in, get a feel of what the need is and direct them to the appropriate source. My email will be known and I do have a public phone number to provide. I keep track of all my communications so I will have a way of knowing the status of those I am assisting and the status of the information distributed.
I currently facilitate meetings in my community and at work. I’ve been on several panels and have also moderated panel discussions. Within my commission we work together to solve problems even if we disagree. I can handle challenging situations so that most can be heard in a respectful manner.
While I am not well verse on education policy, I can be, I read and do research. I have the presence of mind to keep discussions civil and informative. Education based discussions should be there to support the views of the people it affects. Although, I am mainly a listener, I try not to jump to conclusions and I take time to consider what was said. When I do speak I intend to make an impact. In many instances I would be there to learn; to hear people’s points of view, so that we can come together for a thoughtful conclusion we can all move forward with.
I am a Toastmaster & a Professional Story Teller who is accustomed to all types of communications. I have lived in mainly areas of the United States and abroad. I understand people from different walks of life and I support public relations.
YesYes, I have ANC meetings both Private and Public on the 2nd and last Thursday of every month. This is a priority to me and my community.Usually Monday evenings starting at 6. or Wednesdays starting at 6. I work most week days but am willing to request time off with advanced notice.
6/8/2017 22:05:45Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationSanjay K. Mitchell7N/AN/AI do not have any children enrolled in DC Public of Public Charter Schools.I work for Thurgood Marshall Academy PCHSDirector of College & Alumni Programs.RAISE-DC (Co-Char 9th Grade Counts Network) and PACCNI am interested in joining the task force because as a practitioner in the field for the last 8-9 years, I have witnessed the challenges and inequity for students and families in meeting a standardized graduation requirement. Having the ability to have alternate graduation pathways for students in the District will yield better persistence and completion rates for young men and women in our school systems. As our education, technology, and learning landscapes shift, we have to think creatively about how to get students through and towards accessible and meaningful post-secondary options. This is a loaded question - I feel I represent all of the above. In my role, I work as part of a team on ensuring that our graduation requirements are positioning our students to be the most competitive in whatever post-secondary endeavor they pursue. This means I bring to the table the concerns of our families, students, and our staff. Our families want to ensure that our graduation requirements are encouraging their students to be successful in the future, our students want to ensure that our requirements are preparing them to compete with students who are more resourced and give them a sense of academic and technical confidence when they leave their secondary schools. As for our staff, they want to be sure that they have the support and confidence of the administration (local and District-wide) to push our students to continue pursuing excellence through varied graduation benchmarks. If chosen to become a member of the task-force, I will host school-wide focus groups, surveys, and informational nights during PTO meetings to solicit feedback to share with the larger group. I would also encourage some of our more vocal and passionate stakeholders to attend public meetings to enhance their voice.I have worked as an Assistant Director of undergraduate admissions reviewing graduation requirements for a number of secondary schools and juxtaposing their strengths to our colleges standard for academic preparedness. I currently serve as the Director of Counseling at a high school in Washington, DC (Ward 8) where I work with our academic team on aligning DC's graduation requirement with our internal requirements and its utility post our high school experience. I also serve as co-chair of Raise DC's 9th Grade Counts network streamlining the 8th to 9th grade pipeline and looking at grad pathways for students across the District. YesI oversee a very robust college counseling department that has a lot of after school meetings and activities. If a schedule is prepared in advance, I can make adjustments to attend the meetings.Workday evenings after 6PM
6/9/2017 14:10:59Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationPatricia Watkins Lattimore5N/AN/AnoneDelta Research & Educational FoundationCEONOProduct of a DCPS K-12 education, when I believe the school system functioned far better than it does today; former HR Manager for DCPS; and interested in an improved system for my tax dollars at workAs the CEO of DREF and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I have a natural network to DC numerous chapters of DST via email listserves, the majority of members are seasoned educatorsWork with former Supt. Vance to reconstitute schools and headquarters of DCPS; research work as CEO of an education focused 501c3; successful launch of the Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign nationwideYesNOMondays & Fridays 8AM-12 noon; Saturdays 8 AM - 12 noon; any weekday evening after 6PM
6/9/2017 14:18:30Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDr. Tracye Herndon3DCPS parentHigh school parentWilson SHSDC Department of CorrectionsClinicianPTSOI was born and raised in Washington, DC and graduated from DCPS. In addition, my child is a high school student. Every policy, initiative and/or change will directly impact my child; therefore, my involvement is a priority. Lastly, I am and have always been an activist for change, as well as, an advocate for education for all.I will represent a voice on multi-levels since I'm a former DCPS School Administrator (9 years); in addition, I am a parent of a high school student. Last, I graduated from Calvin Coolidge SHS prior to going away to college. I have a broad range of education and experience. I hold a Doctorate in Business Administration/Leadership, Masters' Degrees in Human Services and Special Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration/Accounting.Along with being a graduate of DCPS, I was previously employed for DC Public Schools as an Administrator for Special Needs Populations for nine years.YesNoWednesdays 6-8 pm and Saturdays 9-3pm
6/9/2017 15:04:29Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJackie Carter8N/AN/ANoneJah Kente International, Inc.Project ManagerYesI have a profound love for youth, especially youth who are troubled, and deep routed commitment to securing quality education and outcomes for young peple.I will represent the voices of parents and youth in Wards 7 and 8. I, and the organization I represent, are members of the Ward 7/8 Coalition and the United Black Fund. The Ward 7/8 Coalition is comprised of 30 small not-for-profit organizations who serve youth through their OST and after school programs. Our organizations work in the community at the grassroots level with teens and their parents. Coalition member organizations partner with Charter schools, in that Charter school students are registered in our programs. We attend community meetings, PTA meetings, and sometime make court appearances on the behalf of the youth we serve. We have been most effective in helping graduating seniors fulfill the community service requirement which is a requirement for graduation. It is through our general body meetings that we share and disseminate information to the community parents and youth about upcoming opportunities, events and challenges affecting Wards 7 and 8. Collectively, we have an email distribution list of over thousands of youth, parents, educators, probation officers, and community workers. I would also use my radio connections for what might be appropriate to share over the air waves.I have developed and implemented curriculum for my own organization as well as for one Ward 8 high. I developed and implemented a public speaking course partnering with Howard University John H. Johnson School of Community Professors. I also taught the same course for one semester. I have also operated a children theater company in Ward 8, where we partnered with middle school and High School English classes to present on stage books read in the classroom. I was also a substitute Engilsh teacher for a Ward 8 Charter school.
Having the community based non-profit experience, combined with the classroom and Charter School partnership experience makes me an ideal contributor to submit ideas to help frame practical policies to improve students achievement.
YesNot at this time.Week days from 9am to 12noon and Saturdays 10am to 1pm.
6/9/2017 16:41:12Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMarla Dean7N/AN/ANoneBright Beginnings IncExecutive Director & CEOWard 7 Education Council and PennBranch CCA-Education ChairI have over a 25 year career in K12 education. I am a former high school English and government teacher of 10 years in an urban setting. I am also a former middle, high and turnaround principal, as well as, a former supervisor of principals. I have a son who is a junior at Morehouse College and he was exclusively educated in wards 7 & 8. I believe I have the expertise and perspective as an educator and parent to participate in this task force. Ward 7 parents, community members, and principals. These are my identities and I know I have the experiential, practical, pedagogical knowledge to represent these voices. In addition to my above outlined experience, I have a BA in political science, MA in teaching & learning, Ed.Specialist in education administration and a doctorate in education administration and policy and organizational theory. YesNoneMonday's, Friday's and Saturday's
6/9/2017 17:20:32Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDr. Monica L. Roache'2N/AN/AN/AArlington Public School DistrictAssistant PrincipalWard 2 Ed Network, Community Board Member for Ron Brown College Preparatory High SchoolAs a school administrator I was seeing far too many of our students dropping out of high school. There are many factors that contributed to this including: not able to handle coursework, financial reasons causing them to have to work, truancy, repeat disciplinary consequences, not feeling safe, and interrupted schooling. I can share my own experiences in tackling these complex issues which have made a positive change with students in my school district. As part of my doctoral dissertation research and my current position I have also done extensive research on the underrepresentation of students of color in gifted programs and advanced placement courses. I can share my knowledge and experience as a member of this committee. Starting in 2016 I served as a Community Board Member for the Ron Brown College Preparatory High School.As an ANC Commissioner I use social media to spread information on educational related issues and services not just to residents in Ward 2 but all of my contacts living throughout the city. I am also a member of Xi Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Our chapter meets monthly in Deanwood. We focus our service projects, mentor program, and targeting students for scholarship programs that reside mostly in schools in Wards 5,7, and 8. I am a member of several educational professional organizations and networks and will use my platform to share information with parents and the community. As a school administrator I have worked on educational policies related to special education, advanced placement, gifted education, and high school credit courses. I have extensive knowledge of Response to Intervention to support students. Additionally, I currently serve on my schools system committee that addresses the over representation of African American and Hispanic Male students being suspended and receiving more serious consequences for discipline occurrences. I helped create and led a middle school mentor program that targeted African American and Hispanic Girls. It was the sister program or an all male middle/high school program in my school district. Also, I lead special education meetings at my school and make decisions regarding placement. YesI can't meet during school hours but evenings and weekends work for me. Only on the first Monday and first Tuesday of the month I have other obligations. I am available most evenings and weekends. I can't meet during school hours.
6/10/2017 1:14:35Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationStacey Lincoln4N/AN/AAdvisory Neighborhood CommissionCommissioner and Charter School VolunteerShepherd Elementary School, School Improvement Team (SIT)As an ANC Commissioner and resident, I have come to learn that District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) student graduation rates have improved slightly but are still below the national average. I have mentored with various mentoring organizations such as College Bound and a regular volunteer at Shepherd Elementary School and Paul Public Charter School. I know that more can be done to assist DCPS students and increase graduations rates. I want to be part of the process and solution.I hope to represent the constituency from which I was elected. I hope to be a voice for the residents who have children in DCPS and charter schools and those who do not have children but who's community may be impacted by decision that are made my school administrators and other decision-makers. Part of this process includes providing information to and soliciting feedback from attendees at community meetings, distributing information via email and neighborhood listservs.As a member of a School Improvement Team, I have come to understand the complexities of decision making related to school reform in the areas of school instruction, administration and operations, teaching pay and unions. The issue of charter school, public school and private school choice can be a very sensitive issue and must be handled delicately. My experience includes having candid discussions with school administrators and parents about school and student challenges. YesNOWednesday from 6PM - 8 PM (1st choice)
Saturdays from 9AM - 3PM (2nd choice)
6/10/2017 4:33:18Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationRobert Gundling8N/AN/ASome of our members of DCAEYC serve families throughout the city and teach in ECE programs in DCPS.DC Association for the Education of Young ChildrenPresident of the Board of DirectorsDC Association for the Education of Young ChildrenAs a leader in the Early Childhood Education community with over 40 years of experience in Education, I understand the importance of having graduation requirements that are attainable by all of the students, especially those living in under served neighborhoods in the city. I believe the task force should be mindful of the importance of the early years of a child's life when teachers and family members support the development of each child's ability to succeed in school and life.As the president of the DC Association for the educational for Young Children (DCAEYC), I serve young children, their families and early childhood professionals who live and work in all Wards of the city. Eeach group I serve will be impacted by the changes in the graduation requirements. The changes will help early childhood teachers know what they need to do to change the learning environment for the children they serve, so the children will be able to meet the requirements,, the family education programs for family members to help them support their children to be able to meet the graduation requirements and the young children who will have to meet these new graduation requirements.I have worked with young people in high school, youth and adults who pursue the GED or high school equivalency diploma and with high school administrators and teachers responsible for creating a standards-based learning environment.YesNoWednesdays from 6-8 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM - 3 PM
6/10/2017 10:08:10Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationRebecca Davis1N/AN/AMy children have graduated.D.C. Environmental Education Consortiumpast co-president, current managerDCEEC is actively involved in finding ways to integrate EE in DCPS and DCPCS. We ( our members) work and support James Rountree ( DCPS Science) and Maya Garcia ( OSSE Science). We have provided PD for teachers.
If the aim is to review graduation requirements, I would be interested in researching/reviewing how other entities (States) revised or adopted language that include further alignment and/or inclusion of concepts and skills associated with science and environmental literacy. In the long term I believe the graduation requirements should move toward ensuring science and environmental literacy for students of the District of Columbia ( see MD, RI) and identify ways science and environmental literacy would be more explicit and supportive of instruction to ensure that students of the District of Columbia are able to demonstrate their ability to inquire, investigate, and develop responsible citizenship action plans or behavior regarding local, national, or global environmental issues.
I would like to reach out and represent community partners who can play a great role in supporting DC HS students not only with regards to job fair and shadowing but also with being integral in schools as partners.In my 20's I taught HS science in the Virgin Islands (biology, earth science, health and developed a marine biology curriculum). I have worked as a EE consultant regionally for the past 10+ yrs. I was the community member of the NGSS leadership team and have been an active community partner for DCPS and OSSE. I have been involved with the DC STEM fair for many years. I have led working groups for the development of the Environmental Literacy Plan. I was involved in the drafting of the HSA. Developed an Environmental Literacy Framework for DC schools to demonstrate how teachers K-12 can integrate EE/Sustainable DC plan and NGSS aligned topics in their classroom. ect...YesNoI am an Environmental Education consultant and work for myself all these days/time would work.
6/10/2017 10:27:52Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationCarol Paige4N/AN/ANoneDCPSProfessional School Counselor MacFarland Education GroupAs a parent and educator, I have lived through this process and work daily with my students in middle school to support them in the transition to high school. I also have done extensive research on appropriate high school graduation requirements. It will be important for me as a School Counselor to support all constituents. Most importantly to support what will be right for students future success.As a School Counselor who has been rated highly effective for over six years, I have worked well with parents, administrators, students and community. I listen, I research, I follow up and most importantly, I always make sure my intentions are doing the right thing for children at all times.YesCan only participate in evening hours.Wed or Thurs at 6.30pm
6/10/2017 11:43:37Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMichael Grier 8N/AN/AWard 8 Educational Council Chairman Yes Preparing students for the real with engaging curriculum and standards. Student, parents, and teachers iI am current teacher YesNot sure After 5pm
6/11/2017 9:57:18Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationClarence Lusane4DCPS parentElementary school parentShepherd Elementary Howard UniversityChair and Professor of Department of Political SciencePTA, Aftercare Star Achievers ProgramTo help modernize and bring in line with the best practices nationally the requirements for graduating from DC high schools. It is critical to benchmark DC schools with the best in the nation while also identifying what is unique and valuable to the city's education pedagogy. I will seek to represent parents, students of color, university educators and administrators, students who are academically, socially and economically challenged.I review high school applications, talk to potential high school recruits, and teach freshmen as a critical part of my job. I have taught at the university level for more than 25 years including 18 at American University and two at Howard University. YesNo.I am available generally on Mon, Wed, Thur, and Friday from 9:00am to 11:00am, Mon.-Fri. 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Mon., Wed, Fri., 6:00-8:00pm, Sat. 9:00am -12:00pm.
6/11/2017 15:18:29Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationTracy Phillips7DCPS parentMiddle school parent, High school parentSWWHS and SWWFSFood and drug administrationChemist/ lead program analystHSAI have a high school student and I'm a product is DCPS. I would like to get involved in the requirement task force because I have much to offer and would like to get more involved in the education component of the city. If selected, I intended on representing parents because I have have taught students at the college level. Having taught students, I would be able to bring to the parent group the rationale for why somethings are important. I have been a professor at a local college. I am a product of DCPS and current have 2 children in DCPS. I have been through Cvs educational system and have served as the president of a DCPS home school association. YesI have a training session in New Orleans during the week of July 20, 2017. evenings or weekends work best.
6/12/2017 2:30:07Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJonathan Pajibo1DCPS parent, DC public charter school parentElementary school parent, Middle school parent, High school parentDorothy Heights ES, Paul Charter MS, McKinley Tech HS, and Banneker HSSelf employedAfrica clothing store ownerYes.....PTOs SHAPES, and Ward 1 Education CollaborativeI believe I can bring a perspective as a parent who has graduated 3 children from DCPS, and who has students currently in both DCPS and DCPCS. I would be a voice for my students but also for parents, as I am member of the parent organization and LSAT at my children schools.My wife and I have had the pleasure of putting 8 children in DC Public and Charter School, and over the course of that time, I have been a active member of the Parent Organizations and LSAT in which we have discuss education policy in DC. I have also attended many DCPS and DCPCS public forums which dealt with school policies.YesNo.I am available on Monday Thru Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
6/12/2017 8:45:35Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationKaren Lee8N/AN/AI do not have childrenThurgood Marshall AcademySocial Studies Teacher/Department ChairI have been teaching in DC for 13 years. My first graduating class of seniors was 10 years ago and since then I have taught senior level social studies courses. This has put me in a position to work directly with students and families as they are working hard to complete all of the graduation requirements. I have worked closely with school administration to address the gaps and needs of our students in order to meet the requirements and I think that provides me a unique perspective to speak from. I also teach US Government where I provide students an opportunity to develop their agency and many of our conversations regarding change center around schools and the graduation requirements. I am interested in learning a broader perspective in the discussion for both my classroom as well as to provide a space for student and teacher concerns to be voiced. I represent several voices. I am a career teacher who already has 13 years of experience and do not plan to leave the classroom anytime soon. I am a teacher leader and lead the Social Studies Department so I am in a position to impact change in my school. I work directly with senior students and families and often engage in the conversation around graduation requirements. I am a charter school teacher. I am a ward 8 resident. My years of experience in the classroom provide me a wealth of experiences working directly with students and families as they move through their high school years I also teach US Government and work hard to engage our city's young people in the conversations that impact them directly- including educational policy. I spent my first two years in DC as a social worker that worked on finding educational placements for students who had dropped out and disengaged from educational opportunities. I spend hours listening to their stories and struggles to complete the requirements that eventually often led them to drop out. I am well versed in DC government and decision making structures. I believe I have an invested interest in supporting students who live and go to school east of the river because it is where I have both lived and worked for the past 15 years. YesI am a current classroom teacher so meeting during the day would be challenging.After school hours- 4-8; Saturdays (prefer mornings, but am flexible)
6/12/2017 9:38:46Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDwan Jordon4DCPS parentMiddle school parentTakoma Educational CenterFriendship Public Charter SchoolSenior Advisor for High School Research and DesignNoSince January 2017 I have served in the role of Senior Advisor for High Schcool Research and Design. One component of the job incolved taking a deep look at our graduation requirements and attempting to align our policy with the policy of DCPS. I am interested in contributing to the conversation and gaining a better understanding of the policy process that the DC State Board of Education uses to make these types of key recommendations. As the Senior Advisoe at Friendship, I will represent the entire charter network and the two high schools we serve. I will be able to ensure that the work of the community is communicated directly to the CEO and the recommendations will be immediately incorporated into the design plan that I am developing with all of the senior leadership staff. I will be able to solicit feedback and provide information weekly during our leadership meetings. I have served as an educator since 1999. I held the role of high school principal from 2012 to 2017 and all of my leadership experience has been in Ward 7. Currently, my role as Senior Advisor of High School Research and Design aligns with the work of this task force because it involves researching school systems and sharing best practices with my team. YesNoMy schedule is open Monday through Thursday.
6/12/2017 10:05:15Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJane Spence8N/AN/ADCPSDeputy Chief of Secondary SchoolsNoDecisions made will impact all DCPS secondary schools.DCPS high schoolsI serve as the Deputy Chief of Secondary Schools and as such, am responsible for all middle and high schools in DCPS.YesYes--my schedule is very dense. Tuesday's and Wednesday's are not good days for me. Also, I travel a lot so that will impact my availability.Monday's and Friday's are better days.
6/12/2017 15:41:34Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMolly Whalen2DCPS parent, DC public charter school parent, DC private school parentMiddle school parent, High school parentCapital City PCS, DCPS student placed in a nonpublic special ed school (home school is currently Wilson HS)DC Association for Special EducationExecutive Director DC State Advisory Panel for Special Education, DC Family Support Council, DC Community of Practice for Secondary Transition, UCEDD Community Advisory CouncilI have two children who have disabilities and are in the DC public school system (middle school and high school) our current DC graduation requirements do not take into perspective the challenges of our students with IEPs (close to 12,000) and their pathway toward graduation with a diploma. This absolutely needs to be a voice on the task force, especially with over 12,000 students with IEPs in our schools, and a current graduation rate of 49% for students with disabilities. I am a longtime special education parent advocate in DC. Over the past decade, I have served as a connector of parents to resources and programs; teachers and administrators that I have worked with for many years continue to contact me for support and I serve on several committees and task forces and boards all related to education advocacy. I know what schools in both sectors are doing in regards to special education and individualized learning. I understand federal laws regarding special education and where schools need to fulfill these areas. I have a great network of parents, educators and stakeholders that trust my work and voice in education policy. I have connections to various education organizations working in DC public education who I can tap to share this work, and who are also willing to help me reach educators, parents and stakeholders for input.I have spent the last decade being involved in DC public school advocacy, task forces and committees. I understand that my voice represents certain focuses (special education, students with disabilities, vocational experiences, etc.) but I have also learned extensive skills in being part of a group's collective conversations and efforts and am open to divergent opinions and perspectives. I am always a working member of committees: I attend meetings, volunteer for tasks, and complete jobs. My understanding of DCPS, public charter schools, special education, disability advocacy and the extensive web of resources and community based organizations in DC will be an asset to this effort. In addition, I am committed to creating a city-wide public school system that educates and graduates productive and independent citizens. Washington DC is my life-long home and I know that we can improve our schools and make sure that we are graduating citizens who are well-educated and well-prepared for their futures.YesMy family is out of town Aug 5-26, 2017, but I can attend meetings remotely during that timeWeekdays 8am-1pm or weekday evenings 6-8pm
6/12/2017 18:06:09Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationPatrice Wedderburn8N/AN/AAdvocates for Justice and Education, Inc.Staff AttorneyEvery Student Every Day & Dignity in Schools CampaignI am interested in serving on the high school graduation task force because as a longtime DC resident and an education attorney who represents families in special education and school discipline matters, I regularly meet students who feel unprepared to enter college or the workforce due to a lack of basic academic skills. I would like to help support our city’s efforts to ensure we are graduating students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and the workforce. I also hope, if I ever have children of my own, to be able to confidently send them to any DC public school located in any ward and know they will receive a world-class education.As a staff attorney with Advocates for Justice & Education, Inc(AJE)., the District’s Parent Training and Information Center, I have the privilege working with parents, students, educators, administrators, and other invested stakeholders across the city, but heavily concentrated in Wards 7 and 8. Many of our conversations, particularly in the arena of special education, center on how we can ensure students develop the skills necessary to become independent and productive citizens; high school graduation requirements are a critical part of those conversations. Serving as a member of the task force would be an extension of my daily work and allow me to broadly represent the interests of the hundreds of parents and students AJE serves annually.In the decade that I have lived and worked in the District, I have worked with children and young adults in various capacities including volunteering with various after-school tutoring programs, participating in Career Days, judging mock trial teams, working with youth detained at the Youth Service Center, and currently mentor as well as represent students and families in special education and school discipline matters as an education attorney with Advocates for Justice & Education, Inc(AJE). However, one of the most pivotal moments in my career to date, was the opportunity to serve as an Academic Counselor in a college preparatory program for first generation college students. As a child of immigrants and a first generation college student in my family, I am intimately familiar with the challenges first generation college students face attempting to engage and navigate a system both the students and their families may be unfamiliar with and unsure about. It was a huge honor to support my students in adjusting to college life, including the new responsibilities, freedom, expectations and academic requirements. I believe these unique and diverse experiences make me an excellent candidate for the task force and I am eager to serve.YesI currently have a standing meeting on Tuesday evenings and try to avoid business meetings on Sundays.I am generally available from 8 to 9 AM Mondays through Saturdays and most weekday evenings with advance notice.
6/13/2017 9:39:10Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJohn Tinpe2N/AN/AN/AAdvisory Neighborhood Commission 2CChairN/ATo promote the graduation rate of the students in the District of Columbia. For too long, the students in the District have faced low gradustion rates, inspite of an increased spending. It is time to closely examine the systamic problem of throwing money at the problem, in stead of solving it. It is like pouring water in sand with nothing to account for.The citizens of the District of Columbia. The parents, students, and residents. All who are dissatisfied with the results.My own experience from private to public to private schools. My experience as an elected public official.YesNo.Monday-Fridays 6-8 PM.
6/13/2017 11:05:57Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationLatisha Chisholm8DCPS parentElementary school parentNeval Thomas Elementary SchoolDistrict of Columbia Public SchoolsSpecial Education CoordinatorSince I began working with DCPS I have served students at Ballou STAY High School, Ballou High School, and Anacostia High School. I have been a New Heights Coordinator, English, Science, and Special Education teacher, and now am a Special Education Coordinator. High School graduation concerns are closely tied to all the work I do with students daily. I would like to see our students and schools held to expectations that ensure our students are actually ready to be productive citizens that are prepared to pursue the next goal they have. Each student graduating from a high school in the District of Columbia should be able to functionally read and write at the level appropriate to meet their next goal. They should have a proven level of competency in the courses they have completed. They should have a plan with actionable steps regarding meeting at least their next goal after high school graduation.On this team I may be able to help represent multiple voices. I have a four-year-old who has just started his education career with DCPS. My hope is that I feel confident enough in our local schools (which may be in Ward 8 where we live), that he continues to be educated and will graduate from traditional public schools like I did. My voice as a parent will be focused on the goals I have for my own child. I also have extensive knowledge about how the current graduation requirements are met, or not, by our most marginalized populations in the city (Ward 8 students, 9th grade repeaters, special education students, etc.) and their schools. This voice is an educator, student, and parent advocate.

I am open to ideas about how to solicit and provide information from and to my student and parents, but I have contact with them all the time. I can submit questionnaires to students when they are at school and parents when they come in for IEP meetings. I can also provide information back to them in the same formats. We also implement a parent newsletter that can be used to give information back to parents. I run bi-weekly educator training at my school that can be used to gather and disseminate information to and from educators.
I will not belabor my professional experience in detail. However, I have worked in high schools for the past six years in DCPS in various capacities, and counseled teachers, students, and parents . Additionally, I played an integral role in the approval of Sustainable Futures Public Charter School in their application. My role on that team was to utilize my knowledge of DCPS graduation requirements to ensure that the alternative model proposed by the team would not harm students who attend and then move back into DCPS schools. I am also currently working with a team that will propose a middle/high Montessori school to the Charter School Board, and my role on that team is to design the transition model of non-Montessori students in to the model that is very different from their traditional school experience. I am steeped in the work, both inside and outside of DCPS, that is most effected by high school education policy in D.C.YesI would just hope that there may be an option to participate via phone or video sometimes because I have three small children. Is there any plan for providing childcare if we really want to make meetings accessible to parents? Additionally, if the goal is to get meaningful engagement from those of us from East of the River, I would advocate for a regular meeting location on that side of the city.- Saturdays would be great.
- Evenings on Mondays or Wednesdays also would work from 6-8pm.
6/14/2017 13:58:41Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationBrian Taltoan3N/AN/An/aDirector Of School Counseling DCPSn/aThis is currently part of the work thread that I do for DCPS, and assisting with evaluating the requirements is essential.In my current role I am an advocate for all stakeholders.As a parent of three and well over 20 years of experience in the education field, I believe I am able to provide a meaningful contribution to all related discussions.Yesnot at this time.Weekdays from (5 -8 pm), occasional weekend hours
6/15/2017 13:49:50Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationNicholas Ledyard1N/AN/ADCPSteacher: early childhoodI will be embarking on a new career path in education policy in the fall and am highly interested in the development of vocational and skill-based opportunities for middle school and high school students. Such improvements in public education (which will need to occur first through the adjustment of policies and graduation requirements) can lead to increases in student engagement, additional opportunities for students to develop skills that could benefit them later in life (either through a career or personal interests), and improvements in the diversity of programming available to students to increase the likelihood of graduating from high school.As a ECE teacher, I have a unique perspective on how to provide engaging opportunities to students that empowers and challenges them, ultimately allowing students to develop a love of learning that leads individuals to actively improve their own skills, understandings, and ultimately, their lives. A perspective of how education begins (in Pre-K on) could be useful on this task force through consideration for alternative types of programming and additional strategies and policies to increase engagement and reduce drop-out rates in our community. Since I am knowledgable of where students' educations begin and the trajectory that leads them to high school, graduation, and beyond, I have the background to be a member of the task force that advocates for the needs of the city's students in a practical and data-based manner.While my experience as a teacher is limited to kindergarten through eighth grade, my understanding of the path students take that leads them to high school (knowledge of vertical progression of learning) is a perspective that could help to lead to realizations around how to adapt not only requirements in high school, but also the programming that will support the meeting of those standards by students in DC. Part of the nature of my work as a kindergarten and first grade teacher is to interpret standards and consider how to not only provide students with opportunities to master expectations, but also to give them multiple manners by which they can convey their understandings and abilities though the use of both traditional and non-traditional forms of assessment.YesSaturdays and Sundays 10am-3pm; Monday to Thursday 7-9
6/15/2017 14:02:27Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJahari Shelton7N/AN/ASidwell Friends SchoolStudentAspen Institute National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development; DCPCSB Parent and Alumni Leadership CouncilHigh school is stuck in a time that no longer exists. Students, like myself, are entering a rapidly-changing, diverse world that needs us to be able to work towards fixing the ills of society. High school graduation requirements are not reflective of this reality as they are bogged down by traditional subject matter, most of which is becoming irrelevant in context of the 21st century and normal adult life. I represent the voices of DC high school students, African American students, and students who are already taking on leadership roles in the education space. By having such a broad representation will allow for me to receive genuine feedback from other young people across lines of difference. In order to provide information to and solicit feedback from my "constituency", I will create a Twitter account for this specific task in order to gauge thoughts from and provide updates to the students; partner with youth-serving institutions to both execute Google surveys and host in-person meetings every few months. Currently, I serve on the Aspen Institute's National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development, where I am responsible for giving a voice to high school aged students in the pursuit of crafting recommendations for school leaders across all sectors to implement authentic SEL in addition to academic achievement. I believe that this has given me some insight into working with educational leaders to affect policy, protocol, and programming. YesI am free during the week between 6 and 9pm and on Saturdays from 2-8pm.
6/16/2017 8:48:18Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationKimberly Martin3DCPS parentHigh school parentWilson High SchoolDCPSPrincipalYes, PTSO, LSAT, Diverity Taskforce, etc.I have been a high school principal for more than 15 years and I am the parent of a rising senior. I believe I have a unique skill set that would lend itself to this committee.I could represent many perspectives: I was an out-of-boundary parent, but I am no longer. I am an employee of a high school, and also the parent of a high school student. I am a school leader, and have the respect of other school leaders in the city. I am a student at Georgetown, and I spend a great deal of time thinking about the challenges of urban education.I am now earning a second Master's degree. I attend the Georgetown DCPS-Executive Master's in Leadership. I have been a high school principal for 15 years in three different states. I am currently the principal of the largest comprehensive high school in DC. I was a high school English and Social Studies teacher before becoming a principal. I have completed the course work for a Doctorate in Urban Education and Policy Studies. I have taught college classes for non-traditional students.YesSchool-related conflicts. I have many after school meetings, but can make adjustments with appropriate amount of time.Wednesday from 4:30-7:00; Thursday morning from 8-10:00; other times as needed with notice.
6/16/2017 9:36:39Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationCathy Reilly4N/AN/ASenior High Alliance of Parents, Principals and EducatorsExecutive DirectorS.H.A.P.P.E. , Ward 4 Education Alliance; C4DCThese requirements effect the communities, children and families of the District. I would like to make sure discussion and potential decisions reach back to those that have learned from the past and those coming up. I convene two open meetings a month that can support that process. The requirements not only effect the level of preparation and exposure our students will have as citizens and in different fields but also the budgets for our schools. I am interested because I feel it is so important. I have worked as a co-founder and director of S.H.A.P.P.E. for almost 20 years. Along with our monthly meetings in a different high school each month, we work to solicit the input of parents, students, teachers and administrators from across the city on the issues affecting the young people in the DCPS high schools. I will strive to represent these diverse voices in this discussion. I will do that by making sure they are informed and have a chance to contribute. I also work with the Ward 4 Education Alliance and will make sure many of the younger families in Ward 4 are well informed and can contribute to this discussion through my involvement. My experience as the director of S.H.A.P.P.E. has allowed me the chance to learn a lot about the education policies here in the District, some of the issues with the implementation of any policy and some of the unintended consequences of policies enacted with the best of intentions. I have also seen well thought through and carefully written policies make a vital positive difference.

In addition I am the parent of 3 graduates of DCPS and have heard their reflections and seen their paths and those of their friends. I have served on the LSAT committees of three high schools at different times over a number of years.
YesI would prefer late afternoon meetings which are not offered here; of the meetings offered I would prefer Wednesday evening. Two Saturdays a month would be difficult and Monday mornings impossible.
6/16/2017 9:48:59Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationRichard Trogisch5N/AN/ANODCPSPre K through grade 12 Principal of School Without WallsNoAs a school principal, I would like to participate in the development of graduation requirements based on my 11 years in DCPS and 3o as a principal in other states and countries.I will represent studentsMy 30 years of expereinece as a high school , middle school and elementary principalYesProfessional development already schedule in July by my Instructional SuperintendentDuring the day 8:00 until 3:00
6/16/2017 11:53:56Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationWill Perkins1N/AN/AAmerican Univeristy/21st Century School FundStudent/InternC4DCI moved here six years ago to teach in DC public schools. I have worked in both a DCPS middle school and a public charter high school, teaching several different grade levels, and so have an intimate connection with learning throughout the secondary level. As detailed in a recent Washington City Paper article written by a DCPS teacher, I agree that we should explore alternatives to our current one-size-fits-all system. Too many students slip through the cracks and graduate without the skills necessary to be successful in college. This is an absolute tragedy, and we must do something to reform our requirements. I am out of the classroom now, but remain closely engaged with local education policy as a graduate student and part-time intern with the 21st Century School Fund, an organization that advocates for equitable spending in DC schools. I want to serve on this task force because I believe including student and teacher voice in the process will make our graduation requirements stronger, more flexible, and better aligned with what our kids need to succeed in college and in life. I will represent the voices of teachers and recent students, both in the DCPS sector and in the public charter sector. I have former colleagues now working throughout the District and maintain connections with even more educators through social media. My former students, some of whom will graduate next spring in the Class of 2018, are scattered throughout the city as well. If chosen to serve on this task force, I will solicit feedback from students and teachers and communicate their feelings back to the task force. My work at the 21st Century School Fund this year has also introduced me to a wider community of community leaders and activists. This year I have attended and will continue to attend meetings of the Cross-Sector Collaboration Task Force, The DC Education Coalition for Change (DECC) the Ward 4 Education Alliance, the Wilson Feeder Education Network, and the Coalition for DC Public Schools and Communities (C4DC).I have experience teaching in both a DCPS middle school and a public charter high school and remain closely engaged with local education policy. My experience includes work in nearly every grade from 5th to 12th grade, and so I understand what student achievement looks like at several levels. As an educator, I also took part in CCSS-aligned curriculum development, dozens of Flamboyan home visits, and led my department as its chairperson. Now as a graduate student studying public administration at American University, I am learning even more about local education policy and how efforts like this task force have a direct impact on students’ lives. I hope to serve on this task force because I believe teacher voice is an essential part of achieving lasting reform. YesThis fall I have class on Mondays from 2-8pm and Tuesdays from 5-8pm. Otherwise, I am available all other times including weekends. Weekdays anytime.
6/16/2017 15:02:40Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDetrick Campbell2N/AN/ADCPS GraduateANC 2ACommissionerDCPS has been an integral part of my life. I had the opportunity to dedicate my life to education within the walls of Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. Although I was steadfast and challenged in a rigorous educational program, I felt unprepared for the path that I now follow at the George Washington University. After such a tainted transition, I learned the skills needed to advance towards the goals that I have set for myself. The task force inserts me into the discussion around the educational needs of our students and their futures. People of all ages, experiences, and areas of education must take part because history is our chance to correct ourselves; I look to my history and experiences to improve DCPS.As a native Washingtonian and DCPS graduate, I represent every DCPS family and resident of the District. Everyone resident has an investment into DCPS through their children and tax dollars. Everyone wants to ensure that their children are receiving quality education and that their tax dollars are used effectively. Therefore, this affect everyone. Students will be better prepared and more competitive. Parents will be happy. Companies and firms will have a better selection of employees in the metropolitan area. Schools and teachers will have update curriculums. Colleges and universities will see all DCPS graduates as qualified candidate for admissions. The District is already equipped with various resources to provide and solicit information. This city has a Deputy Mayor for Education, a DC Council committee on education, a Chancellor, a superintendent, hundreds of high school principals, several parent-teacher associations, several universities, several education networks, commissions and neighbourhood associations that are readily available that can receive information but to disseminate it as well along with the office of the State Board of Education.Being the product of a DC Public School, I am not someone on the outside looking in. I am someone who knows what it feels like to be held to the graduation standards set by the DC SBOE. Secondly, as a student at GW, I study, research, and interact with policies that are used to manage the day to day operation of a government including education policies and standards not only for a city but for states and other countries alike.YesCollege CoursesMondays, 1PM - 4PM
Tuesdays, after 5PM
Friday, After 5PM
Saturday, Anytime
Sunday, Anytime
6/17/2017 14:04:48Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationLaura Fuchs5N/AN/AN/AHD Woodson, DC Public SchoolsTeacherWTU, Ward 7 Education Council, SHAPPEWorking in HD Woodson HS in Ward 7 for the past 10 years, I have seen first hand the affects of the graduation requirements on our students in the classrooms. In DCPS, the graduation requirements are the baseline for which schools receive funding. Currently schools like HD Woodson can only offer a few select electives beyond the high schools graduation requirements. This means any change will immediately effect what our school offer to our students. I am interested in how we can best leverage this incredibly important policy making area to best serve our students and better ensure that all our students are receiving equitable opportunities in accessing a robust education. I am also intensely proud of the work I do in the classroom, and I want to make sure that a degree from the District of Columbia continues to mean something for future colleges and employers for our students. I am first and foremost a teacher at HD Woodson. One of the courses I teach every year is AP US Government to seniors. This gives me access to students who are finishing their degrees and alumni, who can provide regular feedback on proposed changes. I will also be spearheading the student government, and can work with them to create surveys, focus groups and recruit students to formally participate throughout the process. My goal is always to provide opportunities for students to speak their minds, free of undue influence of my opinions.

I am elected to the Executive Board for the WTU and am the chair of our Committee on Political Education. These positions give me access to the members of the WTU. In the past I have created surveys, run focus groups, provided trainings, and invited elected leaders to come and hear from our teachers. I am an active organizer who is willing to make do what I have to do to boost engagement from other members and reach out to teachers, students and parents in every public high school in this city.

I am elected to the Executive Board of the Ward 7 Education Council, which gives me an opportunity to work with our residents and upcoming high school parents and students to spearhead communication and engagement in similar ways that I do with other groups.

I am an active member of SHAPPE, attending all of their meetings, and can work closely with Cathy Reilly to further inform and engage our stakeholders.
My primary experience is as a teacher. I take my craft very seriously and know the graduation requirements backwards and forwards. In college I studied political science and went on to earn my Masters in Teaching and a Specialist Degree in Education Administration and Leadership. This combination of both administrative and classroom experience allows me to see the big picture while also providing insight in to how policies work in practice. I have furthered my education by participating in a wide array of civic organizations where I use the opportunities to listen to what is being said in the community and hearing from all sorts of different members of government. I am an active student who believes in doing the homework in any activity I am engaged in. My primary goal in life is to make sure that our students are getting access to the best education system possible and I have dedicated my life to that pursuit. YesWhile I have several standing meetings each month, I can prioritize as needed. As a teacher I am not available during the school day.Best Day of the week: Wednesdays, Best time 5-8
6/17/2017 14:57:30Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationLouise Thorne 8DC public charter school parentMiddle school parentWashington Global FAMILIES ON THE RISE Outreach and advocacy I feel it is vital to assure that our students recieve a fair chance of equal education that will assure them the right designated paths to become successful through educational programs that better suites the needs of our student lives. I feel that with the voices that I have had to use in advocating for my own children challenges as other families through school must continue to help strengthen others to become successful through education. I will be a voice of all ! Why ? Because in order to make changes successful it must be a joint effort with educators and parents to help students understand their best entrest is at heart in this matter. The teachers and the students will likely be most impacted by the changes. I would provide information by holding a few information session with a panel to explain the changes and allow questions to be asked at that time with the panel to respond to the questions. I would also provide a feedback box . I am the parent of 12 wonderful children 11 of whom has already completed high school and has successfully transitioned into professional environments .As being their only advocate throughout their lives taught me to enable myself to become a strong advocate for others whom may other wise not have a voice to be heard. Also as the first parent educator ever hired by the children's health project of DC for Children's national medical center my position was to advocate for families with students most at high school level and some with special needs and today I am founder of FAMILIES ON THE RISE .YesDURING THE WEEK Monday -Friday 8AM-1PM
6/17/2017 20:15:40Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationTim Finklea6N/AN/AShe's 2American Association of Colleges for Teacher EducationDirector for Engagement and SupportNoI'm a DC resident, my daughter is 2 and parents we are highly invested in DC providing quality education for all students. I'm a former teacher at the P-12, college instructor and administrator. I first and foremost represent my daughter will be attending school in DC. Second I represent DC residents who want to see the schools and perform and help students from under represented populations I work for an organization that provides support to every teacher preparation program in the country. As a former teacher college instructor and administrator and I can actually speak to education because I'm a practitioner. YesNoAnytime
6/19/2017 7:14:21Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDavid Tansey5N/AN/ADCPS - McKinley Tech High SchoolMath TeacherSHAPPE, Langley PTA, Math for America, WTUAs a high school teacher, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what my students need to be successful in this world. Currently, many are not being served properly by our schools. These students graduate with little mastery of the expected academic content, an undeveloped sense of the world and the risks and opportunities ahead, and no sense of agency in navigating our often socio-economically immobile world.

I believe by considering our graduation requirements carefully, we can reduce the number of students who leave our system so ill-prepared. I feel it is my duty as an educator and as a committed District community member to attempt to do so.
I will represent a balance of high school teachers' voices and neighborhood school students' voices. The former is necessary because secondary teachers, as the last public educators to work with all of our youth, serve a unique role ensuring our students are ready for life as adults. We need the graduation requirements to aid us in bearing this responsibility.

I will also represent the voices of neighborhood high school students, particularly those who come to feel that school is not of particular value. At Dunbar I ran a student club that would often speak on these issues. So I have a sense of what about school makes students feel they are not being served by it. I believe some of these issues could be addressed by amending our graduation requirements.

I am very well connected with my network of secondary school teachers. I already reach out to them regularly to discuss city wide education policy. I will continue to do so should I serve on this task force. I also run an after-school club where students discuss contemporary issues while exploring how they might become leaders and affect change on issue. This both gives me a forum to expressly discuss the task force's ideas with students and it has given me the ear informally of many different students.
I have taught high school students in DC Public Schools for 8 years, primarily at a neighborhood school. I have seen students graduate who were clearly not ready for college and/or career and I reflected on what opportunities were missed to help them along the way. I believe my experience teaching high school students and advocating on their behalf will allow me to inform the task force on how the city's graduation requirements get translated into school-level policies and into our students' lives.YesThe 4th Tuesday of the month I attend SHAPPE meetings.Mon-Fri - 4:30 to 8:30 pm. Saturday - Sunday - All day.
6/19/2017 11:29:50Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationPaige Veliz-gilbert7N/AN/ADC Public SchoolsTeacherLSAT, SHAPEEnsuring high standards and flexibility for students and families is just as important as maintaining the public's trust that students are prepared to meet the demands of work/life upon graduating. My interests in serving on the task force are multifaceted. As a resident, teacher, and tax payer, creating graduation requirements that are rigorous and that give all students paths to success is paramount. Additionally, the task force will have to consider changes that reflect 21st century realities and prepare students to have a positive impact on the community, regardless of their ultimate path through high school or plans after high school. As a high school teacher, deeply connected with staff, students, and parents, I would represent several groups that would be impacted in the short term and the long term. Changes to grad requirements will immediately impact schools, families and teachers; however, each graduate also has an impact on our community far beyond their high school graduation. I already have a variety of ways that open lines of communication and engage students and families throughout the year via email, phone, text, mail, and apps. In addition to these methods, I would host focus groups and parent-teacher-student-resident meetings where community members can engage in the process and provide feedback. Comments will be added to a Google drive where those unable to attend can also weigh in. Finally, living and working in Ward 7 keeps me in contact with local businesses, neighbors, and those community members not directly involved in DC schools on a day to day basis.All policy eventually impacts teaching, learning, how schools operate, and how they are funded. As an educator, I am naturally wired to keep up with current education policy, trends, and research that speaks to past policy successes and failures. Some of my research in grad school examined outcomes in districts that adopted alternative paths to graduation or alternatives to a state exam, such as capstone projects. Prior to becoming a high school teacher, I was the Director of Instruction for a free youth program that teaches life skills through sport. We served hundreds of students (age 7-17) and families in DC. The staff leadership training was intensively focused on primary and secondary education policy, research, and outcomes, including social-emotional development. We held programming in all four quadrants of the city, giving me insight to the disparate needs across our city. YesI would be unable to attend any meetings that conflict with the school day.Weekday evenings after 5; weekends anytime
6/19/2017 16:26:57Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJulie Camerata1DC public charter school parentMiddle school parentDCI PCSDC Special Education CooperativeExecutive DirectorDC's State Advisory Panel for Special Education (SAPSE)Students with disabilities represent approx 15% of students enrolled in DC's public schools. There is both a graduation rate gap and a post-secondary outcomes gap for this population. This task force creates an important opportunity for looking at how DC's graduation requirements impact this population.As ED of the Special Education Cooperative (Co-op) I have the honor of working with 48 of DC's 65 charter LEAs. Throughout the school year we have multiple in-person meetings with Special Education Leaders from charters as well as active online communities of practice. Both will be used for the information sharing/feedback loops. In SY15-16 we launched direct service programming for HS students with disabilities called DC3C. We will be able to connect with students directly through this program.I am a former high school special educator and program director. I have worked at the Co-op for over 12 years and have participated on various city-wide workgroups (sponsored by OSSE). YesThe SAPSE meets once per month on Thurs eve (6-8) so that would be a potential conflict.I prefer meetings during business hours (8:30-6) if possible!
6/19/2017 19:42:29Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDoris Dupuy7DC public charter school parentHigh school parentRichard Wright Public Charter SchoolBright Beginnings, Inc.Deputy Director of ProgramsNoAs a resident of Ward 7 who has always sought to enroll my nephew in DCPS, I have been disappointed with the options in my ward. I also have experience working with other schools in DC when I placed college students in student teaching placements throughout city. Through that work, I was exposed to different school settings and have always disliked how school requirements and opportunities were different or "lesser than" for children who lived in my ward. I would like to be able to advocate for the children in my ward so that they are well prepared for success after high school. High school graduation requirements play a major role in the preparation of our children.I will represent parents of Ward 7 who want high standards and fair regulations and policies for our children's schools. Because I live in one of the wards with the highest number of schools, I believe the impact of these requirements will be felt heavily in my community. So, it is important that the decisions and subsequent roll-out of the plan are inclusive, effective, and provide for ongoing feedback. In order to provide and solicit feedback, listservs, emails, and membership on organizations like NextDoor will be very important. Getting on agendas of the numerous ANC meetings throughout DC will also be instrumental in this process.I have a degree in education and have worked in school settings for the past 13 years. I am currently the deputy director of programs for Bright Beginnings, a child and family development center for homeless children and families. I have worked at the collegiate level with student teachers who taught at DCPS and charter schools. And I am the guardian of a high school student who attends a DC charter school. I am also a member of the National Head Start Association and DC Association for the Education of Young Children. I understand the importance of education, especially when the community is involved and considers education to start from birth. This mindset ensures that we work with children and their parents to impact meaningful change.YesI am available Saturdays from 10am - 3pm and most weekdays from 6pm to 8pm.
6/19/2017 19:53:07Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationChioma Oruh4DCPS parentElementary school parentTakoma Education CampusInclusive Prosperity Coalition for the educational protection of children with disabilitiesParent Advocate Yes, Early Childhood Education Policy CouncilAs a parent of children with disabilities in coalition with other parents, it is important to participate in transition plans impacting all levels or public and public charter education. Thus, my participation in the process will add a voice of the future and include a perspective that expands on the great work being done on secondary transition for youth with disabilities currently going on.There are two critical voices that I represent: parents of children with disabilities and children with disabilities. These are voices that aren't always included and with new Supreme Court ruling in the Edmonds case, it is important to adjust graduation criteria for children with disabilities with this landmark ruling in mind. Having a task force that studies this case and also observes how other states adjust to this ruling would be important at this time and I know that I bring value to this body to be able to scientifically perform this task for changing guidelines to DC public and public charter high school requirements. As a parent advocate familiar with IDEA and the recent ruling in the Edmonds case, as well as a professional researcher with a Ph.D. in Political Science, I am confident that I bring value to the general functions of this body and specifically to areas pertaining to secondary transition for children with disabilities.YesNone at this time I'm flexible with heads up but prefer Wednesdays 6-8pm or Saturdays 9am-3pm.
6/19/2017 19:56:01Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationMaurice Douglas7DC public charter school parentHigh school parentNational Collegiate Prep Georgetown UniversityProfessorI have worked with youth for over 21 years and am concerned about their success.I would be representing the role of parent and educator by providing a voice normally not heard from my ward. The students will be impacted most, but I feel the parents need to totally understand what's going on not hearing it just from their child.I have been a high school educator and administrator. YesEvening 6-8 pm
6/19/2017 20:27:51Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationKathleen E Arnold4N/AN/ANoneRetiredN/ANoEven though I am now retired, I came out of retirement and served as the Education Advisor to Marion Barry for 3 years. During this time I had an opportunity to see up close and personal many of the needs of the schools in that Ward, as well as I had the opportunity to speak directly with students in the Ward and hear their desires for what they considered "better education." During this time I served on several committees, attended several Charter School Board meetings, and had close relationships with many principals. Further, I have nieces and nephews who attend charter schools in the District. One nephew is currently a 11th grade attending IDEA Public Charter School.My primary purpose, should I be selected to serve, will be to serve the interest of the students. It is important to conduct research to know what are college requirements to ensure that District of Columbia students will be able to successfully qualify to enter the college of their choice. I believe that any and all information/research gathered must be in writing to ensure a comprehensive final report to the Board.As previously stated, even though I am now retired, I came out of retirement and served as the Education Advisor to Marion Barry for 3 years. During this time I had an opportunity to see up close and personal many of the needs of the schools in that Ward, as well as I had the opportunity to speak directly with students in the Ward and hear their desires for what they considered "better education." During this time I served on several committees, attended several Charter School Board meetings, and had close relationships with many principals. Further, I have nieces and nephews who attend charter schools in the District. One nephew is currently a 11th grade attending IDEA Public Charter School.YesI am the Executive Vice President of the Lightview Cooperative Board of Directors that meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.With the exception of the 2nd Tuesday of the month, because I am retired I am available what ever time is identified. With proper notice, I will assure that my personal schedule does not conflict with the final schedule posted for this Committee.
6/19/2017 20:27:56Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationFrances Whalen7DCPS parent, DC public charter school parentElementary school parent, Middle school parentHouston ES, Chavez MS-ParksideFairfax County Public Schools-Office of Safety and Security Console Operations Specialist Houston ES PTA President Since my children and their classmates are future DCPS graduates as a parent and a HS graduate myself I want to be part of the progress for students. The gap between some students attending and advancing from elementary to secondary schools is hard to ignore and needs to be addressed.I will represent the voices of concerned parents. There are changes I would like to see to continue to make our students more competitive.I will be engaging parents and educators at our PTA meetings about what they would like to see implemented or improved in the school system to best fit the needs of our students and their advancement.As a parent who volunteers in the school I see children at their early educational development stage. I know in order for children to be a success, they need resources. I'm willing to work and explore options available now and that can possibly be created to continue in making strides in the education process.YesI work every two-three days but with advanced notification , I can work around my schedule.Every other Saturday morning until 2pm or evening times from 6:30-9pm
6/19/2017 20:29:11Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationEunice A. Greer3DCPS parent, DC private school parentN/AMy daughter has graduated.US Department of EducationSr. Researcher and StatisticianYes, American Educational Research AssociationI have a Ph.D. in Education with a speciality in literacy and assessment. I want to use my skills and abilities to help my community. We need to prepare students to be successful in a dynamic future that demands that its citizens are literate, numerate, collaborative problem-solveres who have a global perspective and who believe in their abilities to make a difference and to be successful. Our high schools need to help all of our students develop these skills, abilities and dispositions. To do this our high schools need to change what they are doing. They need to embrace and implement consistent, high standards and expectations that all of our students must meet, in order to be successful. I would like to represent teachers and students. I would like to go into schools, regularly, over time, during lunch time and meet with groups of students and teachers, and listen, learn and work with them. I'd like to organize a team of students and teachers who represent the approximately 20 high school learning centers in the District. I will take a concerted, planful effort to see that their voices are heard. It matters that they are sought out and listened to. I am willing to work on that, and will work to involve other members of the Task Force in this important effort. I work on a national testing program, the National Assessment of Educational Progress. I have worked as a classroom teacher and as a teacher educator at the University level. I have worked on standards-based educational systems, in one way or another since the early 1990s. I understand schools, and I understand how schools change (slowly, with consistent hard work, with strong systems of ongoing communication to the various constituencies with vested interests in our high schools, and with ongoing communication, support and professional development for educators). I would like to represent teachers and students. I would like to go into schools, regularly, over time, and meet with students and teachers, and listen, learn and work with them. YesI work a second job, on weekends, to help to pay for my daughter's college, so I don't travel much. I am usually here. I am available, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
6/19/2017 20:48:04Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationNurul Ashikin Bujang8DCPS parent, DC public charter school parent, DC private school parentElementary school parent, Middle school parent, High school parentTreeMrs.Assistan and study UN,EU and moreDVIDS A. US ARMYUNIVERSITY,DOMINGUES HILL(CA)JUSTINEYesLew3PM
6/19/2017 21:53:44Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationLawrence Swiader3DCPS parentHigh school parentWoodrow Wilson HSThe National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned PregnancyVice President, Digital MediaNo.As a parent committed to public school education and as someone raised in the public school tradition, I am interested in serving on the task force so that I might be a part of ensuring that our schools best serve all students and prepare them for successful lives. Education is the best pathway I know to a fulfilling life and everyone is entitled to a good public school education.Most immediately, I represent my daughter's voice since she is a current public high school school student. I also talk frequently with parents in my neighborhood and other wards--with a variety of backgrounds--and would seek to represent their voices as well--and those of their children. Through my work at The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, I interact with many teens and learn from them what motivates young people to succeed and also what barriers they face on the way to achieving their goals; I represent them too. My work in digital media makes me very familiar with tools that I may use to solicit feedback. I would use those tools, but old-fashioned ones too, like face-to-face interactions, to make sure I am representing the groups I represent.I benefitted from a public school education and want to pass on that privilege to future generations through meaningful graduation requirements and a great education. I am an instructional designer by training and my expertise is in understanding how people learn best. I have also taught at the college level (and continue to teach through guest lecturing) and understand the preparation students need to succeed in college. Last, my work in using digital media as a tool to prevent teen pregnancy has put me in close proximity to the young people most at risk and I have seen, first hand, how unprepared minds lead to missteps later in life. It's not just a matter of learning, of course, but school is a critical part. Moreover, my familiarity with digital media both allow me to understand in depth the world in which our youth reside and how important it is that they become experts at using technology for their future benefit, lest they be left behind.YesI return from vacation on July 31.Wednesdays are best, Saturdays are second best; Mondays are difficult, but not impossible.
6/20/2017 0:40:48Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJohn Luckett8N/AN/ANoneEx Conflict CEO and President NoBecause I want to make a difference and get more involved with the community I live in. I will represent all the people of my community and plan to have a news letter and website to share information with the community. I grew up in the black community and have been faced with a the challenges that are in the black community. The one issue that I want to address is the dropout rate. I am a high school dropout that had to navigate through like without my diploma and know firsthand the trials and tribulations that young men and woman face when they dropout. YesNoI am available anytime, day or night.
6/20/2017 6:48:02Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationKristie Edwards4DCPS parentElementary school parentRandle Highlands ES DCPSPrincipalN/AI was an assistant principal for grades 10-12 in ward 1for 5 years. During that time I worked to ensure students received necessary credits to matriculate. This was not an easy task at times based on the student, needs of the students or work needed to graduate. I am dedicated to ensuring that students each that goal of success not only at the high school level, but to begin that trajectory at the elementary level.I currently serve as a principal in ward 7. It is important that we begin the work of preparing our students and parents for the road ahead. Many of my parents were not high school graduates and therefore may need assistance in navigating this process with their scholars. I too am preparing a scholar to cross that threshold and as such want to make sure he is equally prepared to meet the requirements with no reservation. I will use whatever means I can to expose, educate and articulate the expectations for our scholars and how they can be met.I was a higschool assistant principal for 5 years. I was charged with ensuring those students experienced the opportunity to walk across the stage and prepare for their new journey. This included ensuring all courses were met, community service completed, internship hours completed and students had a plan for after high school and college. I dedicated time and attention to talk with my scholars along with our counselors and parents to prepare them to graduate.YesYes. May have meetings at my school that may or may not allow me to attend. If selected, I can work diligently with the committee to plan ahead.Wednesdays from 6-8
6/20/2017 6:50:29Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDr. Bruce Purnell5N/AN/AN/AThe Love More MovementExecutive DirectorWard 7 Prevention Network, I instruct leadership classes at Maya Angelou PCSIt is extremely important that our students are prepared to compete within and among a world economy. The requirements tend to shape the process; therefore, I would like to support the framing of ultimately, what their diplomas will represent.I will represent a perspective from a wide array of roles. I am a grandfather of 6 with 4 of my grandchildren attending DCPS schools, my 2 children came through and graduated, I have advocated for many education causes, I currently work as a partner with the schools, have crafted curricula as well as advised and counseled students, parents and educators. Because I work with each group, I represent a perspective that takes each lens to account. I believe that the students will be most impacted; but the parents and educators will also be affected.I am a psychologist who has worked in the trenches of the community for the last 20 years. I have seen what has worked and not worked with the education experience. YesNoMondays: 8am-12pm, 6pm-8pm; Tuesdays: 8am-10am; Wednesdays: 8am-12pm; 6pm-8pm; Thursdays: 8am-12pm; Fridays: 8am:12pm Saturdays: 8am:10am; Sundays: After 2pm
6/20/2017 7:25:40Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationEmyrtle Bennett4N/AN/A Anne Arundel County Public Schools Behavior Specialist . I am certified as a licensed professional counselor with an advanced professional certification in school counseling. I am an experienced high school counselor. I have a deep interest in the school system and the children of the District of Columbia. My experience and knowledge regarding graduation requirements and requirements to be ready for the workforce and College. I have manage and have an understanding of high school transcripts as the director of counseling and and as college counselor. My experience working with colleges in regards to college requirements is another indicator of my ability to be an experience member of this committee. I am a resident of the district and I am desirous to serve in the city that I reside and Love. I have a great interest in the people of the district and their children. With that I have a tutoring and college research service for constituents in the District of Columbia. I am a recruiter for a large college and recruit students from the District. I tutor and advise families on high school requirements, college preparation and successful college and workforce entrance. I am a recruiter for several full and partial college scholarships which I solicit, prepare, and secure DC residents. I help students to manage their transcript, prepare for standardize test, and other academic counseling as needed. I have experience working with the District of Columbia in their workforce development with residents of the District. I will service the many families and students that I service through my work with students and families of this district. I am faithfully emerging myself In the current research in education policy through my work as an educator, workforce development counselor and college entrance counselor. All of the list of tasks require a meaningful understanding of high school education policy. In my working with colleges I am abreast of the necessary requirements for college entrance, the requirements with moving into the world of work, and aware of necessary policy for workforce development as well as understanding the sequencing of high school courses for preparation for life beyond high school. Yes I am most available Monday through Thursday 6:30 PM to 9 PM. Willing to change if necessary.
6/20/2017 10:43:28Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJeffrey Nellhaus3N/AN/ANoneParcc Inc.Chief of AssessmentNoI moved to D.C. 7 years ago from Massachusetts where I held a number of positions with the Massachusetts Department of Education, including Deputy Commissioner of Education. In that role, I led the development of "MassCore," which is a recommended course of studies for high school graduation. I also played a leadership role in developing and implementing the state's high school competency determination test, including alternatives ways to demonstrating competency. I will mainly represent the voice of students, but also can represent the voice of policymakers who need common sense ideas for holding high, but defensible standards for student achievement. From my experience, students will rise to the occasion to meet high standards, if provided the academic, social and emotional support they need. I will not be working full time this coming year, so I hope to gain access to students to get their input. I could help develop and analyze the results of a student survey, if desired.As I mentioned earlier in this application, I served on a similar task force in Massachusetts. I also have a good sense of what students need to know in order to succeed after high school, whether in college, or in a job with career potential.YesNoI could be available anytime, preferably during the week.
6/20/2017 10:46:25Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDarien Harris5N/AN/AN/AChildren's Book AuthorI am a currently a children's book author (www.scottiebenjamin.com). My previous experience includes teaching Washington D.C. Youth (ages 14-21) for four years at the New Beginnings Youth Development Center. I was directly responsible for building and teaching several curricula, including the English, Math and Workforce Development curriculum. I became extremely familiar with the graduation requirements and the obstacles facing our youth in achieving those requirements. I will represent the voice of the students, along with the voice of educators. During my experience teaching, I was able to build mutual relationships with students. These relationships allowed me to have a glimpse into the mindset of our youth. I will provide information to and solicit feedback from these groups by actively seeking opportunities to interact with these groups. These interactions will be focused on the pros and cons of the high school graduation requirements.I was a full time teacher serving Washington D.C. youth, ages 14-21, for four years. YesN/AI am available anytime.
6/20/2017 11:18:18Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationOliver Roy3DCPS parentElementary school parent, Middle school parent, High school parentDunbar and Kelley millerThe Linner FoundationExecutive directorYesTo help in all areas I can.I will represent all parents as an advocate.I'm a parent and an advocate for parents of children with special needs.YesNoI'm open to any.
6/20/2017 11:45:36Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationGregory Banks4N/AN/ANone Stand As Ten ThousandPresidentFutures Without Violence/Glysen/DC STEMI am a homicide survivor having lost my brother to murder. I have since become an advocate for young people, especially teen agers. My anti violence nonprofit has worked with high school students from Friendship Collegiate and Ron Brown. I understand first hand the challenges high school students face and my efforts are to provide as much support to ensure their success from high school into college or career they may choose.I represent the concerned citizens population who are committed to the success of our youth. I represents those adults who have stepped up to the plate to ensure our youth have a fighting chance to graduate high school. Having custody of four children for several years helped me to build skills and identify needs to encourage, support and challenge my nieces and nephews to be better. I use those skills in my nonprofit to encourage and provide youth with exposure to experiences outside of their environment and provide opportunities to challenge their thinking to help improve decision making and critical thinking. I have worked with D.C. youth since moving to D.C. I can provide experience to what I've seen first hand that limit learning and believe those experiences can transcend to DC school policy. YesWeekday mornings.I am available during the evenings from 6-8pm and Saturday mornings.
6/20/2017 15:36:24Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationDr. Letty Maxwell6N/AN/ANoneMaximumED, LLCManaging Member of Education FirmNoI'm an educator with over 20 years of experience as a teacher, administrator and community stakeholder. As a valuable member of the D.C. community, I want to make sure that our instructional staff and students graduating from DCPS are equipped and prepared to take on the various roles in the near future. It is our job to set them up for success, so they can maintain and sustain opportunities that are afforded to them such as a college entrance, DC workforce, parenting, or government employment. It is important that we work as a team to give our teachers and students the best resources, support, and rigor that will allow them to compete with their peers on any level once they exit school. I aim to represent the voice of the educators, who will be duly responsible for the quality of instruction provided and shall hold a piece of the accountability component to this necessary task. I shall conduct surveys, community meetings to solicit feedback to the educators. I am a resident of DC, with over 20+ years of classroom, administrative and community education experience. As a national education expert for a great number of state departments of education throughout the country, I have great insight and able to contribute to any discussion related to education policy. My most recent and where I can make the most impact is in the area of assessment and evaluation alignments. I can shed light on what's expected of educators and students regarding high school assessment in order to graduate from a local and international perspective.

As senior level manager, I worked with a team of six members to successfully put together the infrastructure of an online high school (Blue Ridge Academy (DBA) EdOptions Academy). It was there that I was instrumental in the development of the school's graduation requirement, accreditation, course selection, weighted grades, diploma and transcripts.

In closing, my background as an adjunct professor and advocate for embracing innovative education initiatives, that give students a cutting edge on the stiff competition they face upon graduation.
YesI do not foresee any conflicts. My schedule is flexible to meet the needs of the task force.
6/20/2017 16:19:40Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationThomas N. Brown7N/AN/ATraining Grounds Inc.Executive DirectorNoAs someone who has attended DCPS schools, and a parent and grandparent of children who have attended DCPS and DC Public Charter Schools, I believe this experience alone gives me valuable insight. However, I have been fortunate to have worked in several DCPS and DC Public Charter schools, this has afforded me a perspective that also helps me to understand the community and staff experiences, that are pillars to school culture and success. For the past almost 15 years, I have run a small community based non- profit that provides afterschool and summertime programming for grades K-12, this has been a great lesson in identifying some of the personal barriers that impact a child's performance in school. These observations and experiences I hope to offer in this role on the task force.A great deal of my work over the past several years has been in workforce development. It is often that we encounter individuals who have disengaged from the traditional course offerings in our schools. Many times they have expressed feelings that their interests ( i.e. trades, entrepreneurship, arts) aren't properly presented as viable options for continued pathways for sustainable living wage careers. Thus, we often see students who disengage from the learning experience. Additionally, other voices are students who can't recognize their particular talent or interests in any career option. I believe a career exploratory program could be helpful in exposing young minds to many possibilities available to them as post- secondary experiences.My previous work in high schools as an instructor, and my current work in post -secondary training and workforce development, I believe enable me to contribute to these discussions. Additionally, having five children who have graduated from the DCPS and DC Public Charter school systems over past 15 years, I believe is another qualifier. YesNot at this timeMondays 8a -12pm
6/21/2017 6:16:36Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationAndrea Fields7DC public charter school parentElementary school parent, Middle school parentFriendship OnlineAppleTree Early Learning Public SchoolSpecial Education CoordinatorI am on the Multi-Disciplinary TeamI am interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force because I want all the students in the District to have a decent shot and fair chance at fulfilling their requirements for graduation. I see a lot of things that need to be changed and I have no voice if I do not get involved.I represent the students. The students need someone that will hear their concerns. The students are the last to be ask how do they feel about something that impacts their life. I have a husband, other family members, and close friends that grew up in the district. They all received a diploma from the District of Columbia. My husband and close friends are professionals. Most importantly they can relate to the high school education policy in Washington D.C.YesNoI am available Wednesdays from 6-8 PM.
6/21/2017 11:30:59Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationAdrian Thweatt1N/AN/An/aColumbia Heights Educational CampusAssistant Principaln/aThe graduation task force will help me inform my students as they get closer to the finish line. This task force will be a resource to ensure the success of my students and make sure they have all of the tools in place to graduate on time and have a college and career goal in place. This task force will allow me to make sure all graduation requirements are an equitable & fair for all of the students I serve. The voice I will represent are the parents & students that I impact everyday. My voice is their voice. There experiences depend on our leadership team and how we lead the school. I want my parents & students to have the best experience. Their future is what I hold close to my heart and the graduation requirements can impact their path. I plan to meet with my students and parents monthly during the year to keep them informed.. I have been in education for 20 years.. 15 years as a teacher an 5 in administration. YesSchool obligations.. But if I know about the meetings in advance I will calendar out the dates. Wednesdays after 1:00pm
6/21/2017 11:45:59Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationCara Fuller8N/AN/ADCPS - Ballou STAYPrincipalnoI serve students that have had difficulties graduating from a traditional comprehensive schools partly due to requirements that do not leverage their skills and experiences. Additionally, the graduation requirements should provide a pathway for non traditional adult students that need an High School diploma to enhance their economic prospects. While serving on this committee, I would like to advocate for students who often do not take the traditional path and need additional supports to graduate. As principal of an opportunity academy, I have access to over 300 students who are currently in school to obtain a diploma. I could easily host focus groups, have a town hall meeting, or conduct one on one interviews to solicit information regarding their experiences. I am very interested in ensuring our students use their voice and have the opportunity contributed to the larger conversation that would directly impact them.I have been a high school principal for over 5 years in South East, DC. Before being a principal, I worked in South East for over 7 years in Sasha Bruce Youthwork. YesJuly 29th - Aug 5thI am available during the week from 6PM - 8PM. I am not available on Saturday's.
6/21/2017 15:16:53
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Andhra Lutz3N/AN/ANoneKIPP DCPrincipalNoI am the current principal of KIPP College Prep, the KIPP DC high school. I would like to join the conversation about these important matters.I will represent my 700 students, 50 staff members, and over 1,000 families. I will include information in a monthly principal email that is sent to every family at KCP. I will also share information, and solicit ideas, from the Class of 2018.I have been an educator for 27 years. I am excited to be the principal of the high school. It is my third principalship. I was also a teacher for many years before becoming an administrator.YesNoAny time after 5:00 pm on weekdays is helpful as I would not have to leave school during the day.
6/21/2017 17:17:13
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Joanna Fox3N/AN/A
Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins University
Deputy DirectorProfessionally, I work nationally and locally, from a policy and practice perspective on improving youth's high school success and persistence in post-secondary occupations, preparing them for successful adult life and civic preparation. When I moved to DC 15 years ago I worked directly with 2 DCPS HS and 4 MS/JHS to improve math and science teaching and learning. A central element of my experience and what I can contribute is, what does it take, to successfully move students from all backgrounds through K-12 and onwards?
In this work, I would and can represent the different voices and experiences of the policy and advocacy community in thinking about graduation requirements and their implications, and could solicit collegial input and communicate information to others, depending on circumstances and appropriateness, determined collegially. In myriad site visits in schools I have listened to the voices of students and adults (teachers, counselors, administrators and others) in quite different communities and sought to understand the kinds of support that students, their teachers and families need for all to be successful.
Over the course of about 30 years, I have worked in and with about 120-150 urban and rural schools, and with educators from approximately 20 states in improvement efforts intended to enhance school and student outcomes. Beyond hands-on practice and knowing the literature/keeping up with it I have also worked considerably on the analytic and policy side, and co-authored numerous publications and case studies through the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins and our partners.
At some point in late July-early August I am going to take 10 days vacation. I have (unbreakable) professional obligations for July 7 and recurring on the first Friday of each month; also Monday mornings 11:30 - 1:30; parts of 3 days in July 15-25 and again in mid-September, likely the 15 and 18th; then Nov. 13-16. Generally, however, my time is flexible; I live in DC and go to Baltimore only a day or two a week, conducting work largely through telecommunications.
No pattern and except for the constraints mentioned in the previous paragraph, generally flexible.
6/22/2017 0:14:05
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Olubukunola Osinupebi-Alao4DCPS parent
Elementary school parent, Middle school parent, High school parent
Was a DCPS parent. Currently do not have school-age children. All my five children, by the grace of God, graduated from DCPS High School.
Federal Government Nurse ConsultantNone Currently
Ensuring 100% graduation rate is my passion. All my five (5) children graduated from DCPS high schools, and graduated from colleges, each with a graduate degree. I wrote a thesis on equipping our students with market skills. A teacher saw the potential in my oldest daughter when the school administrator wrote off as a reject and assigned her to special education section because she was not a good test taker in seventh grade. Today, she is a high school IB mathematics teacher! We just must be passionate and encourage, and equip our future generation. They are our inheritance; their future is our future. They are the future teachers, nurses, doctors, information technologist, mayors, council members, senators, legislators, presidents, business leaders, astronauts, engineers, ambassadors, and the list is inexhaustible
I am representing all stakeholders: the students without whom there will be no teachers, the teachers are needed to facilitate learning, and the helpless parents who are at the mercy of the school system to provide their children with quality education in a safe learning environment. For a winning strategy, I plan to meet with each stakeholder: students, teachers, and parents. In person meetings, emails, and other appropriate and acceptable media.

I believe all stakeholders (students, parents and teacher) will be equally impacted; maybe parents will be most impacted by the anticipated changes. Two of my children are high school mathematics teachers.
I successfully as a single parent, by the GRACE of God, ensured my five children, raised in the District of Columbia successfully graduated from DCPS high schools. I often encouraged / admonished parents to get to know their child's/children's, teachers, and friends/classmates. As a school nurse, I counselled parents to take time off from work to visit their children and make their presence known: this gives the children confidence that mom/dad is interested in their progress enough to make the visit. (parents take time off from work to attend funerals but cannot invest that same time in our children/future) education. I empowered parents not to be intimidated by teachers, and school administrators while at the same time appreciative of their roles. I encouraged teachers to invite and make their classrooms parent friendly and to see parents as partners. I made my presence known in my children's high school communities. Their teachers and friends know me. A principal once asked if I was a full-time housewife. I responded that I had three jobs, just a duty to support my children. One high school principal invited me to share my experiences with the parents of an incoming freshmen.
YesCurrently from my projections, below, I do not foresee a potential conflict: Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Mondays from 6:00-8:00 PM, Fridays 2:00 PM-6:00 PM.
6/22/2017 10:36:32
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Shenita Ray5N/AN/AI do not have childrenGeorgetown UniversityDirector for Online OperationsI am interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force because I would like to contribute to efforts to ensure that our children are prepared for the lifelong pursuit of education. We live in a global and rapidly changing world in which it's expected that Americans will have at least 4 careers throughout their lives. This reality asks that we create a solid foundation for students to continually learn throughout their lives to thrive in the world.My voice best represents educators. Higher education institutions will be directly impacted by changes to the high school graduation requirements as those who aspire to attend a postsecondary institution must meet and often exceed the minimum admission requirements. I have worked for public, Historically Black, and private universities; thus, I can collect feedback and share information from my colleagues to add value to these decisions. I have worked in higher education for over 10 years by supporting the development of programs to advance student learning and success. I earned a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction form Marquette University and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-MadisonYes
Yes, I am traveling to Paris for 4 weeks this summer, July 28 - August 27. However, I would be able to meet via video or audio conferencing.
Generally in the evenings, after 6 pm or on the weekends before 3 pm
6/22/2017 10:49:53
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Shirley Toussaint4
DC public charter school parent
Elementary school parent, Middle school parent
Washington Latin PCSFriendship Public Charter SchoolParent Liaison
Yes, I am the PAC (Parent Advisory Council) Secretary at FPCS Armstrong Campus for the past 2 years and this year I received an 'Impact Award' from PAVE (Parents Amplifying Voices in Education) for the work I've done as a Parent Liaison at FPCS.
I have had 2 children graduate from DCPCS High Schools within the past 4 years. (From Paul International PCHS and Washington Latin PCHS) I am a graduate from Calvin Coolidge Senior HS Class of 1993. I have grown through the system to see the changes from my graduate years to my childrens. If there was anything I would want to aide in, it would be with implementing accountability and building avenues towards completing requirements that compete with other states across the US.
I would like to represent the voice of the parents. I believe parents aren't always aware of the needs of graduation, especially in our low-income neighborhoods. Parents need assistance to aide their scholars with knowledge of requirements and knowledge of where they can be completed. Surveys to these areas may assist with learning what the level of need is in different areas and also feedback from office administration as well can be invited to an open forum on knowing on the inside, as they deal with parents on a day to day relationship, what parents challenges are and the need of awareness to parents. (We also need events to promote the awareness, fun events for both parent and student.)
My only experience is working in the Public Charter School Admin field since 1998, my new experience as a Parent Liaison at Friendship PCS and as a Parent to 4 children born and raised in the District. I have 2 children moving into Middle School and I would like to impact their upcoming future, as I am a Mom still struggling to complete my degree with balancing motherhood and education.Yes
Yes, i work through the Summer and at times schedule parent engagement and orientations for school in the Fall. I also have 2 children who have programs they are signed up which may cause scheduling conflict.
Wednesday 6p-8p, Saturdays 9a-3p
6/22/2017 12:15:45
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Anne Herr1
DC public charter school parent, DC private school parent
Middle school parent, High school parent
Capital City PCS, Edmund Burke SchoolFOCUSDirector of School QualitynoAs a parent of high school and college students, and as someone who works regularly with educators striving to create innovative high schools that serve students who often have not been served well by traditional school options, I'm interested in helping DC adopt graduation requirements that reflect 21st century challenges and realities.
I can represent DC parents trying to ensure that their high school options meet the needs of their students and equip them for future success, charter school educators offering high school programs, and educators seeking to create alternative models within or outside of existing schools. I have most immediate ability to communicate with charter high school leaders and staff, as I have access to regular channels for communicating and seeking feedback from this audience. I also have some ability to communicate with charter school parents and students, and would work with other parents on the task force to develop ways of communicating with parents citywide using avenues such as Ward Education Councils.
In 2000 I was one of the founders of a charter school (Capital City) that expanded to add high school grades under my leadership, and that has now graduated six classes of high school seniors. I therefore have direct experience with thinking about high school curriculum, schedules, grading and promotion policy, and expectations for graduates. In my role at FOCUS I've worked directly with charter school founders seeking to approach high school in innovative ways, including competency-based programs and diploma-granting programs for adults. In both of these roles I've seen first-hand how policy can have unintended consequences, and I think this perspective is an important one for the task force. As the parent of two high school students who have continued on to college, and one who is about to enter high school, I have an immediate connection to the experience of high school for students. I also can provide perspective on how private school graduation standards compare with public school standards.
NoNoI can carve out time either during the work day or during evening and weekend hours, so will defer to those with less flexible schedules.
6/22/2017 15:01:55
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Dean Harris5
DC public charter school parent
Elementary school parentWashington Yu Ying Public Charter School
District of Columbia International Public Charter School (DCI)
IB CoordinatorI am a faculty member and director at DCIWe are an IB for all Public Charter School that will offer IB Diploma and IB Careers Programme learning pathways to a diverse group of young DC residents. Our first graduating class will be in 2020.I intend to represent DC's IB private and charter school population. I currently moderate a listserv which connects us together ad would use this and our two monthly meetings to communicate meeting minutes to, and solicit feedback from, the group.I am the IB MYP and DP coordinator at DCI, and am also a trained Theory of Knowledge teacher. I have taught in IB schools in Europe, Asia and now the US.YesI will be out of the country in July, but could attend all other meetings at this point.Mondays from 8 AM – 12 PM and Wednesdays from 6 – 8 PM would work best for me. Thank you.

6/22/2017 15:32:37
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Dr. Marco clark6N/AN/AN/ARichard Wright PCSFounder/CEON/AYesI will hold forums and small cohort groups to discuss the graduation requirements with all stake holders.I am a seasoned educator who has a plethora experience in school leadership. YesWednesday 6-8pm
6/22/2017 15:53:12
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Phyllis Hedlund, Ed.D.3N/AN/AE.L. Haynes PCSChief Academic OfficerI serve as the Chief Academic Officer for a large public charter school serving grades PK-12. Our high school is in its seventh year. Having also worked at KIPP: College Prep, I am aware of the challenges public high schools, particularly burgeoning ones, face. During my tenure at E.L. Haynes, we have increased our graduation rate by approximately 25%. We have a unique credit recovery program that allows students to recover credits during the school year and summer intersession. This program has helped students get back on track without requiring them to sit through an additional 120 hours of classroom instruction. We are also experimenting with strategies to support students' fulfillment of community service hours. As a former DCPS parent and academic leader of a public charter school, I can represent the voices of parents and their students. I have spent extensive time meeting with students who are in danger of being off track and know their stories well. I also have the opportunity to represent educators who are implementing these requirements on a daily basis with a diverse group of students with varying needs.
As the parent of three teenagers and an educator with 29 years of experience, I feel uniquely qualified to serve on the Task Force. E.L. Haynes Public Charter School has a mission that communicates our commitment to equity and social justice. We have dramatically reduced our suspension rate with the implementation of restorative justice practices. Over the last three years, our high school graduation and on-track ninth grade rates have increased by 20% or more. As a doctoral student at The George Washington University, I researched and wrote a monograph on the impact of high stakes testing on the graduation rates of English Learners and students with exceptionalities. I have served as and elementary, middle and high school principal. I have also served as a teacher educator, curriculum developer and teacher.
YesMondays from 8AM-12PM, but I can make any of those times work.
6/22/2017 16:06:05
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Amy Barrios1N/AN/AnoneUniversity of District of Columbia
Division Chair and Associate Professor of Education
NoAs a former high school teacher and teacher of teachers within the district, I have experience working with students as well as preparing tomorrow's teachers. It is important for educators and university faculty to have input into the policies being made that directly effect district students.Educators, specifically future and current teachers; I will provide forums on campus as well as opportunities within university unit head meetings for other university educators to provide feedback. I will also create a listserve that other educators and faculty members can sign up for to provide updates and opportunities for comment.I was a former high school English teacher and have now been a teacher educator for more than ten years. I prepare teachers to work in the district and would have a vested interest in representing their ideas but also in preparing them to meet the needs of students based on updated policy.YesPotential conferences, but I can commit to attending 80% of meetings at least.Wednesday evening or Saturdays.
6/22/2017 17:22:04
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Celine Fejeran5
DC public charter school parent
Elementary school parent
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School
Raise DCDeputy Director
Professionally, I serve as the Deputy Director of Raise DC, a multi-sector partnership whose mission is to spur citywide action to improve educational outcomes for DC’s children and youth, from cradle-to-career. Included among Raise DC’s five high-level goals are high school graduation, reconnection for students who’ve dropped out of high school, and college enrollment/completion.

Personally, I serve as the Vice Chair for the Board of Trustees at The Next Step Public Charter School, a local alternative school that supports District youth ages 16-24.
A key initiative of Raise DC is the Graduation Pathways Project, a citywide effort among education agencies, schools, nonprofits, and civic leaders to act on a shared vision that every young person in the District, no matter how off-track they may be, has a path to graduation. Specifically, this collective effort has prioritized the development of citywide solutions to support immediately off-track 9th graders and older students who are “far” from graduating (e.g. low academic skills or low number of credits accrued). We hope that the insights we have gleaned from Raise DC’s local research and stakeholders will be valuable contributions as the District re-imagines its graduation requirements beyond a “one-size-fits-all” model.

Raise DC houses three collaborative networks comprised of schools, government agencies, foundations, and nonprofits – the 9th Grade Counts Network, the Disconnected Youth Change Network, and the Postsecondary Access and Completion Change Network – all of which serve students who are navigating various paths to and through high school graduation. Raise DC is committed to disseminating information via these networks, as well as leveraging them to both inform and offer critical feedback to the task force. Moreover, Raise DC hosts an annual Graduation Pathways Summit in late October/early November, which can be a useful platform to engage a broader public audience to inform, fine-tune, and vet proposals.
In additional to my current role at Raise DC, I have worked for multiple years on local youth policy issues (high school graduation, dropout prevention/reconnection, and workforce development), both as an advocate in local nonprofits and as a policy advisor in the DME.YesNone at this timePrefer Tues, Wed, or Thurs (either workday or evenings)
6/22/2017 17:43:35
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Karla Reid-Witt7
DCPS parent, DC private school parent
High school parentBanneker, The Maret School (2017 Graduate)JumpStartFamily Dynamics Specialist
The Special Education Advisory Coalition; Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development Consumer Advisory Council; Supporting Families Community of Practice; DDS Human Rights Advisory Group; Banneker PTA. I have served as a PTA officer and LSAT member at various times over the years and at various schools my children have attended.
I would like our graduation requirements to be rigorous without loss of flexibility. Our kids come in all shapes and sizes and face all types of challenges. Our graduation requirements should be designed such that we promote access and not place road blocks. There can be many paths to a world class education. Through appropriate graduation requirement design we can teach our kids resilience. We make it possible for a Plan B when Plan A falls apart.
I am a native Washingtonian, and can serve as a voice for the east of the river, as well as the physical, learning and mental health disability communities. I can serve as a voice for those raising sons and those raising daughters. I can be voice for many parents and students who would never apply for the task force because they think no one cares or for whom life, right now, is just too overwhelming. I interact with DC residents from all life perspectives. In my work with parents, I have learned to reach young parents, older parents, educated parents, less educated parent, wealthy and not so wealthy parents. I will access social media to provide information and solicit feedback, of course. I belong to list serves in every ward. I will look to my network of advocates, professionals, parents, and friends to reach beyond my circle. However, my favorite way to share and receive is through person to person communication. In my experience with parents, texting has served well. Many people have access to texting even when they don't have phone service. What's App is also a great tool for this. I'd take fellow advocates with me and, perhaps, students to share with people stopping by my local Safeway or library and hear their thoughts. To access the student voice, I would seek guidance from my kids (23, 18, and 15 years old), as well as their friends, and the children and friends of my friends and acquaintances.
I have studied education for 20 years, and participated in education and special education consumer and systemic advocacy for 15 years. I have spent more than 10 years assisting parents of students with disabilities to educate their children and to access the secondary school curriculum. I have two children who attended private schools and one who attends a public admission school. Throughout the education of my own children and while advising other parents as their children journey into secondary education, I have had the opportunity to review the wide variety of approaches to designing rigorous high school graduation requirements. Additionally, I have experience assisting parents who have students who have suffered accidents, illness, trauma, and disability to access the high school curriculum and get back on track.
NoNoI prefer Saturday but have daytime and evening flexibility.
6/22/2017 18:06:55
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
David Jones8N/AN/AN/A
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C
8C04 CommissionerNo
I'm interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force so that I can contribute in reviewing, analyzing and, making thoughtful, implementable recommendations in adjusting DC's high school graduation requirement that will affect all DCPS and public charter students. I am dedicated to ensuring students east of the Anacostia River and across the District are prepared and have the opportunity and support required to complete high school and go on to matriculate to an undergraduate education or the workforce. I am devoted to making sure this task force and our students achieve success in and outside of the classroom which will require us to commit to putting forth the right resources and be strategic in our approach that will ultimately improve graduation outcomes, and close the gap for students not only east of the Anacostia River but across the District of Columbia.
I believe I represent a variety of voices from parents, community stakeholders to education advocates. But the main voice I will represent is the voices of the students. Analogous to the goals of The State Board of Education I want to ensure that every student becomes informed and can contribute to the policies that impacts their future. For all groups, I will listen and leverage feedback from diverse perspectives and make sure that all voices are heard and everyone has a seat at the table. By representing the students, I will expand their voice when deciding on any policy changes. I will listen and solicit feedback from all who I represent by visiting local high schools and hearing directly from students on how their education can be improved. By listening to teachers and parents on how their child(ren) are performing. I will provide information from our work on the task force by disseminating electronic correspondence, social media posts and face to face interactions to all city stakeholders and more so to constituents of ANC 8C on which I serve which represents approximately 21,000 Ward 8 residents. I will ensure students, parents, educators, school partners, and other school sponsors understand the quality of the students learning experience is the focus of our task force and how the changes will best serve the future of our students across the District.
Serving as a Ward 8 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, studying Public Policy at Howard University and volunteering and partnering with local schools, enables me to contribute meaningfully to discussions related to high school education policy. I believe this task force needs fresh, strong, reform-minded, idealistic leaders who are committed to equity and excellence in our schools. It takes a village to raise a child is a popular proverb with a clear message: the whole community has an essential role to play in the growth and development of its young people. In addition to the vital role that parents and family members play in a child’s education, the broader community too has a responsibility to assure high-quality education for all students. As a public servant and community leader I have a hunger for making my community better and I know my diverse skills, knowledge and ideas will make me an asset to this task force.
YesANC 8C monthly meetings; every first Wednesdays from 6-8I am available the second, third or forth Wednesdays from 6-8 PM or Saturdays from 9AM- 3PM
6/22/2017 19:19:12
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
James Kelly5N/AN/ANADC Preparatory AcademyDirector, PrepNextI sit on the 9th Grade Change Network and Postsecondary Access and Completion Change Network with Raise DC.
I have worked in DC for four years, and have worked in college access for eight years now. The students we serve in the PrepNext attend over 50 different high schools in the district and beyond; I have been so deeply fascinated to learn about how the graduation requirements are implemented in different ways across our city. I believe there must be a much deeper communication with families about graduation requirements, particularly in the early part of high school. My current work is a combination of direct student service and lots of extensive curriculum development and advocacy on behalf of students; it would be great to learn alongside others who are trying to improve outcomes for students and to foster deeper collaboration among DC's many different education stakeholders.
PrepNext currently serves approximately 350 students between 9th grade and college graduation. Our team provides direct student advising to high schoolers at every point in their high school journey. We have a staff of six who start their work as students prepare to graduate from DC Prep, focusing initially on the critical transition from 8th to 9th grade and then on ensuring that our alumni maintain the focus and strong academic habits developed at DC Prep. The PrepNext team supports our graduates every step of the way — meeting with students at their high schools on a regular schedule, reviewing grades and consulting on course selections, leading nightly homework help/tutoring sessions, and providing counseling, support, and advocacy during the college admissions process. The team also hosts workshops and activities for alumni and families including financial aid sessions, test-prep, community service, and college visits. As of January 2017, with support from the PrepNext team, 95% of DC Prep alumni have earned their high school degrees.
I have worn many hats as an educator; first as a middle school teacher supporting high school placement, later as a founder of a college access non-profit, and now as the director of a college access program that serves students across DC. I believe the array of experiences I have had give me a unique perspective not only on the very different experiences our students face in different schools, but also on the wide variety of school-based practices to support high school graduation and postsecondary success.
YesNoI can be flexible, but evenings during the week would likely be best.
6/22/2017 20:06:06
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Bianca Butler8
DC public charter school parent, DC private school parent
Elementary school parent, Middle school parent
DC Prep currently The Prep school of DC next yearParent Action TeamVolunteer Coordinator Yes P.A.TMy purpose is to liberate my people. By joining an organization or group which allows me to have a direct impact on the future of my children and others who look like us, I can continue to live my purpose and give back while doing so. The voices of families facing divorce that may or may not have an impact on the child's education. I was am a high school graduate.YesI work weekend evenings every weekend.Monday between 11-2
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