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For which organization do you work?What is your role (list the title)?Are you a member of an education group (ward-based education council, PTA, etc)? If yes, please indicate which group(s). Why are you interested in serving on the high school graduation requirements task force? (200 word limit)Whose voices will you represent? In your response of 250 or fewer words, please tell us how you represent a group of people (e.g., educators, parents, students) who currently are or will be most impacted by changes to the high school graduation requirements. How will you provide information to and solicit feedback from the group you represent? (250 word limit)Please comment on the experience(s) that enable you to contribute meaningfully to discussions related to high school education policy in DC. (200 word limit)
The committee will meet two times per month, with the first meeting in late July 2017. Can you commit to attend 80% of all meetings? We will work to accommodate your schedule.
Are there any potential scheduling conflicts you foresee? If yes, please let us know what they are.
What time(s) of day would be the most convenient for you to attend a meeting? Please enter the days and blocks of time you are generally most available to meet. Example: I am available on Mondays from 8 AM – 12 PM, Wednesdays from 6 – 8 PM, and Saturdays from 9 AM – 3 PM.
6/15/2017 14:02:27Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationJahari Shelton7N/AN/ASidwell Friends SchoolStudentAspen Institute National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development; DCPCSB Parent and Alumni Leadership CouncilHigh school is stuck in a time that no longer exists. Students, like myself, are entering a rapidly-changing, diverse world that needs us to be able to work towards fixing the ills of society. High school graduation requirements are not reflective of this reality as they are bogged down by traditional subject matter, most of which is becoming irrelevant in context of the 21st century and normal adult life. I represent the voices of DC high school students, African American students, and students who are already taking on leadership roles in the education space. By having such a broad representation will allow for me to receive genuine feedback from other young people across lines of difference. In order to provide information to and solicit feedback from my "constituency", I will create a Twitter account for this specific task in order to gauge thoughts from and provide updates to the students; partner with youth-serving institutions to both execute Google surveys and host in-person meetings every few months. Currently, I serve on the Aspen Institute's National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development, where I am responsible for giving a voice to high school aged students in the pursuit of crafting recommendations for school leaders across all sectors to implement authentic SEL in addition to academic achievement. I believe that this has given me some insight into working with educational leaders to affect policy, protocol, and programming. YesI am free during the week between 6 and 9pm and on Saturdays from 2-8pm.
6/16/2017 11:53:56Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the applicationWill Perkins1N/AN/AAmerican Univeristy/21st Century School FundStudent/InternC4DCI moved here six years ago to teach in DC public schools. I have worked in both a DCPS middle school and a public charter high school, teaching several different grade levels, and so have an intimate connection with learning throughout the secondary level. As detailed in a recent Washington City Paper article written by a DCPS teacher, I agree that we should explore alternatives to our current one-size-fits-all system. Too many students slip through the cracks and graduate without the skills necessary to be successful in college. This is an absolute tragedy, and we must do something to reform our requirements. I am out of the classroom now, but remain closely engaged with local education policy as a graduate student and part-time intern with the 21st Century School Fund, an organization that advocates for equitable spending in DC schools. I want to serve on this task force because I believe including student and teacher voice in the process will make our graduation requirements stronger, more flexible, and better aligned with what our kids need to succeed in college and in life. I will represent the voices of teachers and recent students, both in the DCPS sector and in the public charter sector. I have former colleagues now working throughout the District and maintain connections with even more educators through social media. My former students, some of whom will graduate next spring in the Class of 2018, are scattered throughout the city as well. If chosen to serve on this task force, I will solicit feedback from students and teachers and communicate their feelings back to the task force. My work at the 21st Century School Fund this year has also introduced me to a wider community of community leaders and activists. This year I have attended and will continue to attend meetings of the Cross-Sector Collaboration Task Force, The DC Education Coalition for Change (DECC) the Ward 4 Education Alliance, the Wilson Feeder Education Network, and the Coalition for DC Public Schools and Communities (C4DC).I have experience teaching in both a DCPS middle school and a public charter high school and remain closely engaged with local education policy. My experience includes work in nearly every grade from 5th to 12th grade, and so I understand what student achievement looks like at several levels. As an educator, I also took part in CCSS-aligned curriculum development, dozens of Flamboyan home visits, and led my department as its chairperson. Now as a graduate student studying public administration at American University, I am learning even more about local education policy and how efforts like this task force have a direct impact on students’ lives. I hope to serve on this task force because I believe teacher voice is an essential part of achieving lasting reform. YesThis fall I have class on Mondays from 2-8pm and Tuesdays from 5-8pm. Otherwise, I am available all other times including weekends. Weekdays anytime.
6/23/2017 10:35:37
Yes, I agree, and I would like to continue to the application
Raia Lockerman8N/AN/AN/AKIPP DCStudentNo.High school is one of the many determining steps in what the future may bring. Not only can your high school diploma help you get better job opportunities, but it can actually help you to make more money as well. For some, it unlocks the potential that otherwise would be left dormant. By serving on this task force, I am bringing a new perspective on how exactly this pivotal era in an adolescent’s life can be altered.
Serving on this task force will enable me to bring a voice to the students’ perspectives on some of the required courses they need to graduate on time. As a rising senior at KIPP DC: College Preparatory, I have almost reached the end of my journey in high school. This has opened my eyes to how the educational requirements have held students accountable while also denying some the skills to make decisions on their own. Prior to graduation in 2018, I will use my position as a role model and academic achiever to observe students to see what would be best and what should be altered in their high school experience.
As previously mentioned, I am a rising senior at KCP. My moral leadership has been displayed in the fact that I am a member of the National Honor Society and the Student Government Association. I am also a very high academic achiever with a cumulative GPA of over a 4.0 while also being an Earl Woods Foundation scholarship recipient. I have built excellent relationships with my teachers and administrators, allowing me to easily be able to communicate through them and my peers.
I will be in Ithica, New York at Cornell University for the Summer. I leave June 24th, and I do not return until August 8th.
Monday-Friday after 5pm.
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