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Weaver Dice - Trigger Events
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Once a trigger is used, remove completely from this list, and add to used triggers tab (see bottom of page).

Moronic, joke, and thoughtless triggers aren't as cool as you think they are. They just make everyone's experience less fun, and force us to reroll to get worthwhile stuff.

Sign your work.
You're a celebrity that has been accused of a murder you didn't commit. You have evidence to prove your alibi, but it's deemed inadmissible by the court. Your fans, friends, and even your family turn their backs, all publically denouncing you. You blow all of your considerable money on a high-powered legal team, but they falter at the worst moments, and you lose your case. The legal battles go on for years, but you refuse to take any sort of plea deals, because by god you are innocent. Not that it matters. You trigger as Supreme Court sentences you to death.       Please Avoid:
                * Peanut Triggers (Dumb)
                * Dead/maimed child Triggers (Way overdone for a long while)
                * Rape Triggers (Almost always badly done, overdone)
                * Events that would never ever happen or...
                * Contrived events that'd only happen with powers involved
                * Forcing trump triggers

                * Note classifications below, fill gaps.
It had been going so well. Your small business was successful, you had a wonderful fiancée, and your family looked at you in envy at your success. But then you got a bit confident, jumped off a small height into the water, showing off. Now, you knew, that you should have checked the water before. But you didn't, and you broke your neck. A one in a million chance, the docs said, that you survived. A one in a billion chance that you can even still regain the strength in your legs. And you were happy that you did too, of course! But then... your life fell apart. Your family didn't visit you as you were lying in that hospital bed, unable to move your head. You could no longer work, and the money got tight - your business had to close. You trigger as your fiancée closes the door behind her, the ring in your hand being the only thing she left behind.Classifications:

Keep track of resulting powers & classifications as triggers are removed from list:
Mover: 8
Breaker: 5
Master: 13
Tinker: 7
Shaker: 6
Blaster: 5
Thinker: 12
Striker: 8
Brute: 4
Changer: 7
Trump: 3
Stranger: 6
A head injury leads to induced prosopagnosia - the inability to recognize people, even when you know what they look like you can't connect the dots and put a name to the face. You're alone in a crowd of your loved ones, trigger.
Car Wash? A hood ornament was struck free, and you opt to go collect it before it can pop a tire, cause problems, or the customer returns. You tell the next customer to wait two minutes, sprint through to collect the ornament, and your foot gets caught in the track for one of the roaming sprayers. Two minutes pass, and the wash whirs to life. The wax application gun is right above you, and a drop lands on your shoulder. Vents for hot water are on either side. You trigger as the door begins to open, the hoses on the far side already begin to spray, then ones closer to you...-Wildbow
The judge announces to the courtroom that the custody of your little brothers won't go to you, but to your emotionally abusive (and even psychopathic) father.WildbowTaken by someone
Car crash. You're not sure what happened exactly, but you somehow ended up trapped in a twisted wreck of a car next to the corpse of one of your best friends. You're injured, can't move, and your cellphone is out of reach. Oh, and some environmental feature (hill, trees, etc.) blocks sight from the road. After five hours and ten cars passing by without noticing you, you finally manage to grab hold of your cellphone, only to see it's broken beyond repair. You trigger. -Innocent Bystander
Your parents snooped and found your drug stash. Total overreaction. It would be bad enough if they just sent you to one of those wilderness rehab places - the sort of place where you have to hike every day and make a fire by hand at night, but this place is fucked up. The stories the others have been telling you - counsellors climbing into kid's tents, kids being punished by being whipped by branches of pine needles... you were already stressed, and this doesn't help. You sneak away to get high - speed, your drug of choice, which you managed to hide from the staff. Just when it hits you, the flashlights start to pan out, searching for you. Nowhere to hide.Wildbow
Funny thing is, you're not the type most would think of. From a nice family, though they don't talk to you anymore, and you were attractive, once, and you had all the potential in the world. But you grew up in a home without boundaries, and to test those boundaries, you had to go... a little off the beaten track. The destination was cocaine. You had money, and the money's somehow all gone. Desperate for your next fix, with vivid, crazy dreams and restlessness, depression, and feeling like shit, you can't pull the money together, and your dealers aren't forking it over. You trigger as you reach the point where you're just about ready to claw the skin off your face.-Wildbow
Your parents divorced, and it would be something of an understatement to say you were caught in the middle. In a ceaseless struggle to 'win' the divorce, you were the biggest playing piece, used against one parent and then used against the other. For your mother you were the carer, the listening ear, the sensitive one, acting as if you shared in her outrage over your father's actions. To your father you were the disciplined student, the careful one, the 'good' child. Putting on a brave face in school, trying to act normal around friends, you nonetheless were being pulled into pieces as sure as someone who was being drawn and quartered. You started to slip, elements bleeding over. Everyone seemed to turn on you, as you betrayed their expectations. It was almost a relief, to be done with it all, to be hated. You pawned off every gift you'd been given to curry favor, and bought a train out, with no plans to return. But sitting in your seat, you felt anxiety take hold. You didn't know who to be. Paralyzed, you trigger.-Wildbow
You lost your house in the aftermath of an Endbringer attack, along with dozens of thousands of other civilians. Some survived, but the lucky ones died. Daily, you must compete for resources with the uncountable number of competing scavengers. For a few weeks, you avoid conflict, sticking to neighborhoods and stores you know well. As supplies dry up in your area, you venture deeper into the city. On your first day among the fallen skyscrapers of downtown, you are confronted by a fellow scavenger, frothing at the lips and brandishing a switchblade. He wants your food, supplies, and bike. Your lifelines. You attempt to run, but another silhouette appears at the end of the street. Surrounded, you charge him. As you pick his shattered eye socket off of your can of peaches, you trigger.-Prothean
Your squad is boxed in. Bullets snap over your head and the odd grenade clouds your view with dust and shrapnel. You can't even see them anymore, but you keep shooting. After what seems to be hours of sustained combat, their assault holds strong. Out of ammo, surrounded by dead friends and comrades, and with enemy combatants hopping the fence outside the barracks, you trigger.-Prothean
You always chew on your thumb when you are nervous, removing skin so often that it grew hard. Being nervous wasn't something that just happened, though, no. It was all according to plan, just like always, standing in front of the trunk, the corpse of the girl you had inside still there. But something moved her, you saw. You saw it! Someone moved her! Her hair was not in the same position! Your teeth rip through the skin and flesh on your thumb, drawing blood. You trigger as you see blue lights, hearing loud calls. Policemen rushed into the garage. "You are under arrest!"Vern
You were born with multiple defects, due to having a junkie bitch of a mother. Your legs never grew to the right height or muscle mass, your left eye never worked, and you were born with HIV. People look at you with pity in their eyes from the get-go, but you finally manage to fit in with a group of misfits. One day, you come clean about having HIV. They all seemed cool with it, at first. Slowly, the phone stops ringing so often. Whole weeks go by without you seeing your friends. You finally confront them. They tell you it's nothing personal, but you skeeve them out. You're gross. Infected. Physical defects they could deal with, but AIDS? You aren't worth the risk. You trigger as they walk past you.SCG
There isn’t really any room for you to go lower. You live on the streets barely scraping by, doing so for years now. The only light is this girl that sometimes gives you food. Recently she even started talking to you. She appears more and more often, wants to know your story. She starts bringing you more things. First its just food but then she brings you her sibling’s old winter coat, a pair of boots from her parent and so on. And you really want to give something back. You make a genuine effort to somehow get out of your hole. You get in contact with an old friend and they offer you a job. You go for the opportunity. Things are going upwards, you get your own small place and a better job. You haven’t seen the girl for some time because you couldn’t be at your usual place but you often go there and wait in the hope of seeing her again. One day someone talks to you. It’s the girl’s sibling. She was mugged as she was looking for you and died in the hospital. You trigger as you stand in front of her grave, feeling guilty for the death of the one person that helped you when you had noone.Icarus
You've always been the funny guy. The class clown in youth, now the funny guy at the office. You make an innocuous comment one day that gets you in trouble. Soneone took offense. You get upset when HR drags you in. You get more upset when they fire you. The person you offended gets social media involved, and your career is torched. A pariah in your own field, you're reduced to working an unskilled position for a pittance, compared to what you're used to. You trigger when the bank forecloses on your house.SCG
Your kid went down the wrong road. The divorce had something to do with it, you were distracted, your priorities elsewhere. You let the kid linger in the background while your ex poisoned them against you. Kind of a trend with you, letting things malinger. Your therapist clued you into what you'd done, and you tried to make it up to the kid, but maybe, in retrospect, working 75 hour weeks at a variety of jobs wasn't the way to do it. You lost your friends, and the kid took higher priority. As the kid approaches adolescence, the cops come to the door, warrant in hand. Stowed in the basement is a massive collection of stolen phones, and the cops tracked a gps signal to one. Your kid, going down the wrong path. You cop to the crime you didn't commit, a final apology, a way of making it all up to them. As you leave the courthouse, having just pled out for a twelve year sentence, you approach the ex, intent on asking them to help the kid find the right path. You stop in your tracks when the kid flips you the bird, and you realize you've thrown your life away trying to fix an unfixable problem.-Wildbow
Fuck her. FUCK HER. FUCK. HER. She thinks she can stop you from seeing your children? You practically fly down the road in your truck, skidding into their driveway wheels squealing. You bang on the door, and they won't even open it. They threaten to call the cops, but you're not having that. You came to see your children, and by god that's what you're going to do. You get back into your truck and crash it into their piece of shit house. The airbag knocks you unconscious when deployed. You wake up handcuffed to a hospital bed. Trigger.-SCG
Step one: bomb shelter. Step two: retrofit it and the background of your house, to keep it hidden. Easy enough, when you've been thinking about this for decades. Step three: rig the shelter with locks, supplies, speakers, and cameras behind indestructible glass panes. Step four: rig a sprinkler system to run on piping hot and icy cold water, each of which can be turned on from the outside, with appropriate drainage. Step five: clothes, tools, and toys more for your pleasure than your soon to be guest's, to be used at your order. Control. Complete and utter ownership of another human being. Step six: test. Because you cannot and will not have the effect of absolute and utter control over them spoiled by a -mistake-. Testing the cold water, you see how it obscures the camera. A leak, water running over the glass. Water still running, you stride into the shelter to check the camera, enduring the cold. You adjust the screws, then make your way back. You slip, stumble, and slam the door closed. Locking yourself into your own trap.-Wildbow
You like competition. A good way to make you do something stupid is to dare you. You can't help it. So when one of your friends dares you to run across a junkyard in less than five minutes you don't even hestitate. You start to have doubts about it when you see the amount of dangerous junk around, but you continue anyways. You run like hell and everything seems to be going fine, much to your surprise. But then you hear barking. As you look behind to locate the source of the barking you trip on some trash. Your knees hurt and you're confused, but otherwise ok. Then you feel a pull. A couple of really big dogs are going crazy on your legs and you are suddenly hit with the feeling of your shin being ripped apart. Trigger as one of the dogs yanks away a piece of your flesh.Teruzi
It... was a mistake, admitting it to your parents. Coming out is hard, those forums on the internet said. Of course it is - not only finding the courage to do it, but also to live with the consequences. It started small, a bit of anger in the house, your father screaming at you all the time until you couldn't take it anymore and left. It escalated quickly as your mother called you, hoping to meet you so you could talk for a bit. She said that your father wasn't home... but he is. Together with your uncles. You barely dodge a punch to your face and run to the door, trying to open it... but finding it locked. Your mother is weeping as she holds the key. You trigger, desperately trying to open the door as the men approach you.Vern
Your brother was killed by your dad in a domestic argument. He was an artist, a free spirit, trying to find himself, while dad was a mechanic with a drinking problem. In the aftermath, the news media and activist groups online take note of a picture of your brother with long hair, during a party where called himself a girl, once, with oranges stuffed down his shirt. One prank, blown far out of proportion, as attention-seeking people at your high school claim to have been confidantes and friends of your 'sister'. Your brother is made out to be the latest in a long series of transgendered people who were killed for trying to be themselves, and your family is made out to be the stereotypical anti-trans Christian group. With dad in prison and mom not coping well at all, you're the only one left to be thrust in front of microphones and confronted with reporters. When you get caught calling your brother a 'brother' and not a sister, the local community lashes out, treating you with open hostility. Caught between defiling your brother's memory to play along with the media and standing up for the truth, you crack.-Wildbow
You work a boring desk job while your partner sits at home taking care of your kid all day. When you come home the brat is always screaming and sometimes you just can't take it anymore and shut them up with a slap or a thrown object. Then they shut up. You know your partner does the same but you don't really care, you work hard and you're tired. One day, you get a call at work. Your kid died in the hospital from inner bleedings. You trigger as the judge goes off on you and your partner for abusing your child and wishes you the very worst.Icarus
You've always prided yourself for your great memory. Every trinket, toy, gadget, it all has some deeper meaning for you, because you /remember/. They help you remember, and you remember them because of it. Your house is full of memories, constant nostalgia and euphoria as you bask idly in it. Until one day, your mother arrives at your door with your childhood therapist and another man. You invite them in, and you sit down in your favorite chair, an older plastic one from a few years ago or so. They each take a seat, and start accusing you of being a /hoarder/, of being abnormal, calling you wrong, broken. It's fine, you can deal with it- but then, they start taking things. One by one, your memories leave, until you're left completely and utterly alone. Trigger. Prothean
Why... why why why WHY? Why did that happen? What did you do wrong? What could you do to fix this? It was a small shove, just a push! The guy who always bullied you stole your bike, driving like a madman and... and just this push and he was on the floor, not moving. He was dead, you knew! Of course! FUCK! You trigger.Vern
You work hard. Harder than most, even. But sadly, you are one step behind, for no reason at all. You learn and train, but you never attain those good grades, never reach those dream positions that were promised to you. 'You are just lazy, even if you are smart, you have to work hard,'. You hear that sentence again and and again, but you work hard! Stay awake day and night, working until your hands cramp and forcing yourself to go on until they bleed from splinters the dozen or so pens you broke become too much. You trigger as you sit in front of an essay/report that is due in an hour, with only your name on the paper, and at least a hundred crumpled papers on the floor.Vern
Always a bit aggressive, you rarely held back and never pulled your punches when someone really deserved it. You always told yourself that they started it, that you were only a bit impulsive, but not really the one to initiate such fights. Then you overdid it - the son of an important man in town crossed your path, and you beat him into a bloody pulp, sending him to the hospital for months. You didn't even get to see his release, as you were arrested. You trigger in court, after all your friends betray you in the witness stand, restrained by the bailiff as the sentence is spoken.Vern
You've loved her since you were kids, but it never got as far as you wanted it to. You were always seeing other people, one always in a relationship while the other was single. You would have dropped anyone, if she had asked. But she didn't. The final time you were both single at the same time, you waited one day too late. Someone else swooped her off of her feet. You weren't happy, but you tried to be, for her. You stayed in touch, but you never got married. You always held out hope. Years pass, and you never noticed the signs, until it was too late. You trigger when you hear the news: Her husband stabbed her over 40 times, until she bled to death on their front porch.Somecrazyguy
You love spooky stories, creepy tales and the latest urban legends. You hunt them down, try to prove them, rush through the strangest of places. This time you are investigating a monster in the depths of an old school that the mayor promised to rebuild, but never did. Your flashlight flickers slightly as you turn into a small room, until you come face to face with the beast... the first time any of the legends are actually true. Or not. You recognize the symbol on it: 53. Finally standing in front of a true legend, you see the beast look up and rush at you, attempting to bite your head of. You can't move... and you trigger as you feel the monster's fangs pierce your skin.Vern
You stood by and watched, bystander as the girl you liked was bullied. She did a modeling thing, and somehow her peers, your classmates, all turned nasty. Middle school psychology, kids in a small town reacting to the possibility that someone else might escape. Calling her a slut, a whore, all that. You talked to your parents and got advice, found the courage to stand up for her. She got upset, and the lead bully called you out. Only when you met him and saw a dozen other classmates approaching from a distance, hostility in their eyes, did you realize just why she'd been upset - because she knew how very bad things might get for you. Mortal fear for your own well being fills you as you realize you might get seriously hurt. Trigger.-Wildbow
You miss her. She was a wonderful girl, someone who you could have spent the rest of your life with. But she went ahead and died, leaving you miserable, sitting alone at her funeral. Her siblings used to be your best friends, and all they do now is leave you, ignoring you, talking with everyone but you. It's not like you don't notice. All her friends, all the people that bothered to appear, but not one word for you. You trigger as you stand in front of the crowd, trying to find your voice to give a small speech, while everyone seems to be busy doing anything instead of listening to you. They can't even give her that final honor.Vern
You've always put your kids first. Your relationship with your wife got worse and worse, after you pointed out how much she was drinking. You couldn't trust her to watch the kids anymore, so you hired a nanny, and got your wife sent to rehab. When she gets back, she delves right back into her addiction, and you give up. You file for divorce. At the next hearing, she comes in with bruises covering her whole body, and a black eye, naming you as the perpetrator. She gets everything in the divorce. You trigger when the courts give her full custody of your children.SCG
You used to be popular, until you called a fellow student in your school a racial slur during an altercation. Word gets around fast, and now everyone thinks of you as a racist. It starts small, with people jostling you in the hallway. It ends with that fellow student and twenty others cornering you after school, ready to kick your teeth in. You trigger as they stare at you with hatred in their eyes.Scg
You go fishing with your buddy. You're a little worried about the gray sky, but it's your last chance to hang out with him before he heads out to basic, so you ignore it. You then proceed to ignore the choppy waves. Then you ignore the drizzle and wind. You can't ignore it, however, when the mother of all storms hits, dragging you out to sea and capsizing your boat. Trigger as your buddy slips beneath the waves, and you're left clinging to an oar for dear life as you're flung and battered by the sea.Teller
You didn't have a good life when you were young. You had food on the table, a family, yes, but the kind of family it was... it wasn't nice. Your brother moved out early, as soon as he could, and started to work, got successful, forgot about you. And then you had an accident, with 11 years you got crushed between a car and a wall. The wall won against both of you and the driver, who lost his life, and you lost your legs. If that wasn't enough, your heart started to act up. You were a cesspool of medical conditions that nobody but the richest people could pay for. Your family left you alone, abandoning you... until your brother came. He took you with him, paid for the bills, was the best person ever. But... your heart wasn't so easily mended, and you needed a transplant, which was hard with your rare blood-type. Finally having a good life... finally having a family you love, you trigger as you lie in the hospital bed, realizing that you will never receive a transplant fast enough.Vern
Your family has lived in America for years ever since you were little. You're used to keeping your head down, avoiding anything that would involve put yourself out there or attracting unwanted attention. That's why you didn't know anybody you could turn to when the dreaded IT happens. The door to your house is open when you get home from school, and nobody is home. The place is a mess, as if there was a struggle. You wait in your wrecked home for hours, curled up on the couch as the pit in your stomach growing larger with each passing minute. Eventually you have to face the facts: You're utterly alone, left behind in a country that doesn't want you there. Trigger.Teller
You see a stray dog staggering up the street, malnourished and possibly injured. Your heart breaks, and you rush forward to feed it some of your lunch. Trigger as the dog attacks you, knocking you into the mud and tearing into your hand with enough maddened vigor that you feel teeth scraping boneTeller
You were quiet and shy. You didn't bother anybody, nobody bothered you, and that's how you liked it. Your body had different plans, however. You're the first girl in class to start developing, and how - growing out of every bra bought for you, even having to get new shirts. It's awful. The boys ogle and whisper lewd comments, but there are a pair of girls who are worse. They're the popular ones who are used to getting all of the attention, and they've decided you must be punished for having the audacity to hit puberty before them. They overpower you in the locker room and frogmarch you through the halls naked for all to see, 'SLUT' written across your chest in permanent marker. Trigger.Teller
You wake up paralyzed in the pool house of your place. Your memory is fragmented, and you feel like crap. Laying there, unable to move of your own volition, you slowly piece it together. Months of you feeling unwell, your significant other making excuses, calling into work, the dim awareness that you'd lost your job... and your health kept deteriorating. You've had the realization before, a dozen times now that you've woken up, seen your significant other enter the pool house, and feed you your dinner, after which you would slip away. Seasons have passed, and your significant other and the kids are living their lives, getting condolences as they help you with your 'illness'. Knowing you don't have long before your next meal and next dosage, you can't bring yourself to move. You trigger as you fight to make even a fingertip move.-Wildbow
There was an accident, all screaming metal and tumbling concrete. You aren't sure how, but you muzzily come to in darkness. You feel yourself breathing dust and coughing something wet against the nearby rubble, each cough burning your throat. You can't move, you can't see well and, fear creeps into you as you realize that you don’t think you can even feel your arms and legs. After eternity, you start to hear shifting rubble and voices. Desperate, you will them to you. They get close, almost within arm's reach, when you hear someone call for a break. As the voices retreat, you try to moan but all that comes is pain and more muted coughing. The voices vanish and you are alone again. You trigger.Ergoemos
You’ve been working as an attendant the gym for a couple weeks now. Your boss, whom you have become friends with, finally invites you back to see her office, a room only she was a allowed into before now. Inside, you find that there are a row of televisions, each of them hooked up to video streams. Your boss shows off how she has hooked up cameras everywhere as they click through feeds. Everywhere, from the bathroom stalls to locker rooms to behind mirrors in privacy rooms, in full color. You try your best to not show it, but something on your face suddenly makes her look disgruntled at your discomfort. She confronts you, a completely different person, shoving you into a wall next to the table with televisions. At another shove, you trip over a cable and knock a TV into the ground, shattering it. Furious, she begins to beat you, a former athlete in her own right. She doesn’t seem inclined to stop. You trigger.Ergoemos
Raves weren’t usually your thing, but when you were dragged to one by your friends, you found yourself enjoying it far more than you had any right to enjoy. You enjoy yourself all night, ordering but one or two drinks, and, in a rare fit of adventurism, you took a small pill that had been offered to you. Hours later, as the rave ended, you are pretty certain the pill was nothing more than an aspirin, and more importantly, the people you thought were your friends were long gone. As you wander the dark alleys leading from the rave’s abandoned building, you realize just how lost you are, how long each shadow seems, and how very unnervingly quiet the city was after all that bass and music. It started to become harder and harder to swallow the acrid fear bubbling up from your stomach, as the darkness seemed to pull at you, beckoning you closer. You found yourself shivering as you struggle not to panic. A voice reaches out in the dark, saying, “Hey, you!” With something between a croak and a gasp of fear, you run, straight out of the alley and into the street. You are struck by a flood of light as a massive garbage truck approaches at full speed. You barely have time to figure out what to do as you trigger.Ergoemos
You didn't realize what was happening at first. A simple delivery truck driver for a food shipping company, you just did your job. When your manager first started taking a special interest in the packages going into Chinatown, it was odd, but it wasn't until you saw the heavily taped up package being placed inside a package of frozen chickens that you realized what was happening. It's been months now since you’ve realized you are pawn in dealing drugs, and you can't sleep at night. Your company was a small one, and you know your manager would be suspicious if you asked for a new route. You've had trouble taking time off for job interviews and can barely afford rent as it is. One day, you are finishing your route, that special package about to be delivered and off your hands for the day, when you turn a corner and see a police cordon. They are asking for licence and registration. They have a dog smelling the cars, and you see a man in a chef’s uniform being hauled into a police car. The same man you deliver that package to every week. The dog starts barking at your truck. Your heart pounds as police start to demand for you to get out of the truck. You stay frozen in fear and resignation and then your heart hurts and vision blurs. You trigger.Ergoemos
You are in a public bathroom, doing your business as quietly as nullpossible. You don't like making in such a public place, you get nullfrightened, you feel vulnerable. You start to panic as a drunk person, nullpossibly dangerous, starts hammering at your stall door screaming to letnull him in. The intruder kicks in your door, as you are sitting there, nullpants around your legs, you have no way to run, to escape. The red-facednull man leans over your exposed self, too close, too close. You start nullscreaming as he throws up on you, coating you with his stale, pungent nullvomit. You trigger as he slaps your face and screams.Olivebirdy
Spring break and you and your friends decided to go somewhere exotic, Australia. Day Three and you couldn't be happier. You're out swimming, enjoying the waters when suddenly your world /explodes/. Pain races through your body, water fills your lungs and your heart begins to feel like it's trying to tear its way out of your chest. You black out as the pain overwhelms you.Spelt
Two years, seven months together. It's lovely, at first, finally free from the overbearing family, but living on our own is hard. Neither of us can hold a job for long, and after the first three or four you go through, you just kind of... stop. Maybe it's shock, disappointment, the blatant, glaring disparity between the ideals you held and the life we live now, but when you're not asleep, you're screaming, cursing at me, blaming me for everything. I've sold off most of what I own now, but even with that it seems impossible to help you. After coming back from the psychiatrist, scheduling an appointment for next week, I come home to find you lying cold and unbreathing in the bath. I'm numb, unthinking, halfway through my call with the psychiatrist, cancelling the appointment, when the phone drops from my hand and it finally sinks in.Antioch
You were in a bad place. You made a mistake. Your perspective was warped, while you were deep in depression, and you knew you wanted to end it and you wanted people to care, to notice. So you took a nosedive off a highway into active traffic. You lived, two cars of people didn't, as they swerved to avoid and ultimately crashed. You got medication and began to find your mental footing again, but a part of you wished you hadn't. Nurses wouldn't meet your eye, there were news reports of you, and a whole city of people had commentary on how selfish the act was. Your family is supportive, but what good does it do? You arrive home to find hateful messages painted onto your porch and the face of your house, and you trigger while scrubbing ineffectually to try and clean it, noticing a car slowly driving by, the driver glaring at you.Wildbow
You're incapable of having children. Narrow urethra, barren, whatever the reason, you've found yourself left spouseless as all of your friends and peers find companionship in their lives. You trudge through life, barhopping for one-night stands, but everyone leaves when they find out. As a last-ditch effort, remembering the joy your dog brought you in childhood, you adopt a pair of puppies from the pound. Over the next month, you become rejuvenated, with a purpose in your life. Once in a while, you find a stray dog on the road, or grab another for adoption, until your condo has half-a-dozen furry friends within and around it. Until one day, where your newest rescue, a scarred, bleeding Lab you assumed was hit by a car, mauls and kills every single one of your pets. Your children. You have a gun. The Lab has a dopey grin on its face, its panting revealing the blood-stained, chipped teeth it possesses. And you can't bring yourself to shoot it. Surrounded by your dead pets, their killer licking your hand, you turn the gun on yourself.Prothean
You're a bit buzzed, at a party at a friend's house. There's free booze and party snacks, and spare bedrooms for doing the naughty. Your friend happens to be a bit of a gun nut- that is, a gun in every room. And when he, drunk as a skunk, grabs a very hefty looking revolver and points it at you, laughing and joking about Russian roulette or something, you catch a glint of a bullet in the cylinder as he pulls the trigger in jest. You trigger as the bullet scrapes against your frontal lobe, eardrums blown out by the point-blank shot.Prothean
You've been anticipating this exact moment for months now; the big debut when you go up on that stage and show the world the best acting they've ever seen! However, as you stride into the spotlight you realize just can't remember your first line! As you try to get something out of their mouth, just something to get to the second line, the words die in your throat as you begin to feel the audience's eyes watching you. You then stare out into the audience and they can feel all of those eyes burrowing into your soul. Wild panic starts to build upon itself and soon the world turns beings to turn hazy and you can still feel them staring. The room begins to spin as you come crashing down to the floor, all eyes on you. Trigger.ChrisClark13
You first caught the attention of others when you were 14. Older men began leering at you and giving you compliments. Your mother didn't like that, and put you down each time it happened. She dressed you in baggy clothes to hide you, and picked out all of your flaws whenever someone looked at you for too long. You were sinful, disgusting. One man gets angry and as your mother drags you away and hits you for tempting him you trigger.TreeFrogSoup
For the last three days it's been the same. She lets you out into the woods. She catches you again. She breaks something else. It's the fourth day, and you've got one working leg. She says she'll break your back if you can't escape after this round of her "game". You trigger in the forest as she steps into your view.TreeFrogSoup
You live in a town hit by disaster - gang war, Endbringer, it doesn't matter - and you want to get out, to get away to a safer place. An old friend is willing to rent. The day after you arrive, the Endbringer Sirens wake you up. You trigger.TreeFrogSoup
It was supposed to rigged as usual; you rile the crowd up while smack-talking about the champ's family or something, rough them up a bit, and then they'd come back and knock you the fuck out. Sure, it hurt, and it was strenuous and dangerous, but it paid pretty damn well. But this time, maybe you hit him too hard, maybe he's been having a bad day, but when he goes to knock you out he hits you right in the bridge of the nose, smashing it backwards into your skull. Trigger as you feel the cartilage squelch into your frontal lobe.?
You don’t fit in. You don’t fit in at home, you don’t fit in at school. Your parents and your classmates seem to go out of their way to make your life miserable and there’s this constant pressure inside of you. You’ve taken to cutting just to feel some kind of relief and you’ve found the sharp pain helps you get through the day. On a particularly stressful day, you escape to the bathroom early, and that’s when they find you. A couple of your classmates shove you down, take your blade and cut deep. With humiliation, shame and pain coursing through you, you trigger.Megafire
You lose your legs, she loses her life. After the funeral, the entire community in which you live in fractures, because of how well known and liked your ex-wife was. Your family becomes distant, and sides are taken. Jokes have an air of malice to them, family gatherings are awkward. People treat you differently and hold things against you. One year later, you go to a bar with some cousins. Your ex-brother-in-law is there, drinking heavily. He pulls you out of your wheelchair, screaming curses and promises to do to you what you did on accident. He wins over the crowd of the bar, and your friends leave you there as a circle forms. You trigger as he punches you in the face and everyone watches from a safe distance.TreeFrogSoup
You will destroy the world! You see it already, everything crumpling away and dying! You are the greatest villain, the worst cape, the strongest being on earth! You started small, setting houses ablaze with your crazy awesome Tinker-power to create flaming bottles! Then you proceeded to use your Blaster power, shooting bullets through the windows of a school. With your Brute power you lifted tons of stones, throwing them off bridges and onto cars below, seeing the wreckage that you did. And then you meet them, the entire gallery of nemesis' that you gathered over your reign! Right there, in front of you, and as you got ready to fight them, ready to reveal your full powers, they show immunity! Your Blaster bullets don't pierce their strange energy-shield with the PRT logo. They move forward and grab you, forcing you to the floor! You struggle, try to kick them and suddenly feel the sting of electricity through your whole body. You trigger as they throw you in the back of the police car, your Tinker devices gone and your Brute strength not able to destroy the car. They must have a power nullifier...Vern
You are the owner of a small shop in a bad place. It's nothing special, nothing someone would rob, but it was all you and your spouse had. You barely made enough to come by, but they stayed with you, helping you wherever it was necessary. You sat at the register, reading through a small magazine as a huge man walks in. Looking up you stare into huge pupils of already gigantic eyes, the face hidden by a balaclava. A gun was drawn on your head... but the man heard something. Turning the gun to the noise, he aimed at your spouse and you didn't think twice about jumping forward and taking the bullet. You trigger, seeing the man flee while your spouse is desperately trying to keep your wound from bleeding.Vern
He was a horrible man, and you left him. He wasn't always like this - kind, understanding. His family didn't really approve of you, said that if you didn't convert, you don't deserve to marry him. Even though he didn't seem to have a problem with it, he let some words slip most of the time. Respect and honor were important, and despite saying that so often he was sitting on his ass at home after being fired, not even bothering to look for a new job. And so you left. Of course you did, because he couldn't take care of you, couldn't take care of your child. But he was easily angered. And one day, on your way home after picking up your daughter from kindergarten, he appears in front of you, screaming, waving a knife in your face. You trigger as you hear your daughter cry - there was blood on the knife and none on you.Vern
Your parents ignored you for your younger sibling. Perhaps it was a failing you didn't notice, or they assumed you could handle yourself. It started off simple; they both didn't remind you of certain dates and didn't make breakfast in the morning. Small things. Eventually they stopped asking you for help around the house and even ignored you. Your younger sibling eventually took notice, and called them out on your birthday; the birthday they forgot. Your parents got mad at you. They said that you were saying things, trying to tear the family apart. Your mother goes into your room, and walks out with your clothes in a black bag. You trigger when she throws them at you and tells you to leave.TreeFrogSoup
You've been looking for a job for months, and you are at the end of your rope. You have a child to feed, and you need the money yourself. You've been down the list, and you see one last job. You meet a man looking for it, similar to you, but not in every way. He says he hasn't got kids. He gets the job. You go to his house. You need the money, your child needs the money. You kill him, and as you wash up you see the kitchen door ajar, a small child peering through the crack. He lied. You trigger.TreeFrogSoup
You come from a traditional family. Old values are important. Chastity, listening to the elders, respect for the men. But you can't stand it. You live in a progressive world, right? It's not like you have to stay home with your mother and cook for them! There is no need for those dresses that would make a burka look like a bikini! Who did they think they are, deciding your life? So you left. Packed your stuff and moved out, visiting your uncle and aunt a city over. But you made a mistake - you didn't tell them that you... fled, you just said you had some time that you wanted to spend with them. They called your parents, telling them how nice it was having you here, and you couldn't stop them quick enough. You had to leave again... but where to go? Maybe he won't be too harsh in front of your relatives... Sadly it didn't take long for your brother to arrive, furious and red-faced. He grabbed you by your hair, forced you down the stairs and into the car before driving off. It didn't end there, though. Promises were made, and you agreed. You had to take a husband... someone you didn't get to decide. You trigger as you sit at the table, bruises in your face, the scumbag they chose as your fiance stroking your hair and whispering sweet nothings.Vern
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