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Weaver Dice - Trigger Events
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A young teenager, you fall in love with a teacher fifteen years your senior. Your crush escalates, helped along by an unhealthy amount of hormones, and you ultimately throw yourself at him/her in the worst way possible - breaking into their house and stripping naked to present yourself to them, putting heart, soul, and pride on the line. The ensuing (and very natural) freak-out on their part devastates you.Once a trigger is used, remove completely from this list, and add to used triggers tab (see bottom of page).

Moronic, joke, and thoughtless triggers aren't as cool as you think they are. They just make everyone's experience less fun, and force us to reroll to get worthwhile stuff.

Sign your work.
You're a celebrity that has been accused of a murder you didn't commit. You have evidence to prove your alibi, but it's deemed inadmissible by the court. Your fans, friends, and even your family turn their backs, all publically denouncing you. You blow all of your considerable money on a high-powered legal team, but they falter at the worst moments, and you lose your case. The legal battles go on for years, but you refuse to take any sort of plea deals, because by god you are innocent. Not that it matters. You trigger as Supreme Court sentences you to death.       Please Avoid:
                * Peanut Triggers (Dumb)
                * Dead/maimed child Triggers (Way overdone for a long while)
                * Rape Triggers (Almost always badly done, overdone)
                * Events that would never ever happen or...
                * Contrived events that'd only happen with powers involved
                * Forcing trump triggers

                * Note classifications below, fill gaps.
You come from a long line of Safari hunters, an old tradition from before even World War One. You and your family manage to bribe an African Warlord to allow you to hunt where your family has hunted for generations. The safari itself goes according to plan, the Warlords cronies leave you alone for the most part, and you even kill a large lion. Around midnight your camp is ambushed by the soldier of a rival Warlord, they think taking you hostage will give them leverage against your 'host' and possibly even the United States. For three months you and your family are imprisoned in some little shithole of a 'prison'. You trigger when you hear there's no hope of rescue, the government not wanting to risk an international cape war.Classifications:

Keep track of resulting powers & classifications as triggers are removed from list:
Mover: 7
Breaker: 4
Master: 13
Tinker: 7
Shaker: 4
Blaster: 5
Thinker: 10
Striker: 8
Brute: 4
Changer: 7
Trump: 3
Stranger: 5

While driving back home from a trip (to visit family, to see a concert, etc.) you get into an accident. Trying to avoid a drunk driver you drive into an utility post. Dumbfounded and bleeding you watch in horror as a powerline slams on the hood of your car. Trigger.
You pester your non-outdoorsy friend until they agree to a hiking trip in the forest with you. You're both having the good time you knew you would, until you go to relieve yourself. You and your friend get separated from each other - curse your tiny bladder! Feeling guilty about how scared they must be, you search for hours, even after the sun goes down and you know it's not safe. You wind up getting lost yourself, and break your ankle in the dark. Trigger.- Teller
You hate this world. You grew up hearing about the Endbringers, but you never truly understood until now. You were the only person in your family to get out in time, before Behemoth turned your city into a hellish wasteland. You trigger in a PRT shelter, as the news comes in that the heroes have abandoned both your city and everyone still trapped inside.-SCG
College student, doing perfectly holding up a job, a scholarship, and on your final year... Kicked out of your finals because someone else called you out falsely for cheating... crashing all of your stable prospects into a deathspiral.
A head injury leads to induced prosopagnosia - the inability to recognize people, even when you know what they look like you can't connect the dots and put a name to the face. You're alone in a crowd of your loved ones, trigger.
An artist, talented at his craft gets mangled beyond all recognition and is no longer able to ply his trade. Triggers after talking to a 'fan' who considers all the best work of his life worthless shit.
An internet series focused on finding, doxxing (publishing personal details/info online) and making fun of the biggest losers around picks you to add to their 'cast', harassing you, your family, and even hunting you down to take pictures of you in the street. In the weeks that follow, every failing (unemployment, having a stain on your pants, getting rejected when you approach someone for a date) gets overblown, mocked by hundreds online. It wasn't even that deserved... you had a quirky hobby, maybe, a disability, or you're a little odd looking, and facing a low point in life. It just wasn't deserved, and it doesn't stop.
A light protest turns to violence when militant police and capes step in and turn things aggressive in seconds. Your eye socket is shattered, fluid spilling over your cheek, the pain and devastation mingling with horror at just what's going on with your government and cause. (If it doesn't fit the city/country, you left to live with family elsewhere as the game started).-Wildbow
Drunk out of your mind, you trip over a homeless guy that's sleeping by the side of the road. Before you know it, you're being thrashed by a guy who's covered in a gruesome looking skin disease, frantically trying to get away before he can touch you, and failing. You end up on your back, your uncoordinated self holding his wrists back while he tries to claw at your face and eyes. His fingernails have been chewed down to the quick, to the point that they're scabbed, and all you can think of is that he could very well have AIDS or Hepatitis.-Wildbow
Car Wash? A hood ornament was struck free, and you opt to go collect it before it can pop a tire, cause problems, or the customer returns. You tell the next customer to wait two minutes, sprint through to collect the ornament, and your foot gets caught in the track for one of the roaming sprayers. Two minutes pass, and the wash whirs to life. The wax application gun is right above you, and a drop lands on your shoulder. Vents for hot water are on either side. You trigger as the door begins to open, the hoses on the far side already begin to spray, then ones closer to you...-Wildbow
The judge announces to the courtroom that the custody of your little brothers won't go to you, but to your emotionally abusive (and even psychopathic) father.Wildbow
You're in a (possibly juvenile) detention center, and you made the mistake of keeping your pants around your ankles as you sat on the toilet. You get jumped, pulled halfway under the stall door and stomped by a group.Wildbow
At a young age, you burned yourself severely by playing with electricity (the quality of the device you were playing with may have been... poor). Over the next few years, you suffered a number of nasty plastic surgeries grafting skin onto the affected areas. Due to inferior health care, the local anesthesia was done wrong in one such surgery. You'd always felt /something/ as they were working, but after a little while you realized you felt /everything/ this time. And you know that if you jump... or react in any way, it'll be worse. You triggered.-Gundor
Car crash. You're not sure what happened exactly, but you somehow ended up trapped in a twisted wreck of a car next to the corpse of one of your best friends. You're injured, can't move, and your cellphone is out of reach. Oh, and some environmental feature (hill, trees, etc.) blocks sight from the road. After five hours and ten cars passing by without noticing you, you finally manage to grab hold of your cellphone, only to see it's broken beyond repair. You trigger. -Innocent Bystander
You got a tattoo of a loved one's face. It came out bad. The ghastly sort of bad. It's an insult, and it's a permanent mark on your body. At first it's not so bad, but it starts to gnaw at you. You want to snarl in rage every time you see the thing in the mirror. Just when it's really starting to eat you up, you log onto social media and see that a friend shared a photo of the tattoo - and people are laughing at how bad it is.-Wildbow
Your parents snooped and found your drug stash. Total overreaction. It would be bad enough if they just sent you to one of those wilderness rehab places - the sort of place where you have to hike every day and make a fire by hand at night, but this place is fucked up. The stories the others have been telling you - counsellors climbing into kid's tents, kids being punished by being whipped by branches of pine needles... you were already stressed, and this doesn't help. You sneak away to get high - speed, your drug of choice, which you managed to hide from the staff. Just when it hits you, the flashlights start to pan out, searching for you. Nowhere to hide.
You're feeling adventurous, and you put something up your rectum that God never inteded to be in there. You end up in intense pain on the bathroom floor, writhing and yelling. Your family pounds on the door, calling out your name. As you bleed profusely and someone prepares to break down the door, you trigger.- Teller
A driver for a gang, you were enlisted to transport a rather important shipment, a truckload of guns meant to buy off another gang and effectively forge an alliance. The cops must have listened in, though, because you don't get far - you arrive in the expansive parking lot and get met by police, not by the buyers. The stakes are too high, and loyalty matters too much - if you surrender, you're worse off than dead. If you fight, you're just dead. You give the order to grab guns and open fire. One by one, the escorts and low-level gangbangers who were sent to accompany you get picked off. You have more guns and ammo than you could use, but you're isolated in the midst of an open space, effectively blockaded in, and badly outnumbered. As bullets punch through the corrugated metal siding of the eighteen wheeler you drove, passing inches from your head, you bow your head, fingers gripping the guns, you bow your head and pray to your god. You trigger as you kick the door open, ready to go down fighting.
In the midst of a long motorcycling trip across back roads of Canada, you find yourself in the praries, and underestimate the distance to the next gas station. You're left to hike down the length of the road to the gas station, easily a 5 hour trip, with nary a car in sight. On your way back, you see a pair of stray dogs, malnourished with matted fur. They follow. You maintain your distance, gas can ready as a weapon, but the remainder of the dogs gather, a pack. Not like the usual stray dog, these rural animals are closer to wolves or coyotes. They know humans just well enough to not be afraid, and are hungry enough to come after you. One dog, the pack leader, lunges for you, and gets your ankle - it's downhill from there. Lying on the ground, a dog on top of you, you don't have the leverage to swing the can. You trigger, not in pain, but at the sight of the snarling, probably diseased animal snapping for your face.-Wildbow
You got into porn to support a lavish lifestyle and a mild cocaine habit. You did well, and you lived like a king or queen, with a nice place and virtually all things you wanted. But as your age ticked up, your options diminished. Approaching thirty, you found yourself without work, with an addiction to shopping and a taste for coke to attend to. You got into the kinky stuff, and when those roles started to dry up, you got into the messed up stuff. You've yet to recuperate from a session where you endured having ghost pepper sauce rubbed all over places that hot sauce should never go when your employer shows you a jar of bugs and a jar of broken glass, and asks you which you'd prefer to go up your you-know-what for the next shot.-Wildbow
You were born to a low-class Latin-American family in a low-income area, and you gave your all to succeed in school while your siblings went on to be gang members, teen parents and blue collar workers. You got your scholarship to a top-notch school, escaping from a life that seemingly trapped everyone you knew in the same place and the same circumstances. You left for school, and in the midst of it all, with a name that didn't tie you down and an appearance that wasn't so problematic, you were assumed to be white. You 'passed' in an environment where your background might have held you back, you fibbed and bent the truth, and you invented a whole new you. Cutting ties to your old life, you graduated and spent three years with a fiancee and a well-paying job and everything you could ever want. Three years until your mom's illness brought you back. Suspicious family tracked you back to your old life, and uncovered what you'd done, talking to your friends and fiancee. You trigger as you walk in your front door and see the hurt on the faces of your brother and fiancee both, realizing immediately that your worst fears had come true.
You fucked up, and the reckoning is coming. You're three years into your degree, though you've been at university for four, because you failed one necessary class, and you've missed three holidays with your family because you've been so busy working to pay off your student loans... or so you've convinced your family. In truth, you haven't been going to classes, you've barely passed your first year, and you're racking up a horrible debt to subsist while you stay in your dorm room, masturbating and leveling your OotV characters. You call home, telling them you're switching majors, that you can't see yourself being an engineer, striving to buy yourself time and forestall the inevitable, but some of your anxiety and stress must have slipped into your voice. Worried about you, the family visits. It goes from bad (you look like shit and your apartment smells like a garbage bin that has been masturbated in for four years) to worse (you can't answer basic engineering questions) to worse still (they wonder where your textbooks are, and you fumble your answer). You crack, you lie, you fuck it up, they call you on it, and it dawns on them, the scale of the lie. The ensuing freak-out is worse than you could have imagined. When all is said and done, you've triggered, and you've unwittingly killed your family.-Wildbow
Funny thing is, you're not the type most would think of. From a nice family, though they don't talk to you anymore, and you were attractive, once, and you had all the potential in the world. But you grew up in a home without boundaries, and to test those boundaries, you had to go... a little off the beaten track. The destination was cocaine. You had money, and the money's somehow all gone. Desperate for your next fix, with vivid, crazy dreams and restlessness, depression, and feeling like shit, you can't pull the money together, and your dealers aren't forking it over. You trigger as you reach the point where you're just about ready to claw the skin off your face.-Wildbow
Your parents divorced, and it would be something of an understatement to say you were caught in the middle. In a ceaseless struggle to 'win' the divorce, you were the biggest playing piece, used against one parent and then used against the other. For your mother you were the carer, the listening ear, the sensitive one, acting as if you shared in her outrage over your father's actions. To your father you were the disciplined student, the careful one, the 'good' child. Putting on a brave face in school, trying to act normal around friends, you nonetheless were being pulled into pieces as sure as someone who was being drawn and quartered. You started to slip, elements bleeding over. Everyone seemed to turn on you, as you betrayed their expectations. It was almost a relief, to be done with it all, to be hated. You pawned off every gift you'd been given to curry favor, and bought a train out, with no plans to return. But sitting in your seat, you felt anxiety take hold. You didn't know who to be. Paralyzed, you trigger.-Wildbow
After participating in a wheelchair basketball game, you return to your locker room to find that someone stole your fucking wheelchair. Without funds for a replacement, (and the one you used for the sports game was borrowed, not owned) you're effectively bedridden afterward, stewing in rage and growing depression as your entire life is put on hold.-Wildbow
Your dad is the best. There's simply no other dad as good as yours. He always manages to make you smile and always does his best to give you what you need. In fact, when you were starting highschool, he took out a loan and got a bigger house for your family. You no longer had to share a room with your siblings. All is going well until one day you use your father's computer to quickly check something online, curiosity makes you snoop around on and you end up discovering a folder named after you, when you open it you see it consists of multiple recordings of your room, at all times. In panic you storm your room looking everywhere for the camera. You discover 3 of them in your room and one in your bathroom.
Time is a luxury. Sadly it is not one that you have. You got a loan from the wrong people and now you are behind in your payments and the people you owe are not happy about it. A trio of thugs break into your home and tie you up to a chair, telling you how much money they could get from your organs. One of them pulls out a knife and you trigger as the blade touches your skin.-Teruzi
You lost your house in the aftermath of an Endbringer attack, along with dozens of thousands of other civilians. Some survived, but the lucky ones died. Daily, you must compete for resources with the uncountable number of competing scavengers. For a few weeks, you avoid conflict, sticking to neighborhoods and stores you know well. As supplies dry up in your area, you venture deeper into the city. On your first day among the fallen skyscrapers of downtown, you are confronted by a fellow scavenger, frothing at the lips and brandishing a switchblade. He wants your food, supplies, and bike. Your lifelines. You attempt to run, but another silhouette appears at the end of the street. Surrounded, you charge him. As you pick his shattered eye socket off of your can of peaches, you trigger.-Prothean
Your squad is boxed in. Bullets snap over your head and the odd grenade clouds your view with dust and shrapnel. You can't even see them anymore, but you keep shooting. After what seems to be hours of sustained combat, their assault holds strong. Out of ammo, surrounded by dead friends and comrades, and with enemy combatants hopping the fence outside the barracks, you trigger.-Prothean
Some friends of yours convince you to join in a suicide support forum in order to get the most hilarious stories. For a while all is well, you get to read about people's lowest moments and you get to laugh at it. You decide that you want to step it up and you goat some of the members of the forum to meet up to "die together". All goes according to plan until you meet face to face with the people you are leading to suicide. You trigger as they start thanking you for giving them the courage to kill themselves.- Teruzi
You're a cape geek, you spend most of your downtime trawling the speculation threads and stuff on PHO. One day, while observing an active thread about one of your favourite local heroes you see a picture that reminds you of someone you know, unable to help yourself you dig through all the info you have on them and realise that you know their secret identity. As the stress builds about what you know, worst case scenarios running through your mind - all ending in being hauled off by government mooks - you trigger.-Zeuseus
A chemical spill at your high school starts a fire, evacuation is attempted but you get cut off from the others and trapped by the fire. Panicing, you run for a door only to find it locked. With no escape you cower in a corner, able only to watch as the fire closes in on you.-Zeuseus
You've been following this target for a few blocks now, a lone young woman who's headed in the wrong direction: deeper in the bad, poorly lit parts of town, where nobody will hear her call for help. You make your move, brandishing your knife and demanding her purse. One moment, she's staring at you with terror in her eyes, and the next it's like something in her brain snaps. She hits you in the head with the purse, and then punches and knees every other part of your body, all the while howling unintelligibly. The next thing you know you're on the ground, and she has gotten her hands on your knife. You trigger as she waves it in your face, screaming angry gibberish at you.Teller
You were from a good family, good looking, well connected in more than one sense of the word. With the best looking girl in school on your arm and connections with dealers to make horrendous amounts of extra cash at the rich-kid parties, you were top of the pack. Somewhere along the way, riding a high that had only a little to do with drugs, you started to make mistakes. Cheating on the girl, jokes at a friend's expense that dug just a fraction too deep. People started to break away. When it came down to it, and a relatively minor dealer you stiffed came for you, you didn't have the backup. He comes after you with a pair of pliers, intent on taking your teeth, and you realize there's nobody you can call for help.-Wildbow
Your child or spouse were kidnapped while you were on vacation in South America. They were all you had, and the local authorities, perhaps used to the circumstances in that neighborhood, didn't offer much help. By the time the embassy from your country was able to step in and devote resources, it was too late. A piece of mail was sent your way, and in it was an address for an auction site, your child/spouse on the voting block. You didn't win, and you spiralled into misery. You lost friends, family, and employment as rage and desperation took over, spending the last of your money to go back to the town in hopes of finding your family or getting revenge. The Guild beat you to it, finding the villains, but not your loved one, who is long lost to the wind. Alone, you've lost all that you are except for the flame of rage in your heart, you don't like what you've become, and you don't see any other path.-Wildbow
You were born with multiple defects, due to having a junkie bitch of a mother. Your legs never grew to the right height or muscle mass, your left eye never worked, and you were born with HIV. People look at you with pity in their eyes from the get-go, but you finally manage to fit in with a group of misfits. One day, you come clean about having HIV. They all seemed cool with it, at first. Slowly, the phone stops ringing so often. Whole weeks go by without you seeing your friends. You finally confront them. They tell you it's nothing personal, but you skeeve them out. You're gross. Infected. Physical defects they could deal with, but AIDS? You aren't worth the risk. You trigger as they walk past you.
There isn’t really any room for you to go lower. You live on the streets barely scraping by, doing so for years now. The only light is this girl that sometimes gives you food. Recently she even started talking to you. She appears more and more often, wants to know your story. She starts bringing you more things. First its just food but then she brings you her sibling’s old winter coat, a pair of boots from her parent and so on. And you really want to give something back. You make a genuine effort to somehow get out of your hole. You get in contact with an old friend and they offer you a job. You go for the opportunity. Things are going upwards, you get your own small place and a better job. You haven’t seen the girl for some time because you couldn’t be at your usual place but you often go there and wait in the hope of seeing her again. One day someone talks to you. It’s the girl’s sibling. She was mugged as she was looking for you and died in the hospital. You trigger as you stand in front of her grave, feeling guilty for the death of the one person that helped you when you had noone.Icarus
You've always been the funny guy. The class clown in youth, now the funny guy at the office. You make an innocuous comment one day that gets you in trouble. Soneone took offense. You get upset when HR drags you in. You get more upset when they fire you. The person you offended gets social media involved, and your career is torched. A pariah in your own field, you're reduced to working an unskilled position for a pittance, compared to what you're used to. You trigger when the bank forecloses on your house.SCG
You've finally made it up the ladder at the company you've been working at for years. All of your hard work has paid off, and you have been made the new CFO. It's strange though. The more you go over these numbers, the less sense they make. One day, it all clicks. Your company has been cooking the books for at least 5 years, and now you're complicit. Government agencies begin to contact you, and you go on the defensive. You arrange for someone to take the fall, and they do. They get years in prison, and it all seems to have worked out alright. A few months later, the feds storm your office and put guns in your face, telling you to get on your knees. Trigger.SCG
Your kid went down the wrong road. The divorce had something to do with it, you were distracted, your priorities elsewhere. You let the kid linger in the background while your ex poisoned them against you. Kind of a trend with you, letting things malinger. Your therapist clued you into what you'd done, and you tried to make it up to the kid, but maybe, in retrospect, working 75 hour weeks at a variety of jobs wasn't the way to do it. You lost your friends, and the kid took higher priority. As the kid approaches adolescence, the cops come to the door, warrant in hand. Stowed in the basement is a massive collection of stolen phones, and the cops tracked a gps signal to one. Your kid, going down the wrong path. You cop to the crime you didn't commit, a final apology, a way of making it all up to them. As you leave the courthouse, having just pled out for a twelve year sentence, you approach the ex, intent on asking them to help the kid find the right path. You stop in your tracks when the kid flips you the bird, and you realize you've thrown your life away trying to fix an unfixable problem.-Wildbow
You thought it would be fun to go on a cruise with your school friends. You weren't exactly wrong. You had an absolute blast the first two days. On the third night, you wake up choking. Black smoke has filled your room. You get to the floor, but even there the air is scarce, and your eyes are still watering painfully. You feel the door, and it burns your hand. Your only choices are a burning hallway and a window that leads into freezing cold water, assuming you're even able to break it and get out. Stuck between the two impossible choices, you trigger.-SCG
You're still in your straightjacket, strapped against the wall. There it is again. The heartbeat. BUMP BUMP. BUMP BUMP. It won't go away. IT WON'T GO AWAY. You can't escape it. They've tried all of their poking and prodding, all of their useless pills, and it still comes through as clear as a bell. It's maddening. You stare at the white room, empty except for the padding and straps on the walls. They're never going to let you out. BUMP BUMP. BUMP BUMP. You're never going to escape this goddamn heartbeat. You cry and scream, you beg, you grovel and plead, but noone comes. BUMP BUMP. Nothing. BUMP BUMP. You trigger.
You were military, once, before your discharge. You're fit, you're smart, you're -better-. For years, you got away with it. But somewhere along the line, even with all your expertise, you fell behind the times. One of those newfangled security systems, apparently, or a webcam or nanny cam set to go on if motion is detected. By the time you realize what's going on, the police are already in the house, charging up the stairs. And there you are, a thirty five year old man, muscular, in peak fighting shape, caught breaking and entering, wearing the bikini of the house's teenaged resident. You're going to lose the fight, you know, and caught in this position, you know it's going to be a bad, -costly- loss.Wildbow
Fuck her. FUCK HER. FUCK. HER. She thinks she can stop you from seeing your children? You practically fly down the road in your truck, skidding into their driveway wheels squealing. You bang on the door, and they won't even open it. They threaten to call the cops, but you're not having that. You came to see your children, and by god that's what you're going to do. You get back into your truck and crash it into their piece of shit house. The airbag knocks you unconscious when deployed. You wake up handcuffed to a hospital bed. Trigger.-SCG
He picked you up off the street with a smile and a wink. You knew it wasn't the smartest decision, but you figured all would turn out well. You were so wrong. The fucker is some sort of serial killer, and now you're tied up in some kind of 'kill room', sterile, white, and covered in what looks like plastic. He comes back into the room wearing a haz-mat suit. He has some strange canister and that a ladle? He opens the canister, and smoke starts to rise out of it. Fuck. You try to struggle, but he has you tied up too well. He grabs one of your fingers and pours the solution on it. It BURNS. He smiles at you and pulls a hammer from his toolbelt, before using it to shatter your finger. You realize the canister was full of liquid nitrogen as your finger fully separates from your hand in multiple pieces. Trigger.-SCG
Your father hinted at it, but never gave you details. Only that it made him the success, the mover that he was. A part of you always suspected that he was a superhero, or a supervillain, or that he had powers and never went out in costume, only succeeding in the business world. Your excitement was palpable as the day approached. A secret group in university, all sons and daughters of powerful people, in a major university. But it wasn't powers. It was a secret society, little more than a pretentious co-ed frat. You pushed forward with the initiation, and things went a little too far. Someone shoved a hose up your drunk ass and they inflated you with air. Except something -ruptured-, and jeers and cheers turned into screams and you experiencing pain, shock, and indescribable pain.-Wildbow
Step one: bomb shelter. Step two: retrofit it and the background of your house, to keep it hidden. Easy enough, when you've been thinking about this for decades. Step three: rig the shelter with locks, supplies, speakers, and cameras behind indestructible glass panes. Step four: rig a sprinkler system to run on piping hot and icy cold water, each of which can be turned on from the outside, with appropriate drainage. Step five: clothes, tools, and toys more for your pleasure than your soon to be guest's, to be used at your order. Control. Complete and utter ownership of another human being. Step six: test. Because you cannot and will not have the effect of absolute and utter control over them spoiled by a -mistake-. Testing the cold water, you see how it obscures the camera. A leak, water running over the glass. Water still running, you stride into the shelter to check the camera, enduring the cold. You adjust the screws, then make your way back. You slip, stumble, and slam the door closed. Locking yourself into your own trap.-Wildbow
Funny how it works. See, you triggered once before. You had powers. Or -a- power. You were bullied once, you were tormented by your peers, treated like scum. But as much as they despised you, hated you for what you were, you hated yourself more. You went to class, stayed in a dorm, and you tried to keep your head down, stewing in self loathing. When they altered the school records to unenroll you from school, leaving you to find your dorm was being packed up by strangers, another tuition-paying student taking your place, you triggered. Right away, you knew what your power was. From the moment you got too close to someone, you felt something of yourself reaching out into them. A body snatcher. So you bided your time, you picked your target, you studied them. Your chief tormenter. You hunted them down, and then you used your power, stealing their body. Except... their life, oh man, it was bad. Abuse from an older brother, from parents, the body came with a drug problem. Worst of all, you couldn't act. The life you wanted crumbles around you as you fail to leave your old, socially incapable self behind. It wouldn't be so bad, except... you left your power in the previous body. A swap, not a theft. You go to find your old self, and you find it dead. Your tormenter found someone else to swap with, and rigged their own body - your body- to die when the swap was done. All hope lost, in a body you love and a life you simply can't tolerate, you trigger a second time.
Trichotillomania. That's what they call it. This compulsion you have, ripping out your hair since you were in kindergarten. It wasn't a big issue, at first. Noone really noticed, until you got so bad that you were ripping clumps out per day. The therapy doesn't work. The pills don't work. It just gets worse. One day, you reach up to pull a hair out. It's almost automatic, at this point. Your hand scrambles around, but it can't find any. You're bald. Trigger.Somecrazyguy
You got shot by your partner, accidentally, while robbing a liquor store for some easy cash. It's bad. Your car is covered in blood and you don't think you're gonna make it. You light up a last cigarette, before shooting up heroin in your back seat. You trigger during the ensuing high.Somecrazyguy
You like competition. A good way to make you do something stupid is to dare you. You can't help it. So when one of your friends dares you to run across a junkyard in less than five minutes you don't even hestitate. You start to have doubts about it when you see the amount of dangerous junk around, but you continue anyways. You run like hell and everything seems to be going fine, much to your surprise. But then you hear barking. As you look behind to locate the source of the barking you trip on some trash. Your knees hurt and you're confused, but otherwise ok. Then you feel a pull. A couple of really big dogs are going crazy on your legs and you are suddenly hit with the feeling of your shin being ripped apart. Trigger as one of the dogs yanks away a piece of your flesh.Teruzi
Your neighborhood is nice enough. You have known most of the people there for your whole life and they are good people. But lately it has been getting a bit dangerous. Gang colors are more common and there's been an increase of outside people that you don't like. One day, coming back home late, you're assaulted. Someone stabs you repeatedly in the back and you trigger as you bleed out in the street, not knowing why would anyone would do this.Teruzi
You attend a dinner alongside your fiance(e) and your respective families, your fiance(e)'s father being your boss gives you a topic of conversation, as you discuss the work you're doing, and your potential position as successor to the company. Your parents, perhaps, feel intimidated or offended at your relationship to your boss, because they start acting up, as though they're better than they are. It's harmless, if slightly embarrassing, at the outset, but just before the server brings dessert, they start with the casual racism and homophobia. Caught between your parents and your job/fiance(e), you're left speechless, which goes hand in hand with your parents' completely out of context anecdote about how you beat up a hispanic kid in middle school to make you look really bad. You see it in your fiance(e)'s eyes, and in their parents eyes. Everything you thought you had is in shambles, now. Trigger.-Wildbow
Your brother was killed by your dad in a domestic argument. He was an artist, a free spirit, trying to find himself, while dad was a mechanic with a drinking problem. In the aftermath, the news media and activist groups online take note of a picture of your brother with long hair, during a party where called himself a girl, once, with oranges stuffed down his shirt. One prank, blown far out of proportion, as attention-seeking people at your high school claim to have been confidantes and friends of your 'sister'. Your brother is made out to be the latest in a long series of transgendered people who were killed for trying to be themselves, and your family is made out to be the stereotypical anti-trans Christian group. With dad in prison and mom not coping well at all, you're the only one left to be thrust in front of microphones and confronted with reporters. When you get caught calling your brother a 'brother' and not a sister, the local community lashes out, treating you with open hostility. Caught between defiling your brother's memory to play along with the media and standing up for the truth, you crack.-Wildbow
You established yourself in a dream position, working with park rangers to preserve vast tracts of parkland. Twenty four seven, three sixty five, out in the great outdoors... until blue-green algae hit the lakes, turning them toxic, impossilbe to salvage. The park rangers were pulled out, but you stayed, even as your health rapidly declined. Too stubborn to go home, almost certain you couldn't find employment if you did, you stuck it out, in a slowly dying, horribly polluted area. When your coughing fits make you start to pass out, you realize the severity of the problem. Cornered, you trigger.-Wildbow
You thought you had a good thing going. You'd built a reputation for yourself as a quality chopshop guy, capable of taking a car apart and scraping the serial numbers in half the time it would take the next guy. You lived a good life, and you made it better by taking loans from shady characters and then skipping town to offer your services to the next big player a few states over. Four years, you did it, before reality caught up with you. Most loan sharks were content to give you warnings or using you as a punching bag before getting serious, a small price to pay for thousands. But -these- guys caught up with you remarkably quickly. While you were on your back under a car, they showed up, kept you from sliding out, and lowered the car just enough. Ribs broken, pinned, breathing getting harder by the second, they leave you to it, calling out a warning that if you survive, you should probably scrounge up the funds this time around. You trigger, and, naturally, you make a run for it.-Wildbow
You work a boring desk job while your partner sits at home taking care of your kid all day. When you come home the brat is always screaming and sometimes you just can't take it anymore and shut them up with a slap or a thrown object. Then they shut up. You know your partner does the same but you don't really care, you work hard and you're tired. One day, you get a call at work. Your kid died in the hospital from inner bleedings. You trigger as the judge goes off on you and your partner for abusing your child and wishes you the very worst.Icarus
You're depositing your meager paycheck when a hooded individual draws a pistol and shouts for everyone to get down on the ground. You're close to him, and he doesn't seem to be paying attention. You could stop him, save everyone in the bank. Maybe you could become famous, escape from poverty, or something, anything. You're still not sure why you did, but when you lunge upwards, trying for his gun, he snaps around faster than you expected, and fires once, twice, three times, all hitting you. It's a big gun, and it fucking hurts. The pain is overwhelming, confusing, your nerves overloaded yet still burning in agony everywhere. Trigger.Prothean
You've always prided yourself for your great memory. Every trinket, toy, gadget, it all has some deeper meaning for you, because you /remember/. They help you remember, and you remember them because of it. Your house is full of memories, constant nostalgia and euphoria as you bask idly in it. Until one day, your mother arrives at your door with your childhood therapist and another man. You invite them in, and you sit down in your favorite chair, an older plastic one from a few years ago or so. They each take a seat, and start accusing you of being a /hoarder/, of being abnormal, calling you wrong, broken. It's fine, you can deal with it- but then, they start taking things. One by one, your memories leave, until you're left completely and utterly alone. Trigger. Prothean
You're at a comedy show, some small-time local doing mediocre standup. But the tickets are cheap, and the drinks are free, so you and your clique are there, tipsy, and even laughing occasionally. At some point, the comedian picks you for his next joke, something about your race, or family, or something. It doesn't matter. Because it happens to hit you hard, you cry, everyone's eyes are on you, you recognize coworkers, friends, EVERYBODY is watching you break down as the comedian keeps pushing. Why won't he stop? What the fuck? What does he have against you? Trigger. Prothean
When you met him, he seemed kind. Your family disapproved, but you loved him, and he loved you. That was then. One month in, he yelled. Two months in, he started hitting. A year later, you have a kid, you stay at home while he works. When he comes home, he's tired, he's hungry, he's cranky, and you get hurt. Frighteningly, tonight, you've run out of food.
The phone rings. "Miss X? Your husband has just had a terrible accident..." You trigger.
You're an amateur pilot, enrolled in a stunt show with some slightly-faked credentials to impress your spouse. You're generally considered what would be a prodigy, and you're confident you can hold your own. As you loop and dive the G-forces start to catch up to you but you stay alert and in control- until the plane stalls. You pushed it too hard, and you're too close to the ground to pull out. There's no eject in your cheap Cessna, and the plane smashes into the ground, entangling and mangling you in the twisted, burning metal. Prothean
You're biking with your family and you can't keep up. You're such a weakling. A disappointment. Your dad can *coast* faster than you're going. Everyone's so far ahead. They're coming back now, going the other way. You shouldn't be so tired, nobody else is. You need to turn around.... Well. You're so clumsy. And weak. If you were going at all fast you would have made the turn. If you weren't so useless and tired, you'd have caught your fall with your hands. You wouldn't have soiled the trail with your face and blood and teeth. You idiot. The bike's brakes were broken. You were fighting them the whole way. How could you not see that? You're such a failure at everything. Trigger.Gundor
You've loved her since you were kids, but it never got as far as you wanted it to. You were always seeing other people, one always in a relationship while the other was single. You would have dropped anyone, if she had asked. But she didn't. The final time you were both single at the same time, you waited one day too late. Someone else swooped her off of her feet. You weren't happy, but you tried to be, for her. You stayed in touch, but you never got married. You always held out hope. Years pass, and you never noticed the signs, until it was too late. You trigger when you hear the news: Her husband stabbed her over 40 times, until she bled to death on their front porch.Somecrazyguy
You've always had little crow friends. It started when you were four, a dropped chicken nugget or fry, a piece of candy left outside. Eventually the birds expected treats, even brought gifts in return. Ranging from broken glass to even an old rusted coin. For years you fed them and they gave gifts, even after moving away to your own apartment they followed. It came to a crashing end when the landlord found out about the 'pests' and left poisoned treats for your friends while you were away working. You come home from work to find them all dead, the poisoned food halfway gone. You trigger at the sight of all your friends corpses, not knowing who would want to do this.Spelt
On a ski trip with family, you take a bad fall. You come to a complete stop, and see your family members continuing down the hill, oblivious to your situation. You try to raise your voice, and can't. Looking up the hill, behind you, you spot your pole and one lost ski, as well as a long smear of red where the crust of ice shredded your skin, and the snake of your intestines, trailing behind you. Cold, shredded and disemboweled by the rasp of the rough ice, you trigger.-Wildbow
You stood by and watched, bystander as the girl you liked was bullied. She did a modeling thing, and somehow her peers, your classmates, all turned nasty. Middle school psychology, kids in a small town reacting to the possibility that someone else might escape. Calling her a slut, a whore, all that. You talked to your parents and got advice, found the courage to stand up for her. She got upset, and the lead bully called you out. Only when you met him and saw a dozen other classmates approaching from a distance, hostility in their eyes, did you realize just why she'd been upset - because she knew how very bad things might get for you. Mortal fear for your own well being fills you as you realize you might get seriously hurt. Trigger.-Wildbow
It was just a routine mugging. You got the guy's wallet and wedding ring, you figure that's enough. You turn around and run. After a few steps, you feel bullets pierce your back. The fucker shot you. You fall to the ground. You can't feel your legs at all, thanks to the bullet that severed your spine. He kicks you onto your back and puts the gun in your face. Trigger.Scg
You work in a daycare. Handsome guy, adored by the kids, adored by some of the moms, even. You knew going in that allegations were inevitable. What you didn't expect was how fast people would turn. A comment about you touching a little boy's rear end while you were keeping him balanced as he climbed on the play structure, and your entire life starts dismantling in slow motion. You can see it in everyone's eyes, even in your parents' and girlfriend's, that suspicion, the momentary /wondering/. It isn't you, and the anxiety eats away at you as it just doesn't /stop/. You trigger as a wave of mothers pull their kids out of the daycare, shooting you dirty looks as they leave.-Wildbow
The fall guy, the scapegoat. You started out just wanting to make a little extra cash, and somewhere along the line, you took on more responsibilities. Now you have the ultimate responsibility - you're left to claim that you were the one running the scheme, a side job as part of your little startup business that dug a little too deep into other people's pockets. Lives were ruined, and now shareholders, authorities and others are all focusing on you. You've done the numbers and weighed options, and it isn't pretty. They're already saying you were the one running it all, and all you have to do is cop to it, giving up almost a sixth of your life to sit in a cell, losing your reputation, being /hated/. After the first hearing, it dawns on you. You're locked in, you can't get away from the label they've plastered on you, and any protests will rig hollow. Your life is ruined, as you ruined so many others, and now nobody is talking to you, even to reassure you about the help they were going to provide after you'd played the scapegoat. All for nothing. You trigger.-Wildbow
You've always put your kids first. Your relationship with your wife got worse and worse, after you pointed out how much she was drinking. You couldn't trust her to watch the kids anymore, so you hired a nanny, and got your wife sent to rehab. When she gets back, she delves right back into her addiction, and you give up. You file for divorce. At the next hearing, she comes in with bruises covering her whole body, and a black eye, naming you as the perpetrator. She gets everything in the divorce. You trigger when the courts give her full custody of your children.SCG
He was polite, charming even, when you picked him up. He only needed to travel a few miles, he said, and he'd pay for gas. He was even wearing a suit. Since when do crazy hitchhikers wear suits? But now you're locked in the trunk of your own car gagged with a sock, limbs duct-taped together and stray car parts/tools digging into your back. You don't know where he's taking you, but odds are it's not going to be good. Trigger.Teller
You used to be popular, until you called a fellow student in your school a racial slur during an altercation. Word gets around fast, and now everyone thinks of you as a racist. It starts small, with people jostling you in the hallway. It ends with that fellow student and twenty others cornering you after school, ready to kick your teeth in. You trigger as they stare at you with hatred in their eyes.Scg
You go fishing with your buddy. You're a little worried about the gray sky, but it's your last chance to hang out with him before he heads out to basic, so you ignore it. You then proceed to ignore the choppy waves. Then you ignore the drizzle and wind. You can't ignore it, however, when the mother of all storms hits, dragging you out to sea and capsizing your boat. Trigger as your buddy slips beneath the waves, and you're left clinging to an oar for dear life as you're flung and battered by the sea.Teller
You're in the semi-finals of a statewide gymnastics competition. It's a big deal: your family and friends are cheering you on from the stands, and you've trained hard for weeks. A victory would mean going to the nationals, and from there the Olympics wouldn't be far-fetched. You get worked up and overthink your routine, and you put too much into your flip off of the uneven bar. You land on your back, and you feel and hear the snap. Your body aches, but what's worse is what you feel in your legs - nothing. Trigger.Teller
Your go on a class trip to the zoo. You're not really that into animals, but it's a day away from school, so whatever. You're having a good time goofing off with your friend until he takes it too far, climbing up the fence surrounding the tiger enclosure and then accidentally falling in. His screams abruptly come to a stop when he hits the ground. Everyone start panicking, and without thinking you leap in after him. You handle your leap better than he handled his fall, managing to cushion the impact on some brush. But now there's another problem, in the form of a 500-pound adult Siberian tiger charging across the enclosure towards you. Trigger.Teller
Your family has lived in America for years ever since you were little. You're used to keeping your head down, avoiding anything that would involve put yourself out there or attracting unwanted attention. That's why you didn't know anybody you could turn to when the dreaded IT happens. The door to your house is open when you get home from school, and nobody is home. The place is a mess, as if there was a struggle. You wait in your wrecked home for hours, curled up on the couch as the pit in your stomach growing larger with each passing minute. Eventually you have to face the facts: You're utterly alone, left behind in a country that doesn't want you there. Trigger.Teller
You see a stray dog staggering up the street, malnourished and possibly injured. Your heart breaks, and you rush forward to feed it some of your lunch. Trigger as the dog attacks you, knocking you into the mud and tearing into your hand with enough maddened vigor that you feel teeth scraping boneTeller
You were quiet and shy. You didn't bother anybody, nobody bothered you, and that's how you liked it. Your body had different plans, however. You're the first girl in class to start developing, and how - growing out of every bra bought for you, even having to get new shirts. It's awful. The boys ogle and whisper lewd comments, but there are a pair of girls who are worse. They're the popular ones who are used to getting all of the attention, and they've decided you must be punished for having the audacity to hit puberty before them. They overpower you in the locker room and frogmarch you through the halls naked for all to see, 'SLUT' written across your chest in permanent marker. Trigger.Teller
It's your birthday, and your mother has invited you to her house. You're expecting a surprise party, but when you arrive you get a different sort of surprise - a room lit by candles, rose petals scattered on the floor, and your mother waiting for you in lingerie, holding a half empty bottle of wine. Bewildered, you demand to know what's going on. She tells you that you're adopted, and, furthermore, that she's in love with you. You freak out, triggering as she presses herself against you and tries to stick her tongue in your mouth.Teller
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