Argentinaika gyacgis2015mauro@cyberdelia.xyzlive coding, laptops, samples, midi :-)
AustraliaGriffith University's Electro-acoustic EnsembleGriifith University (Brisbane, Australia)Craig Parry ( course
AustriaKULORK: Kunst Uni Graz Laptop OrchetsraInstitute of Electronic Music and Acoustics at Univeristy of Music and Performing Arts Graz2013goudarzi@iem.atuniversity course. laptops, live coding, improv, interactive instrumentsunknownVisda Goudarzi
AustriaLow Frequency Orchestra2003 info@lfo.atfree and structured electro-instrumental improvisation; interpretation of composed works for instruments and electronicshttp://lfo.at2013
Basque CountryDvoinoiFreelance2013dvoinoi.official@gmail.comDvoinoi is a live duo performance.
Experimentation with sequencing and live synthesis.! :)
Brazil4LapsFederal University of Pelotas (UFPel) performance using digital instruments create with Max and wiimotes, kinect, game controllers, and everithing else we can plug in a laptop and make it talk to Max
BrazilBrasília Laptop Orchestra (BSBLork)UnB-Universidade de Brasília2012Eufrasio Prates ( with dance, cross-synthesis from image to sound. live free improvisations with fractals and webcam live images transduction interfaces (HTMI system). and
BrazilOLapSo (Orquestra de Laptops Sonatório UFRB)UFRB - Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da marinanimula@gmail.comlaptops, tablets, smartphones, samples, midi, live cinema, musical instruments, live performance, soundpainting, sound objectswww.sonatorio.org2018Marina MapurungaHello! =D
BrazilThe Dr. Porres' Patch Shop Orchestra2013porres@gmail.comMainly use of Pd, but also quite much any kind of gear/FX processors for happy patching. Guiding lines is to use many instruments and process them. Porres
CanadaA Series of Tubes2011dirty livetronic jassunknown
CanadaCanadian Electronic Ensemble1971Paul Stillwell <>old (and new) analog instruments, laptop computers, standard instruments, found sound, field recordings
CanadaCKUT Circuit Workshop EnsembleCKUT 90.3 FM Radio2006production@ckut.caall sounds produced by homemade electronic circuits
CanadaConcordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)Concordia University, Montreal2011Director Eldad Tsabaryinterdisciplinary, networked, a platform for educational researchhttp://laptoporchestra.ca2018
CanadaCybernetic OrchestraMcMaster University, Hamilton ON2010Director David Ogbornlive coding, networked
CanadaDonkey Lopez2014donkeylopez@bell.nettrio: percussion/handwired synths/voice/horns/toys: improvisational sound/noise explorations2014Stuart Ross
CanadahmbkrVIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver2010us@panospria.comimprovisations are based on the fragmentation of pre-set parameters, textured abstractions, minimalist drones, non-linear narratives, and digital
CanadaInstant Places2003ibirse@gmail.comfree improvisation, live sampling, purpose-built hardware/software systemsinstantplaces.ca2018
CanadaIntegra Contemporary & ElectroacousticsDigital Audio Arts, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta2011D. Andrew Stewart <>integration of digital and acoustic instruments, building on traditional performance and compositional practices, experiment with new instrumentalities, new performance paradigmsulethelectro.wordpress.com2018
CanadaInteractive Electronica EnsembleGuelph Universityfounder James Harley (email
CanadaK.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O.Independent (Montreal)2006kantnagano@gmail.comLive electronics improv: hyper-instruments, modular synthesizers, laptops, tablets and custom max patches. and and
CanadaMarianopolis Laptop Orchestra (MLOrk)Marianopolis College2009Cory McKay <>gestural controlsunknown, inactive
CanadaThe Digital OrchestraMcGill University2006director Sean Ferguson (email // phone 514-398-4538)3-year project with distinct goals / stages for each year
CanadaMichael Palumbo Laptop Ensemble2013emailmichaelpalumbo@gmail.comParticipants have no prior experience in digital/music performance 2013Michael PalumboHello friends! .................................Schaeffer
CanadaNew Music Ensemble Laptop Orchestra (NuMuLO)University of Calgarydirector Laurie Radford (email // phone (403) 210-7890)university course. solo and ensemble performance of 20th and 21st century music, instrumental performance in combination with electronic processing, new instrumental and vocal resources and practices, and electronic/laptop performance, collaborative group improvisationunknown, inactive
CanadaPhillharmonia de Caelo TactusYork University (Toronto), inactive
CanadaRegina Electroacoustic Performance Orchestra (REAPOR)University of Regina2008founder David Ogbornheterogeneous audio and computer equipment brought forth by the members of the orchestra, sound-based structured improvisation, collaboration with non-laptop performers
CanadaSchool for the Contemporary Arts Laptop Ensemble (SCALE)Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary ArtsArne Eigenfeldt (email course."FPA 347 Live Electroacoustic Music Performance", network music, group improvisation, visual scores, iPads and other alternative musical controllers; Net4Tet and Duet were tools created for the ensemble
CanadaSonic UBC Laptop Sounds and Sensors (SUBCLASS)University of British Columbia2010runs every year with Profs. Bob Pritchard and Keith Hamel co-directing it. MUSC403C is the cours. contact: bob@mail.ubc.cauniversity course. gesture tracking and motion capture in performance, Max/MSP/Jitter coding and composition with smartphones, webcams, sport sensors, game controllers, Arduinos; realtime processing of acoustic instruments; engineering students integrated with the orchestra through 4th year capstone projects and http://ubcimpart.wordpress.com2017
CanadaTheresa Transistor2005mjean000@sympatico.caelectro-acoustic improvisers, with an expanded range of devices : microphones, homemade percussive instruments, radio and CD reader, analog and digital synthesizer, and computer-generated!/fr/projets/theresa-transistor/?t=publication2018mjean000@sympatico.cahé!
CanadaToronto Laptop Orchestra (TOLOrk)2015torontolork@gmail.cominterdisciplinary performance-art collective that melds computer generated music with acoustic instruments, drama, hacked hardware, robotics, Arduino, circuit bent toys, dance, inventions, coding; engaging the audience beyond the aural senseswww.tolork.com2015Robert TaylorHello World!
CanadaUniversity of Regina Tablet OrchestraUniversity of ReginaDavid Gerhard:; 306 585 5227
Rebecca Caines:; 306 585 5520
Pauline Minevich:; 306 585 5525
university course. tablets and mobile phones, integrated with other media such as visual scores, arduino-based instruments and traditional instruments; studens can focus on technical, artistic or studies-based work, writing code or compositions
CountryName of EnsembleUniversity / Other AffiliationsYear of EstablishmentContact InformationGuiding Principles of the EnsembleLink to the EnsembleLast ActiveAdded bySay hello
EuropeEuropean Bridges Ensemble (EBE)2005director Georg Hajdu (email / networked performance, bridging cultures, regions, locations and individuals, each with their particular history
EuropeMusic in Movement Electronic Orchestra (MIMEO)1997powerbook quartet; "post techno Duchampianism"; choice and juxtaposition
FinlandAalto University Laptop Orchestra (AULO)Aalto //, collaborative, academic and free contexts
FinlandHelsinki Computer Orchestra2003director Tommi Keränen (email group of experimental electronic musicians, free improvisers, and noise musicians; variety of instruments (80's game consoles to powerbooks); 20th and 21st century repertoire
Finland / SwedenImproMastersSibelius Academy / ECMCT (European Cause for Music Composition and Technology) / Nordic Sound Art workshop in Mälmö)2004director Shinji Kanki (email education workshop / seminar; free group improvisation practice in order to find out, develop and discuss new possibilities of live music making with technology; occasional guest improvisers
FranceElectrologuesUniversité Paris 82011electrologues@gmail.comproduction of electroacoustic and instrumental music, the investigation of generativity and interactivity (throughout installations and performances associating music, video and dance); formally organised improvisation using pre- determined algorithmic rules and
FranceGrand Orchestre d'Ordinateurs / Great Computer Orchestra (GOO)APO332002info@apo33.orgopen laboratory that evolves with each event; experimenting with both networking and sound broadcasting
FranceKernel Ensemble of Live Electronic Music2007alexandrine.kt@free.frcomposition and performance of live electronic music
FranceLes Phonogénistes1996ecrire@phonogenistes.frtrio; improvisation; multimedia arthttp://www.phonogenistes.fr2014Pierre Couprie,
FranceOrchestre National Electroacoustique (ONE)Puce Muse2013diffusion@pucemuse.comgroup of 7 musicians; creating their own instruments; laptop, controllers, sensors, tablet, etc Couprie,
GermanyaudioLABPhonocake netlabelDIY, improvisation, drifting locations, spontaneous set-ups
GermanyBenoît and the MandelbrotsUniversity of Music Karlsruhe2009ensemble members Matthias Schneiderbanger, Holger Ballweg, Patrick Borgeat, Juan A. Romero // // // @mandelbrotslive coding; improvisation; no static repertoire, sounds generated specifically to fit the room characteristics and the audience; musical results varying from electronica and ambient to experimental, noise, drones and avant-garde http://www.the-mandelbrots.de2019
GermanyEndliche Automaten / Laptop Orchestra Berlin (EALOB) non-academic2005members Alexander Augsten, Marek Brandt, Sven Ihlenfeld, Oliver Kiesow & Nicolas Weiser // email laptops@endliche-automaten.decreate and maintain an extensive repertoire of electronic, electro-acoustic and audio-visual compositionsunknown
GermanyEMU Laptop EnsembleUniversity of Ulm1986 (as EMU Ensemble)directors Dr. Dieter Trüstedt and Chrstine Söffing ( // kontakt@emu-ensemble.destudents, artists, and dancers; // 2008
GermanyEndphasefounded at Freiberg Conservatory of Music2004trio members Alberto C. Bernal, Enrique Tomás, Joao Pais (previous member Johannes Kreidler) // email endphase@googlegroups.comcompositions are performed only once (do not develop repertoire) May 2013
GermanyGrainface Laptop EnsembleUniversity of Karlsruhe Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics no
GermanyPLO Poole laptop orchestra
Global (Australia and other countries)Ethernet Orchestraaffiliated with University of Technology, Sydneyresearcher Roger Mills (email improvisation, examining cognition, intercultural collaboration and learning in networked audio platforms
Global (Canada, UK, Germany)Shared BufferMcMaster University, Hamilton ON (Canada)2014Director David Ogborn. Members Alex McLean, Eldad Tsabary, Alexandra Cardenas, Ian JarvisLive coding on a web-based shared buffer using extramuros
Global (Canada, USA, German, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, France, UK)Avatar Orchestra Metaverse2007Tina Pearson <>; Brenda Hutchinson <>; Max D Well <>A global collaboration of composers, artists and musicians that approaches the virtual reality platform Second Life as an instrument. The Orchestra conceives, designs and builds its own virtual instruments, making it possible for each individual performer in the Orchestra to trigger sounds independent from one another and to play together in real time. These instruments feature sound, visuals, and animations.
GreeceAwkward Family Photos2010afp@afp.grlive electronics, networked
GreeceI.S.E Medea Electronique2010ise@medeaelectronique.comFree improvisation electroacoustic networked ensemble focusing on dialog and live input Drymonitishello
Hong KongElectric Company (formerly City Laptop Orchestra)City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Mediafounder Samson Young (email // phone 3442 5305)10 graduate / Ph.D students, standardized wearable (!!) meta-instrument, tests interfaces developed by LUME (Laboratory for Ubiquitous Musical Expression), non-improvisatory (prefer notated repertoire) February 2013
International (FR/UK/USA/CAN/CHILE/GERMANY/BE/AT/GR)Great Internet Audio Streaming Orchestra (GIASO)APO-332005info@apo33.orginternational online orchestra ; creating a place for networked performance; using a bidirectional multiplex platform to perform and mix different audio sources via streaming
IranMP | vH+ Computational Sound-art ProjectsTehranMohammad and Honey Haq Pazhutan ( coding, playing with acoustic instrumentsyes
IrelandCAVE - Cork Audio Visual EnsembleUniversity College Cork2014j.weeter@ucc.iebuilding interactive instruments, exploring our city and surroundings through media art, networked performanceYes
IrelandDubLork (Dublin Laptop Orchestra)non-academic2011directors Alex Dowling and Dan Truman; email info@dublinlaptoporchestra.comtheatricality, folk music, collaboration with traditional musicians
Israel / USAMartin GadgetSUNY Oneonta/Musrara School2014j.pignato@oneonta.eduelectro rock quartet that features laptops, signatl processing, and improv based on rock inspired motifs. Members include Ilan Green (Israel), Yoni Niv (Israel), Lior Pinsky (Israel), and Joe Pignato (USA). The project is relatively new so stay tuned.yes
ItalyArazzi Laptop
ItalyFLEE (Frosinone Laptop & Electroacoustic Ensemble)"Licinio Refice" Conservatoire of Frosinone2011Antonino Chiaramonte,, antonin.chiaramonte@gmail.comFLEE was born within the module of "Performance and control environments for Live electronics" led by prof. Antonino Chiaramonte at the "L. Refice" Conservatoire of Frosinone. FLEE focuses its research on the restoration, in live electronics performances, of a fundamental musical paradigm: the relationship between gesture and sound, but also on a different paradigm, specifically connected to the electro-acoustic music, concerning the quality of the sound output and the control of the multi-channel sound diffusion. ChiaramonteHello to everyone from Italy! thank you for sharing these useful information.
ITALYReihe Laptop EnsembleAGON, Sae Institute Milan 2015Director: Giorgio Sancristoforo gio@giorgiosancristoforo.netThe Reihe Laptop Ensemble was established in 2015 and it is in residency at AGON, Milan. The group performs historical repertoire as well as modern compositions (electronic or electronic + acoustical instrument) by established composers, focusing on graphical notation, innovative synthesis methods, research and spatialization. The ensemble works on stage under the direction of Giorgio Sancristoforo and does not perform improvisation or intuitive music. The Reihe Laptop Ensemble creates custom softwares for every performance with maxMSP and pure data. Our last performance was on June 11th 2017 performing "Responsorio Meccanico" by Massimilano Viel. SancristoforoCiao!
ItalyThe Expanding Universe of Al-Joberal-Chirolechi2013Johann Merrich <>an electronic ensemble dedicate to Stockhausen Intuitive Music. the ensemble is a unit of sound research on the perception, an ongoing exploration of the artistic creation in relation to different places and people. homemade instruments, metal sheets, piezo microphones, synthesizers, laptops, theremin, vocals, anything that works
ItalyWiivaldi Laptop QuartetLibera Università de Bolzanodirector Adige Risuona
Japan (founded) / USA, Europe (performances)The Laptop Orchestranon-academic2002founder Philippe Chatelain thelaptoporchestra@gmail.comgenerative music, network interactivity, interdependence between performers, guest musician provides audio content at each performance, mixed acoustic / laptop, complementary video network
LebanonBlok'- Beirut Laptop Orchestra2012Jawad Chaaban ( Digital-Acoustic Sound Composition
MexicoLiveCodeNet Ensambleindependent2013lcne@flujoalterno.comLiveCodeNet Ensamble is a group of people who improvise music with code interconnected to a local network. Their interests are live coding, software libre, networking, supercollider, DIY and techno-experimental improvised music in group. VillaseñorHola
New Zealand IMP EnsembleUniversity of WaikatoIan Whalley, electroacoustic music comprovisation, interactive systems, graphic scoring, intelligent agent systems
NorwayOLO (Oslo Laptop Orchestra)University of Oslo / Norwegian Academy of Music2007directors Kjell Tore Innervik (academy of music email // personal email // work phone +47-23-36-71-01 // cell +47-90-77-02-37) and Alexander Refsum Jensenius (work +47-22-84-48-34 // cell +47-95-12-92-32)ad-hoc, members are students and faculty, "performs the standard repertoire for laptop orchestras", workshops, PLOrk-style meta-instrument, social aspects of ensemble playing
NorwayT-EMP (Trondheim Electroacoustic Music Performance)NTNU (Norwegian University for Science and Technology)2011oyvind.brandtsegg@ntnu.noStructured improvisation, combining electronic and acoustic instrument, developing new digital tools!Andreas Bergsland
Portugal(Des)Integração laptop EnsembleSirr.ecords music label2001-2003Improvisation (abstract electronics with laptops) from thematic subjects that could be an ideia, a film, a artist work, etc. Variable formation: Carlos Santos, Paulo Raposo, Miguel Carvalhais, Nuno Moita, Pedro Lourenço, João Castro Pinto, Rui Costa. With guests musicians: Carlos Zíngaro, Jorge Valente, Adriana Sá, Pedro Tudela, Pedro Almeida, Miguel Sá, Fernando Fadigas and Alex Fx. Released on 2002 the "Permute" CD. With the audio material of the violinist Carlos Zíngaro (also operating as "Tonemaister") live recording @ Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian - Centro de Arte Moderna - Lisbon. Link: Played in Portugal mainly, Lisbon, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia (film Festival), Coimbra, etc.
PortugalNaja Orchestrano affiliantions2005Vitor Joaquim - vitorjoaquim@mail.telepac.ptseven rules of thumb of N:O:
1 - no pre-existence of sound
2 - do it here and now
3 - the guest is a guest
4 - think as a man, act as a naja
5 - listen, select, do
6 - bite the guest
7 - spread the poison
RussiaCybOrk (Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra)Moscow State Conservatory, affiliated with the Theremin Center2006founder and artistic director Andrey Smirnov // box2@theremin.ruopen source, networked, exclusively pre-composed / structured music during performances no // performed 2008 // Andrey Smirnov stopped being involved in 2009
ScotlandSuper D'Orch Digital Orchestra2009facebook // twitter @superdorchseems defunct
SloveniaTHEREMIDI ORCHESTRALjudmila – Ljubljana Digital Media or fb page;, sound, experimentation, members with varied backgrounds, hands-on electro noise ensemble, z DIY community with a DIWO approach in making music and sound experiments, developing its own instruments based on open-source electronic circuits. heremidi Orchestra is a process of mutual understanding and solving problems in a horizontal manner. The process of production involves experimenting with sound outputs, mutual composition of music scores, shared responsibilities for individual parts of the process, open source, open hardware - veryRobertina Sebjanic
SpainBarcelona Laptop OrchestraEscola Superior de Música de Catalunya & Universitat Pompeu Fabra Music Technology Group2008co-ordinator Josep M Comajuncosas // email form available on // // twitter @blorchestradevelopment of new music control interfaces, new paradigms for networked performance, reworked classical EA works, improvisationhttp://blo.catYES!!
Spain/FranceElectric Landscapes Of Rebellionfreelance2010antonymaubert@yahoo.frimprov, digital synthesis, diy controllers & instruments, soundscapes and found sounds, social & political commitment Maubert
SwedenLiveelektronikensemblenLund University / Malmo Academy of Music2011info@dynamik.seExperimental. Mix of improv and compositions by members and teachers. Use of whatever (electronic) equipment is at hand, open for suggestions. Collaborations with more traditional instrumentalists
SwedenMobila DatorOrkestern (Mobile computer orchestra)www.c-y.se2007info@dynamik.seMay only use portable equipment, preferrably laptops. May only use of internal or battery powered portable speakers. The whole equipment must be mobile and easily
SwitzerlandInside the Baxter Building
2014info@insidethebaxterbuilding.chMelting acoustic instruments and electronics. simon petermann, tb+electronics, sam würgler, tp+electronics, fabian gutscher, electronics+toys. free improvisation, graphic charts, multimedia art, collaborations with other art forms. www.InsideTheBaxterBuilding.chyessimon petermannhello
The NetherlandsSEE - Sonology Electroacoustic EnsembleRoyal Conservatory of The Hague - Sonology Department2008 (?)Richard Barrett <>improvisation
touring installationToshiba-funded Laptop Orchestra (relevant??)2004interactive installation
TurkeyIBULOrk (Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra)Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department2009director Tolga Tüzün (, meta-instrument, processing Istanbul's acoustic ecology, migration among universal textures without being assimilated (from blogspot) //
UKBEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research)University of Birmingham / music systems, structured improv, live coding Wilson
UKBehaviourBath Spa student live electroacoustic ensemble : mixed electronics/laptops/objects/hacking/controllers, focusing on performance strategies, sound shaping and group improvisation.
UKBiLE (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble)Birmingham University, affiliated with BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre)2011ensemble members Iaian Armstrong, Julien Guillamat, Charles Céleste Hutchins, Shelly Knotts, Norah Lorway, Chris Tarren // live visuals by Antonio Roberts // bilensemble@gmail.comexperimentation, members with varied backgrounds, gestural controllers, audience interactivity, video art
UKBULO, the Bristol University Loudspeaker OrchestraUniversity of Bristollive diffusion, loudspeaker orchestra (not laptop orchestra)
UKFIRE (all-Female Interface Research Ensemble)University of Birmingham2013members Brenna Cantwell, Norah Lorway ( & Edie Pearce; twitter @FIREnsembleGameprov, liveness, improvisation, SuperCollider, live coding as of March 2014 (INTER/actions)
UKGoldsmiths Laptop EnsembleGoldsmiths University of Londondirector Tom Mudd (email name "Studio Laptop Ensemble"
UKHELLO (Hope Experimental Live Laptop Orchestra)Liverpool Hope University Department of Music2011director Manuella Blackburn ( November 2012
UKHELO (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra)Huddersfield University Music Department2008directed by Scott Hewitt // // // @helo_groupcomposition, improvisation, undergraduate, directed
UKHELOpg (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra Postgraduate Group)Huddersfield University Music, composition, performance and recording Freeman
UKMMULE (Manchester Metropolitan University Laptop Ensemble)Manchester Metropolitan University Department of Contemporary Arts2008founders Martin Blain ( and Jason Woolleyperformance, composition, improvisation
UKMorphogenesisMorley College1985paradigm@stalk.netThe group was formed by a group of people interested in exploring the possibilities of live electronic music and collective improvisation. Our preferred choice is to work in a live situation where the clash of different performance spaces, available equipment and general atmosphere creates a more diverse music. concert 2010?Caleb Deupree
UKOxLOrk (Oxford Laptop Orchestra)Oxford University2012email // facebook taught to code new pieces for the ensemble, standardized meta-instrument, ensemble designed for the performance of live electronic and electroacoustic music by individually expressive players. June 2013
UKSEALE (Scarborough Electroacoustic Laptop Ensemble)University of Hull2011director Rob Mackay (email // work phone +44 (0) 1723 357390)field recordings, natureactive as of March 2014, may soon change names due to program moving to Hull
UKUnknown DevicesLondon College of Communication2005director David Toop // ud.orchestra@gmail.comcircuit bending, turntables, sound poetry, live processing of acoustic instruments, technical/personal ensemble dynamics, mixed ability 2010
UKWorldscape Laptop Orchestra (WLO)University of York2007Ambrose Field
large ensemble (50 performers), investigating human element and technology in large ensembles