What are they doing?Organizational capacities/qualitiesDisciplinary practices/relationsRessource relationsResearch interests (permeating/exceeding the organization)Personal trajectories and interests (past/present)WebAddress
EdgerydersNetwork of distributed practices working with social innovation, smart communities, resilient societies and economies.
They connect activists, hackers, designers etc. and activate their competences through different constellations in (consultancy) projects or conferences/seminars.
Functions as a "practice-based embassey" - connecting and activating practices across national and disciplinary borders.
Practice-based digital Embassy
Conference hosts
Open Consultancy (advice powered by ad-hoc networks built around tasks/problems connected through ICT platforms)
Transparant online/public organizational development
Public ethnographic outreach to find/tell stories of multidisciplinary practices.
Combines an immense number of disciplines, most significantly perhaps: ICT design, policy design, community-invigoration/support, political economy, place-based transformation,
Consultancy work
Local and national support for projects
EU founding
Voluntary work
Practice-based societal transformation (instead of disciplinary/nation-state/market/ressource-based).
Connections between digital and social communities, collaborations and transformations (what is the purpose of "social" (as a ciritical sociological term) in social media).
Experiments with policy practices on different terms than existing political processes, generating new political deliniations, shapes and forces (new publics, commons, stewardships).
Center for
Land Use Interpretation
Crowdsources images about the way landscapes are transformed by humans.
Builds an archive that show societal interpretations of land use and imprints of societal activities (such as agriculture, land- air and space travels, excavation, ICT, industry, waste management, cartography and culture) on landscapes.
Curates exhibitions that displays how specific societal projects have produced different types of landscapes.
Publishes a newletter called Lay of the Land and several books based on their work.
Image archive
Exhibition space
Publishes monthly newsletter and books
Hosts Residencies
Archive design (social, participatory)
Human geography (of land-use)
Visual anthropology
Aesthetic/curatorial research
Support from various foundations and governments
Private constributions
Compositions of visual representations of landscapes in the Anthropocene era - tools for large scales geological imaginaries.
Crowdsourced research (archives) and modes of citizen science. Center for Land Use Interpretation
9331 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 839-5722
SenseLabBrings artists, academics, makers and writers, etc. together to experiment with developing philosophical approaches relevant to their practices and lives.
Gatherings are based on mutual interests, affinity and self-organization - the aim of the organization is to create supportive environments for such gatherings.
Philosophical experiments are based on the thoughts that follow the actions and experiences in the participants practices and lives.

(Seeks to avoid academic intrumentalization and theory-based innovation, by focusing on strengthening the imagined or expressived commonalities in thought already present in contemporary practices)
Hosts philosophical laboratories
Stages events based on collective philosophical experiments
Publishes Immediations book-series and the Inflexions Journal
Hosts reading groups (with fx. Whitehead, Arakawa and Gins, Deleuze, Guattari and Nietzsche)
Research creation (philosophy as a productive connection between thoughts and acts; experiments that emerge from what is done, and creates new possibilities for what can be made).
Transdisciplinary meetings between: Philosophy, Poetry, Dance, Visual arts, Makers, etc.
Voluntary participation
Interest based collaborations
Investigate the possibilities of creating "middle grounds" where practices can co-compose tecniques and theories.
Circumvent the role of research and art as innovative creators of "the new" that can be turned into "the existing" through a process of labout and production.
Erin Manning founded the SenseLab in 2004 out of a desire to build a supportive environment conducive to new modes of encounter and expression. University 1250 Guy street (Faubourg building) – Room 630
EnspiralNetwork-based community made up of approximately 150 individuals focusing on socially minded entrepeneurship.
Made up of the Enspiral Foundation, and a number of Service Companies and ventures (startups).
Focus on developing (digital tools for) social entrepeneurship and sharing ressources/connections/skills/leads/brands.
Aim to create lasting systemic changes around conditions for peoples lives (food, education, collective decisions), rather than products/media for consumption.
Hosts events around Social Enterprise at the co-working space Enspiral Space.
Provides legal counseling, accounting and general support for ventures.
Supports both ventures working internally withing Enspiral, and smaller organizations/ventures in its surroundings.
Building professional strength and resilience through connecting people from diverse disciplines.
Conversation based (memberships are based on conversations about professional+personal values/ambitions) & Community oriented (all new members/ideas are introduced to the entire population of the organization)
Legal counseling
Startup incubator
Redistributes a certain amount of venture profits towards the foundation and new ventures.
Bases decisions on a collaborative decision-making process using Loomio, a tool developed at Enspiral (Supports activities outside the Enspiral network using the same method).
Collective decision-making processes
The role of the digital in social transformation
Systemic distribution of ressources (food, education, decision-making)
Lack of professional meaning.
Lack of systemic influence. 2, 18–24 Allen St
Wellington City, New Zealand
Etienne Turpin & Sara Dean
Curate exhibitions.
Conduct research projects.
Organize tactile urban projects.
Bureau in Jakarta that develops curatorial, designoriented and activistic architecture projects.
Draws in and combines disciplinary capacities from different parts of the world and engagees them in projects based in specific locations around the world.
Projects are composed of material and social engagement with the contexts (people, animals, buildings, politics, economies, histories, etc.) and creation of visual representations or documentation that displays or further those engagements.
Artistic & curatorial practice
Applied philosophy
Open source/data tools
University affiliations
Collaborations with art institutions, publishing houses, universities and more.
A practice of social emancipation, which can meaningfully confront political violence by advancing strategic forms of solidarity, mutual aid, and community mobilization.A wish to engage in the widespread effects of the anthropocene - human-induced climate change. Malabar No. 08 DKI Jakarta 12980 Indonesia
UrbanomicAims to bridge creative, speculative and aestetic practices and contemporary philosophy - seeking to connect thinking and thinkers that works with both materials, social relationships and texts.

Publisher of the independent journal Collapse that invites work from artists, theorists and scientists that explores issues and themes that fails to be adressed by specialized disciplines.
Publisher of books (monographies, anthologies and collective writing projects) of artists writing about philosophical issues and experimental contemporary or neglected philosophical works.
Curator and organizer of exhibitions and events that aim to provoke and to challenge stereotypes of art, science and philosophy, as well as engender interdisciplinary thinking and production.
Publishing bureau.
Curator of exhibitions/events through collaborations with multiple types of institutions (museums/galleries/universities, etc.)
Facilitator of seminars/residencies through collaborations with multiple types of institutions (museums/galleries/universities, etc.)
Organizor / Invigorator of a
Aesthetic/Curatorial research and practice
Hosting a journal, curating a gallery draws in practicioners
Networks of creative practices
Theoretical exploration and speculation that turns contemporary socio-ecological/economic/technologic/spatial processes into philosophical and artistic enquiries and creative practices.
Interdisciplinary experiments where artistic and academic practices can interact, learn from, and challenge each other.
Lack of concern with contemporary issues such as rampant capitalism, global ecological crisis in disciplinary specializations (that are primarily interested in their own condtions for enquiry, effectivity or proliferation). Old Lemonade Factory
Windsor Quarry
TR11 3EX
United Kingdom
Open Source EcologyDeveloping a set of open source blueprints for the 50 most important machines it takes for modern life to exist
A modular, scalable platform for documenting and developing open source, libre hardware, including blueprints for both physical artifacts and for related open enterprises
A machine construction system that can be used to build any machine whatsoever
Mechanics Workshop
Habitat lab
Collaborators and contributors
Art, photography, video & writing
"Hands on" Construction
Crowdfunded (individuals and foundations)
Revenue from sales of machines
Volunteers / Interns
Integrated, interdisciplinary development process. We care about systems and ecologies – where we value generalist skills that transcends the limits of siloed thinking.After receiving formal education, Marcin (founder) found himself useless in solving wicked problems
Started the farm in Kansas, Missouri City (1 Hour out of the city), Missouri
The Long Now FoundationFostering projects, talks and discussions about long-term thinking among a vast range of professionals, disciplines and organizations.
Various projects signifying and embodying long term thinking.
Working to develop (counter-) cultural signifiers across formats (art-projects, talks, web-platforms, library, social events, exhibitions).
Lecture Hall (The Interval)
Hosting Talks
Crowdsourced Library
Facilitator of art projects
Online long term data storage
Multi-lingual database of all words
Long term betting company
Extinct species revival project
Computer science
Crowdfunding campaigns
Membership fees
Private donations
Contemporary cultures have a short memory/imaginary of past and futures, compared to the reach of their impacts.
From the idea of making a 10.000 year clock and a library with books abut long term thinking, the organization have grown to become a cultural institution that seeks to make long term thinking more common. Marina Blvd.
Fort Mason Center Bldg. A
San Francisco, CA 94123
unMonasteryFinding and adapting places to host embedding of critical, creative and commited individuals in transnational communities.
Making place-based projects, that engage individuals living in or visiting an Unmonastery location in the concerns of people living around it.
Building a network of spaces, that are working each in their own way to allow for the two above mentioned encounters to take place.
Mapping of organizational development (e.g. BIOS), to allow for easier future implementations.
Develops collaborations between local populations and skilled individuals from unMonestary and Edgeryders network.
Open door policy and encouragement of local citizens to join skill sharing sessions, workshops and collective experiments.
Organizes and hosts international UnConferences about distributed cultures of creative employment.
Currently working mainly based in Italy, Greece, Germany and UK.
Policy makers
Social innovators
Varying local experts/organizations
Finding unused (historical) buildings.
Collaborating with urban development programmes.
Voluntaries and their networks, resources and skills.
Monastic time; as an interest in creating time dedicated to bringing people together to further and develop common interests and projects, that reaches further than short-cuts to success or wealth.
Social roles of monastery; giving participants a collective purpose, a chance to develop deep relationships with one another and a reduced need to generate personal income so time can be dedicated to serving the local community and contributing to global efforts in creating new digital tools.
Explores counter-narratives to hegemonic links between art, tech-innovation, and material/digital cultures.
Interested in making relations between people that are interested in finding alternative ways of connecting symbolic capital, technological innovation and social changes.
Aims to build digital, social and ideological frameworks, that enables ever changing and freely growing networks of critically oriented and transdisciplinary creative practioners.
Palazzo del Casale, Rioni Sassi (Sasso Barisano)
75100 Matera
SpurseOffer case-to-case projects that seek to transform or build communities, organizations or infrastructures.
Develop unique immersive methods for each project (to co-produce new ecologies, urban environments, public art, experimental visioning, strategic development, alternative educational models, and expanded configurations of the commons).
Distributed workforce of experts in a vast range of disciplinesSystems analysis
Urban studies/interventions
Ecological/Biological design
Computer Programming
Energy production (off-grid)
Community development
Data analysis
Organizational studies
Digital design
Project-based collaborations with art institutions, universities and other higher educationInterested in contribution to system-wide changes based on ecological, social and ethical concerns.
Interested in making consultancy and advocacy about making art-works, infrastructural changes, ecological installations or organizational visions/strategies.
Researching how entanglements of a wide range of skills, can produce works that have (in)direct and generative implications for the field they work in.
EthereumProviding a web 3.0 publishing platform, that allows its users to codify, decentralize, secure and trade almost anything.Swarm: a decentralized storage protocol.
Mist: a browser for users to engage with the Ethereum platform.
Whisper: a secure and private messaging application.
Ethereum Foundation: manages the funds from their Ether crowdsale (18mil. dollars) and engages in legal and regulatory outreach specific to the cryptocurrency space.
Large global community: meetups across 50 cities.
Projects build on top of the Ethereum platform: decentralised prediction market, IBM/Samsung Internet of Things project, Open Source Exchange, Supply Chain Tracking, among others things.
Open-ended contracts for executing voting systems, domain name registries, financial exchanges, crowdfunding platforms, company governance, self-enforcing contracts and agreements, intellectual property, smart property, and distributed autonomous organizations.

Cryptocurrency experts
Ether crowdsale: 18 million dollars.
Supports Coin Center: a non-profit research and advocacy center focused on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrency technologies such as Bitcoin.
Numerous collaborators, building projects on top of the Ethereum platform.
Decentralize the web, by building software that facilitates, in a secure, decentralised and fair manner, the communication and automatically-enforced agreement between parties.
Modelling contracts as they are used throughout societies, in order to remove superfluous middlemen who capitalize on ‘black-boxed’ knowledge.
FriendlyA programme to create employment for long term unemployed people in Southern Sweden.
Runs four seperate companies to switch peoples "official social status" between employers.
"Collaborative prospecting of new businesses: making employment plans with people that fit to their own skillsets and interests.
That fit into the field of social enterprising": enabling the employment to be partly sponsored by welfare schemes and development programmes.
Employs people
Funds their employment through government support
Invents new models for the above with people employed
Creates time in peoples life to develop their own (creative) practices
Application writing
Social entrepeneurship/innovation (in relation to the social welfare system)
The diverse skill-sets of unemployed people in southern Sweden.
Collaboration with local, regional, national government organizations
Public Welfare Schemes
Interested in using the ressources available in todays welfare societies to create flexible, productive and self-generated ways of employing people.
Aims to create more resilient social structures, that sustain meaningful forms of personal and collective freedom of employment.
Interested in using artistic practice to create inventions that have a social relevanace.
Interested in using gaps in social systems to re-situate the role of creativity, inter-personal practices and cultural production in societies.
Village of Arts & HumanitiesBlends neighbourhood development, creative arts, after school education and festivals.
Offer creatively oriented courses for youth in North Philadelphia, on topics such as gardening, renovation, fashion design, dance, music, ceramics, video production, photography, writing, and graphic and web design.
Offer coaching in the challenges related to start and manage an organisation, such as building relationships, working with clients, making invoices, managing projects, etc.
Renovates buildings.
Make public art-works.
Organize communal gardens.
Make and maintain green areas in the greater Philadelphia area.
Organizes events based on their students work and projects.
Education facilities.
Event space.
Visual Arts
Litterature / creative writing
Dance / performance arts
Film production / direction
Design (fashion-, digital-)
Linking neighbourhood development with the creative capacties of the people living there.
Highlighting the vast ressources of people that is supposed to be a part of the underclass.
Interested in creating spaces for creative encounters between disciplines and people, that engages directly with the reality of the issues in contemporary america (class struggles, deteriorating urban areas, unevenly disstributed access to creative tools and skills)
The village, and the network of activities in greater philadelphia, investigates the possibilities of visual arts and creative practices to engage with and change social issues.
Interested in restructuring relationships between arts, creative practices, urban renewal, education and making communities.
2544 Germantown Ave
PA 19133
BuurtzorgDeliver team-based and patient-centric homecare.
Employs 8000 nurses and a small administrative staff.
They also provide neighborhood services, maternity care, psychiatric care, operate a pension house and assist families with problems related to raising children and young people.
Nurses are organized in teams of 4-12 nurses, administratively supported by a single "back office".
Teams create their own network in the community with support from physicians, community programs and volunteers..
Teams operate autonomously, managing their own time, maintain contact with patients and decide on relevant in-service training.
Information and communication technologies allow for distributed self-managing teams of nurses, reducing the need for administrative employees.
General practitioneers in neighborhoods
Healthcare sector.
Private clients.
Developing a new type of organization and care delivery model for community care, carried out by nurses.
A focus on self-organization. The nurses, in teams of max 12, organise and are responsible for the complete process with clients, nurses, planning, education and finance.
Joe de Blok, founder and nurse, initiated Buurtzorg in 2007, as a response to the problems coming from the fragmentation of cure, care and prevention and the standardisation of care-activities.
Pastor Ossenstraat 61
7609 RX Almelo

1921 Curve Crest Blvd
Stillwater, MN 55082
P2P FoundationWeb-platform and international community of individuals and organizations working to create shared and distributed economies and societies.
Hosts online discussions between different approaches to these issues.
Facilitates information-gathering to build wiki archives
Gives access to online resources: case studies, research projects, references, litterature, statistics, maps, podcasts, lectures, graphics.
Hosts a blog and newsletter, with news and current events.
Organizes, shares and links up social events like conferences, festivals, seminars or lectures.
Publishes books.
Produces political discourses and provides people in different countries and continents with conversations and relationships to discuss their practices.
Project archives
Media archives (lectures, podcasts, articles)
Hosting and connecting networks of practicioners
Book publishing
Public coordination calender for p2p relevant activities
Software developers/programmers
Design researchers
Political Scientists
Studying, researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer technologies, practices - and their impacts on different disciplines and socieities.
Interested in bringing together strands of thinking and practicing, from the digital/technical/infrastructural fields of p2p and open source production and distribution and cooperative/care-taking/solidarity oriented social changes.
Shares and investigates techniques for appropriating new concepts for production and distribution (like commons, P2P, crowdsourcing, open source, etc.) into social movements, organizational models, planning projects, currencies, etc.
Works to gather people and organizations working with infrastructural, technological, digital and social iterations of peer-to-peer (multiple person-to-person relationships) organizing and commons oriented (open access to ressources) production.
The organization was founded by Michael Bauwens in collaboration with Brice Le Vennec & James Bourke.
The trajectory of the the organizational efforts is to build social infrastructures for sharing ideas, events and ressources related to distributed modes of governance and organizations.
The organzation aims to foster new forms of cooperation. globally)
Sci FyDevelops open source information technology systems in order to solve real-life problems.
Offers its products, including all design and implementation details, to all and actively support the reuse and extension of the offered technologies into new products.
Electronic lab
Summer school
SciFY Academy
Software developers/programmers
Various volunteers
Collaborations with nation states, universities, NGO's, public sector, industry & consumer groups.The union of cutting edge open technology, free innovation and real social benefits.Technology available to all for free.
Discovery not as related to patents, but to "man's will to help the world he lives in and his need for knowledge".
Opportunities to grow and flourish available to all.
One's problem is a challenge for all, a chance to cooperate and offer help: a chance to create a better world., Amphiktyonos str., Thissio, 118 51 Athens - Greece
4, I. Varvaki str., Gyzi, 114 74 Athens - Greece
+30 211 0149 973
+30 211 4004 192
STEAMworkPHILLYA Network of experts from different disciplines, that collaborate on (often short-term) projects.
Offer public or cultural institutions a wide range of knowledges to contribute to or change their ongoing practices or ways of organizing themselves.
Offer education programmes, rapid prototyping, creative workshops, strategic re-thinking of organizational trajectories, community organizing.
Use a large network of practicioners from different fields to (re)wire different organisations and social projects across the city of Philadelphia.
Case-to-case based consultancy work.Artists
Social Scientists
Natural scientists
Social scientists
Client-based work.
The skills that the organization offers are held by individuals in a network, only assembled when a task is formulated.
Interest in teamwork between widely different disciplines and the creative practices of problem-formulation.
The relationship between vast ranges of discplines, specifically tailored organisational situations (tasks), and quick and concrete outputs.
The organization is founded by Dan Schimmel, artist and art-professor, as venture to experiment with and emphasize the importances of artistic practices and transdisciplinarity in a wide range of social contexts.
StonesoupCooperative office providing digital services and producing software.
Developing an influential network of professionals in the creative and technology sphere in Athens.
Host educational events and seminars.
Recruit and host development teams.
Host speakers and influential people from outside Greece in order to help strengthen and expand the tech community here in Athens.
Capacity to host up to 40 professionals.
Home of Appsterdam, a non-profit meta-organization by and for App Makers.
Business experts
Produces production quality software for 3rd parties.
Develops MVP(minimal viable product) applications for tech startups.
Developing a cooperative and social culture around technology development. Trikoupi 18, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3388566
The New CentreAn online platform and non-profit higher education institute offering graduate-level certificate programs.Global network of scholars, artists, practitioners, students and other interested parties.
Workshops, seminars, exhibitions, residencies and conferences.
Thematic facebook discussion oriented groups.
Live and archived classes.
Academia (Mathematics, philosophy, feminism, political science, geography, etc.)
A wide variety of other disciplines and professions
Tax-deductible donations
Tuition and membership fees
Volunteer work
Leveraging the Arts and Sciences to construct new forms of research and practice alongside, within, and between the existing disciplines and technologies.
Modeling new relationships between thought and action, thus inventing new roles for educational and pedagogic institutions.
Rethinking what form an educational institution can take when leveraging digital communication technologies. globally)
Edra CoopEDRA is a social cooperative which operates as a communal structure that provides an alternative proposition to life and rehabilitation of disadvantaged individuals and groups.
EDRA provides emotional and practical support to individuals with Mental Health problems and mentally challenged adults as well as of children with learning disabilities.
Two Psycho-Social rehabilitation homes in Ilion and Peristeri, Ippokratis I and Ippokratis II. Accommodates 25 persons.
Two Supported Apartments. 8 persons.
DIADROMI, The Centre for the Alternative Occupation and Therapeutic Employment.
11 Educational Psychology Consultation Centers for Children and Families.
Ekfrasi Children’s Cultural Club.
Social Economy Centre.
ART4MORE Festival.
Pan-Attica Sport Event.
Labs: Lab of Motion Pictures, Artistic History Lab, Ancient Greek Language and Civilization Lab.
Events, conferences and workshops.
The Social supermarket programme.
Job centre.
Mental health professionals
Public relations
Funding as part of a Health-Welfare program by the Greek government.
100 Mirrors: Tools for the Motivation of Women for Entrepreneurship.
Material support, donations and volunteer work.
Member of following networks: Praxis (Hellenic network of productive workshops), Neapolis Network, Pan-Hellenic Union of families with autistic children, Network of Mental Health rehabilitation units and Sopsi – Posopsi.
Other social organisations.
Part of The European Voluntary Service.
Social and psychological rehabilitation and employment reintegration of disadvantaged individuals and groups.
Development of social skills.
Employment, cooperative and cultural training.
Social and economical integration.
Development of selected actions offered to the community (in terms of restoration and rehabilitation) with a double mandate: that of health and wellness as well as prevention and education regarding mental health.
To protect the rights of children, combat stigma and reduce discrimination that affect children and adolescents.
Research into alternative therapeutic interventions.
A meaningful civil society of active citizens fully involved in societal integration.
Founded in 2001, EDRA advocates the deinstitutionalisation of mental-health service users.
Volunteerism as a fundamental expression of individual’s involvement in their community: participation, trust, solidarity and reciprocity.
Volunteerism as operating against social atomization in a globalizing world. Dilou Str, 12134 Peristeri
Athens, Greece
Tel: 210 5913826. Fax: 210 5762861.
P2P LabIndependent lab initiating open source projects, publishing articles/books and organising events on free/open source technologies and practices.Two open source 3D printers.
Open Source microcontrollers.
Library of interdisciplinary literature.
Kinect and other sensors.
Hosts events on critical and creative tools for changing society.
Political science
Community of members, fellows and collaborators spanning over a diverse field of international academics, researchers, activists and artists dependent on each project.
Vasilis Kostakis, the founder, is a senior research fellow at the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance, Tallin University of Technology, Estonia, and a collaborator of the P2P Foundation.
Strive for integrative insights on the open technologies and the peer-to-peer practices.
Provide consultancy support to organisations and institutions regarding open technologies and relevant socio-economic trends.
Produce innovative, global techno-economic solutions to local problems.
Write, edit and publish articles, reports and books in the diverse range of topics we investigate.
Organise open events for reflection and action as well as to educate people about critical and creative tools for society-changing.
Founded by Vasilis Kostakis, a collaborator of Michel Bauwens of P2P Foundation, to advocate for an open source and distributed approach to society., Kougkiou 3A, 45221, Greece.
art, agricultures & countryside
Experimental production and research practice exploring alternative visions for the countryside.
Develops training programmes, rural art projects/commissions, exhibitions, study groups and a small range of commercial products.
Hosts discussions & open forums.
Hosts research groups to direct their organisation.
Publishes books (Field notes series).
Develops educational projects for increased knowledge of and experience with rural practices such as farming and shepherding.
Farmer in Residence programme.
Micro-credit loan scheme for peer initiatives (€15.000).
Database of land offered by local partners.
Facilitates a network of more than 2000 registered members.
Craftsmanship; pottery, food crafts, wool, dry stone building & vegetal fibres
Collaborates with art institutions, rural leaders and cultural practitioners.
Sells products developed as part of their projects: Olive oil, wine and cheese.
Probing the role of territories, geopolitics, culture, and identity between the city and countryside.
Confronting problems related to environmental, cultural and financial collapse.
Investigating the rural as a physical and cultural space for the generation of diverse ways of life.
Reuniting the city and the countryside.
Explore how situated, rural, and urban-peasant practices could generate more sustainable futures.
The reclamation of the means of livelihood.
Developing a self-sustaining organization, through diversifying activities that feed back on and support each other.
Setting up agencies in different countries to affect agrarian and cultural policy frameworks in Europe.
Cooperativa Integral CatalanaTransitional initiative for social transformation from below, through self-management, self-organization and networking.850 members and several thousand participants in projects and debates.
CES (Community Exchange System), using 'the eco, their alternative currency
Permanent assembly every 15th day, where decisions are made on behalf of everyone involved.
Buying centers (spaces to store the collective purchases that reduce the costs of products by cutting out intermediaries).
Various people receiving a basic income in euros and ecos for their work.
A collective bus and.
Ca L’Afou, the new project of a post-industrial, post-capitalist eco-colony that hopes to respond to the basic need for housing. 28,000 msq of production space and 27 apartments.
Cooperative law and legislation
A variety of crafts
RealestateOvercome the dependency on the structures of the state-system, towards a scenario of liberty full awareness, free of authority, in which everyone could flourish under equal conditions and opportunities.Enric Duran, co-founder, became famous for his 2008 “bank action”, an act which involved defrauding 39 Spanish banks of nearly €500,000 and subsequently distributing these funds to a variety of activist movements and social causes. He presently lives as a fugitive outside Spain, and is currently busy organizing the FairCoop Open Cooperative, a community-built effort to alleviate global economic inequalities through the use of mutual credit, reputation systems and cryptocurrencies.
CubeSpawnAn Open Source project to build cost sensitive, high quality, modular manufacturing machines, mostly from repurposed industrial cast-offs.
CubeSpawn is a framework for people to build interchangeable modules to solve manufacturing automation problems and distribute their ideas.
Developing an Affordable, Distributed, Open Source, FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System).
Online store for sale of machine parts, forum & wiki.
Machine framework to be appropriated by collaborators, engineers and other interested parties.
Open Source software/hardware
Sale of kits, with components re-purposed and recycled from industry to keep costs low.
Collaborations with volunteers, developers and engineers.
Hackerspace residencies.
Assembling a reliable framework for machines working cooperatively.
Localized production of complex products from digital patterns.
Allowing for production to take place near the location its used or consumed, reducing freight and heightening recycling.
Ease and democratize access to the means of production.
Detroit Water BrigadeDeveloping a new infrastructure and logistical practices for water distribution in Detroit, responding to the fact that 40% (140.000) of Detroit’s population is having their water shut off.
Deliver bottled water, water coolers, jugs, rainwater catchment barrels, filters, and other supplies to families.
Advocating for a Water Affordability Plan, capping utility payment at 2.5% of monthly income.
13 water hubs across Detroit.
Pilot program for homeless empowerment.
Emergency hotline and courier service (within 24 hours) for citizens in urgent need of water.
Human rights
Volunteer citizens.
Citizens with access to water, providing water to DWB’s water hubs and neighbours.
Advocating for water as a human right, and designing new policy practices around that core value.Stop water shutoffs citywide.
Allow all Detroit’s to settle their bills with payment plans and forgive all late fees.
Keep the water dept public as a public utility.
Institute a water affordability plan.
Develop stormwater drainage alternatives with citizen grants. Avalon St, Highland Park MI, 48203
Open Data InstituteODI hosts a wide of activities all focused on furthering practices of and understanding the impact of Open Data.Projects delivering tools and knowledge for enabling Open Data practices.
Courses and in-house training programmes for Open Data practices.
Open Data Incubator
Start-up incubator (9 graduated/7 current)
ODI Data as Culture art programme.
Publishing; guides, case studies, open data stories & roadmap.
Hosts friday lunchtime lectures.
5000 sq ft convening space, London, Shoreditch.
ICT experts
£10m over five years from the UK Government (via the UK innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board)
$750,000 from Omidyar Network
Corporate sponsorship, memberships, research grants and other paid work.
Catalysing the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value.Founded by Sirs Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, and Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Floor
65 Clifton Street
La PalaisseLa Paillasse is an open shared space where Biology and especially Biotechnology meet Hacking.
Incubating projects with the aim to help strengthen the long term, the economic and entrepreneurial fabric.
Three independent iterations of the project; Lyon, Paris and Lausanne, Manila.
Biotechnology Lab.
AI Lab (Artificial Intelligence).
The Playful Laboratory.
Textile Lab, Hall & Sewing.
CogLab (Cognitive Sciences).
Ghostcitylab (exploring obsolete territories)
FLYLAB (drones).
Hosts workshops, talks and various events.
And many more.
Upcycles old lab equipment dumped by academic institutions and private companies (bioscavenging campaign).
Sponsored by the city of Paris, and Paris Region Entreprises.
Grant from SPACE GAMBIT (NASA-funded foundation).
Crowdfunding (€22.000/347 backers. June 30 2014).
To explore open approaches to Biotechnology.Co-founded by Thomas Landrain to counter that science has become too expensive and complicated to quickly prototype ideas, and foster an open access approach to biotechnology.
To allow scientist and non-scientist to meet and exchange ideas. Pagliacci Paris
226 Rue Saint Denis, 75002 Paris, France
42Fully automated and free-to-attend Information-technology school, based on Peer 2 Peer learning principles. A space of over 4200 m², 42 is located in the heart of Paris (in the 17th arrondissement).
1000 iMacs, highspeed broadband network, large capacity storage servers.
1600 students.
Computer Science
60 million dollars by Xavier Neil.
70.000 applications, 20.000 pass the online test, 3.000 enter the pool, and under 1.000 will enter 42.
40% of the admitted do not hold a bachelor degree.
Openness to all social and economic backgrounds, with or without diplomas, but hard working and motivated by IT.
Passion for all aspects of computer programming.
Ambition to develop qualities expected in the workspace, including ‘hit the ground running’ productivity, constant learning, working collaboratively and personal investment in projects.
Learn ‘in situ’, from projects of different scopes and complexity requiring ingenuity and creativity to reach one’s goals.
Group pedagogy, where one learns constantly from others and participates in the teaching to others, pulling the group forward through peer to peer learning.
Value the initiatives of others, and have access 24/7 to the school’s resources.
Founded by Florian Bucher, Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac and Kwame Yamgnane.
Invent a new type of teaching for Information Technologies, to counter that France is the 20th most advanced IT country, while being the 5th largest economy.www.42.fr96 Boulevard Bessières, 75017 Paris, France
Robin Hood Asset
Management Cooperative
Reversible Destiny Foundation
Cooperative Networks
The Cryptocurrency
Research Group
Defense Distributed
Government Digital Services
Entropy Factory
CDG Labs
Breakout Labs
CRISPR Therapeutics
Stamen Design
Waag SocietyResearching & developing open technology for social good.Institute for Art, Science & TechnologyIntervening in the fields of care, education, heritage, governments & businesses.(mis)applications of emergent technologies; develop technologies for social information; transformational practices across domains & institutions.http://www.waag.orgNieuwmarkt 4, 1012 XT Amsterdam, NL