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xCampaignWhat is your plan to obtain the necessary votes? AllJoshCampaign Reform
xCampaignWhat is your estimated number of votes needed to win? AllAllCampaign
xCampaignWhat endorsements do you have from elected officials, political organizations, unions and community leaders? What other endorsements are you seeking and why?AllJamieClimate Control
xCampaignOn what issue(s) do you hope to energize progressive voters? AllCommunity Engagement
xCampaignJAMIE, Why did you decide to lead with being a mom on your campaign site?JeheddDCSJamieEducation
xCampaign ReformHow much money will you need to successfully compete in this race and what is your plan to raise it?AllGoverning Approach
xCampaign ReformWill you pledge not to take any campaign donations from corporate lobbyists?AllGun Control
xCampaign ReformWill you pledge not to take any capaign donations from law enforcement unions? AllGvt Reform
xCampaign ReformWho are your top five funders?Chridelhi, nyDCSHealth Care
xCampaign ReformAre you accepting PAC monies?JeheddJamieHousing
xClimate ControlDo you believe climate change poses an immediate threat to human welfare? All
xClimate ControlWhat concrete steps should be taken to mitigate the threat of CLIMATE CHANGE, and how will you seek to implement them?All
xClimate ControlHow will you balance action to mitigate climate change with the demands of econmic growth when they conflict? All
xClimate ControlYOU SAY WE NEED an economically energizing path to sustainability. PLEASE GIVE US SPECIFICS.JeheddDCSJamie
xClimate ControlThe IPCC scientists in their most recent mitigation report found that it is now too late to limit global warming to 1.5°C simply by stopping all carbon emissions to the atmosphere. That will mean that certain nations will be submerged and that damage and catastrophic events to the rest of the world is already baked in. Will you support the Green New Deal?
xClimate ControlIn 2018 a comprehensive plan, the Green New Deal, was introduced to deal with climate change as an engine for economic growth. Can you tell us if you think a comprehensive plan could help solve the climate crisis and if so, what would the plan be?CarlaFranklinDCSall
Climate ControlDoes the candidate agree with the overwhelming majority of the world's scientists that climate chaos is primarily caused by fossil-fuel corporate business models and the multi-decade-long efforts those corporations have made to deny, cast doubt and thwart efforts to rapidly transition away from fossil-fuels?Mark OheAndesDCSAll
Climate ControlWill the candidate be a staunch opponent of plans for any future fossil-fuel infrastructure projects which might be sighted here in Delaware County? And is the candidate aware that residents of this county (as well as Otsego, Schoharie and Broome counties) organized to soundly defeat the proposed 124 mile "Constitution" frack-gas pipeline project in February 2020, after an eight year grassroots effort?Mark OheAndesDCSAll
xCommunity EngagementWill you pledge to work with DCS as you develop your platform? AllImmigration
xCommunity EngagementWill you welcome DCS collaboration on your field plan in areas we serve?AllInt'l Affairs
xCommunity EngagementWill you allow DCS to keep copies of all data we collect through voter contact?AllLegislative Priorities
xCommunity EngagementWhat relationships do you have in your district that could form a base of support, through activism, organizing, work or personal networks?AllLGBTQIA+ Rights
xEconomyDo you support increasing the minimum wage? AllOther
xEconomyDo you support the PRO Act and if so, how will you work to assure its passage?AllPolice Reform
xEconomyJAMIE You say - Our cost of living has skyrocketed. Good jobs are few and far between. Small businesses are struggling to survive. And yet: taxes seem to only increase. It's time to fix it. What ideas do you have to fix it?JeheddDCSJamiePrison/Bail Reform
xEconomyWe must support our unions, the anchor of our middle class We must help our farmers and agricultural workers, the producers of our stable, affordable food supply. We must increase access to housing options, grow the availability of healthcare, and ensure we can afford to live in the place we call home. HOW?JeheddDCSJamieRacial Equality
xEducationShould public school curriculum include truth of our nation's history, good and bad, or curriculum be designed to inspire patriotic values? AllReproductive Rights
xEducationdo you support charter schools or public schools? Science/Technology
xEducationwhat are your thoughts on the culture wars in public schooling? your solutions? Social Security & Medicare
xEducationEducation has become a lottery that some children win, and others lose. All children must share in the same equality of opportunity that made this country so strong. WHAT KINDS OF THINGS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT – WHAT IS A LOOSING EDUCATION? WHAT IDEAS DO YOU HAVE?JeheddDCSJamieVoting Rights
xEducationWhat is your position on federal funding of private schools?Veterans
xGoverning ApproachWho would you like to see as Speaker Of The House, or Minority Leader if the Dems lose control of the house, and why?
xGvt ReformDo you advocate an end to the filibuster or the reinstatement of the "standing" filibuster?All
xGvt ReformDo you support an expansion of the Supreme Court or an end to lifetime appointments, and if so, what actions should be taken to implement these reforms?All
xGvt ReformCongress has the authority to expand the Supreme Court. Will you commit to consponsoring the Judiciary Act which adds 4 seats?Christian VitekWalton, New YorkYoung Progressives of Delaware CountyAllBoth candidates, would prefer a yes/no.
xGvt ReformDo you consider democratic backsliding to be a present issue in the United States? What action(s) will you take to reverse it? Christian VitekWalton, New YorkYoung Progressives of Delaware CountyAll
xGvt ReformDo you believe there should be changes made to the supreme court? If so, identify the changes you would like to see and explain the steps you would take to bring about those changesJeheddDCSAll
xGvt ReformUnder the heading "Make Government work for us", you write, "We need a Congresswoman who is invested in us. We need a someone who knows that the current political climate makes it impossible to serve the people. It is time the Hudson Valley and Southern Tier have a Congresswoman who advocates tirelessly for a government that works for us." HOW DOES THIS STATEMENT REFLECT THE WAYS IN WHICH YOU WOULD MAKE GOVERNMENT WORK FOR US?JeheddDCSJamie
xHealth CareDo you believe healthcare is a human right? All
xHealth CareWhat actions will you take to expand access to affordable healthcare? All
xHealth CareWhat changes to how healthcare is structured would you like to see and what steps would you take to make those changes happen ? JeheddDCSAll
xHealth CareAlso, Josh, you advocate for expanded medicare what is each of your positions about medicare for allJeheddDCSJosh
xHealth CareJOSH, you wrote Too Many Communities Have Been Left Out Of The Healthcare System; We Need To Take Care To The Places It’s Needed. What steps do you propose and how would you work to bring them about?Josh
xHealth CareCan you make a case for why a Medicare-for-all approach to universal healthcare would or would not be a good way to solve the healthcare problems in our district?CarlaFranklinDCSall
XHealthcareA recent study found that if we'd had a single-payer healthcare system 200,000 Americans wouldn't have died from Covid 19. If elected to Congress would you sign on as a cosponsor of the Medicare for All bill?
XHousingDo you believe there is a right to safe housing?All
XHousingWhat will you do to support affordable housing in our district? All
XLegislative PrioritiesOn what issue(s) do you hope to find common ground with conservative voters?All
XLegislative PrioritiesIf elected, what are your top three legislative priorities? All
xLegislative PrioritiesHow will you pursue each priority in the face of opposition? All
xLegislative PrioritiesIf you could make one big thing happen, what would it be?
xLegislative PrioritiesWhat issue most distinguishes you from your primary opponent?
xLegislative PrioritiesGiven that congress is basically deadlocked, please explain what you hope to accomplish and what you will do in order to accomplish it if you are electedJeheddDCS
xLegislative PrioritiesWhat do you think is right and what do you think is wrong about Democratic messaging and how would you endeavor to support or change eachJeheddDCSAll
xLegislative PrioritiesGiven the failure of congress to pass the most important democratic bills thus far, do you think it is better to search for compromise in Congress or to articulate a strong policy position even though it is doomed ; explain the answer you give as to whyJeheddDCSAll
xLegislative PrioritiesWhich District issues have you identified and what ideas do you have about how to address themJeheddDCSAll
xLegislative PrioritiesWhat things did you admire and what things would you criticize when evaluating lt gov delgado’s performance as a congresspersonJeheddDCSAll
xLegislative PrioritiesWhat lessons have you learned from your various congressional adjacent jobs about how to actually do something in congress?JeheddJosh
xLegislative PrioritiesWhat kinds of things would you take on first and how?JeheddJosh
xLegislative PrioritiesWhile the House of Representatives has worked more effectively to deal with issues such as abortion, gun violence and voting rights, little that it has proposed has become law. What other actions are needed to get bills passed into law?CarlaFranklinDCSall
xLGBTQIA+ RightsWhat will your response be if Republicans try to pass legislation against trans kids, such as making it illegal for parents to provide gender-affirming healthcare?Tracey HancockDeLanceyall
xOtherHow much money did you earn on your paper route?JeheddJosh
xOtherTo many of us, Congress is dysfunctional and “working across the aisle” is a meaningless talking point. What could you do whether in a majority or minority Democratic caucus to help Congress become more responsive to the needs of the people?CarlaFranklinDCSall
xOtherThe supreme court has agreed to hear Moore v. Harper next term a case concerning the independent state legislature doctrine, which theorizes that state legislatures alone are empowered by the Constitution to regulate federal elections without oversight from state courts. how concrned are you about the possible outcome of this case? do you agree with those who have said that it could result in legalizing fraudulent election counts by removing the power of the state to overide the kinds of schemes about false cerifications that Trump tried to persuade several election official to undertake? If so , what do you think should be done about it.
xOtherdo you believe we are in a particularly perilous time? why, why not
xOther assuming there is no significant rebuttal to what the jan 6
xOtherShould the attorney general indict former President Trump? Please provide your thinking behind your viewpoint.
xPolice ReformDo you believe we should allocate funding away from policing and toward social programs? All
xPrison/Bail ReformDo you believe bail reform measures have led to an increase in crime? All
xPrison/Bail ReformB. Our Criminal Justice System Has Failed Black Communities Through Mass-Incarceration And Overcriminalization. It Must Be Reformed.JeheddJosh
xRacial EqualityA. Investing In Marginalized Communities That Have Been Left Behind.JeheddJosh
xRacial EqualityC. For Generations, Black Americans Were Excluded From Our Financial System, And We Must Remedy That.D. Our Broken Immigration Must Be Fixed To Serve American Interests And Reflect American Values.JeheddJosh
xRacial EqualityJOSH You state, We Must Bend The Arc Of History Toward Justice For Communities Of Color. and identifies four areas needing action: 1) Investing In Marginalized Communities 2) Reforming criminal justice system 3) Remedying the legacy of generational financial system exclusion 4) Fixing our broken immigration to reflect american values. Can you provide details on how you would break through gridlock and to make this happen?
xReproductive RightsAre you pro-choice or pro-life? What action would you propose to support your belief? DCSAllomitting as they have stated position, see below
xReproductive RightsDo you support abortion rights? Allomitting as they have stated position, see below
xReproductive RightsIf so, how would you protect and expand access to abortion? All
xReproductive RightsYou have both stated that you support a woman’s right to choose, can you detail the steps you will take to support your position if you are elected? Be specific.JDAll
xReproductive RightsYou both state you will support codification; but is that enough protection? can’t the republicans change it, if we manage to get it passed and would the supreme court overrule such legislationJDAll
xSocial Security & MedicareSocial Security and Medicare are exhausting sufficient funding for current benefits. How will you shore up funding in perpetuity?
xVeteransJOSH What solutions do you propose to address in regard to your words, fight for those who fight for us, by which I assume you mean our veterans.
xVeteransJAMIE, you are a daughter of a veteran, what essentail needs would you address to support our veterans.
xVoting RightsDo you believe voting rights are at risk, and if so, what actions would you take to protect them?All
xVoting RightsYou have identified several problems and their solutions as for example when you write, "As we have seen state after state pass restrictive voting laws that disproportionately harm communities of color, it is critical that Congress re-enacts the Voting Rights Act’s key protections.Can you explain what you would do to make that happen, given the ever-present gridlock?JeheddJosh
xVoting RightsJAMIE, You write you would co-sponsor the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For the People Act my first day in office. The John Lewis Voting Act has already failed. As a new congresswoman how will you get attention for this bill, especially if the democrats lose their majority? What other strategies will you use to (your words), help curb voter suppression, outlaw partisan gerry­man­der­ing of congres­sional districts and make federal campaign spending more transparent.
xVoting RightsJOSH, You have identified several problems and their solutions as for example when you write, As we have seen state after state pass restrictive voting laws that disproportionately harm communities of color, it is critical that Congress re-enacts the Voting Rights Act’s key protections. Can you explain what you would do to pass the Voting Rights Act, given the ever-present gridlock?