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An spreadsheet created by u/Zbordek. Here you can find the game modes created by community of Overwatch! Simply copy the code and put it into the import in creating custom game. If a game is updated, the code will be bolded for 3 days, so that it is easy to see if some bugs were fixed!
Click here to get to the form to add your game mode to the sheet
Advanced Widow HSu/Ga5pNormal widow headshot mode but when you get a kill, you teleport to the position of the widow you killed.---------HPSHRGame
Agar.ioRinq#2263agar.io is about feeding off smaller roadhogs or neutral bubbles. Hooks allow you to pull in any size roadhog, absorbing their size. First player with size 45 wins.---------0PAG3Game
Apex Legends Ping Systemu/hirowbpPing system from Apex Legends, you press F near a target and an icon will spawn in the location.YoutubeW845SMechanic
Bastion Dogfightu/drawreno1Jump Key: Propels toward crosshair. Secondary Fire: Speed boost, Primary Fire: Normal, Ultimate: One shot kill, When on ground instant full heal (have to retouch ground to activate again)Reddit62XGYGame
Bastion fires Torbjornsu/DarkyPakyBastion will fire Torbjorns in tank form with primary fire. Left click shoots normal Torb flying forward
Shift on target to lock homing to that target
If you hold Right click after shooting a rocket - homing mode will activate and Torb will follow the target
Battle Royale #1u/AussyowTraditional Battle Royale. Always begin with 12 players. If less desired, modify the Global Variable B to the number of players wanted.YoutubeECF7XGame
Battle Royale #2u/MikoboyThis is slightly improved version of the battle royale already in the spreadsheet. Zone will always end inside the map. Zone has 3 phases. Phase 1 being fast moving and phase 3 being slow moving. Players joining mid game will die instantly and start spectating. Also the game has a working HUD info. Fixed zone sometimes ending out of map Made HUD better, added "map" that can be used by pressing interact. Improved zone.---------RKTEBGame
Cops and Runnersu/bben28A Cop or a team of cops must capture a team of runners .Imgur8DB3SGame
D.va's Bumperkartu/rubenburgtBoop the enemies out of the sphere, to damage them!Reddit6ZBX5Game
Deathknight Reinhardtu/MoonlitdropNew Reinhardt abilities mimicking Deathknight abilities from WoW. Looking for people test out and help tweak to make this a fun hero to play.---------A74ZGMechanic
Deathmatch with Infinity Stonesu/kaiommInfinity stones are spread throughout the map. Once a player collects one, it gives them a specific bonus.

Time Stone - Faster Movement Speed
Soul Stone - Life Regeneration
Power Stone - Increased Damage Output
Mind Stone - Decreased Damage Taken
Space Stone - Reduces Plates Gravity
Reality Stone - AOE Damage

Once a player is killed, one of their stones gets transferred to the player who got the elimination and the rest get spread out on the map.
Once a player gets all 6 stones, 30 second timer will start, after which they will snap all the players out of the game and win.
Emote to Killu/YoshiShortsTeam Deathmatch based game, where you kill enemies around by... using emote!Reddit0V9FFGame
Enhanced Ashe Rouletteu/Oran9eUtanAshe Roulette with a system showing whose turn it is. Only highlighted player can receive damage from other players.RedditGGRM5Game
Fight for the KingSteph#21119A game mode where each team has a "king" and where you must kill his opponent. Your team King has more damage resistance and make more damage but he can not be heal (but he shine) and if he die you loose. The others players have a limited number of resurection too. I'm looking for your feedback, this mode is still in test and i don't have so many people to test it so it may not be balanced or work correctlyIf you want to modify it don't hesitate, just let me know so i can try it.Have fun.---------C54STGame
Fire Bulletsu/deltaxzombiesBullets (non projectile) are now incendiary and catch players on fire for a moment. All damage works now, including projectiles.YoutubeB0HF2Mechanic
Flappy Pharahu/Thriver9Multiplayer Flappy Pharah - Overwatch version of the Flappy Bird!RedditP3DNCGame
Friday The 13thCountJackal#1548There is one reaper who has three special powers. Speed, jump, and invisibility, he can switch between these three powers but can not use two at the same time. These powers are accompanied by a puff of green, yellow, and purple smoke respectively appearing around Reaper. The objective is for him to kill all 6 Soldier: 76s using only melee and his special powers before the time runs out. The Soldiers simply need to wait until point unlocks and touch it to win, if the Reaper attempts to touch the point he will die, he can however camp around it and try to kill the Soldiers before they can make it. The Soldiers can use biotic field, melee (though it does no damage), sprint, and have a special ability called Sacrifice which immediately kills you but makes your teammates invincible for 10 seconds. Reapers controls consist of Q for jump, E for speed, and SHIFT for invisibility. Soldier has all his standard controls with Q to activate Sacrifice. Fix of game breaking bug.---------YC2BDGame
Froggy (All Heroes)Glenfiddich#2900 | u/CanazzaOne player is the Frog, only the frog can score points. Kill the frog to become the frog.---------V8KTCGame
Froggy (Lucio 1HKO)Glenfiddich#2900 | u/CanazzaOne player is the Frog, only the frog can score points. Kill the frog to become the frog.---------8DEQMGame
Grab That Moneyu/ToastenbergThe aim of the game is to have the most money by the end of the game. You gain money by standing in the centre circle. The more money you have, the slower you walk and if you have too much money, you lose your abilities. If somebody kills you while you hold this money, they steal all of it from you and they heal 25% of their health. In order to keep the money safe, run to spawn to put your money in your teams bank. Press F to deduct 1000 off your cash total.Reddit9QZE2Game
Gun Game #1u/ZezombyeReflects the CS:S gungame. One of many variations.Reddit7DC42Game
Gun Game #2u/VeyranithBased on Black Ops. Every kill gives you a new hero and first to 20 wins. QoL changes.RedditB733QGame
Hammond Racing@DanielFennerTwelve Hammonds race through Numbani! Wait for the green light and rush!TwitterJWY47Game
If I See You Move You Dieu/CormyoneGet to the enemy spawn without being seen! White cloud on widow that appears when she camps means you wont be hurt when moving infront of her, Standing still as Tracer for more than 5 secs starts to damage you for anti afk, 1 second delay between blinks.---------7X3RRGame
Infestationu/MineDaveXDDeathmatch, where every round all players can choose whatever hero they wish. When you get killed by a hero you switch to that hero. When only one hero is left the round ends.RedditSYQ8PGame
Instagib Railgun Gameu/Telefrag_EntA game mode known from Quake Champions. RedditGB9PMGame
Instant Lockoutu/MustachioEquestrianGetting killed while playing a hero locks you out from using that hero for the rest of the match. Different max respawns for different modes.Reddit7BQQ0Game
Juggernautu/CitizenFishModified FFA Deathmatch. Kills to win is 25, only the Juggernaut can win. Players can become the Juggernaut by killing the current Juggernaut. Players have to simultaneously work together to make sure the current Juggernaut doesn't win, but also try to one up each other to become the next Juggernaut.---------HPHQ3Game
Kill Confirmedu/NeradonKill enemies and collect their tags to get points.RedditMCPXSGame
Leveling MadnessStarhunter#2511Instead of using the score to indicate kills it will show the players level. You get Experience over time, kill and eliminations. You can level up using experience and unlock abilities and stat upgrades. The first player reaching level 21 wins. You cant upgrade a stat more than 9 times. When trying to upgrade you will see a Red/Green Failure/Success message at the Top-Middle of your screen. The left of the 2 yellow numbers in a Failure message indicates the needed experience.
Controls: Interact-Button + Crouching: Upgrade Health, Interact-Button + Primary Fire: Upgrade Damage, Interact-Button + Walking: Upgrade Speed Ability 1 unlocks at level 5, Ability 2 Unlocks at level 10, Ultimate Unlocks at level 15. Sometimes Exp over time doesn't work. Recreating the lobby can help.

Levitation Ability PrototypeColdHazzard#11337Levitation/Ally gravity alteration. Test hero: Mercy (Ult)
In valk, hero can levitate allies within a 10 meter radius sphere of hero by holding the interact key. Allies can cancel effect by leaving radius or pressing the crouch key.
Have fun.
Test a prototype ability that enables a hero to alter gravity and levitate allies.
Find ways to prevent allies from being helpless (whether caused by ability or not).
Current Bugs:
-Certain instances cause heroes stay in "levitation" animation even after effect is over.
-Heroes who leave radius and return are not affected if another hero is currently being levitated unless the interact key is pressed again.
Low Visabilityu/HaiakosFog that blocks your a lot of your view.RedditZS7QVMechanic
Lucio Lava Raceu/ModProgEvery Player is Lucio and tries to get every checkpoint. The floor damages the player and the walls and checkpoints heal. Currently the only available Map is Eichenwald.---------996T1Game
McCree Hot Potatou/olipoulihotOne McCree is set on fire and must pass it around by shooting or punching other players to avoid dying.Reddit9J4NEGame
MOBAwatchStarhunter#2511A MOBA in Overwatch, more info on reddit. Added more maps, healing points on center, and other stuff!RedditRoute 66: 82TFW
Lijiang Garden: X9Y51
Havana: 4ERSK
NoClipXerxes#21917A module that allows you to freely fly around the map, as well as passing through walls getting access to out-of-bounds areas. Default key: QBlizzardQB0W3Mechanic
One in the Chamberu/DaveTheDalekOne hit kill. Each player starts with one bullet, each player gains one bullet after getting an elimination.---------CXRE1Game
One in the Chamber Killstreaksu/GrodieBrodieOne in the Chamber but with 4 killstreaks: instant reload at 2, instant kill McCree ult at 5, turn into invincible Pharah that flies up to the sky box and automoves where your crosshair points for 10 seconds at 10, tactical nuke at 15. using any killstreak besides the 2 player killstreak sets the killstreak counter back to zero. In the case of the 2 player killstreak, it removes 2 killstreak points instead. The killstreak counter is displayed in the top left. Ability 1 = sprint, Secondary fire = activate 2 player killstreak, Ability 2 = activate 5 player killstreak, Crouch = activate 10 player killstreak, Ultimate = activate 15 player killstreak---------32SX6Game
Order 66 - Jedi vs Clone Troopersu/CitizenFishA modified FFA deathmatch mode with two "teams" - Jedi (Genji) and Clones (Soldier 76). Mode tries to enforce a 50/50 balance in team numbers at start. Jedi win by accumulating a total of 25 kills between themselves. Clones win by killing every Jedi. Jedi respawn as a Clone Trooper when they fall, increasing the desperation of the Jedi as the game progresses.---------62BCHGame
Out of Boundaries (Any Map)u/TheTrickyDoctorPress F to teleport forward by 5 metres, ignores boundaries.RedditSV30JMechanic
Paladin Reinhardtu/AnEnemyChampionTurn the Reinhardts on Team 1 into Paladins like Warcraft III. Perfect for Boss Fights! Ability 1: Divine Shield ( Invincibility ) Secondary Fire: AOE HealingReddit9RA6PGame
Pharah Bots - Aim TrainingNotMudaSelect your hero.
You press F (interact action) to reset the location of the bots to the point.
Pick n' BanRiceyBeMe#2566Allows to picking and banning heroes in 2-2-2 capture point game mode .ImgurB8Z4GMechanic
Reinhardt's Completely Stoned Bumper Car Emporiumu/TheRedstoneBlazeHave you ever thought "Man I wish Reinhardt had 6 abilities, 2 ults, mach speed, killstreaks, and charge cancelling?" No? Well you will soon! Grab 11 of your closest friends and be prepared to lose a few brain cells! Crouch + Charge = Super Jump
Crouch + Shield = Shield Bash Pulse
Crouch + Firestrike = Slowmo Firestrike
Crouch + Earthshatter = Fortitude Power-up
Cooldowns are in top right corner.
Revive Allies with a Countdown Timeru/AnEnemyChampionRevive your allies over time by standing within the circle surrounding their corpses, or revive them instantly by T-bagging them!RedditMHBE8Mechanic
SCP: Survival Protocol-76Therister#1251SCP: Containment Breach brought to Overwatch! It is a complex monster survival horror style gamemode where the monsters are various iconic SCPs, each with unique and interesting mechanics and abilities such as an ability to lock doorways.
Set up: Just rename TEAM 1 to SURVIVORS and TEAM 2 to SCP (that part's important) in the game lobby.
Read more extensively about it and check out a cool trailer and tutorial vid in the link provided!
Silver Surfer Meiu/ChemicalWeatherShooting Mei's freeze on the ground allows you to surf on it.RedditPT13FMechanic
Slowmo Storm Arrowsu/oreo314oreo6v6 Hanzo only. All arrows are slowed down immensely. Turns Overwatch into a bullethell. ---------S11D2Game
Spaceshipsu/ExcorsFly around and try to eliminate enemies in space.RedditW2ZMGGame
Statue Wars (Ability Only Movement)/u/dracyoshiA gamemode where you can only move with your hero abilities, leading to gameplay with a focus on tactical positioning and cooldown management! Teamwork is essential. 14 heroes are supported, as well as both Elimination & Team Deathmatch. Press Interact to kill yourself if stuck---------NZ98ZGame
Super Smash Brosu/XefoxmusicAs your damage increases, your character is knocked farther and farther into the air. Ultimately, you’ll be booted off the map once your damage reaches a critical point. Your damage will be visible to other players in the form of a floating white number above your head.---------SMQPRGame
Teabag Modeu/NoslamahTeabag your enemies to kill them!RedditR98SSGame
The Hiddenu/GrodieBrodieA recreation of the hidden in overwatch.
The Hidden: Plays as Genji, with 300 hp, nothing but melee to damage enemies , is invisible by default , when you use any ability, or take or deal damage, you are revealed for a certain amount of time.
Shift ability: hold for 2x speed. Revealed while you hold it.
Crouch ability: Hold to reduce damage taken by half and heal for 40 hp/s. move speed reduced to 10% and revealed while you hold it.
Backstab: Attack someone in the back to do a backstab, instantly killing them and revealing yourself for 2 seconds afterwards.
When attacking or being hit: Revealed for .5 seconds.
Kill all of the hunted before they kill you or cap!

The Hunted: Can play as all damage heroes except: Pharah, Sombra, Genji, Can not play Tank characters, Can not play Support characters (for now), Survive until you can cap the point or kill the hidden!
Top Down Shooteru/ZikoTop down view with horizontally locked aiming.---------RKEVQMechanic
Trouble in Terrorist Townu/TrueCP5One in three players are hunters and must work together to kill all the heroes. The heroes don't know who is a hunter and who is also a hero. They must be careful about who they kill and who they don't kill. Lie and deceive to outwit your opponents. Use match voice chat
and play with at least 4 players or sometimes there by chance will be no hunters of innocents and the game will instantly end
Walking Bastion in Turretu/Quantum-exDeathmatch, in which each Bastion shoots in turret mode and... can walk in it!Reddit8E1CKGame