Support For Burl's Creek (Responses)
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TimestampFirst NameLast NameBusiness NameAddressI AgreeEnter any further comments below. Please remain positive and show your support for Burl's Creek.
1/6/2016 17:44:17TysonAlexanderMotorhome Escapes Canada Inc.1490 Hwy 11 SI AgreeBurls Creek represents a great opportunity for this
1/6/2016 17:45:41DaveMcKeeThe Hitch House Inc.1490 Hwy 11 SI Agree
1/8/2016 17:27:04DerickLehmannOrillia and Shelburne OntarioI Agree
1/8/2016 17:59:54SarahWoodhouseBarrie / Dunlop and FerndaleI AgreeSave Burls Creek has my full support!
1/8/2016 18:02:56SamHeslipO'Brien St. Oro-MedonteI Agree
1/8/2016 18:33:46NadiaFitzgerald18 Moon Cr, Oro-MedonteI Agree
1/8/2016 18:40:36EaglesBruceJilter5365 Reed Rd, Chemainus BC V0R 1K2I AgreeI strongly support this project, we need to invest in
our future
1/8/2016 18:49:44KyleThornhill InnisfilI Agree
1/8/2016 19:01:18AndrewAielloTorontoI Agree
1/8/2016 19:13:14AprilHillis79 hanmer St e, barrieI Agree
1/8/2016 19:19:51jamesmceachernn/aorilliaI Agree
1/8/2016 19:26:00MichelleVande BeltS.T.U.F.F. FarmNewmarketI AgreeGreat venue for events! Been to many there and
never had an issue getting there!
1/8/2016 19:32:52BartVandeBelt231 Main St. North NewmarketI AgreeGO Burls Creek All wholseme events! they even
helped out the huronia fur and feather club
1/8/2016 20:18:02Randy PhillipsGuthrie 5th line hwy 11north I Agreestop burls creek would be dumb thing to do what about the farmland for solar panels what about prime farmland in Edgar crcrops off up goes top soil
no body said anything about that save oro is all oro or non think that group is pissy cause burls creek didn't buy them out
1/8/2016 20:42:16EdwardNovoskyOrilliaI Agree
1/8/2016 20:53:45kenVanWyck Elmer Avenue, Orillia I Agree
1/8/2016 21:32:12LaurenceDarbyOro stationI Agree
1/8/2016 21:37:03craigshelswell544 line 11 northI AgreeHow could any municipality turn down or even
consider this option with the economic spinoffs that
this is bringing to the area.As a past participant in
the economic roundtable with the township,this is
one of the positive notes that happened while I was
on the committee. Any business that is willing to
invest this kind of money in this township should be
welcomed with open arms. As far as proper zoneing
is concerned, where was save oro when 300 acres
and more where being ripped up for solar farms that
outside of taxes does little to improve the local
1/8/2016 22:19:45Raymond Brodersen Wolseley Barrie I AgreeAnytime you can create jobs and generate revenue within your community, its a very good thing. If having to sit in traffic for a few extra minutes is the price to pay, it's a fair trade.
1/9/2016 1:48:07LynnMartinShopOroMedonte.comOrillia, Burls Creek is Saving Oro-Medonte!! I Agree
1/9/2016 7:23:53VickieCampbellOrillia/cold water Rd and westmountI Agree
1/9/2016 7:40:59JimRyderOro-Medonte I AgreeBest thing to happen in Oro-Medonte, I live on the 6th line
1/9/2016 7:44:35LornaRyderOro MedonteI AgreeVery organized and we'll run event.
1/9/2016 8:15:32BruceLivingstonWeston's bread distributor2472 Line 2 N. Oro MedonteI Agree
1/9/2016 8:20:19Kevin LaHayWeston's distributor Breda delivery BarrieI AgreeI think it is great that Burl's Creek is asking Weston's to be part of the food industry in the park and helping out LOCAL business. Thanks To you all and all the best for 2016!
1/9/2016 8:25:11DonHargreavesWarminster/ Moonstone RdI Agree
1/9/2016 9:18:51ChristinaWhite6 Duncan DrMoonstoneI Agree
1/9/2016 9:27:44DylanBriscoe400 Ridge Road EastI Agree
1/9/2016 9:41:06LanePassonVictoria HarbourI Agree
1/9/2016 9:45:37JohnAndrewsBarrie, ontarioI AgreeWayhome festival was well organized, not a nuisance, and there were essentially minimal traffic problems. This is a win for Oro-Medonte.
1/9/2016 9:55:16HeatherBrecklesColdriver MfgOro-medonte. Bass LakeI AgreeWe have written letters of support, given to our councillor. We have seen first hand the positive economic impact. Let this project continue to the fullest capacity. We now look at 300 acres of solar panels on a beautiful piece of rolling farm fields. That is a true abuse of land.
1/9/2016 10:15:58Angelique EwingIntegrated Woodlot Management 32 Line 4 South OroI Agree
1/9/2016 10:18:33StanCorey208 Cherry St Stayner OnI Agree
1/9/2016 11:31:58CAROLSTEVENSN/AHWY 11 & LINE 7 NI Agree
1/9/2016 12:27:16KathleenShannonMaplewood ParkwayI Agree
1/9/2016 12:39:20JodiAlexanderBarrieI Agree
1/9/2016 13:00:30DougBertrandNewmarketI AgreeI have family living very close the burls creek and they had no negative comments or concerns with any of the events. Family also attended boots and hearts and felt it was safe and very well organized. From everything I have heard from people close to this, the venue did an excellent job ensuring all guest and residents needs were all addressed.

1/9/2016 13:18:08GladysJeuneHwy 11 & Line 1 SouthI Agree
1/9/2016 16:27:46TimMulhallBARRIE oNTARIOI Agree
1/9/2016 16:45:25BrendonFlanaganTorontoI AgreeI live in toronto but I drive up highway 11 TO Huntsville all the time. I think that burls Creek is a great locatiom
1/9/2016 19:14:30AmyJohnsonSaint JohnI Agree
1/9/2016 19:34:37JasmineLalondeBarrie I Agree
1/9/2016 19:42:05gwendagrootshanty bayI Agree
1/9/2016 19:44:05Stephanie Misener Barrie I Agree
1/9/2016 20:21:11DonEaglesEaglesbuilding&eco sulking.ca30 Pinery Dr. Minesing Ont.I AgreeBurls Creek events are a positive influence for our community
1/9/2016 20:23:56FawnGillardBradfordI Agree
1/9/2016 20:25:17VickiEaglesEaglesbuilding & Consuting30 Pinery Dr MinesingI Agree
1/9/2016 20:29:10DrewCampbell112 Lewis Drive, OrilliaI AgreeI attended the Wayhome festival in 2015 and it was a wonderful experience. Not only was the traffic on the way there unbelievably light, concert goers were respectful of the land and the noise was very reasonable. I could barely even hear concerts from the campground at the festival.
1/9/2016 20:34:55KeltieSmithOrilliaI AgreeI deliver pizzas on the weekend in Oro. Both weekends there concerts at burls creek I was never delayed due to increased traffic. The traffic plan was run brilliantly.
1/9/2016 20:40:29RichardPemberRick,s Handyman ServicesOrilliaI Agree
1/9/2016 20:45:16IlonaGuerra Orillia, Hwy 12S/Gill st.I Agree
1/9/2016 20:48:50Kaytlynn Inglis Orillia onI AgreeBurls Creek has a great positive impact...promotes fun,jobs ,music community togetherness
1/9/2016 20:49:59MattThickson200 dufferin st torontoI Agree
1/9/2016 21:55:09EmilyMcCallanHolland LandingI Agree
1/9/2016 22:05:59RobertGrayMy. St. Louis. RdI AgreeTime for a better deputy mayor that supports this township
1/9/2016 22:11:14AmandaGrayMount st Louis RdI AgreeLove visiting the farmers' market and the growth this will bring...just wish our deputy mayor thought the same way. Hope he has competition next election.
1/9/2016 22:22:08CeceliaLeeBig Cedar EstatesI Agree
1/9/2016 22:30:00GladysJeune436 Line 1 South, Oro Medonte (hwy 11 & Line 1 S)I AgreeI totally support Burls Creek. It's very important that people of Oro and beyond support ventures like this because without initiative and growth, the future becomes very bleak and boring. I praise all the ventures to grow Oro, while preserving the country feel. What a great thing to maybe someday work and play in your own community. Burls Creek shows great community spirit, with more opportunities in the future to make a positive impact in the county. Kudos to those who wish to make a positive change. It is appalling that some people are so negative that they would even think of trying to stop anything that allows for positive growth.
1/9/2016 22:49:52JoanneGillespie716 Line 7 South Oro StationI Agree
1/9/2016 22:52:36DaveGillespie716 Line 7 South Oro StationI Agree
1/9/2016 22:53:52pennymorel21 Forestell st TottenhamI Agree
1/10/2016 0:03:16kellyrumble53 tessa blvd., belleville, ontarioI Agree
1/10/2016 0:48:19RichardMcPherson22 Mowat Cres BarrieI AgreeLived in Oro Station for 12 years. Lived on Shellswell Blvd down by the lake, bottom of the 7th line. remember the stock cars quite well. Attended many races. Know most of the people on the 7th right across Burl's Creek. There's room and the need for Burl's Creek to continue as a music and event location. As long as Burl's Creek continues to respect and improve any problems it will only get better.
1/10/2016 1:11:44PaigeHoskinsAllistonI Agree
1/10/2016 6:31:42AndreaKoenigsCollingwood I Agree
1/10/2016 7:38:06KevinnemethAllistonI Agree
1/10/2016 7:38:17AlexKrygielYonge and DavisvilleI Agree
1/10/2016 7:54:34DonnaDugganWasaga BeachI Agree
1/10/2016 8:23:22TerriNobleEspanola, onI Agree
1/10/2016 8:23:35HughPearmanpefferlaw I Agree
1/10/2016 8:52:05JasonLuckwellAngus OntarioI Agree
1/10/2016 8:54:25ElaineMartinHawkestoneI AgreeTotally think this is a great opportunity for the township and community. Excellent job opportunity for the surrounding area. The farmers market that is held on Fridays is great, so wonderful to meet up with friends that you do not see often and such a wonderful atmosphere for any venue from the flea market to concerts I support burls creek.
1/10/2016 9:07:42JulieMckendrySevernI Agree
1/10/2016 9:16:08jimforrestoro-medonteI Agree
1/10/2016 9:32:27JohnGarbuttAngusI Agreethe new owners have done a great job WITHOUT harming the environment. I assume everyone that moves dirt for a building should be fined.. solar farms destroyed PRIME Oro needs to get over themselves..
1/10/2016 9:38:24melissqcrepeau507 tenth st collingwoodI Agree
1/10/2016 9:39:21GeraldSullivanK J Beamish ConstructionOro-MedonteI AgreeI attended Boots&Hearts this past summer and found it to be a great event. The event was extremely well run with no shortage of staff and emergency services. Events like these add so much to our community in the form of jobs, added income for local businesses and most of all a chance for new business to get started. The positives far out way the negatives. This is the type of business that seems to remain stable regardless of the state of the economy. This is a great opportunity for our community and we are very fortunate to have been chosen for the location of this grand vision.
1/10/2016 9:48:04DonnaSullivanElmvaleI AgreeWe attended the Boots & Hearts concert last summer, this was my first experience with the property, will definitely return. This is a great economic draw for the community.
1/10/2016 10:01:14PennyKOld Barrie RdI AgreeI was once one of the concerned peoples of Oro over Burl's Creek. I live on Old Barrie rd. With all the hype and negativity SaveOro used to scare it's own community of Oro I was very concerned and naive to believe their scared tactic. I thought to myself "oh my what caos will these festivals will cause or what about the dirtyness of these festivals they will bring to our Beautiful Oro". And among other crazy questions and concerns that were running in my head. But boy was I ever wrong!
There were absolutely no issues with traffic-OPP did a great job with that, the park was super clean after Wayhome and Boots and Hearts when those festivals were done the following next few days, and not to mention the amount of money these 2 festivals brought into Oro and Barrie. I even dropped off a few people to attend the Boots and Heart festival and I was in and out of the drop off area in seconds. Well organized on that end.

Burl's Creek will bring in jobs all year round and not just with seasonal jobs with things like Boots and Heart/Wayhome but among other things.

Let's keep Burl's Creek. It brings jobs into our community and heck our summers are short that we need fun and exciting stuff to happen. Burl's Creek has put Oro on the map. Wayhome and Boots and Hearts is not the type of music I listen to but a fun festival and exciting experience is something we all are entitled to.
1/10/2016 11:00:10Vic and ChrisPOWERS106 Parkside Drive, Oro Medonte, ONI AgreeI agree that Burls Creek is the best thing that could happen here in Oro Medonte. The added jobs, economical impact and overall tourist draw is awesome and needs to be a part of our township culture.
1/10/2016 11:13:58NancyWallaceAngusI Agree
1/10/2016 11:14:34BrendaTran9th line northI AgreeWe never heard any loud music, at our home, and we sat outside to hear. We need jobs!
1/10/2016 12:03:11Blair Powers314 W.Christina St. ThunderBay,Ont.I Agree
1/10/2016 13:17:04GarfieldDunlopHwy 12 and Woodrow RoadI AgreeI applaud the "Save Burls Creek" website. Job opportunities for our young people and economic growth for our Simcoe County businesses have been lost in this whole fear mongering attack on Burls Creek.
1/10/2016 13:43:32wendycook195 Kennedy ave HawkstoneI Agree
1/10/2016 13:46:19stevencook195 kennedy ave HawkstoneI Agree
1/10/2016 13:51:07JenYoungNottawaI Agree
1/10/2016 14:15:44James CrawfordAlliston (former Oro Station resident) I Agree
1/10/2016 14:33:42MariaStevensonBelle Ewart ON.I Agree
1/10/2016 14:43:23DavidSearsBaywater rise Airdrie AbI Agree
1/10/2016 15:37:46GayleQuinnjl servicesRamaraI Agreethis is a great place ,we sure need the jobs around this area
1/10/2016 15:50:09DwightEvans#836 Line 13 N Oro Medonte L0L1T0I AgreeWith all the misinformation that has been given out and proven wrong, I do not know how these people can walk around Oro Medonte and face anyone. There will be problems but the benefits will totally outweigh the negatives. It is time we started thinking about ALL the people of Oro Medonte and not dictated to by the small minority groups.
1/10/2016 16:05:21AudreyEvans#836 Line 13 N Oro Medonte L0L1T0I AgreeLooking at the whole picture of Oro-Medonte, Ontario and Canada I think we are in for a very rough ride over the next few years. There seems to be a lot of different ideas of how to spend money in the government but very little input into the business end of it. My concern is with my children and grandchildren. I worry that there will be no jobs for them upon graduation and huge debts coming out of university because of no summer employment that would be offered in places like Burls Creek. Time to pull our heads out of the sand people!!!!
1/10/2016 16:32:38BradNobleBarrieI Agree
1/10/2016 17:57:47Dwayne KirkMarkdale I AgreeHave been to the auto flea market for years and I agree ,as far as the concerts go for every person thar hates the "noise"there will be ones that invite there friends over and make a night of it hearing amazing music and make a night of it , cheers
1/10/2016 19:49:15Jillian SobunInnisfilI Agree
1/10/2016 20:45:06seanblack165 kozlov I AgreeI fully support bringing more jobs to Burls creek the residents of this community need and want this change don't let the voices of a few change what is needed and wanted by the majority!!!
1/10/2016 20:47:11BradLaurierHarbourwoodI AgreeAs an almost 25 year resident of Oro-Medonte, and having raised my family here, I have nothing but good things to say about the people of Oro and how well we have been treated.

So when the Burl's Creek controversy came to the forefront last year, like many of the well meaning others, I was very concerned about the "what ifs".

I attended a number of the public meetings with an open mind. What was touted as possible scenarios were very disturbing, but thankfully none of them came to fruition, with the exception of some excessive noise the one night.

It's really ironic that the very subdivision (Harbourwood) that has provided such a fantastic safe haven to raise my family, was also targeted in the late 1980's by a small vocal group of Oro people who were resistant to change and who grossly exaggerated the risks to the community.

I am sure there are still some who would profess that Oro could have gotten by just fine without my family and all the other great people who enjoy this subdivision while contributing to the tax base etc. But, I can proclaim with a clear conscience, that we have benefited greatly by the lifestyle this community has provided and I do not believe Burl's Creek is a threat to this little piece of heaven.

I have travelled the world and have been fortunate to do business with people from all over the world; some of whom spoke no English, and I could not speak a word of their mother tongue. What that has taught me is this. "Life is simple. We really all want the same thing. A little bit of respect and a little bit of opportunity"!

In closing, I leave you with this thought:

1/10/2016 20:54:27LindsayCatlingMidhurst I AgreeI thinks it's important for everyone to know the importance of what Burls Creek brings to our community. From the increase in tourism creates smaller companies to get their names out there. If you take away everything that goes on at Burls Creek you are putting smaller local businesses to possibly be less successful.