Disclosure: All ideas here are agreed upon being public domainProposed Name:Real World Name:Description:Appearance:Use more if you need
A bomb which has one big and some smaller expl.Cluster bombA cluster bomb which has a medium sized explosion/damage and after a short delay, 3-6 (random) smaller explosions will be close to the original explosion (good for crowds), runs on a cooldown
1216 ShotgunCluster bomb
A dangerously fragmentateous grenadeThe Bouncy BallCluster bombA grenade, that when throw, explodes into a dozen, heavily-ricocheting (bounces several times, 10-15), unlimited penetration, bleed projectiles (AA-gun bullets?) that can do friendly fire if you aren't careful with it.
A grenade for bad days.AntiochHoly Hand Grenade of AntiochHigh damage grenade with a medium sized blast and long fuse time.Holy Hand Grenade
A sidearm for retiring androids.Antioch-High damage revolver with additional damage Vs. synthetic targets.Deckard's Blaster
A WhipAntiochA whipIt's a whip.Whip
Active item that can shove enemies awayAntiochbutt Active item that affects a large AoE around the player. When used, enemies are violently shoved away from the player, even if the enemy is on the other side of a barrier. This also does some damage to enemy shields, but not their actual HP. It would have less effect on "heavy" targets. Fairly long cooldown.
Airburst munition AKMAntiochModified AB AKM (film:Elysium)Modified AKM rifle firing 7.62x39mm airburst munitions and fitted with an advanced computerized targeting system that includes a holosight, aiming laser, and rangefinder. AKM
An anti-dash/teleport fieldAntiochA passive item that briefly stuns and depletes the shields of enemies that dash or teleport into close proximity of the holder.q
An outdated semi-automatic service pistol.AntiochM191114rnd Capacity. Above average damage, accuracy & stopping power. Below average penetration. Reduced chance to jam.1911
Android skins, Weapon skinsYou can get them by achieving new class ranks or by a not buyable box at the end of every 'A Rank' run.
Anti-material, hyper velocity rifleCroweCousar Crowe AR (film:Elysium)40 kg anti-material rifle firing 5.25x25mm electro-chemically propelled hyper-velocity rounds.Cousar Crowe
Assassin pistolWelrodWelrodThe Welrod is a British Spec Ops integrally-suppressed bolt-action magazine-fed pistol (Potential Rogue starter)Welrod
Attack drones generatorItemActively spawns 1-3 'charges' of attack drones that actively chase shot/in combat enemies to explode nearby, friendly fire(trade off)/heavy agro for controller(trade off)
Audible reloadReload by soundAudible ReloadAn audible way to reload rather than having to look at the crosshair. Have to press space at the right moment during the reload sound. Some weapons have the same sound.
Automatic shotgunJackhammerPancor Jackhammerhigh magazine, high damage, small range
Backstab daggerShivSmall Knife, infinite ammo, extremely short range. extra damage when out of combat and from behind enemies.
Black Hole / Antimatter gunNGC 1277 (4th largest known black hole)Fires a gravity field that pulls enemies together and damges them. Deals more damage if they collide with each other.
Bolt Action with mag wellAWM II or Papa DragonAI AWMBolt action sniper (very strong usually) 1 shot reload (5x), on 5th reload eject magwell.AI AWM on IMFDB
BolterEvisceratorWarhammer 40,000 BoltgunGyrojet ammo penetrates target and detonates after a delayBolter
Box of GrenadesLike a gun instead of an item, but it has to be primed before throwing, instead of reloading/ejecting (same buttons).
Browning Automatic RifleM1918Browning Automatic RifleSmall clip, fast firing automatic rifle for a stopgap between an assault rifle and semi auto precision rifle.BAR
Bullpup ARClarion/Clear-Ion? (Depends on if it's ballistic or energy.)FAMAS G1/G2Bullpup AR that can swap between ballistic and energy rounds. High fire rate.FAMAS
Bullpup shotgun, dual magazineThe BullKel-Tec KSGYou can change between buckshot and slug ammo without unloading as this shotgun has a manual switch which changes feeding between two magazine tubesKel-Tec KSG
Burst assault rifleH&K G11Small damage with no recoil or deviation on a very fast 3 round burstH&K G11
C96 on steroidsRed Dead/ BroomhandleMauser C96 carbineIt would be a nice idea that this weapon fits in the starter weapon slot, its just a mauser c96 with extended barrel, a lower handguard, extended magazine and maybe a telescopic sightC96 Scoped carbine
Chain SwordChoppaMelee Weapon, runs with fuelChainsword
Chainsaw RifleMeatgrindurUnderbarrel ChainsawsAnt assault rifle with an underbarrel chainsaw that spins up and does super high damage while reloading
Charge-up extreme penetration rail gunRail GunRail GunRequires holding the trigger to charge up (and maybe can't be fired otherwise), but guarantees penetration through all enemies in a line. Does NOT penetrate walls, for balance reasons.Railgun
Class : BreacherBreacherDoor-kickerPistol / SMG specialised class, Offensive with mobility at the sacrifice of lower health. High risk high reward - expert.There is a class already named "Breacher".
Class Type: ColossusColossusA tanky class type that emphasizes defensive positioning and buffs over offensive strikes. Gets bonuses to grenades, armor, and turrets. Designed more torwards point-holding than even the Guardian.
Class: Pilot/MechanicEngineer?
Class: PyroOliverClass that gets bonuses to incendiary weapons, and gains buffs in addition to normal debuffs at high heat. Maybe just a different core for specialist.
Class:BerserkerBerserker is class with short range pistols like sawed off he have more buffs when lower hp,being berserker gives you zero shield but you have 1500 hp at startBloodied helm with horns.
and you have 40 armor at start , when you getting lower hp you have more armor and speed bonus and damage, if you have 30% of hp you get hp regen at 20 or when really wounded 40 but when you are out of combat and for the last you can't take more than 100 damage from one enemie -Suggested by pdgf [PL]
Clearer Weapon Designation/Ability to swap in MPSimply a more definitive marker of the weapon type when you inspect (Pistol/SMG/Shotgun/AR/DMR/Launcher/etc) so you can tell if your class bonuses apply, and the ability to drop a weapon to your teammate in MP if his/her class can use it more effectively.
Clicking on a weapon in the database gives you a slide out window with stats and variants collectedGear Detailed Descriptions Right now all you get is a little image underneath the long list of gun unlocks, this could be improved by having the information of the guns you've unlocked, as well as descriptions of the benefits the gun offers (e.g. underdog, OICW grenade launcher).
Clone a copy of yourselfCloneClone Machine???Clone a copy of yourself but with 30 % of your stat. It will choose the weapon using when activated.
Confirmation prompt for "Reset Keys (Restart)" buttonDidn't think before clicking it while I was in the middle of a game (couldn't figure out how to clear a binding, I re-bound '1' without thinking), and it booted me back to main menu
Continous Beam Laser EP-2000 Non piercing, continous laser beam. Medium fire damage, high heat production. Make heat more important than ammo.Beam-gun
DONE AA-12 shotgun ('Battle Hymn')AA-12AA-12by woodenhero - automatic shotgun
DONE Chaos Health PotionA potion that randomly grants somewhere between -1000 to +1000 healthUnstable Purple Vial
DONE Lazer gun (if not already implemented)Vendetta Proton RifleFast firing automatic lazer rifle that shoots fast, short lazer/electric beams
DONE Orbital Laser item ('Redline')Fires a orbital laser maybe controlled at mouse cursor
DONE Plasma cannon ('HIG-S Particle Cannon')Like a cannon firing plasma explosions
DONE Proc Item: Ion Cannon ('ICARUS')Ion CannonIon CannonBased on the Ion Cannon superweapon of the GDI in the Command and Conquer universe. Not sure if it's realistic to call in a giant beam from space, but I imagine it would look awesome in the game. Probably an on-proc, long cooldown, high-sustained-damage in a small area type thing.Ion Cannon
DONE Sawblade Gun ('Ripjack')Shoots saw blades that bounce
DONE Slugger ('KSG 2000')5L|_|GG3RA shotgun that only fires slugs!Shotgun
Single barreled, but has an ammo count of about 40 to 50? Has a medium reload time but pack a wallop and is accurate, maybe a purple or blue?- Suggested by flamingbeast999
DONE Stun GrenadeThrown grenade stuns all mechanical enemies - be careful to stay out of the blast radius. By Shiny Miller.
DONE Weapon Donation EventA terminal event that asks you to sacrifice a weapon to gain money or health ?
Dope (fish) gun*fishy noises*Swim Swim HungryMakes Enemies hungry.
Double shot pistolDOUBLE 45AF2011A1Shoots 2 bullets at once. High recoil.AF2011
Dron Mode in coop mode after one of the player dies that player switch to Drone with some options like healing ; zaping ; shooting some kinda beam with long cooldown or distracting enemies to help live teammate reach to next area .. cause sitting and just watching how other play cant be boring
Dual WeildingAkimbo (weapon name) 2 of the same wepon in both hands, faster fire? double magazine cap. longer reload emphisising active reloadDual-wielding
Dual-stage, high velocity rifleChemRailTST ChemRail (film:Elysium)Dual-stage rifle firing 8.75x52mm FSDRAS (Fin Stabilized, Discarding Rail Accelerator Sabot) rounds using chemical propellant first and then electro-magnetic rails as the second stage. Railgun
Duel Mode
Electric / Lightning Whip
Electric fence throwerGR 1 LLthe next 2 shots connect an electric fence between each other, damaging (and stunning?) enemies that pass through
Electro bolt and more flame typed weapons
Enemy-seeking mine vaguley resembling spiderSpider MineVulture mine from StarcraftPlace mine, seeks enemies when they approach. Maybe make it a CC/slowing item instead of just damage?
Firing Range - an area to test weaponsKaida Virtual Test RangeA special map/area you can access from the main menu. Has consoles that you can use to spawn any weapon/item/variant combination you've discovered so far. Kills here are not worth credits, data, or XP.
give the rogue the option to use the reverbing blade (kinda done)the rogue needs a small buff as all his starting items, with the exeption of the helsing bolt, are pretty lackluster. giving the rogue another agressive item option would suit him well and the reverbing blade fits his playstyle perfectly
Ground flare (Done)A flare item that lights the ground and gives a certain bonus, different from the flare gun
guardian can start with shotgunSPAS-12 Starterguaridian class can buy a loadout to start with a secondary spas 12 The Guardian Subclass "Breacher" already begins the game with a shotgun.
Guardian Shield Ability (done)Riot ShieldPassives for heat management, less recoil, and faster reloads with machineguns, with modules focusing on punchthrough, AP, ricochets, suppressing fire, capacity, etc.
Gunner - machinegun oriented class (done)Gunner
Gunslinger - (dual) pistol oriented classGunslingerCore perk alters pistols into a dual/akimbo variant (double capacity+firerate), passives/modules improve pistols, mobility, headshots, ricochets, dodge, etc.
Gyrostabilizationsomething something gyro mountarm augmentation, kind of like an excosceleton to mount weapon on. reduces movement speed, reduces (ie: improves) recoil and improved accuracy.
Heavy anti-armor rifle (Kinda exists > Yoko Lagann)The BusterPTRD-41Heavy high caliber armor piercing rifle, dealing massive damage, piercing through enemies, but having no magazine - a single bullet is loaded manually; alternatively it could have a low capacity magazine carrying up to about 3 bullets; also, the recoil is massive when not standing still and heat generation is high, especially if it gets a magazine; probably legendary tier; suggested by Nna~PTRD-41
High Yeild, Short Range Impact ExplosiveBig BerthaFallout's Fat ManLiterally a mini-nuke. Maybe not quite as explosive as Fallout's version, however.
High-caliber, slow-firing SMGKaida 10mmIMI UziCommon/Rare. A low(ish) capacity SMG with a mid/low fire rate and good accuracy/firepower.IMI Uzi on Wikipedia
High-capacity vintage SMGChicago TypewriterThompson M1A1, PPSh-41Common. A high-capacity SMG (40-50 rounds), but otherwise mediocre/unremarkable.Thompson SMG Image
Highlight enemies if they are behind an objectSomething very common in RTS and isometric games: you highlight (could be class color) the part of the enemy that is hidden behind objects.
Homing missile launcher (Basically Exists)ATGMHold fire to lock target, release to fire.Rafael Mini-Spike on IMFDB
How smart!Smart GunHold trigger to target enemies around the cursor. Release trigger to unleash a hail of automatic fire towards targeted enemies.Smart-gun
It's poppin'Saturday Night SpecialMAC-10High capacity extremely inaccurate automatic machine pistol. Similar to the FMG but a PistolMAC-10
Items - Usable/Permanent
Jet PackJump to cursor
DONE Laser Shotgun "Raptor"Scatterbugfires strong laser burstLaser Shotgun
Low-caliber, high-RPM, ultra-high-cap SMGMAELSTROM / HURRICANE / etc.P90, PP-19 BizonLegendary. An ultra-high-capacity SMG (50-60 rounds) with an equally high fire-rate (900rpm+).FN P90 on Wikipedia
M56 SMart Gun (from ALIENS)Xenomorph Killer
Magnetic Projectile Capture/returnMAGDEFMRI machine?Item that collects all projectiles fired at you for a short period of time then shoots them all back in the direction of your cursor
mine dispenserIDEImmediate Deployment Explosivesdevelop the proximity mine for location
Mini-NukeMini-NukeM388 Davy CrockettMini-nuke, 0% accuracy unless stationary, can only carry one missle at a time, only ammo boxes give another missle.
DONE Gladiator MinigunMinigunGE M134 MinigunSpin up weapon with high accuracy but unable to move or move very very slow when firing .... all other games when they have minigun they tend to have very low accu and massive spread but this is sooo wrong so please make it right Minigun
DONE Modernized m14 "Tuned M14 EBR"Iron eagleM14 EBRThe evolution of the legendary m1 garand rifledone twice
Nail (Stake) Gun with strong knockback (Kinda done)ImpalerIndustrial Nail Gun?Initially homemade rifle designed for fight against vampires in Romania - shooting wooden stakes. Now, full auto rifle shooting long (titanium or something) stakes, able to nail enemies to the obstacels or walls (if that is not possible than knockback should be fun too) pressurized impaler exists
Ninja - class with samurai swordsSamurai swordWakizashiNew ninja-class who fights mainly with melee and maybe explosive arrows from a bow or other throwable weapons. This class will be unable to use the regular weapons.
Ocelots RevolverShalashaska's RiposteColt Single Action ArmyFrom MGS series, signature ability to ricochet, with an exhilirating reload time (how can you not?)
DONE "P9000 Supernova"Prophet / P90 'Prophet'/PDW-90FN P90High capacity, high fire rate SMG. Possibly purple-tier?FN P90
party starterDigital Plague/DigiphageReleases a ball of energy that moves and attacks enemies (like ball lightning). If this ball kills anybody, another, smaller ball will appear from the corpse. Has a permanent chance to attack the player himself.
Pepper gunPepper BoxerPepperbox gunInstead of the realife Pepperbox gun (which is a revolver essentially when you had to manually turn the barrels), kinda have it be like a multi barrel all at once pistolPepper-Box Revolver
Fires like a shotgun except doesn't do much damage its a high ammo, low damage sprayer...think like a multibarreled 9mm that fires all barrels at once and isn't very accurate - Suggested by falmingbeast999
Phase through solids.Dematerializer/ Phase AlternatorEither a usable item or a passive one. When active, things like barrels and sandbags can be walked through as if they weren't there.
Player TeleporterTranslatorTeleport you to the mouse cursor.
Proc Item: CountermeasuresCountermeasuresGives a chance of dropping a friendly mine when dashing, when an enemy walks near it, it detonates removing the enemy shield and stunning him.
M41A Pulse Rifle (From ALIENS)Hadley's Hope / Game Over ManM41A Pulse RifleThe M41A uses an electronic pulse action to fire in either burst or full auto. M41A ammunition magazine stores 99 rounds of 10×24mm caseless rounds. The M41A has a underbarrel Grenade Launcher. The weapon's recoil is fairly significant but has great stopping power, USMC's go to for alittle bug hunt.
Rare-tier SA Mag-fed Shotgun?Saiga-12A semi-auto mag-fed shotgun at rare or legendary tier. Good capacity but slower reloads than other shotguns.Saiga-12 on Wikipedia
Remote/Sticky mines (Done, Sticky bombs)You put it on the other guy, and they run around with it on their face
Ricochet revolverVex "Zig Zag" B60Mateba 2006MA revolver whos damage is multipled by x1 with each richochet off walls/obstacles. Each bullet can ricochet three times for a total damage multipier of x3.Mateba Model 2006
Purple rarity. 40-50 ammo. High damage but slow firing and inaccurate when moving. -Suggested by Navejar
Ricochet-centric rifle or shotgunRetaliatorA rifle or shotgun slug that hits a wall or enemy, and the the singular shell/round multiplies, ricocheting off of what it hit (or through enemies in a spread).