Phone Number:
Easiest Communication:
Address:Need help with:Requests: Method of Payment: Availability:
Additional comments:
Volunteer:When can you fill this request?Completed?Notes:
3/16/2020 0:48:53aknolan@iu.eduAllison Nolan2192186125texting
1820 E. 10th St. Bloomington, IN 47405
Moving out of on-campus housingIU wants to close down on-campus housing (including my apartment) by 3/20. I just traveled home 3 hours one way today for the break. My parents both work full time, so multiple trips to move me out is not ideal, if not impossible. IU doesn't want us moving everything out at once, but it's the only solution I can see right now. Any help, from physically moving things to temporary storage to just talking me through this so I don't spiral into a panic, would be greatly appreciated.VenmoYesKim, Jay, and Kiah reached out via email
3/18/2020 13:20:37
Jenil Kansara3013647537textingFinancial Help for RentI am a graduate student and the part-time work I used to depend on for rent is suspended. I am looking for any monetary help up till $700. Venmo
Venmo: reclaimjen
YesHas been reached out to - may still need help with grocery deliveries
3/18/2020 13:44:48
Email for #
textingCooking, Groceries/supplies delivery, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!), Medical advice or assistance, Storage Space, Mental health counseling, Housecleaning, Legal representation/advocacy (specifically labor & housing)Rt now the store I work at cut my hours in more than half and they are making arrangements to close. I have been told I won’t be given paid sick leave. I haven’t been told of any support at all. My child is hungry. We live in shared housing and can’t keep groceries around. We just don’t have anything. I’m so stressed about it I feel like I’m breaking down. Any assistance helps.
Paypal, I am in need of financial assistance
YesDonated $20 - 3/23. Alex donated some 3/18
3/18/2020 13:46:09
AnonEmail preferredemailGroceries/supplies delivery, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!)Paypal, VenmoCompleted. Cash sent through paypalYesPaypal details sent
3/20/2020 12:09:36
Anon RequesttextingGroceries/supplies deliveryBaby formula (gerber gentle) for my daughter and any grocery item.
YesMallory dropped off groceries. Kasi sent a little $ via Venmo. Rent support still needed. Nailah sent some $. Alex sent some $
3/20/2020 12:11:22
Groceries/supplies delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Mental health counseling, Diapers pull ups wipes
Animal food (big dogs), cat food, diapers size 6 or 5-6t pull-ups and food anything helps in a single momI am in need of financial assistanceI’m a single mom so I am wondering is it’s free or payback possibly
I could shop for dry cat food and litter after work today and drop off to your porch, as I work on E 10th St, and am fairly close to your apt, around 6:30 pm. If this is ok, email
YesJeremy is getting grocery box and has dropped it off; Amy and Linda are dropping off baby formula
3/21/2020 15:10:35
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Groceries, dog food, rabbit food and rabbit bedding
I am in need of financial assistance
We have 3 children, ages 13,12,4YesDairo is getting in touch re: cat and dog food; Jeremy is dropping off some groceries from A this afternoon
3/21/2020 15:14:20
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery, Petcare/dogwalking
Groceries and household itemsI am in need of financial assistanceAny and all help would be appreciated. Elderly and housebound YesIn Brazil - will wire them some money and connect them with resources. Someone who has cabin fever might drive down and drop off some dog food and beans
3/22/2020 21:45:14
1654 S. Curry Pike Bloomington IN 47403
Groceries/supplies delivery
Toilet paper in about one week, GoodNite XL Boys pullups in about a week for 14 yo Autistic teen, and baby wipes for changing Pullup
PaypalPlease make sure to get GoodNites PULLUPS, they are most absorbent and any kind of toilet paper and baby wipesYesHas help from Area 10 longer term and short term from Samw
3/22/2020 22:33:22
John Salinas8159784texting
303 e. Hack st cullom il
Groceries/supplies delivery, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!)
Laundry detergent foodCashYesEmily will drop off wipes; Caine is in contact; Gina will dro off TP and Pull Ups on Friday or Saturday of this will.
3/23/2020 9:31:07
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery, Housecleaning
Food diapers size 6 wipes
I am in need of financial assistance
YesPerson lives in Illinois; never responded
3/23/2020 9:34:24
Anon Request
Groceries/supplies delivery
Diapers size 5, baby wipes, Toilet paper, Netflix subsription, art/crafts fun things for my kids to do, snack foods, bottled water
I am in need of financial assistance
YesMarissa is taking care! Lara got diapers
3/23/2020 9:35:11
Anon RequestemailTwo baby girls, laid off. please email for more information
I am in need of financial assistance
YesEmily will drop off puzzle; Anna is taking care; Lara got diapers; Caine got toilet paper
3/23/2020 19:49:56tarahfays@gmail.comTara812-822-8663texting
3311 s Acadia Court Bloomington IN 47401
Groceries/supplies delivery
I need help with groceries. Especially with getting my WIC stuff. I'd be happy to give someone my card and a list of specific items to get using my WIC card or what would be easier would be a ride to the store to get the things myself. I could take a Lyft or Uber if I could get help with the cost. Just can't afford the 20$ it would be for there and back.
Cash, I am in need of financial assistance, I have WIC
YesAmy is in touch with some clothes donations; Jennifer is in touch; still need folks to help (never responded)
3/23/2020 22:00:57
Anon Requestphone call
Groceries/supplies delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Housecleaning, Accounting/financial services
Toilet paper. Paper towels. Thin kotex. Bubble bath. dish soap. Food. Dog food
I am in need of financial assistance
YesEmily gave lyft code
3/23/2020 22:03:40
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery, Storage Space
Any meats beside fish, bologna, hot dogs, bread, koolaid, sugar, ramen noodles
shampoo, conditioner, body wash
toiletries such as paper towels and toilet paper. Tampons
I am in need of financial assistanceYesJess delivered groceries, still need petcare, house cleaning, financial services
3/25/2020 9:33:33Anonemail
Groceries/supplies delivery, Funds for perscriptions and groceries
YesAlex provided some goceries; still needs shampoo
3/26/2020 12:02:25
Athena Arnold2602297449texting
Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!), Accounting/financial services
I am in need of financial support. I have a few bills that must be paid or else I will lose my vehicle and my insurance. I have called my lenders and they have no mercy for anybody during this time.
Paypal, Venmo, I am in need of financial assistance
YesNate and Kim sent some money
3/27/2020 18:49:40
Anon RequesttextingHelp with Bills"I am in need of help please to be able to pay some bills. My job is closed and my rent is coming up as well as my phone bill. I have cashapp available if anyone could help it would be a blessing. (email for cashapp info)
*anything will help at this point. Thank you so much!"
I am in need of financial assistanceYesAbby, Jasper, and Lisa venmoed some money
3/27/2020 19:36:19
Anon Requestphone call
Groceries/supplies delivery, Medical advice or assistance
I am in need of help with groceries, toiletries, dog (small breed) & kitten food (Purina 1), household items, etc. & have some prescriptions I have to pay for. Store gift cards would help or anything.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesAbby will give a gift card to kroger; also dropped off cat food; money sent; Sam is helping - ALL SET
3/30/2020 17:48:35
Anon Request
I have messenger which is better to text on as my phone is very old and hard to text on
Groceries/supplies delivery
I'm 68 with health issues , poverty, and no car self isolated - needs groceries delivered
I am in need of financial assistance
YesThank you Amy!
3/30/2020 17:50:41
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Need someone to pick up and drop off a Pantry 279 box for a small family of 3-4.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesThanks, Madison
3/31/2020 10:06:11
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Im out of work and unable to go to food pantries at this time. I'm in need of meats, mac n cheese, cheese, milk, sugar, koolaid, hot dogs, bologna, eggs, snacks, really just food that will last for a little bit. Its greatly appreciated.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesThank you Jacob!
3/31/2020 17:12:18
Melissa salomon
8123618165phone callYes
Groceries/supplies delivery, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!), Storage Space, Conversation/companionship, Housecleaning, Legal representation/advocacy (specifically labor & housing), A place to live
By Friday
Please protect me 8123618165 please help
Trying to triage some support; ongoing. ABBY: Let me know if i can help with something.... Nicole
3/31/2020 17:51:47
Anon Requestemail
Accounting/financial services
Need help financially to fix my roof, befor either causes a mold problem for our children, as it leaks super badly an adjust got extremely worse this past storm.
I am in need of financial assistance
I'm needing financial help, I have a paypal account for anyone willing to help. I'm not one to ask for help, but due to me losing my server job my fiancee is still working but not enough to make due. As all our credit cards are maxed out, and him having a pay cut. Any help is appreciated, thank you. YesBeing helped
3/31/2020 18:47:39
Anon Request
Groceries/supplies delivery
needs: bleach, dish soap, and body soap and any disinfecting spray, toothpaste, toilet paper (no particular brands)
I am in need of financial assistance
Abby has been in touch, and once someone sends money, can have that allocated to someone to shop and deliver the items.
YesRequest Completed
4/2/2020 15:35:58zfashir@iu.eduZikra Fashir3173630640email
1150 S Clarizz Blvd (The Monroe) Apt 355 (Building N)
Phone bill/Credit bill
Hi! I am requesting help because I lost my on campus job and every other side job (I used to do people’s makeup for really low prices). I am attempting to find ways to cover my rent and finding ways to pay for groceries and because my attention is focused on that I would really appreciate help on some of my other bills such as my phone/credit card bill. My parents actually depended on some of my help so they are not a resource and as a dependent/over 18 I won’t receive a stimulus check. If I could receive any help at all I would appreciate it. I can provide proof of the bills and proof of my loss of income as well. My phone bill is 75 and my credit card bill is 50 and they are due on the 6th.
I am in need of financial assistance
4/2/2020 15:53:00
Osha Torres7654372697email
1330 N Arlington Park Drive #208
Groceries/supplies delivery
Grocery pick up from Wal-Mart. Friday from 6-7pm. My SNAP card would need to be picked up beforehand, in order to pay. SNAP EBT cardYesDairo will take care!
4/2/2020 18:40:00
KatiePetcare/dogwalkingParent is in quarantine and cannot go out to get veg. If anyone has too much produce and it’s going to go bad and there are no actual people to take it, Jeremy the rabbit eats about one whole bunch of 99 cent Kale every other day, and being quarantined, it’s not possible to get him his food right now.

Jeremy loves dark leafy greens, especially kale. He also really likes carrots as a treat, but his diet is mostly Kale, which is his fav.
I am in need of financial assistanceYesJeremy is set up for LIFE
4/2/2020 19:17:13
Anon Requestphone call
Groceries/supplies delivery
I have a family of 7. 5 children from 3-18. Just moved into apartment from homeless situation. Have basic supply needs. Air mattress for son to sleep on.
Pillows and blankets
Trash can
I am in need of financial assistanceYesMadison is helping; so is Heather
4/2/2020 19:18:37
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
I am in a wheelchair, just lost my job and need laundry soap, cleaning supplies, chicken ,beef, bacon ,sausage ,fruit, vegetablesI am in need of financial assistanceYesC is dropping off a box of food
4/2/2020 19:21:58
Anon RequestFinancial HelpI am on section 8. Since I have multiple health issues that have become worse over the past few months, my only income before the outbreak was occasional plasma donation when I felt well enough. The amount I owe is $79. Thank you.I am in need of financial assistanceYesCovered. Thank you!
4/2/2020 19:25:33
Groceries/supplies delivery
laundry detergent, comet bleach, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, sugar, salt, pepper, one onion, lettuceI am in need of financial assistanceYesMadison has it covered
4/2/2020 19:39:32
Holly Moreno+18123918857email
401 south Washington st. Apt 305 ( the rise apartments) Bloomington in 47401
Groceries/supplies delivery
Need met! Thank you all!
I am in need of financial assistance, Having a financial hardship
I live at the Rise. I do not have a car and I have a compromised immune system and respiratory illness and have to stay home isolated. I am not working right now. My special needs son is home from school i he has respiratory issues too..I need someone to bring the items to me. I can meet in the parking lot. Drop off at picnic table. Let me know a time and I'll wait downstairs. Any help would extremely be appreciated. Thank youYesMegan S is reaching out with paper towels, soap, toilet paper, and potentially a phone charger.
4/2/2020 23:57:20
222 east washington st unit 1
Groceries/supplies delivery
Groceries asap
I am in need of financial assistance
Please help..MB
This afternoon--am in contact w/ them
In Illinois, sent information about closer mutual aid closer to her
4/3/2020 11:37:21
Medical advice or assistance
I just had surgery this morning, I am not able to pick up my medicine due to being laid off, and not receiving unemployment yet. I literally have nothing right now. I need help with the funds for gas to get to the pharmacy, and the prescription. Thank you, and God bless!
I am in need of financial assistance
4/3/2020 14:35:57
Melissa Lynch8123692215texting
2615 E 2nd St Apt 4 Bloomington, IN 47401
Groceries/supplies delivery, Art, music, writing
I work at Stepping Stones. We provide transitional housing to at-risk youth ages 16-20. We currently have 3 residents quarantined. We could use donations of board games, cards, art supplies, stickers, DVDs, 1 or 2 DVD players, magazines and books, games/gaming systems, gift cards or cash to purchase these items. We have one client in particular who has requested charcoal pencils for sketching.
Paypal, Venmo, Cash
We can arrange a drop-off time at the office (east side of Bloomington), or I can pick up! Thank you so much!
YesI have some extra craft supplies sitting around the house. I will get in touch and arrange drop off. -Kari
4/3/2020 14:36:18
Charles Monroe812-340-5484texting
currently at Travelodge but that may chance soon.
Groceries/supplies delivery
Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes
I am in need of financial assistance
Charles is getting groceries delivered today from the pantry.
4/9/20: I dropped off shoes, laundry detergent, coins
for laundry, food, gatorade and razors.
4/3/2020 15:55:54
Fran Matthew510-314-2434texting
Grant Street near Driscoll
Groceries/supplies delivery
My mom is in her 80s and I'm trying to find a safe way to get her groceries from the Seminary Square Kroger. (I'm in California).
Paypal, Venmo, Check
If anyone on this list has someone who needs assistance in the Bay Area (SF/Oakland/Berkeley) I'd be happy to help out.
YesBobby willl reach out to her and see how I can get groceries delivered; multiple people have reached out but they found someone.
4/3/2020 17:12:45tarahfays@gmail.comTara812-822-8663texting
3311 s Acadia Court Bloomington IN 47401
Groceries/supplies delivery
We're running low on diapers and wipes for our almost 3 month old. I usually attend classes at the women's health center to get diapers and wipes for him. We also usually get them once a week from mother Hubbard's cupboard, the shalom center and Hannah house. We cloth diaper during the day to save money with diapers we got from the cloth diaper loan program at all options, major life saver!! we use disposable diapers at night and when we have to leave the house (rarely now days) mostly to avoid leaks. I thought we would be able to make it till April 6th on what we have, but now the stay at home order has been extended and we're going to run out of both diapers and wipes way before it's lifted. We haven't been able to do our usual rounds to get the disposable diapers and wipes we need because most of the places we get them are either closed or risky to go to (shalom center isn't the best place for social distancing. I get my mail there too and haven't been able to check it in weeks!) We're also without transportation right now so that makes everything double trickey. I'm hoping someone could help us out with getting some size 2 diapers and some sensitive skin wipes. We don't have much money, my partner works seasonally for Bloomington parks and rec through centerstone and was supposed to start back to work at the end of march- well they aren't starting back anytime soon. Smdh. That being said, we do have my disability payments to work with, so we're not completely destitute, but that's just about stretched to the limit. I know it's a drop in the bucket, I can at least contribute 5$ to getting some diapers and wipes delivered for our little boy. Sorry for being long winded, I just wanted to be as candid as possible and answer some of the questions people might have about our current situation before they even need to ask them.
Cash, I am in need of financial assistance
Again, sorry for being so long winded.
YesAbby is helping
4/4/2020 4:08:35halo073@yahoo.comHeather Miller8123409702email
2511 E 2nd St Apt 6, 47401
Clothes I have taken in an extra teenage girl for duration of this pandemic and due to new meds she is gaining weight and really needs a few bras that fit her new size. 32 D-34-D. She is 15
Looking for a donation but can happily trade things I might have
Thank you very much
YesSavannah emailed to provide a clothing donation; other people also contacted heather as well.
4/4/2020 12:03:53
Tiffany Johnson8126790235texting
Medical advice or assistance
I was in a wreck and need to have foot looked at. I dont have insurance I applied for Medicaid but havent heard anything. I cant afford the copay with being laid off and need to get in to see the doctor ASAP ANYTHING HELPS. Paypal, VenmoYesArvind and Lavanya donated $150, which is the copay needed.. I made contact-Katherine
4/4/2020 13:08:12
Charles Monroe812-340-5484phone call
2615 East Third Street
Groceries/supplies delivery
I am in need of financial assistance
I need foodYesCharles is getting groceries delivered today from the pantry
4/4/2020 19:05:33
Accounting/financial services
Request completed!
Venmo, I am in need of financial assistance
anything helps her, she was in an abusive relationship, boyfriend went to jail, now she’s stuck with full payment of rent.
Katherine, Arvind, and Lavanya are covering, as well as one other person! THANK YOU
4/5/2020 7:51:17
Cheyenne neuman
4111 w vernal pike lot 154
Groceries/supplies delivery
Could someone pick up baby wipes for my wee one? We are quarantined and I cant find any online that aren't price-gouged. We are okay for another week or so, but getting low. CashYesAbby is dropping these off on Tuesday
4/5/2020 15:25:34
Robert Bryant8123168077texting
A place to stay , I'm homeless need shelter
Shelter for awhileVolunteer
I'm in a situation and really need a place to stay.
NoIn touch with a caseworker to find out more info as to how best we can help. Request in process. No response
4/6/2020 9:32:34
Yu Ra Kim8123458353texting
790 N Woodbridge Drive
Groceries/supplies delivery
My partner and I are under quarantine for at least 2 weeks after he was presumed positive for Covid-19. We realized this morning that while we have access to most items, we don't have access to fresh greens for our reptiles. If you are already planning on going to the store (please don't make a trip just for us!), or if you have a yard that you don't spray, we would really appreciate any of the following items!

Collard greens
Dandelion greens and flowers
Mustard greens
Turnip greens
Paypal, VenmoYesSet for two weeks
4/6/2020 10:06:17
Kass Botts502-644-8811texting
Legal representation/advocacy (specifically labor & housing)
In need of pro bono legal representation for a client of the Indiana Recovery Alliance, specifically related to mistreatment at the hands of a health care provider.YesFOUND!
4/6/2020 15:50:07
Mary lane812-272-1447texting
3100 south Walnut Street Pike apt b129
Groceries/supplies delivery, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!)
I'm in need of groceries and toilet paper.
I am in need of financial assistance
Alex Mann 4/6 or 4/7YesAlex is helping!
4/6/2020 19:24:04
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Money to get my son back and fourth, for groceries, and paying part of my car payment to get them to keep working with me until I get unemployment.
I am in need of financial assistance
4/6/2020 19:25:24
Anon Requestemail
Groceries/supplies delivery
I have been living in s motel going on a year. Im.never going to be able to on my own.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesTaken care of
4/6/2020 19:38:04
Anon Requestemail
Groceries/supplies delivery
I do not have a driver's license or car. I have 2 children with special needs. Me and my son are high risk due to asthma and eczema. I need help with incontinence wipes, disinfectant spray and wipes and aquaphor for eczema breakout on hands. It would be great if these things can be delivered. God bless you all!
I am in need of financial assistance
YesIn progress
4/6/2020 22:25:59
Charles Monroe812 340 5484texting
Travelodge Room 137
Groceries/supplies delivery
Microwaveable Foods,Snack Bars and Water
I am in need of financial assistance
ThanksYesAbby will come by
4/7/2020 1:52:26
David Drew575 636 0120texting
3284 E Braeside Dr
Groceries/supplies delivery
My partner is legally blind with a very rare genetic disease who is extremely immune compromised. Her doctors have instructed us not to leave the house. We need help getting groceries, medications, disinfectants, wipes, and other cleaning supplies and various We have no car and are in complete isolation. There is a place for deliveries set up.Paypal, VenmoYes
David got a foodbox today. They still need papertowel. I'm going to reach out to a possible pod person in hi area for continued support . He's on the Eastside by Pete Eli's. -Nicole
4/7/2020 9:28:49
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Hello we are a family of 4. Two children included. We are needing help with diapers size 6 or pull ups 3t 4t. Wipes. Paper towel. Cat food. Cat litter. Toilet Paper. Also needing laundry soap and dryer sheets.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesAlex is dropping off groceries; still need other items (in progress). Melissa and Linda are helping her.
4/7/2020 15:59:03
DeSean Sinclair
(386)682-1632phone call
11912 S Harvard
Cooking, Groceries/supplies delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!), Accounting/financial services
NOTE: Is in Chicago, so I have directed him to the Chicago mutual aid. I need help ASAP I’m not employed my family and I have pets been denied link will reapply and still have yet been approved for unemployment
I am in need of financial assistance
Please helpYesIn Chicago - not much we can do from here but I directed him to Chicago mutual aid.
4/8/2020 9:42:25
Groceries/supplies delivery
Am quarantined, need
-TP (on last roll)
-kale for rabbit
-a box from the hub with produce if someone can pick up
I am in need of financial assistance
4/8/2020 9:43:36
Anon Requestemail
Groceries/supplies delivery
Looking for someone to deliver a cornerstone box with NO baby supplies to my house. I’m distributing to a lot of neighborhood kids and seniors with no food and supplies and honestly it’s stretching me pretty thin I could definitely use reinforcements myself.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesRequest scheduled for Friday!
4/8/2020 9:44:31
Anon Requestemail
Accounting/financial services
Request met - thank you!Paypal, VenmoYesRequest fulfilled!
4/8/2020 10:39:40
Kristi812-325-6309phone call
Groceries/supplies delivery, Toilet paper
We are really in need like others I'm out of a job right now and I stay with my older parents and two kids; needs groceries and toilet paperPaypal
We are really in need like others I'm out of a job right now and I stay with my older parents and two kids
YesAlex M. delivering toilet paper, still needs groceries! 4/9 Food Box Today! Seem like they will need continuous support on the west side near Walmart. -Nicole
4/8/2020 11:21:58
Rana Khonsari317-640-1820texting
Art, music, writing, Mental health counseling, Conversation/companionship, Legal representation/advocacy (specifically labor & housing), Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.)
It's very hard to reach out to get help especially when I'm not in Bloomington right now. I don't have a mental health treatment team anymore because I confronted my case manager (I caught her lying to me) and my heart is just heavy. She talked herself out of being my provider. I don't know what to do. I have been in contact with a boss from centerstone and she is not positively responding, and she won't let me know when the meeting is this week via zoom but is prolonging everything and my case. It's not helping me and it's not helping my case. I need legal advice please about this situation and about my housing situation where I currently live to see if I'm legally responsible for the rest of my rent or not because I don't want to end up having to be admitted, because of the lack of communication with the agency from centerstone and I feel like my landlord is taking advantage of me. I am in Terre haute and my bank account went to negative because people took money out of my account without my permission. Why do bad things keeping happening to a good person so I really don't get it. I want friend too and to have people check on me daily. I live alone and don't have anyone locally to turn to for help or support. I have food but don't know how many days it will last me. Money has been disputed so it will take 90 days before I get money back. I need help with packing my apartment so I can move ASAP and after I get approved for the apartment.Its hard to ask for help so please don't make me feel bad for reaching out. NoNot able to get help due to abusive behavior.
4/8/2020 12:27:20
Anon Request
Groceries/supplies delivery
anon request to have someone deliver groceries to an elderly friend who is homebound, TODAY. I can paypal/venmo someone to shop for her. Please let me know if you can do this for her today. She would need groceries carried up her stepsYesLauren is helping. Request fulfilled!
4/9/2020 0:04:18
Anon RequestemailClothesShorts for 13 year old boy, size adult small. Preferably before end of April.
I am in need of financial assistance
4/9/2020 0:05:09
Anon RequestemailcarUPDATE: needs 94. a little backstory.. my mom is out of work because she is back in chemotherapy & my dad lost his job and is waiting for unemployment. they are tight on money so they weren’t able to pay the car insurance last month. tonight, my windshield was broken in the storm by a tree branch. i just used all my savings to help my parents with a mortgage payment, in hopes the stimulus check would be here soon.. although i haven’t been able to call anyone to get an exact price i’ve look around websites and i’m seeing around $150. i would be able to pay anyone back who could help me when i get back to work or get the check.. i want to get it fixed before i have to tell my parents, as they have enough stress. i greatly appreciate any help or advice sending me in the right way.
I am in need of financial assistance
4/9/2020 9:10:37halo073@yahoo.comHeather Miller8123409702email
2511 E 2nd St Apt 6 47401
Groceries/supplies delivery
I’m feeding 5-8 children daily, sometimes more. I’m laid off indefinitely and my partner is an essential worker but his hours just got drastically cut. If anyone could pick up meals Tuesday and Thursday from the Food Train and drop off I’d greatly appreciate it. I don’t drive for medical reasons. Anything not immediately used, I always offer here and other Bloomington help groups. If anyone can help I’m happy to repay the kindness any way I am able. Thank you!
I am in need of financial assistance
YesCeleste is taking care!
4/9/2020 11:36:40
Tiffany Johnson 8126790235texting
Accounting/financial services
Paypal, VenmoYes
4/9/2020 19:41:23
Holly Moreno+18123918857email
The Rise 401 south Washington street apt 305 bloomington
Help with special needs sons exersise and mental heath.
My special needs son has a lot of extra energy and the tires on his new bike from last fall are flat from sitting all winter.He needs to get out and release his energy. I am looking for someone who could air up both tires. Or would lend me a tire pump.I don't have a car or any money to take it to a bike shop.
I am in need of financial assistance
I didn't know where else to ask for help
YesSharon is going to come by and fill with air.
4/9/2020 20:07:51
Anon Requestphone call
Groceries/supplies delivery
masks, laundry detergent (no lavender scent and if possible sensitive skin), napkins, iron and ironing board, pots and pans, aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, gift cards to Kohl's and Target (need shoes, clothes, underwear, bras, socks for child and self), and gift cards to Fresh Thyme and Bloomingfoods (due to severe food allergies). Also need help with glasses.
We need financial assistance with these things due to job loss and health problems.
I am in need of financial assistance
I would like to be contacted by phone or texting. If you cannot get through, please leave a voicemail.
YesIn process
How do we go about offering help for anonymous requests? It is unclear. email
4/9/2020 20:17:00
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Looking for someone to deliver a weekly pantry box on Monday (Pantry 279) or Tuesday (MHC).
I am in need of financial assistance
YesI can do this for the Pantry 279 - FOUND
4/10/2020 9:00:04
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Hi. I'm a 62 year old needing some help with groceries, animal food, toilet paper. I'm also needing a microwave.
I am in need of financial assistance
4/10/2020 9:00:43
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
My two kiddos dont have anything for Easter, they are ages 5 girl and almost 3 boy. If anyone could please help out that would be great
I am in need of financial assistance
YesSomeone is getting in touch
4/10/2020 16:58:26
Lacy S8123205850texting
900 West 11th street
Childcare, Accounting/financial services
Im in need of help for my rent and diapers and wipes. My parents usually help me out but my dad recently got laid off and are barley making it themselves. Anything helps. God bless you allI am in need of financial assistance
I have Venmo. PayPal. And Cashapp
In touch re: township trustee, and diapers/wipes
4/10/2020 17:04:20
Samantha cassidy
1600 n Willis CT lot 238 Bloomington IN
Need financial help help with stuff since my home caught fire
Financial help household meeds an food Paypal, Venmo, Cash, I am in need of financial assistance
Please anything helps
4/10/2020 20:34:28
Anon Requestemail
Accounting/financial services
My car insurance is due tomorrow. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to cover it. I watch a little boy for extra cash to cover my bills but they have been effected by the lack of work and couldn’t afford to pay me the full amount.
I am in need of financial assistance
4/10/2020 23:23:50
Anon Request email for info
email for info
emailSingle mom I left a domestic violence situation with my kids. I was working as a event planner but because of Covid-19 I haven't been able to work. We been staying in a extended stay. So I would use the money for the room and my phone bill. Also maybe some groceries. I need 800
I am in need of financial assistance
Alex Mann - groceries4/11/20YesIn touch re: township trustee; Marabai and Aimee sent some money
4/11/2020 14:49:53
Anon Requestemail
Accounting/financial services
Anon request on behalf of someone else for $10-$20 for some groceries
YesSavannah covered
4/11/2020 17:24:18
Ana3123304416emailrent and some billsI am single mom and I live with my child, I lost my job almost a month ago, and I will still employment until April 30th, I will need at least $700 than can coverage part of my rent and bills chase/zelle
any ammount is really appreciated
YesIn Chicago - will redirect.
4/11/2020 23:06:51
Anon Requestphone call
Groceries/supplies delivery
we basically bring in less fortunate kids to shelter, feed, provide for, etc. This is a particularly difficult time. A 17yo boy needs very badly for me to pick him up, he lives about 2 hours away, & he will be coming to stay with us for at least a month. He has been essentially kicked out of his home 😥 We really need help with gas & gift cards or $$ for Wal-Mart, Target type stores so that we can buy him some necessities; ie., deodorant, body wash, underclothes, etc.
Paypal, I am in need of financial assistance
Yes80 sent total
4/11/2020 23:09:12
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery, money for meds, food, and gas
Money for meds, food, and gas; ~50-70 dollars. PaypalYesE sent money - request met
4/12/2020 0:13:27
Anon Request
Accounting/financial services
i am a newly arrived refugee,i have a 2 years old son who is American citizen, i dont have any income right now,im just a single mum here who dont even have car to go anywhere.I could really use some financial help for my rent and daily grocery supplies
I am in need of financial assistance
i could speak Chinese,Turkish,i would love to help out with any translation on phone or online,happy to be volunteer! YesDiane from Refugee Network is in touch; Lindsey dropping off groceries on Sunday night. Ok for now
4/13/2020 8:43:38
Carly Thibodeaux
Lots of dirty laundry and we don’t have the $60 to go to the laundry mat
I am in need of financial assistance
YesNever responded
4/13/2020 9:16:55
Anon Requestemailneed to put money on phone while waiting on employment - needs about ~60 dollarsPaypalYesDONE
4/14/2020 10:38:49
Tiffany 8126790235texting
Accounting/financial services
I really need dog food and cat food right now and cant afford it please anyone that can help.
Can this be shared? Monroe County Humane Assoc. Pet Food Pantry Open Sundays 1-4 PM 4635 W Richland Plaza Dr (through Apr 19 then moving to 791 S Fieldstone Blvd). Any Monroe County Resident welcome. Bring ID. Dry dog and Cat food, litter and treats available. Bring container for dry food.
4/14/2020 15:16:34
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery, Petcare/dogwalking
Dog food (pedigree)PaypalYesDONE
4/15/2020 14:23:47
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Groceries not alot just easy things I can make for my 3 kids for lunch and dinner. And gas to get them to appointments one sees a dr in Indianapolis. I was a server when all this happened had only worked my job for 2 weeks so unemployment wont accept me.CashappYes
Stuff will be dropped off Thursday night. All set on gas money!
4/16/2020 11:18:54
Anon Requesttexting
Accounting/financial services
i woke up this morning with my bank account -$253. yesterday i paid someone’s car insurance for them because they could not afford it and it was due. i paid the minimum amount. but i guess they had a larger overdue bill. i dont know if the company just used my card to pay the rest of their bill or if they called the company and told them to use the same card. i’ve tried getting ahold of the person but it seems as if they’ve blocked me. i’m due with my baby in a few days so it’s a bad time for my account to be so in the negatives. sorry this is so long, i wanted to explain it all.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesDone, will keep people posted on baby needs!
4/16/2020 16:42:05
Cieara Mcmillan
+18126808414phone call
2500 s Rockport rd apt 802 Bloomington indiana 47403
Groceries/supplies delivery
This week I have ebtYes
4/16/2020 23:06:16
Anon Requestemail
Accounting/financial services
Need money to get my kids supplies and clothes; also gift cards to dollar store for food.
I am in need of financial assistance
YesOlivia is in touch; sent some money but probably needs some more
4/16/2020 23:07:25
Anon Requestphone call
Groceries/supplies delivery
My dogs need food and I need cat litter.
I am in need of financial assistance
Olivia is in touch; sent some money & info about pet food pantry
4/17/2020 16:04:12
Anon Requesttexting
Childcare, Groceries/supplies delivery, Internet subscriptions (netflix, prime, hbo, etc account to keep you occupied when at home!)
We are needing help getting clothes for our two kiddos. Also needing household items
I am in need of financial assistance
YesJhondra is getting grocery box; Suzanne helping with netflix
4/17/2020 19:41:24
Ayana Dandridge
Home 2 (the hotel) by 17th St and walnut st. number 220 with my name ayana dandridge. I'm deaf.
Childcare, Groceries/supplies delivery, Art, music, writing, 6 size diapers and 1 size diapers
Art/painting stuff to keep my kids focused and interested, plus to have fun also. My kids are under 5 of age. They needs some snacks and apple juice. Childcare means that they needs some diapers. 5t pull ups for 4 years son, 6 size diapers for 2 years old daughter and 1 size diapers for baby girl. Im on SSDI and I'm broke until the first. If you have some baby girl clothes, that would be great too. I don't have a lot. In a deaf mother of 3.
I am in need of financial assistance
I'm deaf, it's best to text or email me to communicate with me.
Alexa MarcotteApril 18YesRequest fulfilled
4/17/2020 22:02:49
ashlyn8123022185textinghello! i am posting on behalf of a lady i met in a “expecting in april 2020” group. she is due soon and is need of help. i have connected her with the pantries around town, the hannah center, and other places i have seen in this group that helps with moms. she is waiting on wic and food stamps and also section 8 to help with housing. i am going with her to help her shopping for baby and household supplies as well as groceries. i have listed my contact info but i can pass hers along to anyone who can help or send her in the right direction if you can help with cash, gift cards, baby supplies please let me know so we can come together and get her everything soon. YesAshlie is helping
4/18/2020 15:45:00
Hotels for Homeless
Supply: Coolers for Motel 6 residents
can openers needed!Yesjust needs can openers and disposable plates
4/18/2020 19:45:15
Anon Requesttexting
Girls size 7
Boys size 7
Boys size 12/14
Woman's size 2x shirts
Woman's size 22 pants or 2x leggings
Art supplies
Also my daughter's tv broke and she cant sleep without one/and DVD player
I am in need of financial assistance
YesKristina Robinson may help and has some stuff in girls sizes; Lindsey has pots and pans; also supplied clothes for boy from Jhondra and Kayte
4/19/2020 13:12:48
janeemailhey all, i’m in need of some help. this might not seem essential or very important but to me it is. right now, me and my baby are living somewhere. we’re not in danger but my baby has asthma and there’s a LOT of second hand smoke and drinking going on. i have a place to go with a friend who’s renting out a room but i only have half of the rent to move in. i’ve lost my job and so has she so she needs the money before we move in to catch up on everything she needs. i’m short $305. i would really like to move in asap and it’s available as soon as i come up with the rest. if anyone could please help, i’ve listed my email. my service is off so i cannot call/text. thank you.
I am in need of financial assistance
Referred to New Hope for housing; also pending
4/19/2020 13:50:05
Nick Bergen, on behalf of Rana Khonsari
money for gas, food
Rana is travelling to Bloomington to fill out housing forms. She needs money for gas and food while she's here. ~$50 would be good. VenmoYes
Paid - Updated: needs 35 more to cover application
4/19/2020 18:01:46
Anon Requesttexting
Groceries/supplies delivery
Baby blankets
I am in need of financial assistance
YesAshlyn, Erin, Lindsey helping; also All Options PRC; Darla with pack and play
4/19/2020 18:02:19
Anon RequesttextingArt, music, writingLooking for finger paint or activities to do with my 5 year old and 2 year old. Maybe a scooter for my 5 year old ? Something to play with outside ? Or stuff for inside? Toddler board games ?
I am in need of financial assistance
YesKari is helping
4/20/2020 8:18:18jlynw76@gmail.comJennifer Wolfe (812)822-8108texting
2500 South Rockport road #2705
Groceries/supplies delivery, Accounting/financial services
Groceries ,paper goods, feminine products (pads) cleaning supplies
I am in need of financial assistance, I have no income other than EBT and financial contributions from friends and family. Applying for disability due to health issues.
I'm unemployed currently and am in application process for disability benefits. I am on section 8 and Snap benefits. I rely on financial contributions from friends and family at this time.
Shana Johnson did not come thru.
YesVolunteer contacted said she would bring her lunch and never showed up or returned her calls.